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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, July 6, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A, P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Scattered thundersbowers early tonight followed by partly cloudy and not as warm lat* tonight and Wednesday. VOL. LXV.--NO. 222. ^Tod.* 1 " 1 lP~£i*=3:^ }T°t*i-i«7s FREDERICK, MD., TUESDAY. JULY 6. 194S. EIGHT PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Ruling Asked 1 Eisenhower On Sanitary Action Makes ^Regulation j Harry Happy Question Arises In Connection With Carnivals; Warrant Is Served General's Renunciation Conveyed To President Aboard His Train Near Midnight The Nation Today An official ruling on the legality i By ERNEST B. VACCAKO of an ordinance requiring venders ' of ice cream at carnivals and simi- j W asfaington, Julv 6 ,?;_; lar shows to have water pasteuriza-j ** _ , " . . , ,, . tion units was requested in Peoples | dent iruman sped back to \\ ash- Court this morning by State's At- ' ington today with what his aides torney Edwin F. Ixikirk. 'said was the feeling that the rug By JAMES MARLOW Washington, July S -JP}--Televis- ; m Bj -m ·§· I ···» ion should teach the politicians a V^Ull JLU. lesson but it will take them time to learn it. That's why the Democratic con- [ vention in Philadelphia next week j will be pretty much like the Re: publican convention there two weeks ago. There'll be the same long speeches. the same hoopla demonstrations j I intended to show the great joy of' 140,000 Coal Reds Extend Releases Copy Of Soviet Plot iMiners Walk iRestrictions To Oust Allies From Berlin French Foreign Office Paper Discloses Typical Revolutionary Technique Of Reds Men Employed In 'Captive* Pits Joined By Others In Western Commercial Field Berlin Crisis Heads For Climax; Steady Flow Of Supplies By Air Resumed By U.S. e.ectncisy Paris. July 6 /P--The French I I. Disorganisation of Foreign Oflice announced today u ! " aild "Iher ejaentials " ha :eeeived from the British "em-' ^Demonstrations m all sector* , , calling for unified government and bassy documentary evidence of a a umfied monetary system. Russian plot to drive the western alhes from Berlin. The Foreign Office said the Brit- . _ ish information was that Comtnun- numerous dead and wounded " Berlin. July 6 ..P- The Russians i s - ls ln B * r!ll! were instructed by 4. When this situation "has been 3. Communist demonstrators wil! be attacked by police and "it must be assumed that there xviM be U.S. Demands Soviet Raise Blockade % Secretary Marshall Personally Presents Protest To Russian Ambassador Pittsburgh. July 6 ,f.--A walk- Aboard Truman Train en-Route' **»« delegates, or something. \ out of 40.000 captive coal miners ' placed strict controls on trucks And the endless hours will drag '' began today and in Western Penn- entering western Berlin today, that could be packed ! sylvania the bulk of commercial western-licensed newspapers re- . get the convention ' miners remained idle in a Vympa- ' Ported, tightening their land block- w j.jj . thy walkout. " a Je of the western sectors of the Television gives the politicians a ! ° V gf" ce ° al Production ** West- "'£ aDDea red head- Britisl nor !hc American embas- roblem they never had before. - ^ nnn ? ennsj lvania - w , h «* employs TMJ ? er - m c °«±? * PI £* London sic5 hcrc *ouW comment. ,, . , , , . . . 56.000 miners, was onJv 20 per cent · ea Ior d climax, in London. question pending the appearance of j "*·*·""-"- ·"· "" ----»«-- , Until television came, whatever of ROrma , ' ^ authoritative sources said the Unita defendant who was charged with They reported Mr. Truman was j they did was seen only by m. few j The bi ^ s , , Corporation ed States, such an offense at a county car- j convinced General Dv.-ight D.; thousand of themselves, a sort of j repO rted all 14 of it pora ' lon --..^ .--. Moscow to touch off incidents created" Soviet troops will occupy J which would cause intervention b\ Soviet forces Similar information has 6 UP,--The directly to Foreign Office added. ! ' come the western allies into limited "to" ' f* «"»'»» blockade of Berlin be riiorv where "their safety can be .- . .. _ . ,, Neither the guaranteed ' 1 Secretary of State Marshal! pre- 5. A state of " R enera public iented !ne American note of protest French diplomatic crisis" will be declared at a mass personally to Soviet Ambassador mipes nival last night and later re'leased · Eisenhowers assertion he cannot in-the-family affair, on 525 collateral : acce P t nomination for public oflice ' Now the whole nation will be "This man. identified bv officials! had removed the only dangerous looking at their every word and . tons P. Truesdale, o~t Florida. · threat to hls first-ballot selection gesture on an ice-cold television did not appear for trial. An official j p n [j a( i e ip hC j a ' of the carnival said he would at- i _ " tempt to have the man come be- ' .""·· Truman had retired for the fore the magistrate fn.- * h»arin ! ^S* 11 aboard his private car when meant: , · would send separate 11.000 men. were loss of 55,000 test to Russia todav bjockade _ - in screen that makes the most rosy- ! were cheeked politician look gray. Here's ?n example of what's : dicating a Moscow-directed Com- ist plan Jo drive the western ' Laughlin Weirton Steel | aif: e 7 out "of Berlin. Captive mines are those whose en the ques.ion No date OJJS"* \ ^ ne^^ch^t 1^^^ , ""^ e n a bull-throated orator ' £K*££ * ^ ^ *** * - »*** P«-»« **» Berlin resumed Mr. Kikirk said he was not tak- j J^^^S^t: ^fh^S ^"^"L^ff^^liL 69 ^! 1 ??! ! The Western Pennsylvania Coal ', iag a stand either for or against ! g^o^j A telegram to this staffer ^£5 Presidential special aru i the regulation but he said there | ^^ was ^ first WMd j^^. was some question in his mind as I to its legality and he wanted, a : court ruling on it. If it is a proper ] health ordinance, it should be enforced, he said. Arisen Several Times maa had of Eisenhower . s ac u on . the a d br a "«l ^br SedelMat« «... dele f.f te ^. hes e * hem - m the f!esn ' Eisenhower is an One of Mr. Truman sconudants.ed on The question, it is understood, j has arisen in connection with sev- honorab!e man j _eral carnivals and may be expected to come up again. It is a part of regulations adopted by the Board of County Commissioners at the instance of the Health Department. Inspectors Bruce Bruchey and "Walter Comer secured a warrant in the case test night and were present . today in court. Sgt W. K. May, of , a i ong that he will win nom i nat£o ^ j Fthe State police, served the war- j or the first ballot, rant. informants meeting of workers and a pro- A 'e*a"der S. Panyushkin. Immediately afterward. State Depress officer Lincoln issued this statement: ubassador Panyushkin called Foreign Office said '·· had a docu- OCCU P- V al! Berlin. the U S S R , and the western pow- on !h c Secretary at 11.30 o'clock ment frore*. the British embassy in- Referring to a statement carried eri. ' edt' this morning and was given a by the conservative Paris news- 7. AH deciions shall be refer- note regarding the situation in Ber- paper Lc Figaro, which claimed to red beforehand to the central com- ·' lin. have a copy of the Soviet order, mittee of the party. Detailed' "The ambassador was informed The steady flow of American , onc soarce s ^' " l cannot vouch orders will be released later. j that it is not the intention of this ..jpply planes into Berlin resumed for !hat P ar:icu 'a r communique. 8. The present document shall government to make the contents of at noon after bad flying weather , Dut everything in it Is true." be destroyed as soon as special of- ] the note public until the Soviet . in the west lamed the spectacular ' . The statement which appeared . ficers and delegates of the centra! ' government had a reasonable I Operators Association reported j 3 ir hft for seven hours. U. S. Air ln Fj 8 aro was broken down into committee have taken due note of , period of time to study the note t° e j commercial coal production in the i Force officials said planes again : eight P am - the information they need. ant i make its reply." e j Pittsburgh-Uniontown area was j were leaving every four minutes i ~~ · The United States acted in con- only one-third of normal, with 30 \ from the Rhine-Main and Wies-I y-v f T ? f O l ? n · · ccrt vvilh B "t a ' n a «d France iii pits and 10.000 men idle. The our- j baden fields. i f Iff"! T f 1,^1117 ^ . ^ I t i r i f / f » I f f I I I P « « protesting strongly the Soviet A^« ICI I/ A^tMl/ « ^ff Elltl/ I^ll^lHf'^,^ blockade of the German capital. i White officially gave no intima: tion of the line which Marshall j took. Other diplomatic informants said " e « » n « U mto is soW on erto officials said the German press reports of new truck o T\ a farm f r 2 'T »»»** * w «y-«ay I Commercial producers hit hard f controls apparentlv were true. ' /' n SCem hke 3 * ostl * wndoa « with - I included the Pittsburgh Coal Com- The newspaper said acting Po- : ^ . him the Presidential nomination s t ar t on Monday--July would disappear with the removal ; pro bably end up on Friday. ut sense of dignity. pany, which reported 14 of its 17 J lice Chief Seidel in the Soviet sec; _ . ,,,-.,,,.-,, rrv£:/ -iv- .1 . .· * · ... ! Other dinlomatic informants said The Republican convention start- | deep mines in Pennsvlvania closed tor ordered his force to inspect the ?-t/^? fc ?. E ? b °£ , i lhc P^'echon ot civilians. But "«f "^SI no d o u b t t o a t he d on Monday and ended on Fri- with 3.500 men idle." its dailv pro- j loads of German trucks heading ; N E A Wash «^ l »" Correspondent -.for tne military Congress is ap- , ^ n ^Hhe immedh^c lifting of ay. It could have been ended in duct ion loss was 24,000 tons.' ! for western Berlin from the Rus- | Washington. July G.-«NEA- P arc » t! ; «:»1«« to submit to the j «TMTMf l bUk^de and Drotesl- K.-O days or so. mstead of five. The captive miners stayed away j »an section of the city. Ke d i - = White House and National Defense l ° u snes Kind of controls j ^ Russia s rec ent policies in the The Democratic convention will i from wnrlr h«raii». nt lar«ir «· directed the confiscation of food! officials are now in a hie hiirtHIp _? letter just sent to Secre- ' m.^.. :J i ------------ --------who would not be quoted by name, j day. It could have been ended in auction i oss orotest- policis They said he ar- of ° f The magistrate pointed out that i draft Eisenhower in the event the case was tried, no j Frank J. Hague, national cornmi:- ruling that he made would have j teeman from New Jersey, was final effect, since it would be pos- i among those who joined it." because of a union The majority of the 400.000 bi- · ^c iiiai. u«tiiui · 9 a ' m " ** tuminou s miners had a new con- Since that time the movement to | Re P ublican , convention got under ( tract from commercial coal opera- 12--and I contract. Steel companies refused j stu j^- ^P- building materials ' trying to decide what to do with ^^^n'ed tSa"^is^^n^ncnt I K«ed that the Soviet Union must r. It too. ! a n ew contract because of a union ! and telephone equipment. one of the unwanted babies dump- tvfn r^sfo "e Ir^eHcan fnTustrTto ' directly accept responsibility for '. full wartime regimentation." as · an ' lack ot supplies among the mil- I Such an order xvould erect an- ; ed on their doorstep brother wall through the heart of! parting Congress. It's "a 0.1...,. . the city, dividing the eastern from I business" amendment to the new ' some c' 61 " 6 " 1 * ° ' l h c . , , · way around noon, had spread.! After a couple the western parts as did the in- ! draft law i _ _ i r ,, P rcss had charged. Ploeser says he tors of hours of i crease and business the first j doubled to 20 cents a ton. three days, it recessed until 9 p. m. The walkout actually was an ex- *-"*_ » v-Jtv-i i* jJtii. to a j "uivt Li«^ *li i UL **- l . a v . . ~ troduction of two rival currencies! It would require the President. ' wa s interested in Just two things. sible for another magistrate - to I Even in the face of the growing · f ? r more speeches, instead of going 1 tension of the 10-day miners' vaca- raake a different ruling and the ! opposition, the President's official j ri S ht on. ; tion which ended yesterday. The Circuit Court would be the final party had insisted that General ^ the past delegates have gone captive miners held to the United Mo., Springfield^ and other judge. Planned To Leave Truesdale was reported to have .said that he had operated in « ' similar manner at many carnivals. He was "closed up."" last night, officials said, and had · planned to leave the countv todav. The magistrate declined to im- | GaU eg°s of Venezuela. mediately dismiss a charge of as- i sault and battery preferred against! Elgin B. Dean. Burkittsville, by I his wife when the latter failed to appear to prosecute. "There is too TVFTT 1 /" 1 A "f j. much of this." he said of the wife's j 11 JLV«/\. jLVClllS failure to appear. The case was j i- the ers. ··- , on advice of National Security Re, sources Board, to give small "busi- lions of Germans living in Berlin. White did not define what was meant by a "reasonable period o£ time" in which the Soviet govern- its fair share of war orders. Sec- i ment could study the American note ° »«» \ tion which ended yesterday. The captive miners Republican and ' to conventions reconcQed to sweat- i Mine Workers' tradition of would not accept a draft. i. ^K i4 out ^ a Jampacked hall four J contract, no work." j Mr. Truman appearer 1 in good i o r five days. i Signs on the mine doors declared humor as he met crowds at Willard. This was all right for them, since the pits open and promised the i four-power talks on Germany. less than 500 workers and being . T! ? e TM? ^ ousc vvi11 Probably be forced to issue some kind of executive order to carry out the h busesfTn" intent ° f ** " they were the ones enduring it | captive miners all the benefits up contained licensed newspaper ' ernment to It said: | allocation of steel for any powers must again ; orders it mav get. , , . .. .... on Ger-i These provisions weren't in thc ' a dead letter untsl thcrc ls a s ^ amendment. It is entirely possible, however, that it will be allowed to remain the union shop. I dam. If that happens with success : proved by Arm- points on his way back east from 'and they knew they were trapped of the unsigned contract--except j manv where thev left them at Pots- · original draft act "versions ap- ~ ciBc necd to revivc Bolivar, Mo., where he spoke yes- when they started. «,=. ,.,,:«., ~i - , - . ... . R "^ terday with President Romulo : " -J --*--- -Gallegos of Venezuela. 600 Attended Soon the whole nation can sit in Most of the captives, which pro- ! concern over the western allies" j the bill. Now that they're in. thc its living room and watch the per- j duce coal to fuel the steel indus- | plan for establishing a Federal gov- · lawyers are scratching their heads fonnance on a television screen, try, are in Pennsylvania and West : ernment for Western Germany and " to decide what they mean and passing judgment. · | Virginia. * A few are in Alabama j for future control of the key Ruhr ; what can or will be done about i held open. ! Over 600 neighbors and friends ,, . . T ,, T ^ , Robert Lee Carnes. Jefferson. | attended the holidav events snon- L-as fined S10 and costs on a charge ! c 0rpr r hi.- th» *v,,-th IT,,/, r-,%,;^ A _ was by the North End Civic* As- of exceeding 50 and Martin P. Say- I soc iation in 'Staley Park lor. Ladiesburg was fined S10 and 1 the weekend, featuring a costs on a charge of operating a motorcycle ·without the proper license. State Trooper Arthur Rudy made the arrests. Thomas C. Brown, Baltimore, was found guilty of permitting the motor of his automobile to run. unattended, and was fined S3 and , r costs. City Officer James Marks made the arrest. Collateral was forfeited by: Throwing a convention in the ' and Kentucky. face of the nation, by way of the I John P. Busarello. president of television screen, for five days is . UMW District 5 in the Pittsburgh asking for a lot of patience. As they're arranged now. | field, said he did not expect miners the '· in the 19 captive pits in his area convention speedlies and demon- | to work without a contract. strations are too long-drawn out j to keep a television audience in- j terested a whole week. ! So what good will the high-flown | speeches and coofced-up demon- j strations do if they turn a televis- i ion audience away in disgust or | boredom? i B; . fte A^cjated Press Chicago, July 6 band concert by the NECA Band directed by Prof. S. Fenton Harris. John Insley led in'singing patriotic airs and there were audience requests for marches and operatic selections. Races and games at 2 p. m. Monday opened the events' with Colgate . m. i i *· *_ i "-__"·= -T^^"-'=»S;U ^ . t^, i. ue ^u s wcie iuici;iai. n Brish as starter. Prizes were award- i . The : i .TM ay Ios l P ; , ?5 "-^ I TM e nation's death toll in violent, era half of the country_ .. «*-- i c? rt n -.*· c- trio ·3iTDi*»r»no T h a t c orntntf · « n . n :«5« H «.. --_.-._ *i»_ »i -s T s _ . . -. - JV^CIi K.UO J L J U t f L U t IV K* V C £»III«11.4 L*Llil~ _ · - I Meanwhile, the Russians implied ' ness a fair share of the orders for o n d , ' ° seeu lnat , sn } a11 busincs s , but presumably it meant several that they are using the blockade ; defense materials. It defines a : TM. uld get l ^ c stccl lt nccded to j days at least. as a weapon to bring about new small business as one emploving ' ~l w-u°-. C «" ··. u ui ' * , , . ~, · _ . _ r - . o rrto \V r i t t ^ v H m t c n \ « - t l ! t-»T-ni-»-^Ki»»- Tf~^ ~?lk 1 "T Protest IN otes Sent By Three London. July 6 WPj--An authoritative - source said the United States. Britain and France will send separate notes to Russia today protesting thc Soviet blockade of western Berlin. j The informant said Britain's ! note will be delivered to the So- · viet embassy here. Presumably [ the U. S. and French notes will be i delivered to embassies in Wash. ington and Paris. | Previously diplomatic sources ; said the protest would be a joint i one. but later these informants i said they erred. The notes actual- · ly will differ in tone. France has urged a more moder- pening or took part in it- violates the Taft-Hartley law. Russia has given indications of , and didn't want these controls in industrial area. Holiday Toll Deaths Much Of U. S. Sweltering More hot them. And the steel industry is waiting nervously on the side to find out. Fines of $50,000 and up to three years imprisonment are provided for any steel supplier who doesn't comply, so it's something to worry about. Got In As A Sleeper In Humidity Is Promised More Thunderstorms Likely Today To Clear Atmosphere : A break in the humidity-laden j ate line than the one advocated This steel and small business j atmosphere, which brought an ex- by the United States, the inform- · weather was in prospect for a wide | sleeper was slipped into the draft j tension of a new July heat wave ants said. ; section of the nation today. . act by Congressman Walter C. j through today, is expected by Wed. Some relief came to sections of ' Ploeser of Missouri. Chairman of j nesday, the "Weather Bureau said The notes were drafted after 10 ed the winners. A skit under direction of Marjorie Reed and Helen j since it's the audience that's going i to do the voting. David Stubins. Baltimore, failing , Mofaerly was well received to obey traffic control device. So: j Tables were arranged by the com- Carl T. Glauman. Washington, sim- | mittee for those who brought basilar charge. S10: Charles M. Dur- j ket suppers. Manv families en- accidents over the three-day Inde- j xhe pendence Day holiday soared far j jQO mark j Michigan and the Lower Great the House : Lakes region. But temperatures in ; mittee. ; the 90's were forecast for the east- . test in the House three days before i Congress adjourned. Defense of- days of talks and constant com- ise Small Business Com- j this morning predicting more thun- ! rnunications among British Foreign. It was passed without pro- ! derstorms late this afternoon or j Secretary Ernest Bevin. U. S. Am- evening. . bassador Lewis W. Douglas, French Thundershowers about 8 p. m. ! Ambassador Rene Massigli and r t t * r _ l i r Z l l :...·«. C4-.-1-.*** T 3 n v » . n ·- llnr- _ mercury shot up past the j ficials watching the bill thought it Mondav and agairl aroun(i , o - cioci : j Si rk at several sections in the would be knocked out oy the Sen- i lh ;c m ^«,-r,« ^ m ,,,-j~i TM.:«r m: past the 500 mark today and ^high! Great Plains states" Monday and ' ate. But Senate and House con- ' ^ {^"lilthonph ih*~ hrn,«M .er than the total in 1947. . was in the 90 s over most of the ' forces accepted it on the last dav ± ^ 5 lt ^? h ^J h ' b _ r °" gh * j Sir William Strang, Bevin's German expert. Stolen From Farm bin. Gypsy. W. Va.. exceeding 30. | joyed the fellowship and commuS10: 'William S. Parker. Harpers j n ity spirit of the affair Ferrj-. exceeding 50. S10. Troopers An all-star game between Camp i G. Holland Lawson. near Urbana. ' Rudy _ ana Ricnard Myers made the Detrick and the Civic League plaP . f o r t h e second time in three weeks Thieves visited the propertv of ', Four persons- lost their lives in onai _ arrests. survey of accidental midnight showed: ! ers commenced with nresentation i early Monday morning and made , 29g p ersons " ^qjed "In k l /inn r-UMl 4 « I '? £ the Sag ' and the national an-| off with seven country hams, which ; dents . 184 drowned - eg * 1.4UU CMltlren Attend j teem. A huge crowd watched, j it was estimated have a, value of ; j ure d in miscellaneous -- _ j~~ _ -_ _ _ _. ^ nnr^oi*n"c»r? r»v n «rV«-»T!-*»·»· . r)7~mir»fi 51^ft : _ · » * · _ ,» - -Fourth Of Julv Movies at Bismarck. N. D. j Congress had passed, there was the S ° me v '' lnd air moved southeastward Ploeser amendment, and were they s Superior today. At Mar- surorised. accompanied , around S150. Approximately 1,400 undeterred by a shower. ; arouna SIDU. : and four deaths from fireworks . i peninsula ^ The people of the north end feel inree weeks ago. robbers broke Th e toll of 550 cornpared to 545 : pp f - - - Lunchroom Proprietor Dies Here Early Today Leroy Jones-. Frederick lunch' room proprietor, died at the Fred_ ' crick Memorial Hospital at 5.05 ,,.,, r ,,__ -- ,, _,,. Reports from virtually all sec- j o - dock this morning, two hours traffic acci-; quette. Mich., the mercury dropped Tne provision had carried as an t ! ons ol . th ? count ' indicated no Uj^,. being admuted. Mr. Jones, fatally in- ' fronl yesterday's high of 94 to 63 , amendment to the utilization of ', dama K e in {r) e storms. The Potom- . who suffered from diabetes, had accidents. · as northerly winds moved over the -industry section of the draft law. | ac t ^ tson Company had omy a few J been iu for four days . K c was Fourth of July free sponsored by the Francis Scott Key ,,-,, .-, .,, Post of the American Legion in ^ ^m^oSe ^o-luwr^sho^ 1 featoed° ll "a fuU! a n d Katie Haas ' third " Second ' meat hcuse is ver " clo£e to tne HA\-E HARD COAL PACT iiuui J.IL*U xcdiuieu «i luii -v,__«._7..__..j _,,,,,, e:,.i.^_ T.--II = . ^-^^:^ nnnn TT,_ t--j_ : 2 __", ^- -,-r , ·, , _ _ length cowboy thriller starring Roy Rogers and was rounded out with the showier of several cartoons- Preceding the show H. David Hagan led the boys and girls in community singing- He accompa- three-legged race. Sylvia Kelly and : residence. The lock was pried open': Jsew York. July 6 ·;--Hard coal This is" a pick-up from the d r a f t . ( uscs blown. There was some sharp j 42 years ot agej A heavy thunderstorm struck St. - law of 1917 and the Second War j "g"'"'"? in the first storm. .- for several vears, Mr. Jones had It gives the Presi- ' lLB f fore th , e hot weather break? ] operated "Dollie's Diner" at 63 South Market street. He resided at 60 South Market. A son of Edward B. Jones. Sr.. and the late Bessie G. Boone Jones, of Buckeys- toxvn. he was a member of the Sons and Daughters of T iberty. the last war. and it could remain " A big crowd attended thc fire- Surviving him are his father, unused in the future. The same , works in Walkersvillc which fea- ', his wife, Sirs. Anna F. Shores in the Pacific Northwest. Jenny Beatt, first: Jerry Grove and I and apparently carried away and Kelly and Jackie Sprankle; candle j nied them o n t h e accordion. A s a T 1 . _ , - , - . - , , - i part of the celebration each child £"?*· Jackie Sprankle. first: Ronala was given a chocolate bar. Baser second: «rl Ltmn first j ; Ann Daugherty. second: 50-yard ; VISITS ATHLETICS . dashes, boys. Edgar Crutchley. first: Dr. Edvcard P. Thomas. Frederick Gai T Angleberger. second: Ken- [ surgeon ar.d close friend of Con- j n eth Morgan, first: Billy Grove. ' nie Mack, manager of the Phila- \ second: 50-yard dashes, girls. .Joy . delphia Athletics, visited Mr. Mack ; Valentine, first: Maralee Fox. sec- ' and members of the team during ' ond: Mary Jane Shockley. Srst: Syl- , the double-header in Washington ] via Kelly, second: peanut scramble.! Mondav The Athletics trained here ' James E. Riddlemoser. first: Ann , during the war and Mr. Mack made j Daugnerty, second; Xed Langley. a number of friends in this local- ; ^' r d- i jjv Potato race: Ned Langley. first: j _IJ | Ann Hartman. second; candle race ; W*afVl*r " l f o r men -" c - G - Kelly, first: grape-j neainer !fruit relay won by fooys , teatn: Drr\nr\etiil A/AU/ \tinr\clnir C^sl^ml*,** Sylvan M. Shane. Baltimore special- Defense officials would be hard put hour, it wa: rmpOSea NeW lUgOSlaV reaeratlOn ist in anesaiesioloE.- vho has just setting around it tured aerial Precipitation for 24 hours ending , rolling pin throw, women. Mrs. j ~~: at 8 a. m. today--.06 of an inch. Precipitation. July to date--.07 ik of an inch. Normal July precipitation. 3.9~ j inches; actual. July. 3947--4.36 , inches. Excess in 3948 precipitation to July 1--5 41 inches. "High temperature yesterday--93 ; High temperature a year ago--91 ' Madeline Creeger. first: Constance j Chesley. second: men. George Car- j ter. Srst: Raymond Crum, second, j Large Poultry Plant Is Destroved Bv Fire Ridgcly. July 6 .P--The Sparks Low' temperature test "night--69 j Brothers' poultry plant, one of Car- Low temperature a year ago--SO ! oline county's largest industries. Sun sets today--8.40 p.'m. Sun rises tomorrow--5.50 a. m. Moon rises tomorrow--6.19 a. m. Moon sets tomorrow--957 p. m. Condition of riveis: Monocacy muddy at Buckeystown Dam: Potomac i-'earme on V i r g i n i a ?idc m u d - dy on Maryland side at Brunswick was destroyed by fire today. Flames swept quickly ^through the big corrugated iron building housing about 10.000 chickens. Edward Sparks, one of the partners, said it was a total loss. He declined to estimate the monetary loss but said it was covered by insurance. adjoining counties to i Jones. of Warsa'.v and Prague seemed , proof of congressional intent to , see the only fireworks in the area. ! ^ Irs - Monroe Zimmerman, Fred- ·'well fed and contented" to Dr. . give small business a belter break. ; The display lasted around half an erick. ~ '" . . _ - . - ^^^ estimated, and fea- Tne b 0 * 3 *" is at the '"neral home, pieces. 50f ·^ ast Church street from returned from a trip behind the Farther Complication The fireworks ban wa; closely ]^. nere ^e funeral wi'l lake place "iron curtain." A further cornpiicatiors is that observed in Frederick and onlv a - ln "rsday afternoon at two o'clock. He said last nicht he found no the steel aliocation orogram may .r e . iV . - cra ckers were espsooed There ' ^ter 11561 "' 1 " A "' 3 i be made in Mi. signs of a "reign of terror" :n Rus- , interfere with the voluntary steel ^.^g so ~,~ e sparklers and flares oiivet cemetery. Friends may call sian-dommated Czechoslovakia and allocation system nov.- in operation v -hj c h ^made their aopearanc- at af:er se "i en o'clock this evening. Poland. under the so-called Taf: anti-infla- ,,,,** a . i^;^,,^ ^mr^rt;^ ~ , M. R. ttchison Son, funeral Furthermore, he said, all the talk . . . . right a t individual prooerties. - - ;; on la '- v . A " Office of inaurtrv Thousands At Carnival of impending war he heard while ' Co-operation ur.aer John C v :rden A C3rniva3 official estimated this on a tour of medical centers' of in Department of Commerce 15 now mornin5 ;hat 3000 or more ^^ Europe and Ecvpt was v.-cst of the this la-.v. iron curtain. He found no evidence prcssion. suppression or _ reported. Ke found a ' happy people and | an apparently healthy economy ' in I Eastern Europe, he said. ?ons jammcd Walkersville for the Sre , vorks . S oon after the carnival CONTRACT EXECUTED A contract to purchase lhe Baker thc tents on the grounds. £ , Extended Forecast Extended weather forecast f: Wednesday cooler and less humid. ; : Warmer Thursday and Friday with ! scattered thunder showers late The committee no-.v has before of .. rc _ thc Attorney General a request for endcd for the n , hu a heavv _ ajn . depres- aPP 5 ""^^ 5 on a,locating steel for tne Economic Co-operation Administration, handling Marshal] plan supplies, and for the armed services. Assuming these x-oluntary ' c . 4 j r allocations are approved, there · olX Arrested r Or would be no need for compulsory controls under the Ploeser amendment to the draft Ja-.v. The Taft law expires Feb CS. 1949. however, and iinle^ renewed, there for draft law Silver Spring. July 6 .-?·-- teen-age boys were arrested Fifth and East streets has been executed by Mrs. Mae K. Baker, owner, and Mr. and Mrs. Maurico Sclar. of this city. Possession, it is understood, would be given on or ] before October 1. Mr. Sclar con! templates extensive improvements, ' including erection of a modem j warehouse and the landscaping o£ ,,. _ ' the front o£ the property. Although. IX ·' no consideration was given, it is understood the property is held at in P r c s d c n t T r u m p n - has of coursc Montgomerv ccuntv over the holi- - . c,n ft AT ^ i "" 11 - Ib " K TM dl - .dav weekend for discharging fire- aDout S2 °i° 0 ; , Th ? negotiations i crackers without a permit ir^iola- - ^TM ~"d "'*l, ^^ Pml! P The Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party in Belgrade proposed * Ynroslav-Bulrarian-Albanian Federation to "atrengthen and further political unity of the Yugoslav peoples." Black area on map shows three countries which would be joined by «wch a federation. Iot-shaded »?*a indicate-; Russia and her other satellite* beb!a* «·· «·«" curtain. _. , _ . , i rcpcatediv asked Congress Thursday or Friday extreme west- stand . by " pow C rs to allocate ern Maryland and Friday or Saturday elsewhere followed by fair and cooler over the weekend. Temperatures for the week will average 2 or 3 degrees above normal and precipitation will average Wertheimer, local realtor. about inch but will vary considerably locally, f o r tion of state law. a l l . . Th 1 ? 6 P £ __tf!? six forfeited col- RAIL ISSUES rviPROVE scarce materials in the interests of j lateral of §7.50 to S11.45 each in the civilian economy. And just as ] Silver Spring police court today. often. Congress has turned down these requests other three are scheduled for | trial next Tuesday. The whole mix-up reflects a cur- j Police said four of the youths ious Congressional state of mind, were arrested Sunday after they Congress has been u n w i l l i n g to 'threw firecrackers from an eutorno- grant any government controls for bile. New York. July C Railroad issues improved in a steady and generally narrow stock market to- liay. Fair activity developed -at the opening of the first session after the long Fourth of July holiday but trading soon slowed to a walk. -IWSPAPKR!

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