Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 8
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 8

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

I, CLOVB M8W94flmtSAt, tted., May », 1968 ure Eyed For Navajo Election Day Apathy 1 Wrfmow ftOCK, Ariz. (UPl),the Indian people a*are of' ^resident Johnson's ''Of eat!their responsibilities as cities ?SWi-i- lnay ? ave discovered,in order to find their place in alSartial cure for election day this 'Great Society' of Pre apathy 1 on the Navajo Indian dent Johnson's," said Nakai - „ «*.. m*f k?u*.\* j.iana.i. Not discrimination but "atti- Reservation. Historically, election days Is .„,, ,„_„,„„ .. - „ Just another day of economic,lSii£SS?i i? fle JI are * he J"and other, blights when only a STSffi!,fr?"* h J? H a " small percentage of votlng-age - Sald ? tend betw een the Na- residents on the sprawling reservation exercise their right to vote. U. S Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach took note of that fact by including Apache County, Ariz., on a list of more than 600 counties and voting 1 districts nationwide which were slated for a dose of federal voting rights legislation. Apache vajo and his vote. Apache County example. About half of Its 11,740 square miles of desert and mountains are on the reservation. Unti! recently-lt was still In effect , ,Nov. 3 — Apache County resi- counties and voting) dents had to be able to read STinnU'lnt* ttrhtitn U7drn »v,_ tr ei n »!...•,. , . A Will M mmvm •mum M ME •f tfae eooatry, fed** MMM! ta UK we*. the U.S. Constitution before they could vote under a now defunct Arizona literacy law. (Nakai once was quoted say- County is home for an estima According to Raymond Nakai. ! in 8 a * least 85 per cent of all Navajo tribal council chairman. i Navajos were illiterate.) federally appointed registrars Trfll , , w authorized by the bill cannot be „ 1TaVel Long Way considered a "cure-all " This He said man y of tnose who alone, he said, will not injec s" uld t ' ualif - v and took tne t«u- life into a potential political . ble to register had to travel a giant, the full voting strength of Io " g **?. on ele ction day. all adult Navajos. According to NaJcai. some Must be Aware residents of the Lukachukai pre"The most important thing ' clnct ta A Pa<=he County were Those Apt-Ami-wll »• Hovy pirdptUthm will mcr Temperature Table we're talking about is getting TYPEWRITER ADDING MACHINE REPAIR GOODMAN Office Sapply 1212 Main—Dial 768-6589 from their p o 1 1 i n gj Atlanta By United Press International High Low by around voting time, the roads usually are bad." But to most otherwise qualified Navajos, the election day odds against them getting to the polls didn't matter, because they weren't registered anyhow. Charleston, S.C. Des Moines. r 81 82 pc 83 54 45 67 .09 84 65 82-54 82 61 THURS.-FRI. & SAT. SPECIAL F??^ new! u mover Murder Charged In Inmate's Death TERRE HAUTE. Ind. (UPI) —Pete Garcia, 25, of Albuquerque, N.M., faces a first degree murder charge here in connection with the death of a fellow inmate at the federal prison in Terre Haute Garcia, who pleaded Innocent Los Angeles, c 69 52 Miami Beach, c 78 74 New Orleans, cy 83 56 New York, cy 90 50 Raleigh, pc 90 60 San Francisco, c 57 49 Spokane, c 54 29 Washington, cy 92 58 Wichita, cy 84 70 The highest temperatures re cordel in the state Tuesday was 91 degrees in Carlsbad and Roswell. Grants recorded the overnight low with 30 degrees. Clayton received the only precipitation Tuesday with three- hundredths of an Inch of rain HI Low # ' • j ' *** • '" U nil. «i. . arisna in U.S. District Court Monday. in av ton I was accused of stabbing Russell ! c ovi k ;Towles. 25. of Wichita. KanJ ' j Nov. 20. Towles was found dead Alamogordo 80 Albuquerque 75 Carlsbad 91 350 Tasty, f!aVy crusf. Plump Michigan apple filling. Served piping hof. Now your favodta of Burger Chef! Grants |of stab wounds inside the prison in an outdoor area Dist. Judge William Steckler J?J v ,, has not set a date for the trial IptL . .._ i Katon . Roswell Santa Fe « 71 Hobbs 84 s 72 The Cottage SERVING "THE WEST'S BEST FRIED CHICKEN" Also Steak* And Sea Food* Hlwmy 60 3 Mile* Went Order* to Go 163-4«05 91 72 Silver City 7f> Socorro 76 T or C 76 Tucumcari R2 Zuni 70 Liquor Laws To Courts? SANTA FE - A Coffales 11 quor firm gave notice Monday it will take its attack on New Mexico's liquor control laws to the state supreme court. Attorneys for Drink Inc. ,a Sandoval County baf and package store, filed a notice of appeal with the Santa Fe District Court Clerk. The appeal is on a suit brought by Drink Inc. against state liquor director Howard Babcock nearly a year and a half ago. Dist. Court Judge Samuel Z. Montoya ruled against Drink Inc. on Jan. 26, 1965, and entered an order April 15 that the suit be dismissed with prejudice. The suit attacked the constitutionality of certain of New Mexico's liquor control laws and regulations. It contended that the liquor laws: — Violated the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution; — Prohibited a firm of liberty and property without due p r o- less of law; — Constituted an unlawful delegation of legislative powers to private individuals; — Created special or exclusive privileges, Immun 11 i e s, monopolies, rights or franchises for the benefit of holders of wholesale liquor licenses. The suit sought a declaratory judgment by the court and a permanent injunction against Babcock to restrain him from enforcing the questioned laws and regulations. Judge Montoya found that Drink Inc. failed to prove the liquor fair trade provis ions were unconstitutional. He ruled that the portions of the act constituted a reasonable exercise of the state's police power by "".the legislature and that the 3° | laws did not unlawfully dele^i^ate legislative authority to pri- ^ivate persons. 401 He also ruled that enforce- 3o jment of the liquor laws did not ^(deprive Drink Inc of property •™ without due process, and that 38 !the laws did not violate the •"Wic-ommerce clause of the I". S. 33 Constitution — The Lighter Side — Photographers Lead Hard Lives WASHINGTON (UPI) -News photographers lead hard lives, they keep telling me down at the darkroom, and I suppose in some ways they do. Press cameramen in Washington, for example, spend a lot of time photographing the activities of bureaucrats and members of Congress. Which is a Job 1 certainly don't envy. Their subjects usually are involved in paperwork of some sort, and all paperwork looks pretty much alike. This makes it difficult for the photographers to get variety into their pictures. Then there is always a chance that some truculent witness at a congressional hearing will take a poke at them or try 'o break their cameras These, however, are old problems with which the photographers are accustomed jto deal. A newer one has cropped up recently that I fear may be more than they can bear. Problem Pointed Out It was pointed out to me the ( 0ther evening at the White (House news photographers' an- 'nun! dinner I 1 spotted a photoeraphpr I |knew who was looking rather i downcast. Since it was sup iposed to be a festive occasion il asked him what the trouble pictures of pretty girls In cheesecake poses. Especially in America. Cheesecake has become as American as apple pie. When a photographer took a picture of an actress, a beauty queen or some other attractive female, tradition demanded that he pose her in such a way as to reveal a bit of knee and perhaps a flash of upper leg. Adds Some Enjoyment This helped get the pic- lure printed and also added a measure of enjoyment to the photographer's work. "But now look what's happening." my friend lamented. "Just about every dame in the country is wearing her skirts at or above the knees. "Every time you shoot a rou- tni' picture with women in it. ivou pet a few knees ,-ind a !thigh or (uo. So nobody pays jany attention to cheesecake anv Imore." ; I tried to comfort my friend •by reminding him that fashions are highly unpredictable OPEN DAILY Ashley Due Sanity Hearing WHARTON, Tex. (UPl)VTwo Wnarton County deputies got back from Georgia around dawn today with sex party murder suspect Leslie Douglas Ashley, and legal steps are ex- peeled soon to determine his sanity for a new murder trial. Ashley, who escaped late last year from the state mental hospital in San Antonio, caused no trouble on his trip ftack, the sheriff's office said. He was put in Wharton County jail around 5:45 a.m., and deputies Jack Tyler and T. E. Wilson went home to bed. The deputies had driven almost non-stop from Atlanta with Ashley starting Monday after Ashley's lawyers lost court fights to get him freed. Now. prosecutors will seek to have Ashley declared legally sane so he can stand trial agair for the slaying of Houston real estate man Fred Tones, for whose murder Ashley was once sentenced to the electric chair. AM TO 11 PM 55 40 ! "They're killint; cheesecake " : he said. "Women, they're mak- ;ing a mockery of one of Arner- jica's finest institutions " : "Pray elucidate," I said, so in? did. i Ever since the invention of the daguerrotype, he said, photographers have bcon snapping Vt FRIED CHICKEN TO GO OR TO EAT THKRK Includes Potafo«», Rolli & Salad Anytime Mon. thru Fri. 1 1:00 »o 11:00 C<f ^1 | Ph FOR THE REST QUICK LUNCH IN CLOVIS \VH OKKHR f> LUNCH KS TO CHOOSK FROM ADAM* OONCKKTE (X) ATM'* OUWt * IjLtgtrt RfmOj Mix Ou»cr«t« Onment Flnlthlnc Rich Mortar. Hand And Gravel And Sfewi SW ot Uixlprpn** • 7B2-1TU Texico Highway Clovls, N. Mex. BHOWTIMC 1:11 FONDA 501 BUYERS'' W.Tfll •A7TKDAT »OT orru r. • :M ••-.!» Hon* of ft* WorUt Outerf 15« Ham burger I DORIS. JflMES ^ LAST NITE OPKN (,::;<) p M. 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