Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 15, 1961 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1961
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

tiqhf n O H 1 t. I A -K H O k' L A K K n :» A Thursday, J**ei5 Funny Things Happen to Mr. Champion By BOB THOMAS AP Movie'TV Writer HOLLYWOOD <AP, - Funny &,^ P JKS! f L^/rr,: ( - 4l r,^!hnm««« rcliof pitcher, to Minneso. NEW YORK fAP) — The New York Yankees acquired southpaw Hud Dnley from Kansas City in a trade (hat sent righthander Art Dii/fiar and utility inficlder Derori Johnson to (he Athletics today. II was liir- Yankees' second trade of the day. Earlier, they had sent Danny McDevitt, a leftr : la for veteran ; Gardner. inficldcr Billy IA-II J Killed '*" Missouri pion the other night at .a hi; lywi'ort party "He was lionized and sought after," reports Marge Champion. "and I enjoyed ii immensely. Su did he." While the Champions have always been popular with the flol-l SPRINGFIELD. Mo. fAP) — lywood set, they now evoke lhal.T. VV. Duval. president of Spring- unmistakable respect that is ac- field \Vwspapers. Inc., was killed corded success. shortly before noon in a car-truck Gower's success was known to: accident on V. K. Go. about. 25 everyone al the party—direct ing; miles south of here. two smash Broadway hits in a f First reports were that the acrow: "Bye Uye Birdie" and "Car-i cident involved a station wagon, nival." He nearly lost his health being driven by Duval and a semi- trailer truck. Injured were two passengers, Richard P. Stahl, 46. Springfield architect, and his son, Charles, 19. Duval. ft?, in. addition to heading doing it. Tho Champs were spending a quiet day at their hillside house when I dropped in. Quiet days are the only kind Gowcr is allowed right now. He is under doctor's orders to relax following his collapse n few weeks ago. Defense Dopt May Pay for Road Damage WASHINGTON (AP)-Two Arcansas lawmakers are con^idcr- ng the possibility of asking rCon- ress (o authorize the Defense Jepartmonl to pay for road dhm- ges caused by contractors hittild- ng big military projects. , Sen. ,1. W. Fulbrighl and Rt'p. Vilbur Mill:: are seeking sonie wans of getting repairs for oads heavily damaged by «inflict ion woik on a ring of Tit.an missile bases being built in cen- •al Arkansas. Fulbrighl said today he is cor* iclering introducing an amendment to the highway bill now' ending in the Senate which \ 'ould authorize the Defense Dc- artment to provide funds for uch repair work. Mills said he and Fulbrighl ave had conferences with Air 'orce and Defense Dnpnrtment. "I had an ulcer." he grimacing. "Corny, isn't it?" Gower had spent 10 intensive weeks getting "Carnival" to New York,.then flew to San Francisco to drill the road company of "Bye, 'Bye, Birdie." He passed out in tlie miclrt of rehearsals. Rest, said the doctor, and resting Cower is. "I won't go back to work until August, when 1 start preparing the film version of 'Bye, Bye, Birdie,' " he said. Meanwhile he is learning to live with his ulcer. "The doctor said it was only 10 per cent smoking and overwork." Gower the newspaper enterprise, was an j executive in Radio Station KGBX; KYTV. a television station; the I Springfield Paper Co., and the .Springfield Tablet Co. explained. "The other 90 per-cent is menta-1. and that is something I've got to work on. I get- enveloped in my work, and I can't understand why things go wrong," I$t The St. Lawrence Seaway cct created 38,000-acre Lake St. Lawrence in Ontario. National banks began business at Little Rock and Ft. Smitn in 18G6. 'Show Off" Skillet Sweet Sauces Sweet sauces add zip to the simple ice-cream desserts of summer. Here is a brand-new quick method to make them, light in front of guests, if you like. ... Speedy Ghocolate-Nut Sauce, for instance, derives from semisweet chocolate morsels, the same famous nuggets that go into Toll House Cookies. Because of their diminutive size, the ae'mi- sweet chocolate morsels melt in a jiffy, and can be used- in a variety of baked goods, confections, and f rostings. The new, method for. making dessert sauces calls for. an electric buffet fry pan. The electric fry pan is preheated to SOOT., then the temperature control is turned to "off" to make the sauce.'' ' _.' Once the sauce is made, you'll find many imaginative uses for it Speedy Chocolate-Nut Sauce adds its fudgy, delectable flavor lor instance, to sundaes. They can be topped with whipped cream, murt bonbons, a dollop of marshmallow, or a maraschino cherry to name a few variations. The sauce goes equally well on sponge- cake, angel cake, or any other plain cake. It also glamorizes vanilla, tapioca and chocolate puddings. During the hot weather, when the living is easy, dewert sauces made m the electric buffet fry pan are simple, convenient v. . and delicious. Speedy Chocolate-Nut Sauce 1 6-ounce package ( 1 cup) J/ 4 cup butter or margarine' semi-sweet chocolate 1 cup coarsely chopped nuts morsels xr pan to 300 ° F - Turn temperature control to -. Melt butter in fry pan. Add semi-sweet chocolate morsels and nuts; stir until chocolate is melted. Serve warm over ke cream or cake. Yield: V/ t cups. Dessert From The Freezer The tune to make use of your home freezer more than ever ia when the weather turns hot. Summertime is also a good time to cut down on elaborate preparation for entertaining gueote. Foi instance, a simple dessert luncheon before the afternoon of ctrdg or chatter (or both) ia a delightful and well accepted ide*. To use your freezer for such an occasion, prepare * dotwrt •uch as Fruit Pastry Squares on, a cool morning. Free** unwrapped, then wrap with transparent saran in amounts suitable to your use. When "party" day comes, you can be cool and unhurried and will be assured of a pleasant relaxed time with your guest*. Fruit i'astry Square* 1 cup butter or margarine, % tsp. salt room temperature 4 J /i cups sifted flour 1 package (8 ounce) cream cheese, room temperature ^ cup sugar 2 tbsps. grated lemon rind 1 '/i cups thick apricot or pnwM filling or very thiclt orange ^T^HTT^I 8 fi> Confectioner's iug« Cream together the butter, cream cheese, sugar, lemon Hi** tHI salt. Add flour, a small amount at a time; mix well. Shape into • loll. Cut into thirds. Wrap each piece in saran; «ftjU |U41 OM portion of dough at a time on a lightly floured board, rollinx dough into an oblong 6% inches wide and 12% inches lour. Ait felt eight 3-inch squares. Place I scant tablespoonful o/ tUui fe CM*ter of each square. Fold the 4 corners to center ovsjfuMM I|p4 press crust together gently. Arrange 1 inch apart 09 tafciaf 4M»t Bake in slow oven (325°F.) until done, about 30 aunutot. ~lws3*tv« from pan at once; cool on wire rack. Sprinkle tops with CMbc- " . rioaer s sugar. Freeze. Wrap in saran, individually of inT"th» •mount desired for one meal. Store in freezer. Yield: 24 Bids Token on River Work LITTLE ROCK (API-Southeast Construction Co., Inc., of. Pine Bluff Tuesday submitted the apparent low bid of $609,702 for Arkansas Hivcr revetments and Shocked at Rebuke of Gen. Walker WASHINGTON f AP)—Rep. Dale •24th Infantry Division in Germany." The admoiiitipn was announced Monday f o 11 o w i.n g an investigation. The Army's findings said the Troop information program Walker put into effect was not attributable to any program of the til- dikes near Little Rock. The pro-j Alfm ' (1 ' n ' Ark " has inserted re- jtra-conservative John firich So- jcct calls foi work along a two- mile stretch upstream from where the Maumelle River flows into the Arkansas River and similar work along a ono x and a half mile section adjoining the Maumelle Ordnance Works. marks in the Congressional Rec- ciety as was charged. cord expressing shock over the! Alforcl sak! he clid not know .--.•_ j_ . ' Walker intimnfplv hnl knnw nf his Army's rebuke to Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker for labeling some hi.yh ranking Democrats as pinks criticizing segments of the j U.S. press, I indusl ries. radio and TV .. . Alford said Gen. Walker has a officials on I he matter in an cf- hnckgrouml of leadership and fort to got action. I demonstrated patriotism and was lie said it is his view that the I being penalized because ho in- departmcnl now has necessary {formed American troops of the authority and also the money to j nature of the enemy, international do the job in Arkansas but that j communism. . if additional legislation is needed W alker was admonished by Gen. Walker intimately but knew of his fine record in World War II and the Korean War. Walker commanded troops used al Little Rock, Ark., in 1057-58 to enforce 'court-ordered public high school integration. At the time he was head of the Arkansas Military District. . he will support it. The U. S. public spends more Bruce V. Clarke, commander in chief of Army Forces in Europe, for "taking injudicious actions and for making derogatory public than three million dollars a day I statements about prominent Amer/or its newspapers. 1 jeans while in command of the The First Arkansas 'Confederate) Infantry Regiment, organized before the state officially seceded, attracted considerable attention on- its.march to Virginia because of the distinguished ancestry of two of its captains: Robert If. Crockett, a grandson of Davy Crockett, and Donaldson McGrc- gro, grandnephew of the wife of Andrew Jackson. Avoid Upping Acreage for Soybeans Soybean produce: 1 5 will be required to maintain their 195'J-fiO average acreage of conserving any idle land on the farm in 1S61 in ordt'r to be eligible for 1961 price support on their soy bean crop, H. B. Gilbert, chairman, Hemp-stead Co'-in'.y 'Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee, said today Farmers are urged to avoid increasing soybean acreage at the expense of acreage under conservation practi •: M. The requirement under the 1061 soybean price support prog'arn, therefore, seeks to insure in<y any adtlilion- al soybean productiui> will be on acreage that has been used for crops in abundant supply rather than from land now in conserving uses or idle land. Price support on tho 1061 soybean crop has h?en increased to i^O insure an adequsrtS supply and to help meet ahticifrateci needs for this iftipoftaftt oil cfoti; The national average support price for IfWI-crop soybeans will be $2.30 per bushel. Thfc support for the 1960-cfop of soybeans was $1.35 per bustoel. While the soybean price s£_provision and the feed grain program both seek to encourage conservation- and reduce the planting of crops which are in abundant supply, the soybean price support operates independently of the feed program. Farm- rs may not plant soybeans on corn or grain sorghum acreage on which a diversion payments earned under the 1901 feed grain program. Likewise, they may qualify for price support on their 1961 soybean crop by meeting the price support conditions of eligibility and wit'hout participating in the 1961 feed grain program. A&P "TEAMS UP" WITH FATHER BY OFFERING MOTHER DEPENDABLE FOOD... English has been adopted as the second language of Indonesia. ._ «"« f-'a.i-kgf VJahtry JANE PARKER Blackberry Pie ^ 45c JANE PARKER Lemon Pie ^ 39c JANE PARKER Angel Food ^35c JANE PARKER PINEAPPLE Topped Rolls ^ 29c JAN£ PARKER FRENCH Bread 2£s39c JANE PARKER SANDWICH Greme Cookies^ 39c LIFETIME GOLDEN SCISSORS • Inlaid Stainless Steel Blades '• Razor Sharp Lasting Edges • Rust-ft'oof Radiant Golden Finish Garden Club 2-lb. Strawberry Jar Thit unusual bargain H our way of expressing our appreciation for yow loyal patroiKfee And $15.00 in SET OF TWO Cash Register Tapes 2 "SUWt-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Boneless Rib Steaks * 994 "SUPER-RIGHT" BLADE CUT Chuck Pot Roast ; lb . 394 All GOOD BRAND Sliced Bacon T t± J£ 454 SWANSON FROZEN All VARIETIES Meat Pies ........................................ 4 (w 894 "SUPER-RIGHT" 2- 3'A-tB. PIECES Corned Beef » .694 9< Coffee PINTO BEANS. 35< SHORTENING 65< IONAPEAS 3 35' HERSHEY'S CHOC. SYRUP 2 39< DEL MONTE CORN 2 35< DEL MOMTE PEAf s±£± 2^39* DEL MONTE SPINACH 2 27< GOLD MEDAL FLOUR -- a 49' NIFTY FROZEN WAFFLES * 10 VAN CAMP PORK'n'BEANS 4 49' GREEN GIANT PEAS 2 49< Produce Specials NATIONAL DAIRY MONTH SPECIALS WISCONSIN AGED Cheddar Cheese „ 59< MEL-O-BIT AMERICAN, SWISS AND PIMENTO \I1PPC Pasteurized 9 6-oz. Afy UllUUU Process L Pkgs. TTU MEL-O-BIT AMERICAN Slices r ce e± d I2 ,5 r 39« BORDEN'S AMERICAN Cheese Spread ',':; 59* WHITE HOUSE Evap.Milk 6,^79* "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Rib Roast <«,. 5th ^ « b Mbt ,„ 55* "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY Ground Beef 394 BANQUET FROZEN All VARIETIES Meat Dinners ^ 394 GUIF PRINCESS PEEIED AND Deveined Shrimp 3B * $3.49 HORMEL 4 Lb. Size CANNED HAMS . . $3.99 '^SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY LAMB Rib Chops ................. ~ ............... . 694 Loin or T-Bone Chops 894 Sirloin Chops ....................... * 794 shoulder Roast * 39* Leg 6' Lamb ................ » 69* Lamb Patties .......... ,394 FRYER PARTS U.S.D.A, GRADE A Breast or Pulleybones 59< Legs or Thighs Chicken Wings fc 19* Chicken Backs * 154 CAP'N JO*4N'S FIOZEN ' _ _ Scallop OiMirs £ 49* Deviled Crabs % 35* CAP'N JOHN'S FiOZIN Haddock Dinners ^: CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Deviled Crabs CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN 394 Sea Scallops . ^ 59* For a delicious quick "Super-Right" two A&P Franks 2 -t 89* Sauerkraut 2ST25* LARGE SIZE Watermelons each 69c LARGE size Cantaloupes CALIFORNIA Beauty Plums u. 19c CALIFORNIA SEEDLESS Grapes u 29c CALIFORNIA Strawberries 3 ^ $1 TREE • RIPENED Peaches t b 15c 25c HOME GROWN YELLOW Squash 2 ITALIAN SWEET Red Onions 2u, 17c PRESTO COOKERS Cook««. 4-Qt. Size ANN PAGE DETERGENT SURF Siedware 80c DCTERGENT OXYDOL 70c DETERGENT BREEZE Gt Size. 77c AUTO, WASHER DEL DASH 65c "10^ off" Gt. Size ... Gt. Size DETERGENT SILVER DUST 77c VIENNA SAUSAGE LIBBVS 2 £* :.: 45c r^rw*W mm •Vfflfi MAYONNAISE lw 49C DEL MONTE Pine-Grapefruit Juice 2 &£ 59c CRYSTAL APPLE JUICE 2 4 c 6 r;59c JDS' MADE Orange or Grape Drink 2 ' /2B t' 59c MORTON'S FROZEN HONEY BUNS X 29c MAGIC GARDEN PINK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 3 ££ 59c A&P FROZEN ORANGE JUICE , 2 & 63c A&P FROZEN " * GRAPE JUICE :..; 4 & 59c RED HEART DOG FOOD 2 ii 29c BREAST O' CHICKEN TUNA FISH ;.S£33c SUNKIST ' LEMON JUICE 8S £ 23c WELCHADE OR FIESTA PUNCH DROMEDARY 78* VALUE POUND CAKE MIX 2S59c ORANGE OR GRAPEADE, PINE-ORANGE HI-C DRINKS a* Pun ch 3ts$1.00 HI-C PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT BLENDED DRINK 2 4 ^57c .tn 3 c*,,?$1.00 Nabisco Triangle, Wheaf, Bacon, Sesame or Celery Thins, Salt Tans or Chippers Pfcg. 29c Gt. Size DETERGENT RINSO BLUE 75c Gt. DETERGENT "air - 75e Qt. Size LIQUID DETERGENT ,WISK 71c LIQUID DETERGENT "all" 32-oz. -ir K» /DC WAX PAPER Kitchen Charm 19c I00-fh Roll DISHWASHER DETERGENT "alT ^ 43c i

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