The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 13, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 1 gf.e "i usi dSs ore- tfa Te P ha; 12J d (I 32 1 mi 3 TO THE DAILY REGISTER, HABE18BUBO. ILL.. TUESDAY, J A N U A U Y 18. * Francs Fool Portuguese I LISBON IUD--Great confusion |» being caused in Portugal by the flooding of the black market with French one franc pieces brought in the country by tourists. They drc being mistaken for the Portuguese 50 centavos coins which are worth two and one quarter French francs. i ________-----! In Pcnn's Cave, Centre County, Pa you can travel almost a mile en'' underground waterways. in m (1 i fc* n ! ii ei \ \\ « ·w if, i b: cf cii a fc c: s} o. ri S a BIUK IS A NICE CHILD BUT... Parents might have to pay for the mischief children get into! See Us For a Low Cost COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL LIABILITY POLICY Washington Plane Lands Safely With Jammed Wheel MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 13^A Northwest Airlines DC-4 passen- ccr plane with 42 persons aboard landed safely at Wold-Chambarlain. airport today after circling the field for three hours with a jammed nosewhcel. JNEA-Register Correspondent W A S H I N G T O N - ( N E A ) - T h e National Association of Manulac- IUIUII .-loswi"''"" " - y , ·rs has just figured a formula winch makes a third round of wage iincreases unnecessary. It is to-ia- ' 'MX-tenths" m every i.;;ll a little home. lh- "six-tenths" that the NAM bs.Nb are talking about is a six- tenth-* of a person. Every average Jpmily mubt have an extrai six- UiUhs of a person, says the -NAM, to increase vhe "amily income and theieby make further wage in c eases' unnecessary. " But all this is confusing. To Officials to Study Russia's Ads in Holding Americans BERLIN. Jan. 13.--(U.R--Ameri can military government officials called a conference tomorrow to discuss the three-hour detention o Dr. Herman B. Wells, president of the University of Indiana, and two other American officials m the Soviet sector of Berlin last Sunday. Col. Frank Rowley, director of the Berlin sector American military government, will raise the pro'blem tomorrow in view of the recent increase of incidents m the Soviet sector involving Americans. O U t a 1 * *.»*!·? *** * v " ·-'. straighten it out, leave us begin at lllC V b S U time ago, the Bureau of Lrbor Statistics, at the request ct Congress, made a detailed stud Ol i how much money it takes to sup- Jobless Pay Not Subject to Tax Beneficiaries under the Illinois ·unemployment -compensation pro- cram arc not required by the United States Bureau of Internal Revenue to pay income tax on heir jobless benefits. Such benefits, are exempt and should not be included in any income figures filed with the Collector of Internal Revenue or in any tax computation. To get jobless benefits between now and April 1, 1948. a claimant must be able to work, available for and actively seeking full time employment, and must have earned $225 or more during 1946 with insured employers in Illinois. Except for the earnings requirement a veteran seeking readjustment illowances must meet the same onditions and must have served n the military or naval forces of he United States for at least 90 days of which 16 days or more were after September 16, 1940, and must have been released under conditions other than dishon- Beluted Shopper ' BOSTON ULI!--When a custom.', or ordered two pairs of "Brazilian; lisle stockings" at a department! store, the puzzled clerk learned through questioning that t h e , iiosiery had been advertised in a local newspaper in 1941. The aluminum industry has. risen from fiftieth position in' American industries before the war in the number of wage earners' employed to a place among the nation's top ten employers. The main problem will be tile feasibility of lodging a protest with Soviet authorities, officials said. Wells, cultural adviser to-Gen. Lucius D. Clay, did not take a serious view of his detention. SENTENCE is HIS SENTENCE. J.. motorist Howard E. Phillips VTENCE For passing a school bus discharging children in Lakewood. ^J d ^ d the ty , iilliSd"Brooklyn N Y.. was arrested by patrolman William Htzgorald thc sole an unusual sentence-Phillips had to write "I must not pass a school bus | a boy Ol r . » ' o r a school blackboard. Here, under the watchful eye of 1- itzgcrald.j d ' a girl of e igh1 hn\V nillCIl IIlUllO It iai»\.j «.»· u- r 5CHUUJ « » v » -- ~ . . · e it- c-n t a nvpicar family of four at Neither did Charles Rotstem of the *n ··adequate" standard of living, decartelization branch, who was de** 14 . ." , . * : i r« n^*l«* n*rt»»O ·pical family were wage-earner, his 13 in high school I Phillips gets to work ROBERTSON, CRECEL1US, AND GHENT Phone 1000 Rose Bldg. Representing THE TRAVELERS, Hartford Piano Turiin Reasonable Ft* Ujyjnestlonable Reference* Elmer Ammon Phone 877. P. 0. Box 129 Harrlsbnrs 'U U XU 1 Vi- v«»***- ·" L The BLS study showed that m June, 1947, the cost of living for such a family in 34 leading America'- cities would range from $j004 in "New Orleans to $3458; in Washington, D. C. This would pay the i'»nt uiel and light, give each of the 'four persons 3000 calories a d- v and provide adequate medical cafe and recreation. In short, nothing fancy . c e Some of the labor unions began to Pick up this study and use it as :ained with him. They said there seemed to be a certain amount of confusion amon? the Soviet soldiers in the patrol that detained them, and matters were expedited after the arnva. of a Russian officer who directed them to the Soviet Kommandatura There they were treated in a court ecus if curt manner. icr i.uiiuit*w**^ wv«^» «--- - ---- orable. If discharged for illness or disability incurred in line of duty, he may qualify for some tenefits if he meets the eligibility requirements and if his service was of 16 days or more duration and after September 16. 1940. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. Better Living with Better Heating PLAN NOW FOR A LIFETIME OF INDOOR COMFORT Coal Furnaces © Stokers OH Furnaces © Air Conditioning STAIN'S TIN SHOP . 17 W. Church 923W Phvllis Calvert comforts Robert Hutton in this dramatic scene from "Time Out of Mind," Universal-International picture v.iA Ella Raines; plus Dale Evans in "The Trespasser," showing at the urand Tuesday and Wednesday. State School Group Commends Report (Continued from Page One) Wednesday, January 14. 1 p. m. 326 WEST RAYMOND Four rooms of household furniture Electric Refrigerator Mavtag Washer. Warm Morning Heater, Electric Ironen Electric Sewing Machine, and other furniture items. Ella Harper, Owner. John Endsley. Auctioneer. cational opportunities for all the boys and girls if these inequalities continue to exist. The manner in which you have presented these problems in -your report is commendable." The commission continues: "You have stated that all the schools of Saline county are special I aid with the exception of two. We I agree that if the schools are to continue to serve the needs' of vour county, that the state distributive fund 'must be increased from Supreme lour! Orders U. i Girl m _ WASHINGTON, Jan .13--L T .E-The Supreme Court yesterday ordered the University of Oklahoma a Negro girl who had been rejected solely on grounds of her race , Or yii.iv up iiiu OI.MV.J -..-- -an argument for wage demands, bo {he NAM experts apparently de c:ded to jump on it, nard. ··There is evidence that the rud . -ft used by BLS is more than ade- ovate." savs the current issue of Vie .NAM News. "But without go- ino into the technical construction cAne budget, one aspect may be cmohasized by every management negotiator who is faced with this aieument: the average family has more than one wage-earner. The NAM then goes on ingenious- iv to prove its case. There are 60 million people gainfully employed. But there are only 37 million families "Therefore." it says, "there must be 1.6 wage-earners for each 1't.milv unit." . j Xo\v the light should begin to ida\n on what the boys are getting ' a t . It you don't have that extra six" tenths" of a wage-earner in your iiume. vou are not average. If the husband has been accustomed to call his wife "the better halt." he should stop it immediately.' Here"the better six- has Ohio to celebrate COLUMBUS, 0. (OE)--Ohio will celebrate its sesquicentenmal in 1953. The 150th anniversary celebration will commemorate the founding of Ohio in 1803 as the 17th state in the Union. , , American Family Size ·-' · One hundred years ago the average American family had six members; today it has only four. Farmer Salesman $15 to $25 and up Daily Demonstrate a much needed dif- erent farm tool. Nothing like it. Every farmer wants it. 90% are buying on first demonstration; county agents indorse it 100%. It's patented and guaranteed for life. The International Steel Co. * 2828 Lyndale Ave. South Minneapolis 8, Minnesota This is the season for coughs and colds. Be Prepared! Check this list for your medicine cabinet! VITAMINS ASPIRIN COLD TABLETS NOSE DROPS COUGH SYRUP ELECTRIC HEATING PADS CAMPHORATED OIL FEVER'. THERMOMETERS RUBBING ALCOHOL and other household remedies. Ezra and Carl L. Harris ; Prescription Pharmacists Carrier Mills, III. as ccn Acting with most unusual speed. ac c us t 0 med to calling him lovingly, the court ruled on the case of Ada nhat ha if. WIlj - s he should mend Lois Sipuel only four days after . m ., nnf . rs nn d start calline him Lois Sipuel only it finished hearing Furthermore, it directed \ V J t * l \*\t 111 I I « J V**C*»- tii^» .JfcrWV** »·-·» wi- -·--· · -- -- 1 · J 1 4-t- * * + I H1**V O** 1 - fcV*V»l«J ·· » V« utive fund'must be increased from Furthermore, it directed that its whal lhe NAM so i u tion the present level. However, we mandate to the Oklahoma Supreme ; present CCO nomic crisis must at the same time proceed Court, which it reversed, go for- ^ ounls .,, is per haps bet _ , 1 . · i i »tr~.-~*l-iit***li" *r»t?Trtnrt r»t \vml. , . - . « 1 1 *inn "My lunch Iwx is always brimming with milk product goodies!" says Molly the Milkmaid. "Sandwiches thick with cheese . . . milk-made custards and cocoa or just plain Dairy Brand. Afternoon lessons are a cinch after that'/' with good, sound educational reorganization and set our house in order before advocating increased state aid. Improperly Financed "Table one, Page 11 (showing the assessed valuation of school districts from 1927 through 1947) her manners and start calling him hat sivtenths-wit." What the NAM solution to the onomic crisis really ,. is perhaps better ex | pressed in that old saw, "Two can li\e as cheap as one. it they both| Furniture with Style-Furniture with Quali "Luxury for Your Home at Economy Prices . ... Walk-up a flight and Save SETEN FURNITURE STORE 7 Over Woolworth Store" ward "forthwith" instead of 'waiting the usual 25 days. ^_ _ Two years ago. the Negro girl, j %v O rk." admitted fully qualified as a student, applied for admission to the of course, the little problem of university law school, the only one j \-rho would mind the children might in the state supported by the tax- ?r i s e if both the man and his six- payers. She was rejected because tenths worked. NAM doesn't ext hr- n »ok 1Q47^ . . distncts from 192* Vl ,"fvincr thr ! Oklahoma law forbids Negroes to J ^.lain how to get around that, but if and table two, Page 14 (giv ing the ^.^ schools J man did »- t want his wife to , from y i9 a -7 e "h?JuKh 1947 to show ?o the people of the Supreme Court said .she i But in a curt 250-word opinion, work, they could send out the ch.l- - SaUnc c o u n y hat it xvoud be impossible to continue an effective educational system in the county with an average assessed valuation of S6.662 per pupil. "The qualifying rate for the new community unit school district is to legal education in , , , s , dren to bring home their suc-tenths a of the bacon. eniiiiuu iu ididi vtiUL-uiiun in «* ^i ^·»'~ ^,«,«.... . . . 4 state-supported institution and Ok- Really. NAM's solution is most lahoma must provide it for her clever. Thc average wage m indus- as soon as it docs for any other l r v is no ' A ' SnO.45 a week, it says, applicant. That reference and thc speed with which the court acted ruled out the possibility that Oklahoma. This would mean about S25 decision. Attorneys to a inc jus-.--^ be $1573. Now thc family is tices last week at the ncarmgs it;i°V." C^OK Tho x.\M Xcws savs makina 54196. Thc NAM News says 1 based on assessed valuations vary- ] i n g from $15,000 to S25.000 per i pupil, vou can readily see that as ) " -- * .· » t *^^C*^.1!««. would take a minimum of f,\o months to get a law school for Nc- MATTERS · Y O U R REMEDY FOR AN EMPTY PUP*SE 1 i J U l / 1 1 . vv/u von A^.«***»«J «*»^ » . . -- - --- _ ^ ifar as "effective schools in Saline groes going 1 county arc concerned, the solution i --_ i would" lie solely with increased; A , , D cs :J en * s stale aid. These facts that yotU A!l KCSiaentS have stated certainly point out to|To Place Street O · in tag. ui ITS 75 O c 73 the people of your county thc fact that under present circumstances the impossibility of providing an effective school system properly financed." Teachers* Salaries Low Thc commission points to thc chart on teachers salaries on Page 1.45 a 12623 a y lhe ; living for a the family six- goes out and of S2623. that il would make S4249. This could be J V « V W VI t i i * * * » V * ^*«««-i*^» -, a typographical error, but the boys i had better go back and check their 1 arithmetic. | : Anyway. $4196 is far more than t I thc S3458 r.ccded to sustain average i ' life in Washington, "even after ai- j 1 lowing for income taxes for such a j " as the NAM puts it. Hence. · Numbers on Houses ( A ' i i i J U · *»; «-«*^» » · * * » · - j.^.TM -- - Mayor II. J. Ralcv today xir-cd | no further xvagc increases are · all local persons -.vho 'io not have' necessary, and thals tnat. j « . -, · . ^^^_^^^_^^_ I street get them. from Postmaster inglon thai many city do not 35 of thc report and states: . 7 --.- - - - - - - ! "Il is vcn.' evident thai due Iojs held up hccr,»v- 1 lhc lack of proper financial supporl i Kalcy said th.^: i J he schools have a decided lack of ] have slrecl ir.nrV-r-r.-, 1 qualified teachers. The pitiful, thc loxvn eventually. !lhin-4 is thai thc schools, due to' lhe fncl they do nol have enough', because «nxr .*· -ch n : money to maintain a good school. j y^ v ro -, ( :,., l p ( , ly have poorly qualified leach-' on their . He i;nd that he learned M. Hethcr- »je in '.he ·?. and :nail of i t . :" 11- n r j-''d to throughout imorscy lo maintain a good school. j j|, c v ro:( :, vl po.o-jlc- -c"v.«l r;l ' usually have poorly qualified leach-' ro; I . nrn cor ^ )C ^-^,, ,-- ; j ] j ! ] c °^ |crs. Thirty-three have less than 2 l h c u c a l j h ^ " j j ' ^ (f) ,,,..y -- 1 t\-rir* \ ^nr r t f r*f%lll*rtf* tr^inillS? AlsO. ! _ . i _ i t _ . . . ^ . . i i _ , _ ^ _ _ i . A Business Snaps Back AKRON. 0. a-.n»--Thc rubber- band business is snapping back lo pre-war level. According to B. r. Goodrich cstimalcs. aboul 23 qua- IriHion. SCO IriHion bands of as- _ sorted sizes \\ili be lurncd out in this country this year. (A qua- triUion is a'miHion billions.) That represents aboul 1.750 Ions of raw rubber, for on lhc average a pound 6.800 bands. / UI z o O 3 4 I 1 ·QRICES are high! Can anyone i put money aside for the future? The answer is that Americans have now-accumulated the record-breaking total of 153 billion dollars. How? By sacrifice, economy and sheer will power. Why not try it you: self? Open an account at our bank. The Firsf Naiiona! Bank of Harrisburc: O Z m ,i.-i.. i m n » - n « i v v ·i«»^ .^..-^ ......., -,^ j nc \\eann o; .!: rr,^ c f u i . i v lone car of college Irainins;. Also, j wouW fcc ,- lsSC . v . r ^ e on ; r n t r.u.-i] i llhcrc arc 38 emergency Icachcrs. , f , h C r3 Jca1 , im o} -,M c \,!. I Ihcrc -- - .,- . ·which means thai ou ha\c 33 pco pie teaching in your public schools who cannot meet thc minimum requirements for certification ir. the ! state." Thc commission says thai in its basis for thc cd.ica1im ol drcn. 3. Tran' portal \y\ v.oiild he efficient and k-s co ti 4. A lon"-rE:iTo. ro-.Trcr criucalion^l pn AWFUL RHEUMATIC PAIN LEFT MAN'S ore BODY IN 8 HOURS "For years I had rheumatic ''j VC pains in "lhc muscles of my shoul- f He- j__. ^^ ?r( 3 ankles, which fi- m 79 ^ I i no commission sajs uidi m iu. ^.^»»^.^ ....; ,. . , ..^- , j ?r(j ankles, wnicn 111 opinion thc only solulion lo lhc»\cloped -vhic^ m.- -ienUHll, »v, n a 1 jv col so stiff, sore and pain- j problem here is one that requires 1 chiric kjndcrxnten ;i:r ji:n!'.r col- ^ -^ uhcn j W alkcd I would ' t h e orzanizalion of a county ad- Jc«c. iJjnch with agony. I sot TRU- minislrativc unil supplcmcnlcd in J - - « - - . - - - · - - . . . - . . . . . _ _ ,, . » . I She futarc by enough ' ! state aid lo maintain 1 school program. j -\Vc wish lo assure . . ·"ihal any other rccommcndaJion i you could have made would have \ ,'becn useless and wilho:il proper i financial and educational backing." · Very Superior Rating ! The Bureau of Research nn* t 'Service, in Riving lhc report a |O P r °^- Je o i T i n C u \ c ^a .'.u" murcuiun^. mis*.- i m w , "very superior" raling. pointed ci$ 8 Thr- o::: i i% c o m u n J y unit.(jj-eat Medicines, all blended into! 'ihal'il was studied slriclly from is ;he mo«.t floxihlo l \ p o of s-i-onl O nc, so right to thc very cause of j an educational point of view, thai orsanuation poxMhio foi *»no c-min- rheumatic and neuritis aches and] \ lhc probability of its acceptance ly because its adequate ?:zc n'.r.v.s,.pains. Miserable people soon feel lor rejection by thc people of tV for f u t u r e mor.:f:c:-tio.N v.hich 'different all over. ^So don't go ' ronnty x\a; not considered. would ho ITV/I ^ 'h'f n .rir.ller suffering! Get TRU-AID. Sold , , Its'high rating is gnen, it sa\s,,uniLv all dnig stores here in Harrisburg. to emnloj ;; q \\hc» can prox'ii'e 1 v .e sky." This is a genuine les- limomal from a man living right here in Ihis vicinity, TRV-AID s thc rcw liquid formula containing three valuable These Three Distinctive IN RECORD TIME Register Commercial Dept. · !··%« I eel on by irf ' ^WSPAPFR!

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