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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, December 21, 1931
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Last Edition rriHE VOL. LV.--NO. 57. (AT) WEATHER FORBCAST FOB MARYLAND: Cloudy, probably followed by occasional rain late tonight and Tuesday. Slo»!y ~istog temperature. Fresh east shirting to south, winds. F»H KEA FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1931. OF TURKEY i TWO CARROLL COUNTY NEGROES SHOT TO DEATH Others Also May Have Been '' Engaged In Gun Battle. EGETS 1!IE SETTING Wes-^ninster. Dec. 21 (AP) --Two negroes were found shot to death near here today after an early morning gun j battle. Two shotguns and t«o pistols ; vi ere lying close to their bodies. | Expected To Range Between 36 And 40 Cents For Dressed Birds. BOMB EXPLODED BECAUSE KIDNAPPERS WERE FOILED Cleveland. Dec. 31 iAP.--A bomb which police said probably »as planted i in retaliation for a frustrated kidnap- ; ping plot today partially destroyed the ' mansion of Samuel Cowan, prominent r«-al estate dealer. T*o months ago Cowen received a letter threat-fun* kidnapping of his: eight year old son. Jowprt. unless paid ; S5 000. according to police authorities. t Since that :he boy has been un- , TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS Bandits Isolate Town, Loot Bank STARTS MAY AT SLUMP IN BUSINESS FOR SELLING GREENS REPORTED Today Sees First Rush Of Season's Mail At Local Postoffice. near the Western chape! a: Warfieldsburg Ben Lynch was scot through the chest and the other had t»o wounds in the chest. Police learned they were cousins and had had as argument a few hours before. Ben had ordered his cousin to leave the house and the latter returned ' later with a gun. 1 Authorities said the presence of four ', weapons indicated others besides the j dead negroes might have participated , :rs the .battle. They learned a party \ had been held at Ben's house las: night. '· Freezing Temperature And Snowfall Throughout Continent Reported. HEAVY DAMAGE REPORTED FROM SOME OF NATIONS prompted by revenge for the frustrated _ plot. No one in the house was Injured · The blast wrecked the porch of the house located IK an exclusive Cleve- i land Heights residential section, dam- j aged ibe front and ho»ered plastrr j and wreckage through some of Brooms. Number Of Civil Cases To Be Tried Likely To Carry. Session Through Next Month. the .15, HIS STEPFATHER Scandinavian_jCpuntries Hardest Hit--Eight Frozen To Death In France. IS AUTOIST WINS APPEAL CASE HEARD TODAY! BYSENATEHEADS OF BOTH PARTIES .Given Reason To Hope For Early 1 Action On $500,000,000 Reconstruction Act. 'BISHOP CANNON ASKS i RIGHT TO MAKE KEPH .. Only One Trial Of Four Assigned N HOTEL For Today Live weight turkeys from many parts · pf Frederick county and dressed tur- j jteys from the Baltimore markets found i heir »ay to Frederick stores to- I day. arr.vins for the most part a ad- j Ba | t j more Youth SayS Man Was vacce of prices. But the prices will come soon enough, the dealers say, and i with just a bit more of a bang than at ! Thanksgiving. \ The story circling the turkey count- i ers today was that the figures of four i weeks ago will be not quite enough to ! KEA. Indianapolis Buresu A gMr-s or 10 bandits .-.It s" U-le^h -iw arid :«' c/r.i;h ·'.::« :r.»:n Roaonaa.e. Lhe iifV^.d^'ed a "bisk" " " " " " ' »as held prisoner during "'- $45o p l : a o s a . : i l7.:-::. »-« pi: ".c operator, , raid Tlie blasted -vi!e ii »t»»n 0:1 «.!»«.- ri«ht. ; Heard. N Comrni ttee Didn't Ja -J* "J Keep Promise To Permit Afl- swer To Charges. Attacking Mother. | weather with a blanket i Cnristrnas landscape of the whole of Eu- j ; rope ^oday and set the stage for Santa j ; Clans although in some places heavy ' ; carnage mace the picture a costly one. ' The blast of winter extended from ' j Scandinavia to the shores of the Med- j I iterranean. j A iiolent storm lashed the Baltic sea j accompanied by heavy snow, wrecking j Virginia Penfield Missing . Since LBSt I hUPSday. FATHER FLIES TO HER '·will last until January 4, the time be-' J arracjed by j-adge Willard. A : j number o.' ««: "cases are to be heard , ! at this t«rai. and :he session may last ; Providence. R. , Philadelphia. Dec. 21 (AP).--MSss Tft KIT T ill i i n:acv houses 1U ulUU /ILtU , Scandinavia, especially Sweden, sut ! fered the heaviest damage. For i I days heavy snow driven by a high wind. ' ragansett House carry home the roya! fowl for Christ-; Baltimore. Dec. 21 (AP).--FLteen (sa!0 .jj sred :he country. Deling forest i Her father Clare J Penfield. was in- mas. _ f . ; -^ ° :d . ^f' Ji f^ es ^, ^ £ ^e j ^^ OTe , a wute area and causmg | . or .jj ed shc arrived there in a daze and time" said one dealer. Another quot- j on.y tnat ne --ad v s~oOi. and iu his , i g^ was at: e rj te" her own name 15 cents live weight. A third said the j stepfataer tnis morning to protect his £jght freeze To Dea th. -at could not remember her father's believed the edge would not be more j ~?. t ": r ^, a :"; ^ s: 5:'..,., ,, ,,,,,,,.. «,,* i Par!s - Dec - 21 - (APj.--Eight persons first name, authorities at the N: nan a cent or two on Thanksgiving \ __^.TM^*t 'l^L?* j? 0 ^ ~* i *ere dead today L". France as a result ·until noar the first of February. Court has past week, curin twr of criminal appeals AFTER RELEASE -.urn- Will Be Shown Here Prior To Lester Miller Held This hea. R err ,oval To Washington. i For Using Another's Auto. 1 Washington Dec. 21 (AP).--Senate leaders of both parties assured President today at a White House conference of actior; on the $500,000.000 reconstruction corporation after the t Christmas holidays. | The President urged the earliest conj fidcration for this measure by which he | hoped to bolster up the national flnan- ' cial structure- and particularly to aid the I The Senate sroup also told the Presl- j dent they hoped for action on the moratorium before the Christmas recess begins tomorrow night. S^^^r^^^i SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION GETS HEARING TONIGHT David Shores, near Jefferson. , «T prices, while a fourth said the prospect | ^ was good that 37-to-39 cent lurkey i " srould be the mark. I In the absence of exact figures j lealers called attention to the face that j aere is a range in the price o: turkeys. *»* aave whieh tas accompanied of , . i Pour of tne ceatns occurred in the an open ife hand," Robert told police, "yelling he was going to tr?i. us an," The gun with which the boy shot other youth wnose pare: permit him to keep it, in the house. Robert said Bowen had been drunk since Saturday and tha-t every time killing his wife. SLS well as in hundreds of commodities. Whereas a year ago the range was from 33 to 43 cents at Christmas time, bis year it is more likely to be from 36 to 40 cents. Turkeys in 1930 took a sheer jump of a nickel between Thanksgiving and 3hristmas. so that by contrast the myer wUl have a better bargain this rear. Chickens are now sailing for 24 to !8 cents live weight aad 35 cents iresfed. Ducks and geese are about as it Thanksgiving. _ - Greens Business Suffers. In spite of a fair start in the sale of Christmas trees and greens more than r- week ago. the street dealers find their jusiness lagging, with Christmas . but tour days away. Although prices are ower than last year, and much lower iian two years ago, the purchaser's iollar is harder to get. Saturday's balm- ness witnessed only a fair turnover j a tree stocks.«the dealers say. but most \ f them. look forward to z greater rush j San Francisco, Dec. 21 (AP).-n the next three days. i Through heavy seas, lashing winds and "Some of the people will wait until | driving rain four men made their way 3hnstmas Eve. as they always do. and :hen expect H find just the kind OC rees they want." one \ecdor said this noming. "Warm weather or cold Breather, you can't keep them from *wo sisters and me and that oniv wav to stop mm," the of his stepfather. Herbert Be is youth autaon- j . ,_ . ,, - f he should be i kor^n* District, and one each m Paris, prosecuted for firing" -h.-ee VuUe's j Se^- Mulhouse and Saintes. *"iirou' r * r i Bovireii's cfctcSv 5 tlw? TTJ^UTI I * lurched upstairs, a pen knife a one j R E C O V E R I N G FROM I N J U R I E S hand, to at'ack the boy's mother. i "He was ccming up toe stairway with ' John Ed. Schcll Jr. Injured In Accident In Pennsylvania. John Sd Scheli, Jr. this city, is re- and speeding, won a re\ersal [ . Frcdenck:o-.:ans proud of their old Cannon Writes Senate. Washington. Dec. 21 (AP).--Declaring he hart not been given a prom- Lester Miller. East Third street, who i ised opportunity to reply to charges j.^ suii »i.u »"«-" UK ""V /" U! - -covering from injuries sustained De- "^ "»~ his stepfather was :ne property of an- · ^^ n aear HoHidavshurg. Pa, ^ °f*£ other youth wnose paresis refused to ' _ ._ : ,.. -,_._ . ' day after ansett House informed Horace L. Wiggins, manager of the Benjamin Franklin hotel, where the girl's father has been directing the hunt for her. A few minutes after word she had fc?en found was received here, her father was on his way to a local airport for a plane to Providence. The young woman, a student at the ·Mary Lyon school of Swarthmore. Pa., j at 57 has been positively identified, Mr. Wig- ' gins was informed. Detail as to ^'here the young woman has spent the three days smce the of judgment on :he inuixicaxd driving tharKe . but lost his appeal on the ^ d r y^.f^y a -- -- *·"* oe -- .o. ^o,c.. j be interested to view the ancien. , recently rctutacd from n term In asairsst him. Bishop James Cannon. Jr.. of Correction for participating- ' asked members of the Senate in an open scvcral ft . !lRK station robberk-s. was charge of exceedm; 40 miles per hour. , works of the town clock formerly in ! a! , am UIlc icr arrest tod-iy. ·He was fined S25 on the latter charge. Tru ,. : y chapel steeple, which will be on | ne.innc tonight on charges of end began a 25-day jail sentence lack of fine. for r today to withhold judgment on a ; evidence of his activities in the antl- unau- I Smith campaign of 1928. disp'ay a* Price B-others' warehouse. ! thorizcd Use of an automobile and op- ¥*£ Ulcers Dryden and Schleuter. | EasJchurch street. Tuesday night from | «%££££?£ dr ^ a bout 4.30 who brought the charges, testified that . 7 to 9 o'clock At that time local per- I Sunday mornini j , %as *aid to belong to whizzed through Jefferson October 10 i ^ . n l" tnc ..vo^ at 57 miles per hour. After stopping . j 4 , i^ *ITH*C *H*»v i u^c dav t!i(*v will risen his automobile ran into an overhead budge. Mr. ScheU, who was alone at the time, endeavored to use which refused to work on j a sharp curve, and the car ran into the in--, recentlv. His wages of S3 a week as errand boy in a furniture store and charity constituted the sole support of , * h2 Doming of December 11 for Al' Mr - Sche11 !e - E early in tce familv toona. and about 7.30 o'clock in the aoon were not available. GEN. NICHOLSON DEAD 4 Commanded 157th Infantry Of "9th Division In World War. Brig. General William J. Nicholson, _ U. S. A., retired, wartime commander i of the 157 Infantry. 79th Division, and first commanding officer of Camp The letter said that- last February the Bishop asked and was promised an opportunity to make a sworn statement to the Nye committee. He said he later decided definitely ^**.w. to make such a statement when the ad- MiWdrive I " crse evidence was complete but th«t N th Market s'-ee' " near \hc \ the c°mm 1 -Wc cnAed its hearings, drew brought the s'peeding and intoxication ! ton for permanent exhibition In the i °" ' ° r ".Jj., cd v.,JJ, and stopped I '-? a ^^^ ttnd turncd thc ^"^nce charges, conviction on the latter of | Sa3i:hsonian ^utuUon. i ^^ M Sr had no license ano^no \ ««" '" '*" " isfrlrf ' tlarn « mthmt Judge WOlard refused to sustain. . ^ order ^^ afld ; Tf ^ lTauon _ hc sald . o^.ership of ! -^ tin James represented snores. i appeals of MyrMin L. Dutrow. | Aldcrrncn, the works of the old clock this city, on two State charges, one ' have been removed from Trinity steeple , I of improper parking and the other ot j and ^ ieii lo the pj. ico warehouse. ; Shores, in company with two other men. . ^^ w .., , Iaxe j^. fi nal opportunity of A A "cLirk. Munhail, Pa . who has here, for the follow- ! bee:; stopping ne;ir Lcwistown. Officer i be seat to In car. which bore P«msrl«nla « Me taRS ' * M Uaccd and U-| na-i jail! p cosnmlttee '' llelir j llg . of the appellant ; of a maierial witness. T»y had not been used for over three | F. J. G r a h m . Draper. W. Va.. posted Dutrow had ' " ca:3 ' DU1 remained " in the steeple. | S5 collateral at Police headquarters for FISHERMEN SAVE SELVES BY 'USING FRAIL LIFE B O A T to Rockaway Beach in a frail life boat lasi night afcer the Ss'mng trawler Ab- r?hain I^mcoln. of which they were j .evening neared Hollidaysburg. His au- Meade, died Sunday afternoon at his ' tomobile had been repaired the day residence in Washington after being j previous. *as the brakes refused to i stricken with apoplexy late in Septem- i work as he rounded a. sharp curve and . ran into the bridge. Ke was knocked ! unconscious aad was taken to the hos- ! pitai by passing motorists. His conpe i -sas badly damaged. His brother, Du' Tall Scheli. went to Altoona following j the accident and returned to this city I with him. The patient was reported to- near Frederick, on .a drunken driving ' ·Frederick bv State Officer Nccld. conviction by Justice Pyles at Orbana was continued. Summers has entered Thc o!d Morris Brown. Monrovia, colored, was ber. General Nicholson upon returnin; from the World War was extensively j feted as one of its outstanding heroes ·, anci received various medals for ser- j vice. He had a long and interesting military career, including service in Mexico with American forces under suit for the return of Alton V. Bennett his revoked i irln; "-" steeple in 1791. only 15 years acquitted by Justice Bowers this mom- -earesents ! aJter th * Declaration of Independence [ .,-.5 on a charge of operating without " " ' __-..-- ..--- . They i iizhis Saturday'night. Brown told State JAPANESE LAUNCH NEW" DRIVE AGAINST CHINESE Mukdsn.-3*«aab uria - Dec. 21 AP).-The Japanese military command launched a new drive to the southwest today with infantry, artillery and air forces. A communique issued by the Scad- quarters said trw drive was aimed against 7,000 Chinese''"irregulars" in the vicinity of Kangping, Fakumen and Changchu. These irregulars. the communique .^4.£%iji -U^..^U^LJ. v. *\ -i.wii t,.j?v ncit: i . . . . . . captain and crew, caught fire" about ! ^ to oe aoouE iae " ouse ana Qomg General John J. Pershing and in tne seven miles off sho'-e i r."e:.. i Spanish American War. Rush Starts at Postoffice. Christmas matiins reached its peak cere today. Postmaster Irving S. Biser stated at noon. Both the incoming and mai^ were very heavy, espec- | seven miles oS shore, j Placing their injured captain in the j vessel's only life boat, the crew rowed frantically away from the Lincoln as fire, caused by an explosion of a stove. crept toward the fuel tank. ;ing timber rained 0 yards from the :L. The burning hulk soon sank. .icense. ~~~ -- -- j and endured for almost 140 years. CLm -n» «' r^-il E Pa'me' Ha- ' "light still be used, although they ! Officer Btick-.vorth. who arrested him at j . ·«».,»_ The appeal o. CecU E.,. aa ^.^ ^^^ Q , age On , y ^ face ^ smiaim c ,. y ^^ hls llghts had said, were menacing the South Manof the oM clock and several of thc i ?0 r.e out near Frederick Junction and j churlan Railway and also .he Supmg- grears remainii In the steeple. Thc works ! he was dr.ving into Frederick to have i r'.ai-Chenchltatun line, include a heavy iron frame weighing · them fixed the (locket of Justice Stokes of Emniltsourg dismissed on request of State's torney Walter E. Sinn, when the pellant failed to appear. At- ap- heavy outgoing mail. of Mails Oscar C. Kefauver stated. ! onMncimicn 01 HVITD The outgoing mail has thus .far been i C O N D E M N E D SLAYER, much behind las; year and previous i years, the postmaster said, ana only ! about half the usual force has been : employed. Three extra parcel post men ! Mon: Belview. Tes., Dec. 21 (AP).-- ipanish _ . __ j ^ j-jjoosjjjg a military career, he fol- i Braddock CInb Meeting. | i oxe d the example of his ancestors since I Mrs. Harry Fisher was hostess to 16 j tfce j o .j ndln g of tne republic, as there members and two visitors of the Brad- , has no . ^ een a war ^ wmch tne United dock Women's Club at her home Fri- states enga geo: in which some member day afternoon. Mrs. C. Cynl Klein of tfae NIcnol5On fanjjjy has not fought. presided. The meeting was opened with Q^^ Nicholscn 5 brother. Reginald Nicholson, beer me a rear admiral in the Navy. His sister. Mrs. Helen Cooke. who had been visiting here, was recalled to Washington Saturday afternoon due to the critical illness of her brother. Funeral services will be held at 10 Xroas Entertainment At Thurmont- from 600 to 800 pounds set on wood. ' with several gears, two handles for wind- j in? and three weishls. one of 225 j pounds, a second. 300 pounds and a Case Continnrd. The charge of carrying concealed a capon;, placed against. Harry M. Clssel. Brunswick, by city officers a week ago. . responded to the roll cali by naming J a "Favorite Hymn". One new member DOWN ' 7 ' 3S en^^ 6 * 3 - Tile C - UD ^ gi vin 5 a ; Chr^tmas basket to a needy family. : Hiss Daisy Bast and Mrs. Charles Main winter A Christmas entertainment will be I third. 600 pounds. There is also the j v-os continued this momine by Justice ~ .--_·,,. njght at 7.30 at j pendulum shaft, now suspended from Borers when thc officers failed to ap- iiAui st. Episcopal church. · a beam in the warehouse. The sears i pear, due to a misunderstanding in time. ' The"iOHo«iiig prosram has been ar- i are a bit loose and other minor defects Ctssel was represented by Alban M. Tunms. Brunswick, who was Friday to three months in the House of Correction by Justice In the old days, the town clock had ' Howard M. Jones, of Brunswick, for Ixrwistown Woman's Club. The Christmas meeting of the Lewis* town Woman's Club was held at the home of the president, Mrs. May Miller on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Miller called the meeting to order and primarv department reTponsive reading. The S-ury i could still be used. ^Men: invocation by the] " duet M (n.ce G r e ! to be wound once a aeck. first one ' Jiandle beinj turned and then the other. of the East. Joy to the pageant. ··Christmas at following t several years aso. the clock be- ____ j o'clock Tuesday morning at St. Mat- i church." with the and collectors and one extra clerk were . Isaiah Ecwards. 19. negro slayer and Kov"c^2e "won" th7*garderir"~MiS6 Ethel i Chew's Church. Washington. Burial will i parts; on duty today. ; fugitive from the Montgomery county '3^^ had cna rge of a guessing contest I ^ j 33 Arlington cemetery. The funeral I R i c ha: an to cause serious trouble. Local resi- ents frequently awoke at 1 o'clock and 1 :o their amazement the hands of the vife-beatin^. ^ taken by Ch^cf of , Police Joseph E Chew of that place to the State institution to begin his t£rm. White belxviE? that the peak was · jail was found shon :D ceaui on she ^ hlch ^^ ^ oa -^ peaj-; Kefauver. Mrs. ! * nii ^ in charge of Msgr. Alvev Renn and Mrs. Zeno Pyie wfll | Buckey. bft ihe proiect, demonstrators for Feb- ' reached today, postofSce authorities ; outskirts of town early today. expect the mai^ to continue is i The coroner reported Edwards had heavy volume _ . - u t No deliveries will be made Christmas I ceputy Snenff Nei: Roten, 31. of Cham- j N - ex . ^Ee;;^ »-j:i be held Jan. 8 at , *" ' at Mrs. C. S. Meitzler's with j caairman, Miss Daisy I until C-nnstmas. j beer- wouncec fasaliy by shots fired by ' ^^T; j^'^.^ ^^ yefreshnients. i C O N T I N U E SEARCH FOR , Richard Wilihice. Ethel Edward i Robert Bro-a-n. Thelma Lewis. Ruth i Lewis. Noms Kirschner. Grace Bos- jsard, Helen Lewis. Lillian Pryor. Vir- World. i * Y o u r | S taking ' i Lewis. '· W'''hide i c.o:k pointed to 10 o'clock; or in the " ' late c'.o-:k registered noon. School will hold its Christmas sen-ice , :::: the city fathers determined to put Christmas nicht at 730. at ·ahich time 1 an end to me inconvenience of never The Christmas Program. Braddock Lutheran the following program will be rendered i Day. it was said, unless -.he man is j bers_ county, when marked for special handling. evacs arrest in a the negro sought to 730 o . m . a sto'.en car. here ^st j .- ne ^; 35 COWS BURNED jidwards was under sentence to di-e in , the e:«crric ciair for tie slaying of ; Pedigreed Dairy Stock Lost In Mont- , goroery County Fire. | Thirty-five pedigreed dairy cows lost i Se?e:t - °- Market More Confident. New York, Dec. 21 'A?).their lives in a alaze Sunday night , markets besan the hoiiday week with --hich destroyed the barn and sJos on ·hie farm owned by Tcornas M. Ander- larm is Jefferson Woman's Club. i The Christmas meeting of tbe Jeffer- i ^jn Woman's Club was held Friday i afternoon with Mrs. Calvin Fry hosless. I Nineteen members and two cuests were Securities ' ^_ ;50 ^, gmia Lewa. Carroii Brown, Harvey i n n W A P P P R A U n r i R I **·**. Mrs. H. Lewis. George Bos- M U n A r r t n A N U U l n L 53^, Martha Miller: songs. Brightest iand Best. Hark. The Herald Angles Cincinnati. Dec. 21 (AP).--New speed jsing. It Came Upon the Midnight was injected today into the manhunt ' cieari reading. V.remia Kirschner; for the kicnapper of six year old Mar- ! recessional. Ruth Wilnide: song. O ian McLean with a report the wide- | L.tUe Town of Bethlehem: tiotolagy. :y-hunted pair had been seen near j . Daycon. · A group of boys at a Silinsr station ; knowing for sure exactly what t-rne :t Openir.g sonc, "Come Hither Ye Faith- unison, followed by singing "It Came. Upon The Midnight Clear" aad "O* Little Town of Bethlehem." Sixteea members and one visitor responded to the roll call with "How Christmas is Spent in Other Lands," Mrs. Mehrle Rarnsburg was recreation chairman and all enjoyed forming "Christmas beJe- srrams" from the word "poinsettia." A, lage Christmas pie was then opened from which each one drew a gift. The closing song was "Silent Night." Re- Sunday i freshments were served by the hostess. ' The nexn meeting will be held on January 6 at the home of Mrs. Jonas Burner. Miss Helen Pearson wijl be the lecturer. reaZ'.y was. ana to install an electric clock. T-hich was done. Accorduis to present arrangements. ful." reading and prayer, recitation, .James Schaeffer, "I Wonder." recitation. Mrrs Mary Karrnon, "The Visa truc-L *::i arrr.-e Wednesday mom- ion:" junior ar.d primary sor.g: reel- i in? from Wasii.r.oton ·Rith a representative from the Sin-lnson-an Listitu-on, and after that the old works will be MIAS Grsce Dutrow, "A Wonclcrfa: S'.firy: exercise "The Points of the Star." by «?-.en girls, song. '-Hark | Some Husky Goldfish. R. D. Zimmerman. 516 Trail avenne, says he has the huskiest goldfish alive. It was st)lashing strong t-fr^g morning, after having been given up for dead three days ago. Frederick county has numerous dealings with goldfish, but Walkersvine Clnb Meets. presem. The president. Mrs. Roy Hems- i six miles east of Dayton last night told j The WalkersviIIe Woman's Club met ~ man re- « December 17 at the home of Mrs. NC:!JC ! and a lit- ' Nicocemus with thirty members and seven visitors present. The meeting was ·eport but opened with a scripture read.rig by the taken to the Capita: where they can be tho HeraM A-gels" exercise,' ^ r z^e^a^says"he believes "none seen by the residents of Frederick at the "Tr.c Ba.- Bees' Christmas." five little , o{ them ^·bezi the story of the fish 9fiu.seum as ~i,c~.l as "Li'v of »ne Swamp. :ne fire ensnae of the Uniteds. son, Rockvilte. attorney. The T^LJ;* V 16 " ar * os * : " tna - se: "- i011 ° : .-per. for a. time :n the morning but _ :*--. roil call, a Bible "verse; Mrs. Calvin ' ~ a ve it senous investigation as it a *?I^ al ?*?- . . . _. - ,:rtner irsd-cations of organizec sy'p- ' Frv :hen had charge of the follow- fo^ed information a man and girl The b^ze was discovered ay " · s * Fry. manager of tbe farm, who ca^ea :he RockvJje Fire Department. Every f'i*-i K -*- ' TVYTT. :r» f hp had a 3 effort to save property was futiie. however, and as hundreds of spectators watchd the Sanes the buddings were ourried to the ground. PossAility of incendiarism was seen Mr. Fry stated tnat ns use TT.^SS a tour of inspection at sunset, when he had milked tlte cows and locked the bu-ldings. artd at tha; v.~e he had ^een ixthing to arouse his suspicion. Xo clew to the or.r.n of the fire couJd be lound. The buJcu^s were covered by msurance. 1 pin in tile bond market soon it-ntulaiins: effect and losses :~s was fairly cuict Sterling cables opezi-ed. at $3.39. off % of a cent. Call money renewed at of Arm Amputated. Oscar Bell, 44 year old res.dent New Market, accidentally shos himself in the left arm while Stinting Sunday City Hospital about 10 o'clock. There his arm was amputated, and it was re- :harge in^ program: So'o. "No Room For Three.' by Miss Evelyn Honae: read- inr. "The Other Wise Man." by Mvs Xina Mariotc; solo. 'The Dear Little Fashioned House." Miss Myrtle ShaS: piano duel. Mrs. Albert Bussard arid Miss Mary Culler. Refreshments --ere served by the hostess. Next rceet- :^5 January 7 at the home of Mrs. E. K. Guyvc-r.. fol- girl answering cescnption of the child and aer kidnapper were seen near Scnia Saturday. Police believe the kidnapper, fearful of the eriraced populace, may have fled with the girL W31 Give Orj3n Recital. Ar. organ recital wil; be given Wednesday mghc. December 30, in Grace Ep-s;opal church. Brunswick, by John Denies, organist and choirmaster of ported today he was doing as ~sll as Grace and St. Peter's church, Baltimore, THE WEATHER TODAY snci director of pub'.M schools. mus^c in the Baltimore The recital is of an- Christmas Entertainment Dates. Starting with a program by pup»ls of the M:. Airy school Wednesday afternoon at t.Te corcmiinity Chnstsias tree, the Yuletide wTM be cs.eorated during the r.ex; we«k by the Tarisros courches in t.iat seci.ori .-^ follows- Howard Chapel M. ?. church. Wednesday night: Union service. Lisbon M. E. and Poplar Springs M. P. churches. Christmas uiomizis. 6.30: enter^inment. prccpect M. Z. church. Thursday evenin?; page- prcsldezit. Mrs. Annabel'.e followed by the roll call "What I Want Most for Chr^imas." After a brvef business meeting the Fir.e Arts coniimt". r c, presented the fallo-s.n? program i Song. O Liftte To?, n of Bethlehem": read- -- -- "V^T~"*f Gi**^ ~".-- T"e ^*C-n " ^!T^ W::iiam D. Powji:; talk. · Pi~:ure Stories «f Madonnas!." MLSS Mary C. Of.: . -el. ' Sleep My Little J«u?" Mrs Charles S Houck. Jr. and Mr.- Wyr.:oop. A s-Jtssin; contest wa.- c^r.ducted and the prize, a p-.cfjre entitled "Tne Madorina and Ch.Id". was awarded ta Mrs Wyncoop R'frcfhmsr.ts wre .v?r:cc by the committee. The cj3 adjOiirr..;d to meet Jan-ary 13 a", thc noiisc of Mrs G Fred Myers DETECTIVE STOPS HOLDUP, LO.SES HIS LIFE DOING IT Summers, i who Uved cighteen hours -srjthoui. water nac-ari;. "The Ar.^.'s Messase to the j m a crock of dry ^.^^ peelings. TU* v.or.d. the following cnaracters. Reader. Miss Ruth Grove: Charlotte Shseffer. Grace go!dfish ^ th four o - five others, aj- travelers. . parently - nax - ing d;ed soon after they Rebecca · were purchased, were placed in the summers. Catnannc Dutrow. Margaret | crock j^^y e vemng at 6 JO tor dis- D"JtTM O^T T?' 1 '*'^ O"»A*T.-^ T *^tt OVi-m?T.r,»- ' ^ _ . _ . _ _ _ Cr..caco Do; 21 'APi --Dctoctive J3n-.cs Papl--. or.e of forty persons cinir-5 ^r.a dar.c.r.c in a Nortn Side r.ieht. c^Jo. ·'·as fatal.y io\ir.dec today --.IT. he ba'.iod sis ^ien whc atteir.pted rushed to a -KS 2: ano'.hcr r-: Ruth ShaeSer. J-lsa Shaeffer. ' -. Mc*sir. Roy Schaeffer. · shepherds. R.chard Ar.c:ebcrcer. John Arthur Sujr,ir."rs. R.chard Suauners, Olanci Meistler: adcre^s. offcnnr. bcne- ap'.is W^'n ~.r. r : 3^7.'\ file- ^itj th^ p!ace ?a?"._5 7ra:xc-u -jo a corner oi tne roDffl. then opened fire *.th .1^ ccrrice p^tol Pap'.j; s^o?c "hc:r return fire .ititjl he Ican-c! o'.-:r the rail as they Sed rcwn s'^.rs. A bullet caught him in Precipitatiori for 24 hours ending at a. m.. today--nor.e. Precipitation. Dece: sber to da^-- Normal Deceziber prec.p.Utlon, 3.11 inches: actual December. 1930. 3.54 T'^s year's deficiency to Dscember 1--2 17 Huh temperature last r.ight--60. Low temperature ':HFI r.ight--30. San sets today--4 51 p. m. -,, Sun r.=ps fmcrrow--7 26 a. m.^ ;.fn-- r,-".= !cir.*-TZ-\--2-56 p. m. ? ."-ets toniorroA--5.22 a. m Observes Birthday Anniversary. ! Fonner Mayor Joim Sd S:rei:. North Ifar'SE; street, observec his 81s. b.rth- 027 a-nive--a-- or. Surxiav and received -.-.e iixxf ·sisses of ?i'.s niany fri-ends. Mr. Sc'ser. his been i". for sorr.e time, 1 nowever. ana cic riot receive capers. He was reported Q-;te weak today. trpe and consats of numbers by ant. Watensville M. E church, Christinas :rs as Boe!lman, Debussey. Saint-Saer^s. Mende^so-hn. Guilaiant, Fry;ir.;er. Torj-^ssen and Kinder. The roc.ta". ^ public and will begin at 8.IS o-r'.ocS. II Pound Ynrnip. T'r.-e turnip seasor. is still turning out pageant. Weft Fa'.'^ M. E. church. December 27: entertainment, Taylois- -.I'.'.e. Bethany M. £. church. December 27: Damascus M. E. church: ^jworth League entertainment, Christmas eve: ^jr.rise Christmas service at. Damascus oy the congregations of Kemptowa M. P. and Damascus M. E. churches. Gets Pilot W. Sco',:, Moi:ey. former'.? of ::-.£ ·-.'-. on Tuesday ~as giver, a fina". te?t by the D^pari.ii:er.t o' Commerce and a private airplane pilot's Z.c'-nse :o hJ:. Mr. MoKcy has y-cr. a p'.ane for about a yrar ar.a ^jance o' license permit p;'o» a p'.ane anywrvre in tr.e him :c Ar. eleveri-poand tamip was ' Christmas momir.g: pageant, Ridgeville States. He is a rr.ttr.ber c'. :re To Aid Antielam Battlefield Project Dcc'.sr.ns -.-.-. "he Cnair.ber of Com- rcc^r.c the rr.:«t i---.^ support '"r.e Ar.'.e'air. ba:'fi'C".c". Cot. H'^ard L Lander;, of '.r." h^toncal srctisr. of · le Army War C^IXce. a? a cue.=: at TC Ch?.~Vr's luncheon Saturday *.o^d Kcv. Dr. Kieffer To Return. j Christmas creetings «rre r-xtenced I by Rev. Dr. Her.r. L G S.eflcr. pastor · of the^oIira! R"fc.rm«i ciiurcb. *^ -"-^ c~rcreca*.cii S'^r-day nignt at ·ne". White Gi:: Sor. ice of the rh-irch he had r.-^pec to attend. vish«s to tJse co::^rrg3tiori in tr.e first ' rcr he has r~::cr. for t.iree nxaths. ^^a.c^ .nap £v°* ^ac i^rc??n. in smnt ·*.^i nis J^OD.C curing t.^c Crins^Tias sfir-in and planned to return to Fred- · nc.-i fr"T7i Ba.timcrc to rss-virne his ·-.:r 'srlv in Jar.uary. Mrs Kicflcr '.r.d fami.y t.'.l -3 to Ba^t^nore to sr» r.d Chr_"n^jis da- with Rev. Dr. K.ciTer, *^ho is erectly unproved. ' posal. At 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon Mr. Zimmerman's granddaughter ob- =er-.-ed that one was faintly breathing. She brought :: in, placed :t in water, and -v.ta a tiny bit of food Mr. Goldfish was soon baok on the recovered list, Hickering his Sns to thank ais rescoers. Kindei^arten Program. The annual Christmas entertainment of the Frederick Free Kindergarten ·v-.;: be helc Wscnesday rsornTr.g at 10 o'clock, at which tune a special proerarr: of so^gs and other features -siH A Christinas tree wi2 be .th small presents for fee chiidren. and the public will be invited to attend. Following the entertainment tbe kir-dergarten will close testa January 4. Sixty-six children of tbe total cnr3::nient of 92 attended, today. Miss Margaret Ssenhauer has been principal of tJie kindergarten for 30 rears. of See Play Presented. Abiiit 60 pupils and faculty members c'-^ Saturday morning on '.he farm of M. P church. December 26: Chr-^tmas John W Young, near Petersville, and cantata. Calvary M. Z. church. Mount was brought to the News-Post by Car- ', Airy. December 27; entertainment. of the Frecenck High School motored | ence j_ Lighter, near Feagav-.lle. Tne j Kempiown M. P. church. December 27: to Wasningtori Thursday night to see specimen was very Sat and of large di- j Montgomery M. P., Christmas night; Maude Adams and Otis Skinner present ' ame:«r. Mr. L.ghtner said a cumber j Mountain View M. P.. December 29; · The Merchant of Venice." The tnp ' of mher large turnips were dug with Poplar Springs M. P. Sunday school, i-aas made in fro special busses, j ii. J December 30. apea-ce F".nr!5 C".v.b. Irsc . of Ba'.'.-ir.orc anc .S now oa.Id.n? up hs F.\.r.z »ith the -.lew of acquiring a c^l Iicer^e Mr. Mobley is the e.dcst son of George L Moey. C'^ai-te P!aoe. , and is a graduate of the Fr^senck i High School and of Bliss Eectncal jSchoot, Takoaia Park. p-?r o .n- ^- .-amod to a .s-jc-csstul c^n- c.-i.=-.Ar. o-"-roon 200000 and 390000 'ojr^tct ·sir. -.isit, Ar.' t etam anr.'ja".- ".v Ci" La~.d?r.= Tiho ^a, a"iinp- b Co". Waller D. Sir..:'. 1 ., of the same se«"t or. ti'.e the board ^orrs id^as row :· j h i j l d proceed i;th thc pUrw in ;rc-;r t j -ecurc ac:.on. Coontcss Krrcoriay Dead. ?i-_* Dec 2: AP--Co-_r.tcss Jean i- K'-ravIai. borr. Mane L^jij-e Carr^"~ c.-^d fv;?.;. a" her ho^ic ared 72. Sr^ ~x^ "h^ da i^.it^r of John Lee *·" , ,' a ^ -.- r*--r* ^- ',' ^ f . -- ^ ' , ^ x O"/* v**.. .. A ^ . t . i . ^ . o. -,i^._-..,i..G. anu C.iar'^.s Carro". or.e of *he ^.rr.evs of .h" -, r Inc^-'Td- -C-P 3j-n .n Nev Y3r"-c in 1859 she was p^--i--s j- - v - tit T - ' j ' four c.~-i.r-.n, of \\toni ;.".ree are Association Series Pays Out Senas No. 3i of the Frederick Baild- .nr Associat.on. thi ofSce of whicli is a: the Frederick County XatJonal Bank, matured las; Thursday, aixi distribution, ·sis made to shareholders. The araoant pa.d--cash c^tnbut«d and nJortgagBS released--totac SS4000. The next series --ill be?in tne first Saturday in April. Thomas H. HalJer is president; George H Zi-r.merTnan "ce-president: and Jo- s'ph W. L. Carty, secretary of tbe *t-

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