Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 20, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1942
Page 3
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THE MORNING AVALANCHE •In Indictments (Bv The AKocli'.ed Prt$s) KANSAS CITY, Feb. 19.—Tn- diclmerus charging Armor & Co., Swift & Cc., four other concerns and six individuals with conspiracy to violate the Sherman antitrust lav; in the operation of the St. Joseph, Mo., hog market were returned today by a federal grand jury. Besides the two packing companies, named in the indictments returned to Federal Judge Merrill E, Oti.5 are: The St. Joseph Stock Yards company. The St. Joseph Livestock Exchange. The joint marketing improvement committee. The hog yards subcommittee o£ the St. Joseph joint marketing improvement committee. Individuals Included Individuals against whom indictments were returned are: Floyd M. Sherwood, Chicago, head hog buyer for Armour &: Co. Charles S. Lechler, St. Joseph, head hog buyer at St. Joseph for Armour & Co. George H. Damsel, jr., St. Joseph manager for Armour & Co. James H. Bliss, Chicago, assistant treasurer of Swift & Co. Carl J. Meyer, St. Joseph, head hog buyer for Swift & Co. Walter S. Parker, St. Joseph, general manager of the Swift & Co. slaughter house. Suppressed Compelilion The indictments charge that through agreement and concerted action by the defendants there was unreasonable suppression of competition in the sale of hogs on the St. Joseph market and the prevention of the formation of hog prices by free and competitive bidding and buying. The further effect of the alleged conspiracy, it is charged, was to arbitrarily depress, stabilize "and "thejwise control and fix noncompetitive prices on hogs sold on the market." Lubbock, 20, '1942 Market Reports The Nation Over Spotlight Stocks ,. NEW YORK, Feb. IS. (*>—Sales, (losing price and net change of the fifteen most active ttoct* tod«>- Genera! Mow.-s 10,700 32Vi •«. i\ trie RR Ct 8.JOO 5>i -f \\ Socony V.t'iuri 8.6CO l'\ ^- i-, Chrysler 6,900 43' + 'i Std Oil KJ 5,200 3<5'/i — »i Atch T and SP 5000 35>'» + y t Hayes Mfg 4,800 1'i NO Packard Mot i.800 2'« - y, Cor.sol Edison 4 000 12 S « Ko Std Ol Ind 4.000 22'i — *; T»vn(y-Cent-Fox F 3,100 9 — '; Studebaker _ 3.600 S NO Mo-Kan-Tfi PP •} 505 53; _^ y U S S'.ef^ 3.300 S0" 2 -^ ^ 3,7.00 25Ti + Stock List.. NEW YOR. Feb. ID. IP,— In 100't 7 Hllh T.oir v'losf 59 58'i SJ 123'i 1J7 5 . 5'i At the outbreak o£ the war, 1350 business firms left London; 200 returned by November. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! Am Can Am T f.nd T i Woo^n Anaconda AT and SP A/I it Son Corp _. Barnsdall Ol! Chrysler Cor.t Oil Dfl Curti* Wrisht Douglas Airt Gen Hec Gen Motors Goodyear Houston Int Harvester Mid Cent Pet MKT Ohio Oil Packard Mo: Pan Am Airways __ Panhandle P and Penney __ Phillips Pet 1_ Sears Roebuck""!!!!" 9 Socony Vac 8« Sou Pac _ __ 27 - o NJ — :.::::.,. M Stone and Webster < Tex Pac . Tex Co. !. Tex Gulf Prod Tex Gulf Sulph ._ U. S. Rubber „ U S Steel , 31 -VE>V TOBK CURB Am Cyan B s 3A 3 i Cities Service " "_' g 3 Eagle Plch ~ 4 gi 4 El. Bond and Sh i li.-. GUlf OJ1 2 3l j" Humble Oil . 10 Sli'l Lone Star Gas _ is a Unit Lt antf Poir A 1 . 3-ig ARMS REPORTED SEIZED RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 19. fff) —A dispatch from Sao Paulo today reported that police -in the coastal town of Cananeia had seized a large quantity of arms in an agricultural district occupied chiefly by Germans and Austrians. -The weapons were said to include many German-made mauser rifles of a type no longer used by the Brazilian army. A Qlance.. NEW YORK: STOCK — Steady; leaders recover slowly. BONDS—Mrced; rails high. er. , . CpTTON—- Irregular; March liquidation, renewed hedge selling. CHICAGO: WHEAT—Higher; mill buying. CORN—Higher; large feeding demand indicated. HOGS—Slow, 15-35 lower; top $12.75; reaction from recent advance. CATTLE—Steers and yearlings steady; producers cut shipments. •nt 1 53'* •,,»* S'.'t IV. 53 MOWGtTSMAKlLOmYCHIHA THIS AMAZINGLY ECONOMICAL WAY! • Hurr)-! Gel these two Super bargains in one! First a wonderful bargain in the healthful benefits of America's Super Breakfast Food! The other . . . colorful, quality china, made by one of America's great manufacturers! Remember, delicious Mother's Oats is naturally iriple-rich in the great "anti-fatigue" Vitamin B i\* It's rich in Phosphorus, for strong bones, teeth! In Iron, for rich red blood! What's more, oatmeal leads all other whole-grain cereals in Proteins, for building .strong bodies, firm flesh! So, whatever you do, be sure to get in on this amazing double bargain! Get the extra. healthful values of America's Super Breakfast Food— phis x. stunning piece of lovely china in every package—by askingyour grocer for Mother's Oats with China—today! WNTMISS WOHDEKfUL BARM/M! OUR GKQCl) HOW' MOTHER'S OATS WITH CHINA AMERICA'S SUPER BREAKFAST FOOD Wall Street.. MH.J) RECOVERY MADE NEW YORK. Feb. 19. W>-Slock» nf«o titled a mild recovery sortk )n today 1 mirk«t notwithstanding the continued Uc of outstanding builfrh neu-j fro.-n (he war Timid bidding :or «t«ls. motors r»ll and specialties tr.abled favorites to t«c' on s»ins of frictions tn » p 0 ( n t c,- sa Many Itaderi. however, were unable I snake off minus signs tr.d extreme ad vances were shaded »t the close. The Associated Press average of 6 stocks was up .1 of a point at 35.6 firs improvement this week. Transfers o 345.j)SO shares compared with 343,700 Wed The principal recovery motivator brok ers. suggested, was the belief the marke was in a much healthier technical pos! lion and could rally, at least tempo.'arl!y with a little encouragement. American Telephone added IV. points U Us upturn yesterday. « Stocks finishing fn the plus division In eluded U s Steel. Bethlehem. Genera Motors, Chrysler, Santa Fe. N. Y. Central Union Pacific, Great Northern. Mont somery-Ward. Sears Roebuck. Anaconda Boeing, \\estinghouse and Johns-Manville Dow Chemical and du Pont hit new Tv ?"" V 1 *, m ° ve but Ihf fcrmer " m cf to f:nhh unchanged. In arrear were Standard Oil INY;, Texas Co. Inter^ nat ona! Harvester. Douglas Aircraft Mo'/lj ' Unl<>? Citb!tie an Cotton .. NEW ORLEANS REPORT NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 19 (*v_Lon K retiring and hedje selling erased early advances In cotton future, here todar The market closed barely steady 7 points net March Low Close 18.52 18.52B 1S67 13.6 1S.SD 19.05 18.H 10.80-8 19.04B 19.03B 19.10B NEW YORK REPORT NEW. YORK. Feb.. 13. WV-Price trend* 'ur^JS ^ nervous trade in cotton .ures today. After working over an 85"'•""«', the list to rest 40 to SO centi a bale lower. .Depressing factor* Included a -enewa -d M h r .'; 1h | Uqu!d » t!on> NeT Ort" 1 " selling nd hedglnj. Part of the hedging a«umed to represent sales against Bur- chases of Commodity Credit Corp. Cotton sold for th e February allotment Buyers for a time were Inspired by t federal report concerning forces tending t» rafi* the general price level in 19« . Low Last Oct. Dec. Jan. MlddHnf jpot 20.14 "off 8 K—Nominal. Livestock , * - 1B.61 13.61 18.89 13.74 IS.74-7 — 18.99 18.55 18.85 .__ 19.04 18.90 18.90 13.94tf ' 1800: CITT REPORT CITY, P e b. 19 W)— (USDA) — slo*; uneven: 10-23 "lower- 1-0-250 to Cattle 1850: calves 300; total 350" fed ' ac " ve 3tea ^ to strong: spot. Dn ^ ood iljht 8nd medium ,he stock comparative^ scarce , S y ta , stron s: bulls, vealers and calves steady; stackers and feeders unchanged- two loads ot light weight fed steeri ot I™* »f«a« 13-85; general run "edium *, 4 5 rlC " St *'" "-50-12.15; short led '"down to 9.85. Three loads cutter o e fJ3"i C % n " tw " 8 - 3S - M«dlun U good fed helterj 10.25-12.00; medium to C0W861 - 3 - 5 , 5: B00d to Choice m ea- cw cholce to elty hutch - i'to choice tructed-ln natives 11.50.'' POHT and ca.'ve V ^" 33 ° : fed .t«r« n"j y 3 ' M[iy: *° 0(1 » Kd ch <"« fed fleers and yearlings 10.25-12.10. common- and mcdlurrt slaughter st«f-\ »nrt yearlings 7.00-9.75.- beef "£« ? ?.w-«" E 5% and , CUtt " S 5 - M -"-00: bulls 6.500 fat calve. 8.25-12.00. culls 7.00-800' stocier steer calves 13.50 do^"- Sheep 500; all classes steady- L" ml " «•"-»<). " ' h '-""-'I* f Wethe " st 7 ' 5 °: 325 as outt lambs MAY DEDUCT PENALTIES WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. (#}_ Farmers who pay penalties to the AAA for marketing wheat, cotton tobacco or peanuts in excess o marketing quotas were given the right by the treasury today to deduct these penalties from their income tax. No crystal gazing needed! SUNSHINE KRtSPY CRACKERS have been the standby on millions of dinner tables for years. Why? . . . Because a special Sunshine baking method makes them crisper, flakier more ffavorful. Besides, they're so useful — at meals, for the children after school, for party sandwiches, for bedtime snacks. Don't guess f . . . Just ask your grocer for Sunshine Krispy Crackers! Qrain CHICAGO REPORT CHICAOO, Feb. 19 MI _. Another at- temni fo raise grain prices wns, balked today Vj lack oi sufficient follow-VQ eu»- port !o augment smalj scale buying that carae Jrom (tour millers, corn processors and feed mi.nufacturera »« well as merchandisers. Early fractional gains In All cereal plt< were whittled down In Ja!e trading when hir.iiiK subsided find scattered profit tak-- inj and heu(?:i;g ^Jtes appeared. A report lha: some government frjans on 1841 wheat had be™ called in the Pacific coast area attracted attention but there wa» no l->- tik-atior. that this policy would be adopted In other wheat producing sections. v.'Jicas closed ',<-!i cent higher than yetierday. Mny 51.31-!.31 'i. July $1 3-) ^-i--: cnrn ',.?;, up. May 88 Vi July ao ,;, 7 ? a 'v h' 1 {• gher; rye *'•'•'• up i s °ybc»ns KORT \VORTII RETORT FOKT WOKTK, Feb. IS 1^—Wheat No. 1 soft red winter 1.4.M1: -Vo. 1 hard ae- cordii.g to protein and billing 1.^3 '/ = -36 '.i Barley No. 2 nom 65-66; No. 3 nora 6403. Sorghums No. 1 .rellow inllo per ico Ibs nom 1.12-13; >ro. 3 mllo nom I.09-1.J2' No 2 white kafir nom 1.09-12; No. 3 kaflr nom 1.06-09. Corn, shelled. No. 3 white l.Ot ft.OS ><•• No. 2 yellow 95 ?'«-97 3 i ..°»'- s No ' 2 " d 60 ''-61 '-i; No. J jed Produce .. K.AXSAS cirr REPORT KANSAS CITY. Feb. 13 U 1 ;—Poultry »nd produce: Springs—15-31. Rest unchanged. CHICAGO REPORT CHICAOO. Feb. 19 WV—Butter receipts 852.190; steady; prices unchanged. Egss. receipts 9.321; firm, market unchanged. Poultry live. 14 trucks; steadv h—• over 5 Ibs 21"..-. 5 Ibs and down "21 'Le'e- horn hetis 19; stags 20. broilers. 2>i Ibs and down, colored 20. Plymouth Rock 22 5£ £° Ck 5l: 'P riR « s ' * lbs "P. colored 22', ? . Plymouth Rock 24!i. White Hock 2<',= ; under t Ibs. colored 21. Plymouth Roc* 24. White Rock 23; bareback chickens H-18; roosters 15V,. Leghorn roosters 14','j; ducks. 4Vi Ibs up, colored 20 White 2i'i. small colored 17. white 18 : geese. 12 Ibs dov.-n 19. over 12 Ibs 18" turkeys. Toms, old 19. young, over 18 Ibs •>! 18 Ibs down 21; hens, old 21 young ^e- capons, 7 !bs up 26, under 1 Ibs 28; slips Official Records., Marriage Licenses • Harry D. stalnafcer. 21, and Miss Eula Jean Higgs, 18. both of -Lubbock • Henry O. Ewald. 24. and Miss Amanda Long, 18, both o! Lubbock. Lubbock Courts D3lh DISTRICT E. L. Pitts, Jad t e Presldlnr O. B. Burch against Bessie Burch, suit for divorce. * Robert Potter against Jessie Lee Potter suit for divorce. ' COUNTr COURT G. V. Pardue, JuUje Presiding W. L. Hester, application for appointment as fctecutor of the estate of W. T Hester, deceased. Building Permits Green Acres Development compa'nv Inc owner, and .Homer G. Maiey. contractor to construct seven one-story frame residences at 210S. 2101. 2703. 1109, 2710 3713 Thirtieth street and 2815 Twenty-eizhth street, $3.835 each. M. Jackson, owner, to construct adds- J. E. Haneocic. owner and contractor, to Tire Rationing Rules Revised (By The Dnlte AUSTIN, Feb. 19.— Revised tire rationing rules, effective today, make automobiles used by regular practicing ministers of any religious faith eligible for tire re- equipment i£ the vehicle n used principally in ministerial work and is necx'ssary to performance of religious duties. Copies of the revised regulations were received last night at the office of Rationing O/.ficer Mark McGee. Inclusion ot ministers' cars on the eligible list is the principal -change. Private Nurses Not Included The revised regulations also define a "visiting nurse," Visiting nurses have been eligible previously, and the revised rules merely say that a private nurse does not come under the classification. To be eligible, the nurse must be employed by a clinic, hospital, government or similar agency, or an industrial concern to make regular nursing or inspection calls. The revision permits sale of tires to vehicles kept ready for use as ambulances. This takes care of small establishments where a hearse is used also for ambulance service. The revision was understood here to put under rationing the odd-sized tires fbrmerly classified as obsolete and not under restriction. J?iq( 4343Jr^T^Avci?oncheJournor^fneea O TOP PRICE POSTED SHREVEPORT, La., Feb. 19 HP, -Arkansas Fuel Oil Co. today posted a top price of §1.20 a barrel for 40 gracity and above crude oil produced from the recently-discovered Pettit lime of the Haynesville field,- Claiborne pansh. Price scales down two cents per degree to 88 cents for graviety and below. ^ na ', r , u . c '- two one-story Irame resldtnces 2 »t -tree" Warranty Deeds Manrigurz and ' wife and Maria to Serapio Armenia, lot 10 cook subdlvls on of block 36. Roberts-McWhor- er addition; south two f«t and all of , = v? f Io " 8 a " d 9 - Cook subdi- tion R °t>«t5 and McWhorJer adSJ- A. w. Mar to J. E. Hancock, east 'J''= • °/ i" , 23 , ""? .11 of lot 24. a," w«t btoek *' CUn . i '^ L ' t ? tone Rnd wlt = '" A. B. Griffith lot c. block 62, orisinal town O r Slitoa. y4y, A. R. Alldredge »nd «•!.'« to I M Hac«.V ot 8l Woek "• °" non •*""«• G. F. Gates and wife to J; o Montgomery, south 45 [set of lot 11 block 1 Johnston addition, $300. OH And Gas Leases Best for Juiee —means best for Lunch boxes, tool These oranges were "made" for lunch boxes- and bctween-meals or bedtime eating! They are sitctlxi-M only Navel oranges are. They peel in a jiffy and separate cleanly into wonderfully firm and juicy sections! They have the rich California juice also-with more vitamins C and A, and calcium in every glass. Plus vitamins B t tad G for good measure! For eating, for juice, for every use-be sure to get California Navel Oranges. Those stamped "Sunkist" on the skin are the finest from 14,500 cooperati ng growers. ^ i rrull Groirtn NAVEL nc fr rT--.ij 0 n)T m ,, l -cns,r,:i3 P.M., r.s. T.- , Tr t i nt ,j oyt , rm^ IMPORTANT: RED BALL 6RANGES picked by the growers of Sunkist are a dependable brand of juice- full, ricli!}- flavored California oranges. Rely upon them to give fall satisfaction. Look for the trademark on the skin or tissue wrapper. >>" V MAXWELL HOUSE For wonderfully rich, delicious coffee In your glass coffee-maker, ask for the new Maxtcell House Glats~ Maker Grind. It's the new, scientifically accurate grind for glass coffee-maker*. And evei^ tin gives vp« more flavor for your money because ... • There's more flavor In the Waxwell House blend—It'* far richer Ic highland-grown, extra-flavor coffees. • All the flavor Is brought out by the special "Radiant Roast" process. • No flavor can escape—It's sea Jed, roaster-fresh, In the famous super-vacuum tin. • No waiting—Maxwell House Is already precisely ground for every method—Drip, Regular, Glass-Maker. • To save money and save shopping trips—get the thrifty 2-pound tin. GOOD TO THE LAST DROP ! A Product of General FooJt €) Avalanche-Journal Want Ads Pay RED 5 WHITE POOD Specials for FRIDAY and SATURDAY Service Food Store Harris-Price Grocery Sandlin Grocery 2301 15th Dial 2-3381 1517 Ave. Q Dial 9941 Mil 7th'St Dial 8401 POTATOE LETTUCE Large, Crisp Heads APPLES ORANGES Fancy Winesap, Nice Size, Dozen . . 0 California Sunkist Navals, Full of Juice, Dozen GRAPE JAM /~~S~^S~*f-+*' >»—^- fSWAN Winston's, 25 Oz. Jar COUPONS RAISINS - WE GLADLY REDEEM THEM 2-Pound Package, Cello PEACHES No. 2]/2 Cans, Sliced or Halves FRUIT COCKTAIL •^ --- - \ Had & Whits Fancy Diced Fruiis, Tall Cans O PUMPKIN Kuner'j, No, 2 Can KUNER'S BEETS 303 Size Cans ' IOC Rtd & While. Fancy Cut GREEN BEANS No. 2 Cans CHERRIES ... Post Toasties 2 Packages •• RED & WHITE FLOUR CLCROX Pints : ' PRUNE JUICE 12 Oz. Can, Red & whife, 2 For.. ' .-• RED & V/KITE TOMATO JUICE 2 Tall Cans __.. lit 12 Lbs. ! ^^«««VMM« RED & WHITE MEAL Kuner's, Medium Cans, 2 For . . . CLEANSER Red & White 3 Cans Mustard or Turnip No. 2 Cans . SALAD DRESSING BACON CHEESE Armour's Star, Cfoverbfoom Full Cream,. Pound Pound Layers, Pound ROAST BUTTER C!overb!oom, Pound Choice Chuck, Lb. . . KKii

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