The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 11, 1934
Page 3
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TW FAM NEWS, Fund Aired By Examiner In*uH Unit Said to Have Spent Money In West Texas A POPCORN CROCHET PATTERN EXCLUSIVE WITH LAURA WHEELER Cef%—Evidence purporting to show that the West Texas Utilities company, an Insull unit, spent $165.514, &hd used asserted propaganda and political connections in efforts to acquire ihunicipai plants in West Texas and New Mexico in the period from 1S2S to 1930. was offered :he- Federal Trade commission Wednesdiv i^y Examiner Carl H. Depue. Depue listed, these sums as liav- j ins been spent in the campaign, j wbich be said was successful ai } Texline and Stratford. Tex., adding ihe'espenditures at Clayton. N. M... Vernon, and Brady. Tex., "pertained to unsuccessful effort to acquire those properties," He listed expenditures as: ! Clayton. $4,299: Vernon. ?3,S92; j Brady, ?5.013; Texltne. ?47.607; { Stratford. ?10S.004. j He placed in the recor»l extracts j froin correspondence he asserted ' bore- on the company's various negotiations, in -which the term *1>ropas<in<iii" appeared, and in which, r.^^rence was made to po- iticai influence. Uepue testified the company .overstated its income and surplus, ' and obtained unearned dividends s a result. X>epue said the company r inter-corn pa fl. and that [stock of the company valued on continuous rows books- at $13.294.243 actually >was -worth ?6.SS7.I?5 after deduc- Fresh Labor Disputes Are Seen In Land MENUS OF THE DAY By MKS. AIdEXAXI>ER GEORGE j Blueberry Roly-Poly Recipe ^ * Lime juice sprinkled, over honey ~, .. ~~~ . ' . . i d " w m * 5 n sreatly improves the Textile and Steel Trembles •» flavor. Alcohol and GasPay Off K T LOW Exhilaration mnd Acceleration Make Tax Collections Increase Arise Again; Maritime Friction Unabated Dinner Menu For Four | WASHINGTON. . Broiled Fish Potato Chips tioa and acceleration made tax col- i ward, they attended the ball CAVI3TESS. — Several homes here are- out of drinking water and a stock supply, and corn is | needing rain badSy. Roy Caviness, county coramis- f sioner. had the -oad crew grading I tte roads in chis community last j week. * } Mr. and Mrs. £lgia \Vatkina i * gave a dinner July 4 for a party (#5—Exhilara- j of about 30 young people. After- Modern Fort Focal Point Creamed Carrot* Cabbage Relish Salad Bread Grape Jelly Blueberry Roly-Poly Cream Iced Coffee Creamod Carrots By the -* Delated Press Fresh labor troubles cropped f out Wednesday in the textiles and j steel industries as the government} strove to settle- the Ions *trlk» oft Pacific coast maritime workers. ] Two other disputes ended. Peace j returned to Seabrook Farms, near i Bridgreton, N. J.. scene of a series ] spoon salt . J ~S teaspoon celery; of disorders. The striking em-: s * a!t - * *•* cups diced cooked car-: Ployes accepted a settlement, and 1 rots, returned to work. Tugmen at Toledo, on strike since June 1. went back to work pending: arbitration < creamy sauce forms. Stir constant- i.of their grievances. .;. j ly. Ad<I rest of ingredients and lectors happier in the fiscal year which Belk won, s to 5. ended June 30. j Belk also won Two liquids—alcoholic drinks j Caviness at Bj*"and gasoline—boosted revenues- ! noon, 7 to 4. War Bolivian StronghoW On Wednesday ; By the Associated Press Fort Balliviars, modern, up-to- the-minute equipped stronghold" of a game irons ! Bolivia in the Chaco jungl*. area, Sunday after- j Wednesday was the foca! point of i years of bitter warfare- which has Guy T. Heli-erins. commissioner of | A larse crowd attended the ! brous ' ht Ihe Peaceful Intervention internal revenue, reported that tax! children's Uay pcograir. at the j ' f 21 nat _L2. Rs ) income, excluding processing taxes, * Methodist chtirch' here Sundav ev- * Conflicting: claims from. Bolivia. 2 tablespoons flour. £ table-i rose *6S1,253.9S9 over the preced-j butter. 1 cup milk, 1-4 tea-| in ^ I" 6811 "- Gasoline and liquor col-i lec "? R ? "* for more than The family of John Fleming tae &****the processing . rot!? - i w **h the processing taxes in- I »( Morristow 1 'Slelz butter and add flour. Mix I t : Jyud '- n » > collections aggregated ?2,- • ,n S his son, I ami add milk and cook until a. 1 f Z~*fl£' 59 -' an i-~"ease of ? 1,052.- | Tally. Jr. *"* "*"" wejnt to Faris Saiurdav to see hi , i untie, the Rev. Charles T. TaJIy in- I »( Morristown. Tenn., who is visit- the Rev. Charles T. spirits, wines The steel industry's third largest company—Republic—announc- f-d the end of its relations with th<> Amalgamated "Association of Iron, Steel and Tin TVorkers because of -what it :"s "radical element." ' cook sSovrly 2 minutes. Serve. Miss Mary Clure of Tusoaloosa, to visit her sister, Blueberry Roly-PoJy 1 'i cups flour.- 3 "teaspoons bafc- i *S i>owder. 1-4 teaspoon salt, 4 .taxes around JSO.OOO.OOO. ; visite( , her sister Miss Vir ^ ^ ; All stares turned in more taxes, j 2j<; on _ ermed the un- ? tablespoons fat. £ cup milk. \°£ the ^^^S levies made!"most noticeable in the ag- i CROCHETED POPCORN MEDALLION The crocheted popcorn bedspread, popular ir. Colonial days, has. like so many of the lovely accessories of those times, again come to the fore. Whoever has • ix flour, baking powder and! ~ cl , lt „"„,* s ta t ~<* <=^,rH X»-r»n£, i PRI5OX LECTURE ' "M- - °^ the Uni ° lJ - ' WWch ' S i Salt - ^ in faU Add milk s ^*-\™nlct™ns £mp-d^?ot. £°3? I - F. Harrell will PATTERN 767 j^jTV^ 1= ^\^-^^--^^-£^^E^^^^ SSZX E. F. Harrell will deliver his :1- c t u r e Th u rs-d a y small squares that makes a. :nost effective spread. Aside from this use, the square also to make a hand<ou living roons or bedroom. w strlke threat hung over textile mills. can be joined ' e ms. non :e pitSow fo- i* A " orKerF - asKing shorter hours and inesota, Montana, and ; North, T^akote, tax collections more j than tripled. These processing taxes will be pay. seen one immediately realizes what f Pattern 767 comes to you with I beauty it adds to a bedroora. and | complete directions for if they know only the least t: about crochet will want to their crochet hook right out and Union i ^ Berry Mixture j These processing taxes will be : A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. urs^ana | „ tao.espoons soft butter. 1 ^ ; paid oat to producers cooperatin 5 I Jack J. Co^ma- Tu^da^- at th« :o ftave | cups berries. % cup sugar. % tea- j with the- agricultural adjustment) S t. Joseph hospital. e to oe j spoc-n cinnamon. 1 tablespoon i administration in its reduction ' I - h tng j the popcorn square ana for join- ; get ing it to make a varietv of arti- " of the American ujy profits of| get to making, one. This lat the common ! ricjl in design, yet easy to do. has popcorns, as the little raised knobs are called. The design, made* in squares. these profits and other j "makes a continuous pattern of ] York, X. c!<?s: illustratioris .of all stitcnes needed and material requirements. Send 10 cents in stamps or coin, i (coin preferred) for this patiern to The Paris N'ews, Ket-dl? Dept.. S2 Eighth Avenue. juice. SpreatJ dcush with butter. Add rest of Ingredients. Roll up tight- lion ,o [•items.--' { If the investisa-lors fisures were | the company -was shown'to! ive earned 3.IS per cent instead j S.6S per cent in 1S30. as it j on the common stock | ifty. j Depue »s.Sd proper allowance f or j sSoTesencc- a TI d depreciation ronld have converted the com- 3a,ny"s reported surplus into a Ideficit at the end of 1?SO. i PERSONALS Charles Ray bum of Po a visitor Wednesday in Wheat Yield (Oklahoma Much Lower j Bandits Die Reduction of 15 Per Cent j Bank Robbers, Victims of Expected For Next I Police Gun*, In Erick Year '. Morcue e reported to te<i to wii / out. :ed at a meeting 1 Employes irea<3 company's Fall River. ! Mass., mills struck Tuesday in a j demand for a closed shop. President Roosevelt's help was < ! asked to prevent a possible strike *"" . „. [I I Of 20.000 members of the Marine Cr ^ am or hard,sauce. ' j "Workers Metal Trades council in I Xe-w.- Tork. Herbert Bejsrjett, 2>res- I Keeping Cookies Ireth idcnt of the council, said a strike j "To keep cookies and cakes would be called later this month.:{.moist and tasty, store .in.-an air- ly and place in buttered baking pars. Bake 30 minutes ia moderate Lnmold and "serve pro^rana. i Income taxes poured the tidy} sum of ?S17.303 ? 457 into the cof-! Scinranimel. autstand- football tackle on the Pacific fers a gain of ^70.512,053. | Coast last season, has signed with Corporation returns accounted j th - Green Bay Packers for the with i- or 5S37.373.5S1 of this and in<ii- ' nest pro season. He -rras one of ! vi<iual returns for ?413,5S5.775. \ Oregon State's ••iron men."' j Miscellaneoua collections, includ- | ing alcoholic beverasre taxes, at ?!.,_ ' 423,759,755 exceeded the previous year by *S73.047,S20_ Processing and Parag-uay obscured the actual progress of a momentous Paraguayan drive to capture :the- fort, Bolivia's last heavy fortiflcauon ii> the area. Heavy artillery, airplanes. imported military tactics and tfcoa- sands of men ha<j their scare ITI a battle described as equal in intensity to any which has preceded. Paragruayan advices said ihs fort was surrounded leaving tlvs Pilcomayo river the oaTy remaining means of communication from "he forw They described 3. nut-cracker f!.-inkia« operation which was expected to crash the fort evesity- •an-, a!though immediate captor* was not predicted. Bolivians claimed that Paraguayan assertions of near victory -.vere- srreatly exaggerated and "ac-"_ cused the Paraguayan comEcand *j? issuir;:: false statements. -Ao- vJccs from their capital, l^a Paz, said successive attacks at various points alor-=r the Bolivian front ha<I beer, repulsed in every case with severe- Paraguayan losses. Soybean crops arc harvested annually from about 1,250.000 acres- in rhv t'nite-1 States. unless Mr. KooseveJt interceded in j tigrlit place such as cake , box or A NEW WAY TO SOLVE 1 behalf of the "worke rs. At San r"rancisco the president's labor disputes board held another session in its efforts to brin^" peace bet-ween shipowners employes. and their taxes reached ?371,225,2S5. cost of estimated that tire collectins 1 eacii $100 of | s/tone jar as. soon as they are cooL j 'Do not merely ^over the cake Trfthj r even«9 was approximate],- 37 per | cloth or waxed paper and let it j cent less than in the precedes j I year. . ! stand for several hours. Place leftover egg yolks in small] dish or bowL add two. tablespoons! cold water, beat with fork and 1 store in ice box and yolks can be | OF LOCAL INTEREST! YOUR INSECT PROBLEM FLIT } used ai raucii later dat°. . t _ Associated ' Pr-ss.> ; ERICK. Okla.. (rf 5 ).-—Tv.-o bank | iif* —The la-w of] robbers ^'ho asked for 51.000, got} r^Lr>L CarJsn O'Neill of Clarks-} :o j Up- was a Paris visitor Tuesday. Mrs. Annie Keener was ir. Paris | y from Atlas. By the Associated Press j General rains over extreme I uth Texas in the -last 24 -"hours;! its acreage production ua-1 water. OkJa... and Suster Orr. j ^ roke a two-month, drouth and | for next year. [They were slain near Sweetwater | Provided moisture for.raases and f made" -^^ K,- ^^ i b ?" Texas officers after the robbery ] farm lands. Drouth EndsiFile Protest Against Talk j KOXBT GROVE. — John Pundt. ! i East. Texas candidate for railroad ! j commissioner, spoke here Tues- i i -day afternoon, in the interests of ! | his candidacy, addressing: a. large j - SPRAY AND P O W D E R j ±ne i^rvrin'builclln^ on the east I | side of the square is being- re-' aiory The condition of TV. A. Nobles til"io .Sulphur. Okta.. is re>rte<i to be improved. This wa^ made clear bv . ^,..,„.-. , , . „. __ . . . , - ., • of the First'National" bank 01 Al- I agriculture . department officials [ ^50,, re ^ a ^. i)d C >, a5i , aild a | at Houston -Wednesday and r^- -Wednesday after they bad studied < tSoodv srun battle. } ports from the lower Kio Grande j f-:?rures 01 the crop reporting board P shor-iiY \Vjilter' Jon-5 of Hemp- S valley told of precipitation vaj-ying; j that showed as estimated produc- h|n ccurstv< T exr^ said the' fagi- j from .25 inch to rcore than s.n ^ i\ fs» iirtr.-ti six titji^s before he ! Incrs. with. additional shower* i modeled ana painted prepar j to Its use as a-meat market bv H. &??-— I 1^ Barber. ->Iis5 Willie Owen, in training as tior. for J93-J lower than any in the : past 30 years. P.RA.BA. C2^CQO£le\-a_kia, I The German minister to Czechaslo- { i.-steady rain was. falling I vakia delivered a sharp protest • a nurse at-Paris", is sp~. Wednesday to the .foreign ofOce j ca.tlon with he"' parent over utterances of a socialist dep- ? ilr*; Tfvqi OWA-S. uty named Xuinelhans. ^hich was ) Mr. a^d MrTc. K. Flad^er and! to be interpreted as a direct j m^ daucfcer. Marten 4?c« i»-r •' that Chancellor Hitler j „ Tisit sfrs. T. G. Be«« at V-- i nad .85" liip <!. » i.- 51 r. ana should be killec in the fce^t inter- } a. t^sr«e weeks* vacation i estimated by the boa.rd,^.t 4S3,S?2^.-,; e*3. died 'Sprircs?. Ark. j 000 bushels, a cat " "of ' 15,006,000 j: here, j bushels during the month of JUTIC, -• — Sasn Finkel of Valliant,! a.*»d approximately half of the r.c-r- I s at th-> St. Joseph hospit- { maj production of SSS,35?,000 ; for treainterst. \ bushels. Secretary A\"aliace an- ! i ncyaced Monday that the present Mrs. i. H.-Breshears of Movers. I r &<J««'oa <>' 15 P^- cent under the iMa., is a patier-t at this St. Jos-I aTera ^e 152S-32 prod action-would : zfc riosjrfta.L 1 b « continued through next year un- i.nd' ests of GemnariTl r-,.' •'•-•-.. ' .i^AjT. &i Toe proresr was made in tne | ^j,4j^_^^ "continued g-ood reia- j ^' ^^ Death t>rown that ne ^ Jack'" Barry ftas loma City after end here. eturned to Ok-i sr^ndinj? ths } .- I^M> it develops before pia.ii"n5 be~ [s:iR5 n»xt moTsth that other na.- ••oiis do not intend to 3ive up to' be interrsadottal wheat as^ree~ j jrscnt. In tJhat evesr, he iTitimated.: 3isn..-i5C'^rta ; t3y wo, route to a iiospita.1 i amounted to ,if-''<*?• • skies remained cloucy, | Corpus Christi had .33 | inch. Gal-eston I.3S inches. Port i The deputy in question. ad- j Arthur. .30 of an inch, and Beau- i dressics a ineetlng of international I TO out nearly an inch in tits last i "workers, declarec: : -4 hours. A trace- of precipitation I "^- ^ s ^ich time the Ketch's reported at San Antonio "Wed- I chancellor and his comrades a.~. Apparently the area bene- i did not extend into ^i_•.-«; I Texas. are vsssti Frvm Page Ors»5 Miss jjilis ?-"ere ; «.r.o. Mrs ' nd Mrs, Jeff Allen Pirtie dren are visiting Mr. ajcd berry is Caddo. Okia. r^s^^nts attending a house Slary Evar.s arrive Thursday of Matakoffl to visit Miss | the United StiLies I production and :rc business on a sub: the export . basis ; Baa Hiiibouse, -wbo "was oper- 1 $b6>ver Given TlJ€TS<lav T at the St. Jo**jpft : "s aJceiy- : At Ii:e time, thought she -R-a "I believe Mrs. Brt?vrn*s story, as '• mac.h as she has told, to be true." j isaid Upde^raff. Tx-ho explained he I was •detainzas ^e cook for farth- j port will dcterrnirje it definitely. "I'm satisfied thar death The northern p>art of the state. as -svell as the centra.!, di<3 not receive rainfall, reports icdlcated. Iri the sn-a-n^ement other to provide the coupls v.-ith a to stay. Until 2:25 p. tn. Tuesday Tvhei? she last sa-w the crirl was I ^iss Mills did not seem ill, she Ise' removed if the culture (Of the -Gerrnan. people is ; saxed."' ! j The G-erma~ minister -wa.s re- ! ; ported, to he particularly: perturb- | ] ed. inasmncb. as zhe- -ctterance ^as - j made ,ia ihe presence of grovem- | f meat = representatives sjid foreisrn 5 i diplonsa.^; a.nd broadcast throrifeh- i i otit the country. : ^Botanists have identified 15 dif-' ! to be ! -"•'-"-'^t species of rododendron that I | are nativ« to the' Xorth. An:eriean j i re-- ; continent. [ IT COSTS SO LITTLE-IT DOES SO MUCH Is | Mrs. M. ""Maples of Fort To^-st?n. |forrnerly of Paris is visiting' her jj-siister, Mrs, J. TV. I>odd*. of 15- ISonth Twenty-seventh strcrt- i Mrs. L. H. BaTj and Mr. and : Mry Gilbert Hudson of Da Has are CAVINESS — Honoring Miss T.h?'fma Buster. bri*J«*-fr!e«. of Joe LAtttner, a kitchen' at GavinesS * caused by overdoses: of this iriedi- f 3 ^"; • cine, whatever it is-" ! " I fead to **? to P'Otsct this At El Ker.o. home of Myers. Ms ! »irl's reputation." she said ir. es- mother, TMrs, F. B. Myers, said sh« f P-Dining: why she did not tell all had learnc-5 definitely that he and. j ^at she kne-w at first. CLASS PICNTC Ail members of the Xe-^ "Kra- Sunday school class of First ifeth- odi5«t. church have been invited TO &. picnic at I>ak& Crc-ok Thursday at T:SO o'clock. A house cat in Nashville. Tenrs., J -ilways drinks Crater from the I roMfish bo-wl. but never hs^: triea I to barci the fish. I THE .SOUTHERN CLEANING & DYE WORKS WILL CONTINUE TO ABIDE BY THE NRA ~ > " !i*f that N-?a! still is in totvn and I • \\i}l appear -^ hen he reco%-ers from i Joe 5au«;h. a resident of county who has 5--?cn worKtas; .vi i^ vt> cor .. csT » l r.^r? arran^fd for : panic. • lohasto-w-Tt ir. Red River county, ^ d ; VCJ ^j eT , i , 4r , t5 rhe pr ,; ze ,,, v " on v. y '; ' "I rf^rs*: hrl-cvc t?:-err 2s ar,ythiti=- i •is v-rrj- m »t the I,trn^r hc^pita?. ; \j r5- Donald Cothran --ir>.«1 MLs^ 3=ra;H5t my boy." h« said. "He a!- ; JT:!UI i-=.i?tT v.ere prefi^nted '•> thf '• 'Aays ha^ T-»^«^n a ctc.RT>; respcctsbl? •Mrs. Betty Couweli. l*V South . honorM . At Tho C ; O5 . : of the after . ; y .. un - man ..- j-rcf^d Thur*dn;.- or Friday fro'n I>r. ffusrh G- Jeter, -^s^istant pro- t » rrsajor c-p^rariort at the hospital i.» 'loin?: nicely. r»oon a c!otht*s San-smsr I^ec Chur f 'of 10? South Tvi-'cn'y. street, is at th<? St. Jcwe-ph'* hospital for tr««»tmcr-,t. anrj inTsnt as:o at the have rv?f.irr>- to vi*it Chintco ; Mrs. ^tvncr's parent. Mr. ;i^<J t ,J v a . . h ^" u ^;^^ ; . y "" ^^"^f : -Xfi-jt. T. M. Scott. ^;,^,-,,. nf , ,„ 0 ,-;„»,„,;,,., ,-^ v «„, ;. pt-rforTni-f? Th<r sutopsy last Right . Miss Bt'ity XVoo'drvi^e of Ar.t-'; w-;;h DocT^rs T5ev Coolcy and K. \ Jery. u - ho has b<*CD 3 pnttent »\ \ G, ^"il'artl. of Xortrsan, and T-?- j th" St. .Torr-r'h no^vt'.^'. v:i*' r^"- • n'sov^d vital or=:^ris for a.r.a1^"s:^. ; ivrijoon. ; . j:j.>ry of f;:;?i'r > .^tteTi'sp's to ot-ts;:; of i".-,-»iJi Apr;?. and of a <lrsp?rr HERE A FEW DAYS LONGER :i->n *f. Tho St, Joseph h^r-tts! o u>dnwday morninjr. •prm- ~ ; rr^pnratso Jo* OS:v*. *V •* bis born*- in rr a r^^nt or .. «f- ; Dixon Shclton ha5« returned to j,,,^^ i his h<*me in Howland from I>ni3ar- ..^ «> the brd- _. f ,,. * in Mr*. Srrlrnrr and infant Ovrolm*. «f Koueton. aro bf»r» sp**n«Jlnfr thp xv*jfv|c wtxh c counts- attorn*-;- ad<Ji?<1. b«*<S- • ,. f h.- r .-.^.ijtum?-" rpdf^rraff sra.'d "* * l:c nykf'itj "tic cook. !» re- "j r -^^^ ..» ; v, c sprins:. in April," ••i«- -j.uotr-! *•-•-!• SP r'-p'yinsr. "He ; camr to me 5a;«i h? "«\ - as !«. meal . tro-.iMr atM^:? « v'.'"'> Hf ^arjtrd to PARS *.aid to bavr consSsiri! of fr;- ,; know th-t- nnn^r of s doctor, T susr- ;'ca*"*" <r*f rahbU. a irsr of broUrtf |^rs;<*t5 on^ i«» O'sJahurM'.:^ City, Kr • nvtjtte? 1 !. i^arps^ roasr*-*! pigrcons. 1 c.'vmc back jn a day or, two and ? four hroil^d lobsters, and thr«eJ J" 7 *''^ ^«^ had ^'Ccn this Doctor, bwt ' »^«»t tarts. i the doctor wan tod JT.^ and he Genuine Gloverlzed DRY CLEANING At the prK* of or«liiiary ckaninf . . . M«n r t Suit* and Ladie** DTCMO Cleaned *n<J Pre»ed 50= to jc^t h5nt to -to tc» his fath- ; 1 rr. Jl** s«id he ivou!«! rathtr d'c. . ! "Aft«r that h* JM5t Berried rrse ; i to ti<*sfh about it," J i On Mopday. 5hr saitJ^ ac^ordins: ; * to Urrffgraff. >f»r«t cawc to "her, j I toI<J h*r h« ha<3 obtain*-,1 a x-re- i |j»crjri?ton from it ChJckosha doctor | *ind asked tor a placft to stay whi)e •" thw pr*pa,ra,tioTi "wiijs ^^inK tak*n. ' Sh* «sf«<»d, a-nd. acordir.g: to Ihr^ story, the girl bepan taking th^> Monday aft*rnoor.. cors- sr at intervals tmtij th<p tjnu- jof h«r death, , Mr*. Srown insiiitei! »ti* took no 'i Due to the increased demand we will operate our °- t> - ^-R-VER. JK. Old Gold Buying Department A Few More Days Come in Tomorrow ! P. D. Draper. Ji Gov;rr : Tn«ni licensed £o!d buyer has consented to rems?n - uh us a few davs loncer in order everyone may secure highest prices Tor their f>It1 discarded jrolj and Sternnsr^i'ver. Anv kind of old solid, plated, or gold filled iewe!rv w-tch cnscs, eyeir'ass frames and the n?<e "Win Ix bouc^t. No nrnt-r what %ou.thin's vour old gold is worth .... brin^ it in for appraisal". . . .every ^ay people are pleasantly surprised at the value of fhtn^ I bey thought worthless. Hurry! Bring in yotirOLD GOLD! It's Valuable Perkins Brok >T ' €= O ^A F=^^X PM -V- ~J 2421^ — The rx-p*rim<'ttt Store of F»rt», i We Will Offer A Strictly Quality Dry Cleaning Service ^^ ^«*% at the Most Reason* ^^ ^~ C able Price of The Southem Cleaning 6c Dye Works will carrv on its old time reputation as Paris" Quality Cleaners. \V hen we signed the code we resolved to give our customers the best quality type of cleaning, pay our employees living wages, and shorten their working hours. To do_this we must charge the price originally set by the code, 75c. We know this to be a r air price. It will be our duty to jpve the people of N. E. Texas a real quality dry cleaning and we invite you to try our plant for Quality Dry Cleaning Service, CLEANING & DYE WORKS "We Clean *Em Clean" NORMAN COKER, O #n*r 1OO Lamar Avenue Tekpboo* 198

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