The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1956
Page 5
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Thursday/ March 22,1956 Satjfmntt F«g« f • Americans Begin Polar Vigil Volunteers Man U^S. Base in Antarctic KDITOKS This is n second dispatch by the who. covered the, Ant- for United Press. arctic By DAVIS MKKWIN 1 SYDNEY, Australia —UP— One hundred and sixty lonely" America),; have begun their long isolation from the world, trapped in the icy confines of the Antarctic. They arc members of the permanent party of operation deepfreeze which is wintering- at Little America and AlcMunlo Sound. They will experience 24-hour nights and the coldest temperatures ever recorded until they are "rescued" late this year when the Navy task force rejoins them. The men, mostly volunteers, have substantial safeguards against the dangers of their complete isolation. They will live in centrally heated quarters, four to a room, sleep on. inncrspring mattresses, eat four rnenis daily, have an abundance of electricity supplied by huge die- scl generators. The temperatures outside are ex- pected to drop as low as 70'below and it is anticipated .winds• of 80 knots will "blow days on end,'.stirring up"screaming 1: blizzards across the blacked-out antarctic. They will gaze spellbound at the rarely witnessed sight of the huge, rainbow-colored Aurora Australia that drapes the skies and casts gargantuan, beams as it swings back and forth across the horizon. The marrow - freezing cold is expected to reach the extremes recorded by Adm. Richard Byrd who wintered alone in the Antarctic in 193-4 and told of flashlight batteries extinguished, ;kerosene 1 freezing, rubber becoming so brittle it cracked into tiny pieces. Winter will come gradually to these imprisoned men. The Antarctic weather-pattern is one of alternating blizzards and clearings, but as the sun sinks lower the storms become more frequent and longer until the breaks finally wither away altogether. The men will be busy preparing installations for the second phase of Operation Deepfreeze, Phase One, just completed, has/been the most successful of all previous expeditions as it carried out the first penetration in depth of the little known interior while previous explorations were limited mostly to coastal delineations. Plans call for two more summer explorations and one more winter expedition before the geophysical year concludes in February, 1959. But as Adm. Byrd has stated, the Antarctic now has assumed such importance that it is necessary to man it permanently for continued studies, particularly of cosmic rays and the weather. Pleased OGDENSBURG, N. Y. —UP— , Mayor Lee W. Keyes was pleased when 1 he was tagged for a parking violation. He paid the $1 fine and commended the police who ticketed his car for their .vigilance. ' ' I SOUVENIRS bearing likenesses of Prince Rainier and fiancee Grace Kelly arc prominent in Monaco gift shops. This shop is in ths old quarter, Monacoville. Shopkeepers expect to capitalize a bit In view of the wedding- in April, (International) We Want No Part Of This He'll Fly Higher And FallFarther WASHINGTON —UP— A daring Air Force officer plans to fly higher than man has ever been—close to 100,000 feet—and parachute back to earth in experiments next fall. He is Lt. Henry Nlelson. 31, of the Air Research and Development Command with headquarters in. Baltimore, Mel. Nielson will make liis historic flioht to an altitude of 17 to 19 miles in a pressurized, sphere- shaped gtmdola attached to a giant plastic balloon over the New Mexico desert. He is co-holder with Capt. Edward G. Sperry, aiso of the re- searcy command, of the altitude record for parachute jumps from aircraft. They bailed out at 40,200 BUY A 1956 FORD BEFORE LICENSE TIME (April 1st) Thod Felton's feet over the Gulf of Mexico in November, 1954. The balloon ascent will, be no stunt or record seeking exercise. It is part of Air Force research to insure that airmen will be able to survive high altitude bailouts from supersonic combat planes of tomorrow. The record for a balloon ascent is 72.391.S feet, achieved on Nov. 11, 19ST) by Orvil Anderson and Albert Stevens over South Dakota. The highest flight in a manned airplane was about 00.000 foot, reached by Maj. Arthur Murray. 37, in the X-1A rocket plane in 'lS5-!. CoL Lemus Is Declared El Sglvador President SAN SALVADOR —UP— Col. Jose Maria Lemus has been declared president-elect of El Salvador for a six-year term, starting next September. The declaration was made by the contra! elections council, on the basis of the returns from the March •! election. Dr. Humberto Ccsta was declared -vice president elect. Both ran unopposed as candidates of the government's Revolutionary Partv of Democratic (Jold Contribution BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — UP— When members of an AFL-CIO union made a collection for striking workers at the Bryant Electric Co. they got more than they bargained for. Found among 1 the cash in the collection box was a li-carat gold wedding band. "OUTLAW," a terrier,, is held in Eastern, police station in Baltimore after Ms 15-year-old master, identified as Blain .Freels, is injured in an auto crash, ending an eight-mile police chase. The car used by' Freels, police said, without authority o£ owner, Claude E. Humphreys, crashed into a parked truck. Dog 1 was not injured. Humphreys is the boy's stepfather. (International) VOTE FOR - MARCH 24 VOTE FOR - MARCH 24 VOTE FOR - MARCH 24 o THE About Low • Rent Housing And ifs Need in BAYTCWN HERE ARE FACTS - - - NOT FANTASIES! Why l)o<\s Rp.ylown Xoivl iUon* Low Itont Hou»itiK'.' Government census figures rove?.! that (in 19.50. six years ago) Baytown had 3,337 SUB-STAND- AI'D rental units, occupied by families \viio coultl not afford to pay standard rent. Tin- I3;iyto\vn Housing Authority lioliuvos u lo\v- Inuomo family is deserving of a decent piaco in which to live, as is any oilier family. To make snfo and sanitary housing nccomoda- tions available to such families is the purpose of the low-rent program. VHll Taxes Bo Uaiwil For This Type Of HousiiiK? Definitely not! As a federal taxpayer, you ALREADY are suport- intt local low-rent, housing. It costs you less than l.T rents per year. You pay nothing more. Who Will Control Tho Xew 1'rojeets? The Haytown Housing Authority. Operatm;; the Authority are five commissioners, local civic leaders, who arc appointed by the mayor and who serve without pay. Oeciip.incy This is ;i matter of LOCAL DETERMINATION! Decisions will be in the same manner as with schools, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and other faeilitics provided hy public funds of the rity and state. Projects will he built in areas NOW OCCUPIED ''Y members of that race, WHY IS FKDEKA.L ASSISTANCE NESESSAKY? Because housing is thus provided for families UNABLE to pay economic rent (which means in an amount sufficient to pay for the cost of such housing and still return ix profit to the owner) How Much Will'This Typo Housing Cost A Family? Approximately one-fifth of the family income. Rent is NOT based on tin; SIZE of the unit, but rather on the family Income. Js Kent Houshiir Tax Free? Housing projects are exempt from taxes, just the same as the schools, irrigation districts, sew- vige districts, parks and playgrounds. HOWEVER. THE HOUSING AUTHORITY GIVES THK CITY payments in lieu of taxes, up to 10 percent of shelter rents. Jloxv Much !s raid? Approximately SI.TOO a year. This means the City has reeeived OVER ,$15,000 from i,hc GO low rent units already established. How Is Lou' Kent lloiistng Financed? Tho federal government, throujjh the Public Housing Administration, advances funds until the bonds (for building tho projects) are sold, and then guarantees payment of the principal and interest on the bonds. What Are "Animal Contributions"? These are. "standby subsidies'" available annually, if needed, to •meet payment of principal and interest on the bonds of the Baytown Housing Authority. Is Low Kent Any More "Socialized," Than F11A Or YA Financed Homes? Certainly not. FHA and VA housing programs guarantee loans. PHA does the same thing. The difference is that real estate men GET NO FINANCIAL RETURNS from rental or sale negotiations, becsiise low-rent units cannot be sold to private interests. What Is I'HA? A constituted agency of the Housing a n d Home Finance Agency, on a par with the Federal Housing Administration '.FHA.'. Is There An Opportunity For Graft In A Low Kent .Project Operation? T!ii' local Housing Authority is a public body of the state. It can be as good or bad as any other state or city agency, despite all reasonable safeguards. Are Low Kent Units 5" Hitytown Operated liy The .Federal Government ? They are not. PHA works with the Baytowa Housing Authority to ascertain tax funds being spent properly. The operation of the Authority is a LOCAL responsibility, Ts Low .K<Nil Housing Un-American? Is it un-American to help a family which cannot AFFORD those -things you and I take for granted? Is it un-American to lend a help"'••". hand? Is it un-American to follow the Golden Rule? Re honest when you answer these questions! WHY DOES THE REAL ESTATE BOARD OPPOSE LOY/.RENT HOOSSHG? For TWO reasons: First, the National Association of Real Estate Boards dictates policies for opponents of low- rent housing to follow, and secondly, THERE IS NO PROFIT in the rental of low-rent housing units. Rental of SLUM HOUSING does provide for a commission. If no commission is available, they claim low-rent housing should thus be opposed! SPONSORED BY: EUCMAl WORKERS, BAYTOWN AHA VOTE FOR - MARCH 24 VOTE FOf 24 VOTE FOR •• MARCH 24 o _> nrt O 39 —I rn O to O m •n O SAVE UP TO $600.00 OX A NEW 1956 PLYMOUTH ERNIE DITTMAN 707 EAST TEXAS I ANNOUNCING WESTPHAL'S GROCERETTE Will Be Open Friday, March 23 All Old and New Customers Are 'Appreciated OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 6 A.M. — 10 P.M. FEATURING QUALITY MEATS AT LOWER PRICES Thank You I^M TRY SUN CLASSIFIED ADS ROEBUCK AND CO ALE POWER MOWERS CRAFTSMAN 2-H. P. IS in. trim mower REGULAR 79.95 • 2 H.P. 7.00 Down—6.00 Month On Sears Easy Payment Plan • Clutch disengages blade for starting • V-faelT drive for smoother power Take the heavy work out of. your mowing with this Craftsman! Side trim design . . . trims close around the walks and flower beds. Automatic governor maintains constant cutting speed. See its top performance. 19-in. Trim Rotary 2 - H.P. 35 Trims close to walls, fence. Blade shielded by guards;, aluminum housing; automatic rewind, starter. New 4 position control knob. 21 -in. Self - Propeiled CRRFTSMRII' 18-in. Rotary Mower Regular 69.95 • 1.5 h.p. 2-cycle engine • Height of cut adjustable Our most popular Craftsman 18-in. mower with tough Austem- pered steel blade shielded by guards; rugged Power Products engine; rubber tires; plastic grips. H.P. Blade, wheels driven by 2% h.p. Briggs and Stratton gas engine; automatic recoil starter; trims along fences, walls. 18-in. Reel Mower U H.F. 18-in. Reel Mower • 1.6 h.p. Briggs and Strattcn • Automatic recoil starter "Magic Control" — raise handle to start, lower to stop! Power- ful 1.6 h.p. Briggs and Stratton gas engine. Runs up to 4 hours per quart of gas! 18-in. cut, save today at Sears. 1 tires. .jjlj Handy speed throttle. Entire construction of rigid pressed i steal. 18-m, cuj. Power Lawn Trimnier-Edger 1.6 h.p., 4-cycIe Engine FRIDAY STORE HOURS: 9:30 TO 4:00 Save time. Trim and edga hard-to-get-to places neatly, minus effort. 9-irt. blade adjustable for 0 to 3-in. trim in tight spots; throttle and cutting depth controls are on iho handle. Long - lifo aluminum frame. Craftsman! FREE PARKING STORE S50E 711 W, TEXAS AVE.~PHONE 8131

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