The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 2, 1964 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1964
Page 8
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8 %...«•••*. i. »M ozoSPORTS RG E FERGUSON FocH SporH Editor Shlpi not th0r* to scratch MUELLER LEADS AT RIVERSIDE I A KB MtMtlrr ion* t*» taM mwttr In lh» anmMl RlnrtMn lift f»ll#>l i" ='-r«i<-h »l (»••• !'•• •• Tr*fk • • Tour«im*B4. Mueller') 74 r*n> hi* i l»ii-itiy |4>hqi* l«tal id IV) C74.74..IWV IMfcndllif *t»* rMmplwi I'M* waller ended MndM In « li* vtlti Joe oodkMkl, Id* flftt *tv l**d*r. with • 16- •J3-IS4. GudtMkl's eeoretsfd read 7ft.7e-.IM, Fourth place hel0nt.eff to El*m Kmbfy with fl.78-.KUI *nd D*» TO*I KM in fifth piste wllh H|.7«-I8», Hi* 71 -hot* tournament onta nei« fbmlay after II hole* «m Saturday. Sports Big day for little Jimmy Briefs - tlmttr, Miirm «<*i ><t Ml. -it i at* i«--n»», '>»'i '!"»•• » d** •»•••''•'» In l»" ««<lm mi-*li tOmlln apart. •'»' « " affalr«. Mill I'lf-ll' lh» i ri.|lirn »iKl II* final* a< '<••- •'• " ""•••'. '"• t*<| i|nwn In IN' nrs«»«|><iri M»nl'ir ll(«> <NH.I \-*-\ Sal- al iu«m i.. itntrr lh» I ak* J»<k*i*< v«l">l»' s*ln. MM"I. CURPVR , former n»llon»l mp, lUMili hi* triK- o f«- ti«r»Tu#». ilir nlftit «h"i h* take* on M««lcn'ft Elo» sinchcr In a lO-raunri miln •nnl. A $8,000 _||<i lixik flr«i I'lan- In l>u> l-»rk«lrr>*». thirl In <tf frw- *t»U> anil Ihlr-l In Itw iTfMl tlnAt (I th* H<»i«luf> m*»t. — Mir i>rcllin» ami final* al H'M*<i">. lu> *"» tint ptaro In llw nl»-i«!at-"l'1 (ri«p fr«*styl» »i«i '""k »'" "'«' It WM >|uii» i ilav fur «n cirW-vMr-'ilrf. ti-»a-. it* !<•»«». WM •nrt/ulj- l»'-k in lli«i«iirti fi>r Wi* nnala ih»(». Yott rrnuonlx'r Kolxirl I'lurmM. fnrmer I anlf r «rl*J»r. Ht l"l h"tmr«Mp mrnlliin a* <N>f«niilre onl nn On- NAIA Alli fuMball l*am (hla vvar. TTmfflSJi la a )>»H"r it Illfti- |» Itnlwriill), l.a« Vvca*, N.M. II* plsye<l Itvrcv i>n*tll»na pant wa«"ti—nfl*n»l»» tark!*>, lilofklnc li*rk arvl <l*f< > n- tournamrfil will Iw Iwltl In Kl Cani|x> <m Marrh I*. 10.20-23. All luann Intemilrd In |>artlrlpalln(, pl*aw rimtacl )«>>• I,. W«jd>arrt, 701 A»*. t:.. El Cam|K>. 1,1 3.3577. for further information.. , Tlw Anelnlim lllc>i si'luxi! jlrli' lai«li«thell train. Dlatrlet 14-AA <-h«m|iln!i, mrrli clear Cr»«k. Dlnlrlrt Z4-AA. rham- piOf)i 1;30 p.m., TiH'H(1a> At the Clear Cre*k K>m In Ihi* bl- 'llstrlrl playnff earnn. .. •Mr, U i MIAMI (AP)-ftmllo PM- rml, ih* rvtutn- from Ciil» wtHi h»» mad* Miami hid pnr- man*nl lwim«, lhreal*n«-l today lo May Intro ill nurnmer unl»a» lh<> MlniwdOla Twins air** lo IUn rinmawl for a $10,000 InrrokMi In talary. COCOA, Fl«. (AP)-Nelll* Ko« Dfnrlally hocam* illouf- lon Coll for IBM Sund»y. 1T» colorful Illlle Mcond hue* man, •nAm«rlrMiL«i|uerror 13 y«»r«, Rlcmd hit conlrart In the Coll clulihotlM tftar * confer»nc« wllh Ocnertl M*t*t*r Paul Richard*. NEW ORLEANS (AP)- Mwon Rudolph toes Into today'* dual round of Ihe $50,000 Greater N»w orlean* Open Golf Tournament with a four-itrok* advantao over hlf Jack Nlcklau*. Aggies try to take crown They wrap up the Buuth- «esl Conference lusketbull sea*un Hits week, even If there I* a playoff. The plafflff d(**n'l appear likely. Teias AIM, leading the race liy two fames over TOM Tech, would have to kits both Us remaining lests- •Calast Texas Christian at Kurt worth Tuesday and Texa* it cniioto Station Tt!ur*dsy. In addition, Texas Tech would have to win It* last two fames-agalnst Rlc* at Lubbock Tuesday and Uaylor at Waco Thursday. If tliat should com* about, Texa* A*M and Tech would clash at DalU* Saturday to determine the MCAA representative tor the Midwest regional. Thl* will be tb Dallas Monday night when the Southwest Conference representative pi ay* Texa* Western and crelghton meet* Oklahoma City University. eee COMET-100,000 miles at DftytonE.*e5 more swards an 84% sales gain The awards honor Comet's styling, its design, its engineering. One cites the amazing display of stamina at Daytona, where a team of specially equipped Comets each ran 1OO.OOO miles, averaged over 1O5 mph. This Durability Run marked the spectacular debut of a new kind of Comet —the 1O64. Bigger. Heftier. Elegant. Hot. No wonder sales have been up 84 f f> over the same ••••••Bi'^• B ** B **1 *»«•.o^— period last year. Try this three-way at your Mercury dealers. •I tfcttSM L'o left. ••<•*** MM **•«»« Six chomps unfa it 10 sckoolboy cogt towMf •y THE AMOCUtRO MMM 8ltt ltrm«f tfMW|MM«r«M tk* MM UUI fN* to tar Ot •mew «*• COACH AND KID CRACK JOKB-C»««h- •r Jo fry orate «rt» l« npteted lo DMte • ftron« bU for IN No. I eateHtof X* on tin- Hniuton Coll .4Bn eneki • Jote «Mh co«eh Cat DM! *»lm • mourn* of ratenUon In UM Houdon dntitaf room *l Iht coco*, M*., fprtmt Irtlnln Clear Creek's Lenox is on 3-A All-State HOUSTON (AP)-Tb* I9»4 CIMK AAA all-«UU hllh fchool ba*k*lball Umm WM named by the Texa* Sport* writer* Association today. And If member* of the myth- leal team emr not lof*tber on one court, it theoretically could twice more than 104 LEE HEARN MOTOR CO. «» NAiosron uw unwn, itui ijal»a» .i." -"• " 'i • "••• " • ••" •' Hail- 1 J1 points a «ame. Jlmmle Lenox of Clear Creek, Mike Lochner of Graham, Bruce rtuHofSegaln, Urry Btaek of South San Antonio and Gary Slbtay of Hurtt Bell make up the flrtt team. There were no uaanlmou* ••lection*. Black, South San »Tf If OUT observations By M. C. (Nig) RANEY Wildlife fares well in Doss did not *ee any evidence of thl* In our area. Deer were equally as fat a* they were In December. Perhapa Richard Ka*per contributed a lot to their food condition. He wag burnlne cactu*. Deer, a* well a* domeitlc atock, thrive on cactu* when the thorn* have been burned off. Cow*., had to be "*hooed" away from the flame thrower! deer remained a *afe BO or 30 yard* away. You will be Interested In knowlnc that wildlife In DM* Valley I* farlnf quite well during these winter month*. Recently the Carl Kealer* were up there to enjoy the •now and wildlife with u*. There wa* actually about six Inches of anow on the (round, but it did not stay long. We had on* report that deer south of DM* were (ufferinc from mil nutrition, but we Wolves on increase in area Antonio'* two-yeir •eorlni leader, wa* lop vote receiver from the ctatewtde CUuuAAA Committee with M point*. AU tna other tint teamen re- eelved at leact 7S point*. AU are eenlor* ewept stbtoy, a junior. Lejiox arenied UJ potato In leadlnt Clear Creek to It* llth ctraltM diatrlet title. Lochner ha* the beet average, 22.8, and 1* a three-year regular at Orahara. Hurt, who averated 21.9, •parked Setoin to It* beet record In hlttory. Black, with *. 17.2 average, wa* a key man In South San Antonio'* district championship drive. Slbley averaged 21.9 point* in pacing Bell to a repeat dlctrlct crown. Heading the (port* writer*, •wcond team 1* Semlnole'* Chester Sample. Other* on the No. 2 unit are Jimmy Hubeoak of Wharton, Bill Osborne of Orange, Lawrence jObneon of San Antonio Houston and Derrick Wheeler of AurtlnLanler. The third team 1* made up of David Kitch of RobctowD, Willie Hay** of Bridge City, Max Malnford of OreenvlU*, Larry Lewi* of Phillips and Bill Howard of Clear Creek. tn te tot Itt4 Hoasto* AwUit, wMet wUl enter UM Cta** AAAAtoMrna- rneat with Oe top reeord-19- l~wa* etataehampioeiln IMI. rori Wortt mttom, Dana* Adsmcon aod Saa AaeaiUo Lee fanuhtheoppocttloa. Two exMAamp* are tit the CUM AAAto«z«ame*t-Clear Creek, wM«n we* tact year, *«d Sooth San ABtoaio, In* kingpin to i«t, Orabam and Kllgore an tfce otber tvam*. canyon, wtdeh might well be the favorite to CU**AA,wM Clae* A ehampkm la lisa. Laneaeter, Boor Lake Hardtt- Jeffereon and Sen Diego en the other three u UM Ctan AA divMo*. Then l*nt a champion to the lot in tb* Cla** A tournament team*. Ttlco, which took out defending etat* ebampMi W**t SabiM to the reglowl tournament, will rate the favorite'* nod in Ihl* dtvttfoB. It will have Benford.Prttoh, Henrietta and EaM Chamber* Clitt TA Imritll ireip ssts •••tin CLUTE-Tha CltrteTeenage Baeebtll League win meet Tueeday, 7:10 p.m. at the Clute Junior High School Library. E. M. MeKe*, prealdent, Invttea all manager* and lntere*tedp*r*cw*to attend this meeting. l with. MeAdno, wNh a M-J record afjtf fo«r etartet* back from ttetoamdtstwontheClaMB tnto t* mt, witibeanew ebolee to repeat. McAdoo ha* b«m « two-time Mate eham- oto* OppMttt M«Adoo's effort* will be Hawley, celeete, Ftankaton, the *tat*eh*mplon M IfeijHettoandWan. All-*tat* player* are ojilte numerou* among Uw tournament team*. HaHom hu Billy Arnold, Auvtin bat KM Spain and San Antonio Lee hu Urry Miller. Then alao are three all- Mtter* in Cla** AAA-Mlke Loohner at Graham, Jlmmle Data Leeox otclear Creekand Larry Seaeoa reeord* of Ih* ctete hwmtme** team*t Ctat* AAAA-H*»om (W- 4X Dalli* Adameon (M*4% Houton AoMti (»-l), San Antonio tee (&•*). CUM AAA-Cr*ham(tO-3), Kllgore (24-8), Clear Creek (24-«X >M(li *•» Antooto (St. 3\ Cton AA - Canyon (M-0), LaneaMer (M-4), Soar Late (U.81 San Diego (St-ft CUM A - Banford-rrlteh (21-8), Henrietta (M-2), Tal- eo (S2-4), ga*tCh*mbere(2l- 'X CUM B - MeAdoo(3J-JX Hawley (M-9X cetoeto(8»4X rrankaton (»4.8), Hutto (24- 1J.W.IICIM* TBRR LOCAL YOUTHS, fUhlng at Buffalo Bayou re. eently, landed a large bobcat while fUhlng. The big cat wa* walking along the bank of bayou whan Jimmy Allen Poreker, left, *bot tb* vUltor with a .22 rifle. Al*o on the tuning trip with Jimmy were Donald Sehuater, center, and William WelperU Baylor favored at Laredo meet LAREDO (AP)-Texa* track legion* looked toward Laredo today M Baylor aroma*chief challenger to Texa* AtM for the Border Olympic* championship. The Golden Bean, with a glaring point potential In the field, awept up Ihe South- weatern Recreation meet at fort Worth Usl weekend, beating Abilene Christian, tb* defending champion here, quite badly. A* a result, Abilene Christian faded a* the projected favorite In thl*'meet under the Rio Grande stars next Saturday night. Texa* aroee u another stiff challenger when It captured a triangular meet with TexM A*M and Rice. But the Antes appear to have a better chance here and probably will be the favorite*. JOHN Q. PUIUC GOES FOR JOHN C ROBERTS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT T. B. Mecraray called after reading our wolf *tory last week to tell u* that he and Mr*. Mecraray bad seen a wolf down at cow trap white oyaterlng. Several have been observed, so they mrely are on the In- creaae at thl* Urn*. Some of my fox hunting friend* In East Ten* will probably want to come down for a eha*e. Wonder If there I* any difference In a fox hound and a wolf hound? Mecraray bad another Item of Interest concerning the pen •hell. He had dUeovered biMbeU of them near the boUera onSurfMd* beach. Some of the aheU* were M much a* 10 to U Inches long. I did not know a pen shell from third base, and I could not find them In France*' literature, ao I called Mr*. Gene Newman. She wa* out, •o Gene furnUhed some Information about thl* (hell. It U a native of the Cult Gene said that beach comber* could tell the **a*on of the year by tb* kind of shell found on the beach. ., The |>en *h*ll cornea In the winter time, but thorn of the lice found by the fce- Crarays are rare In this area. Oene suspect* that they came here via the Carrlbbean Sea. He aUo *ald that daylight tomorrow would find Mrs, Newman near the boiler* on Surfslde beach. We Are Celebrating MARCH IS MAYTAG MONTH) FREE FORD CONTEST RULES Rice fields full of ducks NOTHING TO BUY. SIMPLY REGISTER IN ONE OF OUR STORES. YOU MAY WIN THIS FORD FALCON BEING GIVEN AWAY DURING MARCH BY PARTICIPATING AREA MAYTA6 DEALERS. Henry rregta *aya that the rice Held*, or where/ the rice Held* wen, were (oil of ttg dock* at thl* time. He ha* friend* near Manvel who an rice farmer*. It look* Ilk* we ire tending plenty of duck* backtoCanada and Northern U. & to uawre • good crop next year. A M*h and Wildlife Department bulletin hu thl* to myi The bent potential breeding population of dtteka tn several year* will leave Te»as'aprawliflg waterfowl wintering ground* thl* spring fortheir northern netting area*. official wirvey* *how that the general northward migration tnereue tart fall had been malnuined lathetaierim by good water r*d fool eon- ^HlOTi Mlaly tlf^g the Oolf egad wtwni the belhof the waterfowl *p*nd the winter. "Theretor*." eald Al apriaam. WtldUte roortlaalnr tor the parka and WUdlUe DeB*,rtmeat. "U the l(»nro»ed neetliig vendttvonji nrevsmnc laal yev eeaifilHae thte euai* mer, we nainrally «aay expect an equal or eves better duck crqi (or the IMa harvest." duck*. Tb* DoM***lon limit WM doubled from lour duck* to eight, and the dally limit on mallards waeraiMd from on* to two. In fact, the comeback of the popular mallard'' waa described by Spring M "a very promUIng development." He *ald the Utoat mid-winter *urvey Indicated a lubttanttal tncre*** In the Wallt Yse lael'ter See Ike PesesesMe MAYTAG WASHiRS 4 tlYOS MAYTAG AUTOMATIC WASHER! PinUlU, teal*, and wM- geona were up •Ughtty, but •caup total* were oft. He MM comparatively lower number* could be attributed to Uw abnormally high OMB*} at tUa time Uft year when official census ' taker* enoouotered Urge raft* of aeanp. spring* reported that «•*• vMbaek*,, wWeh alumMd *o dnatloilly several yetre HP (they had to be protected 11*0, redhead*. UbmiM h*M «tt the legal *hoqtthf 1|*Vllitl«« a decline. li* waterfowl authority potjetf-Mi tM II i* dlffloalt t« «MB« IM* •peel** bMMM "«k»y •*• suhd'' * WATER SAVER * BIG CAPACITY * SAFETY LID * RUST PROOF CABINET .only rINANCINCBY MOWTOII MATUBll •AS CO. HALO Of MEAT 6AS DIVE* MA* StirtagI credited tig** fiyvay Md on Modern lahvjiojpMi >fy *»«la^tef»*<V"«rdl>o|wla. tio* tr«M, Me *U«Hed that tUttil*i flMtt WHM mrtfllHfft •*» HJtt ho«e»»r, there WM KNB* nleauaa to )u*ttr/ the dwk **•«*«'* taktwi down hi* (a»ertte HHitot a** tntog a A Slight dMfMM l»lhe wlntertag IPM*) fH*m JM» Indicate. ^ i . AWWm a*^P fyHf^p -i^^i ^^^^* 4 PUSH BUTTON CONTROLS * LOW DRYING TEMPERATURE •SAFETY DOOR *W" ^ejep*w' •ss^s^sjpvjeFe waterfowl tur* U the marsh trtet of Port ogtat* atedy in* In a feeding fitillitiee.

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