The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 ツキ Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

TM P A I L T MBW8 . MD.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 18, 1932. GRADUATION FROCKS ARE MADE FOR DOUBLE DUTY Hr Sparkled Then. So Joe Bolr was "9 year-, vij \\.-.oi; sot his firtt b^ it-ague ciuuce Hi parsed ;nc rva'i o: ::i aSU.:y. but i ; he sUl was a great shortstop My snテつォro- , cry o; Boley goes IM.K u Use spJend.d テつキ j defera-jit- gat* be pljyctj ::: .he uorld ' of :?J? ana ; ; ijot TR"'n '. e ^ J.TA. be perfcr=:テつォfc :.--* u ! stop. i Bu-. Joe v ... oe .54 \ J legs fca - .テつォr ls.l?c Ke j be!:ev a b!: ..-tテつサ:-j ;. ^ ' only tWv }^ix ^^o SEVUT DAILY jLir:. Hut -- \\V: Mr-.T wテつォll-- WABC N . lc lii I j; K. u? ua- old ciar. :..A Bui; Mb Bot-W Nov. B-ng M.Uer ^ Ji -oo He s on 'ae bench. テつサテつキ.-;: S.; 5 - Cr^:r- ' r^r:^ t:xe ou:fi?Id ti-v 1..: ^ g ^rc c: . \ .: B:::s テつサ:11 oe ;.t T テつキ=.. テつサ . . . テつォ テつサ . - My fa-.onte :r,- . . b ; ^^ -c the world x r _ .: \s.~ I- -A-*.* ^^ hr, that c:o t _;テつキ -.u -^ ^a^i? of the series H.- - .テつキ r : ^ -_テつキ f.-r ar. average oj .-S . - , i^pjsR .:; :J-.e grt-.i-. .-a ., ^ .- .;.- ^.- :-i. r _ :: . v .c:* " ar 3 ^c a"C 11 テつキ -'^ H. cX*C- r .' :-- ,,- . -o g.xx! 5or テつォ " . -r :r. re テつォテつキ. t.iirti v * テつキ テつキ vke care c: . .. ;^ sta '- テつキ- .: - . .rr j' ;*テつォ.テつキ- *r:*^. .ind '^uri* thst st bj Celtテつォ4 rテつサテつサtorテつォ SmilcmU) WED.NESDAT. MA* テつォ MSI FCATfKES J ( ,7 jjテつサi cj^Bi-cM"* **T^~' "-"VTM ' -C k j M TOBUVTO-- 6 ^ t f -- 7 " -P* M*s Uテつサi:^'3 7 *V -C.t:rJrr ' .'. KAK ^ l*5-';$ " "^' ^^ S TS--Maテつォ3falテつサ 10 ^--CaSs.L"* Or * IS--rca*.-*-* * ^~ i Jl Kテつサ--t .: a B.-wts 6 -r._j ,.,,., ' ' ' テつサOK. NtHJUiK--ITS--1Iテつサ k. 1 7 テつサ 00- I p.--'. Dos s Wt:t*r | ^.テつサ. k .. Sl'AXPARD TIMS thrtテつサuth- ' ^ ^^ ***r**r's C-" c-' SUBTRACT or.t ::o^r Jor Crc:rテつサ!' - :i--\.r; テつキテつォ"テつキテつキテつサ ,V テつォ s: *=^rii 7^=テつサ AL'D OBテつォ to-r Jjr ! 8 09--F'テつサib O- 3 :S- 'EisrtB.N STATIONS) i テつサ ;_テつキiJJ il..-"" テつサ i *_'i ," S , ~,-. rsテつォ. BVLiixosE--テつサs--:cテつォ k. j jo ei iテつサV テつォテつキ o h テつキ,テつキ テつォ Mテつサ- Mテつサ-^J - ^テつキ x ;, oa _,,,_.... . テつサrテつォテつサ MW iosK--in--テつォテつォテつキ" *. " HBZA. BOSTON. u* ! S *-- u.aaer o* テつサi s - テつキ - !! 'i '-^テつォ WKZ. M-MiNGFirLO--n*_99テつォ k s li-Mt-^ vテつキテつ」テつサ e co"テつキテつサテつキ"!: J S^ji'aa 1 *! *JiTiiテつー*' 7 1 *" T M ' : ^- l =-テつォ="--- テつォ ^-o..テつォte. r テつォテつサ : テつサ M-SJK.-U .N.t _ .. 11 _ ^^'^.^J^* ^^ * * ^' l ~~'Bt^' "T " テつキ i V I M % O *Hli 4^E|?HL B *^ ''^""l"*^!^ 'テつキ テつキSZNs'c'"'"-'"!'^'^.'^^^^" V v _ - . , l ^ M -*テつキテつサ' : - C * ' vテつォ^v-^f'VsS^jiv"テつォi I! テつ」S?s"orV^' テつー 5 ^~^^; : ?VM^HV?-" , ! テつサ,t テつキ * !J-- rril.e ^ テつォ IS--p:テつサ.vjrテつサ ' J テつォ-- l i f i . - . - * Jkl* S ~i S ?V^f !テつサt ^ D.o " J N K mnl *?";* t l H C H . I I -- * - テつキ -- S =テつォ Or. Iテつサ SO-- Ntテつサテつォ Or . テつォ テつサ5--A. *VXLiT 6 li--テつサ'?'"% "H^f"^? ' 4 - * "テつキ* ^ '* " -J-* 90 BinrALO--S3s.i-aM k. テつサ ;テつサ_s - . . テつサ B,.,.. テつォ^^r-f^.-I . . . = ' - " ' : テつサ . CHK *OO--al t -J ;J '33 テつサ OC-S :.' .~i 7 テつォJ 1 . 0 ? 0" 4, 00--Or ' s t-;srv O."\ !テつキ Impart. C olor and Beauty and Faded H*lテつサ { Lit hi Mテつサchmt VXorL--ian SAFE \VOKK A SPECIAtTI JAMES E. SOLT UT WEIRING OF ALL JttTJ WOKK IS BEtSS. BBONZE i A \ D ALtMNIfM t 193 MasnoUa Are. Phooe 974- V Iテつサ VE4KS EXPERIENCE j j ALBERT C. PALMER. Agent J S-rr*t W E A H . -- . -J 3". * 5?-テつサ Je, !テつォテつォ 3*-'.: 5 Or t :i .. s テつォ . --o Ht C-?--N'o'ii b. 30--ISe.l-dy W 19 tlllt I'^r^TM^TMテつ」テつ」テつ」Z ; '^'rUW^owl'uSS?.^ S ?;-??;テつ」 ^C^テつー -o M^oTf'" 3 * テつサ-0-eテつサ RMテつサテつォ-I s ;y-stテつォn Or .. c fS? I -VVテつサT I --*テつサ--テつサ0 lL* tr * J t *?-?J-"t ^"i: " 1 ' "*テつォ jl'lE^y^A 1 *' HOC. n t \ テつサ \ r o K r . mod nno. D テつサ N MOISI %_ テつキ-.. is - - 2: -n.rti o^e cj r ewildr. : ce Max B.S.I,. are nuniix.-tc -,-, , , J. -.1 l .1 ! kept (Frooi BonTit Xfr^er. N'eir York) u=ff. rresh zind varied are thJs years dresses for rs-ee: cirl era Tosca r.テつォ: over ta^eta rashions -_iis 'a-.Ie enseaiMe or f.ojnced : S-5ash:oned and top dcoiure ^ c-jp ' " BY JULIA BLAXSHAKD XEA Service Writer. York. May 13-- There are de- j pees or chic 1= :ii^ season's gradua- -ion cresses. YOJL .-say as *.?:: -^ke jc-^r diploma etiin Za^ca! Sweet gir. gracuate dresses are ma- -dress, te.-al =cir-.ded :ha May. rnrjuiテつォt:es. Sowered organ- I OT -. , rolled edges. Tf:th ^oe or eaibroicery j テつキ put on or cone by hanc For the Chic Dancer. j Por the girl who goes abou: a :テつォ and ! r.eees dance esse:nb5 -o-":r~ coa'd j re ehar-ir. S ihar. a "r^oa ne; i iith ro^-5 and ro^rs of ' -''e . I-, is Te::w O v*- ~.4'. . . The dress' Is s :テつォvテつォ:4s ar'd o. chiSons. dotted S^^es. 3a: c rcpes テつキ a !: !: packer -^.th shor: s' ps aac a_ テつ」fcテつサ or noTe::r cottons, a- sorer it. Tius ^ IOV^T dr^ss 'or' pique, are bem? used. Take br.deanaids as ^-ci: as s^ee-. g--l g-ad- i q tor VL ! T2.e A:.llr'.iv ._- ^ テつサ; A ,-j,. . ,_j l season. -A-- ..?...:. o v V" c 'l -Veir A'rv ; 21 samテつォi Dur.. .- -. ^ _-vr._d A! S!.T.- i icons テつォ3s i_:-." S テつキテつサ ;,.;テつキ",- 230 U m U j Enc McNa.r v. *; ::, . , v xi ;n *' M e ^"eun t t o!i.y v i s _ * I.o A'; \\trc mt- :.r-g abo^e J"t " \- r---d C-jchrar.e Camber He-,-..".; -.?:, ;_-t.:-.テつ」 5S3. bu: he i had appeared in rr.\\- r.-.,- gamw, mostly -. as a p_n-c.i i..::e~ , When ilrNa:.- u_s v;n: to snort, the team started :- . :c!-: as^.r T.icre. were f_s~.-s of テつキ-. -;a e.-!...T.p onship ! form T.-e '..t: ,hr-.- c: 'he ni'ch-i" ' i :S--Ms c C..-.-_ g . - テつォ. '~~t c , S M_S.- 5 . - r : s M-j'c S !4-Hti.:. : , , ; , , , x 7 テつサテつキ* テつォ* テつサiZ^4 ..T'.-- テつキテつキ M.-- "^-~ r *i I * *9--iioc c:r p'sTt-cy " " テつキ"テつサ テつキ"テつキ *テつキ *^ テつキ " we" f, Vli, .vt^l-Ti^ ^^J"" 1 .* **-テつォテつキテつキ-テつォ Sia*テつォ IS 90-Bテつサ"ow Or テつォ ~,- ; , " ' - " テつキ _ テつォ テつサ . , . - .... ^^^w^n^c. -ii?^テつ」:Sテつ」^^"- ------ ":^テつ」i ; テつォs " ^-^テつキテつキ"'Vis^js? c"-: テつキ ^i'^; ;E L T'l-:^^, k ; .'"テつォTテつォVNV,Lテつォ ti'iテつ」テつ」^$; s テつ」 o i: ^ J テつォ^ cl Wiテつ」^-^, I s テつ」テつォ;テつ」テつキ-テつキテつキテつキテつキ テつサ "^ : " ; -テつォ'''テつ」テつサ' WEA "i: 5 :s?:t ]テつサ' * i4 " 10 **' :c 3 テつー-テつォ w - テつ」テつサテつキテつォ. PHILMM irmi-.vic-^*) *. テつキ* M~sS"". a:K1= テつサテつサテつォテつサ-V!T!テつサ3 Ws-t ', co-No?-j"* ^' ' C 7 ^-^Concfrt Or :; jJI^Tt": , ,, u CS--itow-Jc=w テつ」 JO--Ktrr O" s . 10--Orchテつォtrテつサ WXVZ. DETROIT--l7l.S^lテつサJ k."'^ V.JZ D Vj; P -' TI: ' B i ?j ^~T? ) *T 9 J? .V.. TTABC^. _535-*00. テつォ 30-テつォ:テつォ; 1 00-8'テつォ5 : r c j - - . ! : 3 ' 5 00--S-aiS:ce Exp. テつォ 00--DテつサT'l Rerlrw r .s--\:?~e S" -t's 6 ^i--Hr.ttnacrns Or S 4S--\Vテつォi's O- IS 00--.-TC-". ""c"'5-Nt _ :' So=ST::テつォ 3 J^J 0 i5?Sテつ」S; ! .テつサ-SS c T テつサi l -テつサ^Y^ 1 *^rテつォ* ^H? ef WJE. DLTKOfT-Wテつォ-no k. i jテつサl..S-テつォV B,K- * 5 l" ~ ', J - 4 -Q"?^^ ^^t. 8 -* 5 - ' 15 7 30: テつォ "--*-".:テつォ 7 W-S-.r-r^ JO o3^c" テつォ M-V*-;? v . W " 1 W テつォ ~ WH.1M. EOrHLテつォTtB-I6テつサ_ I IW i. テつキ テつキ i=Siv- テつ」~ 1S .ri??*^' - * J f テつサ "-テつサ ~ * ^ w ' JC " lt w WHJ." DETROIT--S--テつォ-fv-テつォ K テつォ" e テつー* ' C テつ」~.^ ' '" I f Vテつサ-C)-.*rテつォ'. V.'EAF i vl 5 C 5 テつォi-9 T ;r . " ; テつキ ' ? la テつキ* t - . , . , ' テつキ ,~i'" o * ISiS^t-or 71 " 1 -^..--. ' ,- ^^.r:TM^-^-^ ' テつキ\EAF ' 7 -'- ;テつキ: cw テつキ! oe-ii la 6 90--f テつキ J-.- LsdJ "s""o-"v-^ A*iテつォi H O W . OMARl--M^--53l k VEAJ- テつキテつキ C:-5 !5 テつォ 45 10 po i, ;i-!3 3ff 5 , 5 L '-.''テつキy jjt y,!*" 1 1 c 'テつー,, ,, K^O. テつサ^T. foils--oo-~J^O k . " '.VE\!- .s 00-i :5 i i-b (x? テつァ g 15-12 PI KMOX. "T. I Q I Is^.f5J I --10-tO k" V.'VISC i 5 r J- K 31 S テつォ5 7 テつサテつキ J 4", 5 3l --Wo '. 9- 3 4S-- rテつォ=:n:y rt.x' if : 5 -- T J K ^ i -, -テつォ JO 30--Doテつサi:rj-\. テつキ ^ i^ :-s i Al h!テつサ. the A , can ,, ,, .. * * * eSectiveness. !;-テつキ' started on i'.v -j; -rac テつキ ei to be t!.e rnart . ..o When no- , sure テつ」o ^, ^^ ^ ^ H _ s said Bill -bui H yoanght e.-n roi: car. v.he:-. AUx-g rw テつキテつキ -.t テつキ:- ' bfsl " m Tise v -テつキテつサテつサテつォ テつォテつサn a IK o f ; a ! f up U v A ^ ' M a u n d e Nonchalance-- Or What? ; bj K .v.. e -.he appearance o.' r.j- j . ^ i r d テつキ,, (l .テつサ,-... B:l! CiEJie! ?f the Indians uisisis ^e I c ^r.!:5 3 テつォ!:テつキ !o' bテつサvaiisc :hc ar- ' s ar .o.her - is And , cr.u k- I be in l hJetics tool ;he other teテつォms bv th-!r SOICE u win anvviaj " " THFKE'I.L nf\rr Sir an qurs- * tion a b o u t promptnrs* of dt- ii\fy w hrn jou ordrr テつサour Itc from us. Rnt aisurrd il nil! be nhencxrr TOU ordrr if. PHONK 30 Hillside Coa! Ice Co. OOlce *a Wjiler Strer!. SI'MMLR r o \ f PRICLS .NOW JV E t F F C T THE PEOPLES FINANCE LOAN PAY OFF YOUR BILLS . . . Do not hesitate to see us if ou need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service. Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO S300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N COURT ST. 'テつキMr. Sam in rharje) FHO.N.E 1473 (I % Never Vrcc*テつサr to Ttter to tha t'in.incial Fa;e to テつサテつォ-frtain iir \ i l u r of our Ufe Invur^nce Volitj In talue Brier flartoato. It U テつサ1- テつキテつサテつサ テつォonh IV) Cテつォnu テつォn th* DテつォUテつォr.-- x i l b luaranlcrd テつォテつサlurs printed right IB テつキl. BQd tn^rrasrd bj 4.nnBsl Olri4ca4A- 1 L!fe tniurincr Tatlcv U of テつォ!t HBTest* mrnc* the otoTt stabl* aod ucure. uuijnjj of people thi jiar u an an. ^or to テつォmdテつサart. Pc^ilbl} TOB tboughl テつサf tncrexalii( jテつォor cテつサテつサ- vr THE EQU Lewis R. Dertzbaugh PHONE 788 jour p:ck. The way tbey are uiaie T^de wii; be t' a b." more C"fln:;e!y. makes them. Tha^ tiey are, quite as miica as the wide choice of fabrics. There J* a. tenderer thto year to economize and choose a graduatim dress that -wd serve double duty. Perhaps as a brioesnaid's frocs. Or certainly as * summer party dress. Loot to Future Montlis. Most of them are long for girls in higher schools. tfeJess your-class de'' ss this or that a'ooui your dress, you te apTTsfbie if you seCec; one tha uates. Prora Tile knees QOTSTI there are j graduated Souncnigs. all acomed Tn;h | roTテつォ of net pleating. ' Very quaint and utierly charmicg is the テつキ damty flowered organcle dress ra white. ] The material is so beautiful that no adornment :s needec. Tais has an unusually oM-fashioaed cu:, -irith 3. square , neckline, tted on the shoulders." the ' belt merely of the material and the skin puffed sh- 1 -"- - ' f^ess gathered by ha-Tinj IB by three different, j bands of ihe material. It is a ve-- ' ! neT? style, and verv chic because " is ' i, some have jack- , 50 utterly young and collegite looting. I juui ecersj-. sr"-?!'-?g yccr pep. Tracing yon ill. Takテつォ tft --KATtmrS BBJEDT--the A Two-in-One Dress. , Another dress that ^rould be iorely' for a bridesmaid's cress, as iiell as ' テつキts, yoaxsy have tiay cap sleeves, some tte oa tabe shoulder. Most of tiiein Sar* ta* ^waistline defined clearly. Many s, oftea ia color, sometimes grai-jiatioji, is a yellow marqalette. , ' re:Te ?- Titii apphqued Sower al! put on can be any shape. Square i by hand. Tnere ^ a deep be-t^a an i OM6 are very ns^. So are The canrsole I applique TOrk, icith onlr the oiairT mar- teテつォ. Cape sleeves, nsade by it tSe or- !cuisett* for an edging. Thテつサ flaring' capes or berrhas, are a nice so- Ukiri has apoUqued "work ji ces:rn テつ」-. ' -or gir.s -hose anns are either -.anous parts o r -hテつサ ~y~? ' overly tiua or a bテつサ plump. , xhere Is a deep blue sash. .nand'worfc is important on all of these テつアcre*テつサ-5 f o~ co* 1 tras r camty dresses. It is a great year to ' your o~s:n. Models that hare the -.Keepayoafeelins w TO MORROW riftt. GetaZSebcz. ^ ALRIGHT TKe All-Vegetable Laxative tops. if you rar.- o be daaia-e and u" a -srhite -Mrquテつォttテつォ dress . , e -Mrquテつォテつォ ress charm are those -- -th hand- jthe one for T CU I; has the cu-es: '- ?r=テつォ jh-_-T_-.- : ^ :-.; -x:;cテつォ sr.d U.-.T ui PATS FOR A Frlgldaire Xo Down Payment Xo Installation Charge. Potomac Edison Co. 26 W. Patrick St. 7s Afo Substitute For Quality A large loaf of GABBER'S BKEAD gives you more nutrition than a dime will buy in any other form of prepared food. Order it from your grocer: he is your most dependable source of bread supply. The Garber Baking Company The BULOVA BAGUETTE When your children, like the buds of flowers, blossom forth in spring attire, just notice how much they jj have grown in a year, n There should be a new fi photograph to keep, g for all time, this record S of change. It must be B made now. Make an U appointment today . . . fi PHONE 799 General Electru -YEAR SERVICE PLA guarantee of lowest cost refrigeration "MISS AMERICA" The New'Nationally Advertised Up/To-Pate Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 48 North Market St. Frederick, Md. BEAUTIFUL! B Edmonston Studio e Yon Ir? Aboat It . . Get a Good Firtare" a a a- O. ,,-. 43-- =-:.-VK^ tnej . :T *""* C "'^ are tie or/-, acntrsst "" " ou * テつー* *^テつォ mysterious Orient L O V E A D V E N T U R E T H R I L L S - M A G I C Radio's most fascinating-most enthraffing program Ba , i T O N I G H T j ,,-テつキテつキ*-テつォ-1 end every night ! get テつキテつキ-, ~.^ i*. -hテつサ'o"d v^Tr/cra.^-- | s *- cp r テつー r ei S h - :'テつキテつキ*" before he ."nallv ' * xte P* Saturday and Sunday r.g up' ^'mcniaer Joe D-jgar.' Jump- ' came up to the A s IT 1927 T'v -ca^n ' ** r? Jor - - ;:v Sr-t --f - -c srcr.t r." テつォ-av** B 'テつキ -" - " ~ . WGY Scher.ectidT 4.45--S.Of t S.T. ._^ , ' - '" e . ? ,~_., A j : テつー. S ," rC ^ D I'''' 1 ' c ' テつキ -^ oテつサr. pr.cei o-, ha:: I lv " Ph 1 ': 3f!-'M.i S V--- t, F テつォ T r.ot *v.. a -i ,, " " * テつキ_ -,^ ..'^ -" "" ? nCl " r ^' r ^fa^ V.iBK. Baltimore テつ」.33--5 45 E S.T i *jiejr uas ceeinea too expensne. i テつキ r"* * ^*^^v-J31 v^r AiN x JcCfcrKUjrfcKATOK X is the purchase price plus what it costs to keep it operating through the years. j e ^ cl テつァ eratlOE * s a service that most go on day after day, year after year, without care, thought or attention. Your most important consideration in selecting a refrigerator is the mechanism. It represents 7Q% of your investment. If the mechanism of your refrigerator fails, you have no refrigeration. Failure of the operating unit means service expense and repair bills.. plus the added inconvenience and waste of periodically being without any refrigeration. General Hectric's new Service Plan, extending through four full years, protects every new buyer against all possible failure of the Monitor Top mechanism. Should any failure occur during four years the entire unit will be immediately replaced without charge. No patching or repairing, but a complete new unit installed without cost or delay. Only the G-E has all mechanism entirely sealed inside the steel walls of the Monitor Top. Air dirt, dust and moisture ; ;: the elements destructive to any mechanism . i cannot reach it. Common sources of trouble in other refrigerators are eliminated in the General Electric UT beauty is only one of th* things these new spring designs of Armstrong's Linoleum have to offer. Stop in at our floor style show, nnr! let n* tell you all about these modern good^housekeeping floors. THE RUG STORE MX.XUNIX i- BEXTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. 3Cテつ」JaKHテつアs: i iテつァMSiテつ」x3Cテつ」2 g. I ^ it Banking Service on a personal basis 53, m- design. Fans, belts, stuffing boxes ; ; -. parts that must be periodically lubricated . . . ar all done away vrith by the Monitor Top. The G-E requires DO attention ... not even oiling O The G-E refrigerator Triih the Monitor Top mechanism provides the lowest cost refrigeration you can buv. $10 delivers a full- sized model to your home tomorrow. You a.0 even buy it for as little as 20c a dav. ^ join ".テつォ G-E Cirdテつォ. A tpテつォc, = | p-ogren for wsr-.i e-e-v -s-. c , roe-, except Sc-テつサ'doy'. O-. E^-rtfoy ct 5-30 P. M. c ss'-oc^ fo-'s, テつサテつキ-;. f ar . liy . N-a _ c (^^ . o co _ jt - e " I テつキ!テつキ S i Vffliani Braucher GENERALテつョ ELECTRIC A L L - S T E E L R E F R I G E R A T O R THE MODERN LIGHTING CO. 216 North Market St. Phone 961 Frederick, Md. \V7 VVE believe that personal contact is the basis of satisfactory banking service, and we consider every- customer as a friend whom we are glad to ? know and anxious to please. ^ 3lz"o Interest Paid On Savings ! COMMERCIAL BANK テつォF I 1 OF MARYLAND * ^2SPOTt?7f:7rCfr.:.lT:,./,;,!. _frr.ffZSJtu!Ji -テつキ- -^^7S^^^ 7 ^^-テつサ~

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