The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 11, 1934
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*ACC TWO " % Executives Attracted to Committee Members of Oil Industry Tell Croup Members What Is THE RAMS NEWfc Fear. Phantom Killer |jy g ^CAttS To End Strike TULSA, Okla.. (>Pf—While the live members of the congressional oil investigsiUrm eonunr u • h-?^- protested vehemently thst their present to'-ir of the irildcontiJient ar«a is -wholly informal and unof- fieiaL they have drawn the executives and others. iMtt-i-t-sii-'S ::-. xh« -welfare of the industry TO iheni like magnets. This was shown 2klor.dit\ ^ iiea The live, headed by Will-am F. Cole of Maryiasfi. was in Tulsa. A. veritable strea.ri o£ oil men paraded to the suite occupied by the investigators, escii with his own story of what v- as wrur.s: \v-.ih the irsdtist— . The five constitute only a pa.n of the>jtt~e. but they are iiiLthering ;.:r€-: in.: nary ::-.:' •:' :-«.:.->;• on -which tvil: i. i e based their open hearings in tftpte.'jji-t 1 .^-, iv?;er: :is--> •will summon witnesses and. ask questions seeking definite data en ivhicli to base recommendations to rfce new congress next winter. Chairman Cole showed a lively interest in one specific point, the question of why, as he put it. the May Be Promoted To Von Papen'i Job James Barrett (above), wounded last March by ths mysterious ^phantom kt!!sr" who has stain three perscns in Ste^benvJHe, O. fesrs he has beer; marked *cr ars othe? attack. The slays' has be corr.s the ctjsct of 3 relentless police search. (Associated Press City League i Agreement Reached Wednesday.. Walkout Will Terminate at Midnight XILGORK. Tex., vP}. —K * g builders striking for higher pay | reached an agreement early Wed- 1 nesday with contractors and their ' walkout will be called off at midnight Wednesday night. . Th« ssriker§ $*ked for that much time | to notify ihe 500 men involved in | the East Texas oil fields. • The agreement w«s based on » the present scale cf $10 daily for -ig^-ers and $12 for "crew pushers" until \vage differentials under the NKA code are settled. The strikers ha.d asked an increase in Repr^s?ntatives of the National Kis Builders Employers" associa- ion. of the rig builders union and of the Labor Policy board w«ii -n&et in Tulsa July 20 to set a «n!n:-r.ur:i wage for the n*Id-con] tinenc area. F- M. Gail man, Kilgor econ- iractcor. Wednesday said he hcped : to "nave a code scale in. effect bj Aup-ast 1: and that cor-tractors wou-d abide by it if set at ?1'J ciT! Q 2* I T, O'L^ti i^2.y ^s IU 2.ri(2, 3? .*• — €VT?T1 If the co£e is beloiv that- Kelvinator Is Improved Rudosph Hess {above>. minist« without portfolio in the Gcrmar cabinet and important lieutenars* of Chancellor Hitler, was reporter as the man likely to succeed Fran: von Pa pen as vice chancellor. (A* *ocisted Press Phctoy. 3>isuey bills this spring tola us know tvhy it has not happened." he said. Tliese bills would iia^-e provided for "'quotas in commerce" of crude s.nd vvould Un-:"---^ the- cf erode ".vbicb misrht have been introduced both in in- Tra.stai'S and interstate eoir.rr.eree- At this time a stop-srap new t3ae lines of the two bills is in process of formaid-or. and may be Ic&es. Another movement under way t,o &s3t the srodisctioti c-f crt:c£ oil beyond fecera.1 and stats cuotas is '.is"East TSSS.S. •" Hoiar2.-(2 Bennette. the national refinery coordinator, has been almost, constantly in Tyler and near.?y ?**&.**?" i ^^as points _or ^"ve—-s Hning: up the refiners and sis-nins: £h-em up -under co-tracts to rr.p.jor oil oj>-ers.tGrs -^-ho have asrree/j to Case Workers as Election Attend Meet Flashes Of Life d-ticed crude sufficient; for daily needs anc purchase fh-eir STjrpius gs^oline. *v ith cirr- has b-eer. his close associate for rr.any years in the GAL.VH1STOX. Tex., ;.-?-. — Mayor r Mas Stare ke of S'ecruin was re- ; elected preside " of the L.-^a^rue of ' 'n? sr-ssi'_-n of the orsr^niration's convention hc-rx- \Vecnesday. Aus- • tin -^."as se-eci^d ss the 1535 convention city. Other officers chosen were Mayor TX C. Harris. Mineral V.'ells. Hugrh 5. Graciy. Dallas, second tory that the hEsrh^vay cornmis- sion a-DT>.>rtI on r>art of tne funds reatj of identification at Austin and a stat-rvci-Se system of corr.- Mrs. Turner Duncan, chief "worker for the ~^^ -ar Cotint;- Re- ' lief board. E. ^ Smith, project • en5:Iiieer and five case workers vvent to Daii'serfield Tuesday to j attend a meeting of case work*rrs • and supervisors froni District 5- i of '.vhich ±Cinney Graves is the : superintendent. The meeting, des- ; isrnated as an Hast Texas Sot-iu.1 j Service conference, attracted ap- : proximately 2oO persons from Mr. Graves' district. fare ^"ork xvere JI-P chief ^"oo-cs of the discussio:;, led r". ^Ir. Graves. The case -workers from Paris . -.v*re ?'I:ss Truie Sales. Mrs. EIo- { :se Brotvnlee. Mrs. Lucille Gw'nn, . Tills;-? L-ucille Stepnenson and Miss f Scout News By the Associated Press HOLD THOSE QUOITS 1.INCOI-N. Xeb.—Lincoln voters \vill have another ciianee soon. to lesraiiz*- Sunday moving picture sb.o~.vs but other "s'ue jaws—like the one asainst x'itchinsr auoits on the Sabbath—will remain on th* be ok. Fc-r the fourth time ir> ?0 years, voters will ballot or. the i&sije An- STISI 14. The proposal is= short and 10 the point. It falls for amendment of the present bine "avr;:. striking out reference to the oar or. Sunday shows. To .set Sunday pictures, ihe vot- vrs \vi;j have -,;, endorse provisions n-Iiich make it illegal to dance on the Sabbath, to run foot races, to er.^agre in the fast driving of horses or other an i IT; a Is. to plaj- ten pin* 1 or indulge- in the. piictiiris' of cuolts, to -wrestle, box. fish. discharge firearms. beat drui"? or t5:3v other loud sotin<I- elation. A. V. B-.U-CU- entEtt-reE of £!rr.'0 IT'S BAD LUCK TO CHASE PUPS As a result of the local oil men contend i he Boy Scouts who are spending the week end at Cat-:p Clark: rounded out the second day's tiing- nia:cn-es at the Paris Ath- In addition to the regular ac- ing. sins-ing, etc.. a number of inc SCOUT ~ ^o ilerit Badsre re— quiren-.ents during- the cay. iv'ecD.-i-sday nisrht is reg-ular vis- TO MAKE LIFK BK1TER JOI-I^T. II".—V-'arden Frank D. "Whlpp of the ITinois state pcni- tentiarv bns anr-ouncea receipt of a letter from one of the inmates ?lr:r:=- su£••-:•==-ions as to "how ¥•%*. for the prisoners mizht be made a little more pleasant. Amons: ;•, s'-viinmlnsr pooi and decorated walls. acd : r.grr "There ;> also a cryin'c ?.*?>•* for -,vou";d require the srunras to r-n«s v»tr.srs st>esji;r:sr for the oil- bills 3<?-cIar'ed Tfoulc fo'Io^" tr.etr failure of" passage at the last session. 'ron!} ' its ir' prlo 1 ? c-- 1 " ST""u*tc S-t a barrel «isb::sh e bc-rre of ?h^r:ff C. O. She;- Sheriff Sr.elto"; -^a.? comrns: O"i r^taii sales ts-x retumec XOTICE All -wate PAID afte *BHIXTH;'XI>E.VT o: TVOHKS PERSONAL ITEMS FROM ^OLFE CITY On ihursday evening- the -ULons club will b= guests a.t Canip Clark. a s-ame of playground ball ar 5:30 o'clock- This game -^vil! be ?C;low- e-5 by a water carnival in the camp lake. The Scouts -svill then b-s host to the members of the LJcns 1 club at a special supper for the visitors. A program of sing-ing and mu=ic dire<-ed by Mrs. Troy C. Thc-n-^pEon. pyramid building and tumbling by the Scouts -will also be featured. Fir.a; attractions will be a mass flight forma~io~ of moce! airplanes. Scouts wishing to attend Camp Clark the -sreek of July 16 are re- r t u«i.erd to register at once at the Cnantb* 1 -.- of Commerce. sOMJbiTi«::-.'c; NEW rs JAIL- BJIKAKING KAI-H:it."H. N. C.—A Ion:: fly in a^a*; ^<2*~.*~f* at a ...i^rn-^Sj.- conv:c". to es^ap---. back to catch the iial'. T'^.-e :•;..•=." ITe oufrsn h:« pursu-ers. PALESTINE WILL GIVE PLAY FRIDAY popularity of porcelain ** *a exterior finish for better quality electric refrigerators is the public acceptance of the newrer improved lacquer finishes, according to Fred it. Caddel of the Arthur Caddel Co^ local Kelvinator sales representatives. Pointing out that Kelvinator. whose factory includes one of the largest porcelain enameling plants in the country, also sells refricr- eraiors finished •with lacquer. Fred Cadde! said that the- Kelvinator "pernaalain" finish is much superior to the old types of lacquer finish, in durability, appearance, and ease- o* cleannsr. "Permalain. in fact, is as superior to the ol<3 type- of refrigerator enamel as porcelain was when it was first introduced." he said. "This improved lacquer, which is without many of the disadvantages of the usual type of finish. Y\-;IS developed for Kelvinaxor's use after much experimentation. Tt-sts to determine its ability to withstand all sorts *t climatic and s« k rvjce conditions, have proved its suptriority. ••Kelvinator owners of both porcelain and permalain finished re- friserators have expressed th-^ir satisfaction to such an extent that we believe no refrigerator line on the market is as fortunate as Kel- vinator in the matter of exterior DEPORT PERSONAL NEWS OF INTEREST DEPORT — Mrs. Ralph buth and children have returned from a T^eeJt's visit -with Mrs- Roser.buih's parents In Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. \v. K. Reaci with her son Is visitir.c her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McCarter in Galveston. Kollis Allen of DaHas is the guests of Mr. and Mrs, Earl Allen- Mr. and Mrs. Cade Bird and children aiid Miss Margaret Sue Bird have returned to I.exinsrtor>. Ky.. after visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gray. Seven Tr.ernbers of Auburn's 13 34 freshman football sauad stand six feet or more. Dr. Josephine Neai {zccve). one of three New York physicians who submitted to asi experimental injection of at new vaccine which it is hoped will forestall infantile paralysis epidemics, is shown »t work in her laboratory with at monkey. Previous experiments xvere or» monkeys. (Associated Press Photo) GILLREATH HELD ON MURDER CHARGE ANTLERS. Okla.—John TV. Gill- charged with, rourder of Gus Randall, postmaster at Know, was bound over to the district court without bail, at the preliminary hearing: held by Justice of the Peace M. A- Brock- GUlreath. of the Snow precinct election board surrendered to sheriff's officers rollowins: the shootirxs o* Randall in a dispute over the election- L**9 Welch. Gitlreath's a T to^~ney. Tuesday said he would seek- bai! for his client before restrict Judge George T- Araetr of IdabeL Tfce Day's Dial All feour* Central Standard Time. «:00 CpftS Maxine .and Phil SpitaJtij-'s Ensemble,; ^vBC Jack JPeari the Barorx Mttncfeattsers. «:30 CBS Everett Marshall's **Bro*dway Vanities;** .NBC \Vayn* King's Orch. 7:00 CBS NJno Martini, tenor; NBC Fred Allen's Hour of Smiles. ~ ' .-,... 7:30 CBS "Looking at Life;" NBC Love Story Program. 7:45 CBS Emery .Deutsch's Gypsy Violin. S:00 CBS Byrd Exj>editioa: NBC Guy Lorabardo's Musical Cruiser. ; " S:30 CBS* California Melodies; NBC Jiack l>enny's Orch^ Harry .RicJunan, 9:00 CBS Nick Lucas, th« Crooning Troubador; NBC 9:15 CBS News, followed by Ldttle Jack Little's Orch.; NBC Gene and Glenn. Sketch, 3:30 CBS Little's Orch.; NBC National Radio Forum. 10:00 CBS Red Nichols" Orch.; NBC Phi! Harris' Orch. 10:30 CBS Al Kavelin's Orch.: NBC; Jack Berber's Orch. 11:00- CBS Jack Russell's Orch.: NBC Leonard Keller's Orch. ALOIBUB CBS STATIONS Station ' " KHoc^ X. ;Jt- Louis ..., ........ WHAS. UouisvtUo 1.0 » NBC STATIONS WFAA r>*ns$ W B A P. Ft. Woriii WO A I. San AiUCBiO sve so-.. TWO ROUNDUPS CauMUd«kA<» Speak Al Port O»k and Faufht Another speaking date for county eandidates was announced "W«<i- nesday. Monday, July 23. the candidates will meet on tJse lawjs of the BoRham Street Methodist church in West Paris. TMs will give Parisians two opportunities of- bearing the candidates* claim* for office, as th« final speakinr date will be held in Paris .the night of July 27. Roundups win be. held at Post Oak. Wednesday afternoon, *jad« 3.1 Fausht. Wednesday night. Thi» weeVs meetings win end with tb« roundup at Chicota Saturday night. Bvery, day from now until election, day."July ±s, will se« one or two candidates meetings. Interest in county races is expected to increase considerably during ~the next few days. AGED WOMAN DIES AT BROKEN BOW II>ABt:L, Okla.—Mrs. Wilinda Lee. aged. 7^. died at her home at Broken Bow. Tuesday . of *.eart disease. Funeral services were arranged at the Christian Church at 2 o'clock \V~edhesday. with interment at the Broken Bow cemetery. Survivors are a sister, Mrs. Alice Penninsrton, a brother. Charlie Byrd and a nephew. Clarence Byrd. FATHER CRITICALLY ILL Roy Nobles was notified of the serious illness of his father. "W. A. Nobles, who is visiting at Sulphur, Okla., and with his brothers. VC". A, Nobles. Jr.. of Maxey and Elmer Nobles of Deport, he left Tuesday noon for Sulphur. | Millions of "tons or stone in j tii*' v.ake of sold dredgers operat- | ing: OK the Sacramento. Cal.. river j near Kolsom prison have been: • si ii-ped to other posats to enforce levels on the river and other 5tr«*a ms. • Moonshiners" in the southern mountains are saJd to find rho- rienclror! rc-ots excellent fuel for *:ieir liquor distilleries because they make no tell-tale smok* for re-vtnue officers to see. Mrs. Lucv Pee 77, of Madison- rtile Ky and her sister. ^Irss. l* MoBride. 74, of Tempej-anee. Kail. Tenn- recently were united after a separation of 45 yearm. Free Taxi Service We know you will be. pleased with our free delivery service on all orders amount- Ing; to S2 00 or more. Call us. Our Prices Are As Low as the Lowest. PIGGLY-WIGGLY 44 Gallant One htin-ired and twenty-eight Scout-s of t—e I-oce Star Area Council have b*ea in Camp Clark tn the last three -weeks. If 40 boys register in advance Camp 'wfll b<e run the -week of July 15. ANN HARDING CUVE BROOK /liree 'j'If-.T.i J^Sslrei !r A Child ;\eec^d K* Satnrrver Pri<-e* "iVm.. Gcrdcr-. z. re-jsrist-ered Boy 5rcou~ of th«* X'irzrtn Island*, is at irade. ilr. anc ->'rs, Ollie Dun.rrc-r'. ar-*? Mrs. '-f. A. Dunmon visited at Pecan Gap last ^e-ekr. Mr, and i'rs. A. J- Clark ha.v<? returTie'J to 3onha.m a't^-r visaing Mrs. B:i! Dunmon. All-en Frederick an<I family o* Austin ari<5 Frank ?<:Tor. and 'am- (J Meals a Day C^rr^p C;ark this ^'e-sk an-c is re^r- CROPS AT CHICOTA ARE LOOKING FIXE PHYSICIAN OPE>5 OFFICE AT ROXTON • -j ^5- ; -& horr;* of *»V. C. Hmyr-rs, M-. aeti H O X V O " i" l r "'.:*; frOtn ?"C'J :t«?d her*; ?o Ri?ss Payne RslpJ: Jordan. Au!;'.:rr,'«; ycuth- ' Pr*i.Cv*^*^ O'; inSy T"use7 ^» Tri 1 * ^^»n-.^ ^r* >_^Jv sn^- RroulcJ not i" 3 -^ *-~*~ *z.T'?z a ' f *' rh "THE GREAT FLIRTATION" EOSSI LAND! ADOLPHE MENJOU Was She An Acrr*?ss" VV'a^ She Si^C'-rf- ." V7 v s I s ~^r i i)" ** r, .^•!•:•:-.- c.'« i csrr;p at ryrt s:;-. ^fC:2. • ^^ ITT •»• R^.-. Ja-r.ez rlerntth a-ou^h and Harold CALL* 401 :an. ^cf Kills- Taylor <,'. '** n&:~. hav« co::.e . .>.> w£H t^uy '-r rra.<- lor your SiHng tRflij" for- th* S>^st vs;"<is *n h'«!Ti* for- YOUR ENERGY CURVE How to Keep It More Constant Note above chart. Solid line is characteristic of rise aad decline of bodily energy when dependent upon only the cxistomary three meals a day. Jbocted Hoe is characteristic o£ the trend -when the intake is better regulated, by small "snacks" of quick- energy food, at the mid-meal hours of 1O, 2 and 4 o'clock. ^rher. iTr*. Luth h« C. P ^,^ Mr and ^"clyS. D. H. Baker Fum. Co. Pi'-r:;e and son of Pueblo. Colo.. --r>?» f-.-<-.^ fc * i>s^ s^i-* F- r f^s»- <tTi<i >"r. a.r*<i Mrs,. Krar.k Pat*or, _ ' ' '-•' Oklahoma City. ""':;^ f*Vi^%:;^:: ft ;T:^ .,,?">f;.^,. p f fclv ,*"^^- s ?-'' r HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY j- and Fridaj "SHE LEARNED ABOUT SAILORS" <Ji:-reTV* li'.uf* <.sst.ur<iay. 4-2. i for the I>O'W Stockton funsraS at; Chtrh^ CJs.:i;s>b*-l'. John Wor- . Coo^-er. Frter./ls from here who: •harr; &r;-<2 N-/rr:s S«::i h'ire goji« t.o a.lten<i*d the fun era! :ncli;fi«(J j'arr.pji. <»r; a o>.-;>-:.ri*>;ss *np. ! jnj«=-»*!r>. and Mnif-s. Pat »Va;rn*rr. ' M;*.? Th^irr.fa \VaJ'/:er o? Paris Is J, P, i!aar-*«?,.':, 'J, *^ Cunr.inj-harr., • u ?aesT of J^rin:^:.»*>;; Hous^r, ,'. B. M. Ingram. W. P. Wait*. Bob h-..-.y*f- arsd v:. : j rr.aV;* r>th*r ins-• MTIS«*, C. R. CaStJv,-*^, gr.. Brooks P r'. >v f:•?;; err*:.. • WrijyhT_ Mac I>ur:c»n, Fulton Fry, ; Mr. and .\:.-*.. R. j*. i!areha;J of fK. J, Huntfr. Lloy3 Moor*. John Sopsr. Otriu.. "w^r-* h«f* Sunday J Boy<l. Tom Lan-cler*!, Alice Cross,; «rd Mr«, J H. f*» S.CCOKJ-] H, H. Bradshftw. W. W. them hom* ] E. O, McGlasscn and J. W. i ion SHOP Pcrma ne« l XV n \ rr * J ,25> *;t 15c V. Operator i Jg njcunJ.aiR couniSe* of] A.-..H. Bartner. Miito-n Blu<Sworth, i Nwrtls <',1fa.roHnft have a .population: Tom' Watwon.. C. R; C*Ww*l|. Jrv j J and Kev. J. H, Wentbrook, i HENSHAW'S ICE CREAM FT. QT. 15 25^ Free Delivery, Photic 228 TRY THIS 3-DAY TEST Results Will Surprise You Midway between breakfast and lunch, drink-a-bite-to-eat. Repeat between lunch and dinner at 2 and 4 P.M. After three days, appetite usually becomes an automatic regulator of the calorie intake, not only of the number, but of the use the body makes of them. Dr, Pepper Proposes This New System Of Bodily Nourishment For HEALTH, ENERGY, and WEIGHT CONTROL If ail the meals were one meal, what a great meal chat would be! We'd cry to eat enough for a twenty-four-hour stretch, Our immediate present would be a feast; our immediate future a famine. The human machine isn't built that way, so we've adopted the three-a-day habit. If three meals a day are better than one, then six should be becter than three. Three of the six should be table meals; good, wholesome, solid "fuel." The other three should be "snacks," light "fuel" (preferably liquid) that burns, quickly; and is completely used in doing a temporary job. Dr. Pepper, being liquid, is ideal. Its calories are partially digested. Quickly they turn into motive power. At these hours, the system consumes them greedily, completely,, leaving no surplus to store as excess fat; Within three days> the human body, by this system, usually perfects a balance in energy control. Drink-a-bire between meals and lei your appetite at table adjust itself to your needs. D 9 LIFE I DRINK AT BITE OC^IOCK

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