Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 20, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1942
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE ADVERTISEMENT in the per**• sonal column of a San Fran- dsco paper: "Gentleman with 1941 c«? desires to meet lady with four new tires; object, matrLmonv." * * » IN THE MAIL D EAR MISS TURNER: You asked for opinions concerning the apparent failure of the people to realize that the United State's is at war. Do you not think that it is pbs-. s!ble that this seeming complac-' eney might be something else? Could it not be a false optimism resulting from an effort to avoid war pitters? A happy medium is, a* you know, almost unattainable. It is logical to believe that the situation when people have recovered from the first shock of sending sons and brothers away, of reorganizing life around frozen tires and automobiles. It is difficult for people to know just what they can buy, bonds or otherwise, when the income is suddenly made uncertain; consequently, it is entirely possible that many people thus affected have purchased fewer bonds than they can afford because of a feeling that the income will be completely cut off. Certainly, though t-provoking questions like your own should help to arouse people and make them realize that a war is being fought", and could be lost with results that none of us would wish to think about just now. Mrs. J. W. Day, 1917 Thirtieth St. *• * •' CHILDREN: JITTERS TT may be up to the school to save -*• the children from jitters of the home. If parents tried to understand the emotional setup of their children, won their esteem and treated them as persons we would not be in danger of producing a generation of nervous, unstable citizens. Children should have proper food, sufficient sleep and good physical exercises if they grow up to be calm, collected persons who can meet emergencies without flying off the handle. This was the gist of a lecture given by Dr. Garry C. Myers before several hundred teachers and parents at Junior High school auditorium Wednesday afternoon. Doctor Myers, who has been teaching school since he was 16 years old and -who is a grandfather, knows as much about children and their reactions as any educator in the United States. He has taught ,feom the first grade on through «^ery grade, in college and through graduate schools. He writes a syndicated column and his words are the result of careful checking and research, not the idle mouthings of a man who hasn't keep trend with the present educational get up. . Dr. Myers seemed genuinely concerned with the emotional being of the young child. He should b« found playing baseball or other games or participating in exercise after school rather than sitting in his home with his ear glued to the radio or in a picture show. Dr. Myers said. pHILDREN should not be allow- Y* ed to listen to news reports given by hysterical-voiced commentators who aim to -play on the emotions, he said. They should be allowed to eat their meals without getting worked up over an ether program and every child should get a good night's rest, which is unlikely if he has been allowed to choose his own radio programs and has listened to thrillers which leave him trembling and afraid. If the parents do not control their own emotions, the school will provide the only haven to which rhe child may turn for emo. tional security, said the educator. Children may be told of the war, they may trace the day's happen- .ings on maps and listen to political and economical discussions but the one who discusses war matters should do so in a controlled voice suggested Dr. Myers. The only time that a parent should show emotional expression is when he discusses the type of government it is our privilege to live under, he continued. That is wholesome emotion, showing how happy you are over the privilege of being an American. Those who deal with children should pray for poise and understanding and their greatest contribution is helping these youngsters keep their sanity in an insane world, he concluded. * » » REALIZE IT'S WAR mHOSE who have said final A goodbyes to their husband and sons know that we are in the midst of a war, a young mother suggested to us Wednesday. She and her five-year-old son are just back from a Texas camp where they told their husband and father goodbye. "I wouldn't wish anyone to have the experience I have had," she said, "but still I was proud of him and glad that he feels as he does about defending his country. But it makes me angry when I read the newspapers and know that industry is being.held up because of factory strikes. I think the people are getting on the beam, again but a war cannot be won without materials." There are others in Lubbock who realize the gravity of the war situation we would like to add. We mean those persons "with near relatives in the actual fighting area of the Southwest Pacific who know the constant gnawing dread of expected bad personal new». Shallowater P-TA To Sponsor Box Supper Sponsored by .the Shallowater Parent-Teacher .-' association, an "All Out for Defense" program and box supper .will be held ; tonight at the Shallowater Club house. The public is invited to attend. The program will consist of songs, readings and plays with members of the faculty taking parts. Women and girls will bring boxes which will be auctioned for ten cents each. Purpose of the social is to help pay for school library books. 942 bfaf 4343 Per tfi« Ava Office Wilson, Dupre And Hunt Associations Observe Founders Day 1 P. • / I It i t i rv Y ~ ~ : . . - I NATIONAL FAVORITE! Loved for HsKiKw Toflgue...Moc Vamp ..NewCeforsK.RED., BEIGE and BROWN ...AU. BEIGE. SWEETBHIAR SHOE DEPT. Corner Broadway & Xr9. J Calling 'All* Property-Owners' For DEFENSE HOUSING" REPAIR end pay ouf of income Renovate for Roomers Remodel Tcnnonts >^ EsHmaJtt — Phona 7453 LUMBER CO, ;_ 1306 4ih Sheet Historical Program, Tea Are Features In observance of National Founders day, Parent-Teacher associations of Roscoe Wilson, Dupre and George M. Hunt schools presented a historical program, a panel discussion and an informal tea Thursday afternoon. Roicce Wilson "Why We Celebrate National Founder's Day" was topic of a discussion for Mrs. H. F. Godeke at the Roscoc- Wilson Parent- Teacher association meeting at the school. Mrs. Godege outlined ths history of the national organiza- tm and Mrs. Rem Thomson, in the absence of the historian, Mrs Alex Fix, presented the history of the Roscoe Wilson association. Commemorating Founder's Day and in honor of Mrs. C. R. Young, retiring president, the group participated in the annual custom of planting an evergreen tree on the school grounds. During an election of officers, Mrs. Clarence Whiteside was chosen president. Others were Mrs. K. S. Blackford. vice pre-=i- dent; Mrs. C. D. McGehee, secretary and Mrs. W. D. Ma^ey treasurer. "" Out-going officers are Mrs. Young, president; Mrs. Thomson, vice president; Mrs. Glenn Ridge, secretary and Mrs. Edwin Sowell treasurer. Mrs Ardelle Scales sang Trees, accompanied by Miss Ruth Dupree. A musical program 01 George Washington was presented by pupils of Mrs. Turner Adams room. Mrs. Adams' room won the prize for having the largest attendance. Mrs.' Young presided for the business meeting. Those appointed to compose a war-time committee were Mesdames A. M. Burns Lewis Price and S. W. Bronson.' Ninty-one members attended the program. Dean In Charge "Citizenship—Your Challenge" was theme for a panel discussion presented by Dan W. Powers, dean of boys at Senior High school, and eight Senior High school students f +£ e P u t? re P ' TA meeting held in the Asbury Methodist church. u 11 5£ nts who £ P° ke were Mar- shallRhea, Catherine Knight, Fred Stubbs, Doris Crim, Wendell Addington, Jane O'Neall, Robert Kent and Arline Younger. Cyril_Batton, instructor for the First Aid course sponsored by the Dupre P-TA. reported that 27 persons had completed the course. Reports on goals were made when an executive and room '? p ? e |S at fV ve , meeti °g was held at 2:30 o clock. One hundred and twenty-five guests were present. Presidents Honored Tnn A ° bs ?F vance °* National Founders-Day and as a courtesy to past presidents of the association, the George M. Hunt Parent- Teacher association entertained with a tea from 2 to 4 o'clock at ^ 7I i?. m , e . of Mrs. Stanton Rhea, 1627 Eighteenth street. Seven colored candles repre- sentating the seven-fold objectives of the P-TA were decorations. Spring flowers were used. Mesdames .W. T,. Baugh and Earl Nail poured tea. Officers of the association were hostesses. They are: Mesdames R. J. Cheatham, president; E. J. Wilgus, vice president; J. H. Brock, secretary; O. J. Sexton, treasurer; Hhea, chairman of hospitality committee; Lindsey Thompson, study course; Earl Lockhart, finance; C. C. Chambers, room mother committee; Nail, Red Cross chairman and George Box, goals committee chairman. Past-presidents are Mesdames Baugh, J. E. Hamilton, W E Ballew, W. W Royalty, James Kunmel, Marvin Hilburn, J. F. Hankins, W. E. Twitty, Marcus Helber, O. C. Moore, Virgil Willaims, J. F. Kennedy and W. H. Younger. The Hunt P-TA is 21 years old. Little Patricia Rhea, dressed in a colonial costume, presided at the register and Tommy Rainey, also in costume, greeted guests at the door. Forty guests called. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI Events L» Descent club. 1:M 9. ki ilr» L. Eurl Hunt, ISM :4th £>t. Loytlty club, 1 p. m. ( MM. J»ck 6!oT*r. Woroan't cuxUiirr of Ixxuil strut chtpfl, 2 j>. in., ch&ptl; Bible «tudy. Pint Biptlst W. M. B., 1 to 6 p. m. Singtr Sewing Macfcine ec«p»ny. R«d Cro:s leviat. Em Side Plb'.e elm, 5 p. m , Mr* J G. Hufitedler, 1809 AT». E. Homeoukers c!a§ church. i::« p. m.. ef «nt«r AADW chIM Dfvek-pment unit, 3pm P. R. Friend hqine, 2006 Brotdwav; Mei- d»mes C. C. Ciensh&v. )r., »nd Ray Firmer, hostesses. ifrrry Biddtr« j.'ub, 3 p. m Mn A W. Evam. 23«9 '.Sth St.. Mr«. P.. V WU- ircs, co-hostess. Recreation Bridge club. 5: JO p. m. Mn J. L. Stlmson, Ills 14th St. Intermediate Girls Auxiliary of Calvary flaptltt church, 3:15 p. m., church. A«-Trer forty-two club. 3:16 p. « Mr«. Lewis L«. 2110 5Sth St. Home Nurilng course. 2 to J p. m , Foursquare Gospel church: iponsored br K. Carter P-TA »nd taught by Mrj C. L. Adams. .First Aid course. 3 to S p. m.. sponsored by Roscoe Wilson P-TA, school; Mr* Ivy Savage, Instructor. Lubbock Garden club. J p. tn., Hotel Lubboc's. Jol'.y Eight Jorty-two. 3:30 f. m., Mrs. H. B. Adams, 2305 ISt'a S'.. Lubbocic High school chapter of Quill ami Scroll. 7 p. m., Mexican Inn. Initla- uon_banqi;et. First ChristUa Woman's council Circle 3, i:30 p. ro., church annex, box supper. Church Women's Federation, ID to IS t. m.. S 1 .. Paul's Episcopal church. World Day of Prayer program. Friendship club. 7:30 p. m.. Mri B. L Aters, 2105 3!st St., dinner. GoMen Link Study club, 3 p. a., Mrs Gene Leftwlcb, 2405 28th St. Tech Centaur rlub, 7 p. m.. Hotel Lub- boct; smoker honoring rushees. Mrs. Rayburn Hale Is Honored By Group Mrs. Rayburn Hale was presented with a gift from the E-Z Aces club Wednesday afternoon at a meeting held with Mrs. Raymond Wpoldridge. Mrs. Hale, who scored high, also received defense stamps. Mrs. M. L. Mayhew won traveling prize. Other guests were Mesdames J. er ° m e Wright, E. E. Wheeler, V. O. McCoy, M. H. Martin, Karl A George Washington theme was carried out in appointments. The club will meet March 4 - Wright > Mrs. Mary Buckner Is Employed With OPA Announcement has .been received that Mrs. Mary Dale Buckner of Lufabock is now employed in Washington, D. C in the office of price administration as editor of the amount of material that goes to press, civilians, retailers, wholesalers and state and local administrators of commodity rationing. She is in the Organization and Procedures unit, a branch of the Commodity Distribution Action which in turn is a part of the division of field operations of the OPA. They have to do with tire, automobile and sugar rationing and other commodities will be added. Mrs. Buckner formerly was employed with the railroad retirement commission. Mrs. Fred Owens Is Hostess To Club Mrs. Fred Owens was hostess in the home of Mrs. H. L. Bobo, 1810 Tenth street, Wednesday afternoon for members of the Chat-N- Chew club. After games of forty-two, cherry pie and coffee were served. Guests were Mesdames Bertha Davis, D. G. Barrow, Joy Sco<*- gins O. B. Trinkle, John L. Vaughan, Elmer Potts, E. R Waltermire and Florence Sanderson The club will meet March 4 at 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. Bobo. Yea ma'm ... our praises for these'new spring- bonnets can be heard around a city block . . , and when you see them, you'll join in on the .chorus ! A price range to suit every budget. One group as low as S2.98 tc S3.95, Hmchley, Cedar Crest & Melbourne S4.SS to-S7.95. Knox Louie Miller and Mathilde $6,95 to $14.95. THE VOGUE Broadway at Avs. J Bial 60Q1 Defense Stamps On Sale Here ... Get Yours TODAY! Three Groups Hear Dr. 6, C. Myers Under auspices of the Association of Childhood Education, Dr. Garry Cleveland Myers, editor of the magazine, "Children's Activities," spoke before three gatherings of teachers and parents In Lubbock Wednesday. At the first lecture, at Junior High school. Dr. Myers pointed out the need of saving children from jitters in these times of stress. He suggested rest periods at intervals at school for younger children, a schedule that includes enough sleep and v/holesome meals, and sufficient play hours as means to give them an emotional haven. Bans Radio Programs Dr. Myers censured the action of parents who permit their children to sit for hours before radios listening to programs designed to stir the emotions or to go to motion picture shows and stay through several showings. "The greatest patriotic contribution parents can make at this time is to understand their children and treat them as personalities," the " re the home At a dinner meeting of the sponsor group at the Hilton hotel Dr Myers discussed "New Angles to »£ f£ g t and ex Pr«sed his pl eas . " re , that a suggestion of various levels, rather than promotion from one grade to another, Is already C night he usse Personality in Children" at the school auditorium Mrs. Myers, co-editor of the rnagazme and also a specialist fa Parent education, was to hav^ accompanied Dr. Myers but she is toherbedinAusto ' She 1 > S 3g ° 5USt after co «i- a lecture in that city and injured her knee y L'AiquilieeClub Has Meet In Biggs Home Mrs. T. L. Biggs, 1811 Ave nue H',,h ^ h ,? SteS J ! to the L'Aiquillee dub Wednesday afternoon. Mrs ste?r' ^M^' P 07 Tw entieth street will be hostess March 4 at " which time " Guests were Mesdamev Jennines Eugene Wilson, H. T WiS' " 5011 ' J * W - ? h *P™d n J: Coffee Is, Courtesy To Marion Bechtel SLATON Feb. 19. (Special)- Miss friends , -ihe honoree v/as presented with a shower of miscellaneous gifts B Bp!W er , 0f ' Mr - and M "- * B. Bechtel, former Slaton resi- ea Julia Beth Reed Is Honoree Thursday , TMrs - E! mer Reed, assisted by Mrs. Haymond Levy, entertained with a party Thursday afternoon honoring her daughter, Julia Beth Heed, on her sixth birthday Games were played and- re«S I M ^ -° f sandwi cn«, cake and cold dnnk were served Guests were Sarah Beth' Gordon, Rexelle Smaliin, Joe McH- ' Helen T , Johnny jowsiey Jean and Jimmie Pipkin, Wn „ Jea A. Middleton Woods and the honoree. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! Newlyweds Honored At Shower At Chapel Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sullivent, n.ewlyweds, were honored v.'Ith a shower Wednesday night at 8 oc?.ock at the recreation room of the Locust Street chapel. ,Mrs, Sullivent is the former Miss Marguerite McCr.»cken. Games were played and re- fr'jshnients served. Guests were Messrs, and Mesdames Jimmy SulUvent, Fred Gentry, J. L. Sullivan, Cortez Lack, Miss Eugenia Faye Bishop, S. L. South, Hubert Sullivan, Herschel Griffin, Hazel and Frances Sullivan, Jean Mc- LauriD and Ruby Mauldin. »,^. endirl _ E __ gifts were Mr - and Mia, George Uobarts and Patsy, and Misses Mary Mauldin and Lois Null and a Mrs. Duckworth. Miss Clara Pratt Is H-D Club Speaker "A frame garden will prolong the season for fresh vegetables and start the season with two months of vegetables before the main garden comes to production," Miss Clara Pratt county home demonstration agent, told members of the Arnett-Benson Home-Demonstration club at their meeting Thursday with Mrs. J. E. Reid 2615 Elm street. "The frame should be made of 12 inch planks and the cloth cover that protects the plants should be made of a thin grade of muslin," the speaker stated. The club voted to buy defense bonds with money in the treasury Papers were .given-by Mesdames L. Vannoy, Roy Wells and C. O White. Other members were Mesdames Ed Holcomb, Bryan Landers, C, C Heatley, A. R. Pendley, J. B Wages and Leon Rasco. New members were Mesdames G W Monk, J R Kemp, W. A. Reed" and Leo Saffell. Mrs. A. S. Meinecke Is Club Hostess Klever Kraft Klub members met as guests m the home of Mrs. A. S. Meinecke, 3115 Nineteenth street, Thursday. Mrs. J. H. Cone was a guest. v o ; were Mes- C. N. Wood, James Samson, E. A. Tipton, W. E. Humphries A - B- Brown, Gordon Flenniken M £' Tp 3 ^ 16 ' C " H ' Hurmence B !?*• J° ste 5' C " M - Chandler, Jo Baldndge A. L. Scoggin and J C. Reynolds. fnrs for the club March 5. Luncheon Bridge Club Meets In To I ley Home Mrs.- J. H. Hankins entertained for members of . the Thursday Luncheon Bridge club Thursday m the home of Mrs. Pebble Talley, 1510-B Avenue- M. Mrs. E. T. Pope scored high Others', attending were Mesdames W. B. Irvin, W. W. Rix, Fred n n T e ^^- W - Stoner ^ d - and Miss Delia Wilkinson. Becton Blue Bonnet Club Has Meeting. The Becton Blue Bonnet club met th ls week at the Becton school building for a regular business meeting and for instructions in knitting. Miss Mona Reefer, assistant home demonstration agent w ?s m charge. The next meeting will be held March 4 Miserable With A HEAD COLD? Just try 3.purpo»e Va-tro-nol up each nostnl. It (1) shrink swollen Imon- branes, (2) soothes irritation, and (3) helps clear cold-clogged ^TA nasal passages. Pol- JiM*^ low the complete di- «l*K*^)J^t rections in folder. VA-TRO-NOL lef this MEDICATED Cream help heal externally-caused hlemishes D ON'T "cover up" t poor com- pifxion! And don't think there'* "nothmgyoucaado"aboutexrern«lly- ewsed pimplw, ugly chapped lipj in<?, rough, dry skin! 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Others chosen were: Mrs. M. E. Hilburn, vice regent; Mrs. Raymond Allen, secretary; Mrs. R. T. Bucy, treasurer; Mrs. Floyd BpaJl; historian; Mrs. C S Mast, chaplain; Mrs. Robert W. Wright, librarian; Mrs. Clyde F. Elkins, registrar and Mrs. Robert J. Allen, parliamentarian. Mrs. O. D. Hargis, retiring regent, presided. A patriotic program was presented. • Hostesses with Mrs. Dingus for a tea hour were Mesdames Ernest Manning, W. C. Rylander and Patton. Amiga Club Is Doing Work For Red Cross Red Cross work was done from 2:30 to 6 o'clock Thursday afternoon by members of the Amiga club in the home of Mrs. C. P Cox, 2001 Ninth street. Members were Mesdames A. C. Sanders, W. A. Terrell, W. S. Cathey, R. R. Holmes, S. A. Beard, R. D. Cole and J. A. Barton. Mrs. G. E. Knight, was a visitor. Mrs. Cole will be hostess to the club March 5 Six whole cloves and a crushed bay leaf added with the other seasonings to a cooking pot roast give a new flavour. Children To Attend Fun Social Tonight Children between 5 and • M years of age are invited to attend a fun night to be held at the Com- munif.y Center, Sixth street, and Avenue B, tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock. Hosts will be Lieut. Fred H. Sanner and the social leaders of the Salvation Army, assisted by Mesdames A. M. Cow- dr^y, Fairy Kelt, and H. A. Beaty, City WPA recreational leader*. Pla-Mor Club Meets In Morrison Home ' Pla-Mor forty-two club members met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. John Morrison, 2021 Tenth street. Ten members and two guests attended. The club will meet with Mrs. B. E. Needles, 1811 Eighth street, March 4 at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. C. G. Bell Wins High At Club Meeting Mrs. C. G. Bell scored high at the Las Amigas club meeting Wednesday held with Mrs. C. -C. Jones, 2309 Seventh street. Mrs. A "Rex Smallin scored low. ^f Mrs, Dow Small, 2335 Nineteenth street, will be hostess Feb. 25 at 2:30 o'clock. 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