The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 25, 1975 · Page 19
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August 25, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 19

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1975
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

348 KAWASAKI'S < Offer Expires Aug. 31 Z1B 900, $2250 H2C 750, $1570 -HIF 560 $1199 S3A 400, $940 SIC 250, $749 0ri«» en «v«ry model Jporti intf fortljn Can Did Autei far Silt 360 UutjAutot for StU MO |Ut* Auto* for Salt 360 Uurf Autoi for Silo 360 iffipAiAlRT teWV^l'SSSSP CORVAlR tOLLECtORS ym*JFL&JLmm» iew Hansen Dodge City ' jruH „ ta-ij-- ' aevenno, VT ton, —' convertible Do you need a Priced riant. 277. GRAN TORINO frith f OmltO Vim . n ••». 2 door nardtpp. Ful ', air. Roil clean. $150. 2t2- IMPALA WAGON FT Rally '«? I tnd. Pinion, power wes MPG, WATTERS AUTOLAND PLYMOUTH '69 •.eodrunner, 4 speed transmission, rodlo, $895 DES MOINES MAZDA oath end Hlekmen 27MTO ?.MFY* 1M7 Window Van with 1»71 J» engine, finished interior, on now tires, mechanically excellent, if. ne«d« point, 1300 or offer. JSS- TOM, VTf, J* WyOTf 0>J rlfit BWITVV (HLMd tltro cor*. $77 end up #>ff«riif mpale, 3V. power ifoerfnt, m toed best offer. MS-OU7 Norton-Husqvarna LINCOLN, 1972 MARK IV EAT NICE CARI Dave Ostrem VT wi impaia. v-», BUT*. c, low, miles, new. tiro$, Ful F2 sport LOMon* coupe, PS.PB, rMJols, eKreo. •ek .vinyL top. Exfro 6rond"Prlx nice Mutt ton. tlooo, M fljcwiriow MW rodlols tjpd anowi, RACER'S DEN HRYSLER 71 NEWPORT AMC '74 Hornet Hatchb'k fcSVllrtdor. *speed, one owner, low mliot, $M«. _^ Stew Hansen Oodgo City Sales, servteo, U Niohtsorvlet ., Sumner-Ramsey Pontiac NEW 1975 I&WASAKI'S BEST PRICES -IN IOWA CM TRAOeORIUYI MiTtorow aunt JW4. •roro* wllti >owor, tin oMo. with sunroof, rodlo. Don's Honda USA 1970BUICK Li SABRE •4 door lode*. Jurhonyd'aV ROAD BIKES woltlret. WAS $1400 TODAY*1199 KTTS CADILLAC, INC. ONN'TILViOO i«oi LOCUST aaa-OM» w.-, :. ARVIS HONDA TOWN MOTORCYCLE CLEARANCE SALE jrt a l or, legal. $3» newish, $795 o» li, rune good, Executive CARS Honda 175, o* li, run* oPod, Awnl, Used Honda Sale idoi AA H '75 CHRYSLER NEWPORT 4 DOOR Power flooring, power brokei. Air Cerrfttonlng, vinyl roof. toavtiM Maroon with Con- traiHng top. Current Iht Price. umw. Corlielo't Urgjol Ch Carlislt Lorso felectlon of late model Hondai solo priced. AflATHEWS HONDA *loWo'« Oldoit Hondo .ompleto engin han 2000 mliei. V UST ARRIVbD CB 750 F — 'H MIKA CYCLE "RANCH W3 RAOEYODR BIKE FOR SNOWMOBILE NOW LYNN'I (Slnco QWJ.1WO E Unlv ClOMd Evenlnos 352 VI, J-K>eed, Rum end looki Exhiuit fxtroetore $4J,M BREESE Imported Parts, Inc. Mlah )U.I*M Stew Hansen Dodge City FORD '75.LTD Londeu, .lllyer, rodloli, olr, crulio control, AM- jlereo, 11,000 miles. Original Olking $5200. 319-35U764 r't. RT, Used Autoi for Sale 360 Dirt A«tM fdr Ml MO Sports and | Custom-Modified,Foreign Cars 350J Antiques, Equipment and Servifi-s J A|,FA ROMEO Sales, Service and Parts FRIEDMAN TOYOTA ltd. Ml t- AST LOCUST 2I3-0144 AUDI WI4, $un .roof, .10* mm 10" : ORD 1974 GaTaxle ~MO 4 door. " ar steering, Power brakes, L»». CRDlrpI- .^Conditioning. CADILLAC, chrome wire C •«, full power, t now .not run. $2M or belt LUB VAN '73. $ paisen- ven. low mllei. jew- $MW. D '62 4 DR. SEDAN Auto. Extra claan. $275. 2M-I974 _ID, air, cower, auto* steer belted radial*, IS. 279-1194. *polloro front end rear, lng-aolng over. extra clean, or best otter. 244- D 1»73, Cu»lom 500, 4 door, automatic, olr, power fleering, :loon, $1»50. 22JM/B. EVY 1W7 coupe,.* CVM to appreciate. Sell or trade. - inable offer. Seri .374-2491 evenl ays, '57, 327, .00, custom ' &^ys&jsysKSr t Van, 1»70, carpeted akers, runs good. 7 Galaxie 2 dr. HT. . R door dan. t1300 ; . ^ First el everything. " ' invested. Just married. First $700 takes everything. Call at- Fer i PM 319-267-?010, AN 1970. 300 laries Club 515-292-5071 Ames. CH6V 1937 Coupe, from end, 301 Chev 4 door hardtop, 3 speed l!j,.22S-711i. d. Good shape. MOO automatic 255-1598 LTK CHEVY 1953 Va Ton Pickuo, Part. . S300 or offer. ly restored, sharp ............ • Fox, Air. 'Only 't!fIeT$TJO MallbU '69, 350, POW , - r best offer. 277-5893 ow mllas. tS.OOO. 276-6458 IEVELLE '66. 4 iflc,. ve.ry_ good, cond CHEVY 402, 1500 miles on recent , overhaul. »700 or best offer. 277- specfed.' $400 "oV"best"o«e T ri' 27». 75, loaded with ex 5300. 265-7282. 1964 4 door. Factory air*. 79-0545. PORSCHf/AUPI Mia N.E. 14th 2«»-753« CHEVELLE '67. Good shape. Ex- headers, Ansons. mil, 1.22. S3300. 319" jR6 '«» Gal. MO, 4 dr. Iht green, I auto., PS, cold air. ,000 mil. Runt perl. Extra :lean. Inspe. $175. 266-0471 or 2«541* '68 TraveUII. V-8, 4 speed, runs great. 5300. 225-6585. ']3Chevrolet.....S2I95 Mcdibu Coup*, automatic traniniiiion, radio, lactorx air conditioned, power iltcring, powar broket, vinyl tool. '73 Chevrolet.....$2495 Vega Hatchback, 4 ipood tranimiiiian, radio. '73 Oldsmobile,..l3995 Toronado, automatic tranunit' iton, radio, factory air conditioned, vinyl reel, M power. '73 Mercury. (3295 Montaga MX Coupe, automatic Irammiulon, radio, factory air conditioned, powor liter- Ing, powar brakai, vinyl roof. '720ldsnobile...t2695 Taronodo, aulomalic Vgnimi*- lion, radio, factory air candi- tlonad, powvr itMring, powar brokaf, vinyl roof. '72 Chrysler ,V2295 Newport loyal 4 door, automatic trantmiition, radio, factory oir conditioned, power Hewing, powtr farakei, vinyl roof. 42]«M«rUHuyld. 274-JJOl Q«HMoe,,We«,Th»ViM look, M., lot. '« t. NWtt f reek i Nm Wrvke'« li« THRUN (FUN) CHEVROLET Specials For The Week 75 Olds Sfarfir«..$AVE 74 Monte Carlo..$4488 '74 Vega H.B $2488 74 Firebird 6 cyl.$3488 74 Camaro LT. Cpe $AVE 74 Olds C.S. Cpe. $4388 74 Ford Sta Wag. $3886 73 Mali. Cpe. A-C.$2988 73 Laguna Cp A-C$3088 73 Pont. Gran. ..$3388 LOOK PONTIACS 74 FIREBIRD VI, automatic, power steerlnt, power..braxes, power windows, t\r, AM-FM stereo, vinyl roof. 73 GRAN AM itr steertne, oew«r teats vheel, cruise, VI, automotle, pow«i power brakes, air, P,.. power windows, nit wheel vinyl roof. 73 LEAAANS Sot. Cp«. VI, automatic, power sreerlno, power brakes, air, vlnv 73 Olds Toronado 3888 73 Nova HB $2988 73 Monte Carlo... $3488 73 Nova 2 dr....$2888 73 Pinto Sta. Wg.$2188 72lmp4drA-C..J 72 Gran Torino Cp $2488 72 Malibu Cpe...$2488 72 Duster $1988 72 Chev Im 4d ht. $2388 72 Chev Imp 4dr.$2188 70 Ford Sqr.S.W..$1788 '69 Camaro AT PS.$1788 '68 Ford Wagon.... $988 THRUN (FUN) CHEVROLET 0(1 The, Hill MtajAST GRAND Choico of f-1969 MERCURY OR BUICK •Mtt 4 door*. Fully owilppotf. $t»5 HUNTER 10 CARS UNDER $250 TONY'S AUTO SPORTS 1759 E. GRAND * PHONE 266-1212 BRAND N t W I V / S MUSTANG - SALE! 70 GRAN PRIX °ntic, power iteerlno vinyl roof. Ex ceptlortelly clean car. Gary Lilly YOUR DES MOINES VOLKSWAGEN DEALER "Guaranteed Service" 171 Ittt St.. WDM 255-3121 WE FINANCE 71 Chav. Kingsw'd $2395 « potuntor, PS, PB, fae- ', erulee, now radial tlrei lOW fTmMi '68 Dodge % ton $1095 4 speed. Extro clean. 73 Honda tail L lo, Ilko new. 'Lb'S USED CARS '72 Vega 2 dr $1488 JOHN CLARK MOTORS 70 Old$ Delta cpa.$1988 'M Qgp"* ,"<"»»• "Jf- AT. **< •ir\ CA.J c.. e til • i ^BB *• c r)ov. Impelo Wot, newljt ioeeitt<**«»** BQT; 'a^S^ Iff pickup V* ton. Auto. r * IW L-ton.4,peod. ton. 4 wheel drive. llo^o^lMBOiV IM^KPI POtTWSSAll EXAMkHls '75 MACHI Vt. A«(0. MANY IX- T1A$. l«T NKI—I4N0. SALE ATTHE8ION OFTHICATI '74CHEYROLEU44K UOWA court '74CHEVROIET.JM795 MONTI CARLO 'I3CHEVIOIEU2895 UMPAUCOUN :'73CHEV«OIEU1W5 • VtOACOUPIAirtoMMe '72CHEWOIEU2395 CAPMCI4Door i wnEnoLETjnns e CAMAtOCOUNA/C '73 DODGE— $3495 CrlAKOM 70PONTUC. m ..$26K UMANSCOUPI AUTOMATIC . OtVElllOWl JMO-TOWNMOTOM <ee««***>*<***« ••••••••* $30(j MONACOS-CORONETS $200 Darts-Pickups-Vans STEW HANSEN'S DODGE CITY "Extra Coro for Our Customer*" 2103 Ingersoll 2431900 UCfNM. oo«eeeeeeee*»e«*ee '75 CHRYSLER COIOOBA VI, power flooring, power hrokei. Air Conditioning, •>- cWr« Yelow color with o con- ttejMlni Mock Top end Interior. Current Uu Prke So4t7.IO. NOW VVVJ fyUPMCIPtmTMAMO UCfNM. '75 PLYMOUTH OR AN FURY 4 doer, HcrdM*>, VI, automatic, power Meering, power fcrekei. Air Conditioning, lovely ChoMnut Color with match' Ing top and interior. Currant Uit Prke 16412. NOW 4093 fUUPMCi PIUS TAX AND ee«oee*ee«*»<**»** '75 PLYMOUTH FURY 9PT. WAGON V pouenger, VI. oulomotic, power iteerlng, power broke*. Air. K'pyilt rock, leoutiful red with Wood Groin panting, and all vinyl infwiar. Current Litt Price tcV480. •••••••••Ik, f iinriMi OILCHANOIS WITHTHI PURCHASIOP ANY NEW CHRYSLER, OR PLYMOUTH •RANONfW'75 CHRYSLER NEWPORT 4 DR. CQUIPKD WITHi Automo- Ik, Power Stoerlna and Brottf, MCTORV AIR CONDITIONING, Tinted Gfcni, Ramote Mirror, AM Rodie, WSW Steel left Rodiol Tlrat, Wheel Covert. liST PRICE SM09.0S 3% '4498* ^littliailaii difviliw Corporetton Mokoto. '300 CASH REBATE ON ANY NEW CHRYSLER, FURY 0« OR AN FURY 200 HIM '4995 ftUi TAJCAHO FRIEDMAN MOTORS Chrytlar - Plymaoth 900 IAST LOCUST 311-7291 CASH tUATI ON ANY NEW VALIANT, DUSTII, SCAMP arVOVAOH * * * * PAYMINT IN CAIN i UPON PURCHASI NO WAITINOi i HOLIDAY 74Covf.XI.7..$4495 74Mwt.Madi..|339S 73 Cly Squirt... $J795 730otox.500..$3793 72Galax500...$2695 72Nova2dr....$2493 70l«l«k $1393 70Mallbu.,..,....$199S 'Wlmpolo 41395 '69MtrcWafl.,,.$1199 '6IMonU fl o. $195 '6IOalaxi« $1095 '65C«rvalr $595 TkoM Ptai MM/More FiM Only at Oawoy'o o)« yaw ••» Hi* 4f hour 100% manay back rtfiMol an any Mao) car ar truck wa tall/ H nat oatUt lao). SoffNMo«.ThrvM.'t«t • faftrfc • 4710Morlo Hoy ••••••••••••I DEWEY FORD r/ir Little Profit Dealer OftN MON **1D IMtJHi lilt V HM lut S I Ml SAI IIU 0 HM High Hi-Sal* Volo«—Chock Prlcoil GRAND PRIX •rM«tM«v'7S '4999 IRANO NiW 75 EQUIPKD WITH, Foclory Air Conditioning, radio, tlool betted radiali, deluxe wheel coven, clock, bucket toon, Turbohydramatic, power Hearing, power due broke*, bumper strips, 18 mpg V-8, high-energy ignition, plus o» the Grond Prix standards. Stock No. 937. Or choose from 17 others comparably priced. PONTIAC PEUGEOT 4th & Keo Fair Dealing Since 1946 282-0461 SUMNER-RAMSEY DnMotnMRegMtr . 2S. If ' ANTIQUE DIRECTORY In the Oc«Mo!n«T Sunday Register September 7th. IJgQastedl Antique Dealers: Reserve space in this statewide directory today! Call 284-8141 in DCS Moines; 800-36M836toll free elsewhere in Iowa. Und Autoi for Silo 360 MONACO BROUGHAM 4 DOOR, Automatic, Power iteering and Brak.i, FACTORY AIR. CruiM Contrel, Sptt Seoti. ONLY 7,000 MIIIS, Still IN WARRANTY. Oreon wMi WMte Vinyl reel. •-IP CWVtOltT VIOA ihlSTATI WAGON, I V AM and 'M •S199 CHtVROilT RINOS* WOOD STATION WAGON, 400-V»e» Wili-to-Wall CIEWAHCE SUE! wntHw TtfllMltOildtwt •ODD ITD 4 Door. (4499 ITD 4 deer. V4. outemHt ••we? krakei. Stock No. 1M-1." /'I rOfOtM Itte a oW hardtop. V-l, «v • TRUCKS rol, r*iyt roof. Stock No.f-eM-1. 79ClMvrolet..,.$3M9 Imfete 2 oW hardtop. V-l. aw 11O INTENNATIONAl / 4 SCOUT II, 4 Wheel • V drive, factory 0* <en- 71 D08f •*•••««• 92095 Dart 2 door hardtop. V-l, ow ,power iteetlng, vinyl roof. Stock NO.M4-J. 70 fo Torino GT J door hardtop, V4, )*|ACN|VROilT20MR' / / »$ IIAUVUU I/ L PASMNOf*. Dvol loctory otr conolllonoQli po«er itewlng. power Brake*. StodiNo.OM-1. 99 rOra«u«MMN>91999 t, V4. au. CNtVtOUTtiTON. , power steering, tee iMs om. Stock No. 1)44-1. AT METRO FORD . . Business Is Good! Hero's a few reasons why 74 Cougar XR7, kxidtd $4430 74Vtga $2075 74 El Comino, auto, pi $3350 73 Mwc. Cdony Park Wagon, loadod. 73 Fury III 2 dr, air $2150 72 Chov Wagon, air $1850 71 Mont* Carlo, low milts, air $2475 71 Charger SE,oir $1975 71-Fury III 4 dr, air $1450 71 Skylark Coupt, oir.... $1875 71 Ford Torino, 4 door $1475 SU ONI Of OW COWTIOUS SALISMIN • HI m*9 m muuM • UN SOWM • nawtm»»mmm • IMIMNT 71 More. Marquit, loaded $ 1975 70 Toronado, loaatd $1575 Alto Qood Supply ofPltkupi There's Always a Good Buy at METRO FORD & INGfRSOLl BRAND NIW'75 AMC GREMLINS IWiipMtf wrrh Hi* ICONOMV CHAMP 30 MPG big ••cyllnolejr •rifln* IM rated higher than all •then. NOW FROM ONLY 'JOCIwidr.air $995 More or Less '] I Tiyita twpi iMb '(8 Impaia (495 '70 fvi Mmrick $895 '68 luick Wagon )695 $W i995 J995 'SlOUuulrill $995 Do$Moino$AMCa»dJECP Midweit'i largtit Dealer '68 Oodje Wagon $695 '67 Ford Mustang )795 '{6 Dodge pickup $495 '65 Buck $495 SAlfSHOUIS Mon.-Wod.-Thort. til 9 i., f rl-/ Sat. tfl 6 Ph. 288-2231 201 EAST LOCUST Sf BVICE HOURS 7 .-OO AM-1:30 AM Monday thru Friday

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