The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 21, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1951
Page 8
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JACOBY ON BRIDGE .-.^^^^^^^^^^^^·^^·····ML- ·^····^a^^a^i^^^^i^"^*"""""""^^^^^^^^"TM )nly Expert Play lade This Hand NORTH 4 A Q J I 4 * VK8 · K JACOBY ON CANASTA WEST () 4K-108I V J 7 5 4 J 5 2 * 9 4 2 BAST 4 5 3 ¥104 * A Q 1 0 7 4 $ SOUTH 4 ? 2 V A Q 9 S I * West Pass Pass Pass Pass + 65 Nortfe-Sowth vwt Nortfc, Ba«t 1+ -14 I V 2 4 Pass 3 V 3 4 Pass 4 V Pass' Pass Opening lead--· 2 fey OSWALD JACOBY ·Written For NBA Service 1 There were several traps and Jpitfalls in the hand shown to- Iday, but South managed to thread Ibis way safely through all of them, llf South haci "oeen less expert at I managing the play, perhaps his (partner would have been less ag- Igressive in the bidding. fc West openec the deuce of dia- Ihonds, and East won with the ace. I East then returned the four of ·hearts--not the best defense. I South carefully took this trick lin his own hand with the queen lof hearts in order to try the spade I finesse at once. When that sue- 1 ceeded he cashed the ace of spades land led a third round of spades I from the dummy. I East hopefully stuck in the ten lof hearts, but South did not make I t h e mistake of over-ruffing. Instead he discarded a diamond. · "' East had to return a diamond. I making dummy ruff with the king | of hearts. Declarer could now safely ruff a fourth round of spades, cash the ace of hearts, and [give up a heart trick to Wests jack Nothing could prevent de- .clarer from reaching dummy with the ace of clubs in time to discard his remaining club on the last spade. Neatly played by South, to be I sure, but not the best defense. If fcast returns a diamond at the sec- fond trick, it is all misery and floundering for poor South. Declarer must ruff the second diamond in the dummy. What | next' The best shot is to try for an extra spade trick by laying down the ace and then the queen of spades. (South would do "better if he started the clubs, but he cannot know that.) West takes the king of spades and returns a club. If declarer i ries a club finesse, East wins and leturns a diamond to make dummy ruff with the king. That sets up a trump trick for West as fourth defensive trick. Nor does it help declarer to go up with dummy's ace of clubs. He must then try to cash the jack of spades, but East ruffs with the ten of hearts and the jig is up. FINISH CANASTA FOR FAST OUT By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service "What is the correct play in this situation?" asks an Ann Arbor correspondent. "It was the first deal of a game, so both sides needed only 50 points for the initial meld. The dealer turned up a red three, freezing the pack. The next up-card was a five. I drew from the stock pile and then held: K-K-K 7-7-7 6-6 5-4 2-2. "I decided that my hand was well-suited to playing for a fast out but was not much good for a long struggle for the pack. Hence 1 melded the three kings and one deuce, and discarded the five. "The next player discarded a six, and my partner drew from the stock. He then added two kings to my meld and also put down three tens and three nines. He onded his play by discarding a Slack three. "The next player made a sale discard, and 1 drew a five from the stock. My hand was: 7-7-7 6-6 5-4-2 "What should I have done?" The best play is to add the deuce to the kings, completing a canasta. Next, meld the three sevens. End your play by discarding the five. Your first meld announced thai you wanted to play for a fast out rather than compete for the frozen pack. Your partner enthusiastically accepted the invitation by melding eight cards from his hand. The chief question is whether or nol to use your own deuce .to complete the canasta. If you hold the deuce, you will be out as soon as you draw a six a king, or another wild card; or as soon as your partner completes the canasta for you. If you use the deuce to complete the canasta you will be out as soon as you draw a six or another wild card. In other words, putting down the deuce hurts you very little. There are five kings already; in sight, so you don't Have a very big chance to draw another in the near future The advantage of melding the deuce is that your partner may be out as soon as the canasta is made for him. That is very likely to be the meaning of his enthusiastic meld, and you must not spoil his chances for the sake of improving your 'own. Mr. Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta from readers. However, he will include the most frequently asked questions in his column. Gen. George C. Kenney ARTHRITIS, R H E U M A T I S M DRIVE--Maryland's annual drive to aid victims of arthritis and rheumatism started on "Tuesday evening when General George C Kenney met at a dinner meeting with a group of local business leaders. General Kenney, who is cochairman of the drive of the National Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, was commander of Allied Air Forces in the Pacific during the last war. Clarence W. Miles was chairman of the committee which organized the meeting. Assisting him were Chester F. Hockley, Charles P. Crane. Walter F. Perkins. Dr. George E. Bennett, William C. Purnell and Benjamin H. Griswold. A sum of $50.000 will be sought in Maryland. $30,000 Of it in Baltimore. The campaign will last until December 15. Jacksonville. HI. 60 years P.RO. Stuart A. Rice of the Bureau of .he Budget. Washington, noted sociologist and statistician, born Wadena. Mich., 62 years ago. Today's Horoscope Today gives a studious mind, comprehensive and delighting in the ;ijf»her problems of life and science, and disposed toward literature or mathematics. The life appears to be sedentary and monetary returns may be slow in coming, but they appear to be pretty certain, though probably coming late in life. CBS SIGNS ACTRESS ·MEW YORK, Nov. 20 (/P)--The signing of Ginger Rogers to a Long-term, exclusive contract was announced today by the CBS television network. The amount involved was not disclosed but was reported to be close to one million dollars. Miss Rogers, currently starring in the Broadway play "Love And Let Love." will star in a half- hour weekly program starting in April of next year. Calls On Car Owner* To Watch Snow And Sleet BALTIMORE, Nov. 21--All motor vehicle owners in the state were called upon today by th* Maryland Traffic Safety Commission to join in a "mutual defente pact" against the danger-filled attack* oC snow, sleet and ice to be launched soon by Old Man Winter. "If we are adequately prepared for the early phases o( the annual battle with this ancient foe. we stand a better chance of completing the entire cold season without casualties." Paul E. Burke, chairman, said. "Most car owners feel that getting their vehicle ready fpr winter is simply a case of driving into their favorite service station, and having the lights and battery checked, oil and grease changed to lighter grade, the radiator protected with anti-freeze," he declared, adding: "That's a good start, but to put up a successful fight against the sneak attacks of Jack Frost, windshield wipers and defrosters must b« functionlnK perfectly. The NV tlorul Safety Council reports that In on# out of five fatal accidents, the driver's vision WRS obscu»'«d, and often the otacurement Is freezing rain, snow or sleet." "Brake* should be checked for siinultaneouA gripping, tires should be kept at normal pressures, and anti-skid chains should b« carried 'or quick use whenever severe snow and ice conditions develop." Return of synthetic rubber tires. which skid and spin more on Know or Ice, make tire chains more important for avoiding accidents and .rtffic delays on even relatively slight grades during bad weather." Rfeputed Trigger Man J.s Ordered To Leave NEW YORK, Nov. 20 (£)·--Albert Anastasia, reputed trigger man of the old Murder, Inc., mob, reportedly has been ordered to get out of town or face gangland .execution. The New York Anti-Crime Committee, in a report today, said the high court of the underworld passed sentence on Anastasia--after reprieving him from death. The committee said Anastasia, a shadowy figure on New York's ·favaterfront. was accused of working a "double cross" of some unspecified nature with racketeer Willie Moretti. Both were marked for death, the committee said, and Moretti was shot and killed October 4 in a Cliffside Park. N. J., restaurant. But Anastasia apparently was tipped off, the report continued, and failed to appear at the restaurant. Instead, he entered a hospital. The Crime Committee said the ^Underworld later relented and called,off its gunmen on condition Anastasia leave town. He reportedly is arranging to go to Hot Springs, Ark., a favorite hangout of some of the nation's top gangsters. Know America Today's Anniversaries 3785--William Beaumont, famous army surgeon, St. Louis physician, whose researches into the digestive processes mark an epoch in medical annals, born at Lebanon, Conn. Died April 25, 1853. 1834--Henrietta H. R. Green, the famous Hetty Green, fabulously wealthy and eccentric woman financier, born in New Bedford, Mass. Died July 3, 1916. 1850--Isabel F. Hapgood, author, journalist, early translator from the Russian, born in Boston. Died in New York, June 26, 1928. Scout in the Apache War, stock detective, deputy sheriff, born in Missouri. Hanged at Cbeyenne for murder, Nov. 20, 1903. 1870--Mary Johnston, popular novelist of her generation, born in Buchanan, W. Va. Died May 9, 1936. 1887--Clarence L. Tinker, major- general, Hawaiian air commander, born in Kansas. Killed in the battle of the Midway, in June 1942. Today In History 1620--T h e historic Mayflower Compact signed by the Pilgrim Fathers before landing at Plymouth--by which they agreed to be governed by such rules and regulations made by common consent for the good of all. 1789--North Carolina ratifies the n e w Constitution -- the 12th State. 1859--The Grand Trunk Railroad --to Port Huron, Mich.--opens. 1893--U. S. Supreme Court rules the Great Lakes as High Seas. 1918--German war fleet--13 battleships, 6 cruisers and 40 destroyers--formally surrenders to DR. BLAKE DIES BALTIMORE, Nov. -SO--(#)--Dr. Herbert C. Blake, once state commander of both the American .Legion ana the Veterans of Foreign Vars. died at Maryland General Hospital here today. He was 69. Dr. Blake served as State commander of the American Legion in 1943 and was State commander of the VFW in 1923. He served overseas in World War I, and participated in the Meuse-Argonne campaign with the 29th division. ALLEN'S IS NOW SELF SERVICE COME IN--BROWSE AROUND SERVE YOURSELr SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW SB MUCH EASIER IT IS TO SHOP THIS NEW WAY. ALLEN'S Corner Market 2nd Sin. P A I N T I N G AND D E C O R A T I N G RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL All Work Guaranteed Property Damage Public Liability Insurance CALL 1527 E. Harp Gilbert (Formerly with Conlentz Painting A Decorating Co.) 114 W. 5th St. Puzzles Games Books Erector Sets Lincoln Logs Tinker Toys Building Blocks Mechanical Trains Lionel Trains Model Toys Handy-Andy Tool Sets Storm Ship ley THE BUSY CORNER Market fc Second Sts. phone 268 Britain's Grand Fleet, World War 1. 1922--Mrs". Rebecca Felton of Georgia serves a day as U. S. Senator--first her sex. 1944--Gen. Pattern's Third Army balked on the Siegfried Line by German guns. 1946---John L. Lewis and the United Mine Workers ordered to Federal Court to answer why they should rot be held in contempt of court for nol having called off strike as ordered. 1948--Chinese Reds warn U. S. that military aid would be aggression. 1950--Ameiican troops In Korea dig in on the Manchurian frontier. Today's Birthdays Mrs. Cecil M. Harden, Republican congresswornan from Indiana, bom Covington, Ind , 57 years ago. Harpo (Arthur) Marx, comedian- actor, born in New York, 58 years ago. Eleanor T. Powell, dancer-actress, born in Springfield, Mass., 39 years ago. Maj. Gen. David M. Schlatter of the U. S. Air Force born in Carey, Ohio. 50 years ago. Wi'lson W. Wyatt of Louisville, Ky., lawyer, onetime housing head, born in Louisville, 46 years ago. Prof. Alfred H. Sturtevanf of the California Institute of Technology. eminent professor of genetics, born Traditionally Fine... THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER MENU SERVED FROM 12:00 NOON TO S P. ML Your Choice Blue Goose Grapefruit Grenadine Blue Point Oysters Fruit Cup Supreme Chilled Apricot Necktar Consomme Double Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup Heart of Celery -- Green Olives -- Cucumber Pickles Roast Frederick County Turkey Giblet Gravy Sauerkraut Cranberry .Telly Chestnut Dressing Roast Prime Ribs of Beef au Jus Sweet Pepper Relish Baked Country Supar Cured Ham with Glared Pineapple Choice of 2 Whipped Potatoes Candied Yams Brussell Sprouts N*w Buttered Peas Mashed Turnip Sauerkraut Golden Bantam Corn Hearts of Lettuce Salad -- Thousand Island Dressing: Hot Cinnamon Buns Blueberry Muffins Assorted Rolls Pumpkin Pie Raspberry Sherbet Hot Mince Pie Cocoanul Layer Cake Frozen Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll Nesselrode Sundae Apple Pie Coffee Tea Milk $2.75 Per Person Coffee Room Wedgewood Dining Room SeStt lie? TKetel · - - 3ttarylan6 Th* N\v«, Frpdtrlck, Md., Wednesday, November ?.l, 1981 THREE Grange News Now Market Grunt* New Market Grange 362 held Its regular meeting on November 14 at 8 p. in w i t h Master L. Monroe West official ing. The Knmgc decided to send Mr. mid Mrs. L. Monroe West to the State session to be held on December 4, 5, and (5 at the Francis Scott Key Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kent were named as alternates. Entertainment c o n - sisted of piano solos, several games and group slnginx. The next meeting will be held on November 27 at . E. CL1NE SON BiRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 8 East Patrick St. Phone 355 JOIN "HOSPITAL AID, INC." Erwin £r Shafer, L Church St., Extd., Frederick, Md. Frederick U17-R get ONEY Quickly Now you can arrange a personal loan In ONE TRIP . . . often in as little as 15 minutes! No red tap« . . . no hir;h pressure . . . Just fast, frlrndly, private srrvic* you'll like. Choose your own plan and budget-flUIng; repayment ·chedule. For extra fast service, phone us In advance . . . Ev*rything: will b« ready when you com* in! RITCHIE ASSOCIATES FINANCE CORPORATION 2 East Church Street Phone 2100 which funs officer* for 1952 will bt elected. We Can Be Thankful .... that we live in a country where peace and progress are national standards ... and where we recognize that a Supreme Being is responsible for the blessings and good fortunes that have befajlen us. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 100 YEARS 1828 1%1 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MJ««, MSIH PLOWING . . Ju»t · finger-tip touch -- nnd t i g h t BOW, · F.rm.ll S«p«r-A Tractor with Touch- Control «Jo*« what you want done. Y»u command 2000 pounds of hydraulic power to rai»e the implement, fore* it into the ground or hold it »t ·nr aelxcted working depth, A full line of matched, quick-change implement!--direct-connected and forward-mounted--fit* the Farmall Super-A to do a lUt of job* ai long »« your arm--to do every power job for TM whatever crop* you, HUM. No tue* Iceland adopted Christianity in the year 1,000. Ic«i wheel*, !«*«·*, or excess weight, on these low-cost implements--and they are easily interchanged, in minute*. Tbc Fatmall Super-A it built to power the diversified farm of up to 80 mete*, or be the second tractor on the larger acreage. The Farmall Super-A pulls » one-bottom plow, cultivates one row of com or cotton and up to four vegetable row*. You can do effective conservation farming with the Super-A and matched equipment. A*k H* all about it. 33-35 (SOUTH MARKET ST. SAM MILLER'S Army Shoe* and Sllppern.... $2.98 Army Fatigue rants....J1.50-$2.98 New Work Shoes f4.»8 Army Khaki Pants Shlrta, $1.98 I)r«sK Work Slippers $4.98 New Army Khaki PanU $3.45 T-Shirts 49c House Faint gal. $1.98 Maytag Makes Your Dollar Go Furrtierl L*w Coitl l»w Upkopl T H I M A Y T A O CHItFTAIN. Ewy t « r m n -- l i b « r « l tr«Ho-in. Vim« to $129.95 today. BETTER HOMES EQUIP. CO. 15 E. Patrick St. Phone 700 "#·- H. C. SUMMERS, Jefferson, Md., Phone Frederick 276-.T-J MERCER JONES * SONS, Dickerson, Md., Phone Buckeystown 314 FARM EQUIPMENT CENTER, Thurmont, Md., Phone Thurmont 420] MONROVIA SUPPLY CO., Monrovia, Md.. Phone New Market 2441 H. B. DUVALL, Frederick, Md., Phoiw Frederick 1756 USE OUR LAYAWAY PUN S I N G E R SEWING CENTER 11 North Market St. KEY CHEV. SALES. INC. WINTER IS ROUGH ON YOUR CAR! DENTS AND SCRATCHES ON YOUR CAR'S FENDERS OR BODY WILL RUST THROUGH UNLESS REPAIRED PROPERLY. 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Patrick It Pfcontt 3681 SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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