The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

P ace FOURTEEN. FRTDAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1924 OUR BOARDING MOUSE B 'JaiN HERE TODAY : nine uud i-sUti> of Itimrlan Itiiyttur. 1 HnvMor i.« r..un,i snot j It properly n ml com fort- : UiimiKii Hi- in art in Hi" "inly nlily for Ills son and Ills sifter, It i nliiK 'in Hi" Ilnnr nf tin.' mill t -.imn "f I |,, rt KnIM ||v k IHII to ' (lrilllHlmwi! '• s,:;;;,n;, K ''i»: r ';ir.. ":".•„.'jr;:;!i.wto «,«hou^i.oi.i s «-i In hunil. Is "_VI:« •••••till 1'lnl. y, fm imr i viints. nntl was 111 nil rcsperts n| . .. ill), in I nf Itnvnnr'o tt If". Nim Tilrl.M, JSu% imr'.s liln.H. , nil* l-> Hi-- liHht twili-ti. 'fli'ti Niinrv; Her liri.lln l'. invlll" Ki'iil: Kzra I;IW|. il.U'll. IriiM.l |,|' Kml 'V, .Mi.-*-; Malt).', lla.Mint'i, Msii-r. anil otlH-r.i, .'Mt.-r til" riinni. Linn,.'! liayiinv, .son uf hi.u^laM llayiior ).;.• lifM j)i.l>)};iK''. .•inili'K In irlnlni Ills fathil'M "Hlat". Nur«.> Turner rnnfr; s.vs tn a11 "iliptlllt; ti) ltniion I •'•uplan Ktty;i*.t f,>c i-vcm:". tVTint»K- lull Wlsr, a ."l.'liriiti ,1 (li-hatt lv,-. mi'l '/.izl. his yili aM ^lHlaiit. arc i u!|.-tl to lal," Hi" .a*- out ,.f (Jir NIMUIK "1 l|"I"CtU" 1 ii,l,hiiit. /.j/t iliF ^ui^, K h< i .-» H n M a Mii.^t anil /:>.i -s into th" Mtiii- '-(illuitw l.iori.t Kai in.rV riKitn M.- i" i -ailly ,fl'lKllt"li"il. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY llr->ili /iiiK I I IP nouil for htiKto, Ii'.il Iter siilijiirt Iipromc ton Kutlnfloil of iii* Mifcty, slm iimrinurcil "If yiyl arn ri ^ht— IT you lire r.-ady to do rlgUi —to roston; tin 1 v. ill—the will -Mir will—" &von us sin- \vhis[ii'i'i?(l tin- words, l<nmv Ion' ruse hail smvt.odcid. she hart Already .sized uji Lionel Rnynor aa no villain at Peart; she. vns convinced that, liu lititl Riip- ;.res^ed the will because of n .iud- len greed nnd liecaus(> of the opportunity afforded him by the peeir far conditions of (he case. More satisfactory will—to all concerns —-iinlnsw an exception might be tntnle. of Lionel. CIIAI'TKR XVI1. One More Confession. It was no secret that the detective Dobbins .trad no friend of Pennington Wise. The local sleui.h was jealollR. » Hm y.izl had a notion that there was yruiietiiliiK lo lie gained by a judicious ipiizzinK of liohblns, and with her feminine tnct she flattered him until lie. was ready to tell her anything he knew. To Im sure. It wasn't much, httt Dobbins had been on the case from (lie beginning and be tnlKht bavfi scraps uf Information that might be of value. "I think," '/ill said to Mm. ,ia she found him in the sun room, (tailtiK at the still visible print, of I lie overshoe, "I think, with you, .Mr. Ihiiililni. that (lie whole secret rests on that footprint." "Yes—yes—it does—it does, I'm sure. But how to get nt It—that's the thliiR." "I suppose you've raked the shoe shops hereabout!!," l»CLfc AMO& V1ITU BILL LVIjKl Mi' WE Urf ME 00 TU 'cMlO. ftO' 1 c -Crt" ^At> AlJ' Wrf rttM BACK 0K> HIS IJOSE. "i me! 1 DO tJoT ^POROVL-; of Q-n?ee-r SP?AVOL<»,- &"flLL, 1 AM VWOUD CPr VOO TDK 1 P'.G H TPULW DEPeiODlkJG VOL >??SELF!- ARE FliSVlT &we! ~>"T^S l^-TUE Plk\G POS-TvJRE I aser> nj-rae OLP BASE VCvJOCKLE PAVS WUEU I BEAT " T HE UM E H O OGE , BULLV, "(3AtJGPL «MJ< J MOOSAVJ" f ^ »T U)Ev5T ] f 10 WCHjlJDS BEFORE H E-> O 7T- "Ttt OMLMfHlMG ME EVgR'5fTt?DCK, VOAC, A V>OSE . Look; AT U IM,' BALBOA O5C0VERIM6 -W PACIFIC i»)lTH OtJE EVE J. -TrtKrc ,lH' ^ VJfcV UE OU-W'TOoiJ -r BOOB VlHEvl HE^ LOCKEP jver, she knew he truly thought j "Oh, yes—but that could bring i drug fiend he was just about im- "They all saw her—Mrs. Raylior ; possible to live with." Mr. Fluley. MI SB Itaynor—why, all "Hut—If you nrirue that. Mrs. 1 of them saw her in the doorway—" Itaynor killed him impulsively— j "Yes—but that was after the I after a quarrel or after he had i shot. Why couldn't she have fired j njiuscd her beyond all limit, t mlsht | the revolver, dropped it, ami then Clean clot-hes feel warmer than soiled ones. Lewis Cleaners. Fhone 1355. ll-lt)t "1 THINK, Mlt. noiiUlNS, THAT THE WHOLK KBfJKK 'i UN TUB I'OOTPIUNT." that Nancy Unytior had killed his father and believed that therefore she had no right to the inheritance. out nothing. Itubbers are all alike —and I couldn't find any shoe dealer who had sold rubbers to Hut she knew, too. that be was i any members of this family or any frightened and apprehensive at jut the servants litely. Most like- what ho had done, and that ibisi ly it was boucbt in New York ami ghostly warning would, in all proli-1 of course .it's Impossible to trace .lillity, bring about the restoration; it." .f the will. "You promise" who breathed, her •av draperies—wavering tiiroiieh "Of course, and it. would do no good to learn that rubbers had been bought. The thing is to find be air, as her hidden arms moved i fl ut what has become, of the rubber agree; but for you to say she put on the overshoes and deliberately planned the murder—it's too much to believe." "Not a bit too much. I tell you she's a deep one—she planned It most likely long before she carrier! it out—then, waited her chance." "Having the overshoes with her all the time—in readiness?" "Ob, them overshoes might have been a sudden freak—say-she ban pened to see 'em sitting around and stuck her little feet in 'em as an additional precaution." "Sounds fishy to me. What did I December 1 she do with the overshoes after- 1 •ward?" ! "Ah.,that's just it. If -we could find those—but, you see, whoever shot Haynor hid those overshoes- why, there's no doubt that the murderer wore them—the print is right near where Ryner stood, It's pointed right toward him—the shoe must have heen "on the foot of the murderer. There's no getting away from that." Just like leaving a visiting have gone to the door, and turne on the lights?" "No—no—that won't work". "Why not? It's as likely as tit- Mrs. Rnynor (lid it—or Mr. Fltilcn You must admit It as possible." Butter-KmsT [Does Not Crumble-/i Try it / * (Continued in Our Next Issue) Judge Cox to Move The office of Justice of Peace T. K. Cox will be moved from Its present location at Shcnnan I west to the McCurdy building on Safe Milk For Infant*, Invalid*. hem. and her gleaming eyes fixed j thai made this print, k can't be j ,, ar "| "•• " n !^UBHHHHHd ThUgtd him In the darkness. jibe properly of one of the' ' -j' ml exactlv. And if we can RkhMUk. Malted Grata art. in powder I promise! returned • servants-' „„,, tlle ruh hers-they may no- formimake.The Food -Drink for AllAges. And you will keep that pom se | Now, why can t it 7 K , ve uwny „ le cr lminnl-bnt I'l Digestible-No Cooking. Alight Lunch ir —the faint voice grew fainter 1 -- - ' >—•'• - -• •- -•».....•* — - - ANNOUNCING increased Bates Hutchinson to Wichita Stage New Rate St.75 Round Trip 13.00 Effective Nov. 15th WICHITA SAFETY COACH CO. Now Make Appointments for Xmas Photographs , McINTURFF STUDIO F. M. JOHNSON -"or—tomorrow night—tomorrow • any of the maids. And, too, girls ,ight—" A JU I she was gone, • don't wear rubbers nowaduys. Hut, As a matter of fact Zlzl merely ! any w-.ty. this is the print of a :,nk to the floor but it gave all tile \ man's rubber." • ffe.ct of a supernatural disappear- j "I can, and I hold that it was mice. f Douglas Haynor's rubber, and that Sho crawled to the door—which i Mrs. Haynor wore It that evening was in an alcove, and noiselessly | when she came In and. shot him, let herself out Into the dark hall.! because it would be a sort of ills- Again in her own room, she re moved her phosphorus, and powder, and slipped out of her multludinotis 'avers of fine tulle. "A wonderful frock," she said guise—a false clew, you see." "Y"ou mean she purposely put on that overshoe, and purposely made J that footprint—" "I mean just, that, miss. She's a .idmirlnglv, as she folded it care- j deep one, that Mrs. Haynor is, and. fully Into'a surprisinglv small com- | though I thought first off she was puss and laid It away. "I doubt If! trying lo poison Mr. Haynor. I see there's a better ghost effect pos-1 now she wasn't—It was that nurse sibe. That man" was literally scar- who did that. And Lord knows no always at hand. Also in Tablet form "How' about the utirso—she'- Ask for "Herliek't," «rt all Fountains have big feet—nnrses always I'.n ygr Avoid ltnitatioM — Substitute And-she'd bo as likely to shoot Mr.; Haynor as to poison him." "Miss Turner? Why, she was In the north door pushing on the lights". "She says prove It?" COAL BUTLER 6V 615 So. Main SONS Phone 280 she was.' Can she cd stiff. Penny will be pleased. ) J" r >' w »» lrt ««r convict thai nurse And I'm sure he'll keep his promise ;— eve » " "ne'd succeeded. But, if not- " | Mrs. Haynor, now, that, s another And she tucked herself into bed. j "J 1 "*' only wanted to be rid I of her husband Unit she .might | marry another man—a young man ' and one who would be kind to her. and slept soundly till daybreak Sure enough, Penny Wise was j ideased the next day. when he found what a pi-rrect success Zlzi's plan had 'been. Early In the day Lionel Itaynor ivent to Nan with the news that he :iad found the will in question. It was In all respects like the I'arbou copy Dolly ray bad unearthed, but it was signed and wit- in ssed. I don't wonder at her hating old Raynor—he was a brute If ever one lived—but she had no right to shoot him—no, ma'am, that she hadn't." Zizi looked at. Dobbins meditatively. "You've never t'linched from your suspicion of ber, have you?" she asked. "No, ma'am, not really. l'Ve been "Where was it'.'" Nan asked. I swaved—yes. swayed, one way and "It had slipped behind a drawer I another, hut I always come back to in father's desk," the sou declnr- ^ her—'cause why, who else could It ed. and Wise never knew whether j )>,.•; |f s m,t to be somebody—the .that was the biding place Lionel idea or an outsider is too ridiculous had chosen or whether he had pro.! —if 3 g() t. to be. somebody in the duced it from his own room and ; house—somebody Interested—des- tnudo up the desk stori. j perately interested in old Haynor's Nor did any one care. The wiil,! death. Now, excepting Mr. Kinley, a irno document, gave Nancy Hay-! who is so Interested as Mrs. Haynor the larger portion of the fur- I nor? Ant! after the man became a Chlorine Gas Heals Sore Gums The reports of the TI. S. army surgeons on the curative value of Chlorine Oas in certain diseases read like modern miracles, Out of over a thousand mixed cai^eB 70 per cent, cures are reported. ft is gratifying to find that Chlorine (ins Is now available to any person in his home. The gas is c bined with other valuable healing agents in a liquid form and has been named Jo-Vex. Most, important of ail, it has been found that this new product, Jo- Vex, stops the treacherous gum disease known as Pyorrhea which is usually accompanied by sore and bleeding gumfi, loose teeth, etc., and -hicli results In broken health and false (..-i .tlt unless mastered. llruhgists are ordering Jo-Vex for kcal distribution. A. &. A. Drug Co. ami Foil?. Pharmacy have Just received fresh shipments direct from the laboratory, ir your druggist's supply is exhausted The Jo- Vex Chemical Co., Akron. Ohio, will sent! a full size bottle with complete instructions upon receipt of J I.(ID. tlifit we do not take into consideration is that of time. We are prepared to serve any hour of the twenty-four; one can call upon us at any time with the assurance of getting' immediate service. Day and night service is something, we think, that, every modern and progressive funeral director should offer the public. Johnson tSSons Established 1686 I34E-Sherm«n Hutchinson Kans. Vhone 6 OVERCOATS ! THE FIRST COLD WAVE of winter hat arrived. But we're "all sgt" for it with the most complete and extensive Overcoat stock in years. The season's best models and newest shades at $35 $40 $45 Others at $22.50 up. Underwear Good warm garments in. cotton or wool, all weights, all styles. $1 up Fownetv* Gloves, $2 up Mufflers A beautiful collection, wools, flannels and silks. Xew effects. $1.50 up Faultless Pajamas $2 up. Hose Wool and silk and wool in varying weights. Interwoven and imported Engiish hose. 50c up • Flannel Shirts $2.50 up. Cold Weather Needs for the Boy Overcoats Mackinaw* "Wool Hose Flannel Shirts Knitted Caps Sleepers Gloves Underwear Pajamas NUSSBAVM'S MatGCetfiiens/ Established 1887 PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson TEETH Money to Loan On Improved City or Farm property. No delay — rates lower. Vou had better see me before placing your loan. D. A. MOORE Phone •USS. First Nat'l Bids THE GUMPS—'TIS A PRETTY BOX K^OCW'S •Wt AWfc StCVS W SOM^ StU>t SMOMfcN VOfc FVMfc OR «UCV<.S- VLL Bf\ MtH 6tt£ttt - \>0 NOV) UKB "TV»V5 MKT ON Mfc? . *Vs> U. ft. f.t. OC. Cao/rlsbt. lit*, br The CUaa* TrikatM. T'U. tVEttN WOMAN'S HCART VavTH HKTE A.HT> ENMN- \ WASN'T SfcW ^V>CV* A STHV-VSH . AAA. WASO'N- ^ ^ ANt> SUCH A BARCAm- 0NO4 f K ^A^6AVUi "WAX'S JOVTUKS BWINS A TWOCWT ST&MV TOR. A QUARTER- >T L0OK« U*\£ UAUP A >Nft ,TeR.M ,%\J »N PAAWe? %VAO\ , iwt OH\.N SMART TH\NG A&OUT / IT « TVVfc \T CAMiE \N X? \ \N<&1\. NQU >'& T HROVE THt HAT AW AN —~ ANt> VitiAR Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald

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