The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 13, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 5
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TIIE DAILY REGISTER HARRISES" ELL.; TUESDAY,'· JANUARY IS. 1948 PAGE FlVfc Could M e got 'His P 1: " 1U v, n fo.' on the. run' N " " dS Inr ,r . fr '°" dS rs JMid for War ,, ..dors'of' Urltaln wore taxed ^'t;· lhc *..r with France In QuicRasfi : * r -to' ·· RED RYDER Little Beaver on thfi Job By Fwd Mormon CARRIES OUT HER. TO HOLD UP 1HE- ALLEY OOP Not tor Dr. Fish By V. T. Homlin HEAVEN5 WE'VE'BEEN TRAVELING WITH WELL. K V.CNMUG... WnESE'S 7«£ PATIENT; W. NO,' A vccroz Kusr A LINE 5C^EWHE?E...A.NC THAT GAP6ET 15 WHERE 3 D2Aw MINE Phone or eome in for o qyiek, friendly loon to meet r~\\ extra m i d - v / i n t e r U expenses, gladly help if you II IT TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY 1UE STORY: It-all started after wild screaming oi brakes and the sound of I had been in Hollywood three months, writing- the movie scrit longed tearing crash. I thought oi for one of my own mystery books Avis and Art just turning out of --and letting Jeff Haverson help ar r a i . J*ff steep roadway. me get over Oscar Craig Paris, Robinson Meet in Top Game In Slate Tonight SPKINGFiELD, 111., Jan. 13-- (U.I!)--Paris and Robinson, both near the top in United Press ratings of the best prep basketball teams in the state, tangle tonight in what should be a touch-and-go ball game. Though each has been beaten once, both teams have been cutting down basketball giants right and left to win themselves the brand as the "teams to watch" as high school basketball · dribbles on to state tourney time. Paris, ranked No. 4, has a 14 to 1 won and lost record. The Robinson Maroons, in fifth place, boast a 12 to 1 card, dropping a lone game to Danville. Paris fell before Salem. The Strealor Bulldogs, who sur- brised everyone by dropping the ormer top spot Pekin Chinks, play a non-conference go with Ottawa, with the odds going to Streator. Lawrenceville has a walk-away carded tonight against Oblong, and Centralia should have little trou- . ble with Casey. Other games in- TEA TIME. Joe Louis doesn t forget the artistic use of his little elude Du Quoin vs. Herrin; Pal- finger as he has a spot of tea in New York while inspecting his con- estinc vs. Martinsville; Beards- tract to appear in exhibition bouts in England, Feb. 28-March 29. town vs. Havana; Lincoln vs. That's trainer Mannie Seamon behind the champion. Bloomington, and Pana against Springfield Cathedral. Complete Slock of,Washer and Radio Farts Prc-f! Struct On Rew'rs RobMin Radio Electric Service -A F PJC'T P |1CI * 174R1 itO fc rC£ -r Fuller Brushes Phone 678 HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature and Realty Collection Adjustment Service Ska««s Bldg. Pho. 893-W INCOME TAX SERVICE Keaster RUJJ Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer Navy to Hire Big Time College Football Coach ANNAPOLIS, Md., Jan. 13--(KB) --A big time college coach--per- %-«^.'S*!£r^^TM*^W£TMS The Scoreboard vas director on my picture and a very attractive man. It was a shock to leain that he had been piarried for some time U Avis Vaughn, our glumpur star, and that she refused to divorce him. Jeff wanted Madge Narney, who looked like Avis, to play her sister in the filni, but the star insisted on doing both roles herself. Liz Leyden, my unpleasant collaborator, suggested a small party at my place lhat evening when he would try to Ulk Avis into changing her mind. On the way home, I stopped at Ravella's shop to pick up the special lipstick she had made for me. Ravella had also made one for Avis and asked if I would mind giving it to her. Liz, Avis and Art (Avis' leading man and current flame) came over and Liz persuaded Avis to give up the double role. \\ e phoned Jeff to join us. tf , Z XII Maybe Jeff was his usual self as he'sat there siping his drink and listening to Liz Leyden-- -who was still doins the talking. Or maybe he was tired. Anyway that was the excuse he gave for" breaking up the party. Said that he was tired and that he was going home and going to bed. That he'd have to be at the studio early to make tests of some other actre'sses for the part of the secretary, now that Narney \\as to Dame--was expected to be named shortly to direct Navy's football team as" the academy launched a j \ "He keeps his players thinking There was a white wool coat hanging in the front coat closet. I grabbed it, put it on and ran out the door. Down the steps and out (he driveway to the road. Somewhere down the hill an automobile horn was blaring blatantly as if signaling for help. When I reached the turn in the load, 1 saw three cars parked with their lights still burning. One car was turned so that its lights streamed over the side of the road a big gap had been torn in the guard lail. A woman was standing there having hysterics. Probably a passenger from one of the cars. I came up beside her and looked down over the side of the canyon. I couldn't see very much except ____________ shadows down there and then a !cons jd er coaching the Middies in pin point of light -- probably a peace time-- for a sizeable sum. .BY HARRY GRAYSON NBA Sports Editor " -- - -' ' w TtfEW YORK, (NEA).--The Red Sox have added Stephens, Spencc.Y . Kramer and Kinder and are bringing up some more, but baseball], men are unanimous in saying that Thomas Austin Yawkey's most important acquisition is Joe McCarthy. "McCarthy is a pennant-winning manager," asserts Connie Mack. L' Joe DiMaggio reveals the secret' of McCarthy's tremendous success. new policy today of operating on the gridiron without benefit of its ancient and obsolete graduate system. Whether Leahy had been approached or whether he would take the job even if he were, belonged with the speculation that found Navy's seadog mentor, Capt. Tom Hamilton at South Bend, Ind., the home of the Fightin' Irish, at precisely the time that the Navy a day ahead," explains the Yankee Clipper, "totally unimpressed with their own importance." \ McCarthy traded Ben Chapman away from the Yankees, but when the fiery man from Birmingham was appointed pilot of the Phillies, he consulted his old foreman. the few minutes we talked," says Chapman, "I learned more about managing than I ever announced it was junking its | suspe cted one had to know." civilian coaching system. Hamilton was there, presumably to attend a sports banquet, but in view of the fact that Leahy was a t "I've been managed by only three men," says DiMaggio. "Lefty O'Doul on the coast and McCarthy and Bucky Harris with the Hash light--began to waver around. "Who . . . what happened?" My teeth chattered. "A car went over here--the driver must have been crazy," the woman said. l '\Vhat kind of a car?" war time Navy officer, there seem- Yankees but rve obser ved a lot ed a remote chance that he might V there \ "McCarthy gets the most out of a player, and goes about it differently than any manager I have Hamilton, it was emphasized, was not to blame for the said state of Navy's gridiron affairs, and he was retained as athletic director and head of the department of physical training, succeeding Capt. Edmund B. Taylor, who now holds i "I don't know. . . .My husband | both positions and whose period COLLECTIONS nai« and bad =»ws » '* i*. v,c ccll-ct Iron anyone, any. *··· S'l !«-. N'o collection, no charge! M. D. Xcslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 GIRL FRIDAY FOR KING COTTON. Here's the 1948 version of the Maid of Cotton--blonde. IP-year-old Matilda Nail, of Fort Worth. Tex She competed with 21 other southern beauties representing ei»ht cotton producinq states in the Memphis. Tcnn contest A Univcrsitv of Texas student, she will make a 35,000-mile tour of this country. Great Britain ar.d France as the cotton industry s goodwill ambassador. MOTSIXGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance I" 1 ; S. MAIN ST. Phone C55R J E. "Pe-e" Roic do the sister role. What about me?' Avis asked 1 I t vi,v Jan 13--T.EI--Wis-! Playing in the Evanston high in* hUh stepping basketball school gym. the Wildcats let Mich- fiSr/to retain its Bfc'isan pull ahead in the first half team, fight ^ m Nhic 'till- stood todav as the on- .and couldn't even tic the score iv undefeated team in league play for 11 minutes. Then Maddock in the f inaf minutes xvcnt wild and paced Northwestern a last nfcht at Madi-,to a 24-22 edge at the half. In the u ,-. 'second period he combined with after ralvin- in to defeat to acicai son. 60 to 51. The Badccr! come from Sticklen to keep the home team f h i n d H k e g e h a m p i o n ' ' t o v i n . a m ! 1 ? h c a d of the determined Uolvcr- behind - ,-- .. . i even though little Boony Cook incs. D. A. LEHMAN EAR. NOSE, THROAT Glasses Fitted ^r A Vinc sircct 4-- Harrisburg Hospital out his Mrorin-i punch. It was \von its first league game, swamp- amcs :n g Ohio State. "1 to 54. The was close for the first five 1 Iowa's first loss in nine this season. l ^i;«iruii. rN «...*, - - -- ·· ,, - _ - _ - Iowa led the home team. 33 to minutes, and the score was tied 26 at the half, and Bob Schulz seven times, but Don Hitter spark- The had "held Cook to onlv ore- free cd the Hoosicrs to a 36 to 26 h a l f - ' j n the *««l^4 *»·, v · f^ m * ,, - i . . l * «!.A *-A/w**"\rt I t n l F 1 "_ J _ . sleepily from the divan. She was getting quite a glow on by that time. "Do I have to work tomorrow?" "Yes." Jeff told her. "Go home and get some sleep or you'll look like the devil." Avisv hiccoughed. "Thash what I like about Jeff--always nish and gentle --always the gem-mum." "Take her home. Art." Jefl ordered. He asked Lis if he wanted to ride back with him. Liz had come by bus and was glad to accept Jeff's invitation. I followed them to the door. "Sorry about Avis," I said in a iow voice to Jeff. "We had to sort of tank her up to get her to agree to things." "It's all right." he said. "Shes used to it. She'll be all right in the morning." Jeff and Liz went out and I went back into the living room. Art was helping Avis into her coat. They smothered me with their farewells and went out together. 1 turned off all the lights except one and walked down to the end of the room and stood looking out of the window for some time. 1I\ thougnts were gloomy. £ £ C Jeff was married and there didn't seem to be much chance oi Avis ever turning him loose and that meant I could only have h»m on a part-time basis, or I could ilart leaving him slrickly alone- I thought I was going lo leave him ilonc. , The motor of the car was started and I just saw the lights when we came around the turn here. We' thought the car was going to hit ui--it was coming so fast. Then it swerved and went over the bank." A siren was wailing its haunted song down on the boulevard. It drew closer. A police car came to a stop behind us and a couple of officers jumped out. "Down there." the woman beside me said, pointing. It seemed an eternity while we watched the two policemen slip and slide down the side of the canyon: saw them moving around at the bottom with flashlights look- in? like tiny unwinking fireflies. And then finally four or five'men were struggling back up and they carried something among them and \\hen they reached the top of the bank the lights from the cars fell on the body of the woman they carried. , Her face and the front of her dress was smeared with blood and GOODRICH TIRES Truck. Tractor TIKE 1JATTERY r - ' «Plar Terras 174R1 M*iU I iV'U vuv»rw » * ·*·«·._* v ..^ ,,,.. ...^ .... ^ - ~ - - - throw Ualfwnv throv.uh the 1m- t«mc load. In She second half a! period Schul/ and Iowa's con- Branch McCrackcn ox- ilcr Ixronard Metcalf. wont out r-erimcr.tcd freely but no matter ion'fouls Then the Br.dgcrs took what fi\c men he had on the floor they held the advantage over. Dad 3 Plav Illinois Jan. 24 . over the j"onhon-.orc Buckeyes. HI *T1 N i U * i · « · · · » · « · · · · - · · · · - -- - * · » . · *..» » - · · · ---- - Cook dropped iv.o lield soal League play «i11 resume Satur' O13r g a m c - °" I h c p r o ' and another sift Sus? buV Won ' lo 1:pl ? lhc dav Kchfcldt. who cram. - 1 They arc Indiana at Iowa. Insurance Marker Miley . , . roc in 20 poinis in ho contest .Illinois at Minnesota. Northwcsl- o Uc Murrav \Vier of IO-AS for 'cm at Purdue and Michigan at 'coring honors, and Done r.occrs w,-*onMn. Pittsburgh plays at victory. Ko* Ohio Stale in a non-conference paced the icrs had 11 counters. scrap. I Wicr's 20 points, ihonzn. lilted i T ] 1C 'him past Cook in the individual scoring race. nUho:ich he has played one less game. His total T sm Standings: W L 4 o j]]j no j s was 65 compared lo lon^.s i-.« The Wisconsin victoiy was i fourth in Big Nine matches, ard : ( , it was probable the next Badccr test would come .Ton. 2\ .^.r.nst Illinoij. at Champaign. ".£·«;·- 0 )uo Slate 5-in will be a heavy f a r i t c lo stern 2 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 Pet 1.000 .667 .667 .5001 .500 .3331 .333 .250 .000 _ driveway directly below the window where I stood. Its lights went on and it moved out into the street and I realized that Avis and Art must nave been parked there in his darkened car all the Time I had been standing at the window. Making love probablv. Love . . . A shivei ot dista^e ran over me. The Hollywood variety. The kind Avis and Jeff had. Maybe the only'kind Jeff knew anything about. I didn't want that kind. , I turned away from the window I in disgust and began to gather up the dirty glasses and The overflowing ash trays that littered the room. And then I stopped abruptly. And listened. From down the of shore duty here ends next June. there was no doubt at all that she was dead. It was Avis Vaughn. (To Be Continued) Stocks of Grains On Illinois Farms Below Last Year SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 13-- (UR»--Stocks of all principal grains on Illinois farms arc sharply below those of last year and the 10-vcar average, the state and fed- era*! agriculture departments reported today. 39 Mayer Colls, Fillies Bring Million in Sale INGLEWOOD. CaL Jan. 13-- (I'JR)--The highest price ever paid in modern times for a two-year- eld colt was the tag carried to- da'y by Imperial Rock who brought $70.000 last night at the Louis B. Mayer dispersal sale. The film magnate placed 39 of his royally-bred colts and fillies on the auction block in a circus tent and at the end of three hours had added $1,033,250 to his fortune. Radio magnate Jay Paley bought Imperial Rock, a brown colt sired by imported Alibhai out of im seen. J "He does not become too friendly with any of his players, yet they all know he is keenly interested in them and has their best interests at heart, p- "He insists upon his- players taking the best care of themselves stresses the fact that keeping in condition is for their own good If the Yankees won an important game, McCarthy frowned on an sort of a celebration. "He wants his players to think about the next day, and the player finds himself, doing this after awhile. There isn't any choice." · It will be interesting to see how the still highly temperamental Ted Williams hits it off with Me-!. Carthy. ' - M The general belief is that, underr :he greatest of handlers, The Kidj. will be an even bigger terror than' ever to pitchers, especially with 1 ' the distance-hitting Junior Ste-'l Dhens and Stan Spence following- urn in the batting order. Pitchers will be less tempted to walk him.' He'll get more good balls to smack, and, unless a lot of smart baseball men are wrong, he'll hit many, more of them to left field by way/ of discouraging the celebrated Boudreau shift. ,;, "It isn't difficult to get along* with a .400 hitter," beams Mc-"i Carthy. ' *j* Like all the rest, Williams willj- becorae a 100 per cent team manf- under Marse Joe. i When McCarthy walked out on" " Larry MacPhail and the Yankees' in May of 1946, the trouble that there weren't Yankees in the party. McCarthy realized he was sad-^ died with too many mediocre athletes. Ke felt that they would get^ no better rapidly, so let nature- take its course.- i He quit saying, "You guys are Yankees!" which was his most biting form of criticism. / Joe McCarthy once more bar. plenty of major league talent» however, and, when the Boston- Americans slip up, they'll hearJ "V 0 u guys are Red Sox!" ,' And the Red Sox will feel, act] and play like champions undeij the winningest manager of all. enough _ 1 «·* ported Jerrybuilt. But to bet the jcolt Paley had to outbid ice cream i manufacturer Louis Bronstein of Beverly Mills and real estate broker Walter G. McCarthy who tossed 81,000 bids until they could Sfi no higher. The 39 colts and fillies averaged $26.493.50 each, compared \vith an average of $25,830 paid when Mayer sold his racing stable last year. And there were no S200.000 horses like Stepfather in last night's sale. Illinois Tracks Must Pay Part of Purse to Breeder Ton if e 6 p. m. Novelvy Reel Cartoon Wednesday 6 p. m. -- Thursday 6 p. m. 14c and 40c However," the departments said o PRI vrFiFi D liL Jan 13-... ~i:~- .,,.,, «nl« fivo nor rent SPKliNOr lfc.LU. HL. Jan. io CHi--Illinois race tracks must pay an award equal to 10 per cent of the purse to the breeder of a .winning horse foaled in Illinois. Attorney General George Barrett held in* a legal opinion today. Barrett said that payment must hay supplies are only five per cent under those of a year ago and nearly equal to the long-time aver- Grow Rig Leading Scorers In the Big Nine 3 r, - ,, ;t- Minresota down Michigan and Punmo. it _ next two opponents, al Mndi*on. The Badgers beat Illinois in their first game this year, also on Uw ^^^ ^fj m ^ c h"thc sweet Wicr. towa CHICAGO. Jan. 13.--U.R--The Big Nine's ten leading scorers: F \STOX Md. (U.R)-Frank Tap- Player and Team * · * · · * ' * . v . , * - _ j J l * 7 » A » ] y i * A irodden quintet came to life as ,n ^ center George Maddock ar.d for- TM r ? . - points, to hand Michigan its league defeat, 51 to 48. Indiana Beats OSU «· . pounds, and de- arc plenty more that big." I The Daily Rcgbtcr, 20c a week. I * Cook, Wisconsin Schnittkcr, Ohio State RchfcldU Wisconsin Sticklen, Northwestern Mclntyrc, Minnesota Rittcr, Indiana TP 65 62 57 49 48 45 43 Avg. 21.7 155 14.25 12.25 16. 22.5 i4.r Maddock, Northwestern 42 14. Johnston, Ohio Stale 38 .9.3 Eddlcman, Illinois 37 12.3 larger than on eight per cent over average. Total feed grain supplies on Illinois farms are nearly a third to Illinois bred hordes. His opm-1 ion was requested by the Slate, Racing commission to clarify a] rt-ccnl legislative act providing for the breeder's award. Payment of the award must be made to the "party owning the ir.arc at lime foal is dropped. Barrett said. Payment is not necessary, he said, unless the horse is rcgfstercd with the State Racing board as Illinois bred. about a fifth under the 1937 46 average. "The feed situation is cast in a slightly more favorable light when the anticipated 13 per cent reduction in spring farrowing and the general downward adjustment in the number of other species of livestock arc taken into account" the departments said. They reported that feed grain supplies per unit of livestock are 16 per cent under the 1937-46 average, but almost equal to the average of the preceding 10 years. The delayed harvest of corn and soybeans was "largely completed" lak month, the departments reported, with only 10 per cent of the corn and five per cent of the soybeans remaining in field at mid-December. Fall sown grains have suffered no significant winter loss so far, but lack snow cover in important production areas. .Radio Goes Realistic NEW YORK 01P--Unexpected realism was injected into a rehearsal of a radio adventure at the studios of radio station WOR when a smail fi»e set off the sprinkler sjsiem. The actors were drenched. One Light Too Many ROSEBUD, Tex. (UP)--The alcrl ness of a Rosebud telephone operator saved the Planters National] Bank from burglary. The operator saw two flashlights in the bank) instead of the night watchman's j usual one and notified police. The , robbers escaped before police could ] Guns loo hot to HANDLE! \\Women too wUd HOLD! Randolph SCOT? Barbara BRITTON amvc. Tuesday 2p.m. -- Wednesday 6 p. m. Double Feature -- 12c and 35c That's a Lot of Tape WEST WARREN. Mass. Since it was established 50 years ,_, ·JJMT 0172 ago. the William E. Wright i ==~ ****** **** Sons Co. estimates that it has produced enough bias fold tape to wind around the earth more than 50 times. m :m fi i*«. 1EWSP4PERS .FWSFAPFR!

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