The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 11, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 11, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA M Yw t«m Nm U Not O* YM Porch By 5:15 o'Clock, CftH TW N*w* Office Orfor* • o'Ctock For Proa** Mhr- 164 or 1*5. ®hc Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION TOCLXVNO. 225 PARIS, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1*34 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 Oklahoma Beauty Queen Found Dead If| Mf/IA/^fllfPP in inn wdiingg Two Shots Are Fired; 11 Arrested Pickets* Angered By Shots Tip Over Autos Carrying Workers to Cops Probe Strange And Launch Drivel Sudden Death Of Campus Arkansas Girl, Slayer Of Two Men, Is JHughes Says ! Against Nazis! Favorite At University Free On French Leave For Fourth Time; McDonald Is f Pharmacy Student Is Sought After Cook Testifies He Austria^s Fighting Chan- Came to Rooms With Girl and Left After Tele- Wis.. shots were fired. 11 men were arrested aad two others were injured La strike disorders Wednesday at the Wehr Steel Casting company plant in suburban West Aili*. - Both bullets^ said by th- police to been fired by a. negro •woman went wild, biit the crew •of more than 50 pickets became infuriated an<! tipped ov^-r t«y automobiles in which workers were attempting- to enter the plant. Police«iaii Howard Todd suffered, injuries to his feet -when & car ran over him and Joseph .k an injury ; w hi> hand LITTL-E ROCK. Ark., <<?).— Helen Speace Eaton, pretty Arkansas girl who has killed two men. was a fugitive Wednesday -from the state prison farm for wosien for the fourth time within a year. The quiet prisoner was serving: a. 10-year sentence for her second killing- when she escaped by fein- ing illness- Sh« took z feared trouble in returning her fhls time. Her fourth escape came a year to the day after she was paroled by Gox-ernor Futrell from a two- year sentence for the courtroom slaying: of Jack Worls. alleged killer of her father. The shooting brought ;t Ji-ujsjuuc climax to Worls* trial as the- jury had just started to iesve the room to consider the case. Helen arose from her courtroom chair and fired a bullet into Worls" head. After i»juch d-elay she was sentenced to prison, and escaped one time before her parole was granted. Coming: here Where she obtained new clothing and employment in a cafe, she worked, less than a week when she entered police headquarters and admitted the slaying of Jim Boliots. a cafe- operator at DettV-i, Ark, A troubled conscience, she said, caused her to confess the crime- had been dismissed as un- I j solved by officers- She blamed '• I unwelcome advances for the slay- ! | ing. I • • "Working in a, strawberry • patch j | with other inmates Tuesday, she I Sav» Proflhitionists Back ) complained to the superintendent I \n j T • f\ j '• I of feeling ill and gained permis- | AUrett In Urder to | j sion to go to the hospital room j Prevent Repeal ' JJeatn. Jrenaltv eellor Announces Plan* For New Campaign MILITARY POWER IS CONCENTRATED Be Giv- I for medicine. Instead, she walkeo I i around the main farm building } AUST1N ^ _ Maury iiughes, | and disappeared after stopping in j caad - :date for sover nor." told a-| ' the Tiigbt watchman's room to J en For Possession of Explosives home. 22 Thousand Sentenced T ° Ha ** Cans Put Up In Half Week Officers said two men among' ' Ui» 11 prisoners, •which included bctlt strikers and workers, were carrying; Beef Here Roosevelt At Panama Canal w Running; At Full Speed Paris" beef canniag plant had, j to S o'clock Tuesday evening, the ' last check-up made % prepared and canned 22,3-25 cans of beef from cattle shipped , to .Paris from tii« , drouth stricken areas of :this Through Ditch On Trip CRISTOBAL-. C Z,. (&. —: •Roosevelt** cruiser, the TJ.S.S. Houston, dropped anchor In the >r here at &:SG a. TO. WetS- tn<i received aboard Secretary of War George K- Derrs, preparatory to a tr.p o* inspection tliroiisli th« Pazja-nm Canal. Th» war secretary, •who is in chary* of Canal Son*, described th* cans! as. sot only a vlts2 factor in national del ems* hot also as "the irrxyKtrst of TS«?TI-military i >! The president oarn*: on deck early to -stitness th* trip through th* jrigrantic cc:na,i cor.ncctinp tw-_? oceans. Shortly after 10 a. m. the Hows- tort started throu?rb th* cana^. The Gatun locks? -were crowd'ej •with speciatons. Infantrymen Canal 2A>a« po'fce %v?re jc all approaches. work—Sunday. Monday vand 1 :- Tiles- day—and two half-days—Friday and Saturday—when the cre-wrs operated only 22 hours daily. Of the b"t*«f canned, more than one half or 11,130 cans has been roast cats- Other varieties include hamburger fine. hamburger coarse, stew, soup. i*oup stock and hash. These are canned In varying •amouiits each day. -wiili tne roasu As the beef is canned the containers are stsunped at each ead vritti 5,he date of canning and the variety of beef. They are then placed in the basement of the canning plant for three days, after v,->s!ch they are labelled. Ten days later they are reacy for naovement from the plant. Each! b«ar5 the date of canning: and variety ot meats in the con- Gets $674; Cops On Trail Tne Dallas aspirant deduced j military and police pt,..-er of the - ] that Attorney General James V_ 1 nation. | All red would 50 into the Angnst : The death penalty «-ili be ! 25 contest, because, he said., "vet- ; out for the mere possession of ex- r eran prohibitionists, along: with i plosives. DoIIfuss anno-cnced. in | the Anti-Saloon League, are put- | an effort to stop %vl<3espread bornb- l ting their concentrated strength" ] ing outrag^e. f behinl Allred "in ihe hope of j In a cabinet shakeup DoIIfuss electing him and retaining pro- ; presented tne reclamation of the "nibition in Texas." j whole group ^ P \ ident X\"ilhe!ro "Nothin- "—-^ -.-- -^=™ ^— ' Miklas and then ^omitted z. new xvould suit them bet-;ter than for the liberals to' put ' ilst for Ml * la * i Charlie McDonald in th.e runoff." ' • «rsi rr> DoIIfuss appeajrec determinec to Onlv a Mvth HOUSTOX. C!P) — Hossion po- -; : by j man." Clio: C. Small and is a marked ; eve ryone possessing explosives will 1 b-e given opportunity to surrender , tiiem. i lice are looking for R, Rey- : ^ ] speaking, at Granbury^ again bore | After the expiration of this ?e- ihree weeks agro for an a.. sccSftMca-l bHfion-dolIa.- .s 5 can ousiaess ery , in 1 sjni. retairGiag He The new cabinet list. Is as fol- StL; lows: I Mrs. TiclHe Madicsn. former *»Toni tana cowgirl, stands a chance cf \ becoming the first woman to die OB ;-' the gaJ!ows in California a* a re| suit of the death sentence pasr-ad on her for the murder of her hus- < t>and. Erie, movie stucNs cafe man{ zger, (Associated Press Photo) I Officers, searchin ! Reynolds* papers, said they found t !a 9 5-year contract pnrporte-lly] i written bet-ween Reynolds and two j [ Greek i 'advisers ri on the one hand j f and the United States government i > on the other. Dnder the contract! j Reycoldt was to give ths parent j I rights to a chemical motor in-1 See HTTGHES, S, CoL 1- j -See-DOULFUSS, Pa^e j vention to the government for S3 j e ned \Vednesuay io expel foreign ; years ^and the government was to | correspond ents -,v hose accounts of ;ive Reynolds a Ml-j tee bloody "second revolution" f lion dollars in gold bonds. The contract \ras said tigators to provide that rleynoids l the Volkische Hoobaentsr. editori- IT SOVIET RUSSIA TO T>\r r T JrAV-1 ! Two raore caxs of cattle were i scheduled io arrive Wednesday \ for the plaat. making "1 cars al- J together or a total of 775 head : Of this number. 305 have been i slaughtered. Some of the beef has ! been processed, other is in the ; chilling vaults at the abattoir. ; Administrator Fat Warner said • Wednesday the DurjagraJi pasture^ : west of Paris is being used to pas\ ture the overflow cattle. Apprcoc: imately 50 head of beef is being to *nt«r The 8 1,-eatree of Xs.- yns only *.t art Eastern Ijocamo arani^einsr pexc« in East- j proc«^s«ed daily, the administrator t rn Europe-—can be effected, an- thor'tative soarc*'* day. At the «tarr3<- l::i:< •W.T15 n»V£ft!<-d. S ]y to h*r TV.VV nssdl ' conffT^ncc sa.Jd. with or«rations \V c dncs- : smoothly. Uc Soviet, It 5- extensive- tat TIO w{«ih 1533 naval urslos-s po. to bo <Iss- Arrest Paul's Valley Man For Auto Theft ANTI-KKS, Okla. — Melvsn Howtx -», of PjtUl's Vjill^y. arrested Saturday mornSng by C. K. Brown. fity o-iJ»r«T»a!. and Bill Gardner. deputy sheriff, wajt returned t-- Puul's VaMcy t--» far** A cbarg** of Srrand >*irc«-ny. for aHc-g^d th«ft *>f n truck. Tip 'van tmcr^ *.!<">«,n tvilhin two hours from Ihc tJmrr ^ord cAK?« I^^r*? from «».ithorit!«*~- at Paul"* VaJlfv. havsnt: cump-e-d river. Will Rogers SANTA MONICA. Calif,—Kv«ry «l«y we BT<?I r»*w surprises. From Kuropc Sunday ^<»rn*» feJJow from <;*rrn»ny nan-.^i Hrsw. who »«H Fr»nc« thprr wasn't any uiwt ot tb*m fightinjr. «r,d that they would likf! to ntaJti* «t>. It all sounded ?•<> friendly that > •>« started p**-p. Ing under th* bottom to «<»« tv»« hid. Mr. Ro*»**vcJt vistted <^ur away pretJy srood. Two or thr*« 3#«r« 9.(ro. I fl«;t\ into tho»* ii»- lAnd« JUKI n coupl* of w*ck» af» »fiH thf.>»* \Sritins wer« sur* «r>r<*, But Mr. Rw<w»«v*U promltMHl >m «. Oistillcn". Your*. WHtl*. Blanket Code Is Expected WASHINGTON. tfP>— One bis: for 450 srrjalt industries is to •emergre from XIxA's ho|*p««r momentarUy. This code, carrying the recovery unit another Ion;? stride on the ro»d to j*irop3ificaiion. w.ll touch only swcb basic standards jus wasrcs. hours stnd prohibition of child labor. It will not contain prlc« fixing General Hugrh S. Johnson tJis- clos^d Tuesday h« wants to turn hi* NR.A job* over to a commis»»on and step back Snto private lif« as soon as th» president f<H?ls he can *parft nlrn. Hl» ofn&c **nt ool word i'nat Prf'.stdxrnt RoosusveU h*d w! re Jessed Johnson t*llinjr him to sj>eak as often »» ho wished »n<l wh*r*v«r Remains Dry Incomplete Unofficial turns Show Drys Win Approximately 2 to 1 ; JACKSON, M:5«.. >.•?,'—Mississippi ! held its pla.ce amonc' the dry I states Wecrsesday fay a vote of ap- 1 proxtrrsa-tely - to 1. I Incomplete. unofficial returns ; er.durn show«-d defcat^o' Ihe hard I liquor bill by a vote of 47.275 to ; 25 v _4tf :n «.>« cf the I.S?6 precints i or the state. ; siior vV. B. Roberts of RosedaJe. co-author of ;h* Roberts-May com- , bill. s»i;d :he result waj« a "man*lat*» to the sroverr.or. sheriffs as%I ', other r*<-s.ce officers to make a. j determined effort to enforce the ; present laws ar.<! ond the present , : unspeakable condition?." • By vo; dry the people rebak- «•<! th<*ir Ies:isl»tarc. The last ieg;- • i^laiurc authorized beer at the • Kirr.* tiir-.e it put ihe liquor issue to have the privilesre to sell j ally Tincerscor&d x- -!varnin5 sriven patent rights ia all nations of the 1 the journalists ^y Paul Joseph. •world. except Greece, that repub- ! Goebbels. sharp tongned minis- lie'to. have the rights free. ! ter of prop-aganua, in an address j Th-e contract would exempt j Tuesday nigrht, I Reynolds and his advisers from all t "VTe wish to ea:phasize the min| income, city, county. state and j ^ er " s 'rank warning that *thc i federal taxes and require the gov- 1 9^ rnia:n government is no longer to futTiish the three m their children -with free passes I any place in the world bv anv Nazi Ire Is Aroused By Foreign Correspondents ?;.—Germany threat- ; meet Friday niglit. iiirler is expected to explain his ruthless suppression of t.he "Soehrn revolt" of June SO. Foreign correspondents. rcany cf them ang-ered. by GoebbeFs bitter attack, consldereti the possi- f aroused Xasi ire. ives- I Adolf Hitler's own newspaper, ~ : against each other." sa;c the news:hey ; paper. Germany otherwise i means of transportation : chose, officers stated, I Another provision -would 1 Quire the government to dis-1 It awailed ^ account of |P*ay prominently the pictures of f stewardship from the lips of ; Reynolds and his "advisers." at i Fuerher.*' Hitler himself. ; psratively Quiet, : olio wing days of bullets and then of oratory. : any p'ace -where the motors -were '; j- 3 i n*anufactored or licensed. thev ' •=• I added. '" i 1 Reynoids* wife reported his c:s- I '• appearance Tuesday. She feared ] : he had been kidnap-ed. The bride I ! of sbc -weeks said her husband Tx-as ! | an inventor wao had told her he ! i had desisrised a chemical motor I ; that xvould revolutionize motor ; called the pupoet Reichstag to Lupe, Tarzan aking formal reinon- bility of ttrances. They pointed to ths difficulty of setting- confirmation of reports and rumors. Phillip Xessier. leader of Ger- sany's economic sn<l -^trads life. ^•as summarily removed from office Wednesday by Kurt Schiriitt. Nasi minister of economics, bein^ replaced by Count Von der Golz. Count Ruediger Von der Golz formerly was second in cornnr-anc of new trade groups formed arrder the Nazi commerce miuistrv. business circles be- Jieved Kessler's removal -was owlac to the fact he had too little industrial experience :*or the Kills Family And Himself i Jolinnv \STeismuller and Babv Onlv One of Ouartet .ntly or: the a:ert. • • -r\--» "~" * enamies Tvould kill hir;^ i Fiery ActTCSS UeClde tO jto keep the motor off the mzr-; "End Marriafie ; «cet. sne, '•. ""• ' In their investigation officers ; !onad that Reynolds allegedly ha — The tem( obtained $«T4 from Saye7 a friend { P**taoa» romance of l^pe Velez ? of >,rrs- Reynolds' brother, and th« • ^nd Johnny YTeissnvjIler. riddled ! swindling charge -was riled. " •; iH-rcr* ihe voters an< : be«»r \vas- jus: a* far as Mississap- 1 p:an?' chose to 5:1? in the *;z;i"iEaL- '. tion of alcoholic bev*r»jrv. '• The victory of the drys irs rc- s tainins: th<rir 25-year-oM state ! prohibition s\iv«-* barrint: hard I triuniph for the prohibition forces I of which Governor Sennet: Conner RACLA1VD HOME AT HtiGO IS BURNED *ears to be on PRINCE HENRY IS > WEDISESDAY ;-with quarrels. separations and four per cent; "' "" "~~ 1; reconciliations. ; the skids Thar lead vorce courts. The fier> Mexican actress, who ..,. ' 'has talked of -divorce before <iur- HUGO. Okla,. — The home of ; < Rasrland at SI2 \Ves; ! «roet. was destroyed by f ir« cf I | undetermined origin about 91 I o'clock Wednesday morninc. No ? i insurance was carried on toe five I room house or its contents*; -which I*' ; were a total loss. 5 Mrs^ Kacland has be separations from h*?r athletic : " : * ; actor-hushand. said she would file :njn? for a divorce \Vedn*s- Her staterrient wa* rnace a f-short time after she visited Neil f S. McCarthy, prominent civil law- I yer. She said sh« would charjre , m wa» con*ider«d »n d#nt RooweveU had curtailed th* j»pt«ikin|r tour in which Johnson is expected to exound the- NRA. The tour oriicintUly was reported to 15 THE HAt.;LF., ,.^. — Henry, rino*J condors t>f the Nothftrlands, was buried 'A'edn^sday with inx- yrtM^ivc. rites., A ihronsj of nioarn- 000 lined !h< ri>s::r of the funoral t . i pr*>». v ^s»ion to l.>oift. j hoarse brarinsr tb-? ro>-aJ coffin oi • w-hfi«» sitrrour-Jft! by two i sword?-. A •nititi.ry vnns^artl led ir procession. tho«pU«! at Oklahoma City Hl-om i meat * 1 « ru * lt * v - The couple jwo monihs. and Mr. Ka S iand. * I rated Monday, \veissmuller j fornreer rtty v>olic*rn*n. \vas | from hom*. \V. C, Henry v } to his club. e | The parting asued by a. | cn{t , r .5 at wor k the necro wash " \v om«n i clasih of terr.perair.ent. just like no fire kitchen, t the flames may h.*\ci * their previous reparations. Veler s Miss » We Just dld: , t 5,. a!orss .-- sh fror. the fire undor the j said in revjewins: the romance . Pot ir. the v L*avin*r by plan* Wednesday. h«- pl»nn«^J to sp^ak Thursday at Waterloo. Iowa. «t FortJarvd, Ore- iron, on July 15, then "(TO to the University of CalifbrnUi to receive an honormrj' PhJ Beta Karma key about Joly l>.' Oakes Fnneral Held At Grant Wednesday | which wa« sealed trs & courthouse | at Las Vegas, Nevada. 10 months j xsro. "This will b« best for ix»ih of j os. Our remi>erai«ents arc cot S scittrd to each other," IvVTEK FINAL C.AIA'KSTOX. i^> attcndlnsc the annuaS convention of the Ixsajcw^ »f Texa* Mitntci- palittes entered final sessions Wednesday, acting on re*oiut»on* j>ertalnins to utility r<»js;t»latio«, police adrnSnl>tratk>r;. tax aascss- mentw antf deJin<ju*nt taxes. «KAXTS PAKDOV Governor Miriam HUGO, Okla., — A number of Oklahoma Masonic officials aipni- AUSTIN fied their intention of attendlrp | A-VeWusor. WeUneaday jrranted * last rites at Grant for v\, J, i conditional pardon to Levi Koonce, ("TJacle Bill" ) Oakest. veteran j w j, 0 member of the DoaksviUe Not Dead; It May Die Of Injuries BOSTON, i.;?}.—Three members of a family were found shot to death "Wecnesday in their horrre in th& Hyde Park district. and a baby, was critically wounded, the slaying and a suicide, John J. Gidney. 55. s. letter carried, police said, shot his daughter, Margaret Scrseson, 13. her Ernest. :i.». and s=rx - months - o!d child. Estelle. through the h^ad, and then turned th? gun on himself. All with the exception of the child were dead when found, Th« child is not expected to live. The tracedy apparently tvas a re&uk of domestic troubles. S REPORT GIVKN MAD1SON, XVis.. *^PV— Over 14.000,000 bead of IJvest<*ck valued at n:or« than $135.000,000 werc marketed in I53S through cooperative sales -,>rs5s.r!i2aticris owned and controlled by the livestock producers, the American Institute of Cooperation was told Wednesday. NKWSPAPKR MKN STRIKE HAVANA. t-p>.—An estimated 50.000 persons went on a 2-4-hour general strike Wednesday, do- marsdins the release of a group of political prisoners now on a hun- ser strike. phoning for Physician campus death mystery with a. beauty queers the victim and a. pharmacy student and a fraternity cook in leading roles baffled authorities here "SVed- Dead from undetermined catises was Marian Mills, 20-year old daughter of Eibert M. Mills, associate professor -of the University of Oklahoma- Questioned about the circura- stances under -which the sirl T « body was found in home was Kidnap Gang May Be Paris Jawbreakers Durant Man Abducted* Robbed. By Three Who Told Of Escape Mrs, Hazel Brown, cook for * campus fraternity bouse. Sousnt -was tne sir*** companion Curing art overnight stay at tfe* home of Mrs. Brown. Neal Myers. El Reno pharmacy student, wlso disappeared after tel«pfeoniSB a physician to come 10 the fcoiise- "Tlie circumstances are suspicious: it looks like mcrder,** said County Attorney Paul UpdegrafEi E>r. E, F. Stephens, summoned to the house, said his examination, failed to disclose the cacse of death. Ke found the girl, dead. fully clothed across a bed wbeiiJhe arrived at the Bro'.vn home fete Tuesday afternoon. There were no marks of violence: no -sisrs of heart disease- Three physicians who made "a. post mortem examination reported 3. conclusion must a-seait chemical analysis of portions of the ^trFs bocy. . Chosen in IS?^J by Frederic March, movie star, as the .University's "most beauzifu!** gir!. Miss Mills also was elected '"most popular." and In I? 51 was named err- jrineer's queen. She was erad^ate-d last month, and "R'as engaged to rriarry Bernard Doud. University of Oklahoma engriaeering: sttrdent. wh-o lives in Shreveport. La- Miss Mills* parents believed s&e had rcone to Tulsa to attend a. house party, "riends there kne^v of none... . . . . Monday nisrat- Mrs. Bro-o.-^ saJ-d, ilyers ,is.troti.«ced her as- his wife ar.<5 asked to spend th •rchich they -di-S. the sir! -»vith her. the younc man irt another rooTn. Thcy remained at her horn* Tuesday. Mrs. Brown said, both fseensin^Iy in higrh spirits. Shortly before 3 p. rn.. Tuesday. Myers told Richard Brown. 15-year old sen of Mrs, -Brown. that "Mrs, .Myers" -vas i!! and that she must: have a doctor quickly. Myers then telephoned Dr. Stephens and rushed oat Of the apart- mr-nt. y^unrr Brown said, shomlnjr that he *.va.s sroinsr to the university infirmary" to sret another phy- .«!ciar!. Ke did r.o^ return. I-ater Mr?. Srow*i. who had been n.way from the apartment came back. Dr. Stephens already had discovered the dead sir?. Her- parents co-aid offer no explrLiuttion for her sudden death. A! though ensra:red to be niar- - ried. Miss Mills had *-dated" My. Beast Is Hunted After It : ors frequently^ for several months. T* ^\_c f— ; tnends said, inere was no record S JL/OOr <J1 Cit : here to show that tUey had been married. s. a junior in the school of DJEXISOX. Teias, (AP). — Three men believed to J>e escaped convicts kidnaped. I>ill West. 16. at Dnrant. Okia_ Thursday nisdit. robbed him. of l-> cents and finally freed him after debatins: -whether he should oe killed. Tbe ro&foers -teok AVe^c for" a. lotiji ride after stealing; tix; small amount of money he bad. They forced West to drive to Deiiistm. tlien changed their minds ^nd made him drive to Aylesworth. Okla., "'here be \\as ilberutctl. The robbers fled in West's auto- tnobfle. Officers scarrhin^ for the robbers Wednesday e.xprcs?-ed the -opinion they mis-lit T>e convicts who c-*cap<.-d recently from jail at Paris. Texas, or McAIester. Okla. The robbers ioM West they were Jail- breakers. Residence at larsre ^as corrobcratsd by ; hvIR€ Sunday to ; ook for ms mother. Mrs. A . J. Ix>we. ! job . ^vit^ fee probably would visit ^-ho saia she saw rt Monday night. ' Gorman. Tuesday nigrht it broke into and ___^_ raided ths Lowe house in -ast ; NORMAN. Okla. cVP> — Belief Waco and knocked him flat. L.OW* i tha - Marian Mi-Is. 29-year old t0 ^ Police. -campus beauty queen at "the Cni- xne only bear polios know of in versity of Oklahoma, died as a re- Waco is the Baylor University ; su j t O f an attempt to prevent nzascot. which they say was tied | motherhood was expressed Wed- ap and couldn't have been rhe • nesday by County Attorney Paul one roaming about town at night. ! Upd^graff, following: an ali-ai^ht Police found tracks about the investigation. L,owe home that looked like they i He said he based his theory, were made by a t*ear. SIXTi TOKYO, pending: a pest mortem report. Tip- : on the story of Mrs. Hazel Brown, cook for Delta Upsilou fraternity. __. ,^ r ^ ; in TV hose apartment the girl's 1^ FLOOD body was £oun<j Tuesday after•>or». shortly after Neal Myers, a - — Sixty persons «ere dro-An«<i in floods caused by heavy ra,ins in Isbikawa prefecture, it ix-as reported Wednesday by the newspaper Asahi's corr^^s- Por.dent at Ka.r.aza.\va. A majority died in the collapse of a bridge over the swollen TetorS river, sout'hwsst of ViJJasres and farrn lands ^ere iTiundated and have been disrupted, PROTECT KXPF.UHNG MONTERREY. Mexico. <^P) A protest the expellirssr o three prominent business men of Monterrey f^-«>-" .-. McAlIen. Texas, swimming p*:."* 1 • us made Wednesday by th-i* !vM.:a.l chamber of commerce and affiliated orsranisa,- tions, Tbe men complained that as they went into thft pool they were refused adniit- tance, the manager that "no Mexicans ^*er« allowed." 99 BROWXWOOD. (^>. — Lester C. Sterne of Abilen* entenced The strikers included reporters j to 39 years imprisonment Weds serving five years for . and Knotyp* operators on four j nesdaj- for robbing and memo«r of the DoaK*viU« I«d?«. theft over $50 and chicken theft. { newspapers, employes of a nura- | two aged women whose home Ri> d»«<! Monday after a km$ 111- | Koon.-e was convicted In Panola bcr of bu* lines, brywerics *nd i invaded the nisrht of J«n« 19 n ness, • couiatv in Janunrv- 193S. i««»v<vrAt «^f'K*»> ir»r»»T«»T^^» I rswu. <^t». T^.,«_ he. prrarrnacy student, had ed a physician and then disappeared. Mrs. Brown, said UpdesrafT. admitted that Miss Mills, the daughter of Egbert M. Mills, an associate professor at the University ha.d been takina: a "qnack" medical preparation. Search was continued for Myers, who had come to th* fraternity cook's duplex apartm«nt -with the •r'.rJ Monday, remaining antj{ Tuesday afternoon and te'Iins Mrs. See DEATH. Pas:* 3. Co!. S. WEATHER E.%.ST TEXAS: Partly cloudy and command w«rm ¥ except * tn th« Rio valley i»ear Che co«u>t o« nUrht and Thtirsid«y, Moderate easterly winds on tt»c coast. urt»e«te<1 crxtrenw other } Cross Cut. Texas. *ar I portion: not so warm in nofth- west portion.

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