The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 4, 1918 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1918
Page 9
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mmm)A% tikpmu&m *, ism (LIVE STjCK MARKET} Kansas City. Kansas CHy, Sept. 4— BOOB—Receipts 16,r,«0; 16@26c tower; bulk M9.00ft2o.O0; heavy. 119.28@20.15; patkptH ami butchers $10.00020.10; "RlU *iS.7B@20.0O( pig* $1».5O0 18.50. CATTLE—Receipts' 15,000 Incltttflng BW) southerns; steady to lBo lower,• prime fed steers $17.25018.50; dressed beef steers $11.00®17.00; westorh Bteer.1 $10.00©14.60; hoillherif steers $7,006 14.26; cows $6.60®!2.50; heifers J8.504pl4.6O; stockers anil feeders $7.00©17.00; bulls $7.60010.00; calves 51114.00. \ S1IKI3P—Uecelpls 10,000; 10@«c lower; lambs $15.50017.50; yearlings $i0.r,o<R)14.50: welhers $10.00012.60; eweg $8.5Q012.DO^ stockers and feed- crn $7.00019.00. Chicago. Chlca|;o,i.Sept. \.~CU. S. Bureau ot Markets).-^HOaB—ltncelpts 14,000;. slow, about steady at yestorday's avtriiRn; big packers bidding sparingly, and bidding lower; early top $20.40 a new high record. Butchers $l».4fl® 20.30; light, $10.50 0 20.40.; packing J18.50@19.30; rough $17.75018.26; pigs good and choice $18,25018.76. CATTL.E.-,necolpls 10,0004 veVy slow; bidding sparingly lowr on priicllcally all kinds; buying-mainly confined lo best steers; calves steady. SHEBP—Receipts 30,000; opened slow; bids ou killing classes 10 lo 25c lower; feeders nud breeders steady. St. JoBtph. St. Joseph, Mo., Sept 4.—HOGS— Receipts 0,600 ; 250Mc lower; top $20.00; bulk, $19.25020.00. CATTLE—Receipts 4,000; slow and lower; stoors $9.00018.00; cows and helfars $6.00015.60; calvos $6,000 13 .ro. ' SHEEP— Receipts 4,500; lower; Inmbs $11.00017.25; ewes $6.00© 12.00. Wichita. Wichita, Kansas, Sept. 4.—HOGS Receipts 1,000; steady; top $20.10; bulk $19.60020.00. • • CATTLE—Receipts 300; steady; native steers $10.00017.00; cows and heifers $7.500 10.00; Blockers and feeders $7.00013.00; stock «ow» and heifers $8.0007.00; bulls $6.60 08.00; calves $8.00®12.50. (f 6RA1H MARKETT) BANGS OF OPTIONS AT CHICAGO. Wh »t. quote d. —CI OK H— Sopt. Oct... N OT... Sept... Oct.. Nov... prices Open Hl»l» Low Corn. ..1.641. 1.60% 1.B4K . tS7*"l.M \4 15 «5* 1 .54H l.M* 164«. 0»l.. 70% .ll'A -JOVt iTSVi. .74* •!*•& u>N Park. ' ... ... «.« 43.25 43.45 -TJ.45 .15% 1.M .71 .7114 .74* 1.55't 1.64?. •70ft .VI Out.. 43.30 RANGE OF OPTICN* AT K * N f.** ( £JJI Today Y d.y Op.n 6o#t.. Oct.., Nov..'. Sept.. Oct... Nov,.. High tow Oat*. .11 V .72* .71 VI 73*.. .71% corn. 1.6414 1.62 1.64% 1.6'i'A 1.61 1.1.8 .74% 1.6SV. 1,63 : 1.53 .72V. .76 1.63* 1.62-4 1 .0U& .11 'A .72'. .T4Vi 1.68 V. 1.62 IM'/i Wheat Corn .. uala . • K.n.a. City B««'P»- 0 „ „„ 235 47 ' 3S » 124 a* •f HIS a1 riM r n PAG® NINE GRAIN AND PRODUCE. Chicago. Chicago, Sept. 4.—JTotecaats of frost in Wisconsin,. gave some appearance of strength at times today to tho corn market. Trade however lacked volume. Accordingly, advances were"not maintained and a tendency lo sag developed. Opening prices, which varied from unchanged figures to %c all, with September $1.54% to $1.54% and October $1.56% to $1.57V4, were followed by a matcitel upturn all around but then by declUSs that iu the September and October deliveries TOO LAT« TO CLAMIFY. WANTED—A lady roomer In a modern home; 313 Eiwt Sevunth. 3 it All kinds of stove repairing. Shone 3U7j MODEltN—Rooms. Elms. 1» Flr»t Ha* 1 ; 4-11 TOH KENT—Seven-room house, furnished ami garage; modern except furnaco. Shlney ttealty Co., 121V4 North Mam. l'liono 131*. 4--t von SAW5—Set of "Teacher's Methods and Management," st* boolca in set; well bound; lattst edition. For further Information 1'hone 748-W. 4-8 |."OK BALK—Or trade for eUy property a good farm -eleven miles north of city. Peterson liambuugh Ins, Co. 4-lt TO KXCHANtiK—For Hutchinson property, ten acres fine laud Willi tunull liuuse and orphan!; 1% miles rfoin e*H"- woll, pkla. ifaterson Harabaugh lnv, Co. t ^ r >-:- 1 ' _, 4-lt FOR SAItE—Oood Bix-ycar-oUl.horea. M. lleachy, June miles, llutchliisop,;: south-west ot 4-lu FOR SA 1*19—Flemish a'ant an«l Hufus H K I buck; both god ones. 622 Second liist. • , ,/ 4-(it FOR HBKT^-Two llg-ht houseHeep:iig rooms, nIOely (urnlahod; 210 First Weal or l'hone?4S.(KVV.>v. 4-2t U'/*NTICD-T»flddJ»agcd woman for house wor kin country; good wTtges; call 1872J. ' • - _. 4-2t WANTBO^-An experienced grooery clerk, call 4 l'J B West. iHoST—A lady's ring with ruby sot; pleas* cull phono 2298-J. reward. 4-6 tl4> . ( reward. F OR RUNT—Furnished rooms; liiqui: j 12 jflast Fifth. , ire at 4-tt FOR BALB— Two cheap horses, liiiwnle. Phono 1S-N-4. Frank 4-3t FOit SALE—Orgiui and steel folding bed. Call 15 -N -4. • 4-3t \V -\ NTKU—Kxperienced waitress, Ueno Hotel. 4rU WANTED—Laborers on construction work at Morton Salt Co.. 40c per hour; but..< to and from Job. W'therspoon it longler Co. 6t COIOIIADO GATTU3 RANCHHS. For sale. Colorado Cattle Itanchas. rang- i,.- from 100 to 20.900 acres, geveml e*rn- uZ fiora small acreage cultivated Interest „i investmetH. Befervnco any Colorado s „rn .gs bank, D, V. DowtWdon, 10 and 11 Out -lte B«J#'i 9*"*4», \ Mil Let Us Heset Your Diamonds Old mo«niitffgs matte o^er like new t$tfe itock of new moutttingsV- Wt Guarantee Satisfaction Leading .lewe A. L. WILSON, ekr " J08 N North Maifi St. reached well below yesterday's finish, Subsequently, the government weekly report which indicated that thd bulk of the crop would not be safe from frost until' September dr OctoBer led » fresh upturn. Nev«%theless, the close was unsettled September $1.65% to $l.r>6V4 nnd October $1.58% to $1 .5«'/g— %c off to % advance, compared with 2* hours before. /' Oats showed f|rmness"trwins i to ns absence of selling pressure. Cash iu- qnlry was good. After opening %c off to up with October 72Vic the market hardened juit later-reacted! somewhat. Provfaions were dutl and irregular. Pork "Weakened but lard and ribs tind n firm tone. The monthly stock report showing a decrease of about 19,000,000 pounds of meats and 2,04)0,000 pounds of lard had a. slightly bullish effect. Kansas City Coah Prices. Kansas City, Sept. .4>-CASII WHEAT: Steady; No. 1 bard, $2.B< @2.11)',4; No. 2, $2.1(040211714; No. 1 Jed, 12.18%; No. 2, $2.15V4." CORN—Steady to 2c'hlgher; No. 2 mixed, $1.70@1.72; No. 3, nominal; No. 2 white, $1.8301.86; No. 3 nominal; No. 2 yellow, $1.7201,73; No. 3 nominal. OATS—Steady to He higher;'No. 2 white, 75c; No. 2 mixed, 72c. BYE—$1.7301.74. KAF'PIII AND MILO MAIZE— $3.42@»!47. HAF—Unchanged. SHORTS— $1.5201.60. iutAN—$1.4201.50. Receipts wheat, 235 cara. |fered an extreme reversal of 1 point. Marino preferred also lost a point, Sumatra tobacco 2V4 and General motors .3 points. Domestic and foreign bote's wore Bteady on reduced Ueal- ItigsV; Slbcks were firm at the opening of today's market but developed moderate reactionTfry tendencies before the end of the first half hour as a result of bearish aggressions. Ralls were again the chief sustaining feature, especially the Trans-Continental group. ! United States Steel virtually un' changed but soon yielded halt a point, ilaldwln locomotive, Sludebakor nnd the petroleums were especially strong. Texas company gaining three points. Price movements wore confusing In the lost hour, luaders forfeiting part of their gains of the mld'session. The closing was Irregular. x New York Money. New York, Sept. 4.—Mercantile paper 8 per cent, -Sterling: 60 day bills, JI.-72V4; commercial 60 day bills on'banks, 4.72; commercial sixty day bills, 4.72V4; demand. 4 .75V4; cables, 4.76.60. Francs demand 5.47; cables, 6.46. 'Mexlcnrr dollars, 78c. t Government and railroad bonds firm. • , Time loans strong; 60 days, 90 days and 6 months, 6 per ccrit. ; Call money firm; high 6 per cent; low 5%; dultng rate 6 per cent; closing bid &V$yper cent; offered at &% per cent} last loan 5% per cent Bank acceptances, 4%. per cent. Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, Sept. 4.—COftN—Sept. $1.63%; Oct. $1.62%0%; November $1.6«Vs. Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago. Sept. 4.—CORN—Sept. $1.55H@V4; October $1.56%@%; November $1.66014. OATS—September 70'»@71; Oct 72Vi©%; November 740V4. FORK— September $43.00;/ October $43.«. , I,AR:D—September $27.00; October $20.90. SHORT RIBS—September $24.E5; October $24.87. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Sept 4—BVTT10R—Higher.; creamery, 42vi@44c. EGGS—Higher, firsts 39%©41c. FOTATOhH — Higher, Minnesota early Ohio, bulk, $8.2502.40; ditto, sacks, $2-5002.65; Wisconsin, bulk, S2.1602.25r ditto, sncks r $2.;i0 ?j )2 .40. POULTRY.—AHve, unsettled; fowls, 2C@30c; springs? 300 .1 V. New York Produce. New Yarib, S.opt. 4.—BUTTER—, Firm creamery higher than extras 49V4@50c • ' ' EGGS—Steady; fresh gathered extras 51052c. GHEKSB—Firm; state fresh specials 27c. POULTRY—Live firm; broilers,33® 34c; fowls 31035c; old roosters 25c; turkeys §803(kr; dressed firm; chickens 34@44c; fowls 30037c; old roosters 26 027c. New York Sugar. New York, Sept 4.—Raw sugar steady; centrifugal 6.056; fine granulated 7.50. BRITISH DASH IS STILL UNCHECKED (Continued from Pago Ono.) have advanced slightly at other points. "Generally our troops have reached the lino of the Cnnal Dunord and north of the Arraa-Cambria road and have occupied Bcourt St Quentin. "In the Lys sector further progress made by us yesterday and last night both south, and north of the river. Our troops are approaching Neuve Cha- pclle and Laventle and have gained possession of the Bnilly-Sur-Lallys, Nieppe and Leromarin." • • 4> LOCAL MAhKET PRICES. . • • - • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. <Jrurai>hed by the. Huiolilnson Flour Mill* Co., and art wholesale prices.) WHEAT—Cash, No. 1 hard, $2.05. CORN—Cash, $1.60. FEED. . ' BRAN—$1.47% per 100. CHOP—$3.70 per 100. FLOUR—$5.56 per 100, HAY, (Prices given by the Hess Peed Company.) Alfalfa hay— $20 a ton, HIDES. ! (Furnished by i. F. Bohleder, hides . and furs.) GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 1, 19c. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 ISc. HORSE HIDES—$3 0Q to $5.00. N ; SHEEP PKLTS— 26c ;o $2.00. I uKElilN MlDklB—3c less than cured, HALF CUltWD—l%o leess than UKiiEN SALT GLUE—10c. GlUdEN-tfALT BULL. HIDES—No. ' "1, 16c. , ' i UKEEN SALT BULL HIDES—No. ' 2, loc. < ' HUTCHINtON PRODUCE. . ' (Wbolesaie prices funush«d by c *rt Nelson.) HKNS—21c, BROILERS—1918 hatch, 23c, OLD BOOSTERS—15c DUCKS—Full feathered., i6c YOUNG TOM TURKBYS—12 lb*. and over,, 22c- -~. TURKEY HENS—8 lbs and met 23c. No. 2 and small turkeys, half prlc*, OEESE—Full teathercd, 12c OLD TOMS—20c. GUINEAS—250. EGGS—Candle loss oft, $9.50. ' DAIRY, BUTTER FAT—Alamlto, 50o; dellT- ered to Hutchinson. «> " ' « «- ALONG CANAL DU NORD. « * •$> •!> <e> * ~> ^> 'fc •<< •i" <S) <J> * London, Sept.' 4.—(1 p: m.)— The British have secured a hold on the weat bank of the Canal Dunotg by taking Ruinaucourt to tho north of Sains-Lez-Marquion, according to advices from the battle front today. ' Further along the canal they are reported to have ' captured Inchy- En-Artois, DemXcourt to the east of Lolgnles and Pennies, three miles northeast of Bertincourt. Crossed the Canal. Near the Soremie tho British, the advices state, have crossed the canal at Hautallaines, slightly more than two miles.north of Poronne. From Hermles southward the British line Is Indicated as running to the west of Ruyaulcourt, a mile and a bolt east of Bertincourt Midway between Nieppe and SalHy In the Lys salient the British have captured the village of Croix Du Bac. j ' Since the opening of the combined Franco-British operations August 8, no less than ninety-seven German divisions have - been engaged, on the battle front. * j O <&/ HUNS TO BACK OP. «> €/ ' * • <$> « 4>-* • • • * * * London, Sept. 4.—The Germans are contemplating a general retirement from the Vesle region where they have been facing the Americans . and French along the ?iver, according to indications reported from the battle front today. The' recent Franco- Americau successes In the south apparently, have prompted such a move. « <H> « WITH FRENCH ARMY, ' 4> «> * <$>3'<&<S><S>4'<>'i>*'$><$>*<5><«>4>* With the French army In France, Sept' 4.—(By The Associated Press) —Tlie Germans are in retreat on the French front east ot the Canal Dun­ ord French calvary was in pursuit during the night and this morning, had pushed to within two miles of Guiscard on the Noyon-Hom road. | WALL STREET | New York, Sept 4.-rModerate impairment of recent gaina in speculative favorites prevailed' in today's stock market, rails and standard industrials reflecting intermittent pros- sure. Soles approximated 526,000 1 shares, V The market experienced additional reactions during the morning but not until other prominent issues had scored substantial advances. American locomotive, General electric, industrial alcohol. Mexican petroleum, Sinclair oil, and Virginia Carolina Chemical were among the stocks to register gains ot 1 to 2% poiuta in the first hour, Pressure continued to center w<m$ V, §• §i«*l wbigb »vl- '\ - Where Is MackensenT London, Sept 4.—(Via Montreal)— Today there was Btlll no sign of a prepared German counter stroke on the western front which must soon, be delivered It General Ludendoj;ff wishes to save the situation. PrUou- ers speak of a great mysterious army headed by General Von Mackensen w*ich Is ready to pounce ou tie Allies but Ms whereabouts Ja) unknown. ^ Germans Are Slipping. 7 Paris, Sept. 4.—Between Ypres and RJieims with General Mangin menacing tho St. Gobain forest and the Chemin Des Daroes. with Generals Humbert and Pebeny advancing on St. Quentin and the Franco-Americans on tho Vealo, with General Rawlinaon before Peroune. General Byng before Lens and General Piumer before Artn- entieres tho enemy feels the soil of France slipping from under his feet Commentators point out that in the jffeftwt otfewtf? cwUMiily fau JHJ «P ANNIVERSARY DAYS OtSr Birthday— i years.of service to the women of Hntdiiiiscm and vicinity during which time wn have always endeavored to provide the smartest and newest styles at tin' very lowest prices. In preparing onr stocks for this season we have, as usual provided ample selections in popular priced suits, coats, dresses, skirts, waists and hats—and secured many exclusive models from the best manufacturers' in the East. This event commemorating our 4th Birthday offers shopping advantages most linusital. ' • Beautiful TRIMMED HATS Are on Sale s This season's best ideas are embodied in these splendid hats already to put on; modeled after the choice patterns of exclusive millinery but priced injiccordance with The Curtis Store Plan of Low Prices. THREE GREAT GROUPS ARRANGED FOR THE ANNIVERSARY DAYS AT l > $4.95, $5.95, $6.95 SCHOOL SHOES For Kiddies Sturdy^ well-modo shoes that will Hland lots of hard wear and knocking about Made of CTud strong leatherB in lasts that insure comfort and room k for srowlnj! feet, Not nt all clutiiRy— -qulto the contrary In fact! I 'arontH will like, them nnd so will the children. Solid leather Bhocs for boys and girls at Inut fall prluen. Boys' Tommyhawk Shoes In tan calf and gun mctnl leathers, lace and button styles, footform and English last. or 2'A to b '/i J )0 I 0 U Misses' Gun Calf. Lace, high cut boots, foot form last, built for service; a good (PQ ftrt fitter; 12 to 2 0)3iUU . Children's Gun Calf Button ShocB, good roomy last; high top; 8% to 11 Vi- CO Cf| Pair yCiliti PLUSH COATS •* $19.95 A Real Opportunity to Economize This Coat is a straight line model —with all around belt, finished with buckles, the collar is huge cany be worn high or low; lined .throughout with fancy mercerized lining—while they last— $19.95. Other Beautiful Garments, all specially priced at $27.50, $32.50 and $35.00 for regular and stout figures. Sport Skirts, $6.95 of all wool velour, serge, "Panama cloths and mixtures, in bright colors of plaids and stripes, striking new and snappy styles that have an Irresistible charm of smartness that wlll s satlHfy tho hunger thirst of the feminine desire for attractiveness. They have unusual touches to tho belts and pockets—some are pleated, others are shirred and some are modelad on tailored lines. Skirts like these usually retail at $10.00 and more. PO QC Anniversary Price yO.uU Women Will Be Pleased With These Pretty Dresses at $8.98 The duration of their story here will be short indeed at these prices—one a SERGE DRESS WITH PtEATED SKIRT The front of waist is embroidered in silk in contrasting colors has whlljt silk collar and cuffs. WOOt PANAMA DRESS With shirred skirl I ho belt and pockets aro finished with black silk tailor's braid—whlto wash satin- cuffs and pointed collar; In colors of navy, green, Copeu and Burgundy. SltK POPtlN DRE8SES With shirred skirl, rancy pockets; tho sleeves are ot Qeorgetle silk; with collars and cuffs of self material. YO MOR BARGAIN OU/WItt ROW AND BE WISE TO COME HERE TO. SHARE IN THIS EXCEtLENT In Pretty Silk Waists They Come in Colors of—. • WHITE, FLESH, PEACH' A ND MAISE They open down front, have convertible collars, which can be worn either high or low, anil thoy aro embroidered on each aide of front with dainty sprays nnd bow-knots, seams are nil doublestltch. ffQ QQ Anniversary price of this pretty waist y£i«)«3 *\7 \ \ < maintained lasting 48 days without n break and that not since the beginning of the war bus such an extended Series of hammer blows been directed, throwing the adversary into eompleto dismay. The enemy apparently Is unable to reorganize bis forces lo make a stand capable of arresting the onward march of the Allies. In Vladivostok. Washington, Sept. 1.—Arrival of Major Clenerol Wni- S. Graves and his staff at Vladivostok to take command of oil American forces lighting on the now eastern front was announced today by General March. Uoncral Graves took with him from the Uuitoit states forty three officers and 1.3S8 men who will join tho regiments from the Phillipiue islands already on the ground. in Macedonia. I,pndon, Sept. 4.—The forces of tho Central Fewer* on the morning ot September 2 attacked the' Entente Allied, troops under cover gf an intense bouijmrdment oo. the left b»nk of the cial statement Issued today by the British war office says Uie enemy was driven back by a countor attack. A BOMB IN CHICAGO. One Exploded in Federal Building This Afternoon. Chicago, Sept. 4—What is believed to have been a bomb was exploded in the Adams and Dearborn comer of the federal building shaking the whole building. The detonation is suid to have broken windows In the Fair department store across the street. Buildings were shaken^ and windows shattered in several buildings tor blocks around. Crowds tied from neighboring structures, the shock being so plain that they thought their own structures had suffered. One man was reported, killed. The man working in the parcels post department was s»id to have been blown to pieces. Others bruised and injured were tajksu to a hotej RUSSIANS ARE FIGHTING. They Are Helping the Ciecho-Slovaki In Fight. Washington, Sept 1.—A Czechoslovak officer has arrived ut Archangel with word that 80,000 loyal Russians are operating with tho 40,000 Czechoslovak forces moving eastward along the Truns-Sibcriun railroad from Ekaterinburg. The news reached the state department today la 'a message from Ambassador r'nuiclt) dated August 26. Tlie officer says the Russians aro pleased with the overthrow ot the Bolshevik contra! and thut Bolshevik soldiers mo flocking to tho spirit of the Czechs, >• Leaving Ekaterinburg August t, on orders from the commanding officer who had been asked by the Allied consuls to get a messenger lo Archangel, the officer arrived at Vologda August 13 and at Archangel August H. lie Bald Ekaterinburg was captured July 26 by 200 Cossacks aud that W Ctecbs arrived Uieje pp. the lol- 1 lowing duy. Citizens supplied the Czechs with food, of which more seemed to be plenty. LENINE 18 WORSE. Bolshevik! ^Premier Hart Bullet Taken From Body. London, Sept. 3. —The condition of Nlkolil l.oiiluu, the B^hevlkl premier, against whose lifW an attempt was made last Friday, has become highly critical, according lo a dis patch from Moscow to the Central News Agency. Tho crisis Is eipectcd within uireo days. Surgeons have I 'onumxl a bullet from l^uine's budy. To Go to Europe. St. Joseph, Mo., Sopt. 4.—Charles D. Morris, publisher of the St. Joe Gazette, has applied for passports to enable him to proceed lo tiurope. It Is Morris' intention to take up Y. M. C. A. or Red Cross work. No poor man, ou becoming rich, does as much for the poor oft be plM- necV to tio.—AtchUou Oloha.

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