Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 20, 1942 · Page 1
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 1

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 20, 1942
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£AG.£ TWO—THE MORNING AVALANCHE i LL i •/ .. ., .»—_.., "* "* MYMUAtx^nt. tubbadc. f««. ErM™. r.u.»-~ »n ? yi? Q . A - ^ • Jj—. " f M-__^__ — - -. P'-ol 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Offictt jDemand For Farm Products In 1942 To Be Greater Than Any Year Since 1919 With Texons In Washington— lexans Write Their Congressmen Daily And •|1ost Of Them Now Are About War Effort; |onnally Breakfast To Be Seen In Life ft By L. T. EASLEY ' 3 Associated Press Staff Writer W ASHINGTON, Feb. 19 — The , letters Texans daily write their congressmen dwell on a multitude of subjects, but the bulk cjhvays are Indicative of the times. Now nearly a!} concern the war effort. ', A great many are from men with professions, asking how to go about getting a commission in tjhe armed forces. In most cases they are young men, married but with no children, who believe that sooner or later they will he drafted as privates. 'Eases the Pain Soothes the Nerves ', Distracting neuralgic pain, and nerves ruffled by minor pains of this type, yield promptly to the quick-acting effectiveness of "BC". "BC" also relieves headaches, muscular aches and functional periodic pains. Handy lOc and 25c sizes. Use only as directed. Consult a physician when, pains persist. Recently Speaker Rayburn received, a letter from the wife of a Texas reserve officer, on active duty out of the state and with a unit about to be sent abroad. She asked the speaker to use his influence to have her husband kept at the camp where he is now stationed. Kis reply was h« had nothing to do with troop movements:. Want To Do Their Bit Hundreds of letters and even telegrams come in from wholly unselfish persons all over the state, asking if there is any thing whatever they can do to be of service to their country. Penciled on narrow, ruled tablet pages came a letter to Representative Ed Gossett of Wichita Falls. It was from a 65-year-old farmer near Seymour, asking it he MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Of t«ra Bring* Happy Relief Many eufttren relieve uajEiag bickxcht quickly, one* they discover th»t the re»l catue ol their trouble miy te tired Icidneyi. _ The kidneys are Nature's chief w»y of Ulc- wxlbcexcesi acidaand wuieoutof theblood. »K. p most V*°P le P 1 " about 3 pints a day. w hen duordrr of kidney function pt.-miti pouoooua matter to remain in your blood it may cause _naxjricg backache-, rbeuma'tia PMIU, leg psinj, lots of pep and energy; eel- UDE up nights, swelling, puffinus under tha eyes, headaches ir.d dinintss. Frequent or scanty passages with srcartinst and burninff Bometimia shows there is something wroce with your ktdneya or bladder ' Pills, Don't wait! A«k your drusrist for Doan' ills, used successfully by millions for over 4 years. They Kireaapuy relief and wiUh.lp th« 15 nules of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. G« Doana — Ad». SWART OPTOMETRIC CLINIC Dr. Millard F. Swart M. ALIEN R. HAMILTON Dft. HARBY J. SMITH VYRICK BUILDING LUBBOCK could send to the congressman a violin he owned .for disposition anyway possible in. order to raise war funds. "I have had it throwed in my face several times for not buying defense bonds or stamps," wrote the man. "I have a wife and 6 children depending on me for suppart. I just work on the farm as a day laborer. I just got a job chopin cotton and pulling boles. I have 4 children in the school which I have not been able to senn to school because I am not able to buy shoes and school suplys for them. I have 2 that are not old enough to go to school." * * + Offered Violin For Salo He then offered the violin for sale, whether it would bring 10 cents or S5QO, to "defend the blessed nation where I have been borned and raised and the country where my grandfather helpt to take from the Indians." "I do not have one drop of any blood in my veins only red Texas Demacrat blood and I want to do all I can to help in this cause so you write me at once and let me no if you will do this favor for me," he concluded. "I sincerely want to do something. This neighborhood is doing all they can and this is all I have to sell?' * * * Gossett Explaiai pOSSETT replied: ^ "First, I want to commend your patriotism and your good citizenship, as evidenced by this communication. "T h e government doesn't expect those who are without means to support their families to buy defense bonds and stamps. It seems to me you will do especially well to keep your family j n food and clothes. The fact that you are not able to buy these stamps and bonds is certainly no re, flection on you in any way. "Now, as to your violin. "Please don't send it to me because I would only send it back to you. You are entitled to keep it and to use it. I note that the president is insisting on a continuation of baseball, football, and other forms of entertainment in order to keep up the morale of the civilian public of the country. "Certainly, every person must have some form of relaxation occasionally and I am sure you and your family get needed pleasure from "your violin and it would be unreasonable for you to sacrifice it, SINUS INFECTION Dr. E. M. Whitacre Osteopalhic Physician and Surgeon Dial 5S42 511 Myrick Bldg. particularly at this time. With every good wish, I am sincerely yours, (signed) Sd Gossett." * * * Xilday Heads Group Congressman Paul Kilday of San Antonio has been named head of a special subcommittee of the House military affairs committee. His group will have charge of all legislation relating to the general subjects of the National Guard and the organized reserves, ant) any recommendations of the subcommittee will almost always be accepted not only by the full committee but by the Congress as a whole. IN the House had under consideration the $26,000,000.000 war appropriation bill, Kilday arose on the floor to criticize special groups who exert pressure to get certain projects in their areas. "We have announced plans to turn 50 per cent of our national income in the next year into our war effort." he declared. "This transformation must be made within a period of^months and not years. "Such a transition means that every effort and every resource of this nation must be provided to the war effort. In the face of all this, organized minorities and pressure groups continue their demands ' that there be no interruption to their pet programs * and projects. "This is no indictment of certain elements or sections of our people, nor of any particular localities within our nation. We are all at fault." * * * O'Daniel Feeds Venison The Texas congressional delegation recently enjoyed venison steaks at a luncheon in the capitol Source: the 35-point buck Senator O Daniel shot last fall down in South Texas. Representatives Richard Kleberg of Corpus Chnsti went down into the House restaurant kitchen in ,the basement of the Capitol to tip the head chef off on a good recipe for seasoning the venison. * * * To Be In LSfe rpHE Connally Sunday morn- 1 - ing breakfast will be featured soon in Life Magazine. Guests at a recent breakfast (Feb. 1) photographed by staff men of the magazine included Vice President Wallace, Edward Arnold, the movie star- Admiral E. S. Land, chairman of the Maritime Commission; Colonel W. J. (Wild BilD Donovan, coordinator of information; William Boyd formerly of Teague, now serving the petroleum coordinator's office in an advisory capacity; Judge W. E. McMahon .of-.F.ort Worth; Burris Jackson, HiHsboro postmaster and widely known cotton man ««* George A. Hill, Jr., head of the Houston Oil company. Each Sunday morning Texas senior Senator invites a distinguished group of 12 to 16 persons to his eleventh floor apartment. Following the breakfast, which always opens up with the serving of Texas pink grapefruit, the guests retire to the senator's spacious Hanna-Po &Co. Spring Leaders— Vagabond . ". , Stratoliner . . . Fifth Avenue . . . Playboy. They're all here. Spring Colors . .. That will "GO" with you everywhere. Featuring Knox's new color sensation . . . APACHE BROWN. PRESENTING Spring's Leading Styles -IN- STETSON AND KNOX HATS Spring Styles . . . L«d by brim-edge spiral-sitching to match the band . . . it's the newest refinement in hat styling. See it today. Spring Comfort . . : Light weight spring fur felts that will rest easy on y c u r brow. W'«ar there, wilh a dash of carelessness and ease. TheyTa for jou. STETSON AND KNOX SPRING HATS OTHERS TO SU.CO Economists See Higher Prices By FRED BAILEY United Pros Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.—Agricultural department economists predicted today that pressure of rising consumer income and shortages of some consumer goods would continue pushing farm commodity prices higher. Demand for .farm products in 1842 will be greater than in any ysar since 1919, they said. "The pressure of rising consumer income in relation to the volume of goods and services available for civilian use will be a factor in tending to raise the general level of prices this year," the Bureau of Agricultural Economics said. Food Coils Ris« The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that a 2.7 per cent rise in food costs in 51 large cities between Dec. 15 and Jan. 15 sent food prices 1S.8 per cent above figures for the corresponding period a year earlier. The general trend for this year in consumer demand for farm products will be upward the Agriculture department said. That conclusion, it said, was based on the rise in industrial employment and higher consumer income. Income Available Increased "Although increased taxes and defense bond sales may absorb much of the net gain in consumer income during the next few months, the income available for food, clothing, and other nondur- able goods will be increased by the elimination 'of automobile production and the curtailment in output of other consumer products," the Bureau of Agricultural Economics said. "Additional factors of strength in demand for agricultural products are the needs of our Allies as war operations increase, and a strong storage and. ff-toulative demand. The net result of all these conditions is expected to be a stronger demand for farm products in 1942 as a whole than in any year since 1919. Too Early For Conclusions "It is yet too early to form definite conclusions as to the probable effect on the general price level of the emergency price control act giving the government powers to check speculative and excessive price rises." The increase this year in farm income may not be as great as the $2,900,000,000 increase in 1941 over 1940, but total farm income is expected to be as large as in any year except 1919, the bureau said. Housewives Anxious To Feed Soldiers The idea of inviting a soldier into their homes for an occasional home-cocked meal apparently appeals to Lubbock's hospitable housewives, chamber of commerce officials said Thursday. The officials announced Wednesday that the chamber of commerce would arrange to provide the soldier if the housewives would provide the meal. Responses have been sufficient!} numerous that blank forms have been ordered mimeographed for the convenience of those who would like to extend such invitations. The chamber of commerce telephone number is 4666, with H B. Lewis in charge of this particular activity. First of the invitations to be received was irom Mrs. Dee T Worley, 2204 Twenty-ninth street She explained that she wanted to be first—and she was. Other sim ilar calls have been received a the chamber of commerce at intervals since, Lewis said. living room to discuss toplci of current interest. A guitar player and singer of Western ballads is Oilman Boyd. He entertained the guests with numerous songs, including "The Eyes of Texas" and "Iowa," the latter in honor of the Vice President EVERY BOTTLE OF Flash "O-gaS CONTAINS FULL 100 LBS. OF PURE PROPANE w u 5 >X K D O O V .5 o _N '£ O a s 3* e Is 1* ""o >.*• Vi Ul 1) «j $ V O 44 e a t. 85 3 M Baker-Fleming 3206 AVENUE H LUIJBOCK. TEXAS Civilian Defense Documents Are Available At Tech Library; Available To The Public Approximately 20 publications >n variou-s subjects related to de- ense have been received from iVashington, D. C., by the Texas Technological college library, Miss Elizabeth H. West, librarian, said 'hur$day afternoon. The bulletins were issued by the L S. Office of Civilian Defense. The public is welcome to read any of the publications at the library, although they may be decked out only by students or faculty members, said Miss West. Subjects Are Listed The Texas Tech library has been depository library for government documents several years. Subjects discussed in the civilian defense literature include air raid warning system, blackouts, ivilian defense schools, a civilian defense volunteer office, civilian defense week, civilian protection, enrolled volunteer worker groups for civilian protection, training of volunteer nurses' aids, a handbook for air raid wardens, local organization of civilian protection, medical division, municipal signaling systems, protection of industrial plants and public buildings, trial of plans for civilian protection during army maneuvers and exercises, civilian defense Fat Stock Show Heads Announced Thursday C. C. Jobson, general superintendent, Thursday announced a completed list of officials for the South Plains Junior Fat Stock ••how here Aoril 6-8. They are: * Calf department—J. O. Gordon, ?loyd county farm agent superintendent; L. M. Hargrave. voca- ional agriculture teacher at Wolfforth, assistant; and W. L. Stangel, head of the animal husbandry department at Texas Technological -rollege, judge. Pig department — Monroe U. May, Castro county farm agent, ;uperintendent; Jesse Johnson, vo- :ational agriculture teacher at Cooper, assistant; and Casey Fine, professor of animal husbandry at Tech, judge. Lamb department—V. F. Jones, -.amb county farm agent, superintendent; Henry Elder,' Lubbock vocational agriculture teacher, assistant; and Ray Mowery, professor of animal husbandry at Tech, judge. Harvie" D. Pool, assistant Lub- aock county farm agent, is assistant general superintendent of the show. training courses offered by '.he New York city civil service commission. Several OCD news letters are included. The guide for training volunteer nurses' aides was issued by the American Red Cross in collaboration with the OCD. PRICE CEILINGS REVOKED WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. «•)_ The Cx'ice of Price Administration today invoked price ceilings on silk because subrtantially all of the nation's raw silk stocks have b'jen taken over by the government or are now being fabricated to fiil government contracts. Apothecaries sold sugar and spices in the 14th century. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! SPINNING WHEEL CAFE OWNER LEARNS OF AID TO STOMACH DISTRESS ARMY NEEDS YOUTHS DALLAS, Feb. 19. (U.R)-Lieut Col. Frederic W. Steffen of the army recruiting staff here asserted that the Army needed youthful leadership and urged 18- and 19- year-old youths to join the service. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 Mr. Steve Etter Says Relieved His System of Poisons Caused By Constipation, Ended Ga« And Bloating Among the countless sworn statements of praise that have been made for Hoyt's is that of Mr. Steve Etter of 1B16 College Avenue, Lubbock, Texas, who states: "I have been bothered with stomach trouble for the past three years, and was unable to get any food that I could digest at all. The food that I ate formed gas on my stomach, and I bloated and was in misery all of the time. I had become full of poisons from constipation "When I started taking Hoyt's Compound, all the gas and bloating in my stomach was relieved. I can now eat anything I- desire without that fear of misery caused by gas and bloating. My food is digesting properly. I eat, sleep and feel much better than I have for a long time My bowels are becoming more and more regular. Poisons are leaving my system." Because Hoyt's Compound has MR. STEVE ETTER done such fine work for so many suffering folks, you too, should learn of its scientific composition and its quick, efficient action. Why not call' at the Mark Halsey Drug Store and ask to have this splendid medicine explained to you'. Hoyt's Compound is recommended and sold by the Mark Halsey Drug Stores and by all leading druggists in this area. Mail orders promptly filled. Adv.' LUBBOCK GENERAL HOSPITAL CLINIC FORMERLY LUBBOCK SANITARIUM CLINIC GENERAL SURGERY J. T. Krueger. M. D., F. A. C. S J. H. Stiles, M.D., P.A.C.S torthoj H. E. Mast. M. D. iiJroiogyi EYE, EAR. NOSE & THROAT J. T. Hutchinson, M. D. Ben B. Hutchinson, M. D * E. M. Blake, M. D (Allergy) INFANTS AND CHILDREN M. C. Overton, M. D. Arthur Jenkins, M. D INTERNAL MEDICINE W. H. Gordon, M. D. * R. H. McCarty, M. p. <cs.rd!o!t/sr) Clifford E. Hunt, Superintendent • In Service. . -.---• GENERAL MEDICINE J. P. Lattimore, M. D. H. C. Maxwell, M. D. G. S. Smith, M. D. W. A. Reser, M. D. J. D. Donaldson, M. D. W. F. Birdsong, M. D. OBSTETRICS O. R. Hand, M. D. X-RAY AND LABBHATORY James D. Wilson, M. D. RESIDENT PHYSICIAN Wayne Reeser, M. D. , J..H. Felton. .Business Manajsr PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY X-RAY AND RADIUM, SCHOOL OF NURSING YOUR CHOICE UD01R LAI/1 $1.98 and Nine Cherry Vouchers RICH COLORS iranrinr inrnmn, "BOUDOIR LAMPS NIGHT STAND LAMP * • • " " Gkofczofi \y:-c 6 Gdw* mm i RUBY AMJBEff BLUE- OBCHID GREEK PEACH SOLD IN CHERRY VOUCHER GIFT DEPARTMENT ACETATE SHADES BEVELED L PLATE MIRROR BASES PAY ONLY THESE LAMPS GONE IN SIX BEAUTIFUL SHADES AND MANY BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS, THESE LAMPS ARE BE- INC SOLD IN OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT REGULARLY FOR $1.98 This Week-End They Sell For 9 Cherry Vouchers and 9c NARKS IT BOWH BECAUSE HE WAHTS DEMAND YOUR RECEIPTS >; _S?te 2% to 25%

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