The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 10
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FACE TEN PARIS NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 10. Candidates 3 Scattered \ Over State Messages to Voters Delivered From Siierman to El Paso AUSTIN, w??-—2-ieut. Governor EUigar \Vitt of AVa-co. 'vho is a~k- : ing to ^ governor, toid the voters • again, that he would like TO be In] the executive chair when the 1?3C i .'centennial is held. ; He took cognisance of the Ox- . laliorna election. ;;:so. He sa:c the : Sooner state gave "positive voice ; to the trend of '-he in the • southwest when the people turned r • a deaf ear to political,* ; and nominated a candidate for: governor \vho offered something, definite toward ending the eco- i nomic chaos." Attorney General James V. A;l- red was at honic. He spoke to a home-coir-, jug crowd at Wichita Falls. He said he was the first for stxt^ office- iron-. "West Texas ever to have be~n elected. "1 broke the ;inx after everyone had decided a Vest Texan could, not be elected." he ss.;c. Asrain he expressed his preference lor "a. real graduated chain store tdx." Fort "Worth, said, -the absence _ci aa appropriate relief program ic-r dences that hit opponents "are disqualified to render Texas significant service.-" C. C. McDonald, in a speech at gri.g-.-ry'ra"": he -wanted to maintain the schools "with as liberal an appropriation a= our state finances •will permit," He added that^ h* opposed "the creation 01 ^ any t v jr- xher stats supported schools at any now operating." 3£aury Knches tcld a Houston audience that the support ™e WIRE WASHINGTON 1 . (#P> — An earth-; quake described as of moderate j intensity was recorded on the seis--. i mosraph at Georgetown Vrrvers-! I ity Monday sight. The tremor be-j i srari at S:06:3T p. m. (E. S. T.) } i reached a maximum at S:13 and j Un-3ec at 9:30 p. m. The distance j from Washington was estimated j -,,. -; -i.rt wiles in a southerly di-i "~ v 5 Hitler Will Explain Coup Calk Reichstag to Hear His Story of Suppressed Revolt 3 \SSI_. Switzerland. — George j L. Harrison, governor of the Fed-1 era! Reserve Bans of New York,j !•>:": Tuesday for Paris, saying h«| \\-,^< isatisfied \\-iih results of his! imr'orss.nt financial conferences i liert with Knsrlish and Bank for! Internationa.' Settlements offlcials. 1 ^ ^ t^*3^ accon^rsanled hy ^.«&an t-: Sproul, deputy governor of th* BERLIN. (•??— The Keicisstas was convoked Tuesday for FTidaj- for a speech by Chancellor Hitler on events -which made the executions of June SO necessary. Chancellor Hitler, -nrho since jjune SO, the date of climactic 1 events markias the beginning of ! the "second revolution" has kept I silent, once more -will tise the forum of the so-called national parliament to address the nation and His speech is calculated to answer innumerable questions that German citizens and foreigners have been asking in explanation of the executions of June 30. The Heichstas has not met since January 30, this year, when Cahn- cettor Hitler *av* an exhaustive account of the first year of hi* stewardship. It is part of HitlerV"policy to call the Reichstae together only on the most important occasions when the attention of the entire world is focussed upon such a meetins. an<i then have the repce- seatatives of the people endor«e his policies by loud acclaim. Hermann Wilhelm Goerin«, i Prussian premier, -when h» called ; the foreign press together on " June 30. stated that Hitler -would address the nation probably the same night, or at least the next day. I Eleven days have «la.p«ed since Hhen. during which the nation has | waited in vain to hear "Der Fuehrer." Instead, t-wo of his closest collaborators, Paul Joseph Goebbels. minister of propaganda, and Rudolf Hess, minister -without portfolio, addressed the nation- Goebbels Is scheduled to yive another address Tuesday night. In political circles the Question is bein^ raised whether Hitler will touch in his speech to the Reichstag: upon the church question. The 1 Associated Press was reliably in- formed that Caiaollc sought an agreement from. Hltl*r that he would state la »ome" public speech that he had nothing to do with the so-called, neo-heathen ish nsovement, but that he still adheres to the point in his pariy program which insists that the new states shall be reared on the basis of "positive Christianity.** It was understood the bishops made this one condition of their ratification of the concordat agreed upon between themselves an<J the government's representatives to Rome. FARM WORK DONE IN HEARO3V AREA HEAR ON- — The farmers have done about all the xvork possible until a needed rain comes. Miss Christine Owen who had her tonsils taken out is improving. Mrs, Judge Hardy is ill. Mrs. BiU Goodman of Roston visited here Friday. Bill Adams and family of Lake Crfck spent Sunday here. Miss Ardith Lewis and her two cuesis, Mareraret and Joseph Chas- :airi of Paris, spent Sunday here with W. T. Le\vis and family- At The Grand The Grand Theatre- celebrates the two "tea cent days this .week. Wednesday and. Thursday with the presentation of one of the latest comedies. "She Learned About Sailors," featuring L*w Ayres and Alice Faye in o»e of the most rios- terous stories ever to be presented on the screen in Paris- From beginning to end the story is one of un-alloyed fun and frivolity lighthearted amusement for all. without being sexy- It is' the lively »story of battleship jack-tars, rol- j licking sailors -without thought of S tomorrow, and a- girl who didn't I want to fall in love— but did. and j then almost lost her sailor sweet- i heart. ] The entire picture is hilarious | comedy, tuned to a youthful pitch, iand full of light-hearted episodes I and tuneful music, presented in a. I eatchv manner. j The Grand presents no claim for i "She Learned About Sailors" ex! cept that the audience -will be i amused and entertained to the full> est extent. Further Spy Arrests Due PARIS, CP) — Farther arrests I in France's latest drive- on an in- Iternational spy rinar were for«| shadowed Tuesday by police inves- | tigations in the suburbans of Paris. j Warrants were issued Monday i for seven persons and authorities 1 ordered the questioning of an j American woman. Pauline Ja| cobson JLevine. 3 2-year-old native | of New York. She was believed to I have left France: Officials wanted to ask her whe- j ther she served as a. go-between i for Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. i Swiiz^ Americans heid on espion- j age charges since !>ecember. and 1 Benjamin Borcowitz^ called. by \ police a- leader of the spy ring. i Important ramifications, polic* | said, were uncovered through the | arrest Saturday of Maurice Milice. [a clerk at LJUe. 1 I>ocuraents seized at hi« house 1 are being studied. Authorities «h*r**d that h* *old JTreach. military defen** plan* t» » A total of 25 person* ar* ""under charges in the spy ring c**e. Seventeen of them axe in jaiL. \Four have, been granted bail, rwhll* eight eluded the- police net. The ring; allegedly »"a» working for Soviet Russia* NOTICE TO U AT£Jt CONSUMERS f "Water bills must b* paid on or before May 10th in order to secure the l<J.,per cent discount. SUPERINTENDENT OF WORKS BILIOUS I for lsll« £1** t r*U«f. but tfa*< r«Ii*r«» coastxptoon. quick, aoodunc Tcmln »i* **m H*rbin«. & oombiaftiioix of hccfc*. BOTH action* x&d *o tho*«. both. !iT*r »ml «c~on- G« Tfwxf fron THE PA1ACE DRUO KEORE ^•KLAHOMA CITT — In the' careers of Eugene Arnett. eccen- : trie recluse of Suburban Putnam City and reputedly a. seeker. through diet and gland control, of r- race of "super-men," is grow- ir^s a new vegetable, which might be called a. "srour-Cvimber," Arnett •announced. He has crossed sue- cessfU:lv the Spanish gourd with the ratlve cucumber, the result being a small vegetable, greenish •r; color and about the sire of a ! small poniegranate. It tastes like governor v% hen The ballots counted. He "saic thitt "liberal De crats in al! se.-tions of the st aroused over the -respect of^a their ran-off canciaa-e." Tom H"J~:---r toc-V: his carr.p; to far £-»vay ~£-'- F-i='-- "~ r - tnern about h:s "iifteer.-po;nt 5TE.u:" and reiterated his :cc:-i State Senator Clir.t C, S ^a^>**^^ ?-H^= ^-T?O^*" --- ••* OOi : —1 XJCL*^* ^^ -- ~ -L ... ~ r- -• -^ ^ rieams; alstaTsce 01 trvs exect NASH"H-UE, Tenn, — Warning •' that continuation of a "policy of' ! economic nation alisn^"' T^-ilI niake . tne social and economic problems cf the south -'almost hopeless" -. • t-.-as given t>-- Peter Molyneaux of i : Dallaf; Texas, in an address be- 1 fere the Nashville Institute of; • I-!if~r::ationai Relations. VIENNA — 3on~bs '. f r'T.i a truck into several build- ; ins- i:: Vienna Mon-iav night caus- ; • -=c minor property carnage. On»; ^rj^as^-'S <s".^-?,- T'.'inCi'^'^'s of a Je~.v- : ; 7 "I" ,"~ " , - ' : idsdorf — a district •^-•hicli T\-a.= ' i shr-llec by artillery during the so- ', ARIS. — Francs clamped a. iporary but absolute ban Tues- on T .he importation of Amerl- ra-?f ser.sitirec film for motion j ture ca~r-ras- The embargo is : ; e3 to trsan'cfacture here all film i sale in France instead of hav-j : :t imported. Some American • | At Tbe Plaza TThich i? the stronger "o^e — the 3ov?. of a wc-ma- for a rr.s.- or The >c,ve of a —ether for her child '- Theatre, T.-=-auti;ul Ar.r: ;-zrl-r'.± ernbocies th« ar.,s- -r to this age old question. x s^^'Ci 4*1 - ^ n <- -r. - ^ ------ ^- ».- •• - - "becoming reunited T.'itr. r.-r ;,-:Ie eon after years cf separator- r. -r,- der the penal*" of siler.-re re~-^c- his future. A-n rr_2.kes £ c^c' = :cn which chc-ns-es the whole course te-otsld you have cone urcer s;rr;]^r condit:c-n3=? Wot^c yot: ha^<; «c as she did? deals with the ezperl^rLces of ar •u,ms-e-5 rr:c:her who achieves r-he- tiieri accidents..!!- meets h*r G^-T: "birth t.hro-jarh i-a.r.:l::y "c car^ ^* X^ ^ c £, — ; *>c r* f ^* '"j; *^~ 2 tl'~° S^^'T- ^ ces the t£.;« r-eur.ites mother At The Lamar . created his. farr-cu-! "Tr.e V.'itchlr.? Hotsr." Th* rlsy- T*"r::^'?- whe •first presentee r-jlf-^ *h« Sr^-«cv.-?. stage for two .v*--ar5, hat- V-en in picture form :-y Pf.rarr.o-Jr.T corn** on Ti;?>c;t> ^-'-c v.">-i:-«to the IATUST 7h«a:r*». It ?ea.ti:rfs Sir ' = uy si-rsv. John K8;Uda.:'. Ju^::.:-; A:>T., Brown. Gertrude Michael sn^ "When ThOTnas ci.n:*: *c- »-,v York from the sui ? v tn 2SSS, he took pos:tlc-r: a. tary to Wash "ing ;.or I.r-."ir ' Bishop TOOK Thomas on 'nls tou of the o our. try, *r,<! by 1 fci» ercplover f^rough husdrf^ds of e perfor»nar-c***, Thorn a a -or.virsced that Bishop"? grift for i-niT!d-r**^iinsr was an<i Jhat thought reaiiy «>'TlARTiC for*'*. The *xj>*rieace rr,;a^ie such » jnemc-rab!* irr,pr«*s:on or. the yo«n.g- mass's mind JhsT > later, \vhen is*; ^'as about to write & Jw- » th« them* o? th« "*4y»»mi^ fore* of thougrhi." Into it. '&« wov« a rare rorna.ace, to he r.y J-3 ft * h :»••.*•«>' <5ircrct.e<3 from by Aatbocy all It «o*t* to o*m tiu# spotting vhite It vterts automatic- It lia« Autuma— hen defroetiiia; pteted. FtrEnfehed with A of food storage A suicl-ie by a bcmb ; etery spread terror j lfred Julier, a disap- j mb. sat on his uncle's'; -r 1 ZC-S^ SH^ "^"^ ^ tlO" IJ *~il ' everal tombs is-ere cie- ! AN 3IIJ1XAR13INO. — Crash- in th-5 ta.=ce-ofr fro21 2-n v-'n for nis *rxp"oits -with small in?, v:as ki:Ie-i a.~d one his three v-ass-5:;s-ers injured fa- ef the defunct Pec-ria. LJfe I"- a-c-i company '"as stijl ur.cer- oar Hheral Meter-Ice ted) ix finished outside and Plan- The Sapcr 434 (Ill orceIai»-on-S Jlaster 454 OS^tstiated) Feature* includ seamless Forcelaiii irtterioT- Basket, Serraslielf completed- 3.4 s<;uazr 8^4 wroare feet o5 food stor* have this beautiful Frig- idaireStxperT34-with Lifetiro* the Master 834 or the Snper Super 634 (illustrated) on-SteeL. both in&ide and out. It starts autozoatically defrost tix»g is- completed. Also has large Hydrator. Cold Con- troL Sliding UtiKty Basket, Ser^asheH, Automatic Tray , Interior Lijrhtin0 and Adjustable Shelves, 12.4 feet of food storage area. Makes 9% pounds of ice atone time. ioaire Serraahelf and pleted. It has 15.6 aqnare Delivered and Installed SALT WATER ENDS RUSK OIL BOOM P.U5K, T«:-5C., iJP- : , —It _.. , o~.*t-r but th* reminiscing for this ! ONLY EUECTRIC REFRIGERATOR irlth the SUPER FREEZER S.i •weeks ago the street* ^^i^. s erov; ded with excite<I oil prospect- j •.•:-£. Prj*. 1 *'.- ^hot sky hi^h aii<3 th*? ] E CEOjCiCtd with M« «*tr» rw«M <M- t»D b«nlOT «A :: w«.s a ghost towa. The fin^jrisr of water Sn the j L^jst Kop*." the CraefiJ! aarad _ test. def:Ts**.^3y en4««2 thfe ! it<;rTj*-nT... 1? was the same J th«: "discovery'* w*-I! Perfeins B HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SHOP Pbene 2424.-Th«*O*6p^tm«m Store of P«m r Wave SI. 22 \V*\« JSet JSe FRANCES BE*SfJTi\ Operator Stre«t

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