Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, 1973 · Page 104
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 104

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 104
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f\ !.. r > ^ FHday, .tune ft, 1973 Nte!*heefli* Gazette ! 867-.MHc«lliniou8 **GOLO DUST-NUGGETS** SWWf^sa ?rafle? r 272?6i69 mot6r iood truck, x«ui~ • • •"*•" m»i-i ITI filQnt iTflCk 2«I watt stereo with turntable, ear- 55SP%u?: a 1 ( li, lfi?. akei '*' tor like new J°MJMO42,5099, .". ' '"" "°" vv^SHER, dryer, trade for whatever. 4Wd ACRE'S - near Signal. WhaT -025". - . ' have you to trade? owner 272-02 Plifioi'Orgini sorvfctt . _ LLICHS MUSIC CltV 3907 E.. homas has a special on 2s ped. new Wurlltzer .oraa/is.. several Spinel RENTAL SPECIAL LIMITED SUMMER OFFER Spinet model w-benen, your choice «f «*!• * .color, free tuning. All money applies towards purchase. Aii.frf^U'^aSSDS.JN.lto 4 TIM Sun. 8, Eves: ELECTRONIC SPECIAL! ip ST , A ' 2 iM r **elver, w6rt$****\WM?*Kl-~$& 571—Appliances _. r 9n »BH , Altec speakers Maxim KLH reduced, demo, model, Ampex c-60 cassette, blank tape, now 79e. Sonic S headphones, res. $39.95, now $25 "C and b",batteries, 2 for 25c. Good used equipment, 8 track piaye'r $29. Pi— _ ... __.,,„ turntables, track, reel recorders & many other pood buys, Come on Ifll Merrill Electronics, 301 E. Camelback. NEW. and' used color TV's, 100% f| m i oS^"'iave n W61rom"'He"w"or'lce < : ' a 4&b,M.!HL Muslcland, 4510 N. 16th • ivriii idi *IO MSSk -r,.,^ ,,,,=,, 16' boat, 70 hp Mercury motor and tra er, '61 L ncoln with new motor, 72 Honda 350 CB motor- P i. Trade for laraer boat or 1 * . us for''rnosT anythinq on trade PATTERSON VW & SAAB INC. PUREBRED Great Dane pups, six • weeks, will trade for bedroom furnf- r b ° af ryer trade for whatever, BTA"i<UEY. classes ^n^3 IUOL } brewery picture, 274-4594. ' SWINGSET, rocker, crib, olavnen. stroller, nort-o-crlb, hiahchair, feed- ,inq, fable, bassinet, walksr, lump chair, carseat, table, chairs, bicV' cles, tricvcles, toys, Wonderhorse -bed, ncficf carpentry or painting. 253-0979, 1969 SUPER Bee, veTy clean, $806 or trade. 938-6252. WSCO'O'T. four wheel drive. '49 Jeep, nood condition, four wheel drive. '69 Ford Econollne 200, needs a little bodv work, 6 cvllnder, automatic. Trail Honda 90, desert. '70 Plvmoi/th m air, city car. ! 278-9841. 3409 West Van Buren. Per Rent IA/HFGI.CHAIP i=v?-^:f n jonnirv $89.. 'in or rent for S15 mo. Beaver *tinnly, 99I-M16 WHEELCHA TITS $10 monthly. 874-3505. Orqan-sonle SIP Oraa-son c Spinet Orqa-sonlc console 423, " HAMMOND ORGAN WAREH ° U !f9.8385 ^ Chord orqan Wl-3 Spinet B-V console C-2 console B-2 console LEDE' 4231 — - Spinet —.kshli T.empes ld< PS Splni Berkshlr Ire (TBO) ^-jf (TS-88R\ Holiday (TLOKV) Lincolnwood V) $39! $119! $129! $179. L'E'DERMAN WAREHOUSE SI " S W.jrhpmas 269-838 ASSOCIATED Piano & Orqan Serv' Ices. Reflnlshlng, rebuilding, tuning & 77 _movlnq. 944-4327. Evenings, Grits..',, Don Olds ELECTR.- lltzer. One nanclnq, credit applications oTk.'d by Pft 0 " 6 '. J/ee.. deiTverv, TV Techni- 18" RCA remote $319. 17" Sylvania color $239. All RCA color TV'S cost plus 10%. GOB INS, 1635 N, 7th St. 254-7071 3 A R R A R D Zero-100. Professional urnfable with new. Shure V-15 II cartridge. Must sell. $170. Private ea " TO . 2 R Priced as low as $60 or.— Appliance.,.service Center. Central, fill 7:30 p.m. Sat p.m. Sun Fe, 7^31 ^^^.jM/N!^!,*!!* TRIG piano, '68 vlntaqe Wur- ~— owner. Excellent con __ FESsTONAL movfiTgT pianos, or iano Moving Company J R C I S 0 R S, $7.50 monthly; 1505. 563—Miscellaneous Wantar NEED BDRM, LIVING RM, DINING RM & GOOD APPLIANCES ?64-3204 SCOTTSDALE AUCTION W» oav most for quality furnishing;. CALL 945-0741 ANYTIME BALDWIN spihefs from $688"BALD: W ,f . " a ,W'L fo ni,..'yrnUure_ damaqe, BEDROOM furniture needed. 992-6990. 24 HOUR BUYER Furniture, appliances, refrigerators. washers, TVs tools, misc. MOVING? GET UASh housefuls: BR sets, dinettes, color TVs, stereos, antiques, tool, misc. Call anytime nlgtit or day ;• 274-5580 OR 274-824) t CAS"H for furniture, guns,"TVs7to< , etc. Brfing to Van's A-l Auction, 3 IV. McDowell or call 278-7068. OLD FASHIONED PIANO DAYS AT MILANO MUSIC CENTER Roaring 20 prices on all our BALDWIN & WURLITZER pianos. FREE PIANO with purchase of every new console orqan. TUNING SPECIAL — RENTAL SPECIAL? — rent S plano with, option to buy — $9.95 per month. New PLAYER PIANO, reg. $1495 - now $845 New SPINET PIANOS, req. $785 — now from $488. UPRIGHTS from $195. ACROSONIC spinet used by Joanne Castle in night club stay, req. $1295 — now »* 5 -,- A _C R p S 6 NIC console, last . soe, as year's model, req. $1595 — now $995. pinets fr ton, fur , will.sacrifice. WURLITZER console; «tiii ^ubi MH.G. 11 \jt\ i_i r tc special selection from $699. 14 W Main, Mesa 964-8775 tin.... _, ZENITH COLOR Consul with new picture tube, 2 year warranty $229.95. Circle "J" TV, 745 Grand. 152-2847. Open Sun. & Eves, "" color portable W, New ZENITH . quar. Now only, rms. Dealer. 805 S. 1 or EZ Central till LARGE selection of used color consoles and portabres. Reconditioned by retired technician. 274-4815 any- XiRT eMMoners^--new sllohjl scratched Whlrlrpool .unlit, fteaul facfory, guarantees, at .below dea e eost |f Ices, Household AoBflanee c« "I03 r East MejJowel ,,258-7r - NEWHotPolnT d Guaranty, noj *ipen fl./!3o.j shwashers with fu 149 ,pr EZ term ntra cen I refrlqerator cro guaranteed. Renal , _ EVTNorqriS Ib. washer Inn drver, was J399.95;, , no IST .WV'Vv Pre? dellv. v ian School. . erod _.,s dryer, suarannef, palrman, 25JJ-7838. tTs. R IN-STORE WAREHOUSE SALE one, week only! New and used refrigerators,. washers, dryers, gas 8, electric ranges, freezers, and, televisions. Everything drastically reduced! Hauf yourself and save even more, crated and uncrated, everything quaranteedl Frlgldalre, GE, Gibson & May- Air Conditioner — New $89 Refrigerator — New 1« cu. tt. Frost-Free — $J59 < cu. ft. New Frost-Free $239 Used Refrigerators From M9.9, Some Late Models. Sfde-By-Sldes From $88 washer — Deluxe Mode Large capacity — $188 Drvers - Electric New - $138 Dishwasher — New $143 ack * Whlt L8," Color AFC - $268 Electric Range-30" D Gas Range— 30" Deluxe— $123 Deluxe-$14 Trade In Your Old Appliances And Save Even Morel I GARNERS SERVE guarante 253-4480, 25! . refio. PUT time. BRAND only) - ••.-•• component stereo, t; am-fm. radio with built In track tape player, enclosed speakers. $74.95. Cash or terms. United Freight Sales, 2420 N. 16th St. ~ "="65 am' bpupht 6416 North 32nd Street. 992- LARGEST selection, of used color ir, the state, orices starting at $99.95. Circle "J" TV, 745 Grand Ave., 252- B847. Open Sun. A Evea USED TVs Color picture^ tubes Installed $99.50 Reasonable repair rates. _25t?57A. .. , TELEVISION CLEARANCE Color & black & white. Stock must be reduced of floor samples. Porta- bls, $15 + cost. Consoles $25 + .GE & Zenith, save. "IS 550 W. McDowell SPINET CONSOLE Piano. . . beautiful! $595 ARIZONA Piano stores, 500 W. Indian School Rd., WEBUY ; Furn. appliances. Color . . Ing or not. 278-4612 eves 272-; work FAST Cash. Furniture, appliances ^miscellaneous — one piece or house^ ful. Call anytime, 253-5010. DINING ROOM furniture needed. 992-6990. CASH for furniture, guns, TVs, tools, etc. Bring to Van's A-l Auction, 3001 W. McDowell or call 27B-70i" REFRIGERATORS & Freezers wanted, working or not. Top prices for late models.'258-7055. SUN City/Northwest, furniture, tools, •miscellaneous. 272-6431, 939-0118 ev enlngs. 25% MORE PAID FOR Diamonds — Jewelry & GOLD COINS Gem Stone, Immediate cash. Larson Jewelry, 17 E. Main, Sctsdle. FURNITURE aria appliances wanted.992-6990. EVERYTHING — caslTi!253-0796. 'TOOLS and equipment, 939-7414.~ PROFESSIONAL buyer, serving Phoenix ten years. Will buy any amount, furniture, appliances, tools, store stocks, estates. 939-7414. ORIENTAL RUGS WANTED Call John Reieblan 252-6551 for_appoLn_tment __ HIGHEST PRICES Call 266-631.', Need Furniture, appliances, TV's, SELLING YOUR FURlTURE?? APP'L, TOOLS, MISC. WHY NOT GIVE US A CALL. WE HONESTLY TRY TO GIVE YOU MORE MONEY 24 HR. SERVICE 264-9831 . REFRIGERATOR & freezer needed. 992-6990. FURNITURE--24 HRS. SERVICE 272-2_581 OR 272-2841 WE buy bundled newspaper, $12 ton. 425 South 15th Avenue. COLOR TV's wanttfHi working or not. 274-4815, anytime. I need semi - antique furniture & wicker Items. 949-1784 evenings. MATTRESSES, furniture, dinettes, miscellaneous. 272-6431, «39-0118. ev- e_nings^ _ JUNK BATTE~RIES$1.00 EA. 253-3176 Terrell Battery 800 S. 19th Ave. $ WE BUY DIAMONDS $ .... - -. Studio No. 5 945-2563 "A-1 BREWERY Paintings" 253-7255. 1 want to buy tools for repalrinq truck tires. Bead braker, spreader, other miscellaneous tools. 242-0241. 4x8 TRAILER, single axle. 275-1225. J"UN K _cars wanJedJZfcBM. WANT to buy used «"• chalnllrik fence 944-0379. '.'A-1 Beer Pictures." 253-7255 JUNK cars wanted, any condition. 278:5402, PRIVATE party wants antiques. 266"DIAMONDS U.S. Appraisers, 7050 Sth Aue , Scnttsrlale, 945-4733. 24 HOUR SERVICE Cash for furniture, appliances, tools, misc. 1 piece nr houseful. 268-9296 ARIZONA PIANO STORES New or Used, our values are safer & belter. Terrific barqalns this week on CONN — HAMMOND - THOMAS - BALDWIN — KIMBALL and others. _500 W. Indian School Rd., 279-4131 SACRIFICE, Newburn upright,-$2"75. fiARMOND ORGANS (5) Save $$$$ Don Olds_Cq. (til 9) 4541 N. 7th St. SALDWIN organs (srsave "$$$$ Don Olds Co. (til 9)4541 N. 7th St. 6' BALDWIN qrand piano wiTFTWeiFe Mignon reproducer and many old rolls. One of only 50 built in early century. Appraised at $6000. 948-6863. lASTZTJAYS CITY LICENSE NO. 419 ALL ORGANS AT SACRIFICE PRICES FROM $199 Hammond, Wurlitzer Lowrey and Conn HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIO 4252 E. Thomas Rd. 955-2400 Mpnjhyrs_ 9-9 _jpthejis _9^6 PIANOS wa'rited. Pay hlqh money. 253-4823. LOWREY Organs (4) Save S$$$ Don Olds Co. (til 9) 4541 N. 7th St. CONN organ with 25 pedals, 90 day warranty. Sale this week onlv $495. Washburn Muslcland, 4510 N. 16th PHLER Camnbell, walnut, studio. Like new. $500. 277-75B2, Vivian. TEAC 4010-S, $300. 242-2617. RENT TO OWN $1 DELIVERS COLOR TV 1»73. ZENITH-RCA-SYLVANIA AP"LI n 7 DAYS * )UU% RENT APPLIES * NO DEPOSIT * FREE SERVICE OPEN 9 TO 9 946-536f'° r ^^ ..... STEREO-AM/FM, radio, 4 spea'kersT automatic turn table, beautiful wood cabinet. Special Price $99 or EZ terms, jpealer, 805 S. Central. RENT TO OWN Color TV's NEW! Free del. Free ant. Free service. All brands & sizes, starting at $3 a week. Appli- ance_Servlce Center, 805 S. Central NEW R.C.A. color T.VTTyear ptc" ture warranty. $228.00. Herold's, 1043 E. Indian School. 19" SLIMLINE black" 2 b J!-2J 3 4 9 7'. 95 6 P in r tun:i" E 'v es ; u..n.L.i. pas refio. A-1 con guaranteed. Nat or butane. Wahv choose from. $88 8. up. EZ^ferm iJ15_S. Cejit!3lJ5alljj_ai)jL_ P^ri^lGERATORS, freezers, exoer !v reconditioned, Including up one-year guarantee, coverage. Assor ed late mode s from $50. Term available. Trade-ins accepted, wor Ing or not, Household Aopl ance/20 East McDowell. 258-7055 pp " ance ' im gold frostfree irranteed-Dellv •?•""' nmhJMTYCMj jEug-fVjj LATE model harvest refrgerator $150. War ered. Victory's, 271-9917. ELECTRONIC oven clbseout — froi *?68; Choose from Amana, Maq Chef, Tappan, Litton & Hardwick Herold's, 1043 E. Indian School. KENMORE washer. Larne tub. ter temp, control "-- • months warranty. ..-.JMORE washer. Larne tub. Wa LerJemp. control. Heavy duty. 7nlv $79 or E KIRBY VACUUMS REBUILT Klrbv Co. 2315 N. 24th St. MAYTAG Drver, heavy duty, perma press cycle. 6 mo. warr. $99 of E Terms -Dealer, 80S S. Central tl '.3V P.M. VACUUM ' p.j... ZZX ( i u '*i,$K' ars man * makes e models, $4.50 & up. Crown Company 1800 W. Van Buren, 258-1223. NEW Whirlpool washer drver. Reg. $409. Now $: warranty, E2 terms. Ac lce_CeQter._258i6JP91. matchin . 5 Yea B&W portables, stoves, refers, wash ers, drvers, divans, color TVS, d n , e ' tes A, che 5ts,. many to choose fr HOTPOINT^ Cloths DTverTTieav" dutv, cost S189, never, used, take $7 or EZ Terms. Appliance Servlc ?£RITE freezer, close-out from $138 CJioQje from Amana, Gibson, Wes itlomiuse. Mntnnint. Mnrna Herold'' s, white porta TV, 745 Grand. RENTAL PURCHAST B & D TV RENTALS 1837 WESTCAMELBACK FROM $10 MO. COLOR 274-4647 BLACK & WHITE ALSO REPAIRS - ALL MODELS No Deposit, 9 to 6 — 7 days wk RCA COLOR/ 18". six months on Pi£ture_tube,J200. 969:5662. 19" RCA color TV, excellent condi- tlon. $175. 269-9122, days. tqpe recorder, M-8 stereo .___ used. $200. 966-4176. COLOR, $110. 274-7165. TELEVISION, 257-8365. $20, guaranteed. puu_b,_ /3/-OJ03. '72 DUMONT color TV, must sacrf- SACRIFICE PRICES Our, new Organs are so fabulous, we have reduced our trade-Ins drastically! SAVE $100's of $SS on Hammond, Thomas. Baldwin. Kimball, Lowrev, Maestro, Conn, and many others. ARIZONA PIANO STORES 500 W. Indian School 279-4131 MOOG SYNTHESIZERS ARE IN Don Olds Co. (til 9) 4541 N. 7th St. UPPlifHT piano, tuned. Excellent .. , . n. Make offer. 947-9739. CONN ORGAN We are Arizona's original authorized Conn dealer. Nothing compares with the New 1974 Conn's. We offer one each 1973 models a 'Big Savings from $895! ARIZONA PIANO STORES 500 WEST INDIAN SCHOOL PIANO instruction In your home. Vlrnlnja Towers McAulay 277-0367. HAMMOND ornan, model M2, d?aw- bars and 2_manuaL$3.00, 93J-3295. 0PRTGHT_pIano, 263-8745. ' 300D piano, $500 or best offer. 644 South 28th Avenue. SEAUT'IF ... — Hammond M-lll deluxe spinet organ with organ music collection, $695. After 6 pm or weekends 992-4392. WURLITZER spinet piano, beautiful Italian walnut finish, like new, $550. 948-2226, 949-1016,946-8441. —Musical Instruments, Accessories, etc. , TENOR sax, professional type, one year old. 963-6185. GIBSON SG" $'190. 274-0312. USED old stlye Fender Bandmaster. MILANO'S, 964-8777. „ BANJOS Have Gibson RB-250 & Baldwin Ode USED customi 200 PA systemT .MILANO'S, 964-8777 _ SUMMER Special! Classic & folk guitars discounted. Central Music, 5038 North Central. NEW Shure vocal master P.A. now »749 BILL FRY'S 271-743] •"' ~ ' IS Unlversa'l accordion.'Like 10. 943-3102. 942-3346 ± 120 BASS Universal PIANO and flute lessons. Master of rmisiCLYa I eJJni yersi t y I _959 r 5933, MUST sell 12 string qultar and OBpE"Z$175T939 : Oi34. "*~1~ '~ DAN Armstrong Ampeg electric guitar and Fender deluxe amp, _. LEAD fi.Jtar.lS! wanted._242-062B. '"69 TElECASTER, $1651275-4360." HOLTON Farkas norn. chrome fin' ish, like GETZEN 966-4748. new. $800. 962-1684 ' trumpet, case, mute. $60. YAMAHA Grand Piano. IVa years old, 937-3932. HAGSTROM II Sunburst, excellent condition, plush case, Fender amplifier, $200 i 94fc4m "BUESCHER trumpet and case. Ex- eejieni condition, $100. 955-7993. JNI.VOX bass and.amfilffler, never __________ UNIVOX bass and amplifier, ilVed $200 or best offer. 934-4313. FENDER Jaguar guitar, perfec dition. Mlke_offer._?45J>99L perfect con__ ___ GIBSON LG-1 Guitar with soft shell case,. _$J20 or best offer,J4.6-4823. BACH 36 professional trombone. 838- ACCORbTO^N7T20~bass. Black pearl. 374-5036, davs, 996-3368, evenings. DRUM set, 12 Piece Ludwig. Hlqh hat plus three cymbals. 5 drums. Stool plus accessories. 955-1440, 947-4008. _ _ ___ __ YAMAHA steel 'string qultar, case. ..... SHEET MUSIC School Music Service 5.15 W- Thomas Rd, _ 277-4437 TENOR iromhone and Lowrev Starlet o/san, 276-3327, _ FOR sale Feeder PA system with reverb,. $.490. 248.-S762. _.. -----9 - make 567— Pidnos.Organs t 5»i in hei I IANO teacher, Masters degree, orthwest. 274-9043. FAR Fisa ornan. Leslie sneaker system, model 145. 944-8501. Asking PIANO wanted. Any condition. 275- YAMAHA spinet organ, two kev- hoards, four full octaves each. Mandolin stop. Keyboard and pedal sustain. Manual balance. Two 12" s£ea_kers._WILI guarantee.. 971J785. ^WEEKLY SPECIAL'' USED GRAND PIANOS Choose from 5 excellent reconditioned grand pianos. $995-$1695 Allen's 1632 E. Camelback 264-6563 Stereos & Tape Recorder Sale* flee. 956-6064. SACRIFICE. Color TV, almost new. S40Q. 265-3585. TELEVISION, $15. 275-7345. S'L-55 Gerrard turnta'EleT2"54^'059T ' BUY a stand 279-4111. GE Inc. color TV, $16-MONTH. Call John or Tim, JUST received (2) console stereos, beautiful hand rubbed walnut cabinet, 4 speaker sound system, powerful solid state chassis, BSR record changer, $79.95. Cash or terms. Unlt- WifVKW'.&fi&m $40. 19" portable, $50. 846-4546. MAGNAVOX color TV. 278-0694, after 5 p.m. RCA CABINET stereo, am/fm tuner, turntable. $125. 275-8608. . _ 8 TRACK walnut GE tape player, and tapes. $60, SONY TC-650, reel to reel with feather touch control, solenoid operated, echo. $225 or mak-e offer 253-1316. COLOR TV, 14". 266-1936, 6-8:30 PJTir QUAD/4 CHANNEL STEREO Just arrived (7) 1973 QUAD stereos with AM/FM/MPX, 8 track, etc. Compare at $229. Our price while they last $98. Discount Freight 810 W. Osborn BRAND new JVC 4 channel headphones, 2 speakers. 266-7918. NEW R.C.A. color TV. 5 vear Picture warranty. $228.00. Herold's, 1043 E. Indian School. '.".r"—s-j—u miq;i oi^tjjuij AMANA combination refrigerator bo ton freezer, cost $489 take $189 still has 1 vear warranty. Easy oav ments or lease with option to buv Appliance Service Center. 805 S Central. FRIGIDAIRE refrlg.. frost free, door, many deluxe features. Reg price $299. Now $138 or EZ Terms 30" GAS range coppertone $100 Wan-a^edge^ered. Victory's, 271 r f i I I t. UH \3\ OIIUi REFRIGERATORS, all new Whir pools, G.E.'s, Amanas, Gibsons, wit slight freight damages at below cos prices, includes regular 5-year guar antee. Terms available plus wlllbu your trade-in, working or not. House hold Appliance, 2003 East McDowel ELS condition. Victory's. 'RIC dryers, „ i. Guarantee' $35 up. Excellen ;ed. 2154 Granc §,!„ pI 9tte ble , , room ,, air conditioner . DELUXE model three cycle Ken more washer, selfcleaning filter, $81 Waranteed-delivered. 271-9917, Vict NEW Whirlpool washer, choice o colors, was $229.95, now $168. Her old's, 1043 E. Indian School. um >j f —.TJ-.X ^, 11 imiji i vn-MUUI . GE frost free freezer over 500 Ib capacity. Has new unit. Take $139." ggg.tra f |'^li^al! anc ' S>rv ' ce ' a LIKE new eight cycle Kenmor ^937Lfc 5 tory / 'l. rranteed ' d6 " Vered LADY KENMORE dishwasher, a de luxe model with sanicvcle and al the deluxe features. Under warranty Take $139 or EZ Terms. Open 8-7:30 Dejler,_8J5_S._c:entj: a L 23,000 BTU Coldspot aircondltioner S100. Guaranteed, 271-9917. Victory's . , -. corys LIKE new electric stove, dryer, re frlgerator. 266-8343 Y ' 30" ELECTRIC ranqe S35. Guaran teed, 2154 Grand Victory's. MAYTAG heavy dutv washer. Har vest qnld. Larqe tub, lint filter, 1 vr ELECTRIC dryer, excellent condl tlon, S60. Repairman, 252-7838. LARGE selection washer-dryers, $61 -, up. Warranteed-delivered. 271-9917 ictory's. up. Vic NEW Harvest Gold,refrigerator, v $279. Now $168. Herold's, 1043 Indian School GEN, ELECTRIC refrls. New. Larop freezer. 5 Yr. warranty. Dent on slde^ Req. price $219. now onlv $1K Y 800 LADY Kenmore washer $100 Warranteed^Delivered. Victory's, 271 g^1lcmCn5eleF,-805-S.-ClV,tfa HEAVY duty Harvest gold washer S r , ve ,C,,., $17 , 5 .-, . Warranteed - delivered •M?. Victory's. NEW Zenith color TV. 5 vear picture warranty. $278.00. Herold's, 1043 E Indian School. NEW 18" Sylvnnia color TV. 5 vear picture tube warranty. $299.00. Herold's, 1043 E. Indian School a, 1043 c. iiiumn Jinuui. 5 YEAR PICTURE TUBE WARRANTY Plus one vear parts and labor on all ZENITH, RCA, Svlvania color portables and consoles, prices start at Heralds 1043 E. Indian School ZENITH portable black/white televl S1PJU38-J215, 23" CONSOLE color with door, classic Mediterranean. Same as new. ' waTranfy- S159.W7 Circle Grand. 252-2847. Open Sun. cabinet. Oiled Excellent . walnut. $150, $10 MONTH SAMPLE OUTLET SALES 018 N. 54th Ave, 939-9386 TAYLOR'S TV. 971-1230. 12833 Cays Creek Road. RCA XL-100 color TV. We service all brands. Most sets are repaired in your home. 20 years experience, satisfaction guaranteed. ADMIRAL TV, larqe screen. 23" table model. Has new warranty. $90 or terms. Appliance Service Center, 805 ST_ Central. 'Til 8 p.m. RENT TO OWN" "NO CREDIT CHECK" "NO DEPOSIT" TV'S DELIVERY J. REPAIRS 1515. W. McDowell Monday to Sat. 9 to 9 p m vs.also have weekly rentals avail. 254-2838 254-2887 CASH for your pisno. 944-4327. JBL equipment 9 C 4B'.io d 9'. t "" 1 ' LARGE air suspension 10" woofer speakers, $50 each. 200 watt stereo multiplex 939-6075. . with 8 track tape, $100. 4 JeB'- ! ns Mach, Vacuums for Sal» BRAND NE NEW SE.»M T ACH,NE FROM $29.75 HOUSE OF VACUUMS & SEWING MACHINES NEW Norge 18 Ib. washer 8. match Ing dryer was $399.95, now $288, 3 IwY E* a r ra P' V 'S "hi de " V> Herolc '' s FREEZER Friqldalre 13 cu. ft. New warranty. Damaged on side, now i 1nl X.??8_.°r easy terms. Dealer, 805 uaiiv in i s> J _tenir_aL_EaJly_lllL8_aLnL TAPPAN evelevel gas range, was $359, now $198.00. Herold's, 1043 E Indian School. MATCHED harvest qold Whirlpool Washer-Drver Near new $250. War ranteed, Delivered. 271-9917, Vlcto. TY'.S! COPPERTONE luxe model. $80. Repairman. 252-7838. AUTOMATIC washer, guaranteed. t40, repairman. 252-7838. .V\AYTAG washer and dryer. Larap tub. 6 months warranty left. Both "" and dryer, one MAYTAG washer vear old. 996-9306. MUST sell. Whirlpool washer, recent- [y_pverhauled. $60. 944-1267 L Iv ove HOOVER portable washer, two years old, very good condition. $65. firm "92-0864. 992-086 G.E. $199.9: Dishwasher "UHFTTfuTl |19»,-95, now $118.00. Hen ^w®. m WASHE 257-8365. 254-0771 RS $20. Guaranteed. Bob's TAPPAN qas stove. 849-5336 after 6 larqe evaporative EFRI filer cooler. 942-0192. OD Westinqhouse washer. r*r>i T,< ' T-J -30" ELECTRIC $100. ,30" sas . , Tnearlv new) |40. Gas ranqes, 2822 West Buckeye RIC range (avocado), i range, $50. Gas drver, , $69.50. Hoover washer, £!_. \AOVING. Best offer. Deepfreezers, stoves, frostless refrigerators. $25 $75. Drvers. AB, 255-8078. NEW avocado G.E. ranoe, reg S299.95. now $160.00. HciWs, 10T2 h. Indian School. 4232 NT 7th Ave 1441 E. Camelback 15 E. 6th St. Tempe 1973 SINGER ZIGZAG Used less than 1 Mo. This machine sews on buttons, makes button hole, does darning, mendlnq. monograms. Guaranteed full price $34.50 cash or terms. Have manv more to choose from. Open 7 davs a week. Scottsdale Sewing Machine Co. 1416 N. S c p 11 s d a I e Rd. Papaao plaza. 949-1 p97. Vacuums. Sewing Machines WOOLCO DEPT. STORE -_-33rd Ave. at Grand Av^ 500 CABJNETS, Portables, $15 Up. Z i g -Z a q s, $30 UP. Vacuum cleaners; $15. up. Kirbles, $40 up, 2822 new Compact $125. Carter's; Wes! jyckeye. 272-6.43.1. NEW equipt etc. COMPACT, four monfhs old", al! attachments. Excellent worker. 25 year guarantee. $250. 268-3114, 1973 GOLDEN STITCH & SEW ^ge/^ET^'tS Compare at $199. SAVE N DIscoynlFrelgM 810V Class Friday Servln RENT TO OWN NEW APPLIANCES $1 DELIVERS WHIRLPOOL GE GIBSON WASHERS, DRYERS REFRIGERATORS, FREEZER? 946-5363 - 946-5363 NEW Frlaldaire dryer. Full factory HARVEST gold Wh!rl(.__, ,,...„..» ior, vear old, factory warranty, $12800. Herold's, 1043 E. Indian COLDSPOT""2 "door"TrosT'free^refrF fl.erator. $118. Under warranty. Her- PJdV. 10.43_E_andi4n.Sch.oak_ .. ___ NEW refriqerator close out from $138. C.hoose from Frloidaire. ' na, Gibson, Westinghouse, pool, G.E., Norge, Maalc , Morse. Herold's, 1043 E. Indian School. "" NEW gas ranqe, choice of »8, Herold's, 1043 E. Indian Si */o. nci i 2 DOOR tor, Hecal i Iment 4. quaranteej tbry's 271-99?7. r< Hlent condl- llvered.^VIc- 570—AppllincM WHiRLPOOir wasnsr, warranty. Hirolfl'l, 1 sjshooi... . India GIBSON RANGES dryers „..dishwashers, washe r all. new with sjiqnf frela .at. MOW .cost pr«s.,l RENT NEW APPLIANCES $6,50 PER MO, irand new. SQBIN5 U35 N, 7th St. 254-707 IfEWlAO R E w"asherT ~$787 "6~ mohi warranty, Herold's, 1043 E. India .VY duty Norge elecTrfc~o I rve vest Gold or Avacado $100. Wa Leed-Dellvered. victory's ajl-yjj incDATnbe. 1>,» ,: ' 5TGER ~We KELVINATOR SPECIALS ^>%sn!-R C |r$, FWree N e o r w^ [2.8 cu. ft. Upr ght. *EG. $219 f IB Lb. Heavy duty Washer NOW $1 fjty», ,177. NOW $18 [8 Lb. Dryer, heavy duty, 3 tern & R E E DELIVERY-FINANCINi AVAIL. HOUSE OF FURNITURE 4075 W. Ind^SJjo^ 272-258 IN isfie DELUXE washer, $60. Will Instal • 51, Repai efrfgeralor, $50. Roper ga , $35. 5707 North 18th St. 26' dlijvirri53.50S"irRePalFrna"ri. 'HlLCO.refrfgIFatpr,.,$50. Roper ga viAYTAG washer, $88. 6 month war ;antv. Herold's, 1043 E. India WES'TINGHOUSE refrigerator, $125 3lnette set live chairs, $25. 5H ^mth_6th_Stf_eet. 274-4542. H OT p OJ. N T_dTshwas"Rer, white. Ilk iwirwnii uiaiiwasnur, wniie, n new. Cost $350, sell $270. 937-2930. TWO refrigerators, coppeTtone, a'vo- ado, square. Perfect. 258-2920.' -ARGE tub G.E. washer mlnlbas cet, excellent condition. $100. War •anteed-Dellvered. Victory's, 271-9917 STOVE, $45. Frostless refrigerator $160. _Washer, $60. 1328 Ea'st Colter. 7 CUBIC FoorFrlqldaTre~reffTqerT 'or, avocado, frost - free, perfec condition. 938-4162. .__„ . '-- mmL AUTOMAT ' washer" "$25. Repair TORS ' 900d condition 30', KELVINATOR sas ranqe, self cleanlnq oven, Avocado, excellen LjKE new Whirlpool dlshwashe 100. G.E. gas drver. $75. 934-5318. 5IBSON refrigerator, under warran y, $58. Herold's, 1043 E. India SchooU AUTOMATIC washer, $25, repair nan. 252-7B38, 3 E LUXE avocado tudor refrigera or, $165. Warranteed-dellvered. 271 '917. victory's. _ AS stove, good clean condition, $40 T6BART commercial . dishwasher .5 minutes washing cycle. Goo condition, $450. Call Mr. Williams KITCHENAIDE dishwasher, Super >a, under warranty, take $149 or EZ 'erms. Open 8-7:30. Dealer, 805 : JOtraJL. NE new deluxe harvest qol _ rvest qol Whirlpool washer-dryer $250. War anteed-Delivered. Victory's. 271-991 KITCHENAIDE Dishwasher. Slight damaoe. Full fac pry warr. Req. $299.95, now $160 Herold's, 1043 E. Indian Schooj. LIQUIDATION F R !EEZ G E! R S ATORS VASHING MACHINES RANGES GAS & ELECT. Rebuilt and quaranteed 160 UP) •Z TERMS) APPLIANE SERVICE CENTER 805 S. CENTRAL Monday-Friday 8-7:30 PM at. 8-5 Sun. 11:30-4:3 ^-»^MQR_Ej^^ejiJ_65 J Ji63J6j!8 J _IZ AIR CONDITIONER CLOSE OU JMITED SUPPLY, CASH & CAR /estlnnhouse 5000 BTU $9 Vhirlpool 6000 • $11 VhlrlDOOl 8000 $14 Vhlrloool 10,000 $19 'Uiet Kool 12,000 $21 lerolds_1043 JE. Indian Schop >ELUXE ,8-cycle Kehmore Washe 90. Self-cleaning filter. Warranteed . . 6ellyered._Victorv'5, 271-9917 C^KEEfE^ «._ Merritt stove, _ ^ _ , brani ew, best offer over $175. After ,m., 938-8891. 3ENERAL Electric refrigerator works fine. $50. 846-4908. 5202 North 8th Avenue. AUTOMATIC washer, late 75, guaranteed. Repairman, 252-7838. 3AS stove. Good condition. $40. 272 OJi -OLDSPOT refrigerator. $50 37-0100, /HIRLPOOL automatic washer DISHWASHER, Very oood condition 75 cash. 997-1633. DISHWASHER, Friqldalre Deluxe Aoving, must sell. Used onlv few nonths. Like new. Harvest gold $ ~ 55-5267. 'AS dryer and electric washer 911 orth 16th Place. WO door refrigerator, frost - free jjright freezer. 247-4072. HEAVY duty washer. Like new, ID. See at 3521 West Hadley. EFRIGERATOR, runs fine. $20 'ereo, $30. 846-7222. EFRIGERATORS, washers, etc, ..ghtlv damaged, New factory war- anty. Below sholesale. 18 East In- 'an School. 264-9014. Central Serve. IKE new electric range, with win 580—Furniture & Appliance Rentals And Repair service* _./ REFRIG., WASHERS, FURN. V & FURN Rental!. 277-8211 MR. B'S RENTALS .ATE model washers, dryers, efrgs Co or TV Rent. Opt on to buy. -•*-— RENTALS 264-3875 HY buy? Rent!!! Washers, dryers, efrigerators, service free, no credit leek, 252-7838. RENT WITH OPTION as.hers, drvers, freezers, rana<*«;. ifnaerators. S2.25-$3.25 weekly. No iposlt. 258-7517. Preferred Aool. 6-2559. UPHOLSTERY ATE model Kenmore washer, $9.50. 9-0733. 84—Antiques SUMMER SPECIALS JULY & AUGUST II books, 20 pet. off. Furniture ark downs, real bargain, summer LOSE out sale 650We'st _Bullock Homes, Mesa. . UAulTY antiques. Buy, sell. Mararet's Antiques. 2521 West North_UE BUYER 992-5049 ISSUES Captain. Billys Whiz anas._839-2427i __ INE piece Spanish style dining _om suite. $1500. 257-8227. ISC. Roman artlfacts'trom Europe, so antique cotton qln from south. .D wicker"" for sale. Beautufuily stored. 959-3107. N T I Q U g-3696. bedroom set, $150. URN of century wooden doctor's ex- mlning table. 957-0416. ' ilng la rapr NTIQUE oak secretary $425. 3~26y/. NTIQU EPRE; EPRESS ITERES o# blue a ??' -I"? cket watches. 948-8418. SION glass. 943-6167. lass. old STING, old kerosene lamps, # blue china, cut and pressed ' -I"? It. 253-146$. Urn- W East Roos- 584-AntlqttM PRIVATE B«rfv wanTsTnffmii <urp jure, porcelain, china/ sliver, «t M»51tf. . .... THOSE WERE THE DAYS Tues-Frl, !•• P.m. sat. Sum, 11-8 o.m. 4628 ._... 10-6 o.m E. van Bure 688—Floor Covering 05 YARDS used carpet andpa CARPET iNSTALLeR. | sell, malo brands. Mill to you. Free estimate rllwlcaolc, *^o-v/ov, ^OO^) I qj uaeu carpet, 1« yards, very goo condition, avocado green, 4 piece 956-4397 after S;30 D.m CARPET SPECIAL MILL CLOSEOUT WTMBBCfflB JAUJNSWUEB--955-7720 CARPET sales. 944-48427 ME 1010 E. WASHINGT CARPET & TILE SALE Small Carpef Remnants 99c SqYD. Over 500 Carpet Remnants In Our ^ U9 ^5 e , m /l an J« Room ("I' Sizes YD Odd Lot 12x12 V.A. Tiles Va" 5c ea. Large Selection Of Armstronq «. Special-Heat Tape 75' Rolls $2.50 ,,,^ , TAC K STRIP $12 BOX 3VsGal. Multi Purpose Adhesive $11 . ose esve Our Regular Carpet Prices Are .ower Than Other stores Sale Price ACME - 1010 E. Van Buran 95fl.<0« 588— Home Furn, For Sale pfreezeT tors, $2! MOVING. Best offer. Dee stoves, frostless refriqerators »75. Twins, doubles, rollawayi bunks, coolers, air conditioner: Qt her_Iterns._A B,_ 255-8078, KING size bedroom set, Spanls styling, with headboard, Large dres er and mirror, 2 - two drawer com modes, rug roller deluxe frame, an orthopedic extra firm, quilte springs and mattress. All new, nev er used, still packaged. $295 for al -"•• "-— Can deliver. Harlem 3AK Chlffarobe, Iron bed with bras r u a '.' s ;., bab v * high chiar, oa chest-of-drawers, piano stool with ea S'?-. c J a -*.-! e Sj-L Private party. 200 _,New Kin Nation, $6 . :ast Lemon. Tempe. $65. See vour er. Simmons, ...... „ ed made! Can deliv Beauty Rest and Or - loveseaf an WATER bed, king with liner anc getfer5 al |9 e 6 d -44 P 6f dded fr3mB W " >650. SOFA, chair and love seat, cu: lorn made in luxurious velvet wil oose cushions on backs and seats Mediterranean Spanish Contempo rary styling. Never used still pack aged, must see to appreciate. Wl sacrifice for $250. Usuallv home, ca deliver. Harlon Ward's. 257-8318 JNNIN, I, Moving. 253-917J £sota;s 7] _$185. Bedroom SAT SATURDAY, AM 'tl Heppiewhlte style D.R. Set w-t jhalrs, 5 leaves, 8, Serpentine buffel :offee S 'ta C bie" e t r |er tSSle^carved rose wood dressins table; vanity bench; drawer chest w-mirror; much muc more; 20" color console TV; whit Cenmore washer dryer a. D 3-washer; S drawer' maple desk Slzzler sat track compl. w-extras Mod; men's clothes medium size i feL e i S iMr? 7 A, shoe 5 , 6 ' /2 - 7 -,OWNER SfLLING: Chippendale velvet clu i » ^° i ve 'vet sofa, loveseat, qr . . 5614 E: VeYnofi 0 Thomas ' off 56thst ' o B JT T ,X FL 9RENCE IB SHIRLEE 943-757. FRAfAPFEL" suft'SBWS&P'fflpa Sth^r&ua^Y 1 ^ D """"T s ?Jl q ^!uSr.m 6 Jet!; 0 ovai •w a. b e , " L IC ' " .-., luncheon sel .__- •- -» • couch, chrs, tbles amps, stem-ware, much mile -t., 1 blk S. of Peorla, follov .ypUR .NEEDS WITH FRAJjL WAREHGMCliliCE r 69. Good bdrm. furn. Chests, desks > -rf-ti j, wuiir\3t uumpieje »y7. tie lie, m jawa'i,^ f^oi^t^^^Irte * 9 -, 6 ..PJFJ!l<: Sfits. $29.95,. New tabK . __ 0" CUSTOM couch $15., bathlneffe hardwooc ., n wheels $7.50, students seat - g ATURDAY only. Kentile and Arn trong, VA floor tile, full carton-$4 , roken carton, . . nd sheet vinyl, remnants, , - .JJc per tile. Carpet per , , per ard. Bath mats, 50c each. Rlchard- on's Carpet Shoppe. 5819 North 7th MMACULATE 8' blue sofa, blue anglnglamp, 5' Danish love seat llass table/chairs. 943-6875. THIS Week Only Boston Rockers _ 97-4966 E F RIG E RATORT gas ranqe, twin ed set, and miscellaneous. 330! ast Virginia. PHOLSTERED TUB chairs, used. Int cond. 133. Phoen x Furniture 4 ipply 1146 E. Van Buren. 253-679^_ $149. Full our•' "bed "madeT" Furniture cheap! 'fflTJP"^ ^ Beau ,tX , Re . s * and Ortho. _ -04 W WROU OUGHT Itranlce, dinette set, OUCH & Loveseat custom made, ut velvet, tapestry look, oreen-sold, xcellent condition, $300. 997-0634. CUSTOMERS tell \K we have the best selection ready made dra- —'- in town.. These .are all mrt' F , .. St & Indian Sch. In Phoenix" NTIQUE yellow crib with mattress Jd_ehest,. strollert. scales, 992-1316. HIDE-A-BEDS, regular and queen ze, Early Arnerlcan and Modern, ulldern cancellation, regular price .329, Now . $189 Cash-Carry. 5731 est GlendaleAve. RAY mpfal desk, 30x60", sacrifice. 5. 276-1229. ELVET qold plush sofa, two velvet Nlte high • back rocker chairs, and IJvet hassocks. Beautiful condition. "0 V I N G7 ' Household""furhTshlhqs. 8-6947. ELECTED estate ate home. Orient, gs. Excellent condl te Items from orl- ntal ruos, 'urnfeh- dition. 959-8756. WIN 'size springs and mattresses, everal sets' $20-135 set. 257-8318 uallv home, Harlan Ward's. OVI IG, must selJT Excellent condl- ledroom. set. Singer sewlnq ally I oh. BedroSf)" Vef." "sTnge"r"sewinq achne, Chaise lounse, 2 large wlyei rockers, other chairs, RCA -W. steel typewriter table, Rose- ood kitchen set, extensTle dining ble, p_atio furniture/ mlscella 888—Home Fum, DISPLAY FURNITURE Lot 21 Modern Group ? room houseful • Modern t. * , L,R. tables, 2 decor table lamp bio, dresser w-mirrori complete be w-box spring, mattress, m piece d jie^te. Priced to sell at $f3» - The to Lot #73 Spanish Group pK e Vm$iTboH edt InrlnriAri D»>/-A*I *JT JiTi' .» "IS * t i -j M n i i f**iiiiifa» uuici Included. Priced to sell at $94 FURNITURE COMPANY 2922 E. McDowell $ " 9 :,,Y, e F et >'l?h~°a<* — — still in cartons, never used $8 Usually home, can deliver i ,q, ion nygi u 5 • M/-OJIO. KELVINATOR slde-bv-sicfe - yrwar' deluxe features, lar or ranty, many deluxe feature freezer. Now onfv MM; terms.JJealecSOSA-CentraJ! ara E , JFACT ilze with Simmons Beauty Rest and 39" Rollaway with matfres's, _"sed, exc. cond. will take $39. Globe Furniture 3333 s. Central Mattress & Box Spring |3"««" >Tirvt ,. y, w . nn ¥¥ . nncuwii a/B-11 f DINETTE sets, from factory llqulda tlon release. All new starting i ch P oo e se e 'ln--Mo:dern-, i, Conten MW> u, r anu Kaitr muuncdn Aline living room sets, all styes an chgpiE o «t«« A e-net * n .'.'£_.! . _ _ ^f^MDHllT'ermsVv^na'ble! 'House, pan MA still 'packaqed - $95 Wardis - 2S7-831B. WESTTRGHOUSE frost free refrlq big freezer, 6 mo. warranty, " " EZ terms. Dealer 80S S. Central HIDE-A-BEDS. NewlyTeupholstere from $135 mattress. 271-9824 BEDROOM set, Spanish complel with chest, headboard, large dresse and mirror and Serta sprlnq an mattress - $150. Usually home, ca deliver. Harlan Ward's - 257-8318. BEAUTIFUL custom made inlai dining set, mahoqany china cabinets buffets, console piano, servers, ma hpgany twin bedroom set, curve glass curio, livlnq room sets, tea dining sets, lamp and coffee tables desks, hutches, chests, lamps, d nettes, bedroom sets, crystal, silver Treasure Mart, 5602 North 27th Ave nue, 242-0375. SIMMONS Beautyrest, klngslze ma tress and box springs, extra firm like new. $150. 274-579B. conditlon Tw . 7-Drawer Spanish desk, still i on - $50. Usually home, can de llvor. Harlari Ward's - 257-8318. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Walnut finish bedroom set, new, will take $79.95 for last set. Globe Furniture 3333 S. Central FRENCH Provincial furniture incluc inq hand carved belqe damask, sofa end tables and chair. 6110 North 24t Drive. MOVING out of State. Daveno, dee freeze, refrigerator, two chests o drawers, lawn equipment, numerou things. 945-3407. WHITE French Provincial bedroom suite, bed and frame, dresser, nlql stand, desk. 264-7665 after 6 pirn MUST sell, stroller, play tabe, cai seat, $10 each. Youth bed-crib, aq 1-12, $25, with sheets. J65j>224^ SOFA and love seat, velvet wi1 Spanish trim, never used, stl package, $150. Usually home, ca deliver. Harlan Ward's, 257-B318. $$$$$$$$$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'$$ Sit-Sleep DIVAN, sofa bv day, sleeper at nfte. Olive fabric, all new, will take $49.95. Globe Furniture 3333 S. Central $1$$$$S.$.$$$$$$$S$$$$$$$$$$$|$$$$$$$$$$$ LAST DAY "SATURDAY, EVER THING MUST GO. Spanish wrouq ron decorator items, chandelle ight fixtures, ^gurines. etc. ight fixtures, wall decor, blown glas Mexico's Best. " springs, Beauty 29 bo 263-5551. springs, aeaurv K6ST. S60. 263-5551. TWO cusTBm-maue reclining louno chairs, .one.large square ottoman STANDARD mattress and ' ' Rest, S60. ~" naue reclin..., -,—._,— Jarge square ottoman royal blue. One walnut Danish mot ern sofa, throw cushions, oatmea color. One pair long livlnq roorr draw draperies, off white. Two pair aedroom short draw draperies, of white, with llqht and sun protectio window curtains on brass rods -lardware Included. Two pairs o (Itcheni draperies, off white on bras rods. Floor carpeting, off white fo lying room, two bedroom, two bath ^o-oy/J. . 1495. SOFA and chair, Medlterranea styling with wood trim and loos cushions, custom made, never used still packaged. Sell for $200. Usuall home, can deliver. Harlan Ward's '7-8318. JSED FURNITURE; comp|pte~Beds i35. Chests, $15-up. Dresser-mirror ;49.50. Bedroom sets, complete, $125 sunks, complete, $89.50. Couches ;25-up. Carter-Finley Furniture, 282 /Vest Buekeve, 272-6431. HOT pink 108" couch, two matching chairs gold-orange. 275-4439 days, ev enlnfls_and weekends, 996-9224. MOVING, best offer on householc U. C-li s h I n g s and miscellaneou-s >39-0627. CORNER desk with chair, 7 drawe dresser. $70.966-4748. JEIGE Herculon loveseat and chair irown vinyl LazyBoy recliner _ ___ ___ _ RON" beds. 6821 North 16th StreeT Jncoln Plaza S h o p p I n q Center 77-0426 10-6pm Tuesday-Saturday. WEEKEND SPECIALS DRESSERS DRAWER DESK .VIVEL ROCKER GRAND_PA_RQCKERS_ GOOD'SELECTION OF NEW 8, USED FUR $20 $35 $35 $22 HOUSE OF FURNITURE 075 W. Indian School OPEN SUNDAYS 272-258 2 ROOM houseful furniture selllm ntire contents. Spanish chests $15 resser and mirror $40, bedroom sel omplete $75, bunk beds complete 90, twin size bedroom set, klnq size panlsh bedroom set, Serta and Simmons springs and mttresses, 7 draw- desk, 2 drawer filing cabinet, ear . American living room set, lamps, ables, recllners, occasonal chair elvet sofa-love seat and chairs, kin; Ize springs and mattresses, queen Ize spring and mattress, much more. Usually home. Can deliver. 97 E. Monte Vista (3 blocks North i McDowell). Harlan Ward's 17-8318._ ERTA full size, sprlnqs and mat- ress, firm no buttons, foundation in- luded, like new. $35. Usuall- hnm an deliver. Harlan Ward's. 257-°318 WO twin headboards, matchlno box prings, RCA portable TV, all for 125. Call before 4 p.m. 275-0630. EAUTIFUL lined avocado drapes, 44x84", $35. 7 drawer maple desk, 35. Larqe dinette, 8 chairs, $45. rass vanity table and niqhtstand 15. Large Fedders window air con- itloner, $75. Miscellaneous Items 49-1669. SED SOFA & chair, $38, Dealer, 13-6798. OUR ifas. Two "coffee table's "$50 snd'$9' French Provincial dining [hairs. Two French Provincial Fren able I. D ... end "table"$30. yyJth^Austrairan 'rapes 95x144' valance, $65. BYc7 . 992^34 479. "playpen, swing, dresser ', 299 QUEEN size sprlnq and mat- ess, still In bags never used, $80. isually home, can deliver. Harlan r ard's, 257-8318. ICiJurnlture. make offer. 996-9238. 1OTOROLA 21'' color TV," Drexel ablnet. Antique leather screen. rystal chandelier, 994-1521. .._ JR & MIRROR 9 drawer pansh. Practically new. Phoenix urniture 8, Supply, 1146 E. Van . DISCOUNT Beautyrest, eleqant, 99.95. Queen, $119.95. Full. $79.95. mmons king, firm. $99.95. Twin. 9.95. Certified, 967-3311. UDDLE7seat, pool fable, qultar & mp., sofa. misc. 2529 W. Sweetwa- AANUFACTURER, $139. Twin size ox soring and mattress for 535. urniture cheap! Can deliver. See our bed made! Simmons Beautv it a.nd__ Ortho, 2104 West Camel- 'St and"~nTlr?or, $30. ER ,RLY Amer can sofa $79 i rocker '. .Office desk $#. File cabinet«). Aaple kneehole desk $57. Maole utch »»....Corner ce.blnr 888—Homi Furn, 588—Home Furn, ' upholstered tola and chairs bedroom set, dar*; .set still In. cartons, It'" -,T 'V'JL * >BI ai 111 111 up i iw[i3t 91S\ OB'j^Bft " n del ' v ' r> Harla NUR§ET5Y~Turnrture; two cribs wTO 0J5toj?. es '-^ re A s l r '. dressfnq table , , ear bed, carseat, walker b«ds, I *»ll« t^PUJf **HI!•!iy JQi SOFA and chair, still packaged, riev sr used. $90. .Usually home, can de liver. Harlan Ward's, 257-8318 JL__ MAHOGANY 6-plece be'froonr"! juncan Phvfe droe leaf dininoro set, mahogany secretary, old walnut l h ,/>J«Cfi dlnlnr wicker dei Pictures." decbrato anflaues.fidds £ End *. e sef, excellent condl LOWER OVERHEAD LOWERTlES!! Shop Our Warehouse Store For Real Furniture Bargains Everyone Can Afford!! ITEMS JOBS DQ¥AR T T R ERS T HnUSEFUlTROOMFUL BARGAINS!! 4-PC. BEDROOM GROUP $99 4-PC. LIV. RM. GROUP $99 Budget 3 Rm. Houseful $299 New Hideabed Sofas Only $149 $AVE $100-$200!l! C1 ^ l ,^FAS 3 « f .O S N h0 V W EL R V 0 E 0 T m sa a F l Xs Ple Velv. Sofa & Loveseat $188 JUST ARRIVED FACTOR — . - — SPAN BEL,,... _..,._„ Elegant triple dresser, framed mlr ror, chest of drawers, headboard juoi Mrsmvcu SLIGHT FACTORY IMPERFECT ...7 PC SPAN BEDRM SUITE! ,VE 2 M kiiMv «Hc\.ioia— L.CI i OV6 Irom B/R sets—Chest of drawer {27.50, Headboards $li, Night stand 118. Also odd, swivel Rockers «, clu chairs $28, Dinette chairs $8. E-Z Iredit Ferms T.&S. FURNI1URE WAREHOUSE BLACK CANYON FREEWAY AT COR. OF W. BUCKEYE RD. "OUR 25T^ Hl Y 2 EAR 391 |N PHX. Mvers Consf - co HOUSEHOLD furniture. 846-13157 NEW foam rubber twin size mat tresses and bunkie boards, neve used. 948-6863. 5519. " " KING size, . , spring and mat tress, extra firm, orthopedic, quilte never used, still in baqs, foundation Included $130. Usually home, can de liver. Harlan Ward's, 257-B31B. ".HESTS $15-S35. .Complete bunk 89.50. High back kitchen chairs $5 • rlnle dresser/mirror $69.50. Meta wardrobe close* $35. Kirbv vacuum /attachments $40. New I o v e s e a $89.50. Carter - Flnley Furniture 2822 West Buckeye. 272-6-131. CUSTOM made walnut corner diva set, converts to beds, table, larg lamp, double credenza, two chairs like new organ. Klnq bed, doubl chest with mirror, matching singi chest and night stands, twin beds SPANISH sofa and love seat. Llk new_condition._$150._939-8121. SOFA with matchlnq love seat $175 3 piece coffee table set $95. Harves Gold Refrigerator, stove, all months old. 267-8958. FULL size bid, complete, $30. Swee per, $30. 932-OjjOL SECTIONAL couch, coffee table, ex cellent condition. $100. 266-8657. COUCH, chair, lamps, end tables bedroom suite, qame table, bar, re- fr.igerator, washer, stove, misc. 665 West Holly, aWr^4' $399r~lARLY .— — —. . .merican sofa an winged back chair, with loose cusl Ions and maple wood trim, neve used, still packaged, $160. Usuall home, can deliver. Harlan Ward' 257:"" t83U VINC LIVING room. 993-8875 after 5pm. _ NEW matfress & box springs $33.95 Your mattress factory rebuilt, $16.95 Manufacturer, 268-9271. _ K$ss$$$ss$$$$$s$$$ss$s$l$s$s$ss$$y$s$ Spanish Llvlngroom Includes a gorqeous quilted velvet sofa and Jove seat, 2 handsome dark oak lamp tables and coffee table, 2 eleqant decor lamps and 2 pictures. Was $390, will take $247. NEW. Credit terms. Globe Furniture 3333 S. Central $J$J5$!$$$$$$$$S$S$S$S$S$$SSSSS$SS$$$$$ -'' 5 drawer chest $52, desk $47: nlah stand $25; 5 p Comp. selection , stand $25; 5 pc. maple dinette $99 lecti 9x12 USED RUG $5.00 CARPET HOUSE 1516 E. Van Buren TWO dinette tables, $10 and S15 oll-a-wav bed $10. 255-5974. TE househol _ household of furnitur _ $329. KING size spring and mattress complete with metal roller tram and king size wood headboard, a new, never used, still in cartons $129. Usually home, can deliver Harlon Ward's, 257-8318. LA-Z-BOY CLOSE-OUTS GOBINS, 1635 N. 7th St. 254-707 MEDITERRANEAN bedroom, dl nette set, IB" color tv. 253-5000. DINETTE SET, 5 pc. Pedestal swlv el chairs, slightly used. Retail $149 Our price $88. Phoenix Furniture & Supply, 1146 E. Van Buren, 253-6798. WESTERN Hotel furniture. Complete I room suites. See at 1601 Grant -istern Village Hotel. RATTAN furniture. 938-5827. Trundle Risers 30" with mattresses $109.9 Mattresses & boxspring's twin or full $60 WE TAKE TRADE-INS SUNNY FURNITURE 500 E. Dunlap 944-335 Hrs. Mon thru Frl. 9 a.m.-9p.m. 'at 9am-6pm._ Closed Sunday LOVESEAT, 2 nauqahvde 'chain with ottoman. 949-0496. _____ . . _____ MOVING sale. Sacrificing like new urniture. Bedroom, , livlnq room >ar. 839-0901. eves, weekends. 1901. SS MATTRESS & BOX Springs, large selection lust arrived. Used twin, ful < queen size. Top quality. Prlcec rom $15-$60 per set. Phoenix Furni ure & Supply, 1146 E. Van Buren CONTENTS LARGE HOME. Quality urniture. LIVING ROOM: Two ouches, occasional chairs, hide-a- ed, coffee, end tables, lamps, ere enza, paintings. DEN: Couch, chairs, ~ane tables. Bookcases, Encycloped- a, typewriters, stereos, records, desk. -AMILY, ROOM: color television, ar, stools, couch, loveseat, dine, recline tetuary pah ormal dlnln_ . _. _ _ ablnet, china, cutlery, stemware. EDROOMS: king size, full size, twin ai, siouia, couch, loveseat, sew ma- hine, recliner, antiques, collectibles, tetuary paintings. DINING ROOM: ormal dining table, chairs, china U.U,IXW,VM. IMIItJ 3IIC, lull 9I£C, IVYIII Bedroom set, extra beds. Extra hosts. Naugahvde couch. KITCHEN: tyo dinette sets, refrigerators, freez- r, range, dishwasher, washer, dry- r, Rotobroll, small appliances. BACK I'ARD: lawn furniture, several bicy- yles, mower, edger, much more. \LSO GUEST HOUSE: full of furnl- urn. Hours 10-7 P.M. 4801 N. 19th \ve. (1 block south of Camelback). prnci s. ___^^_ SOUND cnffeiTta~hle, antTque^whTte pdesta, dark wood top. Washer. d'«er. Laroe new mapje desk. Klna '?» wrought Iron headboard. Lamps ,th cryctjils .Wrought iron qlass-top able with glass-top tea cart. One cund marMe too table. Two fitted preads with four bolsters and matching curtains. Miscellaneous abv items 944-74^8. lON'T give It away. We buy. sell urniture antique mahonnanv tlerpd able, antioue dishes, bras<:. Dinette ets, mlscfllanenus. nood use furni- ure. A-l Used Furniture, 1411 West ndlan School, 274-6674. BIG AUCTION FRIDAY NITE 7P.M. MEDIOCRE FURNISHINGS ^"' WARE'S AUCTION 4025 N.._3«th Ave. 27S-0489 :SA DESERT "AUCTION" 9 S. Robson 964-394? Friria". June 29th, 6:30 am. TTPNTION: Furniture huuers. We ave a gond selrction of new bed- oom sets in Soanish. Medl|prra n pan Maple. We haup a Bl-ch h-H-^m »t In maole with ? trlnlo rir»«-<>r •ith rplrro--". chest "n che«t head- oard & cnmmorts nlaht «t~>nd NPW ru«hed v(H«et couches & inxe'eat": Iso new Ea-lv American couches & •"airs. Laroe selection f' npw rn«»" abl«s & end tables in Spanish. MeH- trranean «• M=>pie. Hotpolnt d->tbl» opr bronze refrloerato'. Lat» m~<e| olor TV. also black & white TVs ew rocker rpcliners. new dpcor»tor New Early Arne--!c^n t=-bi— . s Spanish table & 4 chairs & . amps. New Early Arne--!c^n t .ch9lrs k Spanish table & 4 c •her tabl» & 4 S, 6 chairs. Lara« ilection of refrigerators, washers & her appliances. The yard Is loaded Ith medium furniture «• mUc. Ssl« arts at 6:30 p.m. everyone wel- ome. LIVING ROOM FURNITURE 8)0 W. 06 Wr ahd"closeouts"."Cho6se from .Modern, Spanish, Contemporary, Early American, efe. starting 5-plece bedroom °L Apiece llvtnfl room, reduced to $98. Save up to half on everything. Cred jterms. Household Appliances ind Furniture. Company, 2003 East \cDowell, 458-7055. BRAWBRTSPANTStTtKEl A ^'^JKWMK «4-i set, small student ss extra firm, orthopedic, quilted, never used, stli In bags, foundation Included $110. Usually home, can de- Iver. Harlan Ward's, 257-8318. ^ Tip SPANISH hutch, $300. 939-4904 9!ter_s_e.m. T—. .. .'.. 7. PIECE dinette set. table extends t ft. Excellent condition, J50. firm. THOMASVILLE dining .set, from LOU Registers, (cost $700) like new 1300. — "741. J4 W. Cooildge. CHAIRS, JV stand, h e a d b o a r'd, a m pSjJbedsDread s/_d ra pes._?35-593!7._ 590—Wanted HomeFurnkhings FURNITURE and appliances wanT- . ... furniture, i firing to Van's.Ai McDowell or call lOSTHASFT 253-1976 dal DON'T GIVE IT AWAY ,. ...: Call Anytime Insfanl ,._ »oys servlce.__0ne piece or houseful. 992-6990T nvtTme Tn'sfant cour- ._ne piece or houseful. REpRiGERATOR iTfreeier nee3ed". SELL UNTIL YOU CALL REYTHERE! " CALL 266-6314 I buy furniture & appliances, tools A miscellaneous. FOR MORE MONEY. STOP RIGHT HERE!! 964-394 " We oav most for quality furnishings CALL 945-0741 ANYTIME fu rn 11 ure DINING room needed. 992-6990. SUN, CITY~~- Northwest, furnltur tools, miscellaneous. 272 ''" 939-0118, evenlnga. $ CASH AT THE DOOR $ We buy almost anvthtmj. Associated Auction Buvers_,_ 1203 E. Van Buren CASH for fine turn-, antiques, «&.!?.?i I4? l ; en «'' tocks - Hfl vden Van r _ i __ ^^^ ,"THE SALES LADIEl 75 ~ Appraise, advertise & sell complete house & estate furnishings in your home. Quick, easy & professional. BETTY FLORENCE SHIRLEE 956-1934 __ 943-7640 ___ 943-7574 MATTRESSES^ furniture, dinettes, miscellaneous. 272-6431. 939-0118 ev. ealngs, .. GET CASH MONEY .; For Instant courteous serv. anytime. '. Fine furn., appf. bdrm sets stereos color TVs, antiques, guns & tools. 274-8241 OR 274-5580 . CASH FOR FURNITURE Need furniture for 6 homes. 15 apts, Including appliances. . 264-3204 FAST Cash. Furniture, appliances, miscellaneous — one niece or houseful. Call anytime, 253-5010. SELLING YOUR FURNITURE?? CASH All types of furniture ,264-6106 24 Hrs. Denny TRY me, you will like my offer. One Piece or houseful. 939-7414. B .I D JJ9 OM 'urni ture needed. 992-6990. 24 HOUR SERVICE Cash for furniture, appliances, tools. misc. 1 piece or houseful. 268-9296 WE buy used refriqerators, freezers, washers, dryers, ranges. 258-75J7. CASH to owner. Need Gas Ranqe, Refrigerator, Dinette and Down Draft Evaporative Cooler. 273-1680, 595—Nursery Plants & Supplies IRJ..^^^ soil - Fill dirt * 6TRT Eranll iranlte TOP SOfL. HILL DIRT AND GRANITE, 992-7510 STEER MANURE GRO-' 275-620S .SUPPY CO. FIREWOOD. Cheap. 242-0100. l5 p IS'k«"" dirt, oranlfe, landscao- ]-GR EEN, stolons, vertl-cuttlng. ^26. .^.loF^f^V^vl^Al removes & transplants. 247-5049. 9^2%1 OIL ' Granlte ' C -»-N«l. CACTUS. 934-9949. auuK oranges. 2/5-5337. • TOPSOIL, aranlte bv the yard or bucketful. Grading. 992-8555. U N U SUAL! Shade trees, shrubbery. cactus, succulents. 955-3M9. TOP, fill sand & granite. Reasonable, prompt! 997-4129,934-0665. LIVESTOCK and PRODUCE Classes 600 through 625 660—Dogs . Supplies & Services W .ANTED.__ M!_xed_, litters, of ..pups. tftl? 9M«^ligI^! R ~J» Iia 3BEDIENCE classes beginninq soon, ftr'S^'A A T e h n e U y e -$A ^^M^&^ a membl " 5 ° f L , IAINIATURE Dachshund Stud Serv- ._Lonqhair, smooth, also Puppies. ce. . BMi ^sv*^ 1 ^^^ 'lYf 6517 North 27th Avenue. 24i2.43flfr ^AS£_NJlS""£venrngs 948-5666^ A M C T PA I I A n.r"e~L-l-^r.-- ' --". -—-.- AFGHAN puppies. AKC. 257-1019" •ULL Elpod Saint ifit regisjered^Best off JAgLE SnMiM» d i!ijEe!r' ^E GIS IEREDAKC-|rlsh-1lttirp-up- REGIsrERED AKL ...„,„ 3I-350I Mother fror " sred .Ge.rman aC Shlpherd' V ?upp?el) ter pup- Denver. J25. 938-4975. *KC miniature Schnauzer PUP, houia roken. 942-4843, evenings. 971-9514 j R EAT M ane. ~Fa~wn male A.K. se le " I ^ e %sFw-m&- EED a home with land Tor St ernard, best_of'er. 934-1357 -- __ : E E SHO N DS, AKC~pTjpl)le»Aft»r 24il59|._ _ ' ""PP'es, 7 weeks", sm- dlstemper shof5 - ORWEGlAN EWhou"ndT~Slx ter PW> MU5t sacrifl «'

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