The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

\ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1924 ' — THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. nrntoir to H<eir <ga Sltaw® BOT&SDSIEIS Aim F®oanndl His Qa^iiifia&rtibiin M®< MALE HELP WANTED (Cont.) HOUSEHOLD GOODS (Cont.) MONEY TO LOAN (Cont.) WANTKI}— Manager f° r ice I'lHnt who will invest Koine. Must give refer- tneos. FnrmTB oil, tee nnd .Supply Co.. Jtncksvllle, Kansas', 111-1 l-IHm WANTKL)—Man to cut down tree lor the weed. I'honc 4.J6J before S 11 tn. or afler 11 l'J-S.lJrn HO l -EMALE HKL.P WANTfcD *0 WOMAN or Rirl to assist with* heusc uork and care of children. Out or city in the country. Phone 15y-'J. uii-iii-mm W ANTKIJ —Women chicken pickers. Switt .t Company. aii-liMHm 26 8ITUATiON WANTED, FEMALE HOUK work. Mrs. 3-IGOJ. .vimu. • \vollK by nour. t'hone 2!)«4 Holland. Phono il.i-D-l Jl'l •WANTKD by young lady—Clerking posltlon or saloswork. nny kind, Ero- eery preferred: experienced; in or out of city. Address P-ll, cure News. *_ 25-13-15(1111 WANTED—Bumllo work an<l nurses' uniforms to launder. Work culled tor »nd delivered; prices reasonable lilt! East Second. :5-n-Mm a« MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE Hll.ltEKT cash prlcoB paid lor all kindd Qf used furniture. .Nothing too good; no'hinff to poor. Crook Furniture Exchange Co., phone 9*1. ai -ll -2i >ilm HOMEMADE comforts. Phone 221". 31-3l)-25dm TKADid your old furniture lor new. Phone Hhueffcrs, 4»«. M-lH-nni-i WANTKD—furniture, IUBS , stoves, highest prices. JohnBun rrurnituru Co.. Phono 3H4. 31-f.-2.1UIJ YOU can buy a genuine McDougan Kitchen Cabinet, f.1 down, $1 per week. Ilarmon Furnlturo Co. tll-H-til'.M 1101) \V. 22nd—1 base-burner, Slfi; t gas heater. 1:1: 1 electric Rumor, f 1.60. Phone 1911W. 31-mwf- 15m 32 TYPEWRITEH SUPPLIES it SPECIAL RENTAL RATES To- Students, $3.00 per month or 3 mouths for $7.«0. Exclusfvo ngents for Royal and Corona. All makes of slightly used and rebuilt machines. Repair work reasonable and guaranteed. KKNO TYPEWRITER EXCHANOK 405 M. Main. I'hnno 303'J. 32-5-25dm BE A MILLIONAIRE, 100 Million marks 11.00. Big bunch genuine bank Issues totaling 300 Million J2.00. Dot Vernotl, 1830 No. 18th St.. Phila., p a . ^ 2t>-25-2fidm. BUY your floor lamp now, ?1 down, $1 per week. Xtuaa delivery. A won. flcrfnl line to choose from. Harmon Furniture Co. 20-ll-iili.M . Foil SALE — Lloyd Princess Ivory baby buggy; whlto enaineled baby bed. Phone 1060.1. 2i;-13-:ldm FOB SALE—Ileal estate S% contract at discount, —ask 26-8-3odm FOR SALE—Ivory reed baby buggy. Almost new. 42*1 East 3rd. 2«.12-adm FOB SALE—Apple wood. Phone 34P31. 26-8-Dcc 4e FOR SALE, Pool tables. Phone S1SVW. 28-13-3U.M FOR SALE—7% real estate first mortgages, —ask McNaghJen! Phone •(,->. 2G-S-25dm FOR SALE—Largo shipment "Apex Electric washing inaeliincs at one- half retail price. Come see them nt Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 701 East Second street. 20-11-4DE VOR SALE—Manure for lawns. Cn.ll 38I6J. . 2li-30-25dm IX FINE condltion.Lady's heavy coat, fur trimmed: also dress, size 3S. Reasonably priced. —Boy's overcoat, .ge 8. 101 East 7th. LARGE otrice stove. . cheap. Phone 2701W. •l-l'im MAGAZINE BUbscrlptlonn. ICiles. 317 Jlast Fourth. Mrs. I nil UH-K-L'tidm FlTITUUK show in a town close to Hutchinson, trade for city property. Address O-II, care News-Ht-ruld. i;fi-13-16m ill DM tho ehwator and savi\ iiuy - vour second hand rurn«tir« at Slm'-ifors. a «-i:i-eL>i !i Hatgnlns—30x3; 30x8^*; $fi.2S. Z nnd 3^- Hi. tubes $1.10 LHl- viill Tiro Co., 112 K. Sherman. THUKK 0041 1 liojiturs, 1 SJis honif-r, - IVrfTt Inn ell heritor?, one 2 -hole top.-y. l»hono '^OSSJ, 700 Kavt Knurtn. 2H MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 WANTKP—All kinds or UHIM I turntimv: one pifce or an entire houseful. Crouk Furniture Kxchnnpe Co., pion... '.Mi. . as -it-i^arn 20 WEARING APPAREL 29 Mrs. Ina Kilos, phono 2728. 317 Kast Fu u nil • 21'-T -2Jtl m iJKUVVN Hoilvni Oat, .siZt* U', Knurl tts ui*\v, will rtt 'U fur $>1P. Cirtl 1^0 ]•:. 1U, £y-i )-Jtim k'Oll SAI^K—Cinnd winter l>hie cTotix rout, K». ?S If takoji hv Saturday. Call 316 Eiist 13th mornings or JH'tWffr'n i) and 7 p.m. 29-13-14 FU H MA J* K— lioy'g m a c k 1 n a w. yo i mt; nian'ii overcoat, lady's milt and long noat. nil in good condition and rhfai Call 3ss, ^:i-H.;iMm OKNU1N13 HUDSON SISAL roiit "fo~r sale; like new. 706 X. Ad»nts. ^9-13-41>K HIG1IKST prlcea ror iiu*n's cluthtng and shoes. Phone 11&&.1. i!!J.l^-^.-iOe IN fino condition: lady's heavy coat fur trimmed; also dress siz* Utt; rea Jionably priced: boy's cvorcoat, ase ^ 101 East Soventh. liD-U-l&in VOUNO mnn'.H ovnrnoat, 201! West nth. bavKafn, * 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ^0 A SMALL Victrola, fumed oaK case, slightly used, |GU, Jenkins Music Co., 122 .N. Main. ini-rj-^ui!, A SiLA.LL piano, suituMe lor scnoci uao. Fumed oak ease, practically new piano, i'rlco $310. Jenkins Muam Co., 122 N. Main. 30-ia-al)fc! BKUNSWICK model upright phono Kruph, with mahogany ease. i-;xeci lent condition, $t;r., Jtmkins Music Co., 12a N. Main. 30-1^-3L>K J3XPKKT piano tunlntc and uppttirine Rorabatmh-WHey Music Hfpt. ;iU-jl-Cdm FHONOGHAL'Hta AM> MUSICAL lNSTitUMKNTb O-Melody Saxophone, vorntn, $47.50; Han jo, 547 r York Cornet, *•»•»; Ukea, |2.50 up; Violins, Jiu. Knt-y terms. ' ROKAHAUGH-WILEY MUSIC JJKl"t put in phonograpii sprlugK. ICTT rhllipa, phono 04^ 30-10-^ W. M. BALL Piano Tuner, l'hony 4100J 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 BARGAIN—Blue enamel coal und gas range, practically new. $50. I'ervec- tion oil heater, ?3.60. Call JS16 Jsorih roplar. 3l-I-l-3Um A NKW whiinnent of luiftot anu mantel mlrrora. X IIIBH club plan, ijl down {L per week. Harmon Furniture i/u. al-U-til>.M 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 36 CALL 20K3 for peara, apples, iitmey and pumpkins. 35-2;»-11 riJo. CHILK, Hot Tonink's. Hamuerffera. Tho best In Hutchhmon. Try them. C. and K. Lunch, 20-A Kast lKt. t'hone 313. 35-fi-25dm FOH SALE—Turnips $1 a bit. delivered. Phone 1393, 712 West 1st. A. r. Cram. 35-n-tnm GOOD pumpkin pies, 30c each, fop corn balls .03c. Phone 1141J. 3ii-l2-tirinT M o N K Y to 1 oa n, « ma i i a m u u ni». WVlfarfl Loan Co.. 15% North Main. 4ri-2l-Hin»r> MONKY TO LOAN ImprovHd t-Hy prupt-rty nr iarmo. — asl( MrNaKittiTt! 4 ;i-S-a .'>rtiil lit a HOM13 COMPANY The Salt City Itldg.. Loan & Savings Assn. K ;i ymf-'fl Virtn competes with all foreign Company plans. You owe youi-nclf an invcstl- f atlon of our A^ocimion b'-foro plac- nff yuur »avlm;.s with ontsld« «;om- panlcs. W H will rail niiywhero anytime and explain the merits of our A asocial ion's iim-stmcm plaits. Your phono chll will get an tiumodiale response. SALT CITY ItriLDIXC, LOAN & SAVINGS ASSN. E. Carey. Pres. Lloyd lirown. Secy. Phono 01". t.">-i t-ium AUTO' AND TRUCKS (Cont.) "mm 1521 Ford Sedan, n< w paint; real H'23 Ford roupf* . l !t ";i Ford Roadster, starter J!)IS BnJck Touring T .'J2 i\Mi);e. Tourlnfr, A-l 1:'»22 Hulck Touring, now paint i:i2(J Chevrolet Roadster Furd Touring tHUt UorL Tounhf; 1IU8 Maxwell Tour Hit; Model 53 Cadillac Touring, cheap 7-Vaa #' , Hger Touring, rneup Lots of other low priced cars. Let us know your _n-H*ds. , The Used Car Mnrkot L. J. Siller. Opp Convention Wail 4i>-l;:.:n»!, 156 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5B HOUSES FOR SALE (Cont.) Ft 01 ilKNT—Ruomlns: house ID TODM.H and liaih. No. Ifi Kast l.t, low rint Colt age ot 2 large rotims n*'-jir east end indiMvlcy. Ni ;irly m w 4 romn l.mii;;tlmv tif'ar 4rli Av^nu^ .«rho:»I. U' niT't iniprmid >ulHirn n lr;ni. Coe- Thotnsun lmpr. Co., Masonic Rldg. :.C-14-ldni FOi: UKNT— U'U 7th, east, ti ruum, modern except heat, newlv painted, $22 month. Inquire 10fl Seventh, cast. Full U 1-:N T —l-'ive-room house and one bind; of garden ground. K. H. Payne, fi :o Wwt 7th, phone 1337W. f.ti -n -ldm I 1 OR UKNT— 10 rooms modern except riiiitiH-e, e\.'».llvnt crtiidiLiuti. I'lione MOTOR SUPPLIES S. REPAIRS !.\T- :'-iootu hou*e mi Ten in liuiuire 12S TV nth West. S«-12-Cdm AUTO repairing, corner of O and Howard. All work contracted and guaranteed. Ph. C0F11. Ed. llammol. 47 -ll -4dm to lonn on Hutchinson Improved properly. Prompt service. No, 4 Kast Sherman St. Phone 2221. PAY off the loan on your home on easy monthlv payments. —ask Mc- Naghteni First Natl. Dhlg. 45-S-25dm b c /r> FARM loans. Anderson investment Co., Phono 53S. 27ft S. Main. UOOD home baiting. Ph. 1144J. 51,000,000 to loan on farms. i \ewiin- Muntilng Ix>an Co. 4S-2U-2f >rtm PILARS, windfall 75c, hand picked Jl .25. A. M. Davis, phone WlVi. 33 -11 -Odni Bread mado from Hern'a flour took first prlxe at State Fair. Why not buy it for less money than other flourT 55-4 -lUdm 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4» BUICK roadster, very late model, fine conditlJh, two new tires, tS'io. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 46-11-4dm FOR SALIJ—Ford sedan, rine coimi- tion. Will trade for small house. Phone 137. 4ti-H-3rtm THIS is the season for mush ana corn brend. We have meal made from new corn. Call 1260. Horn's M"ls. 35 -4 -10dm WLNESAP apples; i% miles east on ((yMedora pavement, one FOR SALK—Tires, batteries, radiators and used parts; also Ford touring and Dodge touring. KS F Kast. 4G-$-l&m Coleman Brothers. north. 17m 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 BRONZE turkeys, sired by 1st prize torn nt "Arkansas Valley." Mrs. O. G. Wright. Lungdon, Kans. 3S-l4-tidm FOR SALE—Big type Poland China boars. Some extra good boars sirea by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dam U Jado by Nortside Kit by Picket ts Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects all have been vaccinated and nre priced right. For frther Information, address Sotii Jones, Box 61, Hutchinson, Kansas. FOR SALE- Phone 16KR •Choico Duroo males. . C W. Danford. 3S-10-6dm FOUR good milk cows, fresh soon. RM West 5th. Call 207S. 3S-l3-lSm FOR SALE—Good milk cow four years old, will bo fresh soon. 227 N. Star. First house so. of Otundvlew school 3S -i;i-Pim 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS ay 1 W1L\L soli at public auction, 4 mi. suntliwest of Partridge, Nov. 25th, 25 head high grade Jersey cattle consisting of cows anil heifers. Some fresh, others fresh soon. N. A. Casidy. IO- H -'JUL; J. C. HAND. Auctioneer, will sell 14th for Mrs. W. N. Wilmntt, z 'norm and 3 west Partridge: 19th, 2 east, 3 south Partridge, .Mr. Hisscng. 39-1I-14B 40 PET STOCK 40 FOR SALE—Thoroughbred English brindlo bull pup. S2i East Fourth. 40 -l2 -:idm TRAINED pedigreed Better, $50, .line looker. Wire C. C, Jones, 2 .'iS Lewis St.. Memphis, Tenn. 4u-10-21m 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 ARCHER'S standard brea Buff Orpington cockerels. 262U North Adams. Ph. 3703.!. 4l-l!-tklm Ft >R SALK—Purebred black bronze turkeys, lft miles east of Castleton. Mrs. G. W". Cllh-k. •il-i;i-4din FOR SALE—Barred Rock cockerels, standard mating from heavy laying strain. W. H. Ward, Nickerson, Kan. 41-t7-25dm FOR SACK—50 Leghorn hens. Co., 20 B West. pxtra good White Partridge Produce 4l-i:;-:tdm FOR SALE—Whitti Leghorn hens. 444 Justice Ave,, Careyville. *l-13-3dm • Live and Dressed Poultry 1 IE NN I N CiSE N PRODUCE CO X J hono 773. Wo deliver- 41-12-2f.OE 20 SPRING pullets. Phono as«7. 41-12-3«lm 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CAFE for sale. 115 S. Walnut. 42-12-edm We have for pale grocery stock and fixtures. Absolutely the best location and the best buy In'HuLchlnson, This is an up-to-dnte clean stock and doing a real business. Selling on account of sickness. Sojf us for quick action. , KING BROTHERS REALTORS Phone ir.a, flvenltigs 1327U\ 307 First Nut'l Bank Bldg. •12-13-2ds GENE UAL murchumlisc stock for as!*) in a town in Stafford co., consisting of the following: % 700 in Shoes. 300 In Work Clothes. Itifio Shelf Hardware. 2.J00 Groceries. 3000 Dry Goods: furnishings. 1200 in Fixtures This entlrti stock sold at a big dis count. Realtors tako notice. John t'ollopy, Turon, K UP.H. 42-12-^dm Bargain in second hand lunuuut-. 1 Crescent gas range, |l2.tiU 1 Windsor coal range, ti-hule, reservoir, $12.50. • I 12-inch Stewart Oak hen tor. X Davenport (makes bed), good condition, $27,511. . 1 Imitation oak dresser, $7.50, ShaetfeiH Furniture Co-, Ph. 4UU. 31-13-21>E Guod used turtiuuie, shell n-s rugs, gas rangea, etc. 202V« N. Mupiu. i'lione :ts -41, evenings li .'i4J. J i-u-^bi.ii*. F<JU SALE—Bridge lamp, old rose sluuL-, jioiyclirome.baae, HO if taUen :bi'l'ore Saturday. PllOtlu 1041W, 72t E. Eighth. :t i:i' J iLv ni V i .it ^u Hitipini:iiL "Aiiex'' 1,lectin* U ;i.-tlMtg niiullilnh at otie- li;ill r.t :i ;i pnet!. Come see them at I; uie]iii).s .i :i Bonded Waivhous-. TO I j Scrt .nd stri'-M. :1L11-4DK Ntiw nnd iibcd turnituie, gas ranges, heuilng cloves. One 4-piec« tnunngaiij •btiiie, nearly now, $12 J . une roil top dtek, good as new. HAY WORKMAN 2U2V& N. Maple Phono 3»4i SI-U-2;,e FURNITURE, stoves. Hi Fast lilth. :ii-i:i-2imi FOR SAtJ*;-— Duofuld, perfect v tion. f3i».u0, i'lmne B2 , i7.L iiiidi- -l«lm Foil SALE—tiood biifffi burner, inquire 12S Tenth West. 21-i2 -0Um GOOD thriving business in IfutohhT son for «iiK* at a bargain. For d< tails, A. 1'iaive, 121 1Mb Ea^t. Phone 271IJ. 42-13-2dm 43 MORTGAGES, STOCKS, BONDS 43 FOR SALE—Wall secured |1,000 First . real estate mortgage bond; bears 8%; pay semi-annual. Phone 2698W', 43-13-adm FOR SAI^E or Trudn- Ing car. Phone 3412. 192; Ford tour- 40-12-Odm FOR SALE—Chalmetv* coupe, good condition, also golf clubs and Coie- man lamp. Phone :{'2F2 4K -12 -4Uh) WE have 3 good 1S2:' Ford tourings; starters, demountable rims, whicn we will sell for $£'0 down and balance mo. Will take your old car as part down payment on those can?- Davis & Child. 2nd and Washington. 4t;-l4-odin AT LOWER PMCES 19"2 Ford Coup"* 1910 Ford Touring 1916 Four cyl. Studebaker l!«2<t Jordan Touring 19IS Bulck Touring 1319 Studebnki-r Biff 6 Tourlns 53 Cadillac Touring. 1919 Mnrmon Touring 1923 Studebakfr Special Six PJ1S Bulck 6 Touring 1919 Willys 6 Touring OaurQs M®fe'ir G@ one 400 110-112 XV. Seconil 10-H-11>1^ FOR S.\L,K—Foril delivery par. quire I. Smith Orocfiy. 4ti-K!-"<lm HT WELL FAY ¥@KJ To look over our long li.-d nf used carp. Terms ran bo arranged lu HUIL your pocketbook. ISIOIRTON OSED CAMS 107-111 West 2nd Phono 12. 4U-14-1DE 3 FORD tourings, ad fair cundition ?t)0 each. J.iavlii &Chlld, 2mt una Washington. |ii-H-;(iim MAXWELJ, touring car, now paint a good light car. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 46-11-Jrtm 1922 KURD delivery with cab and open express body. This car is in goou mechanical condition; $150; take S!>» down payment. Davis ,t Child, vim and Washington. 4fi-i4-3rim NAS1I touring car,'good condition, good llrett, J125. Wood-Here ford Motor Co. .10-11-40 m NEW Ford sedan. Pnone 771. «K~27-25DM Essex 4 touring . , .>&iiu Buick 6 touring fl Ford aednn 5:ji'» Ford coupe ? Two new 4-door Ford anrtans. OPEN Phone: EVENIN OS AND Sl'NL'AVS 71. 101-106-193 2nd West 4H-14-3dm FLUID coupe, good top, good ures, motor in excellent condition, Wp will give term .H on this car. Davis &, Child, 2nd and Washington. 4tM i -Tiiiin NOW wrecking K-45 Buick; 37 Old**mobile; Fords and others. A.-IC, Johnson, 15 South Washington. 4f.-10-2odm One Ford Touring 1924 Olda Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. On« Oldsmobilo Touring 1920 Hup Roadster. we wrecked 24 cars. Windshield glass fitted. Tires and batteries. 2fi, 28 West Sherman. 47-24-2odm. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD &U MODERN sleeping rooms. 215 East Sherman. fi0-S-25dm MODERN sleeping rooms, 318 East B. Phono 21U. uO-S-lOcim MODERN flleeping rooms. 204 W. 5. 50-8-25dm MODERN Bleeping rooms. Fit. 2211J. 50-16-25dm ON E modern .**leeping room; price reasonable. 327 Eant First. 50-ll-Hdm SLEEPING rooms. :27 East Sherman. 50-10:25-11:25 SLEEPING rooms. 213 West Finn. 50.8-2ftdm WARM sleeping rooms, f2 per weeK. 313 East B. S0-8-25dm 61 ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 BOARD and room; East Sherman. furnace heat. 126 , 5l-2s-2bdtn BOA It D nnd room close in. Fifth Avenue Rooms, 23 West 5th, ph. 3427 W. 51-13-25(1 ni COMFORTABLE rooms, alearn heat, meals served. 500 N. Main. * 51 -4 -12dm MODERN furnished 2-room suite close in. Board if desired. 24 East 0th. Phono 37. 51 MODERN sleeping rooms. Also board. Mra. Sparks, 410 E. Third. Ph. 2443. 51-13-3dnj MODERN rooms. Board. 300 VV. 2iiu. 51-L7-25drc 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, J10. 306 W. 2nd. 52-30-21id tn Folt RENT—2 unfurnished or partly furnished 100ms. Rent reasonable. Inquire 32S West 2nd or plion«i 3S4SW after B p.m. 52-ll-K»m HOUSEKEEPING or sleeping rooom. 101 East 7th. 52-11-15M HOUSEKEEPING rooms, 1UU west Bigger, No objectioiia to children. P .2-0-10DE HOUSEKEEPING rooms. ^05 .V." 2nd 2-25dm HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 211 W, titn. 52-2S-2")din LIGHT housekeeping rooms. j ?13 E. B " 52-20-L' LIGiiT Housekeeping rooms, 2U8 E. B. "2-9-6DE MODERN furnished light housekeeP' ing rooms, r >04 East C. 3952J. 52-S0-23PE TWO furnished rooms, private * trance, water, lights and qaa. M7 N. Maple. 52-12-Kdm TWi.) modern light huusek'.ping ruoma. 301 West First. Phone Vi-iiW 02-13- 1dm TWO or three well furnished housekeeping rooms, bath. 221 isr. 52-H-lStn TWO nicely furnislied liouBP .keeplng rooms. modern li;clit 226 West lt-t, 52-ll-!t)dm 54 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENT—Close In. iuiiiisn.-d or unfurnished. Call 20G6W or H^l. M-1-1U|»E MODERN apts. and rooms. 5lu Ij.T.-^r* r.4-2:-ij'.':.i!ii'i STRlC'l r LY modern private apt. 25I0W S4-]S-2.Vlm UNFURNISHED nice frmu reutn, bath, water, lights, gap. .I'li-'ii--. On car line, 5ul W. 5th. Phone 3:n"'M- bt-l l-iil'i-. I- Olt RENT —6 -room hous-e, modern furnace; garage. Pnono Jti-] 4-2diu 1* OR SALE by owner, 2 hix room house.*. 70S nnd 710 East Third, infinite 710 East Third. :.<;-12-lll.n-: FOR RENT—5-room new, modern bungalow to adults. Phone 2217. 5fi-27-25dm FOR RENT—Good modern 5-room '"'tage*. garage, close in. Ph. ;{-s.w. 50-ii-tidm FIVE-room house. (515 A W I .*ii;-14-liini RENTATiS 1 So. Chemical, 4 rooms i *.oo 3 So. CliemlcuL 4 rooms S.tu 1st & Palace, 4 rooms 1--.00 621 6th, 4 rooms 1--^ 1518 East 3rd, n rooms 13.£> Enst 6th, 5 roonw }5.00 COO East "F," 7 rooms 15."0 422 N. Chemical, 6 rooms la.t'O 512 F.ast Campbell, 4 rooms .... 1>.00 524 East 4th, 5 rooms 35.ou f.17 West 7th, 5 rooms fnrii, .... 724 East Sherman. S rooms mod*. 40.00 201 East "A." 6 rooms mod 4^.00 14 Wcsr 4th, Storeroom 40.ou 512 North Main. 1 business room 60. 00 Steam heated office rooms. —ask McN AGHTEN'. Realtors. Phono 655, 1st Nat'l Bldg. Calt 1585J evenings. 56-P-6dm • ROOM cottage 111, 8 rooms bath $20. fi rooms furnished close In tau. Phone 1054. Mi-iif-lorn 5-UO<J.M cottago and garage. 215 Went Eigluli. r.o-u-iidm R(.)OM cottlige for rent, close ni. Phone Darlow 1205. 56-4-w-r-rh-Odm HOUSES FURNISHED FURNISHED 4 -room cottage; lights and trns only. Phone 57-13 -0dm FUKNI SHED, modern, 5-room house. "11 West Mh. 57-S-25dm NK.:i;i,Y furnishe.d 4-room houso at •Cs Ea?t C, $20 month, inquire 4nu Ka.-t r. 57-12-1.d-.; ONE three-ronm fmnisned modern cr.t.tftge. 223 Enst Second. 57-ii-Hidtn 2-H'JUM furniiilied housu on car line. Phone 2906.T. 57-IO-Odm M »M tui 'iii^hed house. Phone t;y_', 57-11 -2dm FOR SALE—New 5-ionTn ftil modern Inins.r.ow, t bloetis of l.ii.-'.^v high, i It has full bafeni.-nt, hn.ti-ln '.en- 1 venif-ne"? :md oak flours. Per d^ta'i,*, I n«'k John Dyck, 530 A Las! Ph. r.27*M I — ,1 ±"'ii:'-' d _ll! M',\V, at tractive; 5-room i'nttai**\ West 12th str*"' 1 !. oak floors, i'il>tnet work, fnrnaee. garage; price J;;..l*it', caay terms. Phono 770. M'H-lilffl ! That bargain in the 40<i block 6th Ea.-U lasted one day. Now, here's another one just as good. S rooms, imni-rn excepr heat, very goi.'il eonditlnn, tO't Id-u-k P. Ea-t A real fiiap at fj.l.'n'. You can't beat it for investment ami it will sure make you money on a rising market. I lea It Phone 17 M".. Evenings X.-rth Main. !MJ or 23^7.1. H4-14-Mm ! AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A GOOD iU'V IF YOU DO NOT IN VES' 1*1I ATE THESE 1— &a;t North Madison, 3 rooms down a nd 3 up with sleeping potvh. large living room, fireplace central hall, oak flo -irs, ea*-t front, just around [ corner 3u<> block fitlt West. 2—5 ri'Mns modern, all oak floors, breakfast nook, pipe furnare. subdivided bitNonient for maid'd room or children's play room, front drive garage, nice shrubs, $5,250. Owner out of town and anxious tu sell. Northeast part. 3—('lose In 5th East. !> rooms modern, pipe furnace, all In excellent condition, close to business center, high school, $5,250. 4—Eight rooms, modern rxcept fur- na.-e flosa in, $1,000, terms, 2-1 South Maple. 5—North Main IntlMlmr Mtr> 57.^0, 11 snap; also 4 building sites 12th liast, j 1.700. ti_--Wp have an investment business block 66x165. You will be interested. flREIIM REALTY CO. Phone 42. 64-H-ldm 65 LOTS FOR SALE 69 FOR SALE— Vacant lata tn business dlstr . Havlland, Kftn. Phone 815W Dr. W. F. Schoor, Hutchinson, Kan 65-23-25DM ' HYDE PARR CORNER A REAL BARGAIN From owner. Addroua Box 320, Hutchinson. 6o-18-25rtm FARMS FOR SALE FAUJI BARQAIN DIRECT FROM OWNER 3:0 a. Haskell Co., IC;in.. Vf, mllca county Heat; all level and best uf .oil; extra good stale of cultivation: lllo now In wheat: fine condition; U'O a. ready for spring crop: 40 a. Kra«s: terms on half. Address Box 320, Hutchinson. 6B-l<l-C3d!Vr 59 BUSINESS PLACtS FOR 6a RENT FOR P.ENT— room In steatu heatwl office. i:n <4 X. .Main St. Phuno .">".('*> or tl. J. W. Harrison. ".•>-! .i.iiti m 63 BUSINESS PROPERTY 63 ROOM for rent, i!Sxl25 foet, 4111 South Main. Inquire at 417 South Main. 63-10-10ilm ROOMING Ileus's proposition 100 IS. 4 «ll-19-2adir HOUSE!- rUR SALE' Five-room ."trictly modern. 10S F.ast 15th. T^et us show yon. J. M. EaSky & §om No. 1 ]-:n?t Sherman Hi. 0 tji-n-juin PIVE-room cotta«e, modern except furnfcce, close in location, rented $22.50„ nrlce ?2 ,<Wi. *:0u cash. Rot- Realty Co., phone 77''. fH-H-ldm POR SALE nt t>u rffaln•— -1 1 V Enst nml :i01 D Ea--=L Write B:>.\ 22, rionfsoo, Knns. 0 I-1 l-Srid* POUU room cutLmn Sl,4it"n. tci-ms; acres good land Sb) per asmall ptiynnmt. Bennett it Ben- scotcr. phon*;- 1^*4. t'4-1 'J-15m TWO 8IPEQALS 1923 Chevrolet Cunpo, balloon tires Jftltu 19|1 ^Oldsmobilo Touring, new puint PAMHIHGaiiSfilSN Cash—Ter inn That Aro Ensv—xraae 46-14-1D10 1917 Touring cur, good rubber. ?4n. 1919 Kurd delivery, new rubber, and runs Rood, $6(t. 19IS Oakland parts. One 6-volt and onn Revolt battery. 529 West Fim Strei-t. A i''OR )J coupf, run iiliout a.UUL" miles" A real saving can he made on mis car. Only takes $1.1it down payment to ha wile. Davis & Child, Und nnd Wellington. is -i4 -;wm VJ 2'1 Ford Coupe for sole, on:* of lUc best buys In the city. Third Ave. Garage. 14 East Third. 4C-11-4DE 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 COSY, modern, pround up:trltiiuii; fireplace fur wint'-r. K. sni-runn. „___„ 1 - ::,Utl FOR KENT— Modern furi7i5hl : d~'f '"'Vi "r room apt. uaic floors througbi-iit. Breakfast room; bultt-iu ff-nturt-.s m kitchen and bath room. Basement under entire apartment. Call :tt Uti -\vi . A, east. fi" -i:;-71>!•. FURNISHED heated apis. I'tioru- 2yj r.-lii-L'.'.dm FOR RENT—Knniiahfd i-moiu ap. ment connpcting bath, private trance, 117 l-Inst Sth. Rhone i:i>u:'W FOR RENT—Furnished or unfurni^n: ed, new apart mi »rit. Call in tore or after school. Phone r .."i -i^-:idm li'OUR-room upm-tment. 13 •t^t lltii. -1.1-Hdm MODERN upta. and roomw. iia \m. MODERN apartment and rooms. 10U Kast Fourth. MODERN furnished apartnu-iu. A » jr.-7->' ; .iim NlCEl.Y furnishtd "J-room i'.pjrtuiciit. 14 East Sixth, l'homj 1122. j.'v-Vl- Pin) TWO-room furnished aparlment. v> i v good and reasonable, running v.utei In each room. The \Voodard, U" ; > I. THREE room gruund fino incut, modern. 200 9th W- . 031 Light, airy and roomy enough to use in.«tc:oi of th" dining room, iiuttt- in work tii« entire length "f Hi** toorn. 14 ft., with sink, drainboard and work table enliven lenity nrrantu-d. Nothinp like it in bruiser r'o/;tlng less iiian $lii,000. Only 53.11511 on rea.-ionnie terms Imyn this C-rontii modern luin^alow itf the ;»u0 block East, lib Street. --ask MeNa»:ht%-nt Phone tio 't or i^ivw t\iiiiii«s. 1st Na'll. Blrl^. ni-j i-:ktm IMF'ROVED farm, wandy imim son. fruit, etc. Take pmall house down payment. Call 1045W. fiii-ll-l/M 67 TRACTS FOH SAL' Irtrt acres near Sylvia, coorl improvements, 110 acres cultivated, balance pasture. tiO acres wiie a t. A dandy icood home, and a real bargain, Trice JtidOO, good term*. Ifi'i acies near Abbyvllio, improved, 15 aeres pastnre. Price $11,000. I fill ocre.s North of Elkhnrt, Morton C-ounly. nil sni'ioth (trass land. Fine heavy wheat land. Prb'c $2^00, will exciiange for Hutchinson property. 4B0 acres near Orrensburg. welt im- proveii. 4iu acres cultivated, iiiii acres wheat. Owner will exchange for land further east.- The CoatBuyingSeason - - Is Here - Ladies Warm Winter Coats $10.75, $11.50, $12.50, $16.50 to $27.50. MEN'S WINTER OVERCOATS $6.50 to $18.50. LITTLE GIRLS' WINTER COATS, 3 to 14, $4.50, $5.75, $9.75, $10.75, $12.75. New Winter Dresses WOOL DRESSES, SILK DRESSES, $5.75 to $12.75. $5.75 to $16.75. LITTLE GIRLS' WOOL DRESSES, 6 to 14, $3.50, $3.75, $4.75, $5.75. Men'* Shoes Men's Oxfords Men's Hats Men's Pants Odd Coats Boys' Suits Boys' Caps Boys' Pants Scout Shoes Dress Shoes j Ladies' Blouses ; Ladies' Petties i Ladies' ; Bloomers i Ladies' Oxfords j Ladies' Slippers ON EASY PAYMENTS COMER COMMERCE CO 17-19 North Walnut Street REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES (Cont.) $2®®all lFmriBB T© TTaraidta FOR CITY PROPERTY "00 acres under cultivation, I n't. ain wheat, 1-0 a. pasture*. 4 room iioiise, granory, stable, chicken house, water piped from elevated tank. Eoeateu 11 >j miles southeast of Plains, opportunity for man who wants mixen fanning. 1-3 crop goes with place. Bargain at $25 an acre. REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES (Cont.) FOH SAEE or trade--m room ptrn i ly modern home In excellent e,.>n.iiM''i K'WHl I. HT, (lull. reaMi -ru !•!.;- r , .-jM! Piioii" or i:.n::. e : j Phone* lioo or BiKiW evenings. fin.. WILL trad.' burifialnw, ft h«»st of n ntal propprt v. J-'oi- Heburlig. ^11 Wwt .'. in- "Ic 1st Natl, itsdn. i tis-i:;-;tiim ! WANTKI.'-. Wiil /'\.-liaim" pay >\ifh d!ff.-r.» Huirli l 'i .nii-1-, 2'. F <T -1 UiU Iiia-- FOR 'i^ItAUE—acreH R'H miTes | 70 fiouthw.-at of Hutchinson, for lanu ! ...^-....^— within CO mil'-s of Hutchinson. AH - j WANTKO i dreaa I- 11, care News-IIerakl. piano;.- for t t »-v-S -'>l>E 1 phone W.\NTED TO BUV llealturs. Int and Main. Phono 40f>. Gti-M-ldm PROPERTY for salu. l'hunu It^iSOVvT" ii7-R'-tidm 4 -acro tract, close to Ilutciilnao^, (i- rnoin house, about 2 acres in alfalfa, sood soil. W, F. Regler, Inman, Kan- saw. fi7-EM6m SANTA Fe land in Grant. Haskell ami Morton i-iiiint It-H, Kan say, fU .PW anu 'it'll \\nr quarter.' $1100 and 3;'.1T) down per iiuarltr. Writ*; II. \V. i't.'ltljultn, 1 lodue City, Kaus .'tH. fi7-l t-limi TRACKAGE site nn Rock Island, JHO'J. Ooo'i bulldinR site, E. lL'tli, $1,0;»0. Brown Bros., Realtors, 15^ N. Main. 67-U.4dm VACANT* lotrf in tlvi" norlheusi pan of the city. A a\\ am* tract in FarniinKtun. well tmprovi-tl. utner good tracls close In tu trait**. Bee .Stewart, lO.ii N. Main LtUV rate loams on busiiii'ss ittoperty. McNaBhten! 1st Nat'l Bl.Hr. ti4-_S-^.'>elm siiaiuht o" McNayliten! r. l-N-'.Tidtn WE want rcstd.'iici- monthly pa>m-.-ut." 15-Year city loans cN.i«!iten! BUILT RIGHT—PRICICD RIGHT 1- Tlii« practhally w\\ I-mont with 5-room vB'icietu'y bun>iiilow, i-a«t fvotu location e'esi- to north end schools; terms reaKonahie. 2—-North part inration: 5 rooms nnd breakfast room, atrictiy modern, oak floors throughout, largo basement and pipe furnare. Tlii-s 1.^ a quailty bullt home; priced right, terms easy. C .vn 'KY REAL ESTATE -v INV. CO. Insuroi' - L 'n\ d I'.r^un• H.-;i)t i ,p .Salr-!»tii"n: Siiiul-i s, St 'iioonnvt'r, Bnchauai). North Mkjn, Pi ion i' ''12. lil-!l-bJ!!l :i ACRE tract, close. In, 2 acres in alfalfa, 6 room house, lights ano gas, larpe ham. Can bo bought Mku paying renff <J24 H. Plum. rt7-0- iti 1® III, ©is If ©our M®ca®^ 1 R a fair rutp of iiitetcsl. W H liave a modfrn ro'iani' wo sell you that |g now rontecl at n price that will make vnu lie;;. Tlii? cottage ran bp boiiRhl on on^y torjn.-*. 5 room*, hot ;nr ln-.ii. full h.t- monl. oalc floors, hot and cold waier In the lia.semeni. Lot lis show you. Ed!. ML M©<DI8E B —Keafcir E) ana Insurer. 12 East Sherman Street. Over 60 years lu Hutchinson. 1 , iSL - ,*ViV 8 D ' m - ' FRANK PILE. Mgr. Real Estate Tmci For Meuall Vour cimnc; to net out tvt the ed^of Hutcliinson. 12 -acre tract, for r--i > on year lease. Good 5 room hniitff. barn, chicken houses, woven wir.' fen fine, fine soil, part In alfali'ft. We iilxo ha v.* tractw of ] to S acres on which there are no buildings. WH! arraiiKe tfrnw on which vn mn own a tiact. like«reniin^. Will put ltiiitdlliKS "ii a tract if you have a Hutu moni -y to h»-lp. Ei -t'a talk it over. COE-TIir.MSON IMPR. Cu. Ii -'Hltois, Loatih". Homes. fiTjJUi.Jriju l*a Ai.'liE tract, i-'iom liouse, oatu, Kara so. .fruit, endue and pipe. > bloi-ks to school. Take small imus«> In trmlf. Call It'C.W. itT-ll-lT.M 68 REAL f.ST AT£ EXCHANGES !;<j-.\i I:K I--.\I:.M NLAU LANGftON Will tra'lf equity for 5*uaii liuTrhintion prupi'i'iy 08 ele ir W. M. HKLDL'N 1'» Sriiuh Main. Phone tiv 11-Jdm Abovo lauds all In ono body, appraised at nbuut half value, and in .i3t well tn highest bidder for i'a .-di. ;it not l.'*s than two -thirds of appraiaenient. Tr> Settle Kstnte of C. J-'.. Low is At Court House, Liberal, Kansas, Mondav, Xo\ember 24th, 1924 at two o'clock P. Si. Southwest f|iiarter Section 34, 32-32, Appraised at $2,000. Southeast quarter Section 34-32-32. Appraised at $2,000. Lots 2, 3 & 4 & so. half XU'L} Section 3-33-32. I Appraised at $3,000. .? Southwest quarter Section 3-33-32, Appraised % at $1000. Xorthwest quarter Section 10-33-32, Appraised at stoai. Lots 3 4 «: S':. of \'\V;4 Section 2-3.5-32. Appraised at $1800. At Court House in Podge C.'itv. Saturdnv Novetnlier 22. 1924 at two o'clock 1". M. South half SK!.i Section 29-26-25, Appraised at $8,000. Lois 1 it 2 in Section 32-26-25 (09. 1 j acres.; Appraised at $4940.50. These lands lu Kurd enmity lie two miles w -,-st of Dodge City, all bottom nllulta tundx, $ 1 n0 per acre has been refused for this, and will sell at not loss than two -thirds of uppruiseinent to highest bidder. J ©ks Pa B®dk WANTED by resident owner—A loan of $5,01)0 for 5 years fit 7%, interest payable quarterly, yr-eureri by a first mortgage on said resklenee. Loan umy be fonipleteu" any time wltliin ilie next tilxty ilnya. Addret ^M Jl -11. fare The News. i;t-l 1 -L'«*in MONEY TO LOAN 45 Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, ur pay uff present loan; will loan un to 10% of value, you pay back principal and inu-iest nt per i;ionth for eu<;li $1,000 borrowed; we Want to talh with you -ibottt It. Coe- Thoni-son Improvement Cu,, Masonic Bifl^:.. |)hone 4^-:t0j.^Mm We represent loan comp uue.s witn nulUon.i available to place on goou Ceutrul Kansas farms, with moit- m-hio. eommission. 5V »«,*p with Miiaii eommigslon, or t>% with no commission. Annua) Interest. Consult us now. TUB COI-:.THOMSON IMl'ltt.iV'MMKNT CO. Li ..jn.-" and iiisiiruiit 'i.-. _ — — il'i"!"' 11 " Ul.-.T ->n tiist mi >rtiiani :"i *t-yl -vial- stemiLv. —aifk MuNaubU-Jt' 1*" Nat'l liiutf. 4J-i >--Ci (im FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—Freckles Starts a Fad. By Blosser SAV? OUI3 TCACMEE ) . • i v, Tot.; US T a«)NS A \\ V1HAT DO t S /•l P=»i\W,PGft T'SCHOOL- )\ BE ~) \ T'DAV- L PONT f 1 fctfTMECEO WITH I P usee, r -fe«isA_ poa? i- 1 . VCECkLES J\\ • y ~x^^--- > &''^ Sr

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