The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 3, 1948 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 6
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Tfc* New*. Frederick. Saturday, J«iy », U IP ·** S . NOW I* TIME TC? PSCV'C COAL-TV Of MR. WIESPEST YOU MAN OR m A- AS SOMETIMES WISH I *«.?£ A MOUSE Andy'* No Object Of Aw* MINI'S AFRAID MICE- N/? AND MM. 7-2- U)ELL,Tb SS-P rr. TSEKES OJE , , A T ! MUTT AND JEFF HAVE V60EVHR ) TsORS. That Sounds l.iSc.c Two Under Par S« F»r Tie Created For First Half Title A tie for the first-half litle in the Civic Softball League was crested Friday evening in Staley Park when the Junior Firemen upset the Civitans. T to 2. The Firemen will tackle the NECA nine next Wednesday night to determine the title winner. It was undecided Friday n i g h t whether one game will decide the title or whether a best-two-of- tiiree series will be played. The Juniors ar.d NEC A each finished with 8-2 records. The Juniors clinched the verdict Friday evening in the first round by scoring five runs on three nits, two walks and an error. The teams' battled on even terms the rest of the way. The score: R H E Juniors 7 9 0 Civitans 2 ~ 4 Grumbine and G a r r e 11; W. Smith and Dutrow. Cubs Send Sues Down 1 Hustlers Win j t/se Squeeze Ploy iFrom All-Stars ! 7o Make slam B ' d ! Philadelphia, July 2 --JP,--The' Boston Braves mixed 1'2 hits with four expensive errors and defeated Rice the Philadelphia Ph'Hies 7-3 in the .".:g* first game oi the series tonight. , ty Bob Elliott hit his seventh home Heki. Frederick v.on She game run of the season :n the first inni: '·** third inning on Rice's sin- ing with one on. The score: The Frederick HusUcrs got top drawer pitching from Don and Binks DeLauter !as" in b!ank the Loudeun Coun- AH-Stars. 6-0. at AScCurdv R. E. H Bovtosi 7 12 2 Philadelphia 3 6 4 Shoun. Hogue and Masi: Sim- . mons. BicknelS and Seminick ' ^iL*. .i.ou.:, . .1 - ...ce i.-'.'i'j. -.-..Dinner's base krsocx. The HusUers will meet the William P. Larkios Post. American Legion nine in the first same oi a series of five at McCurdy Field _ ; Sunday afternoon. The Chi- | The score: : ;, .i., AB R H. O. A. F. : GAME MONDAY The Dr. Pepper and Mountaindale softbail teams will clash Monday evening in Baker Park at 6:30 o'clock on the lower diamond as a Fourth of July feature. The teams are rated at the top of the local heap. An invitation had been extended by Dr. Pepper to have the Trenton A. C.. State title holders here for the occasion, but the Baltimore club had other commitments. The Mountaindale club, sponsored by Rice' Grocery has an enviable record this season. NOTICES NOTICE TO BIDDERS FORM OF ADVERTISEMENT The Board of Education of Frederick Countv will receive sealed bids for the erection and completion of a two room bricfc veneer Elementary Colored School which shall be locctec! at Pleasant View, near Doubs. Maryland. All bids arc due at the office of the Superintendent of Schools. Frederick County, located in the Old Church Street School Bui.'JinK. East Church Street. Frederick. Maryland, not later than 10 o'clock A. M. Davlight Saving : Time. Wednesday. July 21. 19-58. at which time and place all bids will be opened and read aloud. The successful hidder will be required to furnish satisfactory performance and payment bond or bonds. No ' bid bond will be required. : Drawings and specifications including Form of Proposal may be obtained from thc office of the Superintendent of Schools. Frederick Countv. by depositing Ten Dollars (SlO.OOi for" each set of documents so obtained. The amount of deposit trill be refunded ; when said drawings and specifications i are returned in good order, but the said I deposit will be forfeited by the party i Tnafcing thc deposit upon failure- to return the aforesaid drawings and spcci- ; fications. j The Board of Education of Frederick ' County reserves the right to reject any i or all of the bids. It is understood ! that no bid may be withdrawn for a ! period of thirty i30) dav s from thc i opening date " i EUGENE W. PRUITT. Secretary i THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF : FREDERICK COUNTY ' NOTICE I Transfer from Benj. F. Grove i and Gertrude Grove McClellan. : Application has been rr.ade to the undersigned by ] ARTHUR R. HOFFMAN j 152 East South St. ; Frederick. Maryland ; for a license to sell On Sale. beer. · at the premises known as KELLY'S CAFE 141 West Patrick St. Frederick. Maryland the said license to be known as an Class B ON SALE Beer license, which would permit the licensee to sell the aforesaid Beverage at retail, at the place therein described, for consumption on the premises or elsewhere. The application i- made in accordance with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the General' Assembly of Maryland. Special .Session of 1933. and is on file in this ofTice. Any exception to the issuance o: the license must be Sled with the undersigned within a period of one week from the publication of the second advertisement The manner of Sling exceptions is described in the act, a cop? of which i? or, 5!e in ;he OfSce of the License Commissioner, Any hearing on application will be held at the Court House. Date ·will be given. G. CLEVELAND TROUT. License commissioner for Frederick County. Md. NOTICE Application has beer, made to the tmdersigned by CHARLES FRANCIS WILCOM And CATHERINE M. WILCOM Monrovia. Maryland for a license to sell On Sale beer, at premises known as WILCOM'S INN Corner Fingerboard Road. Route 75 Frederick County. Maryland New Market District the said license to be Known as an Class B ON SALE Beer license, ·which would permit the licensee to sell the afoiesaid Beverage at retail, at the place therein described., for cojisumptio: Ises or elsewhere. The application is made in accordance with Chapter 2 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland. Special Session of 1933. and is on file in this office. Any exceptions to the issuance of the license roust be filed with the undersigned within s period of one week from the publication of the second advertisement. The manner of Sling exceptions is described in the act. a copy of which is on Sle in the office of the License Commissioner. Any hearing on application will be held at the Court House. Date will be given. G. CLEVELAND TROUT. License Commissioner for Frederick County, Md. Pittsburgh. July U ·,- cago Cubs were hrndcd a 5-1 de: A " ; - -*·» cision over the Pittsburgh Pirates Daniel, cf 4 tonight, the Sues committing four. *"· DoriaM. 2b 4 errors--three of them by third Ridgway. ss 4 baseman Frankie Gustine. Bob; B - loaald_ 3 rookie pitcher, allowed: Moxley. 3b 4 only four hits to lose his second R °Kers. If 4 game against three victories. The score: R. H. E. Chicago 5 4 0 Pittsburgh . 1 8 4 Meyer and Walker; Chesnes and Fitzgerald. i Jewell. i-rf Bodmer. c . Caylor. p . , · Floyd, c 1 1 P 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 3 0 2 1 11 2 1 1 1 0 i A A K J 7 3 [ V Q J 4 1 «? A 8 4 ¥ 7 5 4 2 » J !083 A 1063 K 9 5 4 2 .K N W E S Dealer Wood A Q I O G 2 V 9 6 3 t 7 A J 9 7 4 A 9 5 V A K 10 8 4 A Q 6 * A Q 3 5 Tournament -- Neither vul. ; South West North East I A Pass 1 A ; 2 V Pass 3 · 3 N. T. Pass 4 *· 6 · Pass 7 N. Opening -- A 8 Pass Pass Pass T. Pass 3 YES--T^AT I5A1Y VJSFE ON ty YA DON'T SAY.' AN' ? HERE COMES MIKE (X! ^ ly £. America's Card Authority Written for NEA Service While kibitzing Edson T. Wood of Indianapolis recently. I was in- Cincinnati, July 2 ·-£*;--The Cincinnati Reds clubbed three homers Totals tonight as they defeated the erring St. Louis Cardinals 7-3. tumbling the Red Birds to their fourth straight loss. The Cardinals committed six errors. Danny Litwhiler. Johnny Wyrostck andGrndy Hatton homered for the Reds. Stan Musial connected for a circuit clout for St. Louis. The score: R. H. E. St. Louis . ...' 3 5 6 Cincinnati 7 7 1 Pollet. Munger. Staley. Burkhart and Rice. Wilberl; Vander- Totals meer and Williams. Stout, ss Hummer, cf . Price, if Lewis, c Thomas. Ib ... Remsberg. rf .. 34 G 6 24 14 At,. K. h. O. .-i 1 1 1 3 3 5 0 6 ^ i troduced to his mother. "Is he 1 i pretty good, Mrs. Wood?" I asked, ! and she replied. "He ought to be 4 Rke p T ru ^ se ;] c DcLauter. p Myers, s^s 1 1 1 o J 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 3 1 1 3 · 12 0 · 1 · 0 0 | --I taught him all he knows." *p | I was rather surprised when to,, Q : day's hand came up and Wood bid ; only six diamonds, because Indi- _ . . -- - T BrooKlyn. July 2 1 Q Q I anapolis players have a reputation Q Q ! for bidding the full value of a hand. 0 o I However, his partner took him to 0 o seven 110 trump. 0 o i The opening lead of the eight 0 0 i of spaces was v.-or. in dummy with 0 0 ' the king, and Wood immediately 0 0 : cashed the queen-jack of hearts 2 0 ] and king of clubs. Now if the dia- -- -- : mond suit broke, he would have 9 1 ; 13 tricks. But a good player al! ways assumes that the break may ! be a bad one. Wood's next play was the king 31 6 8 ·Hit for Caylbr in 5th. Srcro ' -tin irs -The New Ali stars 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0 \ork Giants knocked the defend- Hustlers . 0 0 1 1 3 0 1 0 x--6 ! o f diamonds and then he cashed mg National League champion Summary: Earned runs--Husi-! the ace and queen of diamonds in Brooklyn Dodgers into last place i cr s. 6. Left on bases--All Stars, i n i« own hand When he had cash- tonight with a 6-4 victory before S: Hustlers. 8. Two-base hits-- j cd thc ace and king of hearts and 33.104 paying customers. The Remsberg. Trussell. Sacrifice hits ! ace an( ] q UC cn of clubs, he was Giants won the game with three --Stout. Stolen bases -- Roger. \ j eft with a spa d e and a club. Dum- runs. including a homer by Willard Gilbert. Remsberg. Hummer.- Base j my had the ace arld j ac k of sp ades- on balls--Off Caylor. 2; Thomp- j £ aet ffot down to the queen and son. 3: Jewell. 2: Rice. 3. Struck-- J ten of °s padcs and jack o f clubs. If he E. Marshall, in the ninth inning. The score: R. H. New York 6 12 Brooklyn 4 10 2 Hansen. Jones, and Cooper; Roe. Ramsdell. Barney. Hatten and --Off Caylor. 5 Campanella. 1 out-- By Caylor. 5; Rice. 1; DeLau- 1 and had {o make a discard . ter. 2. Wild pitches-- Thompson. · , Q the dub Wood s club wou i d 1- Dosing, pitcher-- Caylor. Hits j g d Jf hc discarded the ten -Off Caylor. a in 4 mnmgs: o f f ; . Thompson. 2 in r3 innings: Jewell. g d ^ P ^ lay Summer Air Show In Moscow To Be Bi«jnest Moscow. July 2 (p--Marshal K.' A. Vershmin. commander in chief of the Soviet Air Force, said today the annual summer air show at Tushino airport near Moscow will be bigger and better than ever. In an interview in the armv . . r . , dummV* ace and 1 in S'.a innings. Umpires -- Pftef- ! r p , , ", " u »K« i f c r and Strine. Time-- 2:15. Scorer P ack of ****** would wln the '*"'-'' his the ! --Shaw. -_~ I | /~k" JL/tJ "V*""|1 t J.1 rick. The interesting point in this hand is that if declarer had not cashed the king of diamonds, the rsouecze would not have come off. I When the hand - was over. Mrs. ; V.'oort said, with twinkling j "I told you he is good." eyes. Boston. July 2 I.-PI -- With Lefty ; newspaper Red Star the marshal ' Lou Brissie turning in an artistic j said: | s ix hitter, the Philadelphia Ath!e"The immense political enthu- 1 tics drubbed thc Boston Red siasm with which aviators greet ! Sox 4-2 tonight before a pack- air fleet day must be strengthened | ed 33.989 crowd. It was "the GdtnCS Sunday's Games Semi-Pro Baseball iMcCurdy Field) aviators. Tushino northwest airport is of Moscow. 15 i Boston 2 6 O i Maryland State League miles; Brissie and Rosar: bobson. John- i 'All League Games 2 p. m. COST) Last vear ! Prime Minister Stalin, other mem- | hers of the Politburo, chiefs of i ! son and Tebbetts. j New Market at Ijamsville, Um! prre Strine. i.-P)--Garden j Frederick at Liberty. Umpires New York. July 2 ,..,. , _ . -- .. foreign diplomatic missions and j Gillenwater's 12th inning homer. ! Twentey and Bruchey. military attaches witnessed the j his first four-bagger of the year.! Wood'bine at Mt. Airy, Umpire I enabled the Wa^hin^'on Senators -, Young. FOOTH \I L MFET'NC ' *° CC *S C ihc ^" eu " York Yankees. 2-1 ; Woodsboro at Point of Rocks, Veterans of' Foreign Wars. as j tonight behind Walt Masterson's | Umpire Trump^ yet without a coach replacement, i' h ^ h l^ chins ' R R E ] .Tri-Co^m^Lea^e 2 5 2 '· Lovettsville at Brunswick. TJm- York .. . 1 3 o i p i r e Shook. Masterson -ind Evans: Bryne and ; Damascus at Doubs. Umpire Berra. i Pfciffer. i Walkcrsville at Creagerstown. Chicago. July 2 ·.-T --The Chi-: Umpire Donsife. cago White Sox ksyoed Dizzy j Mycrsville at Broad Run. Um- have called a meeting of thoir 194S ^ score: season football team for Wednes- i Washington dav 8 p m a* VFW Club 500 ' West Patrick" street. Eligible play- ! ers for senior football, desiring try- ! outs and all former members o f ! i pitched the distance on a yield of ! six hits, five for extra bases. i The score: R. H. E. I Detroit - 6 " i Chicago 5 8 1 | Trout. Ben'.on. White and Swift. i Reibc: Picrstti and Weige). the eleven, arc urged to attend. Regulars who can not be at the _ . ... ... ..... . . - - - - - _ meeting are requested to notifvj T r o u t Wlth a three-run fifth to de-; p ires Jackson and Curr-. ChP-'M Grpp-p ar-i"f ,,,,-0TM i feat Detroit, n-2. betore lD.833 per-i ^na t .es i,ree..e. ac.i..g manage.. 5^^ tonight . M ar i no Picretti j 'Heart of Maryland League Iifitional Lenyjie Results Ycstciday Boston. 7: Philadelphia. 3. Chicago. 5: Pittsburgh. 1. Cincinnati. 7: St. Louis. 3. New York. 6: Brooklyn. 4. Games Today New York at Brooklyn. Boston at Philadelphia. Other clubs not scheduled. Mt. Airy Noonan. Pickett's Corner Umpire Wachter. Day at New Wind-or. Umpire Shefricr. Myersville at Broad Run, Umpires Jackson and Curry. Standings of the Teams Boston St. Louis . Pittsburgh New York Philadelphia Cincinnati . Chicago Brooklyn . W. ..39 3i 33 34 30 23 Fci. i St. Loui?. July 2 ·.-?*'--Two home j runs by Joe Gordon, each with \ Manager Lou Boudreau on base. , : enabled the Cleveland Indians to ; take an S to 6 slugfeji from the St. Lou:s Bro\vns toni.sht arsd re-. tain their ssericer hold on first 30 30 31 34 37 37 35 .531 . Cleveland S IS 0 · S! ·· S t . Louis 6 8 2 .500 : Black. Kliemarj. Gromek. Lemon. .443 ; Christopher and Tipton. Hesan: W. .439 Kenricdy. Widmar. Shore. Stephens .-*33 , and Par lee. Moss. County Softball Leasnie Openins Second-Kali Brunswick Eagles at Harmony Ballcnger at Catoctin '2V Point of Kocks at BrunsAvick Moose '2V Jefferson, idle. American Resnlts Ycsterday Philadelphia. -5: Boston. 2. '"Washington. 2: Nexv York. 1. Chicago. 5: Detroit. 2. Cleveland. S: St. Lcuis, 6. * 12 innings. Games Today Washington at New York. Philadelphia at Boston. Detroit at Chicago. Cleveland at St. Louis. Standings of thc Teams Cleveland Philadelphia New York Boston Washington Detroit W. . 4 0 . 4 2 39 .32 ..31 30 St. Louis 25 Chicago 20 L. 24 27 27 31 35 35 39 41 Pet. .609 .591 .508 .470 .462 .328 : REVTVE Y BASEBALL ) This year's first practice session ' of the Y. M. C. A. senior baseball . team, was called for 2 p. m. th; · afternoon, on the Frederick Kigh 53r. Pepper School diamond. Any 16-18 year ^ - F. %S. old baUrlayer.« were invited :o try- Coca Coia out. The team ha3 a most sue- . Legion cessful season last year, playing , in Western Maryland. -Southern I Cirir Pennsylvania. Washington a n d ! ^ ' t ' t - Baltirnore territories. j Expected to report for practice j iocny. were these p'avors from the j 1947 team: Jimmy Stockman. Bus- j ter Wagner. Bud Shankle. Butch ; Wisner. Kenny Bruchey. Bud Rice. | Bob Fry, Bill Crum and Kennv | Shook. NECA . SIGN' TRADE TREATY Juniors Moscow. July 2 iVP--Dutch Em- I Civitans bassy sources said a trade treaty j Eiks between Russia and the Nether- Lions CHy-Softball League Yesterday's Results V. F. IV.. 5: Lesion. 2 Gamp Monday Exhibitior. Game Standing of thc Teams \v Yesterday's Results Juniors. 7; Cix-itans. 2. Game Monday All-Star Game Standing of thc Teams lands is being signed today. i Optimists 1 VtXJCOJLDN'T i, fiXJT WTTiNG A COOO DRIVE KSRE « ; 3E SlLLY, PLAV£DTH1S PCSSSLY KIT HER THAIS MV V/SFE VfaO APPEARED UP TH SGtf£ OLD HAS 5«H P5CKED Trfe LEFT WITH r , SfiES AT LEAST . 300 YARDS AKOTHER'A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Happy Birthday 1.1 SVittA sK \Aft\Cr\ «RE. " 1 "Mt Q\faWDM CMS. '. A jg^iisii^ RED KVDER Evidence On The Hoot 1HC5E STAGE HAV= g==. O'r 3Y PA15 H=S= 1SS FRECKLES AND HIS FR1ENBS Ga? With Backfire ' --SOMETMIM- ] WEMT WROMjS- [} W.O'rJ --V/KO UMTIED NUTTY t COFS. 15« 3Y KEA SEmRCE. ISC. T. M. REC- U. S. PAT. CFT If JUST AS PAULA T 'STARTED ACROSS } i THAT CIEARIK6, \ 'JSIIK TURNED/He ' KINO OF SPOOKY-- DESERTSD D=SS??T£D? I WONDER. TAKE A LOOK AT THAT CHAIN THAT 10CK5 THE IF IT'S lOCKEa SOHE30DV ABOUT j A1UST HAVE LOCKED IT IT. VIC ? / FROM THE /HSIDE. OTKBWflSETHE PADUDCK WOULD BtOMTHE ours/off Prompting, Please / bs ££/ when ffn rav,- t,y cf irrrfed. Tnsn I won't hsv. OCTR COARDING HOUSE POSTING A SSMTEV* r . na.» A CHAMPION. ihurmont. Umpire at Florence.

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