The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 9
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IRE DAILY MKW8. PKKDHIOK. MD.. SATOTLDAY, DEOEMBEK 19.19S2. DBAMA Fine Films Feature Christmas Holiday Programs. "SURRENDER" ALSO BOOKED Big When t^e big guns of "The Parade" 2isi -- t£ey w-- roar as fttL Whea ^=e arp^nes haver over the laiwririg trticks, s^re^rhing toward a war-:om honzoc, tcsir Ui3z:der will i'jrl iise^ irom rhe screen. Ar:d wees Karl Dace launches the tobacra jxre that JMM ou: the candie -- :: wUl s!zz. too! Soiinc has added new wonders to "The Big Parade," ·ahkrh has been recordec with sound and now conies m a re:um to :he talking screen. t: ITS aadibi form. · The BSg Ps/- rade" will be at the Tivoli os Monday and Tuesday. All its thrills, all its «ert tsrobs. s-rnch held ;ea minion people spelltKKind m the s^eat days, are :sere, m2sified a hundredfold ijy being heard as well as seen. The picture was directed by King Vid^r The cast includes John GS- ber;. Hen-se Ati-oree. Karl Dane. Eo~ bars Bosworth, C^ire McDowell, Tom O'Brien and o:hers. Warner Baxter is said to rise to new heights in ·'Surrender." tile mic and rjmanuc Fox picture playing- a; the Tivoli on Wednesday and Thursday. He appears in the role o* a French prisoner 12 a German war caaip, where he meets and falls in love"wl:h a beautiful Prussian gar! of titled lineage. T"e beautiful and facinaung Leila Hyams enacts the role of the g^l who struggles between the Sres of love and flames of hate and who eventually surrenders to romance. rting the principals is a cast deludes such, well known persoii- aliaes of the s^je and screen as Ralph. Bellamy. William Pawley, Alexander Kirklanc. Howard Phillips, Ben Han- Ion. C. Aubrey Smith, Bocal Rosing- '?nr- George Andre Beranger. Ths hilarious, slapstick comedy of Ben Lahr. America's most imitated -comedian, Charlotte Greenwood. Pat O'Brien and others in "Flying Higii." "an M-G-M attraction will be the Christmas day a;trac:ion a; the Tirol! is interspersed wua a. number of strisiag- new songs. For the comicalities of "Flying High," Lahr, iEss Greenwood and O'Brien of -Front Page" fame are aided by Kath,- Tjn Crawford, former Universal star but more recently a musical comedy jytoorKe on Broadway. C Two s:artiing noveiues in nrosic as applied to talking uictitres figure in "The Cuban Love Song," Metro-Gold- -Kyn-llarer's new Lawrence TiiToett sirring- pxtrore, winch win be at the Tiroli Saturday. One of these is a dramatic episode told almost entirely 21 song. Tee other is a "tone poem" thac illustrates a pictorial account of a voyage at sea- Bo;:! are hailed as new forms of musical expression in connection with drama. Tiobett sings a number of original songs, as well as the official United States Marine Corps song, in the new picture. He and Lape Velez do "The Peanut, VaaSer" as a comedy episode and Miss Velez dances the rumba, with a Cuban orchestra. The picture is the dramatic story of a marine in the tropics, and nis love romance. Opera. Boose. "The Honor of tee Family." one of Balzac's drollest stories--comes in ultramodern garb to the screen of the Opera | House Tuesday. ThS picture, featuring Bebe Daniels, Warren William and Alan Mowbray is a First XatiDna! release and ·aras filmed on ambitious scale. Harry Carer -sill be ba-s in the saddle z the Opera Hoose Friday in the role of a IT. S. Cavalry cf5cer In "Cavalier of ihe West," the firs: fea- Tore production he has made since his return 5rom AInca. where he went to play tie starrinj pan; in "Trader Horn." On Saturday t.hs feature is "The Xe- Tada Bu^saroo" an actor Em with 3D Steele Extra a*:ractions wir be tee opening cnaptsr of "Fighting THREE'KND BY KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN !93(, by Doran and Cx BEGIN HEBE TODAY CECILY mmm MABY- KEAWICK. !!·· wtlfc thrlr cr**uipar«Bt«. ·»** weaJtky. ·aw ·» taipoTrrifthe* Uiat Ammv"* CB* Oelljr-'a ea»lBC ranwrt the kocuefcoUL The mtmirrm kar» bee* orpksanl mtmtm eklldkoo*. mire k»owj» mm -RO S A I L IE- an« tkry immfart am Imf op pTvtrmmrm »t tkdr tmnmct wealth. Anne. SSL ud Oellr. 3. «· ·**·- S mrlmJ work «B* Hmrr-Fn*fr+. U ·till 1* aekool. VThe* the ·(017 »ffam Amnf mmrn fceea «- f*ff* to PHILIP ECROTJJ. yomw lawyer, for cleat year*. Cecily hrinca BAKY McKKEL home to dianer. It !· erMeBt that ·ha ia falllac IB IOTC with hUa. Mmry-Fra»«-« haa B telvphaae call from her friend. KItU INTRUDE. who la cxcltrd about the aniTal of an actor known mm F » R I . DE ARSIOl'.NT. The two KlrU auike plan* to meet him. Phil eoate* to ·re Anne. Be U late an4 rather trrl table. CO OX WITH TBTE STORY CHAPTER \TII Mr. DARRt objected. "But. Ecroyd. seen prejudice leares ine defenseless. I don't and can't admit . . ." Phil stood. Barry should not hare called him prejudiced. It was a word that Pfcll always had particularly disliked. "On the contrary." Phil said. "1 pride myself that no man living has a more open mind than I have: open, that Is. to the decencies. I've enjoyed talking to yon. Mr. McKeeL Hope -we can get at It agala sometime. I'll have to be going now. Good night Good night." Cecily and Barry said "Good night," Grand and Rosalie were both asleep. Ann went with Philip Into the hall. "CissT," he said, as he reached for his raincoat, "has fallen hard for the naming: youth, hasn't she?" "I don't know." Ann fibbed. 1 "I know," Phil said, and pulled his coat down In the back. "It's a case, sure enough, this time. You know what will happen, don't you?" "Happen?* 1 - Ann qcestioned. "She'll marry him the day he asks her. She'll let yon down. "Ann, angel." Cecily said, "dinner 'seas grand. Thanlf lion times." You'll see. She'll marry him. and · sneer?) "come first with you. Ann. - short tonight and forgjt it. I visa you will be left holding the sack' and supporting the family." Ann thought, -"But I can't. I can hold the sack, but I can't support the family on my $25 a week. No sone always have." "No," she began, "that isn't true It isn't my fault -- " turned and was going. Phil Phil had a: Right off like ilia Gone? one could. We'll freeze and starve." j without kissing her good night" and said nothing. j P°» had^gone. If he bad purpose!} "She'll let yon down," Phil re .! omitted the kiss it wouldn't matier , someone had warned me--( v cars ago.' Fat lot of thanks He-! .Ccel would give me--now. Pity., ''cj-^h. He is young--some fool J-als. of course--but on tha whole. r ciiy. acd came la and closed tlM ' door. She had to talk. "You Jlk*d him, didat you. Ann? Did the coa- versa'.loa. and the ereninr. and-so oa. seem all right to you? Wasn't it Elick that Grand and Rosall* bota went to sleep?" Ana's as«r* kept on hunting ', hairpins. ~Ye«. I liked him. 1 . thought things seemed all right. What made him leave so early?" j ~H» Is sort of shy. Phll'» tearing and all . . . I'd so much rather i have him shy than--than not. Yon i really did like him. didn't yon. ' Ann? He Is good-looking, don't yoa think?" "Of course." said Ann. "You Ilk* · him a lot. don't you. Cissy f . Cecily nodded. 'Tin-bam. 1 seem to." "And he likes you * lot?" "Ann. I don't knoir. I dont ' kcoir at alL Sometimes I think ho docs, and then I think he doesn't. ; He was queer when we first cam* ia this evening--that mar have been my fault. But later he was · lovely, and just cow in the hall he held on to both my bands and kept holding them while he thanked me ' for baring him here. Still, he didn't say a word about erer seeing tc» ega'.n. or telephoning, or--cny- i thing." ' Ann experimented with a smll* In tho mirror. "Fcr that matter. ! Phil didn't say anything about see- 1 Ing me again, either." "Ann." Cecily's voice was tense, "how c^n you bear It? The happiness of the certainty. I mean. To love Phil, as you do. and to ki.ow positively that he loves you. and that you'll Bee him tomorrow and tbe next day--all that. It seems to me I jtnl couldn't endure being so happy." Ann wcs on her way to the clothes closet. Sbe stopped for on instant to rumple the shining brown of Cecily's boyish bob. but she did not answer her question until ah* i was inside the closet, I "It crows on one." she said front I there, "tbat ability to endure happi- . ness." i · · · OECATJSE of Ermlntrude's Inslst- ·*-' «nce that It would look perfectly to get downtown early today ali days!--Mary-Frances thl» iitelhsent. He had known the afternoon had consented to route Bronte quotation: 'I base seen *b«i their dally walk from the McKlnley -a and York Cathedral.' Stop short HI Sb School through the business , ^ , re ~ so much. But she feared she sen . tonight and forget it. Well--why j district of the suburb and home peated. and stamped into one over- muca. .out ae ieareu, sne sen i -- = _ _ _ __, !,,,,»!,, ._ t--t-j_ . i ,»...».._ t_._ shoe. "You.1I hold the sack." he , ously feared, that he had simph Got? What vrss the epigram? into repeated, and stamped other overshoe. Ann flared. say that. Cissy never has let me nor anyone down. You've no right." Phil, hat In hand, was making for the i walked awav e , about it. If ! airain, to Include a long detour Into and forgotten ai: · ='-"«» is good, why give It away?' j Rosymeade. a new and modestly at- Ah. the hunk! But--why not? Rot! i tractive residential district . . · Stop short and forget It." Before long Rosymeade's babies ' He knocked h's D!T° out aca!nst won!d ^ a ^e from their afternoon TARRY. driving and Intent on the a t , ge , n ^ parking" and stepped ! naps an(J R° 3 ymeade's tranqullltf polished black pavements a head. ror ^ ar j to ball tte M ming street! wo " ! , a 6 " bm!t . to . lelivery trucks aid not see Philip standing back ; j rushing through their final errands from the corner. puSng at his pipe the door. Ann tagged after him a ? d waiti °S for the street car. But for the day; to whistling, snouting ' boys thudding evening papers from and went on: "Suppose she does fall In love. Suppose she does get engaged to that nice boy. Isn't that her affair? You and I hare been engaged for eight years." "Yes. I know that. I don't need' to ha told." said Phil on the porch \ to Ann in the doorway. "But Cissy Isn't like you. Her man will come first with her." "Yon, come first with me," said Ann. "Oh, no, I don't. Cecily, and Mary-Frances, and Grand and Rosalie" (need he make each name a -- - - -- - --- -- » M.^,^ ..** u u . « vs-v %.*--». .UUL. -^.r^-^tTY 1 TT J. J A · .» .1 '-"-'_· -il .^t uuu* Uo ^'^I^lUb |/U^BAa « U A A I Philip saw him and felt a small' QECILY tapped OP Anns door and , b:cycles to p orcte s; to home-coming satisfaction because Barry, too. had ' opened it Ann was standing in , automobiles, whizzing sprinklers. - - - - front of ner bureau, her fingers fly , and wnirring lawnmowers: but as left the Fenwick's house early. "Suppose," Philip went on thinking, as he watched the small red dim into the darkness, "that tizn. and cadged a ride and said to hfm on the way. "·Don't fall In lore with Cecily Fenwicfc: Don't ever go there again. Yoa can stop now. Later you may be unable to stop. There's no use In falling In love with a. Fenwick girl. You start out brave and gay and find yourself on a treadmill. You never arrive anywhere^ Stop ing about through the oark curling ret tna streets were Btui and coils of her hair (it was a nuisance. sraal , Iawns , ay untrouble( j and heavy, and hard to find hats | ,, to the sun for. but Phil Insisted that she shonid not cut it), pulling out t h e ' , hairpins. Bat for Mary-Frances Fenwick wsa ceu h er nor peace nor patience "Ann, angel," Cecily said, "dinner ! nor tranquility nor quiet anywhere. was grand. Thank ,jeu a million "Tbe trouble with yon. Ennla- trude." continued Alary-Frances. "Is she i tbat you are like my sisters, you times." Ann did not tarn, "Yes," said. "I thought it seemed very , just don't understand teat love Is good--all but the chowder." ! all." "Everything was good," said Ce-j (To Be Continued) Theater News TivoIL ""Secret Service." Richard Dix's new stantng picture based on the famous Wi r -am GtUette play ^ at the Tivoli today. The RSO-Batno Picture ver- of one of Amer^a's stage classics has been attracting much favorable at' Si--, S.nCl 3. CSTTOOn ^lL. CHRISTMAS WEEK OFFERING *AT THE MARYLAND THEATER Showings For Four Days Are ' Announced. tention for its splendid characterization by Dlr, and the stirring story it tens- Based on a Crril "War Incident of espionage behind Confederate lines. "Secret Service" gives Richard Dls another of those holidays in which the star walks away with the rart, playing with the fine spirited pisto and erve w:ca have made him tne idol of millions of fans. It Is said to be a red-blooded characterization, but one a.l£o fully s romantic as the star's famous "Czmarron" porrtayal. j was last seen as Ifcx's Jeacmg' lady ai Defender.'' Gavin Gordon. Post, Jr., Eugene Jacsson, Fred VTarren and Xante O"Xe:l. The short subjects are a comedy and ,--- "This Modern A;e." starrmg Joan Crawford si he;r h."hes:. ^ the i mas a" traction z.~. the Maryland Thea- J p^-j^me Neil HamJ- ten ss^ M:rr»3 0^5"ey. against a , bacssrcur.d of gay. Pans., ^O\ CS V.J!" "^-^ snc V";; T*.~ ,TT^CS.~ 3uC ^^»"* *" - j - ' is "Alor.3 Car-e Y.-.:r." a Pararr.cont , . a2-ta!%_- 5 st and f-ir." romance, the ~^ ^ :a TM ^^"Cf-ons western Oar'cs -3.d" R^'rs. Stuart ^--^ ^ ^ *^* Esuse wcay. In 2-^--, 2-* t*-!-;^ i^ \i £"-ta-s- ^^ P-c*-TMe he a cal'.ed upon to cx- fc."_^r__^ t "."-^Tx-,-"",-C,I- " " «cute SO.TX; cf the nisst as-or.^r^n? j Opera House. Ken Marnard cives one of h^ moct THIS CURIOUS WORLD Sa^rca" "Q- Clcrcs-xi arc Jan:es Ha": stir .r. · Trs Goz~ Bad G.ri; v;th Mar.? Frr. i-: ar.d H xxrt ^1"_=. It ^ a prc^^ses '--.t-~£r; z-.c. s-Jrrsnse; Wilttr M^ er a^o SDC?ars in '"K^e of tn; ~?,\.:.' an all-iali..r.g annual fll^- A cA--?-r comedy · scund Greatest of all the Girl Strips pieces of horsemar^h.T) ever on ti'e screer. The case -s-.rh Trhxh he ^*^--^;--n^s ^hcs^ f^ats t *tar*"'^ ^* TY ^ as one of the out5tand_ng rtders :n tae world "i-day. The lart cl-^o'er cf · The Vanahisg Leg:on" ana a cartocr. f In; are also en the b-Jl. Maryland, B'v,c:: J".cs ^ K. the Ma---'.ind today In ' Brsr.ded." a Wt^tem thnllcr Walter M.l"cr "sill als-o appear in 'K:ng of the WJd," an an.mal fjc. and a -art-en eoried? ccmpletes the prograir. w SM£ PARK XT UflbRAL 60106*5, KcNCKY Me cXR iA " 4.NO BACK USUALTf MS P4RS.V5 WfiEO AT -^=tV\ 40h£N !·*£ .VEST i Sunday ·Kith Mr. and Mrs r. J 6hort, | and femilv. MSss VaUie Shorb retsim- j ed home with Dr. Shorb and spent Moa' caj shopping. ! --^The Home MjsSon Board of the ' Brethren church met at the home it I Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Weybright Fri, day. j --Those -K-ho spent Tuesday -with Mr. 1 and Mrs. Jaaies Coshua and assisted in ^satchering were Mrs. Rebecca Coshun ,and Amos Coshua. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. , Clabaugh and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Claiaugh, Mr and Mrs. Luther .Cl-ab3J2h and Mrs. Jsnn La-srrence. i --Mr. and Mrs Waller Dorse? and Mrs. Sari Frock v^.ietl in Baitano«», on Tuesday. KITCHEN BV SISTER MAKY Sr\ S*r«lc« WrlUr Tunes nay ha\e chanswl ~. rissiy v ays. but Christmas customs su.U lis- liv:Ues reir.atn the same cjir a!UT \ear In niar.y hcices the Chrlslaws dinner vould be corjs!c«ed Sacking if the eCdtirce c!h*s so well beloved (or this festival *«e cot forthcoming But the orthodox dishes every hoetess likes iociethins * little deferent when It comes her turn to e::- twtam ?he kinsme;: Some thing? light and digestible mtitt be provided for th« children. FVr tvh:!e roast goose ar.d plum, puddlas mr. s*eet:r.cits :n artety are no: sych ur.Jt *.rac!e Iils Sn ihemseiies. whirrs they are .ill assembled in the same raw! fro« indulgence in them o%erburdc:is the average digestion. The mother who would prc.acrve both the Christmas traditions and ti-e family health «1U put forth ciarh effort to make the w ho'.csomr. cos 5y !·- gnted dishes extraordinarily uttr.-ut- tive, serving them drc^si-d ui holiday attire. She »il! keep Uie meals simple during Jhe Ch-istmas ^ae.itiu-.. u.'.:;,: ::uls and as special ' h »;h places" ».:.!: the nieals. thorn out of sight botwren tunes if umpta- tion pro\cs f" treat. Plan Meal Days Ah«d. Careful planning on the part of the home-maker will simplify the f:nj! preparation of the Christmas dinner so that she may enjoy her own gilts before Chr^Unas. All the foods that can be prepared one or more days ahead of tune should be taken care of. Plum pudding is better If made a several days before wanted. On Christmas day It can be returned to i:s mold and steamed one hour before seninjt The pudding sauce can be made at least in part the day before and combined with whipped cream for serving If tn fowl is chosen it should be cleaned, stuffed and tuss- ed ready for the oven on Thursday. If a roast is chosen it also can be trimmed and made ready for x the oven. The salad dressing can be made one or two days in advance and kept on ice until wanted. The celery can be crisped and stored, carefully wrapped in a damp ton el. In a cold place. The lettuce should be washed and crisped and kept in an air tlsht container. Consomme or bouillon, if home-made, should be coofced and clarlSed. aH ready for reheating one or two days before. A cream soup can be made ready for combining the day before. More than this, remember that it's the privileee of every member of the family to share in all the holiday festivities and the Christmas dinner is one of the most important occasions. Encourage them all to lend a hand with the dinner and dishwashing afterwards for truly, "many hands make light work." It is also well to keep in mind that dinner cannot, be made the only meal of the day. There is bound to be break'tst. especially where there are children in the family, and even after a hearty mid-day dinner something must be planned for supper. Christmas supper served in the living room will appeal to the family. This forestall that time honored family custom of "golng-to-the-cup- j board." but it pre-.ents Indulgence in the same nch and heavy foods that formed the dinner menu. A study of worldwide customs and menus shows a great variety of meats that are in perfect keeping for the Christmas feast. Crown roast of pork, baked ham. roast beef, game and fowl of any sort may be chosen, for the meat course. Goose has been the j popular Christmas bird for centuries jbut duck or chicken can be quite as "festive. Trv size of the family largely determines the fowl or roast selected These suggestions can be used in any | Christmas menu. To make a *,ivid red tomato juice cocktail, combine beet Ju.ce mth tomato juice, using two parts tcm.V.n , juice to one part beet juice. Pare 4 beets, ait in cubes and cook uafl , tender in water to co'.er. Bright red apples make attrac:r.-» containers fcr salad. ScTOp out tr.e .nside of the app. !-ev:n~ a sh"',l to hold any wanted in \n- Scr-. e on a · bee! of shredded leaf lettuce. "The Big Parade" Reaee Adoree SB they appear In fea:ure again returned to Beef pickles cut In the ^ha;K· of ·inv stars and C!'.ri5Cn'as 'Tt-5 ir.Jd · 1 c-ir: Lii-.t-j : -r saUds i.".d c!) :,o candied. d or p'e- r ' t d i .icrr "· or c'tlwa- -'f or:s;l;: red 1'v niaWc (··'".vrf'i! fiir-^hcb for dcs- Ml'"'fd prs'oy .ird rir.j.-* itf pimento -- f" Ch-u'n'.u^v (ft^'.^hrs for vMipb F-'",'."\l:i,: a-v two niLnus that c.m " eUbo'i'-a or s'mpl.ricd to meet di - . iif^xls -f -^ * Menu No. 1 Christinas Sjup plery Radjshes Olives ocit Beef Yc.rfc5b.lre Pudding Briisse-i Sprouts Christmas Candle Salad Plum Pudding Golden Sauce Nu:s Fruit Milk. Coffeo - * «· Menu No. 2 Tomato and Beet Juice Cocktail Crisp Crackers Olives Roost Goose or Duck Fruit StuffinK Gib'et Gravy Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes Creamed Onions Lime Jelly and Celrry Salad to Apple Cups Mtocc Pie with Edam Cheese Milk Coffee. Harney Harr.ey Dec. 19--The Home Economics Extension group met at the home of Airs. Claruwe Smith under the di- rTtion of MLss rx»rsey Bowser from Sf»'e o--'.'ijc PoUc^ing; the b'-«:neas s 5 ·· M:\i B"*S!-r ·.- . .t", o; i d _ - p^ddir.; and scalloped ta- ··: .i:.c! ;."'.G, ^ al'.cr -anich i: was ^v! .n: i '. a.'et at th- horn" of Mrs. Mcr-,::; B?r.r.T or. Janaarj M. Those p'o^Mit ^cre M^s Dorothy Bcrspser, M:ss M-.-;. Sn"' -r M^JS Carrie Croea- ·ner V-* Jo'ir Siit'Toon. Mrs Itoirard Su.t-;z i:.-5 ELir'::T-T. Shriver, Mrs. Oar. ? Bcr.n*r. Mrs C NsSI. Mrs. Char;.-, Mrs Charles Harn«r. Mrj B .=h H"rner Mrs. Earl Way- .-K.V.. Mr.-. C'.Jircr.ce Smith, Mrs. Geo. Gi.-lie' 'Mrs R?b;rt Durbrotc and Mr.- A::-n Wi.'wr --Mr. and Mr; Martia Hess. this plsco spcrt Sundav at th; home of M^s Re-k. Gettysburg --Mr ard Mra Harry WcJflt and 5ft». Maud-- \Vint=, Mrs. Clara Weant. Mr. a:jd M^rs EarlLigtor, Shriver and daugil- frs. MLdred and BoselJa and son. Char'.es Psu!. all of this place, attended on th? funeral of Robert Shrir- er. Gettjsbur? --Mr and Mrs Harry Clutz and daushters, Elizabeth and Thcmia this plac», visited in Gettysburg. Saturday. --St Paul's Lutheran church, the Her. John SansSrrson. pastor.--Holy communion at 10 a. m. and Sunday school at 9 a. ir --Mr and Mrs. Elmer Shfldt, Mr. nnd Mrj Earlington Shriver, Mr. and Mrs Clarence Legore. all of this place, ·Bccre entertained on Wednesday evening' at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wfl- l ! .ana Hockensmlth, Taneytown. advertising pays big dividend*. Invest in it. WARNER BROS THEATRES TIVOLI A woman's he*rt is von a tradition hy IhU A Drama of High ADVENTURE-as only this Star can play it! FROM WIUUM On.I.ETTE'5 GRC.\T STAGE PLAT EChtJ mvict WITH- SHIRLEY GREY N A N C E O'NEIL TO-DAY TO-XIGHT Sam's Creek MARYLAND ISA SACK NUKSEK /N oF AiPWA-ANi Go AS FAR. A3" lt-2o Detour Q* a *or» T^esdav nxrr^g. · --Ouests a: tre r.:*r.e of Mr Sams Creek. Dec 19 --A short Christ--as program T»;ll be rendered at Bethel M E ch-arch. Sunday morams at 10 30 at -xr-ich time all children will be given -.r.e-r t'-ea* Dr R'.dgely. the presiding Elder, wdl be present and deliver tbe message --Mr and Mr?. Gi;- Carl'^Ie enter- ta-.r.ed on Thursda-, svsn:n^ at dinner. Mr. ar.d Mrs Hussell PieSer and Mr and Mrs. Charles W'lty. Waysesboro. ar.d Mr ar.d Mrs Randall Spoerlein and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stcni, near --Mr and Mrs Chester Nushaoa, ^ent Tuesday sn Wftminster. i --Mr and Mrs Earl VTamer and 1 ?\Cr srd Mrs Ch ic Warner attended i the funeral of ;hc.r ncphe-sr. L Shaffer. ' 33i- rr.o-e. Saturday afternoon. j --?,s L-^^htori Schnfider and ! dass;hter M.r.a^i msper.t Fridky alter! r.oon at hon:e of her grandmother ' Mr*; Ida Alexander. £d*e Wood. i --Mrs Mjton Ens-l and daughter t Jeanne accompan!rd by a few other re- I lat'-.-i-s spe^t Tuesday in Baltimore --'. j --Mrs Paul R.ierfey, Un.ontoiTi. ' snent Mor.iay ·with her daughter. Mrs i Clyde Warner, and assisted la fcsicaer- Pbotoplars City Opera House --TODAY-AT 2-6-7J50-9.00 J 1 -- The Screen"* Daredevil Cowboy j BCCK JONES in "BRANDED" The exritinjt stanza of 2 Rider who rode into at town to rijrht a wronR. and a Donb!e-Cr«s-- J A br taI5tin5 Western. action -- stunts. J 2-- Walter Mfller and tola Lane in $ "King of the Jungle" J An all-talking an.n-a: p-.rrire -s/h * pnty of action and thr.l!:r.g s.t^2- - "COWS HUSBAND" Most Use Alcohol. C ~n - ar» ' r.s ? .-.·*· tnat znotonsto ir.j5t use fRo and a half I per cent, of alcohol m all motor fuels. D-^tD j:, D.~~. 19 --Mrs. S R Wey- ijrs E - L - Warner oa S^ncay were Mr. bnrht ^ .a the Prcdcr.c. C.t;, Hupital ? - nS Mr s Howard Zjnrr^r anc son. for a \«2£ '- ten da;s for -rs* and "o«"Brd, Jr. and M^o S^irah Yocer. all c.:r-.-.t.:n " · ' and M_.s Margaret Evr^sg. Mrs John Casr.^n are re- , P~3ri Ho-*ard ing. -- Mr. an ceivmg cocgratalat.ons oa tie - b j-;a i --Dr MarUa Shorb, B^t.more, spent i state. To Cat Crtminfs. Jerse;. .s spending $20 000.000 to e';m nate 34 grade crossicga in the Matinee 2.15. lOc and 15c Ercninc 7.15 and 9.00 Children tnder 12 Years--lOc Adolf*--20c MONO \Y-CHARLES ROGERS in "ALONG CAME TOUTH" "The IF f AW" !JJ Lfilf FTVU, CHAPTER "THE VANISHING LEGIOX" COME srr THF SOLI TIOS Or THt M157EKY AODF.D-- TOM'* JERRY CARTOON

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