The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 5
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THI DAILY TOWS. FREDERICK, MD., WEDNESDAY. MAY 15. 1932 DEATHS Nathan M. Albert. j Nathan M. Albert, senior nzeinber o f ' the fine of Albert Brothers Hardware f Company, Westminster, died at 12.30 j o'clock Tuesday morning. Death was · Among County Women's Clubs 725 ELEMENTARY PUPILS TO GET CERTIFICATES (CONTINUED FROM PAOB 1) Cauail Branch--Orace Pauline Angell. William Bolhag*r. Grape Irene Over- soltaer. Helen Anna Bos;. ' Liberty Center. Liberty--Luci.V Marguerite Beard. Tao TOUT. Ealr* -M-»s M»;irecl M«.y Compher became tae bride of Jaaw Ixye The bride MS attired la a bright blue dress with coat and hat of a darker shade and blonde slippers and how. Soon a!ler the cere- Vula John ·U Wisaer. John Kenneth Arm Man-e Young. Civce O. Youn$. Urfcana--Mary Brown. Wilson 5us*ard. Mary Ellen Casgraiv. Ethel Louise D-x»n. Myrtle Restella I*e. Els. Mary Lenhart. Horace Ed- Lewistovn Woman's dab. The LevistovTi Woman'* Club met in cue to a condition of the throat from' tie Lenrlstowri Community Hall Wed- J which he had su3sred lor some tune.! aesday evening. Guests -rare mem- j Howard A year ago tie undero-eat a serious ' bers of the Lewistoira 4-H Girls' Club, I ^ Waca«r. Naomi throat operation, and from that time' ti»ir mothers and their leader, Missf 0 -*^" 13 Watfcss. Paul James Wefidie. he successfully used aa artificiil lar-j Chubb. The president. Mrs. Mefart i ^ a . de Edward Weda.e, *-^- ~----yes. He xrss conned to its bed in j Rasssbwg, presided. The meeting was w J-»sss. Faunae Bessie his lass illness ocly tor a fea- days. Mr.,' opened with a soeg "Sweet and Low."! Albert vras the SOQ of the late Reese i Home and Community Creed was read P. aad wg-ir-a'i E. Albert, and was; by Mrs. Mamie Palmer. RoC cail was i eged 70 years, four months and 10!answered with "Susjesuoes for use of; days. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mar- j leftovers." Seventeen members and 14 garet Bloom Albert and one daugh- j visitors were present. ter, Ruth, at home, an the following! Director's report was givea by Mrs. brothers and sisters: Mrs. Royer Gah. Mae MXer. The Membership Com- Tarc ^'^"-s. Harry Wilson Roderick. Rocky Ford, Colorado; Mrs. J. J. Glas-jmiu*e was appointed by the president | Mj r-* J^^esa. WarSeld. William co, RocS Island, El.; Mrs. Levere H. Mrs. Mamie Palmer is to serve as' Ke * es Windsor Stem, Harr-sburg, Pa.; Carroll P.. j chairman, assisted by all other club j Xea ' 5 ^ ri? '-Waynesboro, Pa.; Mrs. Samue! Little; mesnbers. A soeg was then gives by i Ml i ;f d Y ^~end Arthur, G., Westminster. The de- i the club. "Old Fb-lis at Home." An j Bura - i - Car.;;n ^ ceased had been jo-rsected with the j interesting talk on "4-H Girls' Clubs S::r S* SJ ' Audrey GiSsey Westminster J " . . over when organized Funeral fr Wes: day charge of of Centenary Methodist Episcopal |S. R. Kresge; a play entitled "Wail LOCAL MENTIONS Dont Friday Night. Is The Night. CHURCH STKESTT SCHOOL BAZAAR CITIZENS- NATIONAL BANK POTTS 4 OEIFPIN. Spevial Prices on suit Mr. and Mrs. Loye pir^ats me. Harold LeRoy Leather-nan. Ed- at Point of Rocks ward Columbus Lindsay. Donald Thorn- 'Aili aiaie :heir hoz* »i'h he' as LvX.'iicgrbe*'!. Edith Ire:w Lore r '"* Ed»ard Owr»:reet. Eiletn Marie ·a, Kithrja May Rippeoji Esth- s w Pat s; EDW JAMES. measure. pressing We are offering for rent tor the son the master dwelling with lawn i garden on the wtate of Mrs. Au j Pearre near LjJjertytown. this coi S | The house contains 12 roozcs. Ss j ^n detail and furnished. Brother Hort: Called from May Fete. Word ha» bevn ij^:\td here from .. Ml -^ Vora DaA s. o^ilv-Kjettsjxvr!. Pa. Jesse ibeth Spurrier. Xi.-»mi Margaret Vir- w ' x " Aa * called from Satur- Eea.-.j.~ Albau^li Walker. Kathertno uh: - KAr.cJj.ll Walie: John Thomas Wh:pp MoK dutger. Otis Woodroa- Long, Fred HtMirv as ' SUU- Highway lirm. 319 Acres. cue to an automjb L accident ui h lit r brother. Lcrt^j 1^\ ;s. aix of ^-^^P^^-' *-i* -J:.'u:ec. Uidt the lat- We -Rubie Elizabeth Baier. ' . ^ s Betsys. Marian Anita j"^ 1 ,. Bu.-dette. Eleanor Marie Dav^ G M Albaujh. Graf- B^hn. C Lxiix-lle Bo.j.-.e Esthor O* v -bjs. Boyd Yernva Doody. -arje Grshaai. S-elina E Grosi- ^n i_u-:!-.a of Hood C^Utvf. attendee' the May fVte at K^xx; Sa;urday and * ith her brother. Ralph Da\ L-. plaiint-d I to .-vinjir: o\t"r r: ght L:: this city Tha; ever_ng. h^vivier. receded -.:--vt her . «j;J"J?ed bani l u r : i f ( 5 5CV. Ser X J ·::!£»· jr 23 c^-r. St Card of ·*_$:. to t.i -- PllOM THE FAM Anuouncciurnt. M: church. Interment in the Westminster | J*tower»," by the foUow-ng members of cemetery. Mrs. Sarah E. Sartor. Mrs. Sarah B. Savior, widow of John H. Savior, died at her home at Johns- Yille Monday night at 10 30 lowing an illness which had kept her Club. bedfast ' aged days. Mrs. Savior was the daughter of the late Moses and Catherine BiehL Her husband preceded her in death by forty ' the 4-H Club: Misses Mary Hill, Hilda Foster. Beatrice Harper. Caroline Mort. Dorothy utterback. An invitation was extended by the president. Mrs. Ramsburg to the vis- ing. James Windsor Mount. , Kno.T-.ille--Joseph Z. Barger. Helen ; er ,5 a£e : ^ v ° :re ; others to join the Vera Corrick. Emily Jeannette Cnmm. Pae M. Gurtler. Catherine Rebecca Lynn, Leo P. Myers. Theodore Xe-son, Jane Poiers. Ruth Anria Rapp. (IcClellan Remsberg. Martha .'irts. Arthur L. Webber. John L. Frjer-dship--Katharine Louise Kauff- O^UIWH* or Fr: '2 - Au- John :ches were taken ai oung D.i\i' f;u-e. ne and the other the car were reported ini- k- in a pita!. .^:a. May :t'-.h r».-^r ;TITO -i \- l-v x: r Marry Cn-.tvrjv-r. jJS Es.-: T.~.ird ^feet -'33 Eat Chur.h St. oiai.r.jf our par-.y a auc^tij. Bi« Overall and Pajama Danrp t - b* held jt W.l\»-» Rjj.h Park o:: Davss and Ralph Davis . of Miss Virgin!* N. Clin*. ! erfef. Order. demonstration agents, conducted John David Culler. F Francis Fraley. Mary L nlanville--Madge Ca-*e-r el Irene Char^tte H*er. En--r. s Joy. Jr. Wil.'rv- uv Koontz. Hrat:o Glcnr. La -k-y. Thurmont Center. ilenn P.»rj»h Bur- y Rrtr^at To Be Held. A:i ir.vrvftM^rj- rctrvat will be held a;, the Wosian A MS^ionarj- Sx-le:y o' ' he E ' a:: * e:;ca - Re.'oraed church Flnc Warh Krpairinr. SAMITES L TYLER. 121 North Market Sirwt D. O. Mew. C. O. town, funeral directors. lent. Iculture Development Bureal of thej^; 0 ;.^ years. Sujri-.-mg; are two daughters. '·· B - ^ °- raUroad in co-opeartk» with i ^ ccis Mrs. Roy Bond, and Mrs. George Eyier. ! the ^ctension Senice of the TT^'V*^--.- i -^ both of Johnsvlle, a son. Roland Say- ! of ^aryiacd. lor, Union Bridge, a brosher. Jacob! she spoke b rieSy of the delightful: Biehl, Johns-.-i!le. a s^ter. Mrs. John j ^^. which the ' ^ enjoyed. The rec- Snyder. Union Bridge, and -en grand- reation chairman, Mrs. George Arnold, children. " j entertained with the game "Remem-! .* ~ Funeral Friday aTtemoon. meeting a'!? erwhat -" Pri2es the home at 1.30. wi:h further sen-ice ; MarT ^^ ** { in the nearby cemetery, conducted by I ^f ^^^e *^£ of Mrs ^nrasher. George Robert Whitmore. Ru: Sabai^v.lle-Audrey Buhrman on May 25 at w*=ch ' br Jace '» vi: * 5 . VTa'.wr Robert Wright. Haze! Lucille Biack. Mar\- Catherine time Miss Helen Pearson will be pres- ^ rest Gr °J e r ps:i: Lorraine Stevens , Black. Melv:n Brcra-n. Susan | I THE I CITIZENS' N A T I O N A L B A N K ' 1 FRKDERICK. MD. t i CAPITAL $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKER. CHairman of Board, HOLMES D. BAKEK, Presidtnt. JOHN H. BAKES, \'icc-President. JOSEI'H McDlVIT, \'tcc-Pretident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashier. SAMCEL G. DUVALL, Assistant Cashier. J. TRAVERS THOMAS, Ais:s!ant Cashier. POTTS REALTORS 27 COURT STREET PHOXE 600 NOAH E. CRAMER SON* I SIT roo~i !n=;e iw»:':ng r.oa · · * ii-s;i -i s a:« Raia »aca; Soar v.-- o! F -.:--.«. ci=-»:a.r.g ivtz't t;-*\ o: .»si. :i^»: ioci-..oa for "x -a- p Oarrr J".:.-;us of a id 03 SU CHAiteR SON. REirr. FREDERJCS. JOHN N. CLARY. w.:h tad Ja-l ebb, «» u:a « s^«-rd by p Evfn nis .ncosi fr.: er s.:t=eis cssy j c T d'tzoss .:,. :-r arc i - --: -. .-: .» «.-::»:! c^mpirtd w.iu :. =:."»: liiii-.isrs JOHN N CLARY. All Liters Of Insurirjce O MILBURN PSE". Sotlcitcr. ·Phor.e 736. D N Court SS.1 MISCELLANEOUS. ! Webster Wastler. Relatives here received word of the death on Tuesday, May 17, of Webster Wastler, occurred ter a years- spent moving Survivin: bis Springs. and sisters: James, of Woodman, beth Pear!, of Thurmont : Mrs. "Lee Wastlsr, · TTalkersraie CInb Meets. The program of entertainment a; the -- Will Sail For Africa Prospect-Defter. Monroe Poole. . Catherine Bumbaugh. Helen Anita Fer- ! Miss E.tella Mvers who has bee- a ~»~ --- -·"-"-' TM a ,y,«»n DV i Princess Run^les. Rooert Eugene WU- . guson. Wilbur George Hohz. Margar.te \ ^ misslonarj- In French iou* I *m%lng three g!^-. S of milk every dav ^-^ _ .,, ,,,. _ r ; e K ^ hle !- ? azel Ma -; « Manahan. · tonal Afr=ca for the past 14 vears »nri ! Y * ur cheapest and best food. M e " . - Drink More Milk. Maintain your youthful complexion by j ^ hn Jacob Brass. Mil- Benjamin ' has fcwn on f u r t o u g h h g - . T t . ^. Paul M. L-fc I-=- -« Jar.e C«Le. vesta Grace Maria. Catherine Marie' home in New Market, Tuesdav mo-n- LOCAL MENTIONS DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLEK, CHARLES H. CONLEY, M. D., JOHN* S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., ^ HOLMES D. BAKES, DANIEL BAKER, JR., JOHN H. BAKES. ELIAS B. RAMSBURCH. ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. PIANO TVNMSO ANO RADIO REPAIR » tycc-3Ll:r Albcr: C 'ilaier 'Pho 51S-W. I Writ 13:ls s:rreL 5-2-d2«t| HELP WANTED. Repeal of the Prohibition Laws -emandcd by attorneys or the District of Columbia, who will address the men and women of Frederick. M"... at Winchester Hall. Saturday. May 21st. Farnsworth's. 8 p ' m ' AdsU '-» on 'O'- Ask your mer- __. I 25c piate dinner. Thursday May 19 CnaCtS f ° r w^P-tncnUrr tickets. iv . ; Beef Stew Creamed Ham " and Jordan, furniture dealers Price I reasonable. Persons Interested can inspect property PRANBt C. NORWOOD. Executor PERSONALS Dr. Charles P. Goocel! bert's Serenade. Alice May Kting- and ! Miss Mary Xicodeaias; piano solo. "With Minstrel Strings," "Alice ., i Ruth Mildred Redmond. Middletown Center. May Delightful refreshments were served .Good^l have returned from Trtjf-o' b? the «K*al wmniSMe, Mrs. Ray Atlantic City, N. J. Midd!et:w=--Hilia Catherine Adkins. George Meredith Ahalt, Ida Delia Ar- ' pm. Virginia Frances BieSle. Robert Bs-srius. Altha Virginia Bassard. tin/Garae-" J Ar_na Marie Cror.e, Eleanor Frances i " "* Opposite Post Office. , ,, . . ,, . - - -- 5 Mst * r , PorlE Com Beef Hash r. Josepn Tnxler. Charles Wai- , " 3n: * Baked Beans Roas? of Bee' I ifl' .?" M2y W2:sor: - Merhl J Wast- [ CARROU, ANT) PATRICK ' K~. Etnel Margaret W'ii'.hide Vvin-i ' _Hi. i TJA TT-i.--._» -- _ ' --;?*-*-*» Ruth Zcntz. Jr. s Marie Mar- rriold. Rich- Larue BeaU. Pauline Gross, Floyd Latnar Gladhl^. Mark El- | BoH can was answered by "Jokes ChS- wood Giadhi!!. Pauline Eugenia Hann cren Would Sniov." Speak's Beauty Shoppe. May Holmes, manager Sp»cial this · Marcel or Finger Wave and Shampoo. Sl.OO. Permanent Wave $4 00 Paoae 567-J. 217 y. Market St Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hun "and'son. Norman, Us: Euil, oT the University and Miss Marie : e "~* os -^^Maryland.' i;,^ °^ The Xew Market Homemakers' Club : -ea -3r Louise Long, Charlotte' Eleanor met on Fri~ay aftemo-Dn with Mrs | il2 S ah3 - lfe"-vl= Eugene Marick. Dazi- Mrs. Marv McGol- I i! Ca:vl ^- Poole. Charles L^re^zo Reed Hilda Etzier rec- er - Josephine Estelle Routzaha. Robert sail. Gnmai. Thomas Smith Virginia Bowers. Ciar^nc-e Cu*- i 7 Dorsey. J.Iiidred" LaRae j Curtis Holbraner. Haro'd ! Keener. Charles Thcmas I Fr.cay Sight At CHURCH STREET SCHOOL. -Notice. My -sife. Ida A Regtilar Dance. Bartoas-s ille. Wednesday Night. May I8th. Bus leaves B. and O. Station 8 ? m. 20c round trip. Ladies. lac; Gents. 35c. J MAN '/.-ANTED--TO SELi LOCAL · d-:ct to Fr»S«!ct ytoplc. Can e«ra JI5.I I to J'.SOO prr »«t. Apply :o P. M. Davl Hi Wej; Pi:r:ci street. 5-18-dliJ SALESMEN iTVTO' --NAT1OSAL ORGAN1-1 | s»::oa w:th branch !rj this city has opec-f , '.-.s lor :»o sifa: a?p*irlns young nstn. j be ^.:;:ng to iravc :awa. Promotion j i' rr-J. Workers !-? Mr. Bowers. Fr«!enclc| j ho:-:. ThursUir. : p. a , to 4 p. in., oaiy- j WASTED --EXPERIENCED P A I S T E R S . I j coir-pftr^: '.D nori on htga class wort. | Mchr! F. HobcrSy. 118 E. Patrick St. 5-lS-t!3t« MEN !8 TO 33--RAILWAY MAIL CLERSsl I S-.Mdy wors Co^inience SI5SOO Month. [ Pili vsca-.lor.^ Eiptrlcace unnecessary.I Com-aon rdccation su53c!rnt- PuU partlc- [ u'.in with. «rp.p!s coaching free. Apply I today sa.-r Box :076B. Ke^-s-Post !t::-3-4.S.7.11.13.H.l8JO.t!1.35,27.28* I FOR EENT. P. LUTHER RICE. «FTJ- DESTROY DEPRESSION no* by quarrr!:nc v:tn !C but by %t*jt: ourselves to It. If you cannot drlre i cylinder cur drive a lour, but «rby jr!re a j ! FOR RENT --SECONTI FLOOR APARTMENT- ] 1 Mrs. R. F. Nalil::. Ill West Second St. . j 5-t8-ii»3t i FOR RENT.--MODERN APAHTMEJTT. 3 f -015-5 .- ._· -;:.. Altractlve rental to ' ; proper Immediate possession. 126 : ! S. Marie'. s:rffe;. Lawn Mowers Sharpened. PRASK JA.MSS. ·Phone 151-R 127 W 5th St. W " alKr Burail ^ d ^o- ' S ^ ilh - ^'^erae Arrene St.:c:r rx,"o- ! il7 ' ife ' Idi A Q^-in. ha^cs left 7- I V t' B?He Toras ' Harcld H. VTerkl-e ^ = °/ S " d b3 - rd - - ^ ul no'- oc raspon- ~_ i Jonn Wi'son Wincbrenner. " " 3 e or any te'^-s inrurred by her. ,«-. ' _. :N " ew " ia J«ray--Violet Lou'se Anri P -^ ' JACOB P. QDnwr. JACOB P. Horses For Sale. M5W3-POST. Thanks. ur friends and I 'roprletor and i Laundry for j ·r during our! -^ere sne is suSering from e~e trouble, i Hcdjcs Trimmed. Flowers and laxi. taken rare of Reasonable rates. Any time. ing. Thone 692-j. four If you may purchase a sir for the price. ! Compare this six room modern Dries 1 dve:!:ng on Part Ave.. oCered for on:? S3.500 vr:tri any other properly of a much higher price. Two thirds left in property is desired. A real opportunity for the early bird. A JOB AWAITOJG TOD. 8 room ciodern brick d?re!!!n? for tourist business. w:ui cement block modern f.l'.ln; station inciudlne one acre for camping par- May tride oa FOR RENT.-- TKIHD FLOOR APARTMENT. ::D N iHriet St. 5 rocrr.s ani bits. Apply Wm. D. Boa-ers Lasibcr Co. 5-13-dif FOR RENT --GOING ROAD STAND ON THS National hlgfciray. Improved with 5- room dwelling snd lunch room sttoche*!. L-r.rcedlate possession. RMsorjab'.e rent. App.y Noah E Cramer arsd Son. 5-IS-dtt For Sale. Good Values In Used Cars 3--Dodge Sedans. 3--Dodja Coupes I--Ocxige Roadster. 2--Essex Coaches 1--Chevrolet Co-jpe. 1--Hudson Sedan I--Packard 7 Passenger Sedan. 1--P'.ym^uth SKiin. I H Ton Ford Trurk. Easy terms. STALEY MOTOR CO. Frederick. Md. St. White .rash- ! poses. located oa Highway. ' City property :" acres on Highway near Fredericl:. dwe!!- ins Tlth electricity, bath and gravitation water system. A real opportunity for touris: and filling station business. FARMS FOR SALE I -f any *!ie. p.-'.cc and location. j For Information, opportunities, satisfactory , ~OR service and conscientious advice, don t fa:: to consult Rice. P LUTHER RICE. REAL ESTATE l«i 29 EAST THIRD SI s-n-d:f FOR RENT. -- I-ROOM HOCSE. NO. 345 W. PitricS St $20. Apply I. N. Shipley. 144 \V. Church St. S-17-dtf 6-ROOM HOUSE. 243 E. CHT7RCH Apply 340 E. Third St.. or call 538-R, d5t-5-lT.I8.19.24.I3J6- ! RENT --2 FRONT rooms, witn 4 windows, formerly occti-j -ted hv 3. E. on second floor b:::'.d:r.c of Woo:»orth's 5 and lOc store. No. : 34 r.'Drth Market street. App^y J Marshall j M."er. Secretary. 5-I7-d2t STAR FURNITURE CO. SON. SHADDOCK HEIGHTS Music 37 The NishtMjgales. Round Dance. You'U enjoy it. ^P^ fTQto^ party. ili, donawd to~ the club br Vemon Watsins and Mrs. John chanced off and ilr. J. L Rea Baltimore, the -srinner. "Jua- j alia" »-as suaj. after -K-hica the project Leatherxar Paiiline stor Jlyersville--Benrje F. Blubaugh. N'a- orni tiizabeth Cline. Mamie Irene Be- . _ John Theodore Flook. ilargare' : -- j demonstrators, Mrs. Marv McGo-erick I f^-^^a PlooS:. Robert Eldin Goaker" ; 2f m - Ev ^yn M. 3a.nstti~~I."-o^"vr . aad Mrs. Xorman Lease gave 3. dem- j ^^ I^uisa GrassrJckle. Pa-jl Vernon ' Sf ' ZSS ' 3essi - J - Keer.ev. Roscoe H · onstratioa on "Meats.-' Staffed Dork Hor1 ^. Pauline T. Houp, Catherine _. ,,' . Kuth A Roberts cha-l " I ---u - _i . - - _ _ ~ · ---- _ _ . . * . . _ . r_ f n.^1 a ·--»--.-_ ·». __ · ·«-'*«*. A i iyKoTille--Benrje F. Blubaugh. Xa- ! .^A - Ruth p. Ensor. XI. Luc-.i: e Eiz"- · ^ ' For Sale. | All kinds or second hind Pipe from I ' x 8 inches: I-Boams. and Angle Iron ! .'or Building aurposes IfREDERICK JUNK COMPANY. Prank Gast'iey Prop ?hor.e 383 O£3;e .nd Warehouse -Chapel Alley Between Third and Fourth Sts Residence--215 E Third St [ chops and steamed naTi loaf -jrere made bj the deraonstrators. The c!:zt " ia=d There is tha ' f o:Ee ~ ge-eral real^ation :ust be core before Con; ; gress adjotirr.s: that the reed n*xi ter Tttll irs urgent. --Senator Joe R-ooir^jn of Arkansas .-, ^ * ^ '.'^ ai*s-t at tie SSnger Board, .. · Monrovia, at 9 Eltzabeta Seadle. Alice Maria Moser, H,,.,,. T a= S. Xaille. ^Albert Grayson Phelps ert cteetirg. May 27, of the j La R-e Bert' ---- be in the form or a picnic j Ro:s " e - Baiph si£ht-«eisj tour of the Mont-; "^^ Sbepley. e3ectrica!ly-equipped j n ^°' ^ r has been arranged by j _ Ea ;7 n ^? 3 "---*s3- tha Cletus Saker. Er- TM ncenburr. Madlyn Virginia Fisier, Charles , In Memoriatn. In_memory of our dear beloved moth- · Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Pencil rai:els (newsprint paper) No-ar 6 Cents a U Bond and Boo* Paper Tablets. Now 9 Cents a To. THE NEWS-POST BARGAINS IN 50 slight:? used refrlserators. nil sizes. S4 00 to $12 CO. JOO fe.i base rugs (nexj K 25 up. L;v'.ne roon. dinlr.? room, bed room ar.d kitchen farnitare and househ^d ejects of every tied and description. r,e^ and s;.;cbt:y used. a*, unheard of prices. Come ir: nd be convinced that you can save more than half We x:i: trade your o'.d furr..:ure la. To»r cred.t ^ good here. STAR FuENiiUttE CO.. 3^-325 Nortn Market Street. FreSe--ck, Maryland. J FOR RENT -- MODSRN- 5-ROO.M. SECOKD \ · \ r.sor apt. Apply 431 Norta Market St. 5-16-dtf J FOR RSNT.--?.IODSRN 3-ROOXI APAT- ' rse.v. reasonsble. Apply 314 W. So::;h St. 5-JS-d3t* FOR RE!" -- FtraNlSKEO FRONT ROOM. s-iitab:e tor one or ;^3 persons. 119 West Ti::d St. 5-IS-dK FOR REXT.--GARAGS. irariei street. APPL.T 237 SOUTH 5-!S-dSf j FOH RE?-- -- S-ROOM HOUSS. 523 XOHTH Ecr.Tl St. Apply 431 S. Marke; street. S-iS-Stf FOR RENT --2 HOCSS3 A^rD 2 GAHAGS3 on Ei^t Pitrlci street. Apply 407 EasI ? rtree: FOR SENT -- T\VO 3-ROOiI. BoTCHSXHTTS ar.d o;:h apartments. '3 East Chu-ch St. Second f:cor 'Pho=s 125 or 952. WANTED. · W A N T E D --SLECrr.IC P.EFRIGERATOR arid el*c'r.- r 'C7- S *f r"^"" a"i con- 2^. AiSress 3^x lv'7 car* N?x--Po c 't 5-17-d3i CHICKS FOR SALE. EAST CHICKS--BARRED ROCKS. 'WHITS Rocks. Wvar.dotie*. Reis. and Orph;r.s- ' tur.vSS 00. Jervy. Black Gia-.ts. S'.2 01. Wh.te Leghorns and assorted. $7 oT every Mondav and Friday. Mar^lar:^ Cn.cic Hatchery, I=c., 115 E*si 5t Phone 439. 5-15-36-. FOS RE? 2C5 sis; r -- FtTRViSHED Second street. a;;. When you irere calle to die. FOS RENT --MODERN 6-ROOM HOCSS. Div.1 GroT. "Pl-sn- 915. 5-13-dSt FOP. RS'.T --KOUSS 15 WcST SAINTS ST. App'T Marj r.. tV.neirener. 215 HoctTrcU ~?"a;?. 5-13-dtt F03 RE:,T--SEC ROOM APARTMENT, .3~- ririer:. sira;e. a:: isoisra. 334 West 5-i2-dSf Patr.ts: St Tct Rea--Morphr G«orge H. LOST AND FOUND. NOTICES. AJK na.-c--g- corporation asc an ^^^n? ° 5 : «"--3-P2nj relationships i if xlo-ei to exist at aZ oueat "to j be brorrht -n:o broad cavligit ^ --William Z. Hipiey. Harvard economist. ' ~' ths bo:ac The 'vg Bridge Onb Meets. u^ Bridge Woman's of Mrs Harry ni-ewen members and Girls -S-:-D -esr -^nrislt -clothes in ' to ~ i 37 ^ 613 - The meeting -5ras initatian of Garb.-, a-c K-etri-rh a r » i ^ £ ^S^? ins foUoTrinsr songs. revoltir^r. '" ; J -y- i ' n ^'" ""VTere Here for Fun," and --Bette E3Tis. film actress. Eow helplessly they lav. FOR r_Z.\T -- ^-ROOM MODESS APAKT- Kr;=t ;:9 W Pitr.ct St Possession L=-- cdtely Applv J sj CB:.ST. 5-S-dtI FOH RENT -- ATTHACTTSrS FIRST FLOOS »? S-re ro:-- =:. s-=r.roo= a=i Bath. ti-jniry a=i car^js. Hsr;: P..T W T rjejita:=s a: Se APA3T- Apply An Stt^li^n tslepiicr.e subscriber can coaxtntsnicato with 95 per cent, of the worlds t=-lepho~e users. fc-ae ai Gaithtrsbtir^. ro^ ca^j -sas responded Snmitsburz- Ressler--Cr*. . r.ess L Erb. Deto--,- i---h£r a. Pussier. WaTT-^bo^' Adei- - f 1 * 1S «^«S Sa^rdav ir".^' FOR SALE. :orr.e of Mrs. Eran Carpenter. P.-cduets. I=i ) Steers _ Heifers Court News , L-or-r, Wilbur | rairie Loxe. La e2n L,,^ , at | Ma.dia: Ber.tor. Manahar. Jarr.cs Ad- j M -an Martir.. E-jzer.e Js:ob Nail;. Ed- ' ir. Allen Ohlcr. Charles 3er.-.ard Peters. Margaret Virjr-r.ia Robert*. Murray Eeop In oar hear^ l.e; z p c*tr-e O.' 3. loved one la.d to rest Ir. jnen-.o--s fra,-r.e -« shall :. : ^p -· "3e:aus» sr.e tea? or.e of the best. kno^-n ar.; firgotter.. saase yo- ir.av be; But tna grave that contains rou. "T-15 nevrr be forgotten by us. 'e thjJc of you in s.lersce. _^ Others do not see us -?oop. R:d?» s -T--- . I",.~" Su: f.anv silent tears -sre shed ' " a "-- Wlter. the world is fas-, asleep. POR s '.LS ~-S-K:TT: ', P sc2-.« :.t·-·'- ;· · AP?:J 25; Eic: S.x-..-. S" BT CARRIAGE FOR FM,E C xceler.- ccr.i.-.o-.. :o J-:T'r,cr. Court ;:rf?et. Frfd-riest C:tT. Marrlard. or. Ss'-rda-. Vsy 23 1531.' at l"j n'cl-Dcs: 3 r- . at T'~.cb '.:rre sr.3 slice t.*;? ;£-.i c-ei.'or^ tr.z-y a:!"r:3. prove t^e.r claims. ap;o r.t i Trustee or Tr-,:*t~s.;'' tr.? Bi-.t -- pt zr.i transact v:cn other b-V.- r.»v a^ tr.ay properly "=- bef;rs «.d -Tt:r.g HOIZ3ES S FSt/TON Referee te Bar.V-.rj-.-y ~ SOTICS OP FIHST VESTING O? CREDITORS FOR RENT -- 1.ARGE SIX ROOM -- c r t \.. =::dcr2 cc-Ter^csce ·K-' S.-05 OR RENT -TTTO VERT DSSIRASiS arj;rt-r»=-5. 3 .-3;:=s. Sits ar.S fc^:ne=- e:-e. r.-.ri -^i IS E. Chrrrci St. ^I'D srjirtr: ;e=t S2 127 S S-±ind St^ ani ::T?...r-5 «Jo ;K S S:r_h, "-3S W S:iti!. 5t5 »-s2 :t3 E Fo-r-.h and 23S W Ato r-c-r.s rxni r^mrsSsS apartmezis 57 S;.f: V.rkf. St. G.l=sra S. Flatltt. 103 N Xta-ie: S: 5-1-dti FOS RENT.-- 1TODERN 2ND FLOOR APART- r-.f=is. :^rr;lsh«i cr a^r^m^Sec! 4??^ 5 We*t r-!..-3 SL A ~ pher. co r.« Xor c:d IOTT the pam you bore, see you n-ay atter.i. prove taeir c!a:=;s. appc.nt Trustee or Tr-js'«.s. eiam'.rje the Bin n.rt ana t-«.r.ssct «uch other business nsay properly corse Before sa-d neei.r.a FOR REST.--ATTHACTTV2 APASTX5SNT ^33.5- Eir» Houct, Jr^ 500 S*« Se»aa Tt ROOM HOCSE O _ l=?:j to C. F. Sca:.dir.«:ht,

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