The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 25, 1975 · Page 17
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August 25, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 17

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1975
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

Jet Cmtruttlm RICEVILLE BHRJSBP 1 Travel TraNeri— S40 Campers SIS Close Out On All Units bffci 870 NEW AND USED FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT 1 Swartftn soft j«rv« Ice erean machine ill? HARRISON HOUSE 2500 DIXON DtSMOINES^IOWA PH. 266-2281 Auj. 2S, H78 ANTIQUE DIRECTORY Inthr Dei Mointt Sundty Rtjgliter September 7th. WANT truck, 1500 gallon lueli • complete, Pe- Inc. MOO-772-i H. A. 2114 S.E. 14th 7 PM TONIGHT of furniture TolW AUCTION PoKon Jr hp, 3 Phase, MOO. Busl Irail and 10 ton pump, lesion proof lights. Antique Dtalers: serve space in this statewide directory today! Call 284-8141 in Des Molno; 800-36M836 toll free list- where in Iowa.. MtieelliMovt Jpertlnj l«ati MO; bowling Fall aria tor NOWMOBILES CRITCHETT'S STATE FAIR RETURNS BALDWIN PIANOS-ORGANS USED AT STATE FAIR to: rfrfrjatra each; sofa M5; drapes 125; las wr|n»«r-w «$$ it,, sun-Man. It INSTRUCTOR n STARCRAFT Largest Display West of Chicago 10% to 20% OFF 5th wheels mini and motorhernei Help Infermatlon " CAMPER SUPPLY STORE iat, double Md, chaff a, in walnut S17S. m- , OOO's of r-v Supplies Mini Home Rental Units COMPLIMENT PICKUP CAPS linton Position Wintri Stop in Sunday at Fair Monday af Sforfl For Best Deals Critchett Piano-Organ Co. tlT IMPERIAL r-v center CARPET-REMNANTS Wanted, Men 280 ALL 1975 Starcraft Boats and Johnson Motors NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!! USED FAIR TRADE-IN SPECIALS BUSINESS ASSOCIATE AV TfcAVBLBR, beds, front din. roll-out awnlnt, rear bath, etta, Air Cond Sal. '71 2«' VEGA, M7nut«tu«r% P r|d rl StJtrlbutor lt o» Western AAarineland centar balh. air, '7J !»' BROUSHAM, Tandam, oMentad preaueli, Youni eerp. with irait (utura.Laria aewunh airatdy astabiiihad. Minimum nice. '67 17' FAN, stool, tM-elee refrlt. Absolutely nice. PLAZA MOTORS Your One-Stop Boating Headquarters 4500 Merle Hay Road 278-3379 4650 Merle Hay Rd. j BOLT-ON' TRAILER HITCHES For Wlnnebito Motor Homei $40 II'-and II' 1M M n., also «m- ban i"xU"xi4',nfee bd. ft. to- ELECTRICAL contr*c(lnf bu»l- nas> wantad in cantrai lowa or south central lowa. part or will astabll [own. Write tribune jti'bllsh i O-IM Reeliter Severest bass boat, 3 live wells, carpet, 15W; 1 used It ft. extra widt Jen .boat with seats, trailer, WHILE SUPPLY LASTS ILY RESTAURANT Good location near Dot Molnei. 3 mini arati. Excellent clowntown It n contract and asiurr h.P, and tr«Tlei arson. I-O, 14 ft. boat gdtl. write or call, W. S. plvilLroV'M: LUND-5 ^ EVERYTHIN GAS STATI , P§, undertround Restaurant w iqufpped din roam Boats, 76 Mark Twains Hepalrad. or ;ra»la«ad. Fraa ani- tM. Call . mate, rafarentM. 280-9477 Momrtcli ' VAN CONVERSIONS All now WS Brauthami. Fully leif-contelned. Auto., power, dual latteries, air, crude/ AM-FM, oven, atoyt, furnace, sink, AC-DC reefer, dinette, flush toilet, stops 4, Full.warranty. 7 yr. flnanclna wit ( Molnei, Bars $32.95 ttt BEDROOM . SHIPMENT. .Lartt purchase of bedroom sets In- cludlni «omt with aljoht imptr- MOBILE TRAVELER MINI 1»71 JO' P.S. P.B. Auto. Air. Aux. Grocery Store I SO' P.S. P.B. A , Fully S.C. SI clean, Low miles. a laapl »7tt$ will trade IA / - ke* inventory and fecflons. Most are perfect, til art structurally found. Your choice of 4 elect ' AL PHOTO piact tat; In. many ityltt at low NORMANDY TERRACE H^yTejraB In tht moat producer In town. unit.. Larat STATE FAIR CONTINUES per unn. Lartt. manatemeni noour hute euccesi at thaouarters. Larse land for ex• Statei Air weivST* continue Rtniion. Owner Itavlnt atata. iWro^Statt Fair prlcae for Hfls!'« ««» - '* •"«•• «*•*»• ""DuiiithT'Minni SSi'lV * Trie- eel- BROUGHAM MINI HOMES New ins't. Fully equipped. Full WAKONDA WEST ., ''•L.MII* North 140 at Newton, low* 1975CLOSEOUT Traliara and Truck Topptrt DAVE'S CAMPERS UMiE. Army POit Rd. JI5-7620 SOUTHLAWN VILLA STEREOS STEREO CLOSROUT. will buy " - 1970 FORD XLT YOUR SOUTHSIDB HIDIAWAV you a' menufecturers Jitabllthad. In nan exceptional conv kAmao 9n Be •WB-- &§R' F tCTb?t^> flg-'"*"" 1 " piavar and J air sus- HTlejati —-iu 1 WINNEBAOO motor homt '73, » ftlndlan. Dual wafer, dual MI, 4000 watt generator, air, fepe deck, AM-FM radio, 413 Oodot intlna, low. ml lei. $10,500. 27? Ifflt. KJaJ^P'..ffli£W..tor> t wofn. ER SALE. Air luaptnilen eeker lyittmi atlli Tn ael PUBLIC AUCTION MAXWELL, I A. ... . manufaelurari ear- ana and with full tuarantaa. New tlvaa'you'i'choice'of i rent tyitami with • pa r 3000 GRAND &*«ffl.SftK National Company EXPANDING TO IOWA I.BUY owns, colniTfurn ale machlnei. 515-747-13; MW?S"' LAllGE 7 X SAT., AUG. 30TH 10 AM SHARP Auctlonlnt t full lint of household seeds. INDIAN HILLS vSlment. "Ail t'acurtd vantory. No blut aky SUMMER SPECIALS Mr. and Mrt. Emmett R. leoft, HAULING TftASH 262-0977 APARTMENTS ownert. Chuck Klmberly, auction Max Reitaurant Chlcken-Tlma frtn- chliea available. Lite then IJOOO Include* equipment. Need Salaa Mtr. . for itata of lowa. Ph. Mr. O. J. Ctll. Down- own Holiday jnn,.F/Ma.y, Au«. JI- yjf d i Aua. »7th. Auction Tonite 6:30 PAA FOR RENT: Stareraft fold-down ASHWORTH MANOR 1020 ASHWORTH RD. TWO FOR ONE OPPORTUNITY •ampn sale n.vox,«"ylv.n. SAVEI RCA Color TV, Furn'., Appl. Grubb Furniture & Appl. nlvldua who.hae 4 to thoura every J waakt ta apart. Thla 1» « Mod fnvoitment opporiunltv and aTotally Mcurad by marehan- '• " BORN FREE Pee. Dlr. Selea Humboldt 332-3753 ' FT. MALLARD muj ^nar' drop-cam ma- ancv patterns, zlo ' more — TRETCH om maior menu- '51, 14 ? sleeps 4, stove. Ice r, excellent condition, S47S or ...fjmer. US-ntt. _ 74 TITAN, fP Reasonable, S* IVY CAMERA SHOP lowa'i Laroett Selection, of uijd NIKON Equipment KONFJ.ild. prism WatrousSE-1302 SE 14th AND WATROUS 1 bedroom —11«5. . Oen every day 2-6 kit, e motor home. or trade for Jlr-3i»-»4M, lit- PAINTING Va PRICE Int. Ixt. 25 yra. axp. Ran. 277- IT us eaiora you euyi tqulpment and tntennai. i BLt^ eiacK, wnna «. Good condition. mm p-3.3 mm F-2.1 mm F-2.j ....! mm F-3.J i mm ff-2.* i mm F-2.1 ; i vmm F-2.t ' Omm F-2.1 S31 paxan lo clear, naada lota of ra Colonial Village aihtri 2* vacuum*) reiierT walkieniaikH ar; Coltman lantarni or protesiiona your lob resume from ... PHOTO FRANKLIN AREA Pool. All utll. »d. Laundry fac. 143- BING-26c>494l Malt to ihara 3 house, aoulhilde, Central air Truck Campers—Toppers RIVER HILLS II inanclal Services torn down. Clean, ape a. tiOOO. 2416 METROPOLITAN SEWING moi down. Free , , y. ... ^ METROPOLITAN SEWING H SAILBOAT CLEARANCE guaranteed. Fron ir vac right tr no seme able walls, both et reduced nrlcei. Floor simple chain UP to FEM and used office screens and mov le walll. ttallna 22 isarff P<J • Puffer Include tails and trallara BOARD BOATS YE OLDE APPLE HOUSE WILL OPEN AUG. 30 modiVn API. Cell attar a:30 225/J ° AHERN-PERSHINO CO. Display me 1'wki, atnllt, has iih, Included. »». 001 E, 12th.-ygjtairs, newly ra. »»hl. g T)>f S8P di pxltsF Oirectory, erlal. Fabric Masters complete. Meesureoraph. Elec. adding ma- •KTrriSii prlc-.-m.-k.r: Bow ; Small lots variety m«r- lit. CiaytnAeAyarlely. 1314 nv shots, wormed, ob Krause, Fenton, FULL SAILS DONLIN AUCTION Vof 'OBEDIENCE CLASS URBAN GREEN tomatoes S4 bu. Freezer bu. basket. Peppers M mile oft indienola Hd. on 3 Rooms of Furniture 7 pc. Living Room Group pc. Bedroom Group 5 pc. Dinette Set $457 alaaMrtoft able and Chain 110. Fireplace tcrttn 5)4-142-^47 Selling your Business our - ll»hU?o'usew'ork.'2«-0115. em trailer, sleeps 5. Galley ve, sink, .head, I hp motor, her, ilftltcKeit. 15/00. dawinder', txcelltni over white. 117' of IAL B00CA RENTAL RATES CARRIAGE OAKS 2100 Fleur Dr. 2!fc»l» •RWOOP 6LEN~APTk. Opportunities dMBiC* .. mainsail and roller reefing lib, 2 sltfon centerboard and trailer. COMMERCIAL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY - - i mala Slernes. lnr,.l.w«lks, litter trtlna<r FACTORY CLOSEOUT .„..„:.-»'"«.^ ymiirfSfa. « M pet. wear left. Includes 1*73 Bowers . H. MecNIder, Sli-423- VbM 5 AToES 2jc Ib. Peoperi and cukaa lOc each. Beeverdele, tn- Furniture Exchange lluffdara/ (Si!) 23H2U or CIT FINANCIAL SERVICES Mtve Daggs 3H-377-I2H BOB KALTENHEUSlrt XOPHONf, AHo, Selmar Merk . Excellent condition. ISM. J7»- OES M bu. Onlona 30c Ib. AUCTION COMPANY (ost Come. Auction Serv. PHONE 515-266-1404 DIAMOND iOANS Kept In Bank Vault vice) DY'S U Inch 3 new, teu each. Phone } Prescription Balances, txcelltnt «'A.«« Sf... .. __ 2t«-yija aluminum mast an irTorT fia-234-152*. Wat SAIL RIG for Grumman Canoe, AUCTION •Mj&mi Black. I months derful with children. Excellent wstchdoo. $250. 277-1762 27I-2MI ceTlaneous. Lots, of " Mexican f imports for this i sexpl ,. ;0320 Call before I COMPRESSORS 15 HP. Factory HP .. prices. A-1 Gr Srand, i Sunday. AFGHANS, AKC7» weeks, male, 1 male, wormed, r (JRAN, ifiow"~qualliy. washers, dryers, w5rar ... ... fti rif? Material refrljs.'Cisemenf wln.dowi nao) 't. pHh heafer, " inn, like new, $150, . water excellen TSOO {SAILBOAT, TJ TT S«famaran Main and.JIb trailer, (900 or cfeari , FTT3~"«r~wifh main," Fsplnnlker. t!250. 289-1406 i'l gaug , Sofas, I furniture. pen Sunday sacrifice! 255-700 "conaTTJon"." ''s^ngJete^Ex'cellen't. 277-7631. arter'ifm < A"DsrftALlArJ ' I27A-2MO. ' BAROQUE ( Brownlns, nuil, like n( 10, 31 1100. CitorGik^.^ SKI, sailboat clOMOuts. Sale ends Aug. 30th. Cross-country, downhill '' - ' uthen 45-lg AiT MOLDS, and counterH'ouos.' 'isOT'Carro' la. 415-517-2477. to paint *t. 515-423-1056. [ftjc—preiPCtTR 'rburse copy. S550. ;l9-245.1tn9 Albers. Garner, "6TECTR 1C Guitar and. Amplifier i»50or best offer. 261-1654 LUTE, authentic 11 : J6"h:p'."~new."»7JS";"'B'bi."Vnow: mobile trailers, assem. 1219 -SPOONER SPORTS TAMA 4842201 davs 414-2207 evei. SCtsscs America'* N*w*it Motor Homo Built By a Division of Winn«bogo Induttrivi Th» Wgrld 1 ! Mo»t ftptfiencfd Manufacturer ol Motor Homtt. AYO.IOW. in 24', 25' and 27' mod.1.. SoW by OEWEY FORD Inc. EAM4th4.0ftAND 2(8-2271 Wayne Smith. UNITED ROBINSON U?4 EAST 6IJCUD ""dFF"ICE SPACE FOR r »ENT Approx. 400 iq. It (MO per month, utilities (urnijhed. 1423 ttiah SJLCf!UM:3J|4..... „ . flTWNVPennv pr«4»ure frvari Complete chicken program i HOCKENBERGS I?360_BELL ___ 24J-113I MERVl. HILPIPRE We can ten it -- call usl Auction Co .Cedar Fall», loy< ~B.M8r . ATC~Wr6EB •new, 295 Amps, an '712-297-7447 WANTED; Mairecr , _ gO.fte, near accessories, for powder. commercle . cept for head. »55i .-UNST-Slnger, heavy duty. New tx- S556. 515-465-5519. door (used) 32x86. 515-46 (used Wall Lake. S2SO. (7121 .. 'NATIONAL CASH roll, 2_yrs. eld. 712-297-7477 : r"wANT'to buy steel f~ ! ne* or used. 515-747-8310. Complete doseout of approx. 120 alum, ana rubber molds Tor the menu/, o'. cement lawn ornamenH. All molds ere guaranteed to be complete and In usable cond. Molds and eauio. will sell at f pprox. 12 Noon, g. Inventory of cement orna- menh, fountains, bird baths, umbrella tables., animals of all kinds. La. Inventory ol Kentucky' oollerv, hanging poll »M styles Strawberry lars. animal sels, bird baths, hundreds of Items. Several sets of Ozork lav;n turn Settees and matching ilrjtoht 2 Cement niixers wilh elec. motcrs. Air compreiiors lor f aint auns «rms caih or cer tilled check. PAXSON LAWN ORNAMENTS MARSHALLTOWN. IOWA REND AUCTION SERVICE BLOOMFIELD s^r^rintv *«r«t^^* *•' >fv bdrm. Ldry. fad I. S11S. tM. Maturej»erson. ^H-} DELUXE I BDRM. e»C( 1-21 H00( fflce Park ITownh WEST WINDS APARTMENTS 1-2 Bdrm, Apt». I2nd-Harbach Q7$y. Ap . mlng i now. 2 Patio », tio », cable TV, avail Efflc. DRAKE AREA. E oka., pvt an?. »6-1953 ~ fet, prtvajfi 2 BR, quiet children, wast! 2 bedroom,'2nl no pelt or oor duplex. Uiv ALTOONA 1 BR115C Dishwasher. Sect l. elec. After 5 967-2121,

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