The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

TUHftMT, JULY 1* ItM PAMS NEWS, AGEfttKZ ews Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information JUJ cl*««lft«<i «.d»*rtt»in» moot k* 1» th* otlic* ot tk* P»rl» N*** *« later lh»n C p. A. tk* 4*7 pr»c*<Ma« publication. l- Tim* sc P*T *<i«i. X Tuf«* Co p*i word. * TttM« *c o»r word. It T3x*«* 16c p« woxtL *De s*i vord. **«- OD tae to tb* ttn*. apoa . •a* o*ct c*r word ««.cb in»*rtio- r-towo or<l*r» for cH ••!* £>A>abl» to «.d»mjiem. a« N«w» ••til; o« »* tor mar* ltx*c O** l»»*rtlon. «• r*"*r»« to '»AU *J.<J c«i»»0r «H copy tor tJx» be*t Uster«»l» »T Box. eatre N a.o> to our A«S T»&*r» von !•» »oriSl»«. Pbone !•» !•*. »JE-MOORAT1C PRIMARY July 2». 1»34 LOST—Brindie Boston Bull, partly white, bobbed ears, barti'«e&. Answers to name of Jiggs. Reward. Pbone 10S7. C*ro» CHARLES PRICE Phoxt* «9t * W*«t Houctott Special Notice* GOOD SHINERS—20c balance of this week. Phono 1S40-J. W. C. Lawrence, con 5th and CampbelL. BUY TOUR MIXXOWS AT IxAJU-; CROOK 13c and 25c P«r Dozen We have all kinds of bait and STive, priza of 200 ntiinnows each month for largest f.ish caught with our shiners. H. W. EARLY Automobile* Aato Repairlue «nd Painting 14 for Kepresentatlve from tb« 81 tb District. A- M. AliiiN. JJt- (Re-felection Second Terra.) For Representative SStlxDistrict C- G- CANON - (-Re-elecuon second term.) Fo* County £M ERSOM SK D, WEAR ~ JONSS GKAi>Y STURGEON. County C. A. MARTIN .•J.'.iU BftASWBI-L, iv* P.. ANDERSON. NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! \Ve have an easy pay plan on auto painting-, fender, body and wreck -work. Ask about it. Grand Ave % at I»th Str*«t Bee Line Station Telephone 803 FOR SALE OR TRAJDE—Packard car. good mechanical condition: new tires, run i-^ss than thirty thousand miles. Submit yonr pr05>osition to O. B. "White, telephone 735-TV. or care of Paris Mi«!ceJlaneoas Scrrlce 29 ELECTHTC FAX and moto.r rewinding. Main Salvage Co. 25 North ^lain St. Employment for Snerift: CLYDE SH.JCLTON second t*rm_) |saperinteatl«nt Laniar Co, Schools WALTER TURMAN MART JONES LJNDSAT ^R«-eIectioru Second Term.) J, G. BKUNSON. CHASLIE R- DUGGER MAJEiT MAN ESS PIERCE P.; L- CHlSil. County Oerk; ~. V. CBOB) KA3SMACK- (Re-election, Second term) Help Wanted. Male 4S I "VTAN1> 3 MEN for local Tea Soffee routes paying: up to ?SO a *veek- No capita! or experience- required bat must be la tk* «*«Btr of L*ic*r you notion to *ll p^r»on« ict*r««t«<l iu t£ lor Jis>a.l s^t>?»53R*nt of said es to app**r *n<l content tlx*> if they • •*« proper *o to do &fi<i C%1H* wby »acb p»rtition and batioa »iiou3d not b» at&de. on or b*- for^ tii« Auxust terra. 1934, of- «aid Cotioty Court. coiuia.«adm aj»d to b« th« Cocrt £tous* of «».1<J r. ia tlie city of Parts. T«x«s. on tb* 6tl> <iay o* A-ajrost. A. !>. 1934, frK«ai «aid account a.nd appHca.tiocs ! wll! tw nctftU apon by Maid court. ; Giv«n under- my band and eea.1 of f •aid court at my office in tixe City of ! Pari*. T*ia». tiiia ±3rd day oT June. 1 A- Z>« 1S34. f R. V. HAMMACK 3 Cl«rk County Court Lajasar County. ! A tru» copy. I certify. C. O. SHELTOX. Sheriff Lainar County. By G*o. R-" Robertson. I>eputy Sheriff. NOTICE: cc to a Besolurioa passed by th» City Council of the Citv of Paris on tis* Stli day or July 1934 I hereby ctv« notice th&t a_a eUction by tJic ,<!tfied voters of: th« City of Paris. "wjio o»~n taxable property ia said City and iirhto tave dtily rendered »aid properly lor taxation, win be h«ld &e- twe«a ih« hours or •sroo o'cloclc. A. 31.. and S;SO o'clock. P. 3JL. on the 7tis day of August. 1534. for the psirpos* of <1«- icrminins the- following propos'tion: "Whether or not the city of Paris ahall b« authorized to issue Bonds o' lh,« Oty in tbe sum of Seventy Thousand <J70 000.00} dollars, aad levy a. tax sufficient to pay the interest on said bonds, arid create a sinking fund sufficient to redeem them at inaiurity; th* said bands to bear interest from dat* at a rat* soi exceeding 4 per cent annum. Inter*si pa\ - ab!e secsi-aiirjuai-y. l> bonds raaturmg seriaUy at tfee respective tJises and In the respective ansoants. as- iiiitv be fixed by Ui^ City Couocit; no bond to be issued for a period eaccee-dins thirty yeara from its date, and a-1 bosds to be lssa*d for the purpose of build: ne Se^er Disposal Plants, construction of man-holes and eniarsenzent and improvement of the present :?»?wer System and to b« known as Se'wer Construction Sonds. «c«r* of said «;l*ct!o» »h»l! b* respectively as folio*.. WARI> i: Central Fir» Station I>. 9 Godbold. previdla* officer; \VAKI> 2: ilasonic Bide.. Grand A**«. W. H. Wrtxht. precidinx officer; WAR1> S: Court House. A. W. 2««vU!*. presiding officer; U r ASI> 4: Paris fiijn School. I. W. Jackson, presidiac o*fie*r. Tie form of ballot xo It* used in said election lor those votin* ia favor of th« issuance of bonds shall k* as follows; "For" the Issuance of S*w«r Construction Bonds. Series "1934." The foruj of ballot to be used to said ejection for Lfcos* votinc against isauiince of boads sisa.!! be as foUows; •"Asaiast itie usoance of Sewer Con- trwction Bonds. Series —19S4." Th,* election to be held in accordance with the Cen*rai Slectioa Laws of the State, in so far as the same *r* applicable and not in conflict with, the provisions of tlie City Ciiarter. Kvery owner of taxable property In the City of Paris, »ho has duly rendered said property for taxation, and who is qualified to vote for ajember* o" ths legrislatare of tlife etate and •who has resided in the limits of the CHy for six t6> aaontbs. and in tii« Ward in which he offers to x-ot* for thirty (.20) days, neatt precedine the election is entitled to Tote. XJii-t-n under csy hand -with the Seal of th* City of Paris aifixed thi» the 5th day of Js!y. A. J>_ 1S34 J. M. CK005£ Mayor. City of Paris Attest: Mrs. Odous Park. City secretary., city of ParJ*. TTXITEI> STATES POST OFFICE ANT» COUHT HOUSS. PARIS TEXAS. : Of'ice of th* custodiac — Sealed bids in duplicate subject to the condition* contajued" herein and of ch for furnishing: a.'.' labor and materials and performing- all •acorfc for new TSjaK_ nesite flooring at this building in accordance with the specification, copies of which may be obtained Srom »Ae custodian only. Cyrus 'Vf. Cothran. custodian- PRESIDENT'S MOTHER IN ENGLAND ANTLERS PERSONAL AM) LOCAL Mrs. Ethe Mr. and ANTLERS, Okla. Ferguson of !>allas is •sveek with her parents, Mrs, T. M. Hargrave. !Mtss Maurine Hargraves returned to Amarillo Monday after a week's visit with her parents, Mr- Mrs. T. AI- HargravesL Ju<is« S. E. Welch and family have returned to Oklahoma City after several days vacation visit here. The family is lix-ingf in the city during- Judge Welch's term on the state s^prerae cotirt. T. H. DuBois, Taiihina. was a. business visitor in Antlers Mon•A&y. Tom Haile. ifcAlester. visited I>r. E- \Voodruff here Monday. Junior Clark. £ck Nichols and Merle Coleman visited Mr. and Mrs. G-A-don Clark, parents of Junior Clark, In Okinulsee. this •week. le«e Station have been gtiests of Virgil Albrigrht. Mr. and Mrs, S. O. Cochran and son have returned from a visit at his old home in A!abama» tis« world's fair and other places o£ tn- terest. This was Mr. Coclxran's first visit to Alabama since he left there 3S years ago. Mary Nell, infant of Alfred "Walters, has recovered from an DISTRIBITTE SEEI> CORX TO PUSHMATAHA FARMERS ANTI-ERS. Okla. — Al G. Ree-s 1 - es, FEHA supervisor, is sending out notices to post offices this Tveek over the county, notifying the farmers of the free distribution of June seed com this week. I>ry -weather has damaged early corn to the exient that many farmers are having 10 plant their entire com crop ove ! PERSONAL NEWS ! FROM POWDERLY Tom Stnbble- ! James Roosevelt, mother of the President, is shown at Soyth- ; ! -, ' ampto.n, England, with Robert W. BiKgham, American ambassador. She ! I ^r^- T ^ was. invited to visit the king and qusen. and chatted informally .with I ''°? C "f\**" ,_ have r *™ rned . them ever the teacups. (Associated Press Photo) : aite:> visiting here. { • ""••*--S. Harry Thornton and ; i Lree hare returned to Port I after a. visit liere. I T- H. Nelson and family of Col- ^ Weath er C*JIs for Cold Drinks and Cool Clothes Sent! yonr light weight sclts ro us for cleaning- f Southern Cleaners tOO Isuuar Aventift TeL 19* Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Power House By E. C. SEGAR g^ive prompt sen'ice to approx. 200 steady consjiiners. Brand-ne^- Fords given as bonus, "Write Al- 5 oerf MillF. Route Mgrr.. S54S Men- | i mouth, Cincinnati, O. Financial Insurance and Bonds <* GALBREATH. OEWEESE ANDrPROCK For 3>isttlct Clerk: BOB I-ATTii5ORE, JH- CH«-e T ection, second term.) Telephone 25* hor- Assessor aod Collector of TH Y L, A T i M SK. E HUMPHREY I. For- Cotn.njiii*«loneT I*re<-inct RUPHHT L- BAi.LJk.RD (Vor Re-ciectioa, Second Term.) Or Xkwatnilss-ioncr. Precinct 1 : CHORGK. TKRR Y iNeed Cash? See Ray Morse for Auto Loans. 43 Grand. Livestock Feed Plants and Scrd Commissioner Precinct 2r ROT S. DUNAGAN (Re-election second term> J, FRANK JONES- For Comi»l&pio««r Precinct Three • i_ • IU ROY CA VI NESS | C'For Ke-etect'on. Second Tcraa.) | MARX KEN>TEI>T J. H, JOHNSON. For Commissioner ^ v r«c^nct 4: T. W. <Bl.L,I-> RUSSEL1* < Rs-ciectson Second Term)T, H, SOOTH. Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sure Nuff Stock Feed JPksId Seed — Garden S««d Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird 1 S««d. Bird Rem«Cies and Sui>- « plies. Dog and Puppy Food K*ep tie Chijr^ers Of? HARRY BOOK 3" Grand Ave. TeL 604 Birds Docs. ^Vninials and Phone 1 21 p. TV. JFor PubtK* \\c^hrr. Plxce JL THOMAS *c?ton Second Term-> for For Cotton \Vci=bcr at Plac- 2 GLARHTNCS SECRfiST . fBOB> NASH. For JustJt'c oi the Peace Precinct .Vo, f r Plaoe No, 1: A. V,\ SHEFFIEL-D. Justice of the Peace. Precinct X, Place 2, tJimar County. J. A, (Arthur) JOHNSON. Por re-^icctlnrs. second t CHAHI-ES TARROTT For Constable, Precinct 1: GARL.ANU l*ctic-n. S^ror.f! Trrm"). J. C, CJOHN> PRIDE. | \Vaste6 to Bny »S s JO-L/jT P^IjC ^JS noTr rip€. Sff^ inc before you buy. Joe Younsr, Jr.. 2ra mil*« north of Blossom. Good Things to Eat •TVAXT TO BUI" a stood used e.slo- niobUe, preferably '-9 to 'SO model. "Will consider a ivrecked or burn«d job, if the motor ar.d the rest of th* car are in good condition. S a customer of ours. Price rr:us* 1 fee right. Cash paid. Write I or drive your car to MORSE BE!-; I LINE STATION. 45 Grand Av*, Furnished Rooms AH and or ] TO GEJCT1,EMEN bedroom close ' In. Phon« 122S. { t pw I ,-ARtjE.. co»r»fortabl« room, close } :n. Fr£va,t« bath, couple pre red. T?J. 120:. { for Rent WUtt* VT. 3-f. Mr», -.B NO :T A. T, »nrt A. XT. [ 852-TV. it;on» 2n=! »ft.j «?n F; ».-h «-,^Ti!h T:30 p. •; •c«Tt5 r 453v !KTU»f* 1 J. 5 Rm. Ftjm. Hm. Jtcd Dup.—S65J. it'ar: FURNISHED APARTMENT — AH and grarase. Call X, J: CHAPTER XO. It co7!'c,'rc»ts«nt SrtS I'i rr.flntr:. T:S» !•, m. w«>JtrA^i*><J, J, J, 11- I". S*. <? Jl M, K'MAt.TP H, t*. »•»«•)•»'.' toer, o?* Tir».: XV Hnrrl* trv«* th»r<» IFfMay Vintter* w»lcorti». for OF 3UYIMG ftb4 \ t-R \'L.u } OU ft vioB IM THE / ' IT OUST MAKES HER QO^XE ) , Oakdale The Snent By HARRY J. TUTHILi; W! i-VELL. PEGGV, AS ^t5U MOST KMOW.THJ5 IS A CRUSH'.MG SURPRISE TO KE. IT'S .1 SHALL SAV NOT HE FIRST TIME I HAVE ^.^ ^ SUFFERED JN S3LENCE. t-sy HAPcraoso TO 6O ON THE UNJUST TOO, Birr USUAL I SHAUL CQMPLMK. DIANA DANE \\JE 3UST 6C5T TO HAX'E A DRtMK OF WATE^. 1 - X OF ALL. THH SiLL cASl WHY s-—t \15 \ <- \ i ^" SH ^ jLUsLUL'Jj eT BACK TO SLEE? FOR AKJ HOUR — HOMER HOOPEE /'-OLD ST'^L. * ? 4^*—, r ^b ; Slight Error A Sure Comedy SCORCHY SMITH FIVK room furnisfced in. Phono 704 doss Real Estate For Sale *ome» for S«I« 101 FIVX-ROOM house, bath. Apply 441 E. Cherry. CITATtOX to tb* county—tr*«t. The First Linlc POIlLg tS UV COMC -f J.L. TSAfi. OUTLAWS -, NtoT TW?Et A MOUNT r JomsD THSA* / T^rS 15 NSWS .' VAi£*RE Oi A / -H<AU- - ftf!> WOT/ THAT WHO JOCCSD THOSS ^« CAR IS ?*RKJED SACK T^ ROMKIN6 FOOTSTEPS - SCo»:Hy «KT?> THE CR^eK SBO — SXCITCD /

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