Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 19, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1942
Page 6
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PAGE TWELVE—THE MORNING AVALANCHE J |I " ,^__ J ___ ._ . . „—. The N e w FEATURE-of-the-MONTH by ARROW f as seen in ESQUIRE ) Here is the new Arrow Spring Ensemble that's fresh out of the newest Esquire . , ; this month it's called "Lattice Stripes" ... an attractive blended slripe pattern in severe! spring "blends" . . . rhe tie is patterned to exactly compliment the shirt . . . the shorts and the hand'nerchcief match in color and pattern. • SHIRT 2.50 • TIES 1.00 « HANDKERCHIEFS 35 e • SHORTS 85e "EVEN THE SHORTS MATCH" -? -*^r^- ±>s" --' &r^-i*^ -?, -%y%--.#-;\$ji\.\V^.£---,\. -- f -^-Z *T^S**& hursday, Februcry 19, 1942 -D?cit 4343 For Tlt« Ava<enehe-Jourrtol Offlett RationingOfRe^eaded Auto Tires To Start February 23 Last Minute Orders issued WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. v , ,— The O/fice of Price administration issued last minute orders today delaying the start of retread^ cd tiro rationing until Feb. 23. Price Administrator Leon Henderson said the delay was necessary because required rationing forms had not yet been distributed to all local rationing boards. The retread rationing program was to have begun tomorrow. All provisions of the rationing program, other than the actual, distribution of retreaded tires, will lake effect at midnight tonight, however. After that hour, no further sales oi- deliveries or retreated or recapped tires can be made to consumers without rationing certificates. None For Passenger Can ' , Persons who have orders pending for retreading jobs cannot obtain the retreaded tire under the restrictions without the purchase certificates. However," worn tires on which retreading has not been started can be repossessed at any time. Despite the four-day delay, Herv derson said, eligible truck" operators may continue to obtain new tires through local ration boards until midnight Feb. 22. After that time, however, no trucks busses or other heavy vehicles will be able to obtain new tire purchase certificates unless local boards are satisfied that the worn tires on the vehicles cannot be retreaded. i\'o retread purchase certificates will be issued for passenger cars in February and Henderson said it was probable that no retreading material would be available for them in March. Argentine farmers selling their wheat and linseed to the Government this year must agree not to increase their areas sown to these crops and to decrease • them if requested. ,. Lu.boc., .u A, . ' Marine Reserve Applicants Are To Be Interviewed Capt. Thomas E. Kendrick. U. S. Marine corps recruiting, officer at Oklahoma City, will arrive in Lubbock Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock, according to announcement Wednesday afternoon by Staff Sgt. Lon F. Rowlett, local marine recruiter. Capt. Kendrick will interview all men who have made application for class IV Marine corps reserve, and all men interested in this enlistment are urged to call at the Marine recruiting station Friday. 50 who are not eligible for combat duty by reason of dependents or physical defects that would disqualify them for active duty in the armed services. Men who are veterans of World war 1 will be given the highest rating held provided it is not higher than sergeant. All men who have not been in the service-will be given the rating of private first class. , ' Quarters and allowances will be available to all men in class IV according to the same provisions for men'in (he first three pay grades of the Marine corps re- IAt IHTtfITT-.- / NEW New shipment of Eisenberg ice . . , pins in beautiful creations, gorgeous designs t o enhance Spring Costumes and thrill milady to no end . . . see them today. . . prices from. . . 8.85 to 18.85 \ serve, and transportation will be furnished for dependents to Naval stations. Men enlisting for this duty will be on duty in the United States only, and will be guards at Navy stations. Marine Corps League To- Receive 'Charter Charier for the Vcrnon P. Keat- the Marine Corps be presented at a on post of League will meeting Friday night in the American Legion post, by Capt. Thomas E. Kendrick, Oklahoma City, district marine corps recruiting officer, Staff Sst. Lon F. Rowlett announced Wednesday night. Fourth to be organized in Texas with' 12 members, there are now 16, Rowlett said and the charter will be open- until after the meeting for those who care to come in as charter members, Membership dues are SI a year. "All former Marines, no matter when they served, before the World war No. 1 or after, are invited to join." Rowlett said. "We would like to have as many men as possible to join. Membership is open to any ex-Marine living on the South Plains." Captain Kendrick is a World war No. 1' veteran, having served in France with the 5th Marines. He retired several years ago, but was called to active duty some time ago to relieve an officer for active service with troops. This is hfs first visit to the office here since it was opened in mid-December and while here he will also examine a number of men who are anxious to join class 4 of the Marine Corps reserve. Aj}£eals Court Proceedings.% Germany js still trying to sell radio receiver sets in Colombia. COLORFUL Sport Coat Casuals Our Spring ccot collection is now complete... and the selection, in sport casuals are definitely something to talk about. . .featuring the colorful pastel casuals in blended plaids, softone herringbones, basket bunny v/ecves, and soft woolen twills. . .included are Rothmoor and "other fins coat names. . .styles in fitted- backs and loose back models., .see them and select yours tcday, 10.95 and their Fine Silk Department Jn this. West Texos' foremost s iik deportment, you'll find many, many cve.y Silks in beautiful coloring . . . oi] of * 9m i.,:. P irct-n 5 for mcny love.y fcsh.on rrasterpiece. . . . here art o fsw cf , he Oi so'id colored crepes. • PLAY SHAN, yd • LOVELAKE, yd • STRUTTER CLOTH, yd 1 2? • SHEER CREPE SOLIDS, yd . , o -••-••-"••...,,»...,„ i,*y • FROSTED SOLID CANTON, yd j ,, • CITY TW'.LL SOLIDS, yd , 49 • SANDSV/EPT SOLID CREPES, yd , 49 • ROUGH WEAVE SOLID CKEPES, yd \ A9 • NICKNAME SOLID CREPES, yd T 49 • BRUSHSTROKE, yd : , 49 SUPREME BENCH REPORT AUSTIN, Feb. 18. <-TV-Supreme court proceedings: Certified questions answered: District" Grand Lodge No. 25, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows vs. Jack Jones et al, Jefferson. Judgement of court of civil appeals .affirmed: Mrs. Tennie Lee Carr Langford et vir vs. Mrs. R D. Can-, et al, Grayson. Applications refused for want of merit: Employees Lloyds vs. Willie MacLane et al, Bowie; Will Lane vs. Employees Lloyds et al, Bowie: Simon Grossman et al vs. Dudley Jones. JNueces. Application dismissed for want of jurisdiction: Great National Life Ins. Co. vs. J. M. Harrcll et ux, McLennan. Motions for rehearing of causes overruled: R. T. Pinchback ct al vs. Minnie Hockless et al, Jefferson; John Massingill vs. Berryman Kenwood, trustee, Angelina. Motions for rehearing of applications overruled: A. M. Ferguson et al vs. Joe Lee Ferguson, Taylor; Birdie Jones et al vs. Levi Butts et al, Gregg; C. R. Hart vs H. N. Grcis et al, Wichita. Motions for rehearing of causes submitted: Shell Oil Co., Inc., vs. Howth et al, Jefferson. Motion to issue mandate without payment of costs submitted: the i Southern Underwriters et al vs. R D. Boswell, Wichita. Causes submitted: J. H. Rose vs. James B. Baker et al, Jefferson; R. C. Rordiguez vs. Higginbotham-Bailey-Logan Co., Hidalgo. CRIMINAL REPORT AUSTIN. Feb. 18. (U.PJ—Follow- ing proceedings were had today in the court of criminal appeals: Affirmed—Orrin J. Brown from Hansford county; John L. Streets from Wichita; Vernon New from Jefferson: Clifton Smith from Motley; C. L. Briggs from Hunt: ex parte J. B. Welch from Potter; Bill Skinner from Upshur, Herbert Sams from Harrison; Jay W. Rowbarts from Cherokee. Reversed and remanded—Ray . Newsom from Erath: Alvino ! Flores from Nueces; Mrs. Bill i Case from Upshur; Herman O'Rear ; from Taylor; Lee Shepherd from : Lampasas. Appeal dismissed at request of appellant—B. M. Bell from Smith; Dorothy Pendergrass from Tarrant; Scamon David Williams from Hale. Appeal dismissed—Noble Davidson from Burnet (two cases). i Appellant's motion for rehear| ing overruled — William Ward from Titus (Judge Beauchamp dissents); Homer On- et al from Wichita: L. C. Conn from Jasper. Submitted on appellant's motion for rehearing: Loyce Goach, Tay- WHAT CAUSES YOUR CONSTIPATION? Many peopl* look opon constipation u jrat a. failure oJ regular bowel movement, let. so varied are its causes that often yonr£» msy be for something which not only reheres constipation but alio acts «s an aid to irake up the flow of bile. Try Carter's LitUe Liver HUs . . . they are a. laxative and mire. Not only do they aid In the relief of constipation with ill sour irritability and discomfort, but they »!»o help wake up a better flow of one of our own most vital digestive iuices-the bile. So the next time you are briReed down »nd «uffennjr from inner sluisishnesa—tzr T •!.. T*-"* ^'-t? 1thc p!l; * T «'«-trrCarter> l.ittie Liver PiIU K» directed. See the dirTcr- flnce for yourself. See how eood-hom clad- i '".«"? jron m * :f {efl toircrrow mom- inz. All drcCEuts JOc and 25f. Ad . Complete Revision Of Filipino School Books Started By Japanese TOKYO (From Japanese Broadcasts), Feb. 18. (fPi —A Domei dispatch from -Manila said today the complete revision of Philippine school books has been started, and reported that the Japanese commander on Luzon had recommended the gradual elimination of English from the schools. GRAIN MAN KILLED KANSAS CITY, Feb. 18. OP) — Frank B. Cummings, 41, treasurer of the Morris Grain company, was killed today in an automobile accident. Cummings was widely known^in Southwestern came here in rain circles. He 1925, joining 'the Kail-Baker Grain Co., and when it reorganized into the Farmers National Grain corporation he con tinned with that firm. He worked in Amarillo, Tex., for a short time lor; A. S. Dozier, Lubbock; D. C Garrison, Gregg. AMARILLO REPORT AMARILLO, Feb. 18. <JV— Fro ceedings had in the court of civi appeals for the seventh supremi judicial district of Texas: Affirmed: Texas Life Insurance company vs. F. Edna Sharp, from Lubbock county. Authorization Given sum Kingdom Line WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. (*)— rhe Brazos River Transmission Slectric- Cooperative of Texas has jeen granted permission by the War Production Board to complete construction of the Possum Kingdom Dam-GarJand power line. The line is intended to serve factories producing tanks and airplanes at Garland. "Purpose of the War Production Board in making this disposition of your application," the WPB said, "is to provide effective use of construction which is already underway, to afford the maximum utilization of all power facilities and at the same time conserve critical materials." The order, nevertheless, questioned some of the statements submitted by officials of the cooperative as to extent of construction completed by Dec. 5. Effective on that date the government halted work on transmission lines less than 40 per cent completed to save copper. A week ago all work on the Garland line was suspended pending an investigation to determine whether the project was in com-^-. pliance with the 40 per cent pletion order. ' . ^ WH ITE PETROLEUM JELLY WORLD'S URCEST SELLER GOVERNMENT JOBS Unde Sam is mging us to recruit stcnoariphcr* *'u T?T * J nr - Business offices need many oiherj. ^ew Deftnse Course quickly prepare lor these inspiring opportunities.. Enroll now! BUSINESS—'COLLEGE Lubbock. Abilene. Dallas. Wichita Falli ANNOUNCING GRAHVILLE JOHNSON DRUG STORE 1947 19th — Dial 6142 Formerly Hotel Drug Co. jsum^ Dr. R. E. Adkins Diagnosis and Internal Medicine 2408 Broadway 2-2151 DIAL 6616 Day or Night Ambulance SANDERS Funeral Home SINUS INFECTION Dr. E. M. Whitacre Ostaopatbic Physician and Surgeon Dial S8« 511 Myrick Bldg. YOUR-/DEPARTMSNT STORE' 903-907 BROADWAY Bette DAVIS and Momy WOOLEY OFFER ONLY 1000 LAFFS TO A CUSTOMER! HURRY! and Get Yours of the LAUGH P REVIEW Sat, Nite, 11:30 THE MBHIHD CRMI TU mm I t

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