Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 20, 1962 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1962
Page 13
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Mjrlt.A, Qullty Jr.. abfjrvo, kit b««iv named to:*2h« LouUiana Live- •tAflt Adrlsoty board. He wUM»pf*i*rit the Louisi- arflj£y«ierlnarY Medical acMNsttiioa on the board. Mi Is Jailed For Running Down Mother (AP)— Murder charges weWi prepared today against Houston Union To Be Cited for Discrimination WASHINGTON (AP) - A labor union is about to be charged for the first time in the 27-year history of the National Labor Relations Act with racial discrimination hi refusing to process a Negro worker's grievance. Stuart Rothman, general coun sel of the National Labor Rela tions Board, announced today he has authorized the Houston, Tex., NLRB office to issue a formal complaint based on charges brought by a Negro worker employed at the Hughes Tool Co., Houston. Rothman said the complaint will be lodged against Local 1, Independent Metal Workfers Union, at unaffiliated union. He said Loca' 1 is made up of white employes while Local 2 is composed of Negro employes. The two locals are the joint bargaining agent for Hughes Tool Co. employes. The basis of the complaint Rothman said, is that Local 1 has refused to process a grievance ir behalf of Ivory M. Davis, a meta handler employed by Hughes since 1942 and treasurer of Loca' No. 2. Davis complained the company refused to consider his application for the company apprenticeship program to train for the better paying job of machinist and tool maker. Davis charges that Loca 1 has refused to represent him. Crowley Man Is Arrested For Theft GrMd, Prairie man accused of running* down his mother with a car. ' 7.„'"" Hug&Arthur Green, 20, was jailei£<!arly Sunday after his "motbe|v,^''s. Ora Lee King, 39, died -in- front of her home one miler.west of Irving. Gretas.sister. Betty, 17, told officers Mrs. King was struck down as she attempted to flag down'her 4 son's speeding car at 2:15 a.m. Sunday. Thee girl said Hugh Green and another brother left Mrs. King's house, c_arlier. She said she and her mother,..- , , - ... „ 4l ,. heard the brothers speed up and ll ° n and charged with the theft down Mi? road in front of t h e I of sev * ral f rt *' e . s rv S U f d ,? 1 $ ~°J house'-for several minutes. They according to Ch.ef Detective Ed Llo >' d p - Dero " e " lcy was aiTCSlcd Iale Saturday " lhe went out in Mrs. King's car to try and slop the brothers, she related.,,.., A few minutes later, the speed- Zailskas of Lake Charles city po lice. Detective Zaiiskas said Jack King of 825 Bilbo street reported ing car,'hit Mrs. King's car whichjseveral Hems missing from his had returned to the house. Her i apartment August 11. Among the mother-warned her to jump out,! items reported missing were the girl said. As she did, Mrs.!clothes valued at $86; a radio, King stuped out of her car into $10: and a watch, $35. the road, waving frantically at' Deroucn confessed to the theft the oncoming automobile, occu- and returned all the items which .... . " . . • • . r i 1 * • t i pied,lay, only Hugh Green, his sister^told. investigators. Sheriff's deputies Ray A b n e r and .J, F. Ramsey said the s p e e d.i n g car sideswiped Mrs. King's -parked car and knocked the woman 68 feel away. were missing from the King apart mcnt, except the watch which Derouen said he gave to a friend, the detective said. Zailskas said Derouen is on probation for a burglary committed in El Paso, Tex. "Derouen has The two deputies said Hugh been involved in other thefts, but Green arid his brother were fight- |lhey were all from relatives." ing when they arrived at the! Znilskas added. scene.;, B'cJth officers said they; • L were ^attacked by spectators and Hugh' Green when they attempted to break up the battle. The ,t\vo officers were able to , subdue Green and hold off angry' .spectators. the 'Painters' Go Oft Rampage Sunday Night Somebody decided to paint the town red — and silver — late Sunday night. According to four reports, someone witft spray cans of red and silver paint went on a painting spree last rilght ,in the 1700 block of Bilbo street, 400 block of 10th street and $h; West Common between ninth and East streets. TheXake Charles city police received a report from occupants of 1734 .Bjlbo street that their car had been painted red and silver. A 'jMKrfobt light pole was painted at 1722 Bilbo street — and the front AVas painted red, and the back, silver. At;'4l4,,10lh street, a car and tiMck'-both had red and silver on themY .' The 'night-painter managed to get o?er to West Common and paint, the front of a house. According to Mrs. Jim Patterson of 414 10th street, "Someone has Kflflh doing things like this for more than two months now. But, before.Jj,' was always something harmless >— like spreading toilet paper .^ver the front lawn." Tlje .President's Cup Regatta boat races are held in Washington on'the. four weekends between mid-August and mid-September. CONSTIPATED due to DIETING? "Crash" liquid diets can be very constipating I Thousands get reMwith NUJOL. Not a mere lubricant, NUJOL emulsifies in intestines-to increase moisture retention, thus add bulk (or easier elimination. Non-habit forming. Take NUJOL at bedtijue'. Economize on large size. Poker Game Is Raided By Deputies A poker game was raided by Calcasieu parish deputies early | Sunday morning behind the Alia! mond Bar and Cafe at 2041'j j Katherine street. i Owner of the bar, Bernie Man- j tiel, 54, admitted in a statement that he had been running a game for three months, according to the sheriff's department. Deputy Sheriff Harvey B o y d with four other deputies raided Manuel's place about 12:45 a.m. Sunday, suspecting that something was going on because of a large number of cars parked to the rear of the Allamond, according to Chief Deputy Sam C. Maz Wit!) Deputy Boyd were deputies Gilbert LeBlanc, Allen Martin, Eclmond Duhon and A. Me- Bride, Mazilly said. Ohio Fugitive Being Held Here To Be Returned Louis Lee Gearhart, who is being held in the Lake Charles city jail on a charge of auto (heft, will be released to authorities of Ohio to face charges there of forgery and parole violation. Chief of city detectives Ed Zail- skas said today he received an extradition warrant from Governor Jimmie Davis requesting the release and transfer of Gearhart. Gearhart was picked up here about a month ago on a charge of vagrancy and placed in the city jail. He was found sleeping in a car svhich was discovered later to be stolen from Houston, Texas. He wns wearing only a pair of shorts and had no other clothes in his possession. LOOK FOR THIS SIGN OF 6000 CAR SERVICE lor lh» iirylc*-r«polr ih»i> in your community that um NAPA branded part»— th»y ar» backed by the larg- tit tnd«p«nd«nl p«lr» distributing network in tb« world. BERRY -BROS,, INC. IMfGHTASWELLBE Y SADI6 SLAMMED . INTrPSTATe iFANYBOPy KIN .MAKE THUH GIANT WNrmETALlARi miMPHRETfUKSBJ JOE PALOOKA I'm sorry .UJalt. I just took rng eyes off the twins for a minute. I had no idea they were «> active? Phyllis.I've been hours my desk back in-shape! GASOLINE ALLEY SEE.7 FDSDICK'S DEAROLE DM5) ISRUSHIN'TOHELPHISKID "/ WHEKJ HE'S IM TROUBLE.'.'— \ „ Jp 'ft HAINT NOTH . NO FATHERYOJfT U=PT NOBODY GIVES NO CREDIT FO 111' ABNER ANP HISTORIC PANAMA CITY ITS6LF... ftO THAT WHffN US RETURN* TO W9 HOTEL ROOM. HE \Z IN A MELLOW MOOP...TWEN THERE IS A KNOCK ON HIS DooB sieve ENJoy* THE RICH EXPERIENCE OF A LONG VI6W OF TH6 CANAL ZONE... STEVE CANYON UHUI MORffft? mt^vfm^ DAGWOOD, CAN YOU CHANCE A ALLl HAVE IS FOUR SINGLES- TAKE THEM AND I'LL owe YOU ONE OH, FORGET ABOUT OWING I O RATHER OVJEVOU y FOUR *—' BEGONE!! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DISCUSS WITH VOL) ABSURD it I THOUGHT PERHAPS I TALK OUT OP BOTH SIDES OF MV MOUTH" KICK WITH BOTH FEET GARNER O'SHEA MR. ELLUM — /V\V CLIENT SNUrTV SMITH JS SUING YOU HOW CAN) YOU DEFEND AND I COULD DEFEND YOU, SIR- PROSECUTE AT THE SAME TIME? mil WEIL! mat POH'T. PJ?£7EW YOU NEVER H&IRP OF HEX BECAUSE I. ffV$T-HAPA VEZfM &MK CLEVER PLAH 70 FOOL #W HE COHFROUT6 HER /V WE ' WHEKE If.WHO? HEAP OF THS UfQRK-A'MY BRENDA STARR VE5.-, NEARLY EVEKVONt! FRANKLY, I THINK THAT FLOWS UNDER A NEARBV YWJU HOW DO YOU fm AFTER YOUR FIR4T PAY WWND THE HONEYSUCKLE MRS, WORTH? BANNIN& UNTIL ''••*>. U MARY WORTH MOM., AUfiUSt 20, T9&2, Ufce Cterffi A«ftfe«ft Prtst JJ H-Blast Creates Radiation Belt BOULDER, Cob. (AP)— A newinetic equator, the Minneapolis and perhaps menacing radiation Tribune described the new radia- is in the atmosphere around the earth — put there, scientists say, by a United States high-altitude nuclear test blast July 10. Little is known of the new belt except: 1. It could imperil astronauts in future space flights, and hence might cause the United States to delay its Project Mercury program. tion ring as probably a temporary layer wider the inner part of the Van Allen belt "By temporary," said Dr. Warwick, "1 mean possibly months or it may mean five years. We era maintaining constant observation, and I hope that by Sept I we may have more information." At Southampton, N.Y., where h« is vacationing. Dr. Van Allen said increased the 2. It emits radio frequency sig-1 the new belt has nals and therefore may interfere potential danger for manned with some radio astronomy. • space flights," but detailed explo- The presence of the radiation ration and scientific examination belt, 600 miles and higher above the earth, was disclosed by Dr. James Warwick of the University of Colorado's high-altitude observatory, in a copyright article by science writer Victor Cohn of the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune. Dr. Warwick's comments were substantiated by Dr. James A. Van Allen, Who in 1958 discovered the principal radiation belt encircling the earth. The Colorado scientist said the effect of the Pacific high-altitude test blast last month was to greatly Intensify the so-called Van Allen radiation ring. The new ring, he said, consists of high-energy H-bomb electrons, invisible atomic particles, which follow the path of the earth's mag- is needed before the effects on Project Mercury flights can b« determined. "I don't want to prejudge the data," Dr. Van Allen said, "but the radiation is a matter of concern and it is conceivable that Mercury flights might have to be delayed." Van Allen said the situation conceivably could lead also to delay in similar flights by Russians. Variations of the Van Allen belt's radiation have been studied for a year with the help of a satellite called Injun, launched for scientific purposes on June 29, 1961. Dr. Van Allen said previous Soviet nuclear blasts had not affect* ed the radiation belt. Viruses Created Out of Chemicals CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) -A Utah scientist has succeeded in making infectious viruses out of inert chemicals for the first time, it was reported here today. Docs this mean that life has been formed in a test tube? "If viruses are considered to be living objects, then the answer is yes," said Dr. George W. Cpch- ran, who described his experiments at a scienticic meeting here. However, he said the most significant result was that by producing viruses apart from a'living cell, the virus-formation process could be studied more closely in eeking counter-weapons. "It permits for the first time an understanding of the biochem- stry of the virus-forming process tself," he said in an interview. 'We can now examine it in great letail, and very accurately, and ihould be able to select chemi- •als to interrupt it." Viruses are tiny agents which cause disease in men, plants and animals. In men, they cause :olds, polio, measles, chickenpox, rellow fever, sleeping sickness, nd various other diseases. There have been indications hey may cause some forms of cancer. They cause world . economic losses estimated at a billion dollars annually. They are smaller than bacteria, so small they can be seen only vith an electron microscope magnifying 10,000 to 200,000 times. They exist on an obscure border' ine between living and nonliving matter, possibly a link between them. It was noted, in Dr. Cochran's experiments, that the building of .he virus structure was not entirely man-directed. The code that guided the complex combination of chemicals to brm the viruses was derived 'rom a molecule with no living properties, taken from an infected •)lant. It was the command mechanism or pattern that organized Jie raw chemicals introduced .he researchers into the threadlike viruses. "It zippered them together like the zipper on a valise," he said. Dr. Cochran, a plant patholigist at Utah State University, heads a research team there, supported partially by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. "Viruses have never been produced before outside of a living cell," he said, noting that viruses often have been reproduced in test tubes by adding them to living cells, as in nature. However, he said, the virus- forming operation was impossible to study clearly under such conditions, since it was mixed up with thousands of other biochemical reactions going on in the cell. Separating the virus-production process "from the great biochemical complexity of living cells," he said, "places it in a more simple environment" for investigating it and finding means to control it. "Our work should open entirely new vistas in virology and medicine bringing us ever closer to an understanding of the nature of life itself," he said. His technical report was for a meeting of the American Phyto- pathological Society at Oregon State University as part of sessions of the American Institute o£ Biological Sciences. In-producing viruses outside live cells, Cochran's team used four chemicals—triphosphates of adenosine, guanosine, cytidine and uri- dine—elements generally assumed before to make up viruses. Finding the key to put them together in the exact way to form viruses was the hurdle. Essentially the virus is a complex chain of chemicals linked so as to form a particular nucleic acid that makes up the virus, Cochran said. With one molecule mechanism, about 100 billion new virus units could be turned out in less than 30 minutes, he said. In some cases the chemicals were made radioactive so the resulting radioactive viruses could be observed more easily. Roaches? Economical monthly service contract available. Call for a helpful free analysis of your pest problem. 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