The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 12
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PACK TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, FRIDA . NOVEMBER 14, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT SUFFERS" 3-CENT DECLINE Heavy and Profit Taking Sales Falling Off in Demand, Cause. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Grain Marketing Co. 810 Rorabauah-Wllty Building NEW RECOGNITION AS GRAIN MARKET AT CHICAGO, Wheat. Op**n Chlcico, Nov. II.—Wlu-al suffer(•(1 a r.ti:irp setback in price today iicnr I lie '•in! of I In; hoard of trade session. 'I'll' 1 decline was !nrs .:c -ly due to profit taking sal'S and to fulling off fn general buying. Tim close was W'^ik 17« lo 3v,e net lower, lino. $1.5l», to $1.52 and May M.r,!i"i lo S1.:.S*». Chicago, Nov. M.—Increasingly unfavorable crop reports from Argentina led to a decided rally in wheat prions today after a deelln- in ,7 tendency at iho .mlsel. Steadiness ot llio Liverpool market, together witti nn ndvauce in .sterling exchange counted also an strengthening faciei' hero. The early weaku^-a wan ascribed I'hlffly lo profit taliiiiK aales mid to a temporary in new buy ing. Opening ituolations, which ranged from Vie denllno lo c gain, Iiecemher $1 .M% lo 1 .6 lowed by a moderate sag and then .••lid Mav 11 .63 to II .62U. were fnl- by a Rharp upturn to well above yesterday'}* finish. Corn and oats wore governed by ilie action of wheat. After open:>.A at Vie lower to ndvaneo, .May $1.1814 to 51 .lit. the corn market underwent a setback all around but later scored material gains. Suhserpicnlly. the corn market turned donmvjnl when wheat prices i *ave way. Corn trading was ir.osily local. The close was weak. V/A to l r >,e net lower, May $1.17% to S1.17K'- Oats stalled unchanged to %c M.-iy. .luiy.. IW.. Mav. July. 1.'••«•. .May. July. .May. July. Dec. Mav. July. i.r.i'i i.i J.4IU 1.1.11', I. i.iMi i.r i.v.r ' 1.51-; 1.40?« 1.2SVj 1.17 .in l.n O.HS. Rye. —Closed— Today VMfy l .i'S 1 •«*'.•» 1 .I.S54 I.K'i»- i .40';* 1.1 2% l .n I.IT'V i.isii J.IS 1.1 SI'.ll .r.2»i .r .i .571. .r.ii .57»i 1 .39 if. Ill',* 1 .2b 14 1.29',;. Federal Grain Inspection Bureau is Established Here After Long Fight.' AT KANSAS CITY. i.mvi i.t.rsj i.:,;i I. 1.IH5 l.n 1.12? I.;I;I i.:lu',a Corn. i.'i;'i 1.114?; i.ii>i l.iu 1.13?. 1.11% —Closed— l.i'i':, I.HO ',4 I.:.o l .r.;»i'.i 1M% i.nMi i oti't 1.1*. l.ll'.i 1.1154 1.12'i mixed 51 .0 -1 No. white FOUND WOMAN WEAK AND ILL i! Physicians Told Hor Nothing •>"• »" Operation Would Save. ( Mrs. llosni'ki'r Knows IWttrr Now, Tluniks to Treatment She <;<>t Kroin Well-known Specialists of Hutchinson. When the doctor says "operate" you may have lo be, of course. Some operations cannot be avoided. Hut be sure thut you DO need it. The only way to bo sure about It after the doctor has condemned you to undergo the knife is to pro- eeed at once to a well-known anil honest non-operating specialist and undergo a thorough examination. If HE says operate tt is pretty certain that you need It. for he would iiave no "axe In grind" nor interest In having yon operated on whatever. Moat all doctors are honest, including non-surgical specialists. Hut, on the other hum!, he might find that you can reach a euro hy methods I'ar from the operating table. This ollen happens, as in Iho case oC .Mrs. Rosacker, for instance, who reports her own ease in her own words, as follows: Stafford, Kan., Oct. 23, 1024. "For many years 1 had suffered Horn weakness and ills peculiar to \s omen. Tho past year or so I be came much worse, having terrible weak spells, an agonizing backache, and terrific pains in my sides. It got so thai. 1 no longer knew what it meant to have a good night's resL Several good physicians were consulted and all agreed Ibat nothing hut an operation would save inc. and some way 1 always had n niorlal dread of the surgeons knife. Knowing my state lit mind and health several friends were kind enough to tell rau about j the work of Dr. Hunter and As-; soclntes ot Hutchinson, In cases j similar to mine. They told ino they would at least go in and bo examined, so that could do no harm and would incur no expense lo me. So I did HO , believe me or not, that was the turning point In my life. They did not order mo to the operating labia, but Instead explained a treatment to mu that has proved successful In my ease, and perhaps a life-saver as well. Under the methods ot Dr. Hunter & Associates for only a short lime my distress has all left mo and I have gained 22 pounds of much needed weight. Need 1 tell how happy 1 am over this, and how glad 1 am to recommend these speclall-.ts to other women who sufrer? My message to you is this: Don't givo up to an operution until you have consulted some good non­ surgical specialist who uses these modern methods. Koute 2. MRS. J. C. ROSACKER. Dr. Hunter ti. Associates specialize In the non-surgical iroatincnt of chronic diseases of the stomach, kidneys, liver, blood, nerves, heart and skin, diseases ot women, rectal diseases, and diseases of man. Their patients have been legion all over this part of I lie West, and their reputation very high among Iho sick I hey have treated. They are one firm of specialists who charge nothing for examination and advice, and will not accept any patient lor treatment urn lus.i Iheir methods give great, prom-! be ol Miccess in the case. They can ho consulted from !' to 12 and mid from 1 to r,, every day In the week except Sunday, and Ibelr treatment r,,onis are open two nlghla a week, Wednesday and Sat- tirday nights from 7 to 8 p. m., for the benefit of those who cannot make it convenient to call during the regular daylight hours. > The office and treatment rooms of Dr. Hunter & Associate occupy the entire (second floor at 11 South Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas, off, May 58% to 60c, eased a lit tie more and then made a general advance. Weakness of hog values pulled down provisions:. Kansas City Cash Kansas Ulty, Nov. 1-4.—Receipts 1U7 cars; unchanged to lVic low er; Mo. 2 dark wheat $1.4jifj>1.59; No. 3 dark hard ?i.4S@1.5!l; No. hard $1.4S %i ?M.I>6; No. 3 hard *M&S'1.65; No. 2 red $1.5701.01 No. 3 red $1.5001.57. CORN—Unchanged to lc lower; No. 2 white $1.07; No. 3 white $l.Wi; No. 2 yellow $1.0S , ,i<fj'1.0!/; No. 3 yellow $1.07*6; No. 2 mixed tl.05Wl.0G; No. 3 (b 1.05. OATS—lc lower; 3c; No. 3 white 52c. 11YK— $1.25f' 1.20. BARLKY—7Srti 80c. KAFFIR—$I.C0,Jfl. 05. MILO MAIZE— $1.S0Wl.So. Detailed sales in the Kansas I'lly cash market today were i follows: Wheat. 2 Dark: 1 at 1.50; 1 at 1.55',4. 1 Hard: 1 at l.54',i; 2 at 1.51; 1 at l.l'.l; 1 at 1.4G',4; 1 at 1.13s. 2 Hard: 1 at 1.66; 2 at 1.63; at 1.52; 1 at 1.51',-i; 1 at 1.51; 1 at 1.49'.4; 1 at 1.46; 1 at. 1.47'j; 1 at 1.1 1',. Smutty: 1.41 to 1.0. 3 Hard: 2 at 1,51; 1 at 1.48 1 at 1 .47IJ; 1 at 1.47; 2 nt 1.44S. •1 Hard: 1 at 1.49; 1 at 1.4514 5 Hard: 1 at 1.17; 1 at 1.43 at 1.42. Sample: 1 at 1.42. 1 Red: 1 at 1.G2. 3 Red: 1 at 1.57; 1 at 1.52. 4 Red: 1 at l.-ISVit. .1 .Mixed: 1 at 1.51. 2 Mixed: 2 at 1.51; 3 Mixed: 1 at 1.4GV 4 Mixed: 1 at 1.47V4. Corn. 2 Whlto corn: 1 at 1.07. 2 Yellow corn: 3 at 1.09. Yellow corn: 3 at 1.0714; 1.07. 2 Mixed corn: 1 at 1.06; 1.0514; 2 at 1.05 . 3 Mixed corn: 1 at 1.06 color; 1 at 1.0514;.3 at 1.05 1.0414. Oats. Saples white: 1 at SOH. I! White kaftir; 2 at 1.S0. 1 at l.-IS'.l good 1 Winnipeg Markets. Nov. wheat: 1.04. Doc. wheat: 1.597s. May wheat: 1.62%. Minneapollc Markets. Dec. wheat: 1.4S%. iMay wheat: 1-54%. HUTCHINSON GRAIN WALL STREET New York, Nov. 14. —Stock prices moved Irregularly higher In today's market with total sales fnlllng below the 2,000,000 share mark for tho first lime this week. Ruying was a more selective character with the merchandising motor and public utility Issues making the best showing. Total sales approximated 1 .800,000 shares. Tho growing Importance o' tho lulchlnson grain market Is shown by the fact that the United States Department at Agriculture lias deemd It necessary t" put a Fedral Grain Inspection Supervisor ere. R. It. Saunders, who has een with th Kansas City 1 ederal rain Inspection office for tho past) wo years, and who was in charge of tho New Orleans ol'ltce before hat time, has been assigned to ho new office here. Up to tho present time, tho Fe*d- ral Inspection work from the tutchinson market, was done at Wichita. A. V- Jones, a U. S. grain sampler, has been stationed hero for tho past three years to alio samples and send them to Wichita to be graded. Tho difficulty with the sending ot samples o Wichita was that It necessitated holding cars of wheat here for lliree days longer. Offices In Hoke Building Tho assignment of tho - ederal grain supervisor to Hutchinson was secured through ' tho cftort6 of a committee of grain men on ho Hutchinson Hoard of Trade. Ralph Russell was chairman of that committee. The grain men wore aided by Clark Davis, Santa j division freight agent. The Inspection office ot the federal grain supervisor will be In rooms 400 and 401, Hoke building. Mr. Jones, the sampler, will be re- ained here to assist Mr. Sr.und rs who U expected here Sunday. The Federal grain inspection of fice will handle the,appeals from tho state Inspections on Interstate shipments. Federal Supervisor Saunders will have supervision .Of the state grain inspection work here . Big Sorghum Grain Market Tho need of a Federal supervisor here was Increased by the new ruling which makes It necessary for the grain sorghum crops to be tested for interstate shipments. Since tho Hutchinson market handles more grain sorghums than any other market In the United States, the Department of Agriculture could readily see the need of having a supervisor here. Foreign Exchange. Now York, Nov, 14.—Foreign ex•changes stoady. Quotations In cents: Great Britain demnud 4.6314; cables 4.63%. France demand 5.29; cables 5.2914. ' Italy demand 4.32%; cables 4.3314. Delgium demand 4.841-4; cables •i.85. Germany demand '2.1.81. Holland demand 40.07. Switzerland demand 19.2G. Urecce demand 1.80. Poland demund 1914'. Czecho-SIovakla demand 2.S8V4. MEANS FUEL FOR LOCAL PLANTS Also New Pipe Line Will Insure Steady Operation of Oil Refinery. Hutchinson manufacturing plants and mills will soon be able to get fuel oil piped direct to their plants. The pipe lino now being built from the Bast Hutchinson refinery to the waterworks and electric power plant, which will extend for over 214 miles through the heart of Hutchinson, will have branch lines that will reach other Industries. The construction ot the pipe line will mean not only providing cheap fuel for local industries, but also will ensure stoady operation ot the oil refinery here, which now is owned by the same Interests which own the light and water plant. Crude oil. shipped In tank cars hero from the oil field is refined, the gasoline nnd other refined products distributed from Hutchinson, and the fuel oil left sent through Die pipeline for fuel to local Indus- Iries. i the meotlng 'ast night, The services will close Sunday night and there will be a service tomorrow night Instead of having that night free as has been the custom for the past two Saturday nights. CONTEST PAVING ON WEST SIDE STREETS A. L. Oswald, as attorney tor property owners on Seventh and Eighth avenues west, who are opposing the paving of those streets, Is preparing to bring legal proceedings to head oft the pavement. Tho ordinances tor paving both streets from Main to Monroe, with asphalt were enacted by the city commission lost Tuesday. It is claimed the petitions are defective. I Call Money. New York, Nov. 14.—Call money steady; high 2; low 2; ruling rate 2; closing bid 2 offered at >2V4; last loan 2; call loans against acceptances 1?4; time loans steady; mixed collateral 60-00 days 3Vilif 314; four-six months 314 @3%; prime commercial paper 31403%. LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the Wc- Naghleu Loan company todaywere: aiiCi $100.2:l-;i2 First 4H% lUt.i'J-3; Second 4H$> mi. s -:;2 Third 4U';: ]Ul.22-a: Fourth 1Vi% lt'2. 7-32 U. S. 4 'A% 101i.27-j: MARKET GOSSIP LIVESTOCK MARKET The advance la wheat is bring Ing larger shipments to tho Hutch Inson markets. There wore 104 cars of whoat hero this morning, which Is more than has been re ceivod for several days. Kafir corn 13 coming In but not In largo quan titles yet. There were seven cars here today. Methodist Revival To End On Sunday; Service Tomorrow Eighty years ago a Rhenish calendar published pictures of air flights which were 'prophetic ot Zeppelin's triumph. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY WANTIOD—4 or 5 onerK«Hc young salesmen. Cnll In person from 3 to 5 p.m. Sat. No phone calls. Hutchinson Hug Factory, 604 West First. 52-ia-ltiin Ifilarifflies lFor Heart 5 Uonms strictly modern, east lUth, south front, uaratre. All In first class eoiullMon. J3&. Not for pnlo. 5 Hooms, modern except furnnco, hnsenwnt, snrligo. Kxcellcnt condition, $25. 6 Itooml East lath, modern except furnace, noar Main, $2(1 per month. HUTCHINSON INVESTMENT CO. Realtors. I'hono 400. UO-14-Ktm —Ads— inlONK 1400 ANl) OA 1.1. n.lll CLASS 1FIF.D AD I 'JKPT. BLIND AD ItKPblUS A-10—1 J-10—a C-7—2 , 1 .-0—1 C-ll—1 ' M-.1—2 K-7—2 l'-ll— 1 M -n— l <j-u—l 1-11—1 S-10— s SPECIAL NOTICES (Cent.) DON'T mini" • this wondertul last opportunity. Special readings 11 up to Nov. 20, only. Tho marvelous astroio- Klst gtv?s absolute correct rnlvtco in all Important affairs of life. 533 tOa.t Sherman. Phono 2C03W. Hours V a.m. to 9 p.m. a-ij-'^oiM IHil.t, Hospital, tjnii a:i78. 3-tn-iDdm FIRST DIVISION of 1 till) Undies' Aid ot the Methodist- church, wilt Hold n. rummngo sale at Weeks' Drug Store 209 S. .Main, Saturday l&th. :I-I2-II>W Knot) SA1..I-; at KornlHiKh-Wiley uy Cilrl Scouts, troop 2, nil day Saturday,. :i-i4-2i>i'i L.U N Oil HON served daily at the HIU .0 Teapot, 1914 East First, from lt::il» a.m., to 2 p.m. Chl'-ken dinner on Surdays. Make reservations.- a-12-CDB MAHCEI.,r.lNU, day or evening. Mrs. Lonvltt, SJO East 4th. Phonn 39UIJ. ' a.l.i!R,lm Oiftets to change or discontinue advertisements for the cunent daylt. Issue cannot bo accepted later than 12 a.m. for The News atnj fl p.m. for The Herald. All changes and kills recived after those hours will tain? ctfeet lb following day. ' Th Hutchinson News-Herald Is o member of The Association of Newspaper Classified AGvertlslnn Managra which Includes rending nev/.naperu throughout the country. »nd has for Its aim tho elimination of fraudulent ana nilslartlng classified advertising. The Hutchinson News-Herald as wet. as every other member of the association, endeavors to print only truthful Want Ads and will appreciate having Us attention called to any advertisement not conforming to tho highest standards of honesty. All classified ads will bo Inserted both momma and evening Issues' or tho paper. An ad which is accented ! 0^ .. ,l -Y.'' 1Bl ' , Insertion will appear In °oth The News and The Herald. Classified advertising terms ar« cash, l'bone orders are accented rot convenience, hut with the understand. Ing that bills will be paid on presentation. MARCELLING. 203 B. MAItCELUNU, MARCELLING, MAUCEl.LING. day or evening. Call Iliion. 831) East Fourth, i a -s -indm Full ItENT—Furnished, strictly modern, 0-room bungalow, tireplace and garage; good locution, l'hone 2HVIIW. , r,7-i4-aim The "Unanswerable Question" ,vus the subject chosen by Row H. C. Maitland, evangelist, last evening at the revival meeting held In tha First Mothodlst church. 'How shall wo escap» It we neglect so great a salvation, is the unanswerable question," declared the evangelist, "Jesus cannot answer It, Heaven cannot answer it, God cannot answer It. Why? ltecause there Is no answer If you neglect Christ." "Jesus paid for His salvation," he continued, "by His perfect life, His teaching and His suffering and death. Every individual 'can gain this Salvation. It Is open to every one If wo all try. The poor, the rich, tho simple and brilliant,- all can gain salvation, simply by do Ing God's will. He has swung wide the door to admit all who wants His great salvation." Six persons were converted at ritUICE desirable furnished rooms, also garage. Call 377HW. f>2-U-4ctm WASHING and Ironing rnileil lor HIUI delivered. I'hono 3543W- 15-14-lirtm TRADE FOR COTTAGE I have nn exceptionally welt built nnd well located two story nino room home which 1 will exchange for a good high class six. room bungalow ana give terms on balance, nest of reasons for wonting to exchange. My home Is without a draw-back, first class and first gvade in detail. Phone 2117. • fi.S-14-:idm WANTED to buy—Good used pianos, llayflold Muslo Co., phone 90S. 28-14-latm WANTED—White woman to assist with housework. References. -ua West Fifth. 240-14-ldm FOR SALE—Bridge lamp, old rose shade with polychrome base. $10 ir taken by Saturday. Call I611W. TI14-15, SEVEN room house and ^ lota in Hutchinson to sell cheap or traao rot western land or other property. Describe what you havo. Arthur Nleld. Toxboma. Okla. 6S-14-lum Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 14.—CATTLE —Receipts 2,000; calves 300; killing steers scarce, eteady to strong; few loads short feds $6.75@S.10; she-stock, bulls and calves steady; grass cows and Heifers $.1.50(c« 0.00; cauners and cutters $2.50@ 3.25; top veals $9.00; stockers and feeders steady. HOGS—Receipts S.000* s'teady to 10c lower than Thursday's average; shipper lop $9.45; packer top $9.40; hulk ot sales $S.S5if?9.40; bulk desirable 135 to 300 pound averages $!U0(ri>9.40; light lights strong to 25c higher; 140 to 100 pounds $S.25!fi S.G5; packing gows ?S.25 !fiiS .75; stock pigs strong, $0.50 ©7.25. SllEIUP—Receipts 3,000; lambs strong to 10c higher; best fed wooled skins $14.10; clippers $11.75 (fl 12.25; sheep Eteady; fat ewes $7.25. Sales of hard nnd dark wheat on. lo two cents lower. Slow demand and liberal offerings. Receipts of wheat hero today 104 cars; barley 1; kafflr and milo 7; rye 1. One week ago today 31 ears nnd one year ago today 19 cars. Receipts of wheat at various other terminals: Sallna 41; Wichita ."'•: Kansas City 107; St. I^IUIB 42; • i.aba 40; Chicago 41; Mlnnonpo- .a 207; Duluth G74; Winnipeg 1165. Sales here today Kansas City basis: 1 car 1 car 1 car 1 ,-ar 1 car bard bard hard •ar " hard •ar 2 hard •ar 2 hard r-ars 2 bard i-k-valor ... car 2 hard cam 2 bard car 2 hard car 2 hard car 3 hard cars 3 hard car 3 hard cars 3 hard car 4 hard 7-10 h. d. . car sample I'M'HS '.V,h h. d.o 57.5 cars milo 2 yellow r.S.7 11.50 5'.'.4 12.(10 59.4 12.30 ES.2 13.5(1 55.1 12.70 58.2 13.0S 59 12.30 &X.4 H.5S 5S.4 5S.7 11.48 511.5 57.4 13.50 57.2 13.10 57.2 13.00 57.4 IS.4 x $1.49 1.50 1.51 1.57 1.54 1.53J-i 15114 1.19 1.4S 1.47 1.4014 1.55?/. 1.53% 1.B3J. 1.471, 1.02 1.5014 1.83 , Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Nov. 14.—HOGS—Receipts 52,000 fairly active, weighty offerings 10@15c lower; others 15 @26c off; underweight show most decline; large supply; top $9.70; bulk better 240 to 350 -pound butchers $9.40(fi'9.65; packing sows mostly $8.G5@8.90; strong weight slaughter pigs largely $7.25@7.50; heavyweight hoga $9.30ifi , 9.70; medium $9.1009.65; light $7.S5@!I.35. CATTLE—Receipts 6,000; bulk steers In little better than feeder flesh; no choice kind here; any- stuady to strong; bullocks averaging around 1,600 pounds $9.50; bulk of quality nnd condition to sell at $8.50 downward; she stock in liberal supply; lower grades predominating; steady: cannors numerous; mostly $2.75@2.90; bulk bologna bulls $3.50@4.00; vealors uneven; choice kind about steady; medium light very draggy; mostly $8.50(i7j 8.75; few good to choice offerings to packers around $9.00. SHEEP—Receipts 12,000; active; fat lambs uneven, strong to 25c higher; bulk $14.00f(H4 .2r,; fat sheep nnd feeding lambs stea dy; ewes mostly $5.25@7.25. It is the belief o£ those who are In the closest touch with the world's whoat conditions that the trend of values Is Irregularly high or. Authorities expect to seo recessions from every sharp bulge due to profit taking. The question of the moment Is how long will it be before tho top prices 'are reached. Some of the largest exporters are looking for much higher levels. The way the market held up under tho extensive profit taking impressed many with the underlying strength ot the situation. On n pound for pound basis, December rye la selling within 5 cents per bushel of December wheat. In some quarters it was expected that the narrowing of the difference 'would result in foreigners taking some wheat in preference to rye. Corn is receiving speculative support at the present time. The government report showed that 'the farm stocks were not as large as was generally believed. Husking returns continue to bo disappointing. The cash demand for corn shows improvement although it is not particularly urgent. Reports from Nebraska and Iowa showa demand is springing up for corn from the feeders, who are contracting for corn. Feeders are buying for 2 to 3 cents more than the market will tfly. Today's Outstanding Bargains in SECOND HAND FURNITURE Walnut Dining Suite—Table, 6 chairs in genuine leather, Buffet with mirror— CI A A a real value at «pl£d«VV Combination bookcase and (1 A CA writing desk vl "i3v Mahogany and Cane Chair and Rocker OA AA the pair * ...«J )£U.UU Quartered Oak Couch, upholstered in C1 Q AA brown morrocoline •PlOaVV No. 3 Dressers (old style) worth all we AA ask. Each «9U.UU Wicker Tea Cart $12.50 13 Inch Gem Oak Heater $8.50 Acorn Gat Range $15.00 We buy, Sell or Trade for Second Hand Furniture. Easy Terms if Desired. RIDE THE ELEVATOR AND SAVE WORD AND LINE SCALE WortlB or less i Line 6 to 11 Words _2 to 17 Words 18 to £2 Words 23 to 28 Words 3 to 33'Words 34 to 39 Words 40 to 45 Words 40 to 50 Words 50 to 55 Words 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Llne5 6 Linep 7 Lines 8 Linen . 9 Llnee .10 Llnee For moro than 10 lines figure 3 lines to each Ifi words or fraction thereof. CORRECTION OF CLASSIFIED AD ERRORS The New* and The Herald will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any advertisement orderd for more than ono time. Errors not the fault of the advertisers which clearly lessen the real value of the advertisement will be rectified only by nubllcatlon without- extra charge within FIVE days after Insertion. Nt republication will be made when the error does not* materially affect th" sense or purpose of the advertisement. LEGAL NOTICE (First published In The Hutchinson News, Nov. 14th, 1924.) Notice to Contractors. Bids will bo received by the Board of Commissioners ef tho City of Hutchinson, at the City Clerk's office up to 3:00 o'clock p. m. Friday, November 21st. 1924, for the curbing, guttering and paving of Seventb Street from Main to Monroe and Eighth Street from Main to Monroe with asphaltic concrete. ^ The work lo be: done In accordance with the plans and specifications of the City Engineer on flic In th€>| Clerk's office, nnd under the superin tendenco of tho City Engineer. A certified check for $1,000 must no company each bid for paving, also certified check for $500imust oeeom pany each bid for curbing and gutter Ing of same streets. The Board reserves tho right to re ject any and all bids. Nov 14-31 ED MHTZ. Cltv Clerk. CARO OF THANKS. 17th. Ph. 14MIJ. 3-18 -n :2Idni i23 E. 1st. Plr. .U71W. 3-23-H5DM 60c. Phono SOBJ. 3-20-2Cdm ^ T ARY ALMA GIFT AND APRON SHOP Fancywork exchange. 627 Kost Btn, I 3-l-25dm I MARCELLING. Mrs. .1. IS. Katnary, , phone 3256W, 321 North Logan SI. ! ;i-s-20dni ' MARCELLING—Day or evening. Mrs. Talbott. 813 E. 4th. PllOnn lUU'tJ./ :l-6-2l>IJIil MARCELLING, 50c. l'hone 077 W. ;i-ii-n<im NELLIMBLLO BEAUTY Sllul/PK Paper curl a specialty. 42B East First. Phone' 3700. 3-8-25dm PUAi'TICAL nurses registering. 3308. 3-l-55dm RUMMAGE and food sale, saiurday, Nov. 15, at 422 S. Main, by tho Jlo- rean class. Christian church. :i-i:i-i4W itUMMAGIS sale Saturday, Nov. 15 at old Y. W. C. A. Bldg. W. Sherman. a -ll-4dm 'LU tic S. U. A. club will havo food Bale nt I. Smith's Grocery, 7 South Main, Saturday. Nov. IJn 3-13-2'lm WIDOW wishes to share modern homo with man and wife or ladles. Nice, nnd warm. Phono 3423W. H-lH-lOm . LOST LOST—Buiek tiro and Tim near Stafford. Call Chalmers Hotel. Reword. 4-l2-3dm LOST—Parker Duofolil , pen. Call 3001. Reward. Jr. fountain 4-14-1DF. REMINGTON automatic shotgun, just south of Lantnlon. Return to CrooH Furniture Co. Liberal reward. 4-14-3dm FOUND A FUlt choKcr. Ov-ner may havs same bv proving property nnd paying tor ad. 125 9th. east. G-12-JSUK FdUNIJ— Bunch of keys. Owner may have same by calling at News orrice and paying for this ad. 5-13-2dra BUSINESS NOTICES USED Clothing Exchnnge, for men women antl children, 215 West 5th. Phone. 1752W. "Tho gift anil thrift shop." ; 7-13-3dm 7A INSURANCE 7A IN behalf ot the family, I want to express my most sincere thanks for the beautiful flowers and all the klnu- ness shown by our neighbors and friends, during the recent Illness and death of my beloved wife. L. B. HAINES. l-KI-liie 3 SPECIAL NOTICES ANYONE desiring pipe organ lessons please phone 3363W by Saturday evening for details. 3-14-1515 BUY a cedar chest now. $1 down, St per week, Xmns delivery. Harmon Furniture Co. 3-14-CDM DEAD stock removed free of charge. Phone 4S1. :l-l:l-i:nn MAGAZINE subscriptions at reduced prices. Mrs. W". H. Hower. Phone 2847. 3-11-25DE Old Line protection. Really insures and means Hie fulfillment of aprotnlse lo pay. JL £9. IMIl<&v/ & Som Phone 2224. 7 A -14 - lMin 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES » Co-^aM Stoan IEm&s For all aches and pains. Special Indies' treatment. Prices reasonable. Call 437. 119 West Sherman. S-2n-'.Til)M OTlAS. 1. WILSON, chiropractor. H',4, North Main, phone 27.13. 8-11-25dm DR. O B. MORGAN VETERINARIAN , Specializing In dogs and eats. 121 East Fifteenth. Phono 724. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 14.—F.GGS unchanged; firsts 4Sc; selected 57e. 1.11 'TTKit—Unchanged; creamery butter •IHilllc; packing 21c. POTATOKS—Red River $1.10© 1.20. UDTTERFAT— 2c. POULTRY—Hens 18c; roosters 12c; springs 19c; broilers 23c; turkey.-; 22c; old touts 17c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 1 I.-Ul'TTEIt — iii;:her; creamery extras yil'ic; standards ill'jc; extra firsts 37® 38c. E('i(!S--Unch:iiiged. firsts 51c; ordinary firsts 3S5i 12c. POULTRY — Alive, fowls 2ie; springs 22c; roosters turkeys 28c. Two Inches of rain was received around Alva, Okla., and north to tie Kansas line yesterday. It was greatly needed by the growing wheat which was very dry and in danger ot being blown out. Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 14.—HOGS— Receipts GOO; looks 10c lower; prospective top $9.25; bulk $9,050 9.20. CATTLE—ReceiptB 400, Including 200 calves; generally tin changed on all kinds; beef steers $6.50(1/ 8.50; beef cows and heifers $3.25lf«7.50; bulls $2.75#3.60; veal calves $3.00ft8.00; stockers and feeders $3.50@G.60. 14©' lGfli 16c: Chicago Potato Market. Chicago. Nov. 11.—POTATOES— Trading i .odernte: market firm; Minnesota sacked round whites 00c lo $1.05.- Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 14.—HAY- Receipts 32 cars; unofcanged to 50c higher. PHAIHIK—No. 1 $12.50@13.50; No. 2 $10 .00 (fiT2 .00; No. 3 $6.50© 9.50. Others unchanged. ALFALFA—Choice $23.00023.50; No. 1 $21 .00iDi2 .50; standard $18 .00 (fi 20.50; No. 2 $15.00@17.50; No. f $12.00@14.50. TIMOTHY—No. 1 $16.00@17.00 standard $15.00(fi 15.50; No. 2 $13.50 (; No. 2 $13.50(fjil4.50; No. 3 $12 .00(0)13 .00. Cotton Market, New York, Nov. 14.—Cotton futures closed steady. Dec. 24.56P 24.60c; Jan. ii-1.75fi'24.7Tc; March 25.04 5 .1 25.06c. Cotton spot 21.80c. LOCAL MARKETS Swift & Co.- BUTTER FAT—No. 1, 32c; No. 2 29c. IJUTTER—Croamery 36® 37c. EGGS—Fresh, 36. Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 17c; light hens, 14c: springs 16c; Leghorns and blacks, all weights 14c; old roosters 7c. turkeys, N.,. 1 18c No. 2 8c; old toms 13c; ducks 10c; geese Sc. EGGS—Fresh, per doz. 36c. Local Grain. WHEAT—(quoted by Win. Kelts Mill) wheat $1.30. SHORTS—$1.60. BRAN—$1.23. Visit Industries In Hutchinson Pupils of the Mcnnonlte school, district 113, in northwest Rene county, had u vacation today, aim all came to Hutchinson, led by their teacher, Miss Elsie G. Winters, to spend tho day visiting in- duotries here. Among other places they went through The Hutchinson News plant and BSW how newspapers are made. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Kleck and Mrs. Chas. Langel accompanied tho party as chaperones. The pupils in tho party were Merle Ballard, Lucilo Bultard, Valeda Zimmerman, Kerald Zimmerman, Gladys Fox, Lulu Cox, Ceorga Cox, Dorothea Cox, John Cox, Lottin Schmuckor, Viola Kleck, Rosetta Pleplow and Junior Langel. P. S G. SOAP SALE We have bought a large supply of P. and G. Soap At a Price Below Wholesale and we are going to sell, SATURDAY ONLY.— 5aX G soT te 11 Bars 45c Good well made Brooms - 38c each Large White Marshmallows - 25c lb. Sugar - - - 12 lbs for $1.00 Fresh Red Empire Grapes - 11c lb. OPTOMETRISTS: Darlnnds'. Uhi «. _Mahc S-22-2HM WE stieelallKe In flllThg glasses. Shtp- mun Bros.. Masonic Bldg., Room 7. R-7-25dm CARPENTERING CARPENTERING: furniture repairing. Phone 199RJ. • 9-8-25dm BL'ILDING done by hour or contract. Just completed flno borne at £04 West B. Reliable and honest contracting. It will pay you to phono 3904J. L. W. Parmley. 9-10-tfim 10 DRESSMAKING- MILLINERY 10 ALTERATIONS, suits and dressmaking. Remodeling, pleating, furrier. Mrs. Richards, phone 2263J. lf)-is-2»din FIRST-elnss dressmaking; sonabln. Phone 2944W. prices rea- 10-14-lidm WANTED—Dressmaking. Satisfaction guaranteed. Mrs. Hays, 514 N. Alain. lu-M-t>din Post Toasties Corn Flakes Round Steak Beef Roasts Rib Boil Hamburger Good Bacon Compound Nut Ola - 2 boxes for 25c 2 boxes for 25c - . - 15c lb. 10c lb. - 3 lbs. for 25c 10c lb. - - 25c lb. 2 lbs. for 35c - 20c lb. steady; Entertained Visitors. Tho Huberkom trio gave a concert this morning during assembly hour at the Liberty Junior high school. Fv J. Habevkorn played tho violin, Ferdinand llaberkorn, middling I cello and John Wray Young, i | piano. Fresh, Sweet Creamery Butter 35c lb. Fresh Mince Meat - 2 Jbs. for 45c O'CONNELL'S CASH GROCERY AND MARKET HUTCHINSON BRANDS OUR SPECIALTY Cash and Carry Grocers PHONE 894 14 East Sherman 12 PAINTING PAPERHANGING 12 JAS. WHITE wall paper store, 19t» 3. Main, phono 290. Residence 4'jro. 12-fi-25dm WANTED—Paper hanging and painting. Wall paper furnished. Phon« 2017W. C. W. Hagerman. 12-24-25dm. . 14 REPAIRING., ALL KINDS 14 I. ALL KINDS OF ELECTRICAL REPAIR WORK COMER ELECTRIC STORE 4 N. Main Phono 621 ll-15-m-w-r-2artm F PRICE—Upholstering. Ph. 924: 14-I6-25I1M KLECTRIC motor, armature rewinding, repairing. We buy, sell, rent used motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS I'hono 202. 7 South Walnut. 14-l-25dns CPHOLSTEP.ING, first-class worK? Phono 2783J. J. H. Rngland. 14-13-SdlH LAUNDRY WORK IS 'UUTA1NS laur.nereo. .i'nono 1998J. 15-18-25dm VANTED- •.\<Ssh in w.*t oi h. -"Washing and Ironing. \V« soft water. Call at 301 Phone 2890W. la-au-25diB ,VAS11L\GS wanted^ Phono 3915/. Called for and delivered. 15-9-ODH 1* SERVICES OFFERED PRACTICAL nursing wanted. Rhone .1650. 10-II-15E "27 .S4 .L" TRASH hauling, all kinds. i? Ph. 10-' R ADUD ^EOd ^fvHifrr ade. >>aiTAwdl ritffls ©®S 1-i Mww Whom @(EeB. ' i7-i4-25dm 19 MALE HELP WANTED 1» MEN—Learn barber trade, our training makes you a master barber m short course. Big pay. Write. Molet Barber College, 511 Main, Kansas City. Mo.- W-S-loa

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