The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 8
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PARIS NEWS, TlMXhAT, JULY 1% 1*M FAST ACTION EXPECTED AT WRESTLING SHOW Rough Boys Are Due For Big Inning F ANT7ARE By Dub JL Furey Fort Worth Cats Paste Dallas, 11 - 6 Rud York Collect* Five A NOW disinterested spec- 5 by setting away from the facts of (T For Win TO Over O'Dell; Roebuck Faces Stronebow zhar promises JL card froze. last faH store xo- Paris At ni§2at Trisere znatches and a Sou between loc, szrani s,-, S:SC. Tie """ - •-• —;- : rfl'"' ^OW th vei-- P—; Ci — -" aerains- Tiny j uran • tator looking en from the side! lines a.nd with no home town at• traction, for the clubs involved. \ some of the happenings in a^n-n : I>ixie league Especia. the case, seen it rebound into his For Five to Lead Victor*- Match v LCtZOS f the happenings in TVesi vc, -weii. :y-aj »e *oia« *»y wa ague cities are quit* funny. | we're doins our daily stint for 'ly *n view of the about-1 metropolitan daily we'll frown ^ Oh, well, ^iaybe some day when \ a | By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS on ; Rudy York, who lias been wield- for th« Fort such, a, business- that Mazxager Del ur fo^nd boxing = ;^ , H cal negroes that I ~? « A Most every baseball fan in Paris lie durab -J so'^miuate semi-final: and Sailor 'Barto agahisz Oscar I-incsay in -the 350 tirse limit cur:a:n raiser. Roebuck. ar.d Srrongbow, the into a lather last Tuesday night, -reill ha.v€ all the tin^e ;hej Tuesday night to decide Western to Start Today like fashion Pratt has moved, him. from behind ! the ba'i to the outfield, vrent on. | the war path Monday night, {banged out five hits in as many the- Felines to an over the- Dallas FIGHTS Last Night TTEST SPRIKGFIELD. Maaa.— Cocoa Kid. 14144. New Haven. Cortn., outpointed Stave Halalko, 139 H, Auburn. K. T-. (S). CHICAGO. Everett (Young) Rightmire. 1±5%. Sioux City. la., outpointed Freddy Penn^ 124. Omaha. X«b.. CS). Johnny Stanton. 133. Minneapolis, and Joey Kleko. 137*4. Chicago, drew, <S). BOSTON.—Patsy Perroni. 1S5H. Cleveland, outpointed Jack McCarthy. 290, Boston, (10). PITTSBURGH. — Mike Barto. 13S. New Kensington. Pa., stopped Joey Wilson. 133. Cleveland. (1). BUENOS AIRES.—Vincent Par- rile. Argentine, outpointed Billy Jones, Akron, O-, (12). to Get Baseball By Semi-Pro^' Organisation was perfected with mom, 23- 1,-ee Glasscock chosen as president: 1 Most Games Harry Cox. vice-president: Albert Hutchison, secretary-treasurer. A board of directors consisting: of Dixie — make need • our sayings look ~^,vl { c o m plimentary I tries and led | 11-6 victory i Steers. | Acions his blows -was a, ninth.* I inning homer off little Sal Gliarto First Round of Oualif vLmj | that scored Smith ahead of him, c~~ j f\ T- - TT-II "" I T^our Steer miscues, three of thera Mated Over Twin Hills i : njiela bobMes- ad<iea to ^e root., Course r^™-^^^^JS^^"£^:^.^™--\™™- who filed trough .he .untotiles Another session was held Mon- OSXASOMA CITY, (ff).—With j only to see the Herd drop its — M \ ^ IT __ Bucky Burton, 126. I day evening- at The Uberiy 2Ca-j only a few of the big: suns miss- ] twenty-first sane in its last 2* ? c;".,^^"^ outpointed Al Gillette. ! tionai bank and Gene Logsdon was ASHEVIULE. K. C.—C a r 1 Xrwvles, 1TO. Savannah, Ga., out- pointed Walter ICirkwood, ISS^i, •"Washington. I>. C.. (10). LA SAl.T/E:, 111.—Young Geno, 12$. La Saile. outpointed Dave Barry. 1±4. Springfield. 111., (10). Club; Hope to Play Game Sunday Ix>vers of baseball in Paris and vicinity will get another opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport during the remainder of the- season. This Eiuca was assured following a. meeting held Monday afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce which was well attended by I fans and business men. Major Leaders By tb,* Associated Brest Leading Hitters: Harvel. Oklahoma City, .375; Bell. Galverton. .365; Moses. Galveston. .350: Morgan, San Antonio, .355; English. Galveston. .345. Total Hits: Morgan. San Antonio, ,125. Double*: Bell. Galveston. 2*. Triples: Binder, Oklahoma City. 12. Home Runs: Bell. Galveston; Easterlins. Tulsa. and York. Fort Worth. IT. •Kiins Batted In: English, Galveston. 69- Runs Scored; Bell, Galveston. S2. Stolen Bases; Shelley, Beau- "Won: Phillips, Beauaaont. and Hillin, San Antonio. 14. Most Strikeouts: Kennedy, Ok- Horace Hlsrb, Homer Henry. J. T. • lahcizia City, S4. '. -r>j~i- ^"2.»«^hn' ' ~-~ r °° {Jfin and Tora ilciCinney was i Torriastoa. ^-y<C outpointed 1 -*«=«<* to act in an advisory ca- 1 . . - ! 12-i New York, (10). t ___ „ -leading San Antonio, HOirSTO2Cp Tex.—Tracy '• Missions lost more ground in tnej,,-.,^ Indianapolis, knocked •nrhen the Houston; A1 K " earney . 135. Xew Orleans, a batting bee at] Abe Miller and j j^^ Mountaineers named manager a.nd given power Cox. T O assemble a strong semi-pro- out j ball club to represent Paris among '2), i the various clubs HOAX- playing over j this section. Lcgsdon is an 2 Roundups For Tuesday This week, however. post tha- gave way under •welgbi has the o oecurence as marked last weeks? l>o^ is anticipated. Szronsbow _has | ^^^ ^ ^ ^ pirin . : ^^sS^b^w lasTT^d^i— Messrs, I>av,s a» d McMahon j rLt^T^S beli reinforced alon^ with |-^^-- -- ^ -ay down |-^^.J— chers wi;h the result no such j * • j 2ll lhe -? iel< ^-ere-iff at perfect shape for the shelling: i * w • Antonio The Buffs clout- j safeties and de-1 Padres S-5. The San j - Kills* difficult over this section of Texas arid Southern Oklahoma both by fans and players- The sew manager has already started signing play- Qnirirjs: at random from the "the •work of ITrnpire jIcMahon all "but inace us sick at the stomach 3; x .x contended he can beat Roebuc the rot>es of the ring are drawr ; 2%^-^!-* 5"r =ta i ! e«U«-«=r ** <«ar te .r. Pr«ie» nt SU^U-it-^r ^ «?.-^i^fM < S2. : S?L^^5S any -^-restlinir ecncitions. e:.ner :n t or out of s- rin s. i Roebuck, who lists Husrv. Okla-' ia. as his home. has ; about four years and learned a lot of wrestling: tr: som-e of which he showed Stronsbow. also a~ experi- . • A * '=•• ; •wrestler, seems to na~e &- - j -RV!Y,ir for Questionable tactics as • And to make it a bit snron^er, : says t-iis x^^nuersc-n corT-^soc-ndsTir, ] ">^ho quoted the above irom s. '!L-or;5*view paper: "!Por their o~^n } :nforir>ation "his Tvriter suggests ~- ihe m-en in blue <5o a little better \ . job of thsir "n~ork in Sencersori i ry went the Buffs | ANTLERS. Okia.—A n t 1 e r s . ,^ne knock better in the matter of j Mountaineers defeated the Shaw-U-rs, he said Tuesday morning. .. ,. _ T^-ilhits, but was unable to put them | r .ee Robins "at Shawnee by a score; It is planned to play the first zieid or ^more than i: >« ; ^^ w»ji as their Bayou i of 7 to 5 in a free hitting con-I same of the local amateur season ; ver * .^ dezeccas champion, g — - nebers final', test. .Mountaineers collected 15 | Sunday at the- local ball park. Jack TA estlana 01 Chicago, and two ; Cio .^-i- \- . ^ Missi ons. his J hits, one of these a homer by It is probable that one of xhe many "U'hite- Sox I Amend. third. baseman. while j strong semi-pro clubs froni I>allas to I Shawnee sot nine hits. Batteries j will be- brought to this city for {for Antlers were Byins^.on and j the opening contest. Manager Durham while TVinford pitched J Logsdos said. A tentative- lineup Pattoaville. Friday afiemooa and of his fellow townsmen who for- \ appearance wkh^ aierly won the- title—'Charles I owners, the Chicago (Chick) ,Svans, Jr., eight times i having ordered him to report winner, and Johnny Lehman, the [the jDallas Steers. County candidates will hold th« e ' r ~ ! eleventh roundup of the 1934 political campaign at Tigertown on Tuesday afternoon. From Tigertown, the candidates will go to y for a night meeting. Seven other meetings are sched- „ I uled for this week", ending with \ one at Chicota. Saturday night. | Meetings will be held at Post ! Oak and Faught Wednesday after- oon and night; at Garret!'s Bluff Embers-on. Thursday afternoon and nijrht; and at Milton snd "gu?ssers : " of McMahon's type-. , a J And we mean just that. A per- ,. I temoon ijras all but ruined, by a " i couple of decisions that are still for the night, i throuch ? -walloped and largely j is efforts the Indians iieir Sooner State rivals, , l ^^ Tulsa Oilers. 7-3. Binder truag- i ed to the platter four times and j E. triple and. dou- j £our of thi liking for evidenced, last week in his here "when Keferee Eddie "Wallace- was kept "hare at -^ors "breaking the Gcliaths once ther Tvesit to the mat alter a shady Added zest 1= exp-eci-rd to De for this ^atcli by the presence of Jack O'-^ei! £s Stronsr- ~DOW'S second. O'Bell has asked lor *s, aiatch- with Kcshuck &-~v. has he will sit at rtrifcisds- y night to help Strongbow "Seat Soeb-sck while at the same .trrcte Hoebuc-k. But O'Dell may be a bit tired after ais .match with X:ck Zllitch tha,t occupies the seisi-Sna: spot with. 2. 3*3 minute time Mrr/it.. H'-tch •is s. hard "worker who -wcrald like a win over O'Dell to add to his An5 if O T J>eii opens up . is rough st'^ff Tiiescay night Hlitch is asoiher wrestZer local farxs know they can depend CE>- to .get rou=h with his opponent. The opener, one fall to a finish "between Sailor Harro and Oscar ZjincLsay,. brinsrs together an t-p as-cl .conrsinc: yo^n? urrestier and .a. veteran- ILindsay has ca-npaic-r;- «5 for a long time while Barro 133 s "* champion. Besides them were Yates of JLtiarita. the new collegiate champion from Georgia j Tech; Ed -White of Bonham, Texas,- runner-up in the recent intercollegiate; Zell Saton of Oklahoma City, last year's "Western . _ medalist: Iceland Harcman of j s "Waco. Texas, newly crowned j " _ l>-an£-^IississlpT>i champion bv vir- 1 ssm =, runs ^ r^. O f »is finate viciorv over John- i S=°^f was hoiaing tne Oiler , ny Goodman at rtaUas; I>avid ! bludgeons well in check, allowing j Goidman of I>allas. the- "TrariS" {but five hits, one of which—j>er-1 medalist: Rodney Bliss of Omaha, j ger~s triple—was good for more j runner-up to "vVeszland in IS33. j than one base. ! and most of the other expected } The Beaumont Exporters and the i or zhey will be wondering which i Contestants except Ooo^m^n,* I^s.^- '• -L^S Galv^sti3. Pirates enjoyed an j way the cyclone went after it ' £O: , Tattle, the' British amateur ' struck them."* = champion, and Gus 3Ioreland of " | Dallas, who is recuperating from In short, if the uinps don't call ' an iajury- i George Binder, veteran Okla- j ^^ ciark caught for | of the players who will wear! night, Cnaries > horDa City snO rtstop west Mtj These lean , s play ia Antlers next I Paris livery will be made • public | .Although roundups have been 'later in the week. under way for more than a. week County Sing Meetiulyl3 Oklahoma and from adjoining counties of Texas hav* accepted invitations to attend the annual I>amar county singing coav«ntiom this year. according to W. E. Oliver. president of the organization. Among others -will be representatives of the- Bartlett Music company of Hartford. Ark., a quartet from. Idabel. Okla_, the junior Enloe quartet and others. The singing: convention will open at Shady Grove, southeast of Paris. Friday night. July II and will continue through Sunday. AH delegates are urged to attend the business meeting: Saturday afternoon. A night session will be 'held Saturday night. . All singers and lover* of- group singing are invited to attend th» meeting. Representatives of singing classes in all parts of Lamar county will i>e among those attending. The program -will include solos, trios, and quartets as well as choruses. and meetings have been held at some of the- larger communities of the county, there is little- apparent interest in the county races- Few voters are heard discussing, politics this year according to reports. Neither state nor county political campaigns are arousing the usual interest on the part of th* voters- . . Trench Mouth Healed Tour friends dare not say so but your sore gums and foul breath don't make folks like you any better. Leto's Py orrhea. Remedy heals worst cases if used as directed. It is not a mouth wash, or paste and is sold on a money back guarantee. Palace Drug Store.—• Adv. j -^s otf day, but will make up lost j time Tuesday in a doubleheader | z ~ 3eaumont. \ '^m called, then the umps sre In vo~,i J-mo"^"- Thev ss.i'5 do A n there loop that couldn't take :t_ OsJy .-;ca.: violence in an ''efzort to scare Hugo Beats Heavener 9 KITGO, Okla,—Hugo Tigers got art even break in the two-game series, trounci-g the Heavener Blues, 7 TO 5. Monday afternoon Tlre^ton CENTURY PROGRESS TIRE MONDAY'S ItESTTLTS rs Paris we shall ir:r>5~ of a cer- ta-inly be ^iac to publish onl^r recently startec s.s a prcfes- fa_ns ably csn z~ counted on to get ' too strong for h:m~ •*• ; retsrn T.O referee the •Krestliar T-svIn Hills, Oklar,on-.a City. bouts- "Wallace has -sror; a big- =ports scribes local fc-Zio-?rir£r b- his work as an Capita: rate Harr.rnsr: one of Simpson, leadoif mas. got a. lif.^ < on an -error at first, advancec T anil ; scored on Bryant's hit.- Bryant I follo^ec him across the plate- j whe-n Grayszon hit safely to make \ l~. a two-run lea-d in the first. Hugo 1 added t^o more in the third on a i sing-leby orcon. a triple by "Tv"e£t- ! brook and a double by Grayston. j *""" ' • They were h.sld scoreless until 1 : zhe seventh, •whea a hit, two er- ; ^_ ; rors and a sacrifice pu~ over two ; ^e:a.r.c ra.a_^' ; zn o - e runs and aclded the waning | •^c-rk in the ; -sJ~ i^ -^^ eighth on Coffey's sin- j ?rle. a sacrifice anc Pitcher Stark's ; SingiS- ;* OjCianOmB * -T--__ -Til™ _,,___ l .s -r--^,~ 4-~ ~-^^ f. XE3LAS Fort "Worth II, X>allas 6. game- Oklahoma City 7, Tulsa 3 % night Sonstors S, San Antonio 5, night game. Galveston at Beaumont, off -5ay. A3EERICAX Xo games schedtiled Xo es schedule \TEST "DIXIE X,KAGTTE Palestine 5, I.ongview 3, L-sfkin 11. Henderson 7. Tj-Ier at Jacksonville, off TEXAS £.K-\GCE £eco ,£ 0 ,, errors and t^ro fests. LARGE CROTSDS AT EL BETHEL REVIVAL tc-i-:rh«: a- Oklahoma C:t". Houston Oklahoma Citr e j services ccr.ciict-e-5 h" Rev. Orval :• ^ ;*r: of T-'r-Tt-oka. Okla.. at the ^ ^ ^i^u'jnce a victory th*?r through the Tveek, an ..ilir.ess. Frank Oliver if ir. Ij-rief stay. : t"j>*i-'K-ri".<?rT5 of a. irby city *t is rile? C -...- « Jt ^~~. ^*— * t*. <j* "W-i *^« •—^ ^ ^^ *« » T"*^ \ * -,.T Erti*i-....'.^J.-. *C ij *^. . «^. i .»&»* *^ ^^ JTT-S.* 1 ror. a double and a single,a. rs<! i made their fourth separate, score *• In the seventh, on a- hit, TWO 'wallc'5 j and a. fielder's choice. The 3Iife? ] made a rail" Jn the first of th 1 n'nth and scored two rsrus. but j ; S—ank -popped oct to end the in- | Team— i nir.g- anc Ieav» Hugo the -^rinner. i N«w "iorz : The score: ? Betroit . . ; Heavener ..CIO 110 102— | H-g-o .....202 OfrO 2Ix— Sa.tterlesi Jles.veii'sr. St"C€iij s.r;-i vv'illcersori; ? Campbell, Stark., Jchnsr 45 ^ . ... 35 51 NEW REDUCED PRICES LIMITED TIME ONLY ^4.40-21 AMERICAN -5 S 3 -7 7 S ! Cleveland Pruitt, T..-.-, -r I St. LO'-iB I Chicago 35 3S 31 38 ±5 L. 33 35 h<?re over th<! weekend, JLH<J Mr, s.r.d 3-5ry, Jc-f- Hrf^n of Graot. Stoce. Thoi-s fr<"rn r.trt- s.*t* n-'iiTig'- iag^ 8t ?"supj^t. : rur. S.'-. v v."€-r«r Tvlr.. Floy B-arns.r<i and Vint* Ke:th. <i^rinpr for i^iand r r.-_a" n^rn. ^-=> k ^ ^"-° ^ r '-* — &r - Oklahoma Sundav Dillinger Is Seen Again Team — -5W TorJc I St. L»ouis [ Pittsbttrgh j Boston , 42 38 31 HOT UNDER THE COULAR By TT1.E ASSOCIATED PHH:-S CHICAGO — It ^'&s I:ke in:*: Fre<5 £. Johnson •wa.s :n a fa:r!y ff&od h-rnor wh»*n S^e s?.t Gt-^-rs to dial a Telephone numi.-ftr. but as time wore os his ou:"ook 'hr- yjirrser. rere riot at the dinner | F"r*5a.y Rijerr:*, hav* a i •*• this. T>^Ia.ri<2 ^ras f hfs appr^c:s.ti«on for J He ^SLJ'f, in pa.rt- *T i ; FONT) X>t7 LAC. "Wls % </?) -— A "wisd jraa battle befween deputy sheriffs" an-2 a of granm«n I ri<5ir..? in a largr* atitomobil* led i to rasa ore John DiHin^er -SFSJS on t j Phlla-delphia. 30 Cincinnati 24 j i 33 27 4S 47 48 .« .535 •- 1 "h^ 1 T7I3T; "whT : Da. Ha* jscrib*- rr,y friends, ^ +w~~Ky" to r' Brook H' WEST DIXIE I.EAGUE %V. I* , 3 K ..f,, % ?> cocsln pea.c« officers on an exten-j j^afkia ,.,., % % give nriaahcct Tuesday, On«s of the | Henderson,"""... 7 7 rurnien wajs beliered to hav* 1 ixsug^jeTiy * ...., 7 7 b*«tc ^round«<2- | Tyl«r S % The fight, -which occurred on &j " WHELPED TO BUILD THE TIRE SENSATION of '34! Beyond Comparison in Quality, Construction, Appearance and Price With Any First Quality Tire Made THE i*ay to create a TIRE SENSATION is to give the people 'what they want, and Firestone has done this with the ne^r Firestone Century Progress Tire, As millions of people visited the Firestone Factory at the World's Fair last year, we asked this question—"What do yon valne most in a tire?' 5 They answered—"Give ns Blowout Protection, "Non-Skid Safety, and Long Wear, at & moderate price."" This was a hig order, hut Firestone has a habit of giving car owners what they want when they want it. We knew there was only one way to build Quality and Value into a tire at a moderate pricey and that was by volume production. We built the greatest tire ever made to sell at these low prices. Car owners mre profiting because we found out what they wanted and found the way to give it to them. The new Firestone Century Progress Tire IS EQUAL OR SUPERIOR to any first quality tire built, regardless of name, brand, by whom manufactured, or at what price offered for sale. T: amber. K^rr;rr,a.r; il ha.-i 5>eer. changed t.o er, which h* 1 attempted 10 rec*ivscsr or.ty a busy *>:?- oaJ. So be p*-t on his hat, }uiwj> < r--d into a, cis-b e.rid Trent TO •police. h* vras accused of ? the shirt of the H. J, Mtyer, a.nd .him sn the JAW. The coTOj^eny called the $1 five t>»ii « flr*m«>n** to buy Mr. told rr* •wa* not «t Friday tb* final n««r ra Xoatey. left BLOCKS CLARKSVILLE PAVING *c-ribbl*r In «*v^ry a token of iippr ns! expert takes with Ms cu tha.t h* bad to h*lp him And as tiorj Th*" Jour- pok« at Ham- naj-y trait—Jn- out. At feast that i* h?5 <-u«?<vmsury trait wji««> h*- mentions 3 Paris? p«rfortn*r. All tJ>« InstaJices of wljicij -we know—two—!-h*.vc featured tliiw. So in on* tmatoSon he te doSnjr -w-^ll j Florida** h*t«il ««les tax s*"«in over»j«r*>. By thiw w# ro«san | tltree ««at« on **eh gallon of t^rif* to run *!»>wn ^ joliB* nets the «tate ro»xl d*p«.rt- P*r*«t*n «nd bopi tim«w h* b««,»anent Alxrat no tangibJe evjdeoce that the <la- iive Indiana; bad. maa -wraus involv- | I «d., | CLAK.KSVII-JUE, —Over si* j f The findlRs 1 of a. bolfet nonctur- j blocks of y*tvinsr hajs b«*n laid on i *d email automobile abandoned Jn | W«st HS'ain street by _tfc*!: Mack I a. ra.vtc«. precede^ tfa«s gunplay, | Construction compa-t^. I>aiii£jr | While the <5«puti*« -were driviii^ I starting at the new Delaware I ia the bcJiet-scarred isachfr:e to j creeic bri^3g:« on Main «treet, Wh*;n | Fond Du L*tc, a, large «r*y car j completed th* concrete wi!! *x-1 approached, arsd aa it drew near ] tend a. mile and a half west from j lhe officers, Jt* occujxtntc opened ] tfce i>ui>J/e Check These Amazing Values Come in maA equip your car with this nutrrel of tire c£>:j25^"s,*''Sction, at the lowest price we have ever been able to make on a lire of this high quality and construction, carrying a Triple Guarantee. 12 Months Guarantee Against All Road Hazards On TIRES Ftrertooe Knc of tir«* aH road liazar«ifc for twelve montha. In Addition Firestone give* th* indottry life tme w*rr«j»» ty against defect* in work* nuuQsJhlp and material*. When «sed in coinai«rcjal service these tires ar* azst«e<l for JK£X mostha. following Firestone dealers ared to are you: LANGFORD'S DISTRIBUTOR 0011 Th€ Best Low Priced Tlr* On Th* Martctt lire wtth a m«tchine grwa and away. The deputies answered the with shot* from their shot- end pistole. Oi flcSala «ay «ra4insr of the rljfht j of way to form a connection for the higrhway with Main «tre«t on the west Is practical Jy finished. crew* !x!n£ a.t Tr^ris: n«rw p*>ad- ijiig' a»<J Jetting in preparation for the paving. Several more week* win be required to finiab. th« pro- Al D*l«cH If Mtftlfc* AMM>t Al * 5k Jfwtcfe in CammirHml Scrviev JU*t*f« t* Cl«ly* StwrcfcowC mrr . C— PARIS Texaco Service Statlos ^fo- I —Ray "Walters 5ta£ijolia. Petroleum Co. Station iCo. 64. Fetr oleum. Co. St&Ko. 337. Sinclair Service Station •—r Main St,. Bob Brooks John Scarborough, Inc. Bill Ingram"* Oarajcc Pa.^1 Crawford Service Station. X Main. BOXHAM M&molla Pet. Co.. StsttJoa Xo. €6 Sauar* Service Station C. T. Johnson Rssjiel! Kclsej* Motor Co. HOXEY GKOVB JtlasmoHa Petroletim Co.^ Station 190 PhUltps; Auto Supply CUVKKSTILUB Pet Co., Station Servic* Statloa P«t- Co., Roxtoa P«t- Co., Cooper Ma^molla. Pet- Co.. Wolf* CUT Hayes and Sort. IDeport. Boirata Hardware-. Bofrat* J. I* Cato. T»!co Cooper Motor Co.. Cooper W. H. EKuwlen. Windom Gre«Jiway Chevrolet Company. Wojf«s City. McCl*thy S«rv1c* Station, R. I* Moore TIr» and B*t- lory. Commerce StovaU Hardware. Coop«r O. 8, Holloiray. betrott Jon«»-H*av«R«r, Chlctyt* Mlll«r Tatec, C. I ,

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