The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 7
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T, JU.T ML MM TMEMMS NEWS. Attacker Is Mob Victim In Louisiana Biegr* Lynched In Battrop . After Attempt On White Girl - **., ""BASWIOF; Lau (£*)—A youjir fi**ro farmer lay dead ift an un- 4etta,*inr establishment Tuesday, lynched by a, mob after officer* reported he had confessed an attempted attack on *. prominent Thite «trL Tbree hundred men hanged An- lrsw; r McLeod. 16. from the limb of am o*Jc tree on the court house . square here late Monday night de. spite his pleas for mercy, ,,*,---•" MeDeod. was accused of attempt-*".''•' in* to attack th* 19-year old Riri - early Sunday near Jones, la... SO ••-' Hill**" from here. He was arrested ' Sunday and officers were prepar- : '-"ills' to file formal charges against htm at'thft-time the mob battered down the door of the small briclc jail "house and seized him. _ " ' • Witnesses reported that the mob formed quietly and grew to .:," *ttc>! proportions that officers in tJi« town were unable to halt their plans. , . . .A telephone pole and a railroad rail, -were ttsed TO break down the ,.,! Iron" doors to the. small jail and to ... b«rst toto the cell where the ac.. ciieed ne^ro -was crying and plead- inr for mercy. 1X , The negrro was forced to stand -*. .on top of an automobile -while the rope was fastened and then he -was - j . pushed clear. The first rope broke :. asd the victim fell to the. ground. - i^tn -unidentified man ran. up and slashed his throat".*:."" ••&• stronger rope was obtained • *nd McX-eod was hanged. Then the £ mofc: dispersed. ,• iChlef. of Police B. C. 'Walton was '-. : -; reported ou tof town *t the time * ^ «f ±h» lynchias and th,er& was no night marshal at the jaiL Two other ne*ro prisoners in the jail were ' 3 *aid to have pointed, out Mcl-eod _,. , to^ the leaders of the raob after .r.r.they'gained . entrance- The other* "' -jsrisbners -were not molested. JSheriff Fred Carpenter said he aad bis deputies were unable to ..'halt the mob. - v,~TiS* gjiri told officers she was re- ttirnlag home from a dance late '.Bi£ht- with, her escort, had been drinking, when th«ir ntstomobile left the road and shi started" walking to a gasoline sta.- tion tip the road in search of aid, *:'•- Sfc* said a. ne^iro grabbed her aajd tried to pull her through a •wire fence beside the road, but that she fousrht him off an«i h* J3ed at the approach cf another ""car.. ' ' InDi .Lassie Hon*yman (Above), New York heiress, was named in a divorce suit filed by Mrs. J. Walter L&ngcope, former wife of Jesse LIv. ermore. Wall street operator, In Santa Barbara, Calif. Longcope was the prohibition agent who arrested the late Texas Guinan and Helen Morgan after spending $7,000 In their night clubs. (Associated Press Photo) • ' " Stock Market More Active YORK.,(>PV—For the. first time in several weeks, the stock .market Tuesday sbo-wed sigrts of life and renewed hope. In a • relatively lively'-first hour numerous issues recorded advan- -ces of 1 to around 3 points, and although the trading pace slowed dotcn later, most gains -were fairly -BFell held. - Brolcers were" not in agreement as to the cause" of -the -ratty. In some quarters it -pras believed that a mild revival of7 inflationary psychology cnay have been the motivator vrnfle in others it was thougrbt equities -were_ beVirmirtg- to an upturn in &nd ty. Technical factors "were also Kiven some credit. Cotton grot up another, dollar or so a ba-le^ despite considerable-profit taking. "Wheat, com and ry% recovered mor* than a cent a bushel. Rubber ftstnres pointed upward, but silver lagged. U.S^ Joans srenerally improved. rates wer-e narrow. FATHER CRITICATlTuT If'.T.i * Roy ^Cobles was notified of the illness of his father. "W. A. •Xobtcs. who is visitJrss; ar Suipii-ur, Okia^, and with his brothers. VT. A, JCobl^s. Jr.. of Slavey as mer Kobl«s of Deport, he left Tce*day noon for Sulphur. : HITGO. Okla.. — !_ C. ' (Red) Cross, deputy sheriff wer.t to Mad|l« Monday to briny back I_-eRoy Sstell cs.ptnre<I by Madiij officers with a car stolen on the night of July 3 from 2Td V»*hadley here. Gunmen and Cops Battle Near Dallas Police. Certain Men Are -£scaped Con^cts; Rush Identification ,'3>AJLLiAS. (fl 3 ) — Ttvo s believed to be escaped convicts •wr».ri ted for robbery, engaged in a gun fight i-with officers before dawn Tuesday on a. highway a. few exiles weit of Dallas and one of them was captured, the other aJbaaadoalng the stolen car " in which, they were traveling and Seeing into a., wooded section- .The shootins climaxed a. series of events which started about midnight when _ Dallas officers received -A report on the robbery of Bird Brothers sen-Ice station at Jacksonville. Two men held up the station attendant^ taking 51.15 from th«r cash register ami a small stdan. "At 2:12.' "a, jziu police" here were notified, by sheriff Sides ox Canton, "Van Zandt county, that a similar ear "had. filled up with gas there and had. driven away without paying for the gas. Dallas officers posted guards on roads leading from Canton. Shortly after .3 a. m. officers notified Dallas headquarters they had shot the right rear tire from the car. and peppered it with buckshot as it sped, through Terrell. .KLaufnmn county. Detectives J. T. !>uther and L, G-. Deik, immediately headed for Terrell- Three miles beyond Buckner Blvd., they passed a. large tJTttck b.ead'ed f-or Dalas. Close behind the truck .came a car,, running on a. flat tire and bearing the license plates of tire hunted car. j Deik and Luther switched out i their lights, turned around and followed. The men in the car. armed with pistols and a shotgun, saw them and made motions as If to shoot. De!k raised his shot; gun a.nd fired five shells at the left rear tire of the car. ripping it to shreds. The car in front jerked to a. stop _aiid its occupants started shooting ai the officers. "Delk and 'Luther- emptied their shotgun an<i rifle into the car and then opened up with pistols. One of the men ia t>i» car Jumped oat and ran into the woods, carrying an automatic Pistol in his : hand. The other hid :a the car mitil the officers approached and. then surrencered. He ..w^as described by police as being fairly tall, heavy set and. with bioade hair. Ke was wearing blue overalls, a. blue work shirt a.nd 'was bare headed. Ke was less than 30 years of age. Identification experts went to Work 03 their files 'after he was brought into Dallas, trying to identify their prisoner. Ke gave a rssme believed to be ' fictitious. The two men left behind them in Jacksonville a concslrriEg letters and other personal property which, the sheriff . there reported. MARKETS At A Glance - Pr*v. TO*K OOTtOX READY FOR HOP TO CLOUDS Marea May . July . Jan March Hay -. July „ Oct. JuSy 13.S9 12.SS 12.S* ir«> 12.«4 1S.7S J3.3S 1±.4S 12.3* 12.73 12-S4 i2.*3 13L93 15.4* COftOX JPrev. Close His& Lew li.57 12.7* ?2.S* ir^, 12~T& l£»« 12JI 11.1S 12.46 12,** .... 52.3$ 12.S9 2±.44 12.62 12.73 !*.§» Cloae 12.79 Co Jaly Se-pt. I>*c Oa CHICAGO GMATV Frov. dose ".V." 89 . 65«i ."."."." IT * SSH 54 -54 SS% 58% ** July Sepft. r>«c. 42 43 ....... 64% ** 11.9? li.53 12.74 Clorn- 4»»4 *«* Bonds Farm 3iori; indicated both were escaped con- \-1cis- They "were being checked, "with descriptions- of robber* of hotels. filling stations and drup stores in Fort Worth-and a, bailk at Xaples, Texas. Sheriff J. A. Smith of Cfe*rokee county was -en -route to Dallas to 1 claim the prisoner, -who told police j his name was Charles Conway, and j to take charge of the, bullet-torn car the captured man aad his confederate took, at Jacksonville. Capt. Albert W. Steven* (left) and Major W. E» K«pn«r ar« shown m* the> entered the stratosphere gcintiol* near Rapid City, $. D^ for * teat in which th* flondola was sealed to provide conditions tlk* the** th«y will encounter in th« projectedrfliaht to attain the highest altitude ever reached by mam. (Associated Press Cotton Mart Up Tuesday ORLEANS, (ffj — Cotton prices continued to soar Tuesday under the influence of th« bullish government acreage report Issued Monday *a<2 a dollar a bale 3mnj> Tueaday brought th* increa.=» for the~ two days to almost 53.00 per bale. The advance Tuesday was aided by unfavorable .-weather in t'ne belt as -well as .the influence of the ar- rease report, and buying showed more activity Lhan it has in recent,, weeks. After mid-session, -the October option rose" to 12.59 and D«?ceitiber to 12.74. 21 to 22 points above Monday's closed, or" ?1.05 to $1.10 per bale. The net gra'n Monday was almost ¥2.00 per bale. Cotton futures closed strong at net advances of 21 to 22 points. Grain Prices j Soar Upward! , CHICAGO, &P> — A prottCtt&ced I reversal of bearish s*nta»*nt a* 1 to grain .values l>eeaj«*<""«Vtde»t>3« v Tuesday, and all cereal market* 1 went upward. -•--._ , Commission house interest "r«- , gadding: wheat was the most ,activ» ^ < witnessed tor .some tiaa*-. Jcbntri- j butlng factors including: a deireas* of h^dgln^ sales, together "with advances shown by cotton mnji s«e\ urines. There •weri) also'tea* optl- ? 1 mistse crop reports as to, *prinjr '-nrheat bozh sides of fhe.. Ca'nadian border. ^_ V.'hca: climbed S-S ro I 1-4 above Monday's finish, September , rev.- SS 1-2 to 5-S, corn 7-S t*y ,1 1-? up, oars S-S to 3-4 up, axul '^provisions showing' 7 co 15" cent* 'sain. Cow (Continued Frot;. Ocft> DRESS CONTEST IS HELD AT IDABEL GAS delivers ^below fifty" refrigeration without noise or vibration K. JO wonder Becfrofux, the giss refrigerator, is far ahead in economy, cor.ven- iftfsc* and comfort when a tiny g«s flam* fakes the place of all moving parts In circulating a simple, seaied-m refrigerant. Tfjis unique simplicity gives Electro.!ux several unmatcned advantages: A remarkably low njnnincj cost, permanent silence, and -freedom from repairs. See this new and different kind of refrigerator. It thoroughly e-xemplmes -Hie efficiency and great economy of «$ modern gas appliances. Buy safe refrigeration plus LOWEST RUNNING COST PERMANENT SILENCE FREEDOM FROM REPAIRS CVa* is th« m^et economical f **«! — aw*. Elrctrolux tt»«i ttry little. TJs»t T s wiry Jt ot>erat«» for about 25c a -— *•- —--- — -•»— IV At I CD it «b permanently so! For it the Mating parts in a fnstntvr that cause m™. But EJectrolnT has none! that do nut move cannot wear. That's th* reason why Electrolox will irfTf* years of service free from expensive repairs, . . . and thafs Ekctroluxf Texas CiticsQp^as Company I_arr;ar County Chamber of Commerce for its efforts In making the canning plant successful- The chamber of commerce has invested considerable money in the plant, jlr. Warner said, both in the securing of the project, for Paris and jn tee operation of the plant. The chamber of commerce is paying- the rent on the building housirsg: the. plant and in addition is furnishing some of the equipment tf^lns usec in the plant, ilr. TVamer said. It ""was pointed out that: the chamber v of .comrnerce- has spent much money In telephone calls and in sending committees to Austin to confer -with Texas Relief. Commission members relative ^to the securing of the plant for Paris. At present the chamber of commerce Is working: to- secure pasturage for some 1.500 to 2,0&0 cead of cattle so the pasturage may be available -if th& reiief commission elects to send this stir- plus to Paris. In addition to the equipments being furnished by the chamber) of commerce. Mr. TVarner called j atiention to the fact the city is •Lurnishing- retorts bein^ used fa processing the beef at the plant. The adinirtistrator adco took occasion to express his appreciation of the city's co-operation in bonisa: tae beef at the *2>attolr, wher* it is Mlled and chilled- Securing- of the scrplcz cattl* would mean a, proionxiiig of the ca.rjTsirt£- operation of the local plant, Mr. "Warner pointed out, and for this reason the chamber of cornrnerce already has gone to iK-ork finding pasturage for the cattle should they be dispatched. here. In view of the splendid record of the local plant and tha cooperation beicg received by the relief commission authorities from the city and chamber of commerce this :s regarded as a. likely step by the relief commission. IDABELL. Okia.—In an appropriate dress review conducted here Saturday by Hiss Martha. Merri- Seld of Oklahoma A. acd M. college, assisted by Mrs. Litna Travis. McCurtain county home demonstration agent, first place for tailored woolens was awarded Edith Reynolds: cotton school firess to Imogene Story; tailored linen. Ixwene Swartz; informal party frock, Freddie Mae "Wilson and afternoon dress- I/ois „ Persder;- grass. Gsrls attending TK^TZ Geraldin ? Sargent. Marie Stvartz. Geraldine Dorris, Juanita Baker, lola \Vii- 15ford. Helen j^awler^ Isez Mad- Mattie Lou l>orris, Mary. Jo Womack, Imogrece Story. Beulals "Weathers, iDizie. Stout, L,ucJi}e _ Gregg. Xettie Hopkins. Fredda | Mae Wilson, Christine I>enney. { g j Liois Pendersrrass. EAith !Re:-"sotds. I Ixjrene Swartrw Hazel Stanfield ar^ Velirsa Mae Ste^-,art_ DAUGHTER IS B0RX A caugliter -vvas bom to Mr. and Mrs. George Jones, of Srown avenue, Monda"- afternoon at the Xa- jmar hospitaL STORT The Fourth Ward story hotir at ,.9 o'clock. tmder t the direction of Mrs. Rodders Coleman, Livestock Sales Slow FORT TVORTH. </?"!—(U- S. D. A->—Hogs 800. including 200 direct; track 10' lower; no rail: top 4.50: bulk grood to choice 175 ~o j 275 pounds hogs 4.40 to 4.50; g-ood j -uuderweishts averaging 145 to- 170 j pounds 3.50 zo 4.35: packing SOTTS [steady, mostly 5.25 to o.75, I Cattle 3,500. including- 2 73. gov- I emmeni; cattle: calves 1.70->; all j classes very slo-wr; slausrhter steers i and, yearlings tending- lower; bids mostly 15 10 25 cents offer: very little shocker business: slang-liter calves slo-wr^ steady to 25 lo-rrer. i Strictly -goocE to ciioice fed steers i lacking-; some short feds dtie sell 15.00 range and srrassers aroiin-d I ~ ~ j and under 4.50: fe-w? good fed I TearilTigs 5.00; butche.r co^s around 2.00 to 2.50: emitters and lo-w cutters 1,50 to around 1.50: some "well bred stock steer year- j lings s.nd calves 4.0-0: good heavy fat calves 4.25: other Tveightv averages inostly 3.50 dotrrr. Slreep 4.000r*steady: mefiiusa to : j good fe± lambs 5,00 10 7.00; fat i eTces 4.00 to 5.00: fat wethers mbc- |i ed ages 2.75: aged fat wethers 2,50 '• to 2.75; ftTv feeder lambs 3.75 down; feeder yearlings 3.00 to 3.25. I ICE CREAM SfPPER j TUESDAY ! " The East Paris Pre-SelxK>L aso- f cfaiion -w-ill have an ice creaizi Http- I per on the la^-n of the lionie of ?5Irs. B-afor<! 'Sperry,- -535 eirfbert- j,son street, Tuesday everilri^ at T j o'clock. I Lax The Bladder i Juniper Oil. Bndra Etc. If you are bothered setting- night;;, burning. leg pains* ache, make this 2ac tes£^' out the excess acids and -wast* matter that cause irritation. Get Juniper oil extract bucfeu etc., in green tablets called ets. the Bladder laxative. . four days if not satisfied- Tvill return yotii- 23c. guaranteed by Gamer Drug S'ore, ilurphy Dm^ Srore»~ anc Palace Drug- Store. HENSHAW'S ICE CREAM QT. 15*.'..£5*. Fre« Dclivcrjr, Pbooe 228 (Cos C C. CiuMerm fonK« Sh&rp* TV. FhOpott. Oklafcorts*. r.atjor: *or t-asnraj3e« commissioner :o Jsss G. R«su!, president- XT. H. KiTch«r. Duraxst. sar ship 10 Roy Pa.tjl_ »Iso of I>c:ra.nt. Pas! ha* no Republican oppon*r:t- Johu W-Jl^on. Frederick. TFho tied with Raymond Barry or Hollis for • ih« raaB«rt:p place by Jot Hel?t» A-Tiett of Man^tiss led tJi» DCTKO- cratlc race. H- C, FFraskSm yi«Me<i the Tulaa. second Shftrfct l*srislat:v« post ;o Joe Chambers. th« i Escape From -Po«* Ov«> Sunday ni$ht by »«.^rlBjp fron their c**il acd c-nttia» »w»y on* an outside window. A :mprovj?*<J from bl*nk«t*. do-^n which th*y cliSib^rpd to freedom. Th* brea-te was not discovered -until after daybreak Mond»y room- inr. POSTMASTER TAKEN TO \ r ETS HOSPITAL HUGO. OJcIa,— Frwsk Sch-Jessler. assistant postma-tser at Bo«- w«!J, was taXen Monday to tis» hospitaJ at Mti*koir«« for . Schuessler di»apT»**r^d t2j* night of Jtily 2 after an «leo tlon rally h«re, and d!d »ot return tiT«til Friday. whTO h* wt!d h« had »»ff*i-*d a lap»« of si era cry and found himself in Te»n. soy i» BOJCV Mr. and Mrs, I*e« Coiley ar« tJi« parents of a son who H-»S born on, Mtondmy at tfc* X«m«T honpital. of i«re*t*rn Kentucky for th*lr crop HOW BIG A LUBRICATING JOB CAN A QUART OF OIL Five quarts of New and Improved Conoco Germ Processed Motor Oil lubricated a motor nearly five thousand miles in a test against five nationally kncwn 7 widely advertised motor oils * . . * TF YOU are one of the many motorists who believe that a quart of .any -*- brand of quality cni is like any other quart, read this story of the "deF- structzon" test made at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway under the strict supervision of the Contest Board, American Automobile Association. Six strictly stock cars of the medium priced class, and sis different brands' of oil of the sarae S. A. E. grade were used in frr»s test to prove the motor protection and consumption of each oil. Simultaneously the cars •wrere driven for an average of 500 miles a day at 50 miles an hour until the motors refused to operate. On the 4th clay, three cars were out of the test, Oil No. 4 had gone 1,713.2 miles; Oil No. 6 had completed 1,754.4 rmlea and Oil No. 5 had finished 1,815.9 miles. On the 5th day, OH No, 1 failed, after gprr.g 2.266.8 miles. This left two oils competing. In defiance they ran the 6th, 7th,. and Sth days, when Oil No. 3, after totaling 3,318.8 miles, wrecked its motor and crept to a stop. Oil No, 2—New and Improved Conoco Germ Processed Motor Oil piled up a total of 4,729 miles! More than 3.000 miles farther than the first oil to go out, and more t-h»r> 1,400 miles farther than the last oil to faiL New and Improved Conoco Germ Processed Motor Oil has much greater vitality, or Ska strength, to withstand great pressures and increased beat of modem automobile motors. It has great resistance to effects of dilution and the rnrnirrwrn of carbon, and sludge. It nag greater oily penetration called the "'Hidden Quart," protecting your cold motor in starting, when. irsost of the wear occur*. This oil bcovered by recent United States patent* and only Conoco can make it- It was these superior qualities that carried New and Improved Cococo Gersa Processed Motor Oil to a record of 4,729 miles on nve quarts. Here is a record of motor protection and low consumption that conclusively proves how big a lubricating job a quart cf oil can do. Drive to a Red Triangle Station, nil and know that you have the highest lubricatini; value ia either ssiles or dollars that your money can buy. T?» e*r that corer»<? <73? e*x2e* on o/ rfow «o«f Jswto«*e<f Conoc* G*rsi Jfocor Oil. AAASAMCT10H NO. SOOt tfW r if CONTINENTAL Oil CO. *FC «wng new types of b*mnyt which wiil itand ^rcdcr prcvures «nd t*mp«;*tiv*», r*- Miitieg from hio*«««d power teat *o*«i. New «nd h*» prerrcd Conoco G«nt Proc«ss«d Motor Oil H*s W«ft «xh«tn4iv«ty tested on th*** mew b^rmgs. Tire ravlfc h«Sc«t« tfwt H jive* them sr««tw protection <&ia«5* th#n straigbt miner*) oils. Protect your new CM by csins the motor oil you Wsvreof. NEW AND IMPROVED CONOCO GERM PROCESSED MOTOR OIL IXCIUIIVI NIW FIATURtf FHOTICTID UMDIR MCINT U. $. PATENTS

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