The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 2, 1964 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1964
Page 4
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fOaylily hybridizer will speak lo BP Hemerocallis Society BamM* *¥**** ef an eetterttr <* day ;«l» ftvvrtdistti, will fee the ••fee* weaker Mr N» Mare* 3 nteetisc of tt» Bf*»***«H .fteweroeillu ftartaty, * TW» «IM he the rtrat meet- .4*4 of IN year f« Owtaet' %ty aM (he fMMM I* Mvtted 3* *ttea*. Th* mawttat will i at »iM p.™, M «* Lake n*te ft*** A****. Mis* rrtB«* vritee tre- «jew»t srticlee m lh* ll»mero- eatil* JOVTMI. «h» i* hrbri* tiwfirfw* '«iy. n««t*M» Keek allow**] ctuirmm, will be 10 Mined a pott of member*' gar- are being "tt*T*a rfeylilM* as *• l*0ttc«ment thi* to Mr. awt MM. l<*m »eenrdi«f |Mrs. Nash regent of Asa bnderwood DAR Chapter I ANOLKTOIt - MM. W. U |fa*1i wit elected reteriof th» |AM Ufldervond Chapter, *DiegM«r« (4 ib* AmerleMi The Ch.p»«r met la the 0""" of Ih* Ami Deak nf commerce, »Mft B. 1C. twIMwy, Mrs. »|. t, Memr «*» Mrs. J. *P. oil) a* hoetetie*. g Other «•»* nmeert ehwted *» eeelamiiiofl iMlwieil Mrs. »W. A. KMdle, vice regeM; 3lrs. 1. H. erupt, tre.tur- 3»Tj Mr*, will ftehevlel, eor- •«eepoodln< enrctiryj Mr*. rtl. K. Ht»p»r, reeorOtng ••«- ^eurri Mr*. I. K. Porter f*gletr«r: Mrs. i. P, cilli DID YOU KNOW.. joe Prank ha* • new double woven nylon anil you'll love Hard!* a double woven dicrun polyester you need •no- Dow chemical Company has ereated a Zef- krome you can't be wlAoat we have them all at UViHt Lake Jukaon, Teats Mrt. J. R. Worrell, Mr§. c. A. «ei- , eurtlnr; lad Mr*. I). B. Oleeeck*, eh»pl»m. Mr*. I. H. Hemiltter pr»- eeaM theprt*r«m,"TheMen Rehiad George wuhlngton," sad also tokt facet* of Wash(•flow's life from ehlMlinoilta hi* death. M the iheeae* "t Ihe chaplain , Mr*. /.all»k« Mitchell tod the ritwi. D«rla« UM builneta *ese- lon, delegate* to the Con- tlaenlil Congre»* *»l the Stile C«t»e»tHiB were «f- flrmed. The Mirth lei, held lo honor the OAR Owl CitliefMhlp Awtrd wiMiag «irl«,»»l their mother*, will be held in West CnlumMi. WSCS to meet I.AHK JACKSON - The Woman'* lloelely of chrlatlan •ervle* nf rlnt Methodist Church "HI hold a (eneral meettnt and •tud» from t lo 11 a>m. on Tveadar. Christian women flUEEPORT-Clrele I of the Plrst Christian church will meet el t a.m. Tuesday. The BIMe study will be from t lo 10 and the lemon will be Oenesu ld-19. The women will sew from 10 until noon, at which lime a covered dlah l««cheon will be MembereMp presently I* eompo*«l tortely of em«te«, M tndlvMteils era wektxned sail »ltl be five* the came darlily boM* tor Jotaaat, if the* do eo before April I. (Me* are H par eatoadar rear for a OO«BJ*» (P la sent to refUMl and aetioMi of- flees, and $2 I* kept by the local aaalet*) and $1 for an indlvtdmt. Aaron* wishing to Join, or desiring more taformaihui mar Phone the Rameya al Uke JMkson, CV 7-2071. Objective* of the Society ire to broaden the appr**'- atlon of hemeroeatll* la the local are*t to satiety Hi* gardening dealre* and require- meat* of the member*. And, to expand the orgaaU satlon'a •etlvltle* la all phase* of hemerooillla e»l- ture, member* point out. They explain that the day- Illy Is a etordy plant and multiplies through the year*. Then u one hybridise* and gets new varieties, It become* a good Investment. Alao, iccoTdlng lo the Society, daylllles are becoming more glamorous all UM lime. Daylllle* can take moisture, drought, heat and cold-even aalt water, the local group point* out. They report that on* woman had to plow up all of her yard after Hurricane carls, except the darllltes. Meetings are held the first Sunday la aaeh month at JiSO p.m. The Society'* projects Include the annual Dayllly Trail with Ihe public Invited to gardens of selected members) a library of Information on local performance of named hems; and a (all day- Uly sale. BWiBTllBAnTS-PtctWfcd «t tlwaM»«l»NwtBMft Ball held by local chapter* of Ma tt|n* PW are, from left, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clark, Mn a*d U ra. Max Jew*, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry UCowne, Mr. andMra.ldWat»le*,MlMBe*h WUkin- AT ANNUAL BAIL son, and p. C. Broussard. Mrs. LaCoume was named queen of the event, selected from this field of five candidates. Red, white and pink rote* Inhtartshaped arrangements decorated the rrwport community House, setting for the ball. -Photo by Jack Oreenberg Mrs. LaCoume is BSP Sweefhearf Mr*. Jerry La Cowne of Uke Jachton XI Theta Alpha Chapter was crowned queeaof the annual Sweetheart Batt held by Braioaport chapter* of Beta Sigma Phi. Mrs. ta Coume received her crown from the preetdeat of Bratoaport City Cooacll of Bete Sigma Phi, Mr*. Charles Steffler. The other nominee* were Mrs. o. B. WaptM, Sigma lota; Mrs. MM. Jon**, Ma Mu; Miss Beth Wilkinson, Kappa DelU| sad MM. J. R. Clarke, XI EpalioB Tan. The Jtalges, City CMMtl - repre*eatatlv«S| voted ofl a ' pole* system based on poise, personality, charm, ap- pearaaee aad eootrlbotlona to chapter. The music was provided by ROB Hughes' Band, prior to the erownlng of the queen, Mr*. W. A. BacheMer presented a program whloh included w Illy Marahall playing hla goiter sad •lagtog. And, two youngsters, Kerry CollUr and Ricky Falrehlkl did th* "Fascination Walta." Mica Maurlea Shapiro did a pantomime of Theresa Brewer staging "The old Fashioned oirL" A trio, Mr*. Baebelder, Mrs. L. L. Cheever and Mrs. Reuben Neiswander, all from Hu Mu Chapter, sang two songs, accompanied by Margaret Una aad Keith Fairchild doing th* twist. Chairmen for the com- mltteea la charge of thedanee and all the arrangement* were Mrs. C. R. Boaea, oocial chairman of City Council) XI Get 100 free Stamps CD informafion sfep i*oward protection, HD club told Tbla coupoa good tor 1 BO Free Top-Value Sterna* with purchase of 12.00 or nor* from any eervloexteUon-drug store -cleaner who givee Top Vahe Ue*Hi *•* ser »hit. (TW» eNw veU I* *•» itele w -vwwvr wn» a>m »"t> wwo» eoiMeW er ewiemb* NtkMeeM TopVailie" Stamps LAJCK JACKSON - "Information about CW1 Defense Is a primary atop toward protection ," Jamea Dram told members of the Lake Jackson Horn* Demonstration Club at a rceeat meeting held in Jaamtae Hall. ; ^ The speaker, civil Defense coordinator for Lake Jackson, explained to th* group what is being done locally la ease of a disaster of aay km "Civil Dstaos* Is called upon when the disaster It too great tor local people to cope with," Dunn explalaad. He slated that In ease) of a diswtor, Ma mayor would be In charge), wish the Civil PifiMs nnortlsjalflTi poltoav men , ftMmee, communications service, rescue sad medical aervlaeav aad special equipment an parttclpatlag. Mrs. Lomtaa Stattak gar* a report oa «M CUb's tour of Dow's < naawarch center, which was madi r*i*aUy. Dnrlag the bostaess pcr- of the meetlag, Meoamtada- Uoaa tor th* year's work for tho clHb waro ravtewad and aooaptad. julla Blmms won the mystery package. After the meeting, lunch waa atrwd by thehostaas***, EUeca Hale aad Mr*.St*ffek, to tft* Wai-metnbaMHuid'two goatU, Batty Qrov*s,aa<lJ(tan HnUoppJe. At a prertons roeetlngofthe dab the ooaatltutloB and bylaws for 1*84 wan reviewed aad approved* /' Lake Jackson city Manager A. A. McLean-spoke toll* woman on the proposed civic center and expUlaed the bond issue which wu voted on Saturday. ' Clan Jonaa won the mystery packace. A eowad dish tencheon waa aerwd to the n members sad oMgu**t,Mr*.Holsopple. Manbaft report that allla- tansted women an United to attend el* mewttog* which aro bald oa tat aaoond and tourth Tueadaya of each month, at 10 a. m. la Janata*) Hall. Ei>*i Ion Tau chapter handled the catering, XI Tbeta Alpha was lo charge of the drinks. Nu Mu chapter handled the ticket* and greeted the guests at th* door. Kappa Delta chapter waa responsible for the cleanup. The Freeport Community Hotts* setting for the event, was decorated in a Valentine theme. Red, white and pink rose* In heartehaped arrangements bedecked the fireplace flanked with greenery. Yellow and white roat* were placed at the other end. The Valentine sweetheart candidates' chairs had heart- shaped red cardboard backs and the seats were covered In white. The tables, covered with white paper, had red strips down the center. Roses placed on a heartshaped base formed the centerpiece. t Eaeh aweetneart was presented , a eorsaf»., from,the, .v. City Council and eaeh.chapter 'presented It* candidate with a gUt. Following the dance and coronation, breakfast was served to 170 parsons. Prior to the dance, socials honoring theaweetheart candidate* wen held In the home* of Mrs. HonsaandMrs. C. B. Dorroh. WMS meets LAKE JACKSON - Pastor John P. Sehula led the Women's Missionary Society of St. Mark Lutheran church In a prayer service at a recent meeting. A business meeting followed, In which was Included a report from Mrs. Leon Bm- •noff on the LWML Rally that waa bald in Edna, Tax., recently. CLIP THIS COUPON RIDliM AT ANY SERVICE STATION DRUG STORE-CLEANERS WHo GIv« TOP VAtUI STAMPS Redeem Your Savers Books of the P VALUE REDEMPTION CENTER Neamt You NORTH lOtfc •Ml AYiHUED fifcciftim* Processing is necessary * for pickles, reii*hlM«o Jar of unprocaaaad PieUe, and «**, in th* resulting low-acid product, IMMUMMI aporea, 11 prise* SS iro* and Pi**» • «*•** I* 1 ** <•»"> was thought possible «»»v w no"*** 1 * *"*&• Processing atop* 'nayine *etlon IMI mty cause und*. mnbl« changes In texture, «•«» **» «*». (This c»n 2£«rt ftTunetPtal"* «*>»«* tvaa wfca. a recipe i, followed lo Ihe letter.) p roeM( tiincc recommended for * number of pickles •«l relishes sre given below: Start liming *hen water in the hot water bith container wter covers seated law about I Inches ov * r the top of Jars. JAR SIZE Pint Pint Pint Pint Plat Pint Pint Pint Pint Quart MINUTES S S S S 9 S 1C 20 30 PRODUCT Bread and butler allce* Chutney DUIed green beans Pepper-onion relish Pleeallllil Sweet gherkins Watermelon plcklea Corn relish Plefeled Socket pears Pickled peaches For dUI pickles, start lo count processing time as soon as filled Jars are placed In boiling water bath. Process quart Jar* as (allows: Fermented dill plcklea (whole)... .18 mlnutea Fresh-pack dill pickles (whole).. .20 minutes Processing time Is tor altitude tecs than 1,000 feet above sea level. >| Eggs suit Lenten menus well 1/4 cup finely chopped onion 1-l/S cups milk 1 teaspoon grated lemon pwi 2 tablespoons freah lemon juice 1 4-ounce can sliced mushrooms, drained or 4 ounce* fresh mushrooms, cleaned and sliced , California lemon quarters Place sea bass fillets in a 2-quart baking dish. Melt butter In saucepan: blend In flour, parsley, seasoned salt, pepper and onion, atlrrlng -until bubbly. Gradually stir In milk, stirring continually until sauce is thickened and smooth, B to e minutes. •• Add grated 'lemon'peel. ™ * Slowly stir In lemon Juice 'and mushroom*. Pour over fish In baking dlsbj cover. Bake at 350 dagreea 29 to SB minutes, or until fish flake* with fork. Serve with lemon quarters. Sprint'* approach emphasise* UM InortMlnc abtndance of traditional foodi for the Lenten season. En* are i perennial ftvorttt. Th»y mlt Lenten menu* well because they eon- tain the *ime type of hl|h quality protein as meat. Three en* provide the •ame amount of protein as a three-ounce *ervtn(of meat. And If one combine* e(|* with cheese, the remit U a rich protein dish. The covered ca*aerole Imprisons all the rich and eavory Juices which lend the marvelous flavor to .the hearty dish. BAKED 8EABASS W , .. 2 pounds sea bass flllete 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 tablespoons floor 1 tablespoon minced parsley 1 teaspoon seasoned salt I/a teaspoon white pepper The Enemy Within' is HD club program MP haweMaaiaW •JWPlaTJJpy* fJP*^BF]J MtMiafjalsr w^Bl»^*j^»M w^PapflPHIp w» (^^ ^"» ^»WM ^^WaW JONES CREEK-Mrs. H. D. Morris presented a program on Ihe communistic way of life, baaed on the book, "The Enemy Within" by Paul Harvey, at the Thursday meeting of the Jones Creek Home Demonstration Club, bald In th* bomeof Mrs. O.K. Groves. Mrs. V. Faille gave a demonstration on an object aba had created to be placed by a door to keep out draft*. Mrs. H. L. SUlley, president , presided at the meeting which waa opened with the pledge <o the flag and a devotional given by Mrs. Morris, from Proverbs 27t 1-fc Mr*. A. R, Harrison and Mra. W. E. CVBB reported on a meeting they attended la ABfattoe. Th* County Council nport waa gtvesx, Mrs. o. B. Palmar lad a study of neommeadstions for aaat year'* yearbooks. Suggestions tor additions by the club wan mad* for cheerful accessories to the borne, renovating bats and bringing clotalntup^Miate. Mr*. (Mm waa nomad ax- hibU ofeslraaa due to tba resignation of J. C. Warren, chairman. Th» edacstiOBal exhibit choaan by th* dab tor UN BrajmriaCowBtyrjalrls table "* tor dUhfMl oc- T»* •!* voted to pay $1 r laadar atatraiaiBf on Cfcrtetma* Maaa later tkiaywir, *teesd »a» at an an- fJwTtnt* ana meeting tolMneM utkeaaarMton, and fjao oa* tor the Freeport an*. Cetcbwe Na4k«al Cherry Mualk and any «t rebruary'. fti tetter day* by itrvtat a mtt dtaft toBaed witft cherry taac*. WiHliUMBon't Mnhday m the mH *» m tliMtate cttoM WWD. Tiia «*wrrim be <WW<tu. on HKU Member* wan reminded of the cold Star tea bald on Saturday In Angleton at tba Community Service Building, honoring Mia* firta Sboemake of Alvin, County Gold Star Girl. * Others present at the meet- Ing wen Mn. 8. F, Ban, Mrs. Sims Leaden, aad Mr*. 0. H. Volg*. A ham luncheon was served atnoon. Tba next maatlag 1* scheduled March IS at tba home of Mrs. Henry Pessarri, ^ Qlshovskys feted on anniversary DAMBURY-Mr. and Mn. Rudy oishovsky won honored with a surprise 28taaaaiv*r- . aaary celebration Including a • barbecue dinner, at tbs Danbury Grill. The couple celebrated their Silver wedding Aanlveraary on Feb. 20. Among those attending wen their chlktna aad madaoo, Mr. aad Mrs. ThomaaClaw- *on of Aagtotoat Mr, aad Mr*. Johnny uoAdama aad ton of Alvin, uisa.i MU* Dorothy * Olsbovaky, Leonard ptskov- ofDaabury. Orattoa wan Mr. Md Mra. Haary GiMtebter of W* U- vaca, Mr. aid Mn. Leroy Beyer and dwightenolHow- toni Mr. aad MW. latMHia Maehart aad ttmUy. M'- *•* Mr*. JlmmyMaehariaadfam- « ll> a«l Mr. asjd Mjrt, Jl» * of «MM\ Otekovsky's |)i|iaf|fc Mr. C, U Thnai|HBa. jtej,. LUty Cook a«l nuauy. Mil* Mary tt.eCwtt.Toa**,

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