The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY. NOVEMBER U, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEW*,. PAGE ELEVEN, CARLOAD OF FAIRY SQDA CRACKERS FOR HUTCHINSON, LAST WEEK should -know this. Salmon Is another Item which has risen." I The Carrymore Grocery will have j a special Hem tomorrow—25 lbs. ot sugar tor $1.9!). J* 'Ail tows' Sill ! i | Coconuts are cheaper sellintr at I tow for 250. This will be good news for the children. Tile Krerutts urocery will luive a mlinemeat special [or the Saturday trade. Here are the prices offered: Loan beet nt 3.0c a pound; suet. 1'2: apples at: 2iic a peek; raisins bulk. 2 pounds for 23c. or in the packages, 2 for 25c: currants, 30c. a package; citron. 75<: a pound; orange and lemon peel, 50 a pound; eider, ftuc a gallon. Cranberries are due for a hike, 'the grocers say. The fruit still stay at lj and ISc a pound but possibly the news that tlurkey season Is coming is causing the berries to want to be a luxury. This week the Florida grape fruit appeared, large, Juicy ami more solid. They are a great improvement over the Arizona prod-' net. Some chesnuts were offered^ this week at, 40c a pound, for thoso who like to roast them at. the fireside. Saturday Specials From The Pure Food Pastry Shop t 01d Fashioned Cheese Cake Regular Price 25c Saturday Only 15c Last weok The Hen Biscuit Company loaded out a full car or their fine Kalrv soda Crackers for the Hutchinson trade. So far as can be learned this Is the first occasion that a full car of soda crackers has ever been shipped to Hutchinson, and this speaks the confldcnco whiyh local grocers have In tho uniform high quality of Fairy Soda* THE LADY WITH THE MARKET BASKET Some of thi Thing* She Flndi Behind the Counters at the Store*, week ot all the stores and some mighty good bargains,have been offered tho thrifty buyer. I. Smith's store put on tho ba«cr's doiton sale » galn this year, buy a dozen at a, peclal price and get ti can free. This has attracted many 'buyers- Ami everything In stock was given a place In the sale. The finest spinach Is being offered the housowlfe for Saturday trade, just as nice as In the early days ot spring. It sells at 15 to 20c a pound, 8 *Veet potatoes are a trifle higher, 46c a peck. Irish potatoes are unchanged but » hike is expected soon, by the sack the llusaets are selling nt Hue a bushel and the Red MoClures at 11 .15 a bnshe). In smaller quantities, the. Knssets are l !Se a neck and the Jted Mc-flluren are 32c. | Cauliflower Is 20 to 30e K pound, j tomatoes, shipped In ones, 40i: n pound. Hot house cucumbers 25c j to 35c each. Celery hearts fu: a ; bunch and the Jumbo bunches 2'le. Fresh radishes are 10c a Imncli. Groen onions are 5c a bunch, the cooking onions, 5c u pound and the big Spanish oulons lliVic a pound. Head and leaf lettuce IK offered at 25c a pound. Turnips aro 5c a bunch. Cabbage sells iif, 4c a pound. Hubbard squashes nrc 25 to 40Q each. Carrots «re 10c a bunch, meets are 5 and 10c n bunch. Mangoes are 30c a pound. 15gg plants are 25c. Green beans sell nt ISc a pound. Parsnips are tic a pound. Florida Grape Fruit Here. In tho fruits the arrival of the Florida grape fruit is a welcome note," the Florida fruit being Junior j and hotter flavored than the Arl -j touian which has been on the market, and sell at 10 and 12VJC j each. Red Mniperor grapesj are the cheapest ever sold here, the prices' range from 11 to 20c a pound. Fancy eating apples aro loo a pound and down, some fine Delicious apples aro quoted at f l.:>5 a bushel. The last ot the Concord grapes aro being shown and sell nt 46c a basket with a tew of the 12- quart baskets at SI.10. Cranberries aro 15 and 17V4 a pound but won't - stay loug at that price. The oranges are not as good as they will he a little later as Hie California growers aro keeping the best fruit for tho holiday trade and the crop is large. It is said. Some •atlne pears linger on at three pounds; for 25c. Meat prices are tho same as lust i •week with the exception of pork ' which bus fallen tot ts old level. " Carrol Smith of the 1. Smith (Iro. eery will put on a sale ot Swift Premium pig hams, Saturday averaging from !) 1o 10 pounds each and they will nell at 28c a pound tor the whole liaiu. This Is tho cheapest this quality of hams have beon put on sale this way since 1913. Last year at a similar sale the Smith store disposed ot 157 bams in a week, tho greatest num­ ber of any storo in tho Kansas City district. This year they have a hundred to sell. Soventy-five per cent fit tho can, ned goods havo advanced in price slnco the local groe'rs put in their orders for futures last spring. Thoso futures are now being delivered but the re-orders aro-where the customer will note the difference in price. "So many Items are higher," said a wholesale .grocer, salesman In talking with the Market Basket Lady. "Canned corn is nearly 50 per ceiit'lliglic'r, the 'crop' In Iowa where corn is packed was such a terrible loss. The packers we have been buying from for 25 years could only deliver -10 percent of our order. The house wife Was skeptical of Kellogg's Bran until it gave him bach his heaftli Best You Can Buy Made from | ''Durum ^, Marshmallow Roll—Regular Price 30c Saturday Only 18c We use only the purest ingredients in our pastries such as butter icings, Crisco, etc. Hot Rolls and Bread Twice Daily 11 A. M. and 5 P. M. THE PURE FOOD PASTRY SHOP 402 N. Main Phone 681 lEatmor 'Cranberries' Now is the time to preserve cranberry sauce for use every day in the year. Retlpa folder malUd frmm AMERICAN CRANBERRY EXCHANGE 90 Wait Bro*J..r. N «w York. N. V. \ New Breakfast Joy! Naturally Mr. Carter—whoso latter follows—wits skeptical, Ite had tri.--l IpracticaHy everything- 'for tho relief of constipation. All luul failed. But Kellops'a Brau brought him yenim- nent relief, just as it lms done for thousauda of others. Iteud hid letter; Gentlemen: v I am 43 years old, and have l>een . for years a ?r*ft- sufferer from conMijmliim. I had to restun « clerical position because of ruahea of Mood to my head, nomu oC which cauictt mo to full to tt.e ground. I took an outdoor laboring Job snO tried for tho first time, skeptically • I admit, your Krumbletl Bran. Tho rcnuit hn3 linen wonderful. I Iwyiui to bo normal nfler I had been on tho Uran nbout throe days. No mora enemaH, no more Old T)r. So- and-So'a FUla. Epaom taila by the ton. etc.. ail infinitum! You havo th«> moat wonderful product for voimliuation I hnvu ever sctiii or tried. Yours very gratefully, L. T. Carter. £01 Nineteenth St.. lirooklyn, N. Y. Kellogg 'a Bran, cooked and fcrum- bled, does not irritato tho intestines lite' drugs and pills. It acta exactly as nature arts. Eaten regularly, it h guaranteed to relievo permanently tlm most chronic case- of constipation, or your grower vill return your money. You will liko tho exclusive, nut-like flavor of Kellogg'a Brau, cooked and krurublod. Eat two table-spoonfuls daily—in chronic cases "with every meal. Ent it with milk or cream and in tho reel pes on evory paekngo. Sold by all grocers, ilado in. Uuttlo Creek. Food Value of Wheat Flour Always Retained—if you use AUJMET THE WORLD'S GREATEST BAKING POWDER For over a third of a century it has made good in every known test SALES *'/, TIMES THOSE OF ANT OTHER BRAND Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald, i This Quickly-Digested Breakfast. Mother- Tempting all-wheat c»ke«, 50% lighter than other pancake*— ore made in 3 minutes. that make strong, healthy young' sters; that create energy. That you may know this new foorl delight—the best thing we've produced in 50 years of milling <j> <8> • i .i • • TIMELY TIPS FROM <• I • THE GROCER'S GOSSIP >• • * '«> 4- * ! I Now Is the time to eat Red Km- peror grapes it you ever do. Never have tJiey been aa ehoup, almost/ «verywhore In town the luscious fruit is selling ot l!!Vfci". a pound, nnd at JlcConnell's Grocery he will sell them nt He a pound as a Saturday special. Tho J. S. Dillon &'Son^ stores will sell a fivo pound box of sliced Swift's Preiliium bacon at $1.50 for Saturday. Creamery butter is retailing at 86 to 40c a pound and tho country tutter Is Hoc. Eggs were quoted today at •10c but may false a hike. Two specialty inon from th.a Guymon Petro store will bo at the Car- rymoro Grocery tomorrow and cut open the enns of tho Moiit-Tro -brand of canned vegetables and trult for the customers and serve It, too, thus showing up the quality of their goods. TUle hat boen canned goods Money Saved Is Money Earned Buy At The Ye I Sow Front Stores Dromedary Golden Dates Premium Soda Crackers 10 oz. Pkff. 20c. 3 lb. box 42c. 10 oz. Pkff. 20c. These are Strictly High Quality Fresh Stock and Strictly Fresh. FRESH SALTED PEANUTS BROOMS Lb. 15c 3-Seam, Well Made 40c Each DILLON'S I , "RED-LABEL- FLOUR 48 lb. Sack $2.00 24 lb. Sack 11 .05 ! 12 lb. Sack 60c i 6 lb. Sack 32c- | Beit quality High Patent Flour; made by Dillon's Mill. BAKING POWDER Dillon's Red Label Baklnq i Powder is pure and strictly j Guaranteed; { Vk lb. Can 10c ; 1 lb. Can ' 20c ! POTATOES (Sack Lots) Rusaetts, Bu 90c McClures, Bu $1.15 DILLON'S FRESH ROASTED COFFEES Guaranteed to Please Dillon's "Best", Lb 51c Dil|on's "Red Label", Lb. .. 48c Dillon's "Hostess Delight", Lb. 43c DILLON'S "RED-LABEL" OLEO Lb. 25c None Better Made Here is a nc-ji idea in breakfasts: The dainty, alt-wheat breakfast cake I "Something entirely new—tender, airy, sweet and full- flavored. Starts the children off with quickly-digested nourishment for the day. And it is a quicker breakfast than toast, prepared and served in just 3 minutes. All-wheat does it Old-time pancakes, heavy, indigestible, are so because they contain rice, corn or other "tillers." Hut these new delights are all- whrat—nothing else. That's why they are frothy-light, tine and tender as angel food cake, richly flavored. They digest twice as quickly as old-way pancakes. 18 food elements And from all-wheat they give the 18 important food elements At your grocer's Ask your prrocer—todav—lot SUN-RAY Pancake Flour". Treat the whole family tomorrow. 3 Minutes from Package to Plate! Straply add water. Ko milk, «ire* or *u»ar. Absolutely re»», Put on hot rrlddla. Brown on each aide. That's alt. Hut note, too. that SUN-RAY cakes will not ttiek t» th* griddlt lika pan- calces ilo. In Bar or Chip Form for Your Convenience Pancake Flour At All Grocery. Store? HUTCHINSON, KANSAS SENTNEY WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Distributed By sr. and at , ^ Jjousecleamw^nme x "Kopke's Best Beats All the Rest" Ask Your Grocer for Saturday Only At Our Markets, Compound, Per. Lb.. 5 Lb. Box Fancy Sliced Bacon ("RIVAL" BRAND) Per Pound, 35c ,17ic $1.50 Right Prices; RigKt Quality J.S. Dillon & Sons'Stores Co. Eight Clean Yellow Front Stores. HUTCHINSON—NEWTON ' / Away go housecleaning troubles with the season's grime when Crystal White is on the job! Floors take on a brand-new look. Woodwork shines. Curtains are spick and span. From cellar to attic—all through the house— Crystal White's quick-action suds leave a shining trail of cleanliness. Crystal White is a pure vegetable oil soap. Con- m tains no ingredients injurious to fabrics or hands. Gives a quick, lasting suds in hard or soft water. PEET BROTHERS COMPANY KANSAS CITY SAN FRAN CISCO al White Pan Cake Flour Rolled Oats Table Syrup Flavoring Extract Tomato Catsup Pure Apple Butter Pure Strained Honey Pure Ground Spices Fresh Roasted Coffee Fine Teas Canned Whole Tomatoes Strawberry Preserves Queen Olives Pure Grape Jam Kopke Bros. Mercantile Co. The Billion Bubble Soap •

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