The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 22, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, March 22, 1956
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Cloudy BAYSHORK Wh A,. ..^i i. — V,.«u'.jy In 'partly, cloudy (hroujfli Friday. Temperature •ruiiKC, -U-OS. . UALVKSTOX TIDES: Hiffh For 'Friday— J! 8:32 p.m. ^^^9nsn& ii^^k JSP* YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL 36, NO. 244 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Thursday, March 22, 1956. BAYTOWN, TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. Five Cent* Ptr Copy TORNADOES LASH CENTRAL TEXAS AREA 1930 (BILLIONS OF WORDS HAVE BUZZED OVER THE WIRES) 1956 Open House Friday To Celebrate 10,000th Phone Here j:xnK'S HOW JT \V.VS DOJS'K—Back in 1»ao five operators were al! the Baytown General.. Tcle- j>'it>:t» Co. rxch.'inKit r.eedfid to handle traffic for this aren. This group includes both local and long oixs'ulon;. S'uiiilinir in the background are Mrs. Francis Kosf-rs chief operator ; Miss Billie envdi:- r .•!•"! M:ss C'luni Van Dest-ar, Miss Rosalind Gillespie, Miss Latitiit Gillespie, Mrs. Myra s :iml Mr*. XovcilR Kulltuii. operators. MEJ'iK'S HOW.'IT. IS DOXE—This recent picture made in the traffic department of the General Telephone Co. of the Southwest indicates the growth of. telephone facilities in Baytown as compared to 1830. Shown here are operators who handle long distance calls. With the addition of'the dial .system, local operators are no lonper used. Information operators, whose board is adjacent to the lonp distance board, are not shown.-in this photo. Standing, left to right, are Mrs. Christine Ashiey. assistant chief operator; Mrs. Dolores Kainsey. chief operator; Miss Mabel 3Iatherne, clerk; Mrs. Joyce Gold, sen-ice assistant and Mrs. Clema Robinson, service assistant. Open house at the telephone office will be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday to celebrate the installation of the company's 10,000th. phone In the Baytown exchange- : sun Anti-Estes Demos Seek Dork Horse spots Has Adlai Cone All The Way (Out): news in brief Hail Destroys Rio Grande Valley Crops B> UNITED PRESS Tornadoes lashed at several points in Central Texas last night and a severe hail storm wiped out crops and smashed windows in the lower Kio Grande Valley. Farm buildings, pumphouses, and small buildings «.ere blown do'iT by a tornado between Moody and Troy in Central Texas Other tornadoes hit or -were sighted, in the Temple area and north, of Alice. The ortint o£ the Valley, storm hit tie Rio Hondo area near Har-' lingen and in the vicinity of Hidalgo. Crop damage was-heavy to cotton, cantaloupes and .tomatoes. Jim"-Lang-,'a farmer near Rio .Hondo, said every plant on. his place was destroyed "without a green, leaf left." He said he lost. .75 acres of cotton and limbs on some of ms citrus' trees were split by-hail. : ."Some 250 window, panes were • broken at the Rio Hondo school • .and windows, in ears, homes and 'business places were heavily damaged ,in a 43-minute violent stormf Up to five inches of rain—the heaviest precipitation in weeks—• lashed sections of the lower • Valley with wind grists, up :to 75 miles S M per hour. Court Of Honor A SCOUT COURT of Honor will "r>e held "i - P- :11 - Sunday at Ihc 'Ba'-'W'A'n Community house with Dick Haitcr. di;;lri<~t Rdvancoment pre.'uuing. Host Troop 37:> will present the opening and closing ceremonies. Uv KAV.MO.VB LAMK WASHINGTON — UP — Anti- Ko'auver DcmocrHts befan surveying the field of dark horses and favorite one Thursday for a presidential candidate. There was a widespread feeling among these Democrats who dominate the party organization that Adlai E. Stevenson had suffered a serious and perhaps fatal defeat in Tuesday's presidential primary in Minnesota. He lost to the underdog. Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee. This reaction was evident among that wide segment of party professionals who favored Stevenson or at least considered him more ac- asking, "if not Adlai, of Michigan and Sen. P.obert S. Ken- of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Gov. Raymond Gary Stevenson fails to get up off the also were who?" The names being- tossed around' included: Gov. Avcrell Harrirnan of New York. Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri. Gov. Frank J. Lausche •an organized stop-Kefauver movement but one can be expected if coptablc than Kefauver. But they oi Ohio, Gov. G. Mennen Williams said that as a result of Stevenson's defeat, the^ nomination now "lies between Harriman and a dark horse." He .said neither Kefauver nor Stevenson .would get the nomination. , . . ; There was no. evidence yet -of ground. Kefauver is out o£ favor with many southern Democrats because they regard him as a southerner who has turned against them. And he is unpopular with many Demo(See ADLAI—Page Two) he Study Club Meets MRS. J. Ft. READ will present a program on Toseamni at a meeting of tho Minerva Study club at 10 a.m. Friday i:i the homo of Mrs. Guy Honsley. ms Wooster. Mrs. Roy C'onioaux will preside. Former Baytontan WORD HAS reached Baytown that Mrs. John Pollock died March 10 in London, Mr. r.nd Mr.i. Pollock and their three boys lived in Eay'own 35 years njjjo -.vhik was employed i" the t csrvice division of the Baytown rei'incry- They left hern for England -A-horo he is onipioycJ by Standard O.I Co. of New Jersey. Mr.---. Pollock had suffered with a hoarl contrition tor about a year. In Navy UOSS J. MORAN. son of Mr. and M;-5. 11. -1. Mo ran of I Gil .East Slcrlir-K. is in his eighth week of training :vt G.i'iU Lakes Xaval Trainin-; Center. 111. Moran. a storeroom clerk for Tocld Shipyard Corp., before ho enlisted in tho X.ivy. is expected hour.- on leave about April ". Poll Rides Are Offered Voters who do not have transportation to the poll.'-- Saturday can call tho office of the carpenters local and hnvo a free ride to and from their voting- precinct headquarters. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday for tho city elcetion to determine whether Baytown residents favor federally .-supported public housing;. r-ovt Gresham, secretary for tho carpenters local, .said tho office telephone numbo.r is HOP." and that a ear will bo on call at all times during; election hour;; to transport voters. Around Town- ANITA KAN'A saying "thank you" to whoever found the insidcs of her watch a' the Lee Relays . . . A:in Msit.ysiak having trouble fendtJH; off the hungry folks . . . Mr.s-. .loe Xorn becoming a public relations firm, on a voluntary basis ... .Too Ware .<:.-I.VM he know?, how n. housewife fei Is just before entertaining her bridge club . . . Mrs. R. J. Nelson Jr. sending along a penny with a "thank you" note so the friendship would not be severed . . . Mrs. C, Q. Alexander recuperating over at. I.illio- Duke . . . Bob Gillette admitting ihiit he'd never met ;i lion or a Lion with a title like he was asked about . . . those be.whi.skere(f college westerners looking positively juvenile sinee shaving . , . Duffy O'Hrien was going groat guns at the Great IviUos naval training center whon pneumonia demobilized him , . . Rnyiown wonthor is the won.ther there is. Duffy .says after the blizzard that froze him and mndr him sick . . . Tommy Morrison commuting bc- (.\voen Baytown and Greens Bayou quitn often these d.iy^ , . . The Woodvillo l>ogvrood Festival will he lie!; this v,ce;< ond, ,ind tho IVrnfivrftJic priiYifivirs aro in July, to answor tho mo.*; fraiucnt <juos- tion this week. Idea For Wives City May Oil Drilling Fee CHICAGO —ar— Mr*. WUnm Kaj-fard. S«. tirrred to call off her divorce. *uit »(r»*»*t her husbiind Ru>*cll. 40, Wednesday \vhen hp promised to make her "queen for a month." Her terms: For lO.days, Kar- card must do all the cookinjr. li<-d-innkiii(f, dish wa.shinir. plus :i rontpltrtu ypriiiR houwclenn- inj:. rcjmir of ihi- hnolt fonoc anil shnib triniminir. She wijl sit in mi chnir a»id offer helpful Mispp^tion.* about, other thine* he can do. The Baytown. City Council may amend the oil drilling- ordinance at its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to double the drilling- fee and to add an additional $250 abandonment fee if the surface casing is salvaged. The city now charges a Hal S500 foe. Under the terms of the ordinance this fee would be raised to Low-Budget 'Marty 1 Sweeps Oscar Race HOLLYWOOD —UP—Newcomer Kniesl Borgiunc and his picture. a low-budget little film named "Mart}'." swept over veteran actors " and expensive pictures Wednesday night to win Hollywood's coveted Oscars. Anoihor offbeat newcomer to Hollywood films. Italy's fiery Anna Magmini. was honored ns the Iwst actress of 1955 for her explosive role i-i "The Rose Tattoo." her first U.S. movie. The supporting player awards made it an all-newcomer year. .To Van Fleet snared the award for ''East of Eden" and Jack Lcm- mon w;is honored for "Mister Roberts." Rut it was the toothy Borgninc and the unpretentious "Marty" that captured the sentiment of more than 2,000 celebrities in black tio and glittering evening- frowns who jammed the Hollywood Panlages Theater on Holh'vooil Boulevard for the 28th annual award ceromouv. "Marty" was made In New York from a television drama at a cost of only $300,000. But it swept over such 'multi-million dollar productions as "Picnic'' and "Mister Roberts" iu the election amonjr the 1.700 members of the honorary Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Borgninc a year a?o was only a player of small villain roles in films and a virtual unknown. But Wednesday nipht the 3S-year-old actor hea'rd his name called by Grace Kelly, last year's best actress winner, as tlic top actor of 1955 for his first starring- role—of a gentle, lonely butcher in "Marty." Another Italian actress, supporting nominee Marisa Pavun. accepted the Oscar for Miss Magnani, now in Rome. It was a big night for tho Italiniis. Borgnine. an American, also is of Italian ancestry. "Marty" also'walked off with Os- (Sce OSCAKS—Page Two) $1.000. The S250 fee, if the well is abandoned with casing removed, would then be added. The MeFarlar.ii tract situated between Eva Maud addition and Highway 146 will go before the council for approval, and an effort will be made to get passage of an ordinance that would require salvage companies to be fenced. A corrected annexation ordinance also will be submiucd for firsl reading-. This ordinance will cure a refect in the previously read ordinance that took in territory On the northwest limits of the city. A committee, under chairmanship of Lacy Lusk may broach the vetting up of a new city job called superintendent or safety. City Councilman Rufus Bergeron, a retired Humble employe, is in line for this job if it is .set up. A 10-poiiu memorandum supporting the city post had been handed to The Sun Thursday. The duties of this new employe would be to inspect all oil well operations, help the fire marshal, maintain all fire plugs, be in charge of all street signs and markers, inspect all new real estate subdivisions, (Tirect maintenance of all public buildings, help tho building- inspector, help tax department in measuring buildings By UNITED. PRESS LTNTTED NATIONS. N. Y. — UN Security Council to rush Secretary- General Hammarskjold back to Middle East in American-sponsored drive to avert Arab-Israeli war. LONDON — Soviet Secret Police Chief Serov arrives in London on non-stop flight from Moscow in the first Soviet jet airliner ever shown west of the Iron Curtain. XICOSLA.. Cyprus — Britain arrests three of its own security guards on charges they mistreated Cypriots. HOUSTON — Angleton printer draws six-month jail term and In Central Texas, a tornado funnel dipped to earth In the Cedar: Creek sector, 15 miles northwest of Temple, and the: Department of Public Safety HV Austin said this apparently was . the same twister'reported later near Troy. A house was blown down six miles east of Flat, near Gates- • ville; and another 10 miles southeast of Gatesvillc. Mr.- and Mrs. --O'. C. Oossett. '••who'lived'in the latter house, took cover in a hole being dug to install a septic tank. Tlic • turbulent , weather was stirred up by a eool front, moving across the state Wednesday night. Skies still -were Cloudy over Central and. East Texas Thursday Gl.N 'tt'AS A LETHAL TOY—.John Castillo, '18. comforts his wi'i'ii- inic daughter. Kaclu-1. 9, durinir a Chicago inquest into the dcnth of Rachel's 13-montli-old sister Margaret Rachel said she shot the baby while playing -with H gun in the Castillo home while the parents were shopping. "It was an accident, daddy," Rachel sobbed. (International) <Soe VEATUER—-Page Two) Six Killed In Crash Of B-25 Bomber WACO. Tex., March 22—UP—A B-25 bomber crashed about 50 mile? southwest of Waco Wednesday night and the Air Force said Thursday that all six crew members were Wiled. Highway Patrolmen Bads and Nichols of Martin found the wreckage near U.S. 7D north of Franklin in Robertson county. The crew was identified as pilot- instructor 1st Lt. K. R. Woodman be able to answer questions about Jr.. 24 of Biddcford. Maine: pilot U. S. Trust and Guaranty manip- 1st Lt. Zed C. Gibson. Jr.. 23. of ulations for months—-if ever. -r.-—•>-<•*«•-. >-• Shoemake, who headed the insurance-banking firm before its collapse, fired a bullet through his brain Jan. ~. woman both her legs. MCAiLEN r- Nine state, senatos "invited'* to appear before House committee investigating: Texas insurance scandal. Shoemake Is Only Human 'Vegetable' WACO, Tex. — (lit— Doctors at the McKinney veterans hospital describe A. B. Shoemake as a "human vegetable." District Attorney Tom Moore said Thursday. Moore revealed' that the doctors have told him Shoemake will not dition to determine when '.ve might question him," Moore said. 44 Per Cent Above Last Year-East Harm Gives $19,000 In Polio Fight East Harris county residents for tax purposes, enforce junk yard contr ibutcd nearly S19~000 to help ...... ' • • '-•--- REL Senior In Speech Tes She'll Compete In Statewide Confe. ordinance, if adopted, and any other duties assigned by the city manager. School Men Plan Refreaf Baytown Susi Kcnley, Robert, E. Lee high school senior, has ben chosen by her speech teachers to ontcr tho .statewide oratory contest sponsored by the Knights of Pythias of Texas. " The .subject of hnr speech will be "Threats To Freedom And How To Meet Thorn." Miss Fenley must write her speech as well as deliver it. She will bo in competition with high school students from most of the larger high schools in Texas. Tho contest will bo held in Dallas in .luno. Tho winner of that contest will be sent to tho national context in Now Orleans lator in the year. Miss Fon*oy, sponsored by Crock Lodge No. 458. Knights of Pythias, will get an all-expense- paid trip to Dallas when the stato tryouts arc hold during Grand Lodge in Dallas. Miss Fenloy, 17. is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Wise of Thibodaux, La. She is living with relatives, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Close of 1617 Bayou Road, while Attending Robert K. Lee. Tho teachers who .selected Miss Fonley after hearing her in several spoaking contests at ;'ch<x>] are Mrs. Clare FVrrar. speech teacher, and Bob Rigby, dramatics coach at Robert K. T-oe. Miss Fcnlcy is a two-year letter- man on a debate team at Loo; fiho is a reporter for the Trefts elub. secretary f" r 'ho drama department and is active in junior Cross work at school. She will be the Baytown lodge's first representative in tho oratorical contests which art hold annually duriii;;- iht' Grand Lodge .sessions. ".iblic si-hool administrators . -ui teachers from 15 communities in Ihc Houston area have reu'isicrod for a week-end retreat to" be held at Camp Allen near Baytown beginning at 0 p.m. Friday and running through tho noon hour Sunday. The retreat, is the first of a scries to be held throughout, the state under the auspicos of the. Texas Council of Using tho theme. ''Christian Values Imperatives For Today." the Camp Allen retreat is to be directed by Dr. John \V. M.-Farland, superintendent of the Vernon Public Schools. Seminar lender will be Dr. U'r.i. C. Finch, preside nt of Southwestern I'nivcrsity, are regisicroil tor the c-. MI fen-nee from tho Br.ytov.'n se'ioo] faculty. SI SI FEM.KV THF. SUKDIAL Are;? NC'A: C: ; v, ••(:>;:' Cemi>-.> . Editorial H'qhwK:', N<^'.". C," -,*',:• c 1 . ... p. t '„. " ~ T ^' ' ' . •• -, Vv'or:-.:',- , \V, .•• V: Page . 32 .30-31 . 23 28 . 3! 2:V27 -(•A ' i^i .'!7-'8 combat infantile paralysis during the Ma>>oh of Dimes campaign in January. Final tabulation of figures was announced Thursday by T. L. i.Doe) Satterwhitc, general chairman. The contributions were -14 per cent higher than last year. Satterwhite SiUd. He also stated that the Telethon event during the March of Dimes brought in nearly 53,000. and the Mothers March accounted for approximately $7.?00 of the total contributions. The campaign m Ease Harris County was conducted under the leadership of coiumitteemcn in Bnytown, Cedar Bayou. Channelview, Cloverleaf, Crosby. Green's Bayou. Highlands, Homo Owned Estates. Huffman. Beaumont Place, ami Sheldon. "I want to thank everyone who contributed funds and helped in Solicitors Aren't Union Carpenters Bert Groiham, business ftgont for the Carpcmors Union local. has warned Baytonians that men representing themselves as ur.ion carpenters arc soliciting repair work. "Those men are not in any way connected wit.h the union, and wo have not recommended them. \Ve oo not cvon Know them ami no\vr hoard of them until a woman tolci us of the poor work they had done for her. The address they pave her was n vsxo.-ir.t lot in Ba.v- town," Greshnm said. Grpyham warned tb-it prrynns who employ earjv.itfr; or ot'nrr crv::';~-r.HT!. beUfvifis; c'.inv, to br )Vii'-m!irrj? c: the unicn !i:v-;0. should ca!i the CfiiYfenws >!>>',! aru'i ehfc'K to V v;rr<sh>, they are employing competent union men. any capacity," SaUerwhite said. "I am particularly grateful to Baytown Lions club members who pitched in on short notice to help put the telethon event over the top. "And the Jaycettes gave much of <S<?« EAST HARRIS—Pa^c Two) Larry A. Hale Is Elected President Of Rotary Club Larry A. Hale has been elected president of the Baytown Rotary club and will succeed Hugh M. Ste- with the Houston Lighting and Power Co. in 193S. He is a native of Franklin. La., and a 1932 grad- wart the first meeting in July. The uate of the University of Alabama , . ,. _-\ I._L»!_:~ .•? + *. « T3C" Ji-i«Ti-nc\^t^ i\l (\f< 1 1*\ i 1 * ;i \ on- club elects its new president at this time each year to give him time to attend district a:ul international conventions and to organize a new administration before his installation. Three new directors were also elected. They are W. P. Broyles. Dr. Don Brunsor. and Vernoa with a BS degree in electrical gineering. Hale was an active member of the Baytown Junior Chamber of Commerce in its early clays and won the young man's distinguished service award in 19-55 as a result of his work with the Quack Shack. Since then he has been active in Wright. They will serve with ho'id- Boy Scout, Friends of the Library, over directors rcnox Beavers. Dr. Herbert H. Duke and P. Waiter HenekcU. Retiring members of tho board are jack' Jacobs. Garret; Herring and Dr. Hamlet T. Davis. A member of tho Horary club since 1943, Hale came to Baytown city park committee and the United Fund. MY. and Mrs. Hate and their two children. Gere Deane, 16, and Bob, nine, live at 2704 Virginia. Halo is now commercial representative for the HL and PCO in the Baytown FOSTER HOMES NEEDED FOR YOUNG BOY, GIRL An n-yoar-old girl and a.' tevn-R|te boy need a foster homo in Bay- Kddio {Jarrett. probation officer, said he has IX'On unable to find suitable home* for tho Children and would li^e to hear from anyono in the Baytown area who o*n OAro for a child. ••A homo on » farm or ranch in this area would he most suitaMo for tho boy. Tho littlo jrirl, of oe.ur»o, tan bfc placed in a fcrstcr horn* in to\vn or in tho country." ho Mid. "I am certain there, ftrr, nmny couple* in the Ba\town »ro» who will opon thHr heart* and their horo<H to children in need of fo^tcr •parents if wo could hut find them. Those, children are not for adoption, 'ml merely nwd a fosier homo, for a- brief time or for « lori.s; period. An.-sono wiTIirtR to. care fe,? a foster child •should call ftftrrett st or write him, he ^vid. His addfes* it IVox (>-M3, Bajtovtit, texa*. Koshkononff. Mo.; co-pilot 1st Lt. Peter M. Hisky Jr., 23. of Pocatello. Idaho, and student 2nd Lts. E. G- Smith Jr.. 23, of. Macon, Ga.: Thomas E. Andres, of Estcs Park. Colo., and Frederick J. Buresch, Jr., of Baltimore. Md. The B-25 was'on a routine night Air Force Base at Waco. Last contact with the bomber was 11: Do p.m. Wednesday, the Conally public information office said. The search was launched for the plane at 1 a.rn. Thursday when it became overdue. The Air Forcr, said the craft hail enough fuel to stay up until about 2 a.m. The wreckage first was found by the Texas Highway Patrol on a tip from G. D. Russell of Hearne, Tex., who said he found a map this morning like those used in airplanes on his farm. Patrolmen Eads and Nichols spotted the wreckage about one mile north of Elm Grove community, between Now Baden and Christmas Tree Lake. . A SA-16 Air-Sea rescue plane from EUiagton AFB at Houston, one of 17 planes searching- a wide area south of Waco to Austin, confirmed the sighting of the wreckage and directed ground crews from Connally and Bryan. TON.. AFB to the scene. Deadline Near On Barbers HI!! Race Friday midnight will be deadline for'filing ;u the April 7 school trustee election at Mont Belvicu, \V. C. Undorwood, superintendent said Thursday. Residents who plan to vote absentee in the election have from March 08 to April 3 to cast their ballots. Underwood said. Absentee voting can be done at the Barbers Hill superintendent's office or at the county clerk's office in Anahuac. Two trustees are to be elected. As yet only one candidate has filed'; W. Carroll Smith who i* running for re-election. The election will bo at the hi*!-, school library with Don McLeotl as judge. Brpfc*n Leg EDWIN" TEAL, omployod by tl-,« T?\a.s Co, in the Barbers HiU fisM, receive,-] a broker. \<:y in an accident, on a; rig about Tnursday.

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