Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 3
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 3

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 3
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- . —Z-ZZrJJ^LJfay _.*» *°6S. Pflg* S Foreign News Commentary Viet Loyalty, Control At Stake In Viet Nam EDITOR'S NOTE: More than i war in Viet Nam. Tlic loyalty population of some 3 million, »f»ncf Pntint/ 10 «f etnf*.* I*, ii. _ I •__.*«* . . .._..._. ' m IW/TCH/WG ro mm . geography is at stake in the f and control of people also' arc being fought for, and In this phase the Communists have been winning, reports HIM foreign news analyst Phil Valencia Tightens et Newsom from Saigon. SAIGON, South Viet Nam (UPIl — The Communist Viet (he Viet Cong were estimated to control 19 per cent of the population at. the beginning of 1'JG.l. Within ihe next year that| figure increased to 20 per cent j and was estimated at 2i per cent at the beginning of this year. In the highlands. Communist ONTGOMEfcY WARD saver Idoyionlyi IA1MWAY 307 MAIN CLOVIS PHONE 743-4l$f OPEN THURS. NITE TILL 8 ML jCong is a faceless man. !control is estimated at 50 per j He hurls a bomb in a busy cent, a figure which has re- .Saigon street or crowded rrs- mainod stable, jlaurant. lip fights from ambush Who are the Viet Cong? LOS LUNAS. N. M. (LTD— in the swamps of the Mekong Had Fought French Valencia County .Sheriff Medar- Niver Delta, in the junked In Hie beginning they were do Sanchez is beginning to feel 'uehlamN or from the shoulder- the people who fought the the pinch of tightening purse bi^h grasses of the co:istal French colonialists. When the; Strings. .plain. (;eneva conference of 1954 di-j , f . , i r.ut he is no m^re terrorist, vided tl:e counlrv at the 17th'i Monday he was forced to lav- M his hi! , hp!it ,,,,,,, ho } , a mrn \M between North and : off his three jailers when the ma ,, or nf ,„,„, pvchoh^rai South. W 000 who had been! ln««' ,, commisslon . ref " sl>d tr »-imj militarv wa-faro. workh-.' fighting in the South went to i onsen the purse str.ngs enough und(ir n ,. |b ; 0 (lf nrwni/a1jon ,; K , . Xor ,h. he 'end o^™^^™^^ m ' n '^ ' m ™ M '"h.r, remained in the South June "o y !hnn thp covornmrnt, own hut their loyalties remained! Kaeh province h.'i = :N c<>mm;<- with Ho Chi Minh, the wispy County Manager Henry Galle- q;ir wii'^e d<itiec are ihe m,me Communist leader whom they pos said the sheriff created his ;! " thfl i'ove'' - appointed regarded 25 i) i( - [ ;i t|ior O f Viet own problem by "overspending '"'ovinna! r!:ief \'a;n. ! bis budget." of"$20.0(K) to pay , n prov ; nr ,,, „.,,],,. romm-i-' T!u -" (> wprt> thc hard corc ' the salaries of dejiutics and jail- „;,, '.,„,,,,,; ri ,,:;,!,• v ln (i,,. ' V:K) r " nr > r iiied to fight the' cr<: •u'T l 'v "po'i'i'l-i'ed' '()•"'!' 'i i '•'•• < " ;i!!l Vietnamese government' The upshot of the commU/V.-VK^ .-o'. 1 :.--''''',., ..V:,;. ,'.',. ^ w:-n\\a attacks frt.m 1954 sinus deci^inn. Sanchez said, is '"'-'•-" '•'" >;r '' ;i Dial hi-, throf reijjai/iin: 1 dcjiu- ' •>''• <>'~:':>'• ••'<•' ti"-> ui!l h;.i\i> to double ;K jail- Ai'd d''-p:''' crs, wurking longer shifts. LO, '•" rv;i'Ti: !'• s v > ,'i ••••; ai , !ll''^e ffi\ 'I cant see working a man ,, «. - ( , ... , , t . .,. 1! in in hours a >\:t\ for S:?;,o a \ ,.. u) ,.,. , j, month," the sheriff srnd He re- firrcd to the lowest paid of his Seek Peoples' I,n\nlty d'^'iutifs The other two get $250 ' ^ mi'i'.i:;, advisors »•;• and S}'_>(). .-'"' I!".,'.' t:-:-- ;- a war mm S.'inrhr:' 1 worric<; app.irenlh' ,,-., 'I'-.n '.< • (,-• ,-,.A-•• t»'4nn with a crackdown on of- j..,,, .,/ " :tnv ; n ,> a m, r e !!V .;- t ' f " nd '' re r-,m»r,T-:'. }-..i-..- been um "Our busines« in the sheriff, '•f'lre h;m trij.pled. fie said The tola! o: pri^finer* 1:1 th'' I •'••'•' nine mutil.'is ;iMTai.'r't ,i":'.".i .';c;-r from 'Mi to -».'i a d.i v an:! t!i; t l d^-.-.': include fedeial p; >•:>!!,•:•• " sai ! Saivhi-/ Vi -;.-n s,i--. h«'/ hired ar, addi- 1 -r,ai hi!i!:;ne J^HIT !hf o.'ra ••;i. ; .'iry Nv;*:! rc.'Kiir.i; iij> a b-itk'rt deficit of ?! I 1 '"*) wit. 1 : ;it'o;ii two month.s s!;!' lo f." m '•,•' currf-nt fiscal year Sanrhc; sri! ! he ear'!' > r c 1 ;' h:? /o.rr ,-. bv tbr»'-i> depiiti/'s H. fln a',!er:u: to make eniJt meet In the \orth. the f»0.0()0 South... ,, t-,-•(,,,| '•"••"••• b"i-,in;e t!ie manpower ,.,(•., \-,.!,,.,. '•""' i:i'!ii \\jiicii to replace the '•'i',v rutinirr' i( ' ! Priest Dies From Drowning ST I.ofls -''PI _ The rt }'.••-• K<!win I" Herein 52 ,-i ]', (\i?!;obr priest from V>;: ; ,er«i'i<\ N M . was raided ! !:irA!.;r.r S' Louis Countv < : -• - HasmTd Harris ruled They also . ( _ ,'.ere hard core, trained in the it'- "' s'liii'i'''- 1 !-!! and sabotage ; we", a in th' 1 u-e of weap- ••nry a';d military tactics. •!- T 1 " ri: (i ri infiltrating from the >•• \o-' < enabled the N'ii-t Cong to •'• m.: •:•...;i and even increase '• "•" ' • 're:i^"i desru'e heavv Three Alilitary t nils ; Th. Vic- ("nn;: are divided :;'•> :hr'-e ty:i..s of military: !'•;:• A' ' " 1 <•> are the main )••••' (rat k troops infiltrated' - >!;i f'urnir.iiTiNt North Viet •..,:•. N"e\' tn them are the mi:' ,'. :in.!";- tin- command of • • •.'::•'• commissar 1 - Tlie • . - ' '(a 1 ::;> to -l'i.O(M). about ; ••;•:,'!"•- d:\ ided between main j ;• d rMli'.i.i So-, .^s P>elow them : !••• the risernlias estimated to ; ;:r,her KO OW to 100.000. The fa-- that main and ;.:'.;•.,1 fo-.. o« have increased ^•> ;f. least in.0()0 in the last . .IT ; ^ fi;r',:ier evidence of :n•-•. ,-:st determination and ''' C1 - 1 ' ^ v> •^f ;/ Real fun-price for stretch short sets COLOR-MATED TOPS, SHORTS SASSER Western Wear I.K\ r. Ill KIDKKS AM» U 1C \Ndl.KICS MAIN SPECIAL PRICE Great-looking sets— the cotton stretch snorts In solid color denim, duck or gabardine; print blouses in "rice cloth", seersucker, other fine cottons; Bermuda collar or crop top style. Assorted colors. Misses' 8 to 18. Dries and perfumes' hair, has nail set! Save $3 on "soTtcase" dryer with 3 qoiei heats, bouffant hood, make-up mirror, perfumer. Complete'with 4-pc. set for power manicure. R«g. 19.95 Signature zig-zag •••automatic sewing Fancy stitches galore! Flawless straight stitch Fashion pattern cams Automatic bobbin winder Base, control included 47 !^P >•««•». ?<'« >'v A* -'?' J U s: y^* 1*5 Men's short sleeve broadcloth shirts INCREDIBLE AT THIS PRICE Maduhe»wash,Sanfonzed®wf)I}ecombedcoN ton ... in 220-cotmt brooddofh thafs famous for lustre, long-wear, comfort. Classic spread collars have permanenf stays for neatness . . • |1 full-cut proportioned sizes for fit. UYz to 17. | tut JQ^v/ 'uircuqfi fir J . / (I Carol Brent shift is a cascade of color 2 38 UM «^ia,;OT 1370 k J/^ ^«^f TENNESSEE Sour JTl WHISKY ^/ Reg. 2.99 • Easy-care machine washable cotton • Cool 5/eeve/ess sfyfe, fashionable V-oedc • Fun-cot for /oar active Wards flower-sptasned leisure lounger for a pretty casual life Is a great fashion buy! Bett U or wear it loose in pop- ulor A-fine style. You'll love the easy step-in zipper front, too. New colors, Small, medium, large. Boys' ivy slacks that never need ironing 344 Reg, 3.99 • Nof even foucn-up of pockets, seams, waist • They're ready to pof on seconds after drying • Automatic wash-wear coffon-420 nylon blend Specially treated wash 'n wear slacks come out of your washer-dryer looking "just pressed" without ironing! Ivy-styled in heavyweight cotton fortified with 420 nylon for longer wear. Choose black, loden, sand. 6-18. Save 42c! 2x4-Ft. Pegboard, 20 hooks 22 Store small if ems convene- ently. Holds utensils, pots in kitchen, tools in workshop. Keeps closets clutter-free. Ivory Finish 1 Reg. 1.64 26-in. deluxe Hawthorne -lYK BEAUTY WITH TWIN BEAM HEADLIGHTS 36 88 • Bugged 3-fcar cantfexar frame • Chromed cafefy coorfer Ct» Wards -prwlifle" ble? Rust frame has k«o-lfl*tuig d Maste! finish. Chrome- tank, md; airi*', Wards 20-in. rotary mower reduced *8 Feature-packedl Turbo-Chamber lifts grass for eve* cutting. New cBal- confroJ eagine throttle, 3* bf> eogioB, oaiHcher, 49 57.W "CHANGE IT" ON WAI05 CONVENIENT CHA*G-All CREDIT MANY MOUTHS TO PAY

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