Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 13
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FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 19M Named Wffi Report fof Dmy on May 4 JERSEYVILLE -Petit .Turors ftrtt fife J«*ey County Circuit Qjirt have been drawn and will rejport tor two weeks' duty on May 4 if 10 a. rn.bsfl 1 , A list of supplemental petit Jurors has also been selected and ordered to report tor duty at 10 a. m. May 11. STefflbtw of thfe regular panel ordered for May 4 are: Jersey, Mary Catherine Catt, Hargiss Ma- hoflftnd, Thomas G. Adams, Robert R. G'Sell, Roy Hicks, Robert L. Htftrn, Clarence C. Sandberg, Mary Florence Hefner, Joseph D. Woolsey, G. 0. Morgan, Emma E. Dagger, Lucy I. Dugan and Jacob H. Reddish. Plasa, John Bauer and Milton Phillips, Otter Creek, Alice Burch Dftbbs, William D. Cory and Paul son, W. W. Lebate, Freda B. Freeman and Marie DeSherlia. Mississippi, Ernest W. Kanallakan and Hewnafl D. Schafer. Rosedale, Vel- rnft Groppel and Gladys Stemmler. Richwoods, Marceda L. Pruitt And Georgians Wheaton. Elsah, John M. Bechtold and J. Fred Graham. Fidelity, Everett Reed and Everett C. Tuetken. English, Marie Roach and Lloyd Perdun. Ruyle, Leo P. Burns and Irl W. Rhoads. The supplemental panel report- Jng May 11 is composed of the folding. Jersey, Celia E. Birkem •mayer, Pauline Modlin, Oliver Cell, Lee Nail, Cyda E. Daniels, Edward Meyer, Edna Wock, Vera T. Ferris, William Briggs, Harry A. Coop Jr., Vivian Henson, Orvllle Aron Cope, Myrtle Bright, James E, Burge, Kentner Rice and Etta Mowen. English, John Feyerabend, Walt- PlWfelter and Bernice Tonsc-r. Fidelity, Donald F. Raftis, Edward S. Moore and L. Edna Mathew^ Quarry, Elma M. Chase, Mildred Brown, Charles H. Freeman, Helen C. Dabbs and Charlotte A. Stephens. Richwoods, Fred Wahle William A. Gettings Jr., and Arthur Mielke. Rosedale, Edna R. Redman. Otter Creek, Lawrence Slaten Rowling and Leo Egelhoff. Ruyle, Leslie E. Parish and Pearl -E. Johnson. Elsah, Archie M. Smith. Mississippi, Charles A. Koenig, Dorothy P. Barton and Theodore S. S t r eb e 1. Piasa, Robert Goss. Jersey Farmers Warned JERSEYVILLE — Attention of Jersey County farmers is being called again this week to the fact that limestone and rock phosphate are not automatically interchangeable under the 1953 A C Program. Jersey County farmers whose places are approved for limestone must actually apply limestone in order to earn credit for the practice under the 1953 PMA program. The same Is true erf rtmk phoa« phnte and nil other practice*, If a Jersey County farms* finds that he cannot carry out a prae- Hee as originally approved, he should contact the county PMA committee, for under certain conditions approvals as originally tnnde mny bo changed. Spcntl* FwHmiRh with Rnlatlvcs JERSEYVILLE -- Sgt. Jake Gettings of Iho FlPldon vicinity Is spending « 30-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Gettings nnd other relatives In Jersey County. He recently returned from srrvirn in Korea and at (he ronclusion of his furlough hern, will report to a camp In Florida for reassignment. Starving In Phlfllpjilnrs JERSEYVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dugger of 505 North Lafayette St. have received word from their son, Loo, that ho recently reported for duty with the Surface Crnft Department of the U.S. Naval Station at Langley Point, Cavite, Philippine Islands. Rpvlvn.1 To Continue JERSEYVILLE - The revival services at the Paradise Church east of the city will continue through April If). A potluck dinner will bo served at the church at noon Sunday and a dedication service will be held In the afternoon. Greenfield Lions to Hear Distriet Governor GREENFIELD.-John K. Furry of Jacksonville, district governor of Lions clubs, will be speaker at a meeting of the local club this evening. Dinner will be served at 6:30 o'clock in the Methodist church socinl rooms preceding the business meeting and program. Read Telegraph Wants Ads. DEBTS WORRYING YOU? err OUT OF DEBT .. WE PAY THE BILLS! ONE PLACE TO PAY. NOT A LOAN CO. Call or See MR. K. A. KLOOS The Budget Plan OF ALTON 201 West 3rd, 2nd Floor Alton 2-9711 JGRSKYVILLe - One of the oldest typewriters In this part of tho county Is owned by Dnvlrl Horowitz, son of Mr. artd Mrs. Hnrry Horowitz of this rity. The antique "writing machine" s of the early vintage of the 1892 scrtod and Wars the name m nrominent letters of Bllckensder- •r, Stamford, Conn. The machine owned here was manufactured under the most recent pftteftt of that time, Issued In April, 1892. The letter* and characters, numerals and punctuation •narks arc all carried on one cen- tal cylinder which responds to the 27 keys arranged in three rows in the front, of the machine. Press down the key hearing the letter A and the cylinder revolves around to the necessary position and comes down on the sheet of paper nf- Ixed to the roller. There are two shift keys for numerals and punctuation marks and capital letters. The old typewriter was given to David Horowitz by an aunt, Mrs. M. M. Newmark of St. Louis. It was first acquired by M. M. Newmark of St. Ix>uts who owned and Typewriter Made In 1892 Ofpwerf By Jeney^ Youth (iraenfteld wm. 9. M. —Mrs. Hrnry Arms entertained membrrs of the Tnu Upjillon Gun at a sorinl meeting Monday night. Mrs. C. W. Meng was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wnrnrr of Emdon, Mo., and Miss Jonn Warner of Springfield visited during the weekend with Mrs. Warner's mother, Mrs. Scott Cochran, Mrs. K. T. Smith underwent operated an office supply store at Seventh and Chostmit for many years. MB died four years ago and his widow continued to operate the business for another year when it was sold to other parties. Mrs. Newmark gave the old "writing machine" to her nephew. Just now the antique typewriter is stored In the office of the Leader in this city. The Leader Is operated by David's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Horowitz. major wrrgery at the Carlfnville Area Hospital, Tuesday, Mrs. C. P. EntttRfn is HI at her home, wrtfcrtnt from virus pneumonia* . Mr. and Mrc Vemon Thaxton and children. MaMlyn and Marvin, spent Sunday with Mn, Thaxton's parents in Beverly, Mrs. Gilbert Elrnore of Vlrden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fetter Wayham of Greenfield, underwent Due 18 IW ,- — „ _ in the cnragiM icetfon Telephone Directory. i not tuted at ttw New WARD'S ANIMAL HOSPITAL 3814 K. Brmdway (At the Foot of Milton Hill) Phone 2-051 1 Office Hotirm 0-13, 2.R, 8t30>7 Clomd Sat. Night and Sunday* DR. B, f. WARD 0ft, G. SOWERS t)Fnrm Animal* •Dog* and Cati "VAN'S THE MAN" VANPRETER FOR MAYOR Election: Tuesday. April 21, 1953 mn.|or surgery at St. John's Hospital m Springfield, Saturday. Mrs. Kenneth Cole, setretary, attended a meeting of the executive committee of the Greene County chapter of the National Polte Foundation at the home of P. G. McCadden In Carrollton, Tuesday night. The Infant son of Pvt. and Mr*. Wlnfield Goryetl has been named Douglas Wmfteld, The baby wat born last Friday §nd Mn. Coryel! an* son are remaining at Beyd Hospital, Carrollton, the remainder of this tuek. Pvt. Coryell has re- ciently been transferred from JB* pan to Kwea, Wmt Atfi "die*" Schoolboys tti PaWitttti*! west Provlhufl flow c§n 189 tnd movtes only by permissloft of their principal!, Ptshiwsr fippftit^To colt down fflro*gptflg by tfit beys tri§ Education Department Oraer* ed prtnetpals te give only twopw mits a month to each boy tfio to exercise extreme care m stieeflng pictures they may see, BANKINQ mttktfttmt~Hi M * •• —_ A A Tl lill f rOf yOflf fi6nV4fli6fI69t W9 flOW RftVS ttitefloM i imfc i • i • hmir| m nttDAf jftoHTS, rrmn t onflt S o'clock. ALL DEPARTMENTS, INCLUDING THE SIDEWALK TELLER, WILL 8E ON HAND TO SERVE YOU, First National Bank A TRUST COUP AMY in Alton \ Capital and Surplus 11,500,000 Third A Belle Street* • Alton, (lllnoli MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BUG-CLEAN YOUR HOME ^^^^^^^ • • ,^&^^^___ .^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^i|i^—„ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^ —- '""""" '•" , ...—B..-..I.,, —: uj— - - tirimtii- . • rt-tttit •liii-liiini'ri • ' "•••" • • - - _- J ... .1,,—..—i. .iiuji,.^...™.-., .... .» .... . REAL-KILL INSECT BOMB ESPECIALLY FORMULATED TO KILL FLYING INSECTS FAST You can do a better and caller job of buK-cleanlnf as you houa« clean with this Improved RBAL- Klt.Li Insect Bomb because It la so cany and convenient to use. Juiit preR« tho handy lever And •pray clothing:, fabrics, precious woolens and carpets to protect them against the ravages of moth*. Thin clean-amelllng REAb- KIMj InBcct Bomb Is guaranteed to kill files, mosquitoes, flying motha, grnatu, waaps, hornets and many other flying Insects or your money back. Bug-clean the easy REAI-i-KILL. way as you houseclean. •UAHANTII0 J«. as directed on label) TWO f ASY WAYS TO "BUG-CLEAN" YOUR HOME DM th« handy fing«r-Hp iprayvr or bruih It qn wrfaM to be traated. Hard-to-reach eracki and tr»vice» can b* thoroughly tahiratod by using REAL-KILL in an ordinary oil can. For best results b* stir* to tr*ot th* surfaces until wet. | HKM'f UlV HIMTS FOlt BUC-CLEANWC YOUK HOME | MOTHtt Spray REAL-KILL Insect Bomb on drapes, curtains, felts In piano, on carpets, upholstered furniture, behind bookcases, in closets, around baseboards and other dark areas. Us* RBAI.- K¥l,Ii Has; Killer for •llverflsh •nd carpet beetles. ROACHIS AND WAT1HBUOS: Treat all cracks and' crevices with REAL-KILL until wet. Apply under sinks, dralnboards, stoves, refrigerators, pipes and other dark places. ANTSt Paint or spray ant trails with REAL-KILL Bug Killer. Use around door sills, window frames and other cracks where ants enter your home. Pour RKAL-KILL Into center of ant. hills. l SCOtPIONS AND SPIDIISt These danger6us peats are no problem If you treat dark corners, cracks, crevices, closets and basements with REAL-KILL. Treat doors and windows where these bugs enter your home. FlIIS AND MOSOUITOISt Spray surfaces where insects alight, including windows, screens, doors, garbage cans, stagnant water, etc. USE CLEAN NOW KILL BU6S 3 WAYS WITH REAL-KILL BUG KILLER ... 1. CONTACT: REAL-KILL contains chlordane which forms a chin, transparent film on surfaces treated with RIAL-KILL. For weeks after surfaces have been sprayed or painted, bugs contacting these surfaces pick up enough through their tegs to kill them. 2. VAPOR ACTION: When REAL-KILL is sprayed in closets, cracks and crevices, and other confined areas, the vapor action of RIAL-KILL Bug Killer is effective in killing bugs even though they do not come in direct contact with the spray. INGESTION: REAL-KILL kills bugs which feed on treated surfaces or materials which have been sprayed with RBAL-KJLL. i OVER 12 MILLION USERS PREFERRED REAL-KILL IN 19521 **KK MOTHS ROACHES ANTS SILVERRSH FLIES SPIDERS 3-WAY ACTION MORI SffE CTIVf THAN OLD FASHIONED BUG KILLERS This amazing: bug killer with Its three-way killing action Is more effective than old fashioned insecticides. The scientific combination of 100 per cent active Ingredients are combined to exact- Ing standards to produce a balanced formula which makes REAL-KILL Bug Killer a modern dual-purpose insecticide. IXTANI AIDS QUICK-KILL REAL-KILL Bug Killer contains "EXTANE" which Is a combination of active Ingredients to help speed up quick-Kill and to assist In the effectiveness of chlordane. PREVENTS MOLD AND MILDEW GROWTH REAL-KILL Bug Killer Is the only household insecticide,, that contains a special ingredient which destroys the damaging fungi of mold and mildew growth. REAL-KILL is not a cover-up, but actually destroys fungi at its source. Treat your closets, leather goods, and textiles according to the directions on the bottle and. prevent mold and mildew damage. !$< SMAYBI (the as directed on label) USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN NOWI ANNOUNCING ANOTHER PRECEDENT-SMASHING BARGAIN EVENT AT UNITED MEN'S SHOPS! SUITS, PANTS, HATS, SHOES 4 BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU! 313-BELLE ST., ALTON DIAL 2-4712 1662 WASHINGTON, ALTON. DIAL 3-7423 36 E. FERGUSON, WOOD RIVER. DIAL 4-8432 5928 EASTON, ST. LOUIS, MO. DIAL Fl. 5494 ENTIRE STORE FULL OF NEW, FRESH MEN'S WEAR , , . FOR WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, YEAR 'ROUND! SPORT COATS, JACKETS, SHOES, SHIRTS, OTHER FURNISHINGS, ' SUITS FOR SPRING SPORT SHIRTS Whites, checks, plaids. Odds and ends of better grade sport shirts. Every shirt a big money saver. Values to $8.95 Gabardines, nylons, tackle twills. Perfect for dress or sport. Broken sixes. Come early for these. HATS and MHOW bands !• food ckoicf of colors Not ill siiM w all colon Value* to $7.50 Values to $39.50 All wool suits. Sizes 36, 37, 38. Light weight tweeds, stripes and solids . . . Free cult alterations. 15 77 Values to $50.00 Special group o/ iinely tailored all wool suits, Broken sites and patterns. See these/ While they last — 29 77 Values to 555.00 Plain colors and fancy weaves. Including 100% wool fabrics. One button and two button models. One and fwo o/ a kind. 34 77 INITIAL HDKFS (Box of S) Keif. 1.0ft KNIT TEE SHIRTS Reg:. 1-88 SOCKS Kejf. tf3u—75c, 3 pairs for C ALL WOOL SWEATERS • Sleeveless • Solids • Plaid* Valutt to $5.98 SUITS FOR SUMMER Values to $29.50 Tropical and corcNsuite in broken sizes and col- ois. .'Come early lor fhese/ Values to $35.00 Tropicals in stripes and solid colors. All well tailored and handsomely styled. Not all sizes in every pattern. Values to $45.00 Pure wool tropicals in checks and solids. No* tionally known makes. Single and double breast* ed. Cui7 alterations /reel LEISURE COATS Fiue all leatber *ba*« in nationally known braud»> Not all «>*». Really flue values. Buy 8 or 8 pairs at this uric*. All wool CMIS. Perfect with IR extra pair of . Small and medium iat« e«ly. Values to S10.95 Otktrt $6,77, fT.11 Vakm to $2145 BELTS - SUSPENDERS All leather bete, Jfeifauuilly advertised brands. Values to S9.00. Now We. All euwtio suspender*. Known brands. lift tHUAU IN UNOUWEAI VaiM Suit* Brief* l'ud»i- 49 up On or about May 1, we are moving our 313 Belle Street Store to larger quarters in a brand new setting at 329 Belle. To show our appreciation of your wonderful response to our "Lost Our Lease Sale" we are offering the finest in men's wear needs at big reductions on everything! DRESS SHIRTS Nationally known brands. In white, stripes, solid colors... Some with French culfs. Values to $4.95 DRESS PANTS Gabardines, t r o p i o a I s. pleated and plain front pantt from •!*» 98—44 in j wide range of colon • , Tneie were made to sell for up to 8.U. Ciiffi free. SPORT COATS

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