The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 6
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PAfttt * •* Sip,v -*"' ~^ ..v .«. , "V "• ~" V ^W •v 7-*-^ . ~ ^--v. •% * » N „ ~ • *> - r : ' . J 5 * 'I" 1 -*" "•*•"-'"' * ^ " >1 "~V~ " * - r 5 • w'o'sj? ^%,-* S *. •*-* "-• f ' .*• •* *, "* * I TUESfcY, JULY 1« !••« '; The Paris Evening News PARIS, TEXAS JoJy Id. TMK XURTB TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPAQ* Cnter«(i «« Second Class Mail M»«er *t th* Po«t- •CBce at Paris, Texas, under Act of March. 1S73. •. Published Daily Except Saiarday *=d Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATE* (Including Sundays) Sty Mail. One Tear By Mail. Stx Months Bcliv*r*d By Carrier * fty MaiL Oa« Month -,; ts.oo $2.60 .10 •poe b«isx to tfe* «tt«niioD oi ..rt-cnber. «h^ mate eosaplatot b«rK» tav* ti*l.- psp*r, »*nt to them froa I If you iSo oot C« S* ao con>p « P- «- U New York Day by Day BY O. O. MdNTYRE "A" TOKK. Julv 10—Tommy Guinan carries on the tradition established by his sister Texas in the Kew York night restaurant field. He is reputed to have imported, the noisy greeter Joe Zelii from Paris. Anxrray Zelli i* yowling; his welcome at a. newly decorated old haunt Guinan manages. Also youii^: Guinan displays the same devotion that characterized his sister toward their white-haired parents. He dines with them nightly in one of his own or some other of the giddyap spots, forming a sedate and somewhat incon- gmous tr - lo in the sur r O undi hocussing. For Guinan himself is a contradictior. to I the usual bluster of the calling he pursues. He O. O. 3 Life** Dmrkert Moment BACKWARD GLANCES hard and dangerously. He is reputedly one ot the famed Broadway The Usual Criticism ; In consciously or unconsciously creating ' tills background of mystery as to bis backers. ,^ : he demonstrates the Guinan flair for show- „. . PEN1XG the iignt for election ot cricket grounds in Van Cori- ] re oecuoied of e^enin^s and all j far more mpertnent. of Cleveland and "When one party attacked it Cleveland and "Wii __ is" noiv attacking, those of rranklm _ ^ Ms D-J-onouncetnent. loses most of us icrce. u; A ,_ ., 3HR "all of it- For no marter who the Demo- r — £ . ., , TV __.;^ ~.-.r*f* ; *O.i*\± v**"- 3 - cratie Presicent and Democratic •wien psrty its 1 "Most of us remember the return to nor-1 £S IjOn Q 0 :y promised by President Harding--wr^en he j :^eded ^Toodro^ Wilson in the o^ee or | ^^ Coin-well, the artist, has cone srpsy- Presioest- And most of ns remember me . .^ .^ ^ ^^ to Italv fo , the sumnjer and twelve .years following, under iiaroing P G | in | tead of j^-adms: the publicized Rome. Fior-[ Coolidge and Hoover—the orgv oi specula-ton,: ^^ ^^ Venice Will grander through the med-: of fictitious values placed on everrtmsg mann- | ieT£ - u f orT i5ea c ities built on the mountain j factored but in lesser degree on the /-^p j toDS apd practically inaccessible until the ad- J produced'from the ground, ail done_anGer_ tne , _^ t of For ^ M usso!iiirs clean-uo of filth' Beneficent supervision of me ^ Kepublicsn | ^^ ^ bas . dits SotEe of tie finest f res coes of party. And ive remember the following; years; ^^_ per iods are in the remote sections. Cora- of depressed values, of ^ant and suirermg-^o^ j _^.^ ^^ turned from magazine illustrations idle men and women, again all unaer^ae *^ u o murals, is back to his first love to provide I ministration of government by Messrs rie«,e er | I ^ e fcan^roll to return to inurals, j and Company. ^ ^ I "' ' " - —I In the absence of any better system or-? ^^ ConrwelFs'battle to give up cigaret-; fered by these orators we may fairly conduce ;^ ^.^ - ateres _. a p, OV er-indTilgers- He smoked]her mother in a 'riksha. a->d her jto her, that all* they offer is a returr^to-those r!reite i f^orn "i)" to 60 a day and tried to quit first years and their conditions. x \-, SR ._ le , xa ^ ^ Ifcv smoking moderatel- -without inhaling. This not going to approve that ana it i^ GoaDi-Oi f ^ ^.^ for" a vear. But was soon inhaling as voters, in. other states <srui approve it, | fn-^otislv and "incessantly as ever. After "ser- nethods. he be- To e*v/€T BIRTH OAV > « Tt** **t»t* l«ft by Colotyrt K. t a. compromise and took 1m. *»ttl*- M. Jon** in <Lammjr -county was j men t. a lot in P»ri»» on* aer*. finsJly *pprai»«d by I.-M.; Smith K-alued at *150 which bad J". Jt, Jones, X. JB. 31&L&SM1 s.;?jiroved by Judge 'gg.'gfrY'L to : *ct in the,,; matter, at f 17.1Q«,5Q i>*rsonad and f 45. realty/ th* ? report bein* dated February,, !&?€. The.personality co"n~ sisted :ot three notes executed to Jones .by .C- F. Thebo lor a total of $17,106.50. The realty was one asserting that the inventori lot in Preston, Texas, at $25 and one lot in Paris cemetery $20. Mr*. Bailey as executrix reported this sam* property, and in ad- was a Judgment render<ed in district court in favor of M. .INT Ov«r» street for 1121.01 which she not paid: In 1S7T. Georr* ford of X*w York l«ed m. petitio by Mrs. Bailey -were, for a small and infinitesimal part" -of the estate- of her husband irlticli. was subject to his debts, Amon* dition an undivided interest in a other assets, he asserted, that had tract of land in Red River county J not been listed by her were- $««,•which was in Utlgatioa and of unknown value-. . In-a. later report Mrs. Bailey listed the note* as uncollected as* sets, and stated that after the 000 life Insurance policies. f;t2,50* fire Insurance policies all of -which had been collected and not. reported, a demand debt on J. G..C. Arthur for over $100, a. lot death of Jones-the firm of. Thebo land in the city of Paris on th» and company (in which Jones was] north side of Clarksvill* street a. partner) had become bankrupt and that . sh» had presented and proved the clairos in the Federal court at Tyler, She also reported thai Mr. Thebo had filed a, suit in Lamar county district icourt against the estate for $19.000 which claimed that Jones had collected that amount for th* firm Confederate money In KicJb- mon4. Va.. in 1S52. and had not delivered- 1 it to th^ firm, and said suit was yet pendinsr- Oiher suits she listed as belnj containing 12 to 15 acres, and -various o;her claims and lands- H* asserted that his clalnv -was reje- { resented by a judsment of th* I Federal court at Tyler for" f 2J42.SI | H* pleaded that Mrss. Bailey b« I cited to appear and show caxis* | v.-hy she did not pay. Wright and I McDonald and Hale* and Scott were attorneys for Bradford and Judge Sam Bryson ordered citation for Mrs. Bai!*y. She promptly replied through her attorneys, Masey and r,Ishtfoot. that th* brought against the estate were i property listed by Bradford was for debts claimed to be owing b-y | not. and had never been a" part ol Thebo and company and included } the estate and that the InVentor- Day and Halsey. $S57.55; James Mefflefinger two notes* totaling $1015.15: Potter. TV^hite and Bailey. $3510.79: G. P. Bradford and compa,ny $±420.32. She reported that a salt of Thebo ajnd company.. against J, H- Willard for about $300 was pending in Paris at the--time of Jones* death and she believing ies sh» had before filed were^ all that should be Included. It would appear that Mrs. Bailey collected |, th© insurance monies in Chociair Nation, though in the filing of th» filing of the will and application to b« appointed executrix sh* claimed to b« a. resident citizen of f Paris. But the Bradford - claiin wa« - WiHard was insolvent agreed to i presently settled, as will b* showj». CHILD BURIED AT i -will be^in a revival at the Bap_ j tist church Friday night. July 13. HOME AT ROXTO^k ! There ras sood attendance mt I the sin^inff coavenUon Sunday. KOXTOX- — The iufant son of j Mr ^ Mrs E<J Stephens. Mr. and Mrs- Henry Martin died Frank ^4 Joe Wil!ie Xo^ell ^*r* in Kxigro Saturday. Mr. and Mrs," .'Ollie Xash nav* 5 rettzmed from Minecla. ^ •*'her« I they visited her father artd-Sfiss Esneline Shaw accompanied them" Qome. iss Jane Xash of Paris tt ^rtefizafosie TEX TEARS i "T sna.Il inaTiag'e."" said -Vlsrsiia. I 'Fll iiave to—"* she looked around ili!ri» ao^sv-** she ?T5«2ed, *"tns.t be— | IZMZS to m^—"* and a,^a.iii she savr i \ distaste and aversion a Gertrude's Marsha into Miss presence that Friday night and -was buried Saturday in the family burial plot on the Martin farm. 1 Mr- and Mrs- C- R. <3a2dweU. Jr.» had as recent sruests Mrs- Louis Bsaaman and daughter Ja- |: lia of Berkeley. Calif- John Endsley -who has an in- } }j ere f or the fected foot 'is. reported- improving. | Th* commnnity celebra.t*d Miss Lela. May ^>iyer of Mid-j Fourth fishing: at TV'omaclc land is a' yoesi of Mrs. S. M-1 Some of the youns people >*±Thompson- f tended a party at Mansfield oa Sirs- TT. F. Rod en of SweetTsrat- j TTrursday evening. <?r is visiting Mrs. F. C, Shiproan.. : • ; ^Irs.-.J. TT. Watson and daught- | WOLFE CTTY LOCAL ers have returned fro in "CVildorado and Canyon "to attend the funeral | of Dov.'Stockton .at'Cooper. . i Mr..'and Mrjs. C!-te Brown visit- \ TVOI-FE CITT. — E. TI *A -h^re Sunday- ? son ° r Bonham nccently elected part of More Relief Monday •; era! years ot trying various ^au sm .. i This sr>o: ioking and'iSialine stnall black cigars, j -*« £\^£%^*S£*^ \ S^ Boiled bis appetite for Cigarettes, but ^ e I ar:d ~tiien accepted the remains cf jal-^ay SJie talked, alone a 5 r—|ihe lime, always " sbe <iid not I noc dreais—I did not dream from the ranks one of ^ie } there coald be love in admiring males. To b= jast j school— r * his «yes mei r a rr, &r t-lir- he- n-t to car» TOO i chance and""men care & her too ' echoed one in his eye5> and he d«^iv ^t~^h- «m**h h-" --a- t much chance; an<i tMs ofterr mak- Uhousrhr. "Thank heaven, she has ~^*-r " ~^fl^~- V ^Vvrs- -K*-:^~l^» • «=«; ~T-oubI*» I a ^* n£e °^ humor; thst cught to to heWo'Ild["now be*'pack-?a in a i Doctor James, her auni's Rector | help!" su't **a£« and a. trunk, and -^-as. land the Hector of St. Timothy's. { i> r . Jam*=s savi- in Marsha. a ^ Marsha's farewells at school I T^S the one man in the Trorld | stran^rely thwarted little girl, one! prolonged. Clarabe'Ie 1 -K-hora she respected and the one i-who still sho-aced. after all Ann? ] \vhom she tried to avoid. He | Gertrude could do, the remnants i avs tnace. in rir> almost un»x- 1 o' her chidish desire to please, TO | f Iwheii Miss Gertrude said, "I did | Gl«* Holcombe has returned to i school superintendent of the local -that {Dallas. relate | schools, h&s moved here tomaJt* Clarence 3tan«sss } his fsosn*:. 3 Auionio to visit 1 C.. 0- Bradford Ja paiatiny itls ] heiri«y and doing^ repair -work this CANTALOUPES AT I Mr. an-S Mry. Jona Gill^spie of 5 Greenville, spent the -weeieeJid -a,t OLFVE ARE SOLD I tn« home of Mr. and Mrs. J- %T. - I SheUors. — A truck load of.j '>Vrestlicsr -?ras tfee fee-tur* of th» from ! athletic exhibition her* Monday Saturday. : nisiht. uttder the sponsorship of Kev. Frank McGinns: of Forney > R. -A. CaskilL ''THAT tae fands available for reliei O^ {iesi -^ ! became addicted to cigars. However, be found | tbe packe- of cigarettes. Marsh.-, fplored chanifaer of h-r heart, the|b« loved, and to live a happy life, i tute persons in Texas, ontained by_sale of I ^ la^er easier to abaadoa and iron, the nght [could spare the^. for sh» had an . (bitterest ache- bonds TOted by the people, -will be esbausted'| _ at ] east j, e ^asu't smoked for ttro months, j ot ^,;f A ° 0 ^; o _ "bv--the 'Srst of September, is announced from - j T-e o^.er the .direc' But he dotsbted that Aunt Ger- It tvas he who had retrieved h^r | trude's strange code -would perjuit srirls did not real'v I from an attempted -elopement vritri {her niece to develop normally. exist for the "departlnsr one. ami 1 trie music teacher at the Church | Ke promised himself that he ^reek. He receni^ sometimes toed Sl.OOO a halt he slipped Into her hand Craven."' ^Doctor James rercember that BroasviIIe. { vrorth, and perhaps z little ir. ore. "I hear your youngest a $100.000 estate at her as he did it and as CHURCH SERVICES calculations TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE HELD AT HOWLAND vrove-d all -prroag, and if the it various times. * Also William M'cFee.-Tbef Alice •r>en3testiarv of recent years. an<i Tesas fortuuately' has only one Lee Si PIECES as; j ri vagrac- eave-gazinjr along Murray Hill, i danghter of manager <> r the expenditure of money. Tee j ^ the g-cdsl" session date other. There is so doubt thai there the people , who are in need in Texas and that some of* there are £••?";:>£• KIT;*-, if any heip. Also tfcer- ' are kao^vn t^o be rasr;y '.vho are grettinsr who have o?h*r ~w>w>* ano_ ^om* of them Have refused %v-rk rhs? -vou'-'J make subsistence becaus--- *{•*"-• I'T^fer th#- handout *o harness of labor. Wh^-re is the ecd? ca=e.. eJope—" j "JDo^s jny aunt feao' 5C '?" *bc asked. He nodded- Then n* put bis hand over her». 3at hi» touch •*•&& unH.k« sny she had ever had from she *R?" other man; It was only kindly j — Clarence Klrk- ham of Par!* preached at the ?" he j Church of Christ Sunday morning rer j The Methodist revival be^aa Friday night at the tabernacle conducted by Revs, C- J3- Deakins and C. G. Randolph. Misa Gladys Hobbs of D-ntou vS«!t»<3 Mrs.. AyTene Tiidor Thursday- Mr?. TMxon Sheltors. vtnitlnir h«?r mother Mrs. J>eWitt, Tfa« attacked by api>«ndicit!s and is tn a Dala» hospital recoTerSTiisr from op- «ra.tfon.* Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baxter of Par!« vistt'd h*re Sunday. J. K. McCoin and C. B, Crwslln In tKe News 1 3 Years Ago From the fUe» of The Pari* Mer* ing Sew* thirteen if ears «po TVeduwsday nteht. an«3 Hamil and Mary B. Goodman of TdabfrU Ok!a, r nmf^nt Sunday are objecting. ^y_,,.,, s f your heart's? «!J*t. but you not have had love frorn Craven. A !n theatres, rn - . ^ * <•>! course, it s The person who stops reaa- 5 g-j^^ an<J at that point.—Humorist. Ltretch Mr. ~ Jniy 10, 1921 A voung fei!r>-,v in Blossom eataboos^ set ; --Arkansas Gazette, fire to s mattress and narrov-.y escaped death • from s«ff«x*8ik»n bef^TP ars officer was found i to uttlock the door. rbe volf at the door to ... , , a »• ^ ronna ttee nouse and see me Careens tn«* ehoHers are "grro^insr m their back yards, infsrtesty. a !!n»» a b | l-am»d a boat -worn*:? from I Moet" w«ym«n. !ft th*-/r fac* or *fter 2 ^ o * an«J you f*!t you cou'd not stand tt R V}^ f mtich longer with ?»!!/;« G«*rtrud«? h*Tn, • And you ,^.trr ^ v^n i -. <*v~ | biT.r.*r \ can »ta.n<J and One of tb* great social tragedies is tp*; prospect that in another wontb sotae, of Mrs Elizabeth Waters. &2. died after soaie | prom oueeos may be helping mother with the Ul»es*. Sb*' had lived is Fan& sin^e | dishes.—Indianapolis Star. l'Vtl C. Henry and Miss VVra Mtjllins j An average, use of four hours a day for ii^rried by R<-v. "\V. H. Vaitace at b is | radio !frets Ift reported bv an investigator, who " most patently didn't investigate in our neigh- Arkansas Gazette. muif Murray, young negro vomau. ^as ' borbood. d?a<3- on b*r bed in a bouse on a farm Import w itii 9 pistol ballet .wound in her ] wms BO immediate «lue to the There's KWK; con«oi*ti<Jn. If you didn't pay uxas, the money would go for something io>'w*j OkUhonuiL t. as » gr' !Jk«! her. Th«ry ea-w? fe^r see to a solid *.r<£ «!CKI* or £o 2 l>v5<Jiniy fe*f*ir «5o*« n<H make fri^ndH w ar*^. Marsha, at f*-*«ty-«!x. Jy frank 1n admitting that -vcomerj b^r<?4 her. an/I *h«s thooirh*. they and h a Bhe no* th*t th* man business ta,«t» for m*« who aur* ito th* fact in dUi- *nd that her with Mi** car*?. R<5- thstt you keep of <J«r<:'!ne>' within. mak*» yoar iif«. Tl»« thinjp* th*i aure outsf'£*i <3on*t n***^ to matter. **Mi*s Gertrti<3^ is <yut«id<5 for you, I know,^ atn<J I f*ar *h?s s.!» way* will be. Bwt th*r« are bookB *nd pJctt«r*?s *n«l mtjRtc:, ATII! 8*ofn* day. my <!«rar eM!<3, ther« will fo* right *w>rt of love for you. Now T*« .r« yoti She told him; *h to f^*J *** Hltl« b*ii*r.'* hot to hi* hand in » tb*t touched him *od Ihmt told Mm too much of ?*er f«#*r that m*4« br b«r thought of Atniuetnents GALLANT LADY Ann Harding ClfTr At Th* PIa*a WITCHING HOUR Jatith Atkfn Tom Brawn At Th* DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY At Tbv Grand a * pxy card Exi*t 2S, FCiod or tree fee- tlvau 45. 13. W«atvln« csm- 4S. S<5e*nrler I. To point s. 9. S?70lC«K 15. Orzan <sT b*«r* i*. irttk-» certain 25. Total CC Piece ft. Also -. Carry *, Frencfe T*T** 3S. 39. SUc* of twee* 4L. Coitj* miter 47. Tiny •ct. 43. SL SS. Witlj«r«H* S*cor« 43. Tbts» &*- Cut wbort £5. Boatm 69. Is tli* «f- rwctlca «r 28 3o 1 3i '8

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