The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 3, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, July 3, 1948
Page 4
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tttt New*, Frederick. MM., SaforiUy. J«l? · SATURDAY. JULY 3. 1M» 4, IMS Dorothy Dix Says Probably the greatest good fortune that can befall any human being is to live in a peaceful and happy home, where the husband and wife love each other and treat each other with tenderness and affection, where the parents consider ; By TKIS COFFIN their children a gift from Heaven Washington. July 3--Tom Dewey | and «io everything In their power t --»n that cold and efficient way of to give them ?very pleasure and 1 his--is changing the Grand pld 'advantage, and where, as the old - F»ty *"·» «n ancient, lumbering cowboy song goes, there is never a elephant to a mechanical gadget WaMngum Today In Washington Daybook Tomorrow and Monday wiU be, celebrated an event which wUl be ; ^°? le . * - - _ j .r--_ -»SI **»M^K t/\ r*f\*n * And conversely an for aU time to come £, ,, Dewey Transforming Elephant 1*1* Swift Gaiellt F»r VicUry and beauty of a It's like watching an add- ine at work. Every move is logical and practical. The aim If Truman Is Nominated He Will Put Democratic Party Back Anywhere Front Eight To Twelve Years By DAVID LAWRENCE. by thoae who believe in America. Jt does Bot ma tter what a palace It u fitting and proper that the · tne home is. or how much money greatest tree jovernment should go^g to its upkeep, or how many shut down for 02e day. and pay diamond tiaras the wife has. or homage to those, who by their fore- how many cars the chile our if the husband and wife are ays quarreling, if tht November landslide. These are the steps: 1. Plucking Earl Warren. Washington, July 3.--President Truman has a difficult choice to make in the n»xt ten days--he must decide between personal ambition and the future of the Democratic party not only in the 19*8 election but in 1952 *s well. Mr. Truman can be nominated-presidential pressure can always ac- icomplish that result--but if he is t aim i Defeated j n November, as seems to bring _,_: nnw h~ w iii nut th* Dem-1 licans on the civil-rights program. The Republicans are not as extreme on this subject as they are sometimes represented- Wfaile Justice Douglas is probably not at heart any different from Mr. Truman on the civil-rights Issue, he might be able to come forth Choir Holds Annual Ba»««et At ViaAatoiia The choir of the Evangelical Reformed church held its annual banquet on Tuesday evening at Vinda- boaa. Braddock Heights. Following the dinner a business meeting was b»ld. with Miss Evelyn Kefauver. president, presiding Tne report of the secretary was . with a statement that v-iU satisfy S»ven by Mrs. Kirk D. Cramer 'and the South. Justice Douglas would. of course, have to resign from the financial report was read by - Henry TAilson. treasurer. The certain now. he will put the Dem- j bench to accept the nomination, j choir decided to hold its picnic at '· ocratic party back anywhere from ! He is a good speaker and would i 5f* 4d ??' c eiih on Tuesday, i eight to twelve years It takes that ! make a colorful campaign. s 20 - wlth a , ong for a party whoie organic- . Zimmerman But if Mr. Truman runs and is I cha»TMan of tne picnic committee. . handsome, warm personality, who tSon and mora i e has been wre cked ! defeated, nobody will be able to 1 **· ter brjef remarks, Mrs. Maud Richard Henry Lx* «f Virgin^; ^ parents ; if Jhere b . pefpetu| . --^^ ££,-£ c^n^ Republicans were beaten in *"*, « _ _ - ,, * _ _ . _ » . » . . _ . _ . . _ . » . . - . . » _ » '«··*' - ---*-^--» -- ^-~- -- -- ^. . -«. ---- f -- J nr*m** 1*? ^ro.'l» !··» Av » » « « looks and sounds a good deal like j ·; " ^ ack into the ,,,,,,,,,,- a g ain .! reorganize the Democratic party i Waters Dittmar, director and or- his running mate. Warren! ^ he Democ rats were ^ateo in ! until new leadership develops insist- awarded prizes for attend- no consuming ambition like 1920 rf . ,, twe i ve j the 1952 contest. This means a loss j f nce J° ^ e following persons: 1st .....i I,- t 1 i years. | ladies prize. Mrs. Thaddeus Biser; 1932 over wnetner jonrtnv snouia - na!i«-k anri «iiv*r hnir.-H i«hn · a " u " uw - iu jf»i» »«ici. u i» .«i»- ·-·" ""- *"·*«.-..» -*. ....*,*^»-*-~. ^-*~ :cu-..i~... ·«-« «»»·. ,,,;-,. ».«, ai .is or Mamie should do that, g^e* * a ? ± £ ' 3 vetted to ''«**«* that *' ^°^ f wiil vote for paign ' the way * Op * ned tO devel " ! S^f Cu,£ if ?h«* tiric Prnu.' i l n u-ftih/Mit * _.i * tr_ _ A_ i. ___ * -»^_ _ ^ 'a chance. opment of a new era inside the ; ^f* v,ui.«?r. . . I -- i -- ^--*f. -- - -·-- ~- -·------·- . - · - -- - -- -- v .-.---,, ousjncr w. as- CUKIIV uivciitru lu dependent State- On June .. *''0 : a n d if she kids grow up without Arthur Vandenberg. The Governor . a change. . hi* resolution which was reao to- l h e , r moU,^ and fathers ever , pi c k«i * "jury" to select his Vice- the delegates in Congress stated trying to understand them or sym- President, and he got exactly what that- "These colonies were and I patbize with them, then that home he wanted- oufttib be iree and independent-: is a place of torment. In the sccret Dcwey Cter. a committee consisting of' Inasmuch as so many children Stassen was ve:oed What then is the best strategy the Democratic leadership? Is opment Democratic party. The younger liberals would be in command. It it better to satisfy Mr. Truman's j would seem that Henry Wallace: ., personal desire for vindication a t ; would, under such circumstances,; Inasmuch as so manv children c-assenT was ve-oed "b«-au^' of ' t h e convention or is it better f or j come back into the fold. i Crow up in homes where they are »*,,,, w as described as hi! "di A 5he P ar: ' io honor him * nd f o r ' Mr ' Truman can insist on «"»- S"^±, the victims of tyrannical and domi- .Tight" aglinrtDewy in the Ore* him lo decide of his .°TM volition j nmg.^ take^a severe ^defeat, and - Henry horror aliened broken nrn-T^l^slLJ!" , It Mr. Truman doesn't run. who j will prove in November only that \ Honorable mention was given to Forney. Mr. Roy Culler and T. Schroeder. Jr. won by Mrs. Barbara Herbert. X!r. I «p a formal declaration. The ac- , o , henl you wo ' nder whv when W3S ,., ated to . e . - . , j -j his delegates ' should make the race? The log,- , he should have stepped aside a t , present were: Mrs. Ditt- Biser. Mrs. tual wording of the famous docu- they marry, that they take the at a ITso'conference on" Thursday cal man is Justice William O. Doug- j the nominating convention. He will j - "" ' He. more than anybody else j not prove that the policies es-1 rnent was left to Jefferson. . chance of wreckinE their homes by ' afternoon OR July 1776. the resolution bringing into them member!; was laid before Congress, then sit- their families who. they know, ling in Philadelphia and was adopt- nothing but fire brands, ed with very few changes. Tyrannical -Rule The Declaration of Independence , "x 0 this column come innumerable ' v. P. marks an epoch in the annals o f . letters from frustrated and bewild- progress. It signifies the He renewed at the last : ' as I must apologize! In the two weeks you've been visifui ns we've ^cialistic doctrines which Mr. Tru- j programs and reforms still consti- Evelyn Kefauver. Miss Barbara 1 - t .1 *4«1*CUIV -kc.3 1 1 T T . C I . i ^ C I I tt I U » U , - - - - - - - - - - - - ] ercd wives who see their houses · and fas , promise thal he would Ket ] !y to express.*i:t*v viw^^bfc #i*s.^ *-«»*»x.fc* ·**» *. * ^» j ^»« v^» ···«·.* «-.--v · -- -- ~ - - ----- -- -- -- i » » w j ^f O U * - hard i man has so often tried incoherent- tute a major alternative fo the Herbert and Miss *;»«· iiimes. a naru , i M»:c.-c T W«»1tv V a hrn«»v .Tnhn ing struggle of mankind for free- , being puhed down over their ears. ; th(f second spot . when he came ! Truman has turned toward anti-Dewey front, and made Sen- . onized the "right" and many people ^ . . ^ ,..%-,.^,- «- - - - - , « » ^.-w-»-~. »JII*i.I -- *L-»t. I"* t » A l ^ r t l L . i l i l U i l l t l t i l T ·J%r»l*" * IJIlI*-tU *.*!«- * »^J.*1 V tHiiV* b i a « * J }/«.\s^f «v. equal/ that they have a rignt to | Qne Qf the w ; ves who is fac i nK - ator Bob Taf . and The Chicago ' in the "center." It is logical for life, liberty and the pursuit of . t h e pro b!em of whether it is her · Tribune's Robert McCormick fur- '. him to step aside and let a 100 per happiness." that the right to rule j u ty to sacrifice her husband and . ious. is derived "from the consent of j cent New Dealer take up an ag- her children and her home to a j 2. Booting out Carroll Reece. ! gressive leadership for the party. the governed." And to perpetuate disagreeable old mother, writes: ! a made-over Tennessee hill-billy. ! This \v and to forever establish this doc- "When I married I determined to ^ s national chairman for the urbane · ern Dem ill not please the south- Democrats, but it looks as if trine to the world, these noble men make my home a happy one. be- { Philadelphia socialite. Hugh D. i the southerners cannot take the mutually pledged to each other, "their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor." Whether at the mountains or the shore, whether on the highway or sitting quietly at home, it is fitting that Americans should show with proper respect their devotion to those tenets which have "made and preserved us a nation." Weddings cause my childhood had been such j Scott. Reece. a nice guy personal- i leadership away from the radicals a bitter one. And I succeeded. No j ly. is a bumbling old guard stal- | either. So the natural thing is home could have been pleasanter : xvart and a Taft man. He has a I for both sides to fight it out. as or more harmonious than ours has | knack of repelling voters by dish- j compromise seems impracticable. In been. Nor more cheerful- My hus- j Ing out a line would have! the end. the southern Democrats band and the kids have been con- brought down the house at a small- | might, of course, be able to find a tent to spend their evenings at · town rally in I860. His press con- j common ground with the Repub- home because it was more fun than stepping out "Now my mother has decided that she wants to come and live with us, and all this will be changed. She is very critical of my husband and I know how that will j end--he will spend his evenings at ferences have a habit of turning into withering questions and inept j answers. . j Scott is a "modern." a topflight' Philadelphia lawyer and interna- , Today's Anniversaries tionalist. who volunteered for duty 1738--John Singleton Copley, self- conservatism offered by the Mrs. Pauline G. Leatherman. 1 ty dance club will meet at the band Republican ticket. Insley. Franklin J. Welty Fahrney. John EUerton. left for Xcrth Carolina. N. Shipley. Roy . where she will spend her vacation F. Culler. George : with her husband. Sgt. Arzhur , Mr. Douglas would make a bet- C. Culler. Albert F. Culler. George : with her husband. Sgt ter race than Mr. Truman because a ! C. Slagle and LeRoy Blumenauer. ! Leatherman. who is stationed at ne-.v personality would come on the i _ j| old Fort ^ ra §S- scene. The "change" which the j JUinual p icnic country wants would be satisfied in ' " band time at Harmon Field ?y Park; two o'clock, in the town weekly meet- r end of Baker ;Park: 10.30 a. m. tumbling club in Mr. and Mrs. Ravmond P Free ' Staley Park: 11 o'clock to noon. Miss , , 1 t K . -, ~h^, ;r f h » ; T" 06 Frederick Garden Club will : 44 East South street, have rerurn- Thelma Bailey will give free swim- part at least D.. a .nan 0 e in me ho , d ..^ annual p ; cnic on Friday . ed home after soending two weeks min S lessons to a limited number ^adersa,p of the Dernocrat.c par.y. s even . ng a{ the home Qf Mr an(J ; jn De , and p ^ ^ ^ of ^ of tweenaters of Mullinix Park in General Eisenhower is a better ad- . Hunter Bowers. Harmonv former's brother. Charles B. Free, the William R. Diggs pool: Tuesday vertised name but apparently h e ; fa president cannot be persuaded to accept t h e . " . . * \ nomination. t -?t*tlV*«_Vi \+J U\.«.%,LJ. *.tlV, _ , . , If President Truman i of the club - --- evening, teen softball in Baker A shower v.-as given on Thurs- ] Park and teen town and folk danc- day evening in honor of Miss ing a: Staley Park put his whole influence in the party . Charles F. Smith, of Liberty. ! £** Eil f en s ^iner by Miss Patsy ; 1V ednesdav is rhvthm band dav behind Justice Douglas and if the s - - i ^ » n » » - »* ^=- ·,,«,,« -- r^cr - " - »"·* ""Wallace movement joined in. the; Mrs. Ezra Houck. Jr.. Colonial j her nome !n Jefferson. i Miss Steiner. who is the daughter for jiullinix Park and the Fair- philosophi people would se ing campaign. (Reproduction Rights-Heserved) i the weekend. Their guests include j even j ng to ^ Ir ji ar i on D Car - ; sons m the municipal pool for chU ' Mr. and Mrs. EHaf Seeland. Mrs. j mzc ^ j r o f "tjjjj p itv ; n st "p au r s : dren 12 and over: 6.30 until eigb · Irvin Torok. Mrs. August J. Raggi, j Lut heran" church Jefferson A.n- ' °" dcck - organized game night i ; Mrs. A. Berieni. Mrs. Ned Clarke. : other s hower was given for M'ss · Stale " Park: from eight until te _ t i ^t ·%*--... tr_^t_ /"*?4_. « . _ j ^uri^r. \ . _ . " -jj t · * · *L_. » _ » _ » * ^. . _ _ _ * _ _ Know America i Movie Bills as a common seaman on a tanker during the war. He also belongs to j the club instead of at home. She j t h e J °e Grundy faction which ; taught Boston artist, who attained world-fame in London, born in Boston Died Sept. 9. 1815. Coming Week . sons in the municipal pool for chil- 2 and over: 6.30 until eight in : ..__ o _. _ _ , ten ; all of New York City, and Miss ] steiner on June 15 bv Mr and VrT i °' clc c k tne weekly teen age dance I Margaret Boyle, of Baltimore. " " - . -.. . Mr. George Fellows, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H, Fellows. 320 West burg, by the pastor. Rev. Stan- ! Lucy Me- ! , Bet ill try to us aU^rti ".he | clea . n . "P the national ^cadquarters. rod of iron and instead of the peace , i_ * ·* * t » h - 1 «* '««« J K . « boro. N. Y. Died July 21. 1909 s TM n «* 1 *** I «»8- 100 ars ago. Theodore College Terrace. ?"d Mr. Joe r: son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Groff. rehearsal- near Frederick, relumed home i Russell Hahn. this city. Last eve- | wiu De hrfd on the cement tennis ning the bride-to-be's "sisters. Miss- i courts with Jerry Marrone and his es Leoha and Winnie Steiner en- I orchestra playing. a tertained members of the wedding i At 10.30 Thursday morning story party at their home following the ' hour will be held in Staley Park: ! 1.30 Thursday afternoon, all park j chorus meets at Baker Park band Movies scheduled for Frederick At the Tivoli: Sunday through ring Clark Gable. Lana Turner. Anne Baxter, and John Hodiak. Short subject is Universal News. «-»-J *-"-"*"*· ' ~-- - 1 I U U UX H U i l nilvl i U D t C M U Ui Lilt JJCaut- » * , , 0»l» J 1 r a r r v ' " » -^-. v - « -- -- j -- -w.. -« -- --. - «.»». .. v .. u . Cleaf became the bride of Ned j and h armonv and love and kind- n 8 h Ward p °° l room o£ 50 i Presser. Ohio piano teacher. Thursday and Friday--"Winter Smith, of York. Pa. The couple I! ness lhat has - prcva n e d in our home, " ears ago. · - - - - . . . . _ , . .^..__ _. _ .. _ . was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Rich- | there win bc n o t hinR but fault-find- ' 3 - To take charge of legislation, ard Rosensteel. brother-in-law and | and ouarrels and fights and i Governor Dewey is moving slowly sister of the bride. j tears . Shn h r !ct her comc and j and carefully to keep jealous op| ponents from running Congress. The bride wore a white shark- our home not? -. founder of Etude in Lynchburg. Va.. in 1883. Philadelphia music publisher, founder of a home for retired music teachers, born in j Pittsburgh. Died Oct. 28. 1925. Meeting" with Bette Davis and Janis Paige. Warner Pathe News is added. City and Ocean City. j , -- -- rhythm ,,«,,-- ] vacation. They plan to go by New : ot staley Park in its park; Thurs- ! . . . _ -- ., -- _ -- _ l u u i u u ( lEUiiitr vt nut. ( T T i i T * ' « _ · -I would sav emphaticallv NO. J ° e ft !f. rtln ' who Jf a " Qod ba!1 P la "' I 1851--Sam W. Small, noted Atlanta. . . .. ,, ,,,, matter h - mea P d . os . t . on er will S Uy as Speaker. But De- G a. editor, evangelist and writer -. . . ' ^ey is caretullv starme at floor i \^ n *- n ;« Tr«^-L-t-ni* Torvr. TiJorf sories and an orchid corsage. Mrs. Rosensteel wore a white street dress with white accessories and a corsage of pink and white rosebuds. After the wedding a turkey dinner was served at Allison's Restaurant. York. Pa., for *a number of A^ W *·*«» 11^.* l**J ni **(^,cm(* r\ vt i--tJ\SJ*. v » v - - [ +w*at\r * *. j*- v n f . . 11 *- ^ . * * . * * r l s a m o t h e r h a s - n o r h o w h a r d s h e i s l r e l d e r ' ^ ^ e c ^ ^ ^ ^ £? TM ST^ 11 '- Tenn to get along: with ,t ,5 her· chil- , Arcn(!s: and the t y r a n t commandcr · ,^ -±TM 1 ' Am ^ fame Died Saturday--"The Noose Hangs j at the Marine base. High," featuring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. A cartoon. "Bone! Sweet Bone." will be added. i At the Opera House: Sunday and -»r ^T -,,,-, cr K, T » I Ol!eans - following the Southern ' day will" also be rhvthm band day Mr. N \\.lsonSchley. Jr.. return- route to Los Angeles. California, , - m Baker Park. On "Thursday eve- ed to his home near Frederick to- * --« " ---·· * ' «"-w»j day from Quantico. Va.. to spend the holiday weekend. He is undergoing a six weeks training period in the Platoon Leaders Class, a unit of the Marine Corps Reserve. from where they will journey up , n ing at 6.30 the all playground the Pacific Coast, to a northern event of the week, the kite flying , j con tesi. will be held in Staley Park'/.- route home. daughter. Miss June Sheffler. at , T__* __ ·»«· ___ ,.-.·__ ,~i-«,- ? ^ , i which for prizes will be. offered in- dren's duty to provide her with as ; of the Rules Committee Leo Allen comfortable a living as they can ; Dewey wants to distribute the afford, but it is no part o£ their j power . so this v , on - t be ab , e duty to a mother to let her ruin t o wreck his Congressional plans. T t their lives and break up their Governor Dewey will get his own ''. lo Y r ; 18 64 _ Jose h s / Amcs . {amed hy . | Monday-"Jtax Money." with Leo - I sicist. president of Johns Hopkins j G ?TM?' and the Bo ^ er - ^OXS. Also « ^ I nrtH»»rt ^ifet- o i*f\rr\t*Ai- "T. It* TT D A*** j Thurmont. over the weekend. born in Manchester. 24. 1943. added are a comedy. "Flat Feet" Pathe N" Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Eldridge i artistic kite, first kite to fly. second and air. and Mrs. Elmer L Harp, j kiie to fl "- highest flying kite and r. and Mrs. Robert Gardner, of j Myersville. motored by way of the · second highest flying kite. Any boy .- Vernono. N. J.. will spend the j Skyline Drive, to Winston-Salem. j or § irl in the c ^" is eligible to en- j New vemono. i\. J.. wiu spena me j ! weekend holiday at "Auburn." Ca- Aforth Carolina - House brain trust. The GOP nom- j 1775 | inee has not said anything about it ! ' i homes. If mothers Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith are em- 11 Qren to cherish them in ployed at Allison s. · a g e ,j, cv ml , s t earn the privilege ' publicily. but he's worried at the i by being lovable. (Released by Bell Synd. Inc.) - Fifty Yeors Ago ates. He dominates the Senate and j takes orders from no one. ' What Price Delegates -- On the I way home. Harlan Kclley. the blind · MacArthur backer, bitterly com- ! j plained because he had to wait j until 3 in the morning to nominate ' FHez--Overman The marriage of Mary Idella Overman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Overman, and Lloyd S- Fitez was solemnized Saturday eve ning at 5 o'clock in Elias Zvangeli- j Thc Columns cal Lutheran Peonage Emmiw- ° , 3 189g burg, by the Rev. Philip Bower, i " The couple were unattended. DR. H. H. HOPKINS. THE OB-: ge t a band wagon rr^vlng. The bride was attired in a white j SERVER at New Market, re- Kelley told a fellow delegate on tailored suit with brown and white j ported to the weather office in the tra " in that one of th p car ] y . accessories and a corsage of mixed i Baltimore that the bulb i n ^ his , slatcs alphabetically offered to flowers. After for a short destination. After Julv 4. v they_will; meter was graduated to register i dough. -Gen. Washington takes com- of the Revolutionary Army, Cambridge. M^ the Tuesday--"Port Said." with Wil- i toctin. with Air. Gardner's moth- liam Bishop. Added are a novelty. I er. Mrs. Margaret Gardner, and "Dog Crazy." and a sportsreel, "Trip to Sportsland." Wednesday and Thursday--"Will c- i it Happen Again: startling expose more' than half the old. young I of the life and love of Hitler and women of Wyoming Valley. | Fridav and Saturdav--"Bandits Pa., massacred by British-Tory- j Indian force--the men being away j serving Armv. c h t e r of family. Mrs. C. E. Gardner. 3rd. ' jrj-.: Eldridge Drive, to Winston-Salem. ; or § irl ln the Clf " JS eligiole to en- j irolina. where they visit- i t e r the contest. From 8 to 10 o'clock^ j Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kline. . Thursday evening a teen dance forV? II f- and daughter of Mr. and · Hullinix Park will be held at Lin- 1 ed with son-in-law and daughter of Mr. and · U ---will entertain at a cocktail party on | Sundav in their honor. Revolutionary -Brick Bradford" and a cartoon ' l * * · · % · · *^ » t l t i l l . A 1 1 U 1 l l i l l C y t.\J tlt^l I i i 11 cl 1C, _. , -^ 1 t_ 1 i t h e General. That was too late to 1839-Countrv s_ first normal school "Feather in his Hare." are added. At the Frederick: Friday--"Fron- opens in Lexington. Mass.. with tier Marshal," with" Randolph Scott. ? any ' fa ^t-ir»^*ral mnr\ thi-**o ctuH^nT*: i TT-_-.^^ F . r . ' ? IS a . a principal and three students. The engagement of Miss Ethel! Hurley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurley, of Foxville. to Edward Fitzgerald, son of Mrs. Naomi Fitzgerald. Philadelphia, has been announced. Miss Hurley is employed at the Claire Frock Corn- Thurmont. Mr. Fitzgerald is a Junior Engineer in the Mer,, Extra features are a cartoon, i "L " t 1844--First American treaty of -W hafs Brewin' Bruin." and Warn- ' ch f ^ ^peace and friendship with China. , er p a the N i i se *' l wedding. rine. No date has been t coin High School. j Friday is rhythm "band day for ] Washington street and Staley Park. j Specialty dance club Trill meet in, j Baker Park at 10.30 a. rn.: 11 o'clock ', to noon, free swimmim? instruction i in the Di.e^s pool: 6.30 until eight ] o'clock, relay time at Fairgrounds: ! mother-daughter, vollev-ball game This coming week will be known ' | n staley Park: father-son, horse- as "Festive Week" in the Frederick i shoes: softball practice. Wa*hine- Playgrounds. Because of the noli- j t on street: hobby nisht. Baker Park: day weekend the playgrounds will · eight to ten o'clock, block dance be m operation for only five days i a t Harmon Field. Playgrounds Festive Week * tones ana a corsage ot misea i Baltimore tnat me DUID m "is , slatcs alphabetically offered to peace ana inenasmp W.ILII _inu«i. , er p a the News, rs. ! minimum themometer was bro- make way for Wisconsin, but for a 1863--End of 3-days battle of Get- Saturday--"Randy Rides er the wedding the couple left j ken yesterday, apparently as an pr j cc --$1.500. The MacArthur sup- tysburg. ; with John Wayne. Addei short trip to an unannounced! effect of the heat. The therrno- porters were unable to raise the 1890--Idaho admitted to Statehood j cartoon. "Nothing but the be at home in the Boyle Apartments | on East Main street. Emmitsburs. 100 degrees His maximum thermometer registered 104 degrees. Mrs. Fitez i? emoloyed a Emraitsburs Manufacturing The Forjtottcn Man at the 1948 the MARKET WAS POORER THAN political convention is the poor Co.. i for some weeks. The long drouth j delegate. --the 43rd State. 1898--(50 years ago 1 Battle of i Santiago de Cuba--the Spanish I fleet destroyed. Alone." j John M. Added are a j Iowa, who is on vacation. Tooth." j his uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. j ' ' · and Chapter 4 of 'Tex Granger." ·· w. L. H. Zentz. at Thurmont. I ir "tead of the usual six but never- j Safurdav froii tan until 11 o'clock Zentz. of Davenport I thel ^ S V 16 week ' s Program offers r ne re will be social dancing in p i music, dancing, picnics and, con! Baker Park. '""·" *-- both youngsters and adults. ' " ( held in Staley Park. There will be! n-ll Mr. and Mrs. Merle Pryor. of j a family picnic in the park and | O/D/6 Thurmont. are on an extended mo- I t h s races- games, etc.. that are a i and Mr. Fitez is employed at Sperry's Garage, in Emmitsburg. has had a decided effect on all ] From his seat on the floor. vegetation. Everything is dry- j can see less than the fellows ing up and prices are advancing, j gallery. The photographers crowd Announce Engagement .· Berries look poor and cherries ' ed on a raised lex-el iust sn front Mr. and Mrs.' Charles M. Keller, i are small and scarce. Corn is not O r tne platform obscure the vision northwest o£ Middletown, announce , up to the average. All the delegate can sec is a bunch the engagement of their daughter. JOSEPH CRAMER CAPTURED of elbowing cameramen. Miss Pauline, to Dr. George P. P.uti, ' 19 fine bass in the "lonocacyj The delegate is hotter than the Allentown. Pa. No dcfinile wed- , yesterday. Rudolph Grouse j legendary evil soul sweltering in caught live bass. Hell. This is because all the lights 1943 THE LEVY FOR THE CURRENT ' needed for newsreels and television year has been made by the burn down on him. Thc aisles are Csrroll county Board o f " Com- so crowded with demonstrators. missioners and the tax remains ; political tipsters and reporters, the I Dr. Garrett Speaks At units of French fleet--firing on ' Evangelical Lutheran church, was French h:ps refusing to surren- \ the Principal speaker at the annual c , - rt .__ , . · ; ages of S ,x to 12 years will be held ; 942--United States buys all Co- , lombia's rubber for nexi five that sacrif iceth not: as is the good. ding plaas have been made. on the SI00. exclusive of road tax. i: ~ hc wants to. GEORGE E. SOX OF MR. L. R. Waesche. Thurmont. has enlisted in the regiment of engineers that i? being recruited for the U. S. Army. He w:!l be a corporal. Rabbitt--Dosh Epworth Methodist church i" Gaithersburg was the scene on June 26 of the marriage o£ Miss Georgia Mary Dosh. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William O. Dosh of Gaithersburs. and Mr. Joseph Bernard Rabbitt. son of Mr and Mrs. Hugh Rabbitt of BetheffGa. Bev. Arthur W. Ewell officiated at the cererr.or.:-. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a of white f WGH^V I COTS satin. Her finger-tip veil of illusion ' fell from z tiara of seed pearls Local Items From Thc Columns aad sequins. Of Thc Nc«-y, July .. 192S. Miss Jane E. Dosh served as FREDERICK maid of honor and the bridesmaids ·were Miss Kay Detrick arid Miss Jane Ridgely and Miss Sandra ; I^e Sing was the flower girl. Mr. Edwin Johnson served as CATOCTIN COUNTRY CLUB best man and the ushers were Mr. tennis team lost every match to vancinc from Cherbourg. · cil. was toastmaster. the same as las; year. 4^ cents · delegate can't get out of his seat jc,. 6 The Kcb'b= Bill ti curb labo 1 " 1 tion " vVas °" ered by Rev. W. Merval Franklin Wilders. son of Mr. and · - - ' ' ; '~ *"· " " '" . . . . . . . . . 'Weaver. .Mrs. Frank Wilders. of Thurmont.: Rev. W. C. Royal, a veteran playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers ! Scouter. and member of the Execu- . Farm Club, has been transferred I The delegate ordinarily knows what s happening than racketcerine. signed by the Pres- '. ident 1947--Ex-Congressman May and '.\ot Bad For A Young Chap Of 172, Sam!' visitor in the gallery. The '' ' "'." Garden ^brothe-' convic*- ' iive Boar d of the National Caoital · from Oak Ridge Tenn.. to Hazard.' fellow upstairs has a newspaper ^e . A O oarsqn orotne..- con.ic. . A r M rrainr5] ,T, rt3 n^ -,,, ,,,!,,,,,.. v ^ . with * the la;cst flashes, but the cd o bv a f bribe consoiracv charges ' Area Council, installed the follow- , Ky. Federal i.irx- in Washington. in ? officers of {he District for ihe , ,,-' ' " year beginning Juiy 1: District _-«?· ^ana -yrs. c l^ir^hf1-aT-« ! f»ha»rmaT» -XT*-«»i- \' T?onr*- T-;**« ' New York Citv. ! · delegate can't get out. Ar.d ;hc : head men of the delegation, the Today's Birthdays who masc the deals, arc us- Dr . j o hn R pre#i- chairmen. Niemar.n A. Brunk arid to the bungalow on East j i chairman. Alvey V. Renn: vice Ira C. Kelbaugh. : " York City, have mox - ed for the ' . . . . . . ually out ;n ;he corridors confer- dem o; - Davidson CoUcge. N. C- Karrj' Nicholson: district treasurer ila ' n street Thurmont. occupied by ; " ' " " WILL HAVE A r " n H--° r h - corsdu:oned hotci modern nign-pc.wcred moderator ot the Presbyterian William K. B Anders: District Church South, born in Williams- Frar.k H. Lewis bur g. . Mo , 57 years ago. and Mrs. George Osmun cur- j '"? :he winter. Dr and Mrs. Osrnun ! A detailed report of Scouting · left at the close of school for their , iduiu-^jiA^.AiM-**. - . « ^ . « _ ,, , ,, _ - _ _ - - ^ ^ . ^ v U l a i . - » A t - I , » * * J ' V** * ?· ela;^- j * » v*«_*.«l»^.v« l ^ j-r»J» *. \JL v3t.VLi4.t i**, -·»-.- »-- ,,.^, ·,« v«. ·*. v ·. » . w . . . v u - « » w . * » . second Fashion drid Business , 'rJ/'" 1 O f »nosc conducted Adm. Ravmond A Spruance. war activities during 5P47 was oresent- . non-,e in Maine where they v 1-1 »T f . _ j _ «_.,,,,... ;« *or uc A c^. CMas^cn and la: L--nas . . . . . . _ " . . - . . * s . * Show a: the Slate Armory in the fall, with the Kiwanis Club again sponsoring the event. ,, ,/ _ Aom. Kaymona A spruance. war xcuvuics during i;--s. was present- . """«·· n »iciine M , a .'.'T paS ! commander of famed Fifth Fleet, ed in printed form by Field Ex: spend the summer. ill , - - . y are acted out oy college kias who have their ear a.,o. i ecutive Jack Shorrow. instructions down to the t:rr.e to Prof. Ralph Barton Perry, emi- . start the chant. The one cornpen- ner/l Hnrv,ird_ philosopher, bom .-alien of the delegate !« a iovelv Poulmey. Vt. .^ y - oesi mao ana .ue usners were sir. ieniiis sesrn ios t c\«.-i\ u u ^ n m ,, 3 jj on o , .v, e C 5 e 3 e « a ; e ,^ a iovelv "ou'»riey- x ·- ·- years ago j Charles M. Richards and Mr. Hugh ; Mar'Jnsburg on the West Vir- b3ds , e t o ' s ho\v hi^'"^ra-d ch'!, : ren Giibeit H Miller of New York. Rabbitt, Jr. · gir.ia courts. Tho^e w h o plajed ~ . . . 1 . · · ·- t j, eajr ; caj rna!la cer-;.-i:dv!C',-i-. born Si Social Fo31o\ving a reception at the home of the bride's parents the couple left for a wedding trip through the New England states. , MR. CLARKE Upon their return they wisl live '· the U. S. in Silver Spring. sn the singles for Frederick were ,, _ , ,,. · Horsr Play--Earl Godwin the 'here. 64 years aco r. Harris. Pa.mer. Ciapp. beloved old" conservative cojre^- Dorothy Ksllcallcn. a columnist- McCardell and Grouse. been vi: ! Mrs. John M. Creeger. Thurmont. · has been spending a week in At- | lanta. Ga . wilh her son-in-law and j · daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Harr- Pefi- " tuation. You receive a:j invi- n ' s - ^«r#. PeSnis will return with alien ;o ^ large church wedding, her mo;her by motor, accompanied Wrong xvay Fee! that :i wousd by Mr? Kenneth YolJmar and The bride's father is formerly of ' home here after a trip around the running the show. "What are you - - - i world. He is now located in K«t- -- --· IT-- .. -,, Frederick. Right way: Either go \s ith some invited g uc st or go alone. Invitations Issued Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pickett. of ·near Sykesville, have issued invitations for the marriage of their dusshter. Pauline, to" Edwin H. Beall, son of Mr. Edward Beall. of Gaither. The ceremony will take place in Gaither Methodist churrh on Saturday, July 10, at 4 p. m. Miss Oncida Tucker. 100 East' [Seventh street, and Miss Anna Mae i Crummitt. 25 East Sixth street, are in New York. 59 years ago going to do' How will you in- Ex-Gov. A Harry Moore of New York city. troduce me?'' Jt-rsev .born :n Jersey City 69 years AT A MEETING OF THE MAYOR , Davis, who has been a sturdy ago. , ! f ·' e t and Aldermen. Mrs. Maud Waters ' worker for liberal causes, twinkled , Dr. Henry Goddard Leach of : w n o is to ° impulsive and ardent | _^ -v - ,,:.__,,.» ,i u e Dutmar appeared in reference ' ana said "I w i l l introduce,you as New" York, "educator, former presi- j Tne nature is hopeful and conn- j Traltcn-Chalf n*e hotel to furnishing a series of orchestra that famous and masterful political ( )ent of the American-Scandinavian ' dent, and will recupeiate easily, i al;c - "*·' concerts in Baker Park. The leader who intends to place -v Foundation ' bo-n iii Philade'.phia ' which is fortunate, for there will j AcconiDan'ed by f h e i r s o n . Park committee was authored nomination t h a t popular champion pg years ago ^ TMa"y «P- C and downs due gen- ( Deet= Jr and daughter. Joyce. to offer her the same amount of the people's righ!5. James G. " erally to jumping too quickly at | Mr. and Mrs. H. Deets .v'arfield per concert as last year for four , Blaine." |Toda's Horosropr conclusions. Curb this propen.*itv j of Mt. Airy left bv automobile concert*. i (Conyrteht. 1948. w Globe Syndj J Todays indications are for o n e ' a n d much trouble will be avoided, j for the west coast. They plan to __. ~~T

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