The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 18, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1932
Page 3
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BBLE GETS THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD . WEDNESDAY. MAY 18 1932 New York Pier After Fire That Burned Two Days THRES BV W3L E. McKENNEY Secretary \mrrican Knife League Fined SI00 On Each Of Two ^vl.-^f;*TM" -p"*3 ·,«« "0 ' - "*· · ·" v-.^- «__-ci_r_j riiiiiz. o_ T Oi^jr~ Hc^e er ^ : =e - revnt Oh.o' Charges By Magistrate. UP IN C8URT MANY TIES 2 K La* anc: V F S-Vanc: o' no carr.rc a-s--. -^e cor.'-ac: aa:r! -r.c-ng hanc An oid ofT^n^r fo- crunse-ness :n? of the -*ai in PoLce .^^.C*3il*, il2Jr"i £^12.^ TiG5 5^Ii"? v ^Oi par a 5ne of $2'» ard costs or ISO ers. En?.e sa.c ne r^ujct a^oes! i;_t ' ! Officer Mi.'.t-g B-_sr had t*»tJ5*d j :aat Sns approached n-m at the »-- =er of AU Salts' and Market stre--^ n^-.t and sa.d ne naa been f^-S "ro_ole »itn someone He an- no-^noed nj ^:tent-on of oota_n^t» a grun and shrootj:^ tne person Trno. he j saui, hi; h-=: a blacsiack. Tre or2cer said En^le. -a-o -aas -n-oxtca"cd.! ·aalted n:--o a :_nc^rx:n nearo-. ar.c ^2S to tne correr a-a A V · A *J-109-5 VJ-10-2 + A-Q-87-6-3 ANone A V · A K-8-7 A-K-Q-9-6 9-5 K-6-* 4 NORTH f- m V) u tr 5 -I Dealer SOUTH AQ-4-3 V 8-5-43 · 10 AA-J- 10-3-7 A-6-2 7 K-J-4-2 Q-9-5-3.2 sar, Theater New i »«·· «.«t 'a s »\ v Fo- 4S hosirs a blaze had raged u.~.~?r a C-.-i-c Svi ·· o -^. -a«d appara-^s a-d har.c.-vci of -_-t.- ~ K ·, e- tr NVi Y v r . ^ . only faca .-. »as -=a: of a- a-cr-.'.e.". F^loa A ri ,; nozzle ·».,, wa:ch_- '_·» b'-^ze " id ctv:^ ec -«-e p i - H *_. __ . i^t 'Aon th* trick vt*ri th^' ?.:: ct: aga^s: » c-2c_:t Mr The jtSe Mr Bcla-c .,,,--. ^B-^LV^iT ' ^' ^"T ~ C ^ ~ T *-"* :J*ejO'"s?ac«r 74 send aim I-o-r.e. b_: af-rr he ref-."^c ' fie a' c._o o a b-_-i _~e-c -"3 s-oi :*e ing- a"d.*~v ~ ·od of be-ns olac^a^ei on a coj.---, .-and a c ,,: j ~ ^.-.o-.i three "a'nd one- a ix-a./'-. ·-- road and said he 3$a.ea :h^ orhc*- -o -jj'f q_.;_ --.-^ 7.1.« on -_r_rc o- -as '?-- --\5 -- sa.d Sngle c.d no; -e'l r_m -ne narre anc cne-n^-f c^ "-· --c_is~ of ;ne o-.ner par.-. T-e c-'enoar: i's-em an ooenL-r 2"s o :nat the officer naa a gr"_dse ' -.nan a c jo o.c--s-J-R-S aoom trse same sass- »Ljr, -sn-.-n was s^os-an::a::- o^-mu^i s-ren^n as was ^eql^eo. ~i A record of 12 or 13 :^nes before the t Mr~Bo":a=a s.~^? in the Soa:- co^rr. c:d nx ·xeigrr. ^ -ne ce:endant's i passe- W^- 2^" -^assed and v- r*T^ favor, tne rrar^-3.-esa.d. and tnen^x- "_-. -ne N 3 r- wnez ^.th o=e~h-a_- irc'jni^5ne of s:t0 and cos^ or 90 cavs Sasi pa^ec ar.^ S--_.h b.d ":·»· no in ja I Tras irc^xs^ed on each of ih« t-ao :--^~r Nsna *en: "a t"-ee --=2-^5 3^- conctct '" " ' """" " ° C ~~~1rh e Vl^~ P "Kidnapping" Case Held Open. West oaened hs, :^j-h --^- C-amon- Alttojjh no ennence of Swcnappms --:a« se\^n SSD-.--- - c-^ xir B-^'a-d ^ ^·as presented, tne mag^tra-e held , tne So^tn won w- tne "C T -- Mr" Bo- sucn a charge aga^s; Levi SnD-\cen. ju:ds ne*- njj-. ^ias « ^-~ c - " 3 W es- coiored. open for -en dars Tr.e . showed oj- "c^-c^: S :.-- tnree o' d^- witncss -\as Sl_za3^:n monds tne i^-- -tas o ^ PK-"'O ^. x -~- cmJd S~o^cen nas ac;osea of ED^tt^ig ] ~ . -- s-vay last, -aeei. The case -sras he-la open. Constable CnarZcs W Sn^tn a-- res-ed Snoxcen Ano-ner case to be cint-r_ed ·aas that of Cnarles B-r^^io'c^r. t-^s c.f. charged -.vtth fa-I^ig to pay a :xA-d b._ of S14 -o Mrs Sa-a J Fozle Ar-anse- to settle for tne o.^ o- a oari o. Bariao de- -rro c^'o^ Cnargec ~tn rer^ess or;.ing. fo!- s^rg an acc.cen^ on Sad Pa.--^^ he xras dn.^:; coILced w xi a bas o* toe Blue R.d;e Transpor-at.on Cctr;- sacy. WJbjr A Tjci. ?c^; of RtKks. ·aras fined 51 b_. ifag^s--ate Borers *ar- Ler Taesda. Tae cir ot i^e o^ ^"as Cnarles C Sin_ta "r^s er Ward n eaden g^_~ "o a cnarze of r:3 Lcense ir 1 possess :n at a r.eartng Tjesca;. *-^-- arc -vtis fined s: Botn a'l S H Q -°r-f~- A cna-gs of late oar^-nj tras d-5- nussec aga.r^s: G'enn X.s_ra. -sn^n e ~ - cenie Tas ^itroajxa tns- tr^e ce-=nc- ant T"SS a- isrcr^ -rn^n r'.s macnine vss ^assea ec:r.v T^e^uG DTM OfSce- B~ti=* Lo_3 Treff arrss c» Mcraa- n z : 3 · OS5;er W^'jin; E M_ er a""G S^a-a' Officer 3--r2o 3 i a cia-~e c 1 cr_r .- ennc^ vas Snea S5 a-c cx-i or -%3 / County Firm Low Bidder. Bajt-tnore Mar 17 --3.ti -vere ODC-I- e-d r'ere tocav in tne of3:e of tre S-a"° Roacs Comiu^5.;n fo- c^i--ay co~- s;r_c:»3n sor^: ^i :j^- co-- es ".nc.uc- :ng t-^.e oji.cLn~ of 1 65 m es o: car- Crete roa-d al^ng :ne M\e-;-._ e-Wo-fs- vule read :n F-3de- c-- .--v.-.-y L. R WEasc^e 2"-n So~ T-j-n:3n- subm.; pi :ie 3~ G.C .^--ne F~caer.cs: cojnti. ~o-^---fTer.-- to c; :"e jC3 fo- S5I.57I Try a can. of Jacob Huppen Barley Malt Syrup and see for yoarseli -ai-ar expert Her-.dirig of selected malt arid hops can mean inerud.ry--e kind or pie!i»y th,e Snppertr.cuae stands f o r ' At cli grocers. JACOB RUFPERT B A R L E Y MALT SYRUP j"TKe Talk of tke TOTVTV"| Whc'esale Datribntor , Isaac N. Shipley tpnltnuous ii EVER ON AND ON folios ins the true, natural course nf sound ·ine« priacip*. rhi- Bank continues on and in i he ^erMcc in -which it v a ? orininallv or- utd. Rccopri-'izinc it- ^plicre. abiding the dn-tates of both '··pen-niindednes- and ex- cj?. it remains safelv in the bounds of c -on- r^ai'^ni ^ l u ' ^ i'iT'-ti' inn sound ('""crre^'venes^. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "Tne Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 The Dandelion Poet Says: "When your liter's upside down; ~ _, _ ~ And upon your face a * ' · ^» holds :h^ * \ o- frou'n, - · ; '' «. i; "j"vV. of ^jd^- J ust y° u go without a \\ ^ -- - _ v : ' " s DjrjtS'\ · CL risk · ^~. d'tl-"^" a-°/t !·- And taff e o Dandelion M- Bo-inci no» - ^ c « Disk." -v;_xz-- 5!j^«z^ s West b · 5-- :: o! t ji» I^rge box $1.00 At lour I)ruf:;:-ii, or i) ra | rr s an smoker other. . --it's a natural thing to do! @ : t'XZTT M-iISS TOBACCO Co. "I like "em." ^The taste and aroma are j n «t nght. It s a milder cigarette." It's one smok-r telling another that introduces more and m^e smokers every day to that smooth distinctive Che 5 terfield blend. These smokers hnotc tliey like and they know where to et it! ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE ntct mtu u \BILJII 3 HELFENSTEIN URNER I YOUR FUR COAT should be thorough!-, and e\p-rth c!e ned before putting away for the Summer D.^t and so-1 destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt i.:*elt Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. 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