The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 21, 1951 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1951
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

*'?' \ T.IKLVR ia«e News, Frederick. Md., WeduewUy, November zi, ]»Sl ·* OH.TOU MUST CWT OU poziet? /TWIN* r ': "YOU FROWWLV PONT I IT KNOW IF T WA* AWAKED* NOT vVOU PH?T n^^i^i^ · r-i» \d?f"l« irHWTW CLOCK: «mwwc\ FUNNY NIGHT MOUt THC WHAT'* NOTHNG, FUNNY EXCEPT THAT ABOUT IT # CLOCK HASN'T "wee*. THC rutting; On The lilt POCTOR? WHAT FOR? I'M NOT SICK/ WMATS CCKK5H. COUCH/ THE MATTER? I JUST SWALLOWED A NICKEL/ Jeff Put The Nickel In The Wron* Slot And Got Hiccups 1443 BUT WE SOTTAGET THAT NiCKL r OH SCHUCKS, WHY BOTHER? i SOT ANOTHER ONE/ THINK* ' MS WITH THAT PRUM ... AN' WE T HOU7 IT POWN TO PU-L - MUTT AND JEFF Mutt Just Doesn't Want His Pal To Get Hurt When He Falls! BOOTS AND HER BUVDIM Ton Don't Say V4WCWEO VOO CVOStW WtWE. R WEVY, A COPR. 1951 BY NC« SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF CHRIS WELKIN. PLANETEER YOU INTERSTELLAR ·SPACE FRCW1 ALPHA ARE MOKE ADVANCED* INTELLECTUALLV THAN VDOi' PERHAP BUT NOT { you LEARNED WITH A*TELEPATHIC ...NOT A KEEN YOU'RE TAKING PRETTY /MM£H FOR 6EANTED WHEN YOU CALL , EARTH/MEN Dr. Budd Speaks Up C.OULP HI PR/MCELY TITLE , FIRST PUT BOTH VtKJR HANDS BCHtHO S(WJ« BAffK LIHE TWB/ THAT5 THAT,MV FWEHO-- WHATS WAT eon TURNAMENT/ MUTT/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES That's How It !· WfvS fSKW6 AX^. V(SRV A OV V«A»CtlCftW"Xy 09 i WO t^Q CHRIS WELKIN. PLANETEER It's A Hot Ro4 FRECKLES AMU BUM Insurance? EKE ARE fNIFOKMS \ YOU MEAN WE NEED AND HEUVieT$ W MEKE. THE WNfc;^ ARE CIH10NEP TO\TEN PREVENT PfS^OMFORT DURIhk )OF MY PLAHETf -SUPERSONIC J-AE-OFf=AiCEi.EKATION. V ABOUT ( VELOCITyl tt/EARTHE UN I FORM'S AMP KEEP THE HELMETS' ·5-HOOL.tyA PIM-POIMT METEOR PIERCE THE HULL,AIR'WOlLP BE LO^T 5O KAP/PLV YOU'D HAVE LITTLE TIME TO HOW FA'ST 00 PUT THEM ON I COPR..1951 BY NEA SERVICg WHAT A SPREAD, MOM.' AMD THERE'S MOTHIN6 LIKE CONCENTRATING OM TW BUSINESS OF THE DAY/ ITS Lfc-RP, FRECKLES! HiS.-voice POESMT SOUND LIKE HE' HAS MUCH T BE THANKFUL FOR/ I DOMT MA'AM--- ITS A BORROWEP eusey/ WELL, You PHONE IwtoW/THIS X THAT OWMHR. T , / DAMG'S So OVER. HERE/y BURNT UP i COULD SEND A -7 SMOKE, J FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VIC FLINT Goodby, Everybody WRITE THtej OU CHEAP UTTL6 BLACK/AAILER: "I, HA-NMLTCN ^CRI BID )=ABEM'E:U- TO ALL MY "I CAN MO L.ONER *TAMD THE ANBUI^H OP DEFEAT IN A/\Y OF COUR5-E IT'^ A 5-UICtDE NOTE. WHAT DID YOU THINK IT WA* COMMA BE, A NEW NOVEL.? MAW WAW NOT A SUICIDE NOTE/ i SAW YOU R.UM INTO My VoULDNY We LOOK AT THE BRIGHT RKEOXAR/ JUST LOOK MiDE OP IT, MA'AM---THer OTKER. AT ir.' , __,- _^/ SIDE? Yipel --- AFRAID I'LL HAFTA DRAG YOU AWAY, FRECK .' AND YOU'D BETTER BRING WUR INSURANCE poucy/ INSURANCE? L GOT ABOur AS M !^M_9 F _.T^T ASTRlS "HAD. VI FLINT Can It Be Done? PRISCILLA'S POP SOME DAVMX1 AND PRISCIU-A WILL HAVE TO VISIT US IN INDIAMA, CARLVLE. KNOW ALL ABOUT INOIANA. GRANDMA LOVELY PLACE! I'M SURE 1 LL LIKE IT. 1 READING- , GrOOD FOR VOL/.'.' AND WHAT DtO YOU LEARN ABOUT INDIANA? THEY'VE GOT A PRETTY .GOOD BACKFIELD, BUT THEY'RE WEAK' AeAINJST PASSES! OVK BOAJtWNG HOUSE I OUT OUK W .%Y AV, A1A30R, SOT A FEW CLOPS THAT ArtlSHT FAVM.TWISG.'MO SUBSTITUTE I EXCELLENT/ MH-HSH/ LET'S MOT A UM1TED NATIONS CASE OF IT , ,, WE'LL JUST 1 "flL^ IT UNDER. '" "ON60LVEO YOO-HOO.' IF VDU COULD COME UP JUST ONE FOOT TH' KOPE WOULP REACH/ I WOULPM'T CHANCE ANOTHER INCH OF OFF IWTO THAT SOUP/ I'LL HAVE TO BACK UP TH' TWO MILES. TD TOWN FOR MORE TURM A SO-CART AROUNJD OM THIS DU KNOW TOO MUCH A5OUTME,H4M. N!O MOTE I'M 6OIN TO J2CTATE.' HAMILTOM SCZ\E, THAT'S WHAT VIC FLIMT AMP USSY LAM JOWN6LV TALKED ABOUT WITH AA1I7 5POCT FEEE7EI?, WHO NOW HAS Hf OWN ICEA HOVV THE "PEKFECTCKIME"' CAM PE COMMITTED COPB- 19U BY NEA SCDMCe WC. T. M. R5C- l. S. PAT. OFF THE GUMPS Ohm Aye! Watt A Revolting Thought! IT COULD WAVE NQ, WIN.. .LET'S FACE IT. . 7 H AW/ -STOPPING 51 MCE THEY INVENTED EVERYTHING OH, WIN...I'LL \MAPPENEOTO NEVER LIVE THIS \ ALMOST IF IT WEREN'T FOR BIM, . THAT LEAK LAR6E AMOUNTS OF VALUABLES SHOULDN'T ELSE, HERE'S THEIR BI6 CHANCE TO WHIP UP, A ME56 OF THEIR OWN ELECTRONIC DOO-DAD... DOWN.-'.HOW COULD ANVBODV DEAR. ELECTRONIC 600D6 WOULD BOTHER TME OMMIE5. I HAVE BEEN 60 BLIND.'/ CONTINUE TO LEAK PAST IKON CURTAISb THE GUMPS Bim Had Vested Interest In Safety IT'S Tt4E COME, MY BOY-.-PECK^S V/AY I UR..YOU LOOK AS ) FEEL, CHEERFUL AS AN \ BIM... UNDERTAKER'S SHOW WINDOW... ]MA6INE/ N ANDY 6UMP X NONSENSE/YOU GUILTY OF GIVING AID AND COMFORT TO THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM/ HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY DECLARED INNOCENT/ SMILE, BOY/ WE GUMPS ARE MADE OF TOUGH FIBRE/ vou MUST BE OF: HAW WE HAVE TOU6H FIBRE, UNCLE TO GIVE A BIAA... FLORIAN .STUAAPPS) LITTLE .38 CALIBRE BULLETr-^CREDiT TO ·STRUCK YOU AT r--^THE BULLET- POINT BLANXXpROOF VEST I RANGE. ..j^T HAPPENED TO BE .SPOTTING AT THE TIME (i Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass :N STEP WITH HIS MASTER Some months ago a friend was rying to teach a young puppy how o behave on a leash. It was an 'musing sight. First the dog was ut in front, tugging away "for all he was worth: a moment later he vas far behind, being dragged along. Part of the time he was biting furiously at the leash, and often it became tangled in his legs and tripped him up.. Recently I saw the same dog trotting along in perfect step beside his master, the leash hanging slack from hand to dpllar. He had learned one of doedom's' great secrets-that the leash doesn't pull against the clog when the dog doesn't pull against the leash. Apparently some humans are not as clever as that dog, for they never learn how to get along with their Master. God's laws are like t the leash: if we don't struggle against them, they are the lightest of burdens. But if we keep trying to go in all kinds of different ways that are against God's will, then we have a terrible time indeed. No one can avoid all the stresses ar.d strains of human existence, but wise men try not t* make extra ones for themselves. Those people who go through life keeping in step with · God are quite sure to be happy. (Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) To make northern Norway abl« to support a large population, the Norwegian government is sponsoring plans to develop local industries utilizing local hydro-elcetrie power and to develop farm lani. NF \VSPAPfcJ SiEWSPAPES.1

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