Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1975 · Page 31
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 31

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1975
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

I4~Q~LUBBOCK AVALANCHE.JOURNAL- Thursday Morning, April 3, 1975 Brother Denies Brutal Murder Of Sister W irt«M' < b™e "k«« & 't*r,1* : before Amy died, a grand jury Cher's death lie drank wildly,, nuances in classical music. She MI* upliruriiir. or ttieir wniiik. op, ' 1 " ' \vus Lold. , . often loading friends and thain-;c.\7>octc<l children to ho her in. «, h ii i-karccd with im murder- V Am >'. wantcd to llc| l> him/'ipagnc bQllles into a car. telligent companions. '|said Miss Dunham, "but she] "Ebon wanted to try every-; Kriends said thai being ,'i'id ber doubts that she could'thing, all experiences." said a [wealthy, Mary Gossase paid SAN FRANCISCO <AP> -- Inicvor make a difference in Kbcn] family friend. "There was glue] her bills about once a year and . where Amy died, -ami she shook her' head uver,and pot and pills and LSD mid! made a game with a stiil'fed peacock him. She told her friends sheiHiiall'y heroin." ' "1 turned on to drugs because!paying tier debts. was bored stiff," Eben said in! There were piles of unopened Hie room there was and a cello and her mother'.vwas afraid of him. wedding gown, a lover's musty K ben and Amy were the _..., roses and a new teddy bear. ; S urvivin« children of a promi-U"' 1 - " r ' v e been vegetating for!bills in A And blood that stained thc !ne m s an Francisco family :tnc last r ° ul ' or live years." ;apartments, walls and a bedside book about"Pheir father was Howard Cos- The ' her martyred hc-rome - - SU SHgCi atl advertising genius,!"™ 1 K • Itlfin 01 Al'C. f,-n:iltn- ,,t Illn Unnlltnvnn U.,./M,| TI houd cliildron of sorting and drug <\my's and Eben's was costly- Mary often said, "It we don't . ....... forged checks to pay ; squash our children and weigh • creator lis-ishin. , r of the Beethoven Sweat-K or ' l - "' K mother linally turncdithcm down with our ideas, we'll Wi He died of leukemia in!' 1 '" 1 '"•' *' e was convicted ofifind marvelous and true things ra .Smeltii Luck G</.vsa t , , ... _. some, lovely, 19 years andjl%3. Their"mother was \vcHluiy [01 'K CI '. V an(l - se - nL l(J a drug rc-Jn them." three days old, was stabbed Alary Katy Gossa«e. She dio(l! naljiliution Denier and .jail last and bludgeoned in her tiny'last "May of alcoholism. -'year. He WHS released in No. Once a neighbor child left her catechism at the Gossage house. Mary read it and indignantly phoned the child's mother to demand: "What is this nonsense you're teaching your children?" Mary seldom scolded her •children for their mischief or Amy for her runaway adventures in search of good times. "I have no morals," Eben commented in jail, "or very few of the conventional sort. Without being presumptuous. [ ar> say thai my mother, father, sister and I arc out- rageously bright and can mold people any way we want." Mary Gossage, Eben and Amy were constant ' companions. After her death, the children received money periodically from her estate. When her mother died, Amy was in France, trying to get into a movie. When she heard the news, she looked at her hand, injured in a scooter accident. She saw a perfect "E" and told friends it. meant, '•Take care of Eben." Afterward, Amy found her mother's white satin wedding gown and lace veil and them in her apartment — ai shimmering decoration in the middle of a room. Amy loved white, especially white clothes, and she often dressed all in white — or all in black. "The whiteness was a purity thing," said her cousin Jean Baty. "It meant cleanliness and integrity, important things to Amy. She bathed twice a day. She was so clean." She also was fascinated by Joan of Arc, the French girl who claimed to have divine visions, led armies to victories and finally was burned as a heretic and a witch. "She wantcd someone to make a movie of her as Joan of Arc," said Miss Dunham. "That was part of the whiteness thing. And Amy wanted to be a star. She never wanted to be mediocre." In Amy's room were a half- finished clay bust of Joan of Arc and a book about St. Joan given her by Eveline. Telegraph Hill apartment over " Kbcn and Amy wcre like i vc ro |!er looking the bistros and bou-i wo briMi! sHi s " s-<id a f imilv V ' 1CI1 lle Was JS> Lbon n Hqucs and nightclubs of North^nrt••Thov \^ ,* tZ.hi?? iv «! half of their father Beach. 'friend. "They had so beauty and intelligence and insurance policy, it on suites at exclusive . All those things in her room'ent. They had all the love. gen-!^' ' , ° n suites at cxc re dea Nob Hlil hotcls and invited were dear to Amy and part of i nine love, money and freedom her," said a friend. "She clungilhey wanted. Maybe too 10 beautiful dramatic things'much." ' , that evoked warmth." Amy haul , y evc[ . drAn \. an( ]j Her brother. Eben. 20. an ad- hated her mother's drinking.,'| !.•!.j, = bccivl'Iben drank heavily even as ai'-— ens of friends for drinks and food. A " ly Kb<?n tentiing one of the best boys' schools in San Francisco of studying advanced Lat- Frcnch and Roman dv- the only two people left in the 101> heroin. world. We were goins to Spaiiv Amy was a fumiliiir figure and so happy to be going be- ; Enrico's Cafe and the Cafe;" I'uuse I was going to jiet away Trieste with her daschshund. from my heroin habit." ' ;0scar. She had the winsome <-„ , Eben's attorney La Rue I look of a choir boy and her: ';. J a i y< V, l . l ' s ago '. " e was Grim, .suggests Amy was mur- brother says, "She was m a po-!f,, rlbca T0r ms creativity and dared on Keb. 3 by a cocaine sition. all of a sudden, of be-ingi ,^ V 'Ppf • rash { 0 .l lcd a . , f 'S- cJoalur to whom she may have beautiful and 19 and in North!"'? 0 ' a p ' l 'ssian soldier w,th a o«ed S'5.000. the lawyer savs.Bc.ich and having verv manv'^1""' 'f p l£ T . ll «' y . s '" He adds that Eben may hiivc ! mcn after her." ' ' ! ff. nl , ousl . y , a ^ d . Pa'nstakmglyi wived the .same dealer as much: She WHS imperious and inge-;™ ' Cf , °' r hundreds ol pieces oti as «,500 for heroin. Amy's nuous, comic and coquette, a .., , C ,' . ... i friend.s deny she was a serious, sophisticated waif. ,1^,1 - rh my a great indebted cocaine user. "For all Amy's treasures," • ' , , n says ' anci ad ": "Amy was sickened by hcrsaid her friend "Susan Regalia",. mm m , oro "• my ™o\.\\~. brother's use of heroin which "she was one of the loneliest 1 , „,,,,, c f' ose a ' s ; a mother, eroded their childhood close- people I've known." ^j" Jf' Sh ,! vvou!ti do an y- : ness." sakJ Eveline Dun'nam,' "Being with Amv was like l.-h ' , : Am.\-'s former roommate. "He beim; caught up Ln a wild and!,...;; speaKs uf Amy hawked her things, like a turn-: exhilarating; dance," said a i, J, 01 ^ doi ?. ia " du1 ^ and pushy, table, to buy heroin. She used man who loved her. "Like chil-i .,' I0t . vvllh . m c. I was the only' to hide things, like valuablodren holding hands, leamngi mdll f who slood - up , to llcr • • -i -statuettes, from him." .back and swingui- around and: ?„ 171C ! 1 are [" tce Police said they found bloody: a round, faster and faster. !.,. m> '.. tl , rcssed . well, he says. •.-istcr had been fightinq over kept on pelting high. She was ;"-, u , LU . ^'"•>'• h !f n »'<-'- 1 'Po:idcrt money, especially over a 55.000 so into having a ^ood lime." w»h irntation: Vou only want bond whk-h Amy recently re- So was Khe.n. handsome and L , „ > m \ Amy - wllilt cnivrd from licr mother's PS-once an exceptional, inquisitive j! !1( . t ™,' : , ),. 1 , • vo " u;lnt ll lflt ' p - sUtdenl. a fine chess [)!aycr, ;i x umn-,',?, 1 ' ,"^' •• • They were righting ihf ni;?lit nu'iicnlons artist. After his fa ,. ',, •• , , - - «> 'MICH s and Amy s unrtomu iniRiit be their permissive up- Florida Physicians Set ,^'L *j Protest Over Insurance \\'as .sacred or in- said. "Their fat'.iei was extremely successful and creative and unconventional i Their mother was liberal, radical and held the entire system in disrespect." ,„,,., ,,. r ,r-. * , , , ,, , . , Their parents were divorced MIAMI lUPn — A group of, that, tor the elderly, "this is. when Amy and .Eben were 3 Oadc County physicians, threat- ihe scary thing that we've and •!. Mary Gos.sage drank nning to strike later this month ever had to face." heavily in her loneliness. How- to protest scaring malpractice He said his group had'aitl Gossage lived only a fe\\ insurance costs, will take their 'received .scores of telephone \ blocks away, and the children .grievances before legislators in calls from worried senior regularly saw both parents. Tallahassee next week. citixcns, including some who Mary Gossage, a large. force- About '150 physicians attend- are hospitali/cd. since news of fu '- intellectual woman from an Ing a meeting of the 2 7t)0- the threatened strike. ovva hanking family, reared member Dade Countv Medical The vote to strike was 10-1 voted to strike April" 15 unless' among the 150 physicians «J,e State Legislature acts lo meeting. Only a handful of provide relief from the. high doctors stood when those ovva , cnildl : c » ln a madcap, spon- . . a . / a f hlon C1 s hts Victorian winch has doubled since t(,c askcri lira of tJie year and is exposed vote. tr, -o up another :!f) per rent j,, ! Association mid-April. , Pedro .1. Oreer. lo l.,r » «"''««"'?! The doctors, who said they 1 " 16 stl ' ike ''^solution, said he -----would handle only emergency lclt lhc measui-e "was voicd on .:asos after April io. also voted un(ler '^' CAi emotional stress." Hi travel to Tallahassee on Dr - JamC:S R - Jlldc - Chairman April i). a day alter Hie ot Ihe Association's Klines Iflo Commit'ee. also spoke out ths strike proposal, it wa> "immoral and unethical to strike against sho di V ct . lc d neighborhond mc.vics. look Amy out of school f U) w . 1| ... |l . )n antiu . ai . ciemonslra Presulent T>r.: t i on . tnu-hi Ebcn and Amv who opposed ; |)lay (:hcss and to ht , ai . ' Hlc Iry'flature opens its :i:h>ion. to dcmonstratp In front • ) R alnsl cl the stale capitol. saying Tiic limited strike vo'e drew a ti en t - " '• i i l. i c i s m \Vcdncsda\- l''-om J .-..' RECORDS A full lint of Singles and Sltreo IP Albums. You may li'jten before yi>u buy! U.V. BLAKE RECORD CENTER ?401-34th 795-M08 , f.fiisE Commerce Committee (. hiiirman John Forbes and' sc.nn: senior fitixcns' ^rcii]>' concerned that the eiclo-i.v «'t-uld be most at'fceterl by <i walkout. Karbcs. who called the Utrcaienecl strike "totally irro- >.f>onsiblc". said the legislature i:; already working on a pafkige that, would resolve many of the malpractice insurance problems doctors now face. Max Friedson, president of the Congress of Senior Citizens OrL'anixalions of Florida, sait'l BOTTLED WATER WITHOUT THE BOTTLE "Only 9' Per Gallon" Tasty, Sparkling Drinking Water With NO Bulky Bottles - Delivery Nuisance FOR SALE OR RENT 792-334 1 5280 34lh Street SOFT WATER SERVICE WHAT'S A THURS., FRI., SAT. ROOFING Roll out, nail, cement cement. Asphalt 1 For Interiors and Exteriors Z-BRICK WALL COVERING Our Reg. 4.57-3 Days Only sq. ft. antiqued red vermiculite decorator Z-brick*. Charge it. Our 5.27, Used Z-Brick®, 4.33 Our 6.44, Whit. Or Red Decorator Brick® I Our 7.33 , Black Or White Adhesivt Mortar 2i4"x6 r BUILDING LUMBER Our Keg. 47' —3 Days Clean, bright, fresh new slock at a savings price. 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