Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 5, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1965
Page 2
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Wed., State Solons Lambast Shriver On State Camps ,' D>C - - New s tow wtoas have pro-, .ested sharply to Poverty. -orps Director, R. Sargent Shi- 1 w, over the failure of his leg- slative liaison staff to issue Aem a prompt notification el •Jj Camp Luna Project *ppr* In a Ml. dated, April 28, *hich was drafted by Sen. ClilK .on P. Anderson, D-N.M.. and. iigned by the other members rf the New Mexico congression al delegation, they stated "We were disturbed that we *-ere not notified of the approv.1 /al of the Camp Luna t^»\ The delegation stipulated tW t had no quarrel with the pre?; dent's announcement last Tues. lay of a new series of comer- 1 /ation camps, including that at .amp Luna. : olinJlinl tVl SJ£S?'J1? * base replies to inquiries on -he new camp for New Mexico, „.. . ... i. in New Mexico, it's a mess," i not be able available for at and he added, "His organization! least six months, is terrible." | Repercussions from the lack; Anderson commented, "Mr. of congressional communica-' Shrivxer is spread too thin. He Uons have resulted as a sur- S^tTiWaS* C ° rpS 'v p I' se .^ 0! .L who walched Shl ' Poverty Corps officials ^ln wi ,' his a selection of those who direct * ' .„ ™f" a " w , omen as ; the program within the several SL ° h f urt ? e f , a t°!? ° f states. | Congress have not matched the; at Santa Fe New S^ * T' i Ch he ex ' ^ " 6 " ** laUnChed tte had little comment on thei nor it was leaed had alon ? e , e pLe c^e^vauon wTth Se n Anderson Monday CamS JefS in fl uiripv ab out the anti-poverty program ! : to the Plannil J ^ [^ a ™. ™ named ^ the governor! ot thE New Mexico State Planni n g officer. John W. Flynn said the summary report of the EOE e working relatioiwhln h. wormng relationship be *™ rt * Cor P« ^aduar and the other state Zat '° ns are m ° re difficult to ' eSSl Since federal agencles never ^^gly, and seldom t " nwmingly w™*** any of their prerogatives. Equally disconcerting to the Around The State Votfi Judicial Funds Used nd Revenue iBeyo Denied OK'd J .SANTA FK 'i'PIi—T'.io funds j The drawings will continue 'of tho third jv;!i; ia! district m'i' al! HI lots have been sold AT-CTW rrpn A «A '•r^eVr M" .,.'K^rv 0 .U!"". St ,,°Lr 3PPliCantS ha ^"y ™ng right! toTrtic!' !Ho;ir-! v <,/!„'•!;.>! n rH,r '" : men in Texas was approved by 'l"/CIt'.I t i <I •• I < ' . l ( t './\i i-I t . 1.1 ... i [L i^ _ j.» • -.- — _ » _ i t t »» •• * • . . *^ Duke City MttH Kilted ' i State Court Ad;:v";:?t:\i:or Lo- jwei! Green mac 1 .:' :.-• i Green ha i h- en o .'-:-.• Election Slated F'KLKN U'!' — V, <".;,' M e " count " « trying to learn the , ftus of a project ta their "THIS ISA MID!* Monday despite a fe- ll.S. Supreme Court ruling Kl'PYVKn, Mich. 'I'PD —A striking down another antl-mili- >: :••(••• Albuquerque resident,tary vote provision. •''.; was killed in the crash of Rep. V. E. (Red) Berry of a mihta-y plane has been bur- Sa " Antonio introduced a bill led at lUidyard. .designed to guarantee service- 'Pie man. 2nd I,t. Richard men rights to vote. But the bill K"c!i<'-:. •:;' was killed April 5, was amended to require •'"..r Ku'rurren. Ala . while on a showing of intent to reside a training flidit from Whiting permanently in Texas. amendment by Waco .). George Cowden would also the vote to servicemen v^r-in-Tie in im ' n !ivin * on base ,i. : ,, . • , , , .. Cowden called his amendment ;."«' bv 1-- in o^ Vr W1 "nd" nn ^^ !o " VC thc Stafc \;.' ,;„,''.\ P J-,r" S h ,r ii nf as much P ro ^tion against '.".*, ' ""'' -••-""•' (l! Kud " honvy military voting as we ran get under th* Supreme f a\ . OEO, and that earlier in he day OEO had reported that was no indication that ac- Jon was imminent." The letter concluded br *strongly" suggesting the OEO egislative liason people "noti- y our officers of such moves n the future,'' and it was sign- Anderson made his com-j ments in Washington about the program. Flyim added that in the future there was a "very good! possibility" that VISTA per-' sonnel will be used in the Mora 1 Area, to assist in the action of community programs. Until recently, \ew Mexico ed aid from .s the to America. This Day Indian Affairs Office Going To Albuquerque The Almanac By United Press International Today is Wednesday, May 5, the 125th day of 1965 with" 240 ! Flynn commented that : "Washington and OEO offices had advised this last September that when New Mexico submitted its anti-poverty program. that VISTA personnel would ^r all o whm rats. _ ... i*?n. .\nderson said m Wash- rgton. "if sarge Shriver hasn't sny control over has prog ram n otier states than he h as Let Beneficial put CASH in your pocket today err CASH TO PAINT UP ... nx UP ... TUNE UP ... DRESS UP . . . any good reason! Just phone, come in, and pick up t*e money you want! It's tne fastest way to take care of •*l your Spr,ng expenses at one t.rne. Call Beneficial ncw| BENEFICIAL SWMSr Leans $25 to S1COO on Auto. Furniture er Salary Beneficial Finance Co. of Clovii IK EAST 4th ST. (Back of Singleterry Hardware) Pricne: POrter 3-3468 • A»k for trie YES MANager EVtNlNSS BY A^POINTMENr — PHONE FOR HOUKS . The morning star is Saturn. The evening star is Mars: Karl Marx. German social philosopher, the chief, theorist of modern Socialism, was born on thi s day in 1818. On this day in history: In 1821, France's Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the island of St. Helena. In 192.7. a biology teacher. .I'T.n Scopes of the Dayton. Tenn . public school system was arrested for teaching the teory of evolution in violation of a state law, In 1939. Poland refused to agree to Adolf Hitler's demand for cession of the city of Dan- zi.g to Germany. In 1955. the Federal Republic of Germany . . . West Germany . .became a soverajrn state. WASHINGTON — The Bu-iwhether they are wiliing reau of Indian Affairs (BIAi move, will move its entire accounting : No Jobs Lost office, including about 220 em- Those employees, who ployes now in" seven region a l:one reason or another aro offices and the head office in able to make the move «;";i Washington, into the new Fed- placed in other Hb, ::; • erai Bldg. in Albuquerq u e, BIA. startins in January, 1966. i A new data computing s y s- Masse >' said a num!--.-r >,; tem costing $475,000 will be'in- ;P lo >' cs are married a;, i }. stalled famuie? He estimated t ! ;" Fred Massev. assistant com-' lfa! number of adu!t > ^ ' missioner of Indian affairs for J™" m °V' n , ? to •y^'"-"' administration, said the BIA wul run betwepn M} to "cen to 141 Lots Purchased I/IS AI.AM'iS ,T.T1: - T: ':"!(! a pu!;:k"'dr;i^;:-c' M-'i; '•' f>!a'i;,-;;! an cir-'i! 1 :- '.r 1 ,- ; ;, i"> the ;.;ir--':-.:i-(> of 34! ;. -.•;.. '/a: h'ii-: 1 -- : I ••• ,- ; --. •••'. , •i«T i!f.-,J. -.iv:-:-.' i-r. 1,,,/T..-. 1 ' f . • s r ' '' ? \ ' F.' L" i;.-i ".!i' i .s \-..-- tlra^n. \':\\ ;:-,o A EC (• r \ a'c!\' •'• ' :,' Peace C. Head Named Co irl W.\SH!Nf,TO\ a'1'1 - Mrs. i •->::•! T,v.;.,- Miu'Ar! h ;i r nf Santa Fe. has bern named to hend the Pence Corps' division "r private and international or- i:a:-.i/:!t. 1 ins. it was announced '(.••lay. I'-.-aop Corps Pirector Sargent x ';r;vi-r ^;i,:j ! l .;i; the division •• :,r.ri •, •-,-'',. ,:io;-.< with van'.>-.;; (ii-.ran:.-;! 1 ;!'!^ rrsoporating jr Mai/Arthur, La- ea,. •• C'l-p^ s'.nce l'ft.1 Sr.e .; a<; (-jcput;. chief of the Afr;can Dis'isjor. and then Ne e d» FI''^ coil H. LEE THOMPSON 763-9372 Installation of the new computer — a Control D is making the move ^^^^ , tralizeouraccounUngfunc.^^-.^; "..' ., .. . /'he number of ru-cdfi t He said a small nucleus of by ab0!! , - ]0 1(> . (V ,,,, employes, up to 25 will be operate fi* n-w ceni-'-.r moved to Albuquerque as soon ' .\lbunuertrie as the ne-,v Federal B!d^. is completed in October, to begin T l ;c l;l \ «;'; :...',.. /> setting up the operation. ^;x'.h f !-"•••• ;r - ! ; 4 .'-. For Cuntinuitv - {H ); <-•[ ; .• ;:• A ! rj :, Both Sen,i!e 0.0V IS MtMHTII AtlMT BtKRAC BY Urri.B MKRCHANT CARRtKR LI5 m.«iihiy IB tdvtnc*. Bv m»!l ti Ojrnr and lurnxuxllnf n»jn!ici I'.Z'W tir ont y*»r; JS.OO for fix for one nvirm Bv man outs!<1e CVo- y»«r; JH» for H» mooUn: IJiiO for thr«* mnntfii; JUS (ur on* rrw* ATT. ^i nsmii»ni)NS PAY- AKI.E IN AHVAN<:F. s^'wui eiau P/iuifa pain at Unvti. N«w Maxlco. tf<« CIOVIS NKWS4t,UR-NAl. * P!l«. UOVI*. 3«w M««lCQ. But the remaining employes will be moved over a period of time in order to preserve the Appropriation - C , continuity of the operations, and ! 'ave app^ved the ?4 it will take 18 months for the quest of ;:;<> I';i.\ 'BIA to close all of Us regional the new data c'lrnr-'i accounting operations and move i n £ it apparent "-erf \ into the Albuquerque office. difficulty in get'.in..- t'. This means the entire mov-i ins. proves will not be completed until the summ» r of 1%7 Regional accounting offices i in Portland. Ore. Billings. iMont., Aberdeen, S. D., Mus- kesee. Okia . Phoenix. Ariz. Gallup, N. M. and June a u I Alaska — plus the Washmeton (office — will be closed and I their employes moved to Albu- iquerquc. J Massey said all empln yet {have been notified of the move and asked to notify BIA as to FOR AJ> TAKFK CAIJ, 703-3431 Show me a filter that delivers the taste and 111 eat my hat. 1 TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS Fine 10-diomond heart Pendant. Cultured pearl & 14K gold Pendant $0.95 Birlhstone ring she'll treasure. Pendant Watch in smart modem style. 14-karat gold Girl or Boy charm, $0.95 has everything for lovely "Flower of the Month" Pin. 53-Pc. "Blue Vintaga" Dinnerware for 8. 14 diamondi in a flattering ring. Silverplated 2-qt. Water Pitcher. We hove the jud-right gift love... ot a welcome tok«n of your ofUction. Select from the** and many mart. UWral Cftdit Tcrm« (* Cordles* electric 37" Wall Clock. FORD COUNTRY When you live in the Great Southwest, you're really living. Big country calls for big pleasure in an automobile. 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