The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUT t«, 1M4 .TIC PAM MW& PACE rive Bloodhounds Take Trail of Convict Pair Jail Breaker Captured la Houston; But Com pan* ion* Make Getaway HOUSTON*, (ft — Bloodhounds *ad officers Tuesday attempted to pick up th« trail of Ed (Perch- mouth) Stamon »,nd Andrew H, X«lson. two escaped L-ubbock jailbreak*^ who eluded police after J. R, Stephens, another member of the jail Breaking group, had be«n captured. Stallion and Nelson jumped from their automobile at the end of a blind alley and fled afoot after they had been chased several blocks through the business sec- lion by detectives who sought to arrest them as suspicious characters. Stephens, who had come to Houston from San Antonio vrith Stanton and Nelson, was arrested as h« walked down * street Jn front of the rooming house they had occupied. He told officers that Bill Doupe. fourth member of the quartet who broke jail at 1-uhbock, June 24, had not been with them since shortly after the break. Stantoit- a condemned killer, and Xelson. burglar, were seated in an automobile and Stephens ir« standing on the sidewalk as two Houston detectives. Tom Eubanks and Martindale. approached 5 th*m- Stanton and Nelson fled in the car while Stephens^ attars pt- Injf to throw off suspicion, walked calmly down the streei- The detectvies* automobile careened into a tre» but they con- tiaut* th* cha** ami ttnallr f*ft th» fucitiv* pair 4*wn «. blind al* l*y. They jumped from th* c*r, an4 raa. 4o4«tnr a Hail of 1**4 the . officers fired at them. Eubaaks and Martlndale rush*4 back to th* *pot wh«r« they had firat *i*ht«4 th* trio and n*,bb«4 Stephen* a» h* walked leisurely j down, the street. I Stephen* readily admitted hisj Identity and »pok* freely to offi-: c*r» tellinx them of the jail break; and cttbsequent kidnaping of w *l-j ter g. Pos«y. vice-president of Uie \ Fir*l National Bank of Lubbock.; and Campbell H. Etkina. acting ! justice of the peace. > He told o/ficers the break had been planned for "quite a while" ' before the nigbi of June 24. when they pried open a eel! block door | and waited in an ante room until | dayl reak for the appearance of I Deputy Sheriff Carpenter. Stephens said they grrabbed Carpenter, relieved him of his keys, forced him to accompany them downstairs, and there encountered Elkins- They fled in hie car, picking up Posey and striking out for the West Texas plalna, H« said they cruised about all day and after nightfall released Posey and lEIkins. He did not say whert they had been before their capture. !• ttttl* chaao* i* UM to b* fouad fe muabut tU* «**. VMttM. tOO. **tttift a»ffC«*i*iat*ly th* aw*. It fa hv4t> aiOMiffy to tall th* via* taMxemakcr that early morning to th* b«*t tim* to market and to get 4on* mm Much «f tb« n*r»nugy cook- t»t a* pocftibl*. Meat* which arc to b» omly ooJ4. nwgctabiw and *gg* jalatlJi diatu* of all kind*. frutti at4 «ol« dM»ert* can *4 mm* «at away to chili b*- avta14« h*at tftvad** the kitchen, > aa4 aiaaa*. or diBficr and «up- pat* MB tha* b« gotten in a room *ath*r *aaa an •**• *r «t*am bath. rul* applies to many OKEDt *r WAX BlULNS and CAR- KOTC- **leh an mot injured by be!•« pf* eooh*< a«d can b* served hot after ••J>7 a f*» 'BinnUa en th* atov* with th* reuired •ea Quarterly Conference Held Al Bethel Church HUGO, Okla.—DR. £. H, Nelson. Ada layman made the principal address Sunday morniar at Bethel Methodist church northeast of Kuso at an all day meet- ins. Dinner was served and in the i afternoon quarterly conference was held by Rev. A!va R. Butch- iuson who substitutes in the place of the Rex*. A. N. Averytt. presiding- elder who has a three rnoaths leave of absence because of illnes*. About fifty members from the church w*r* in attendance, OP*. UVER «• FISH amou this ***k'» barcaia*: *nd eaa W pv»-fri*d a« this method «* eoakinf heats th* kitchen 1*** than 9*9* «a iBvuIatetf hroilinc <rr*&. If th* •**• Is to be Q**d for oa* dlah, It •hould h* fill**! to capacity with other f9*4* needint a «tmilar tamp*fature •o as to r*due* top «tov« «ae)daK for that m*aL Otw Ce^d^: Tw» Memta POTATOES are v*ry plentiful and cheap and it i« common S*AM to cook a b!« baich at a time for later «aiad- makint. creamla* or frying. NEW POTATOES do not mash as well a* old. and sine* the? also make extra dishas it Is ju*t a* w«Q to postpone mashed potatoes until fall. CABBAGE is unusually cheap and a favorite either raw or cooked- It take* very fiitl* time to prepare eo!* •law or oa* of its maay variations—and. wh*n shredded, CABBAGE oook» almost as fast as SPINACH. Th* latter vegetable is still pJeatlfuT though it ffotem best when and wh*r* tb* weather Is cool rather than hot. Th* amail new BEETS aow in market are so tender they cook in a remarkably akort tim*. tut it U «*a*ihl* to at «••* »och far pjckH>» w f *r diaiMr. FICKLVD BXCXl •• ticuiarty well «Jtt» **th*r EGGS, which Ptltt*. tel» W 4ulek aad «asy i* prepar*. marketing urthod* as*ur* ywi mt M* quality EGGS if y*v a«y them pa«4t*4 in carton* a* the** earUa* stamped with the dat* oa which KGGS w«r* c other p*rishabl« food* they n**d to b* k*pt cold until ^*d. An •« for breakfast la not *ap*ciaiiy ailing but it k**p* you frMtt getting too hungry f or lunch. AM *gg aalad or *cs aalad *an4- wich or *v*n aa om*l*t mak** an ideal io&eheoA diah. Oo*tard* **nred ic* cold ar* the faT*rite «m*rt «C many cuia ar* being offered at at- tractiv* price* »>*^ weak. TRTIKG CHICKEKX and FOWI* ar* also in- cxpcnaiv*. BOILING BEET maka* deltctoo* pressed h**f at low «oat. rt*Tla»» 1* «**• It taka* *ourag* to **rv* an your FRUIT raw wh«a GRFEN APFLEC. and SOUR CHEK- in mark*t and aam* of TOUT household to** pie. A good fruit pi* t* worth getting steamed ap over both. is th* kiteh*n and at th* tahl*. Just gzt th* crust made and chilled and th* frnit prepared early and it won't «*em too much troubl* to oak* the pi*. Serv* slie*d PEACHES. WATCH- 3CELON. or LEMON SNOW meet day*; hot pic orace * week is not too much to ask. i* ft? Har* is * m*2u* up from foods which oar experts consider seasonable, Veal Chops Baked Potato** Buttered Beans Gr**fi Salad French Dressicy P«aaut Butter Bran Muffins Bnttor Fruit Pie Cheese Coffee or Tea (hot or ieed> MiSt HONEY GROVE LOCAL 1lnter*«t In Commerce AND PERSONAL WASHINGTON. (flP?.—The Farm Credit Administration announced T««*d*y that €•* additional counties in *tx states have been added lo the list of primary, emergency drouth area in which relief loans may be made 10 farmers to pur- chas* feed for livestock and for production of forage crops. The additions were made in California, Kansas, Nebraska. Texas, Idaho and Montana. Feed a.nd forage loans in, primary drouth areai, which now, include all of North arid South Dakota and parts of 16 other states, are- being: made from a portion of $525,000.000 fund appropriated by congress. The loans are beinjp made to applicants threatened with loss of their stock because, of the drouth and who are unable to obtain credit from other sources. Th* additional counties added to the list of primary drouth area* Included the following in Texas: Blanco, Crosby, Kent, Band^-ra, Coke, ComaJ. Concho. Garza. Gillespie. Gonzales, Guadalup*. Hansford, Hockley, Hutchinson. Irion. Kendall, Kerr, Llano. Lubbocfc. MeCullough. Mason. Menard, Mitch?!!, San Saba, Schleicher. S*er- ling. Tom Gr%en. Kames. La Sa'le, Live Oak. McMulI^n and ^"ilson. GOLDEN WEDDING IS RECENTLY OBSERVED n^» «*-*ttri5£?§sS5£K '"r.^^st^^.it? sffS-jSs^r-SS? BIS* ^^^"^ . 11 i iiii> o cow » r con r.o U't *<** lo 1 ^^^ ^^^<| J»>4. Tn»«**^**M O Tex.—Foreclosure on the municipally o-svned electric light plant of the city of Seymour. Texas, is sought »n a. suit filed in the District Court here Tuesday by the Municipal Acceptunce cor- poratJun of Chicago, holder c-f the mortsa;ce. Total indebtedness o? $14^.419.07 is claimed in the petition, including principal and inter- eat. Plaintifrs original petition a3- ;e$-e» ihat the pla.nt was bult by Fairbanks, Morse <t Co., in 1?C3 at a. total _^"»ntract price of $125.473, payable in 75 instaJlments •^•ith interest at six per cent: that in December. 1930. "a'h-en th* Tin- paid principal and Interest amounted to 51"S.3i?S. by >-ritten agreement between the city «"«sd Fairbanks. Morse & Co., the re- j>ayrrtent terms -arere mo-iifSed. tfce c!t;-- afrreeirss: to pay r 1500 a month the first year, SSOO a month the second. 51,309 a month the third and thereafter J1.250 a month until the indebtedness -was finally dl^charg 1 **?. Subsequent to thss agreement. Fairbanks. Morse & Co.. for a valuable consideration, transferred the mort^ra^* to the Municipal Acceptance corjvorfttlon. Of the ?S5.SOQ that ha* be-com» due and payable under the "December. 19SO. refinarcin^ a.pre«rr»ent. petitioner clalrns the city has pssd only ^*S.10f>. leav ; rsjr a bal^nc^ o* S"".$00 TIO^ due and unr«fi-i<i: iTwt und-r the terms of the contract. 7>«t:tlorjcr has fhe Irsral H.cbt to declare the» Jndcbtedr.f^s due and pAV-abie arsd that it no-sv exerciscs that rijrhx, askir.jr for fins! judgment for principal, interest, costs of »uit and foreclosure of it* lien upon the plant and sts revenue*. In July of 1331 the city council passed mn or»iir,arce mcreasinfr th-? electric rates fi-nd makjr.p therr. the minimum ra:es that could br charsr*d by ths municipal plxnr and the prix-at* utility also sen-- ir.s t!-* toTvr,. and the rates f'.xci* »-rre hSch-r'than those that had been in effect- The Day's Dial All hours Central Standard Time. F. M. S:00 CBS "La. vender and Old ;" NBC. Phil I>uey. 6:30 CBS Seymour Simon's orchestra: NBC. Wayne Kind's orchestra- 7:00 CBS Georsre Givot. comedian: NBC, Ben Bernie's orchestra. 7:30 CBS Richard Himber-'s orchestra. 5:00 CBS '"Conflict,"* drama; NBC. Beauty Box Theatre- Si 1 5 CBS The Troopers. S:30 CBS Melodie Strings. 3:00 CBS Party Issues; NBC, Amos *n" And". 3:15 CBS News, followed by I^haiH Jones' orchestra. ;.. NBC, Gene and Glenn as "Jake and Iwena," S:30 CB5 Isharn Jones' orcheBtra: NBC. News. followed by Rudy Vallee's orchestra.. 9:45 CBS Voice of Experience 10:00 CBS Harry Sosnick's orchestra: NBC, Buddy Rogers" orchestra. 18:30 CBS Frank Dailsy's orchestra; NBC. Pete Smyrhe's orchestra. 11:00 CBS Jaek Russell's orchestra: NBC, Clyde Lucas AtDIBLE CBS STATIONS Station Kilocj . ..... KMOX, St. Lo«*a ............ l. ._.,. STATIONS . Ft. ivo-tb ....... ;... « C:sc!n:tat! ............ 7 AI. S*n Arttenle- _______ ... I*' HONET GROVE. — Mr. and Mrs. J. VT. Melton, Dial community celebrated their g-olden ^vedding anniversary Friday at their home. th<?:r children preparing a family dinner for the occasion. They have six children, fifteen grandchildren anfi fourteen ^rreat-^rrandchildrer!, all living in or sear Honey Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Melton t^ere married in Mississippi and came to Texas ov»r forty years aso. having: lived ever since In this county. Mr. Melton has ensraged in farming and as a Baptist preacher. Open house -seas held all day a.^ their home in ce'ebration of the •wedding anniversary and mu^ic and other diversions were a.^-a'-g- ed. RED RIVER GETS COTTON CHECKS Partial Kirsr Payment of *8S,OOO Kcceived At CLARKSVILLE. — Distribution j of rental checks to Red River j •county farmers in payment for j their co-operation in 13S4 R.ONEY GROVE 9 WINS | HONEY GROVS.—The Hr.rr.-y : Grove W-.O.xV. baseball t-am ^ron ; a S5tme. 5 to 4 from the Dial team 1 Sunday afternoon. J government cotton reduction campaign. was be^un Monday rrsora- irss by Mark Taylor, assistant adjuster recently arp-ointed. to succeed Donald Ralph, transferred to Lr> -~.-r county. These checks represent initial I.»ayirsent of contracts approved by the AAA to the amount of about SSS.QO". Some contracts ha^e not v..-»..ri approved c*^cs.t;s^ of technical errors tnat have to be adjust*;! ;.-:-:"ore the total first payment of S100.009 is made. Water Sent Into Fields FAT CTTT. Tex. 'VT 1 . — Famished e fisMs of ^V'TTkrtOT? and Mata- cour.tS-5 absorbed billions e>f of water Tue*<!»y th«t f»9 TTT.I>? down « ri^^r h*»d fro^rs 3ro* n'woO'd in its errand of relief. Dwtritated by Paris Poultry & Efff Co., U C. Ov-rr S5* rrrUe* of t rri'^'atc c*na! systern in the Uniieti States the wnfirr poured Tuesday — layirsy x *ix inch covrriny or. ricf fields that had been p by x d^structivr Urcuth. Offtci«!* of th» Gulf Cc«st T c^mpnTiy. who rft*de th* relief ^iM* by p;:r<-h»*tr!jt: the i-ater «-ArscHvtr!jr th# i<Jra of br *',! thf way from Sr^irTrwcod !t wouV! t*k» 14 dwys t« cover th* fie'ds. Q^* n« «^o f*rm*rs of th e» will b*» beseflTted by hundred t s*» rer cent of the vd by the flo-w of *»S days -vro at th» AT wjl? . *t Browr.^ood of- of th* Brr>Trn Cr»unty T(,*at«r disrricT hud day Jin<3 nieht rrrt»-« l«>c»riTi|C to shut the C*te at thf» Brownwoafl <J»ifT!. h*s b*fn O?V»TI sine* th-» was relcn^fd *t th Impassive In Face of Chak TUCKER PRISON FARM. Ark. •-•**—Mark H. Shank, his eyes closed and his face exp r«ssi on jess, lay irnpasstv-ly in a death c«I! Tuesday. -a.-aiting cut the 17 days before he must die for the c.uadrup> rrison murder of *n Akron. O. came tc t>.» attorney th*r his wlfp, vhose, letters hav« b*»!~ hi« only interest since h* TS* brousrht here, 1* iS! and -a-in b*> u-- abl- TA visit him befor* hi* exccu- tiors d*y. Only action by Governor Tutre*" ran sav e Shank frotn elecrrocutio- July T7 for ki.lttijc AJvta Col'fj. his -wlff and rnro *rr:aTl »oni 's?- Aujrust in th* county -wcod> Thr ro^emor -win hear this w«--v the pl«a of his counsel. Stake CcoV that th^ former Akror«.. Attcrnr: a.rsd par'.yh civic leader is a rye-"' - thirniac—victim of a mental di*- frast whirh carries The jtcff^rcr •frorrs the hrlgrhts of eyct^m tc the lo-a-esrt depths ?? d'-spxir." The state contended the *ttorr»? potyorsed Co'.Iey xnd his farriily br cause he feared they wou'd ir-- plicate him in thn theft of raprr» frc-m the prwsecutinr tttcrney's officr- *t Barbertcn. O. Co"cy Trm* for the theft and Shun'* «*''as !nf-este<J ir; the o*s» From hi* c*11 cot. ShanX hear'* 5xjpe^intend«nt A. G. Stedman r*va<? the irc- v <"mc»r"s mandJit* fixlrsr July "7 a* h<» »xecutiort day. -That's all risrht." Shank s*:d. * minute 13 d«y» j At Hospital On Monday ALLKED SPEAK5 AT COMMERCE FRIDAY COMMERCE.—Attorney General James- V. AJIred. c«ndidat«« f<*r irovem<*r. wil* vddrem the x-<>r*rs of Comrnerrw at 10:3*> Kinv Tiny ri»rV. wn of Mr. and Mrs. G*orfr<» Clark of T>ireft. d««-d nt *:'(> P Monday * rl-ng road* to ho'd ihr indoors dxie to th^- heat TO cemetery fn th« Golf club ro*d. bill* must b« paid <?P <* r i-efore May 10th Jn ord^r to »eour« th* 1W per c*i*t *i*»cour!t. or WORKS *lNTWt PUBLIC PAVOR SINCE 19OI* Stor« Hoars t S:<X> A- M. to 5>.OO P. M. Saturdays: OO A. M. to 9 P. M. and DIMITIES I 95 2 95 and 3 95 Stop tc admite! S*3y to buy! Crbp. nt'v voiles and dimities at the season's lon-est prices. Smart vouthful IJrcs .... dainty pkated frills .... and any number of -Nmart pattcms to select >our cool sunim^r Nelly Dons from. Dump irem into a tub without a qualm, you can trust Nelly Dons to stay pretty and bright! All sizes from \2 to 44. HONET <3ROVE-—Miss Mary Jane Norwood ha* returned froiu a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A- L. j here- continues Brenecke in JDenison. | • ^_ - n Aloore, Jr.. of Houston • r his grandmother, at j Telephone. j Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cofffte of j Houston are visit-ng Mrs. Coffee's j parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stew- i art, Jr. | Miss Joan Wood has returned \ to Fort Worth After a visit with j her grandmother, Mrs. G. "A". Day. j T. F. Williamson who has been | ill some time was returned Sun- j day 10 a hepsitai in Dallas. i Mrs. D. G. Jones of CaddO, Okla-, j is visiting Mr, a.nd Mrs. W. O. { Eubank. i Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan and \ daughter have returned to Wichita, | after visiting ih* family of j J. W. Morgan. Stsr^r Alexis of j New York ci'.y is a. guest of the-; Morgans. j Miss Mary FJoyd. Ben Floyd, f Mr. and Mrs. Byron Kelley and j Miss Betty Gilnier are spending the week in Sulphur, Okla. Mrs. Floyd Blair and 5»aby are 1 visiiins relatives at DeKalb. | ilr, and Mrs. He si ben Story *.nd | son of Mexia are visiting the fam- I ily of Bee Shaw. i Mrs. Otis O^'ers and daughter. { Mrs. Fletcher El-ack have return- i ed irOTn an extended visit to points t in Arkansas. | Mrs. S. W. Green is spending j her vacation tvith Mr. Green iti ! FOTT Worth. j Mr. and Mrs. Bela. James of • Ixjiisrvie-.v and Miss Fay Fein left, i Monday for a t-.vo v.-e«ks visit Tvitii ! relatives in Denver. Colo. \ f JRr«r sine* th* ^ mr 11 f^. [rations the crews CAY* b*«p well ir**O*f ji»x Ri^Ht sjjj. <far fatithj.* core*. t It i* said another hoi* wia b» COMMERCE.— Oil activity at*grilled near the^ pr«sesii location. th« Love No. 1 test weii south of j The !LiQV« test well Is at a. depth o draw Interest.'of 2,000 feet at present. V ~IM TMt PUftUC EXC1TIXG StNCi 1*OT QUALITY HOSIERY Th : s week, brings exceptional values in our beautiful all-silk hose .... for travel, vacation or wear around town. Select ftom cur big stock of aft mid-summer shades. Look! Wba* reasonable prices. Genuine Ringless Dexdale and Hunimine Bird What a pleasure! Such fin* hose that, you can absolutely depend on not havins *. single Tins:. Mid-summer shades ar.d black. 4 11 £?*** All - Z511K Mid-Summer Sba<Je$ 44? — 55? The ¥est. all-silk hose for the price that can be found. Positively no seconds . . . sheer an£ flattering. :4 "Knee By Hole Proof -f .00 Self-su pportin sport Wear . for dancing, business, and housework. >» ^a.. knee-!ensfth hose for comfort, chic and economy. THt PUBUC FAVOR SINCE 1*OI* Where Thrifty People Are Doing Their July Buying;! Saving* Galore! A BIG SCOOP! Embroidered BATISTE 1.25 69 Yard Such lev*.- price hardly seems possible! Beautiful colors of bro^T.. co pen. pink. H^hr blue. red arid blue and white. The quality is all you •would expect for Jl.25. 1OOO Yds. 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