The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 21, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1956
Page 12
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P«ae- 12 Wednesday, March 21, 1956 'w Plumb and Fred Fo» ELLA CINDERS iriESg IT IS, $EN<5?£SS •>'<?! THOUGHT MAY3£ WAS CV.H&iHS- TJ 7rtE Vde 15 N THiR9TY WE THC7JSK Oil Depletion Figure Hit r POGO By Sam Leff UCM VlOWWlC, -f->- THAHONfflf! NO-fi, Hi"X,$0'U«- *, . . ..MM-N0.2,X6 /7PFSTVMOHV A 0000 / T,:4T* .SOT, MdooecMiMmtf WASHINGTON — UP — Rc?p. Hoiiry S. Rcuss i'D-\Vis.l introduced legislation Wednesday to' reduce depletion allowances now permitted in figuring: taxes on income from production o£ oil, gas and other minerals. Oi! and gas producers enjoy a depletion allowance of ~~ •!-'-' per cent. Kenss would cut this to 5 per cent. Other, allowances, now fixed at 23. .15, .10. and 5 per cent, would be. cut. respectively, to -1, ;!. '2 and 1 per cent. To make sure production and exploration vital to national security is not impaired. Rcuss. proposed to direct the office of. defense mo- bilization to report emergency needs to Congress with recommendation for any necessary subsidy. •lust .As Good NEW BRITAINY, Conn. —HI'— Police court officer George Kocrtsch used a blackjack io summon courtroom spectators to attention when the judge entered'. Sonic- one stole his g'avel. SEE US FIRST ' ' —for— HOME LOANS REAL ESTATE SALES mm I'JEVKKLV, Henltor Tuck Kealty l'liom> 5IM !» S. AshWl Actress Irked By Hollywood Museum Lack Mary Pickford To Give Treasurers To Other Cities Over telegraph \vives and radio circuits. United Press sends '3.500,000 words of news every day—more than four times as many as there are in the Bible. By AUXK MOSBY HOLLYWOOD —UP— Mary Pickford said Wednesday sbe's so xspset over Hollywood's failure to build a film museum that she's leaving her art and movie treasures to three other eiiws. The petite " America's Sweetheart" in silent films was a gentie- eved girl with long goideji curls. Bui in real life Miss Pickford is a determined woman and one of the few Hollyvroodites with eominunity spirit. Last year bonds were sold io braid R museum in the old Warner Studio where tourists couM see movie props and mementos and -.vaic-h movies being made. Money \vas raised vo paint sidewalks on Hoilywooci Boulevard pink and install" fancy street lights. Bitt the drive for 'the museum fizzled, out. "I do not hesitate to say the heads of the studios are to blame." »jss Pickford said as she sal in the library of her home. Pir-kfair. "They did r,ot co-operate. They srr nrfr'iig'ent and shorts-ijThted. The m;L c eur:i "would earn good •will. It ai.-o'.,',!0 earn mone-v for the ?>5o- tion Picture Relief Fund. Mi-lions of tourists <Jrive CJOWTS Hoii%"vood Botilevanl ever? year snU are dr- prcsscd. There's notrUnsr for them to ?ec . "Thi.- is Ihe country"? fifth largest industry and we have no museum! Rochester, N. Y.. has a "I called Sid Graunian and sug- musenm and silent film theater ffeste< j j,e put footprints or Hie that pjite HoHyu-ood to shame^ I ~ w-as sick \vnen. I retumea irom Europe and heard the plans {or a FairbanKS. Noi-raa Talraadge and I museum here fell through," were the first to be fooiprinted." Miss Piekford said that unless of .10 .Caroline station op- lease their stations. WHERE TO BUT TVs & Appliances Kovar Appliance Co, "~Wf Rcnlly Service What W'e Sell" INSURANCE FACTS By Jim Bond — FOUR POINT LIFE INSURANCE PLAN — 1. ADDED FEATURE- now available in our Automobile Liability Policy. 2. COVERS YOU for Accidental Automobile Death. 3. PAYS FULL amount to your widow or heirs. i. MONTHLY TERMS aranged. EXAMPLE: 510,000.00 LIFE INSURANCE AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT ONLY COST: S4.00 PER YEAR $EE-BOND & COMPANY "TRADE MARK OF QUALITY" 907 5. MAIN ST. PHONE 8248 JUST ORDER COLE'S STENO CHAIR AND RECEIVE THIS £*g QQ FOR ONLY • ANDY ANDERSON BUSINESS IQUIPMENT 314 E. Texas Dial 509"2 fail''* K h ? made for Biogrssph to ex- ^stine "museums. •iVrJch three cities \viil "Vet her belonging?! is still un- ; decided. :: But they'll set a windfall. She : and her husband. Buddy Ropers, ; have collected Rudolph Valentino s j fwordf. Miss Pickford's films and \ costumes, sketches by the famed ; rodin. paintings by Heminjpon, privies* Oiinese jade art objects and .ttuvens. antitjiie furnimre. j MLs- Pickford. a gracious' siar of \ the old school, feels her treasures : belong to the fans who made her : famous. j "Tnat's why -*e never close the eaies to our home." she said, j "People come up and look in the j ttindovvs. We don't mind." j The orJv current tourist attrac- i tion'ia HoliwooJ is the footprints : at Grnuman'? Chinese Tiwater — ; and Miss Pickford's cJog-, Zorro. is i responsible for those. ', "He ran through the cement in : front of the ne-v theater in 1926 , "DC-tore ii was dry," she recalled. ; Contract Bridge THE slam contract m the fol- lowijip deai was a l:;t!v opumisiic, to put :t mildly, t.,ul is. v.-oulj have come home- if the dtciarer hid piayed lor the "or.iy chance." North dealer. North-South vul.-.'.-rabi?. * A Q 9 * K 9 S j * A Q :<J A K 4 i * K J :o s ¥ -i 4 K J 9 6 4 A i 7 2 The bidding: North East South West 1 J. Pfess j 4 Pass 2 X T Pass 4 A Pass < * Pass 6 4 Pass Pail Pass North had an upper-limit cr.c- notru.T.p opening (IS iiigr.-card pom'-s and balanced <iw'.r;bui;o-', but he ci<Ct*d io r;id o .-.«:• ciub. instead. prCbal-ly v.v.h the :u«a oi discouraging 1 that l-.-ad a.i fvtr.lua.1 game cor.traet at no- trump. Tho actual re-suit of '.h;.i start, hov.-f'.'•.-;. v.-as t. v iat North "pressed 1 ' to :'cl.d t-.vo rtotrurtj) By Josephine Culb«rtson on the second round and that from that time on South sUiO became overopj.irr.isiic. N'.'est ;r:a.d<: ihe natural Itad from his holding-, the queen of ht-arts. ar.J. continued with the jack \vh«n dururny cuckcd. South r\;£fcu ir.e stcond heart, drew «x- attly i\vo rounds of trumps, and t.'.t-n ran tr.c 'Jian-.onus—or rather, itaned to. V»'hat he hoped to tc- co::ipl;sn ;s a mystery, but. what happened, of cojiie. v^aa thit Ea^t ru'l'id the ih:rd round oj 0;a.";'iOrids. aad SouVh itill had to loic a club trick. So the. contract, v.-«i oov.'r; f.vo tricks. The cc.riira.ct, was cold aftet the cpe.iir.g lead—indeed, only an original trump lead could have defeated it. After ruffing the heart at TrxK 2. South should have gor,-: to dujnniy with a diamond, ruffed another heart, gone back v/itr. e. d:a.:nor.d or a club ar.d ruffed the last heart. No 1 --' it would ce itself to over- UK-.- the trump k:ng, cash the cuo'-.i and nir:e of trumps. d;i- car'-ir.g lov.' clubs from the cios'i'i ha.'iu. ?.nd fir.aliy fj cash high (Jja- rr.or.cia and clubs for the r.e«ded jvl tr;cks. 7: is true ;hal the unlikely Z-Z break of trumps wai requ.rcd for the success of this l;r.>? of p'.a 1 -.-, t.ut ih^ Gurr.rp.v-re- versai plan -.vas the one th*t had the faintest chaste. White^And Negro Families Must Live j Side By Side In Future Public Housing ; <i-'v ''s '.hf'Vrialior o! ra<.ial s'.-gn-- '-''J rai-iai ii-.lvgration axain.-.t its "luiori 'TIH''K'.-aV.-K 1 ; sovtrnnifiit v.-i;i. 7'ru!y Katurday'-s '• if f I. u n i ^," . "..,,,,.,; j' : aiiv < iii'(/u"n its i-ould Jioiii ttu- >'.i-y to an iinv.-Hr- ! "ourts :uui .:/Puiii;. Hoa^g Ad- ];-.:il,--j ..!<.-rt-a.v- Hi" racial l-nsio;.* !'ranor iha: h!i !'.:i;::r public in H;iyi.o'.v:i. •.'.•hi..-« coi.-ln n.-ad • •'v-'iVu ur' in'•: Mil ''i as trial '.•V'.-nutally i.'i'O 'iownright st-rious ••'r\v"ur'op(ji>i-i !".'• liavt,-j'.vr.. Jii'-i:-'- racial distu.-rjani.-i- light here at },'• iiuilt "on u Mr.<.'t -NON- Jiouur. SKGHK<1ATED" uafis. In snon. \V, r sinccmy titln.-ve ttmi Bay•"'T l-i"iu' '/in](-t- :m<:-'. L»- o'f».-ii '.ov.Ti'.s \-ott-rt. inciuding those of 1,' .'ii '. unlM f ."t.-, r'-^i>iJli'Sii f jl '.lie Ntgro lai.-t, hitVi- tuO rnucii ran' '<'ri-'i-ii ur i-oior (-oifiinosi to allow thb, to \"u il,-!i;.;i-I I 'a'.: .: Jor'iSi i.&U.M.'ig llappfl. ••ilioi''v i-i/i->i'•:>•: t —'!''' HOIJS- Tiie Fi.-dvral goVrrnirn-iit a?('•,'i' r i.-, ';'i' ' '»'- 'tn;',' !!-.:i:i i:.-?' i.'i :-:vn!i i arinol i«": biaiiicii for the ; : ( ,.'..,; ,-,|, .j,.,' •, j'^i/i-oii! fii.j.'ts i- •! .ii-.l.'or:. liu-.v ca.'i *.h(-y ifiak" tn« | for '."(Vi/'"'-.;" '.''.'mi'i'.«-.- -• nJiotii.-r ii--f^io!i «,J Hi.- .SupH-lin- Court on ,....",' Cj.,j',.'- !>,. ;,!'.'.- s.-t-:i;j. ;iit'-;;.-::'i(i!) •/.' t:u- raf;es in Ih'f ". " , .. •, ... ....-,- i.riin-i ' M-iiouli- ,Nl:iIi<J IMi if irii-v fail '.0 on.- IK'}:' .-^'..-.v- 1 ;,• • ^•-•'•- l""J vi ;"'• •• i ' t ^ J . '• ^ , - ^, . ^ s'-Mn'V"Kr'trik"> ' iH.'.v V(<:«-r.-. is th«-;r own Fi-ocrally O'.vn"d nr.rt ; •hi* !hV k'nij of Unrig'w, want to oj.<-ratou public housing projects? sr»'> n'i-ii! i-('r,. "n Hayto\vn.•'.'" Koru.m.v.,<.-ly our Stain of 'JVxs-s So 'f \-n.- i),n--i tu vote !'.: Iwvor h:id the for-.-'ight Io pass a law rt f''-',:• hi : \ '"'UKS^-V; on .S:i.Mrrf,^- ^'hxh ssy.s thnt U'K I>ONT ; with 'it,.-' id...» iha't v,,.. :u> ..„•:).- J(AVK TO HAVK IT HKI^C JN j j soiin' <)!' <i'n ''-•' 'oru.i.atr liAY'J'C')WN vr in any OUKT J <-xas ! \v1r.t,~ l.-.!TiJl:<'- ««;•: a lj. r.i-r j.ia.^.-to !i,ur,i.,ipa!i!y in.l.-,-^ v,-e w&iH K. j iivi- «l a ioWtr J>-i'Ui tost u-!icvt a.'.J ^aiuroays (-Ity.ivn B JV '* "•[ } « momeni on the fad tr.^t by our lc*a) c^rur..v to UH the vour vote vou are a?King: :r,cst- Vrom tnat V, t ]X/,> T \v.-.^i ( ". , ( '., a , .,»!, r -,-.-, ^T- ' . -- T- f-^- JT ; v^f^id^w'side b> ; siurw;u;'i«- P.S. If ycu do not believe ; j X«i-«, cr rtfusc the;;;rnc- the aUve statenr.M.u ar«r true, j them. , . _ \vhf-n :'r,<y i»*e o]'ft-r;.vi to ar.y iKtir.ter of tr.e r,,- A;Jv., Prt.j lor ),y the •.iJ -"«"" nr,V thrn '"VOTK AGAINST j v- PT:RUC HOUSING LV BAY- j New Champs-\viih modern V8 power at no extra cost! NOW! BIG, TOUGH TANDEMS ! Meet the new heavyweight champs! This new Triple- Torque Tandem is rated up to 32,000 Ibs. G.V.W. up to 50 000 Ibs G.C.W.! It's built big to do big jobs! And whatever your job-light, medium or heavy >\9- there's a modem Chevrolet truck built to do i NEW TASK-FORCE TRUCKS! ,i new Task-Force six-whcclcrs you get ;he last word in modern V8 power with the bin new 322-eubic-inch Loadmastcr. You szet Power Steering, too! And a built- in 3-spccd power divider lets you select ihe most efficient ratio for a wider range of operating conditions. With the tandem s New Middleweight Champs _ with ratings up to 32,000 Ibs. maximum G.C.W.! 5-spccd transmission, this gives you 15 forward speeds and 3 reverse! New rear suspension eliminates the need for spring lubrication, permits truer tire tracking! Whatever your operation, we've got a new Task-Force model to handle it with new efficiency. Stop by .soon! N«v/ Lightweight Champs -High-Level ventilation; johccalcd Safety Steps' Champs of every weight class ! 1% Anything less is an old-fashioned truck! 115 N, MAIN . »r.<{ underjtanair.g, vot-

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