The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 24, 1969 · Page 16
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July 24, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1969
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

:MMn Over the Augean Baubles Donald Kaul is on vacation, Today's column is by Jack Smnii of the LoS Anacles Times. Nasser Vows Fight to Regain All Territory Lost to Israel A S I DO every year, I took a week's vacation to clean out the garage. The garage is my Augean stable. But even Hercules might not have been man enough for the job this time. I once imagined it woukl become easier with the years, especially after the boys had grown up and left home. It is worse. Everything they ac- | to fight to oust 'the Israeli CAIRO, EGYPT (REUTKRS) i — President Gamal Abdel Nas-' ser Wednesday night pledged Egypt would fight to regain all territory lost to Israel during the six-day war of 1967. "This will be costly operation. It moans war. We shall fight to regain our usurped land," he declared amid loud applause from 1,700 delegates attending a national meeting of Egypt's Arab Socialist Union. "Our Duty" Egypt was beginning the stage of liberating its occupied territories, the president declared. "We have to fight to restore our territory," he said. "It is not only our right, but our duty quire in their ^ventures, T discovered, they bring home to store in the garage against the day they settle down. / have formulated Smith's law. The amount oj space available in a garage varies in indirect ratio with the number oj of/spring who leave home. Their belongings, of course, are sacrosanct. They may not be discarded or given to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. One dare not throw away troops." Nasser added, "We do not mean Sinai alone, but all occupied Arab land — Jerusalem first of all, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza and all Arab land." Speaking three days after the biggest clash between Israel and Egyptian forces since the 1967 war. Nasser told the congress, "Today we can be proud of our armed forces." The Egyptian army now is a different one, he said and units a shoelace, much less an old of the regu i a r army navc ma( | e crosscountry sweatshirt. crossings to the Israeli-held east bank of the Suez Canal. ! 17th Anniversary Speaking on the seventeenth Consequently, to make room, I had to part with more of my own memorabilia, and my wife's. It isn't hard for me to give up my own faded souvenirs. I try to live in the present. __J My wife, though, is a squirrel; she was raised in a house with an attic, and is not content unless every pressed flower and tearstained handkerchief is safely entombed in a cardboard box somewhere. Over (he years I have managed to do away with a lot of this impedimenta, but I have never been able to solve the problem of the Christmas ornaments. They are sacred. I can think of nothing that takes up so much space and is so easily replaced as a Christmas ornament. They are mostly gaudy baubles full of air. mHIS YEAR I reached the J_ end of my patience. I anniversary of the 1952 revolution that overthrew King- Farouk, Nasser declared, "This nation has decided to live honorably." "Are we strong enough to refuse surrender? The answer is yes — every Arab everywhere has rejected surrender and has declared his will to continue fighting whatever the cost," he said. Nasser said Egypt's recent military operations along the canal — the raids across the waterway and hand-to-hand fighting — were designed to acquaint Egyptian fighters with the enemy, give them experience and explode the myth of the invincibility of Israel. Nasser accused the United States and Britain of continuing STRIKE COULD ! STOP FLIGHTS WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) i The boss of the nation's air- 1 ways vowed Wednesday to ground every commercial flight if necessary should threatened mass resignations by air traffic controllers endanger lives. "We will slow the system down where nothing will m6ve If necessary to insure safety," Administrator John Shaffer of the Federal Aviation Administration told a Senate subcommittee. Shaffer said the FAA also had plans for the Army's air controllers to help fill any Jobs left vacant. Spokesmen for the Professional Air Traffic Controllers' Organization have warned several thousand controllers will quit if the FAA disciplines 477 of their number who failed to report for work June 18, 19 and 20 and caused traffic jams at the nation's airports. The workers who direct the flow of airplanes into and out of airports around the nation have complained of an excessive 1 workload, low salaries, excessive overtime and inadequate vacations. Senator Vance Hartke, (Dem., Ind.), charged Shaffer with deliberately 'inflaming the situation by eliminating the dues checkoff which the FAA had collected for the union. WIREPHOTOS (AP) Elected General Erik Wickberg, 55, of Sweden, was elected commanding general of the Salvation Army Wednesday at Sunbury- o n-T h a m c s , near 'London, r England. He succeeds Gen. Frederick Coutts who is retiring after heading the two-million-strong worldwide organization since 1963. TAX HOLE IN 'GIFT'PAPERS WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Senator John J. Williams (Rep., Del.) introduced legislation Wednesday to close what Shaffer said he hoped to meet; called a tax Iooph ole in- with union-representatives in; \ .' Washington Thursday in an ef-i volved in gifts of official papers fort to answer their complaints, to universities by members of Shaffer said the response of the FAA could range from a simple reprimand, to suspension of one to 30 days "and possibly a few separations from the service in rare cases." WIREPHOTO (AP) Franco and Heir Gen. Francisco Franco, Spanish chief of state, foreground, listens as his heir, Prince Juan Carlos de Borbqn, addressed the Cortes, Spain's parliament, Wednesday in Madrid. The prince, nominated Tuesday to succeed Franco when the longtime leader retires, becomes incapacitated or dies, spoke after a ceremony Wednesday in which he was sworn in as the future king of Spain. Poseidon Flight Test Satisfactory WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The Navy reported Wednesday it has conducted six satisfac- WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - tory flight tests in the program olutions if it had not been for The House completed legisla- to perfect a multiple-warhead such total support," the presi-1 uve -acTion Wednesday on . a ' Poseidon missile ' and plans dent added weunebud} on d mm . e testg thjs summor --• measure permitting states to ; Secretary of the Navy John trim services under the Medic- H cllafee said tne system of | to aid Israel politically and ! militarily. "The Israelis could not have been so defiant toward world opinion and United Nations res- ALLOW CUTS IN MEDIGAID THE DAY IN WASHINGTON aid program. ; The legislatJW was passed |. by the Senate on pleas that called my wife down to the ga rage. "You see that biq stack oj boxes there?" I asked. "You know what they've got inside? "What?" "Christmas junk. Gauds and baubles." W e compromised. She threw some away and repacked the others more efficiently. "What's this?" I asked, holding up a metal device whose purpose I had forgotten. ' "That's the stand," she said, "for the Christmas tree." "We aren't going to have any more Christmas trees," 1 said. "It's sentimental nonsense. Christmas trees are jor children." "I suppose you're right," she said. She put the tree stand in with the things for | Policy Committee he heads is needs." the Goodwill. exploring possibilities for com- The legislation provides that promising the .impasse over a state may reduce services if J ATER I OPENED a carton I scheduling of the bill to makes three commitments to Bullet Wounds DM. Youth A 19-year-old Des Moines youth suffered a bullet wound in his left thigh from a .38-caliber pistol Wednesday police said. Otis Harper, of 1054 W. Fourteenth si, was listed in good condition at Veterans Hospital. Police said he was wounded about 2:30 p.m. when ' a friend, identified as Roger | Page, took the pistol from a ! dresser drawer. He said the j gun discharged while Page was examining it. Police said they found two spent cartridges and two live shells in the gun. multiple, independently-targeted ; re-entry vehicles (MIRV) which can be carried by Poseidon WASHINGTON. D.C.: Widnesday, July 23, ml the program, designed to pro- | missiles "permits delivery of vide health care for persons , warheads to many separate President Arrived at Johnston Island in the Pacific after a flight from San Francisco on the first leg of his world tour. in the low income brackets — not exclusively welfare cases — had roeketed-in-cost and was causing some states acute financial distress.. targets." Warn Realtors In Cedar Rapids By a Staff Writer CEDAR RAPIDS, I A.-Realtors here have been urged by their board of governors to make sure their sales techniques contain no hint of racial discrimination. C. F. (Bud) Hunter, president The Senate Foreign Relationsj of the Cedar Rapids Board of Committee is-considering reso-.i:Realtors,_presentedJhe_group's Senate and found my old green blouse from the war. Under it was an old newspaper, yellow and crumbling. What foolishness! I thought I had thrown that stuff away a dozen times. I opened the paper. The word victory was spread across the top of the page in red, white and blue. "War is ended!" the headline said. "WASHINGTON, D.C., AUG. 14 - The Second World War ended tonight. President Truman announced that hostilities have ceased. Japan h a s surrendered unconditionally ..." I folded up the old blouse and the old v newspaper and put them back in the box. I went over and got the Christmas tree stand from the Goodwill things and put it back with the ornaments. Peace on earth. tile surtax. the secretary of health. tdu r :s- Appropriations Subcommittee tion and welfare. These are lutions which urge President! board of governors' statement Nixon to suspend testing of to a Wednesday night meeting Representative Wilbur D suc ^ MIRV warheads so long | of the Commission on Human Mills .Dem.. Ark.' told the as the Soviet Union does, too. Rights. House the amendments "do not infringe on the program but '' ' Senate Majority Leader Mike '.viii allow the states more free- Ppm4rL/|h|o R0|t19rlrO said the Democratic dom to determine their own llvlllOI IVdlHC llvlllHl l\9 • Donald Rumsfeld, director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, said in a statement from Washington the United States should be as dedicated in providing economic opportunity for all its citizens as it has been in its space program. He commented: "We must resolve, that the best minds in the country will be working on the problems of the disadvantaged, that the administrative flexibility necessary for research and experimentation will be provided and that the support and resources to meet the nation's most pressing challenges will be made available." • Diane Coccorese, 23, unsuccessful Italian candidate for the Miss Universe title at Miami Beach last week, told reporters in Rome that she would advise her country not to enter the again because it was humiliating and degrading. She addtd -. "To show what I mean, even my telephone was padlocked." heard Navy Secretary John H. Chafee recommend a $35-bilIion. 10-year program of ship construction and modernization. House Ways and Means Committee approved a minimum tax proposal which would assure that all high income recipients pay tax on a substantial part of their income. • Agencies Bureau of Labor Statistics re- he nation's living costs another six-tenths of one per cent in June. That it is spending as much on the over-all program this year as last: that it maintains controls on c'/>t sad utilization; that it d«:i ntrt »a- crease the unit cwt (A pa;.- ments to h'/spila!*. ptojvi- cians, nursing homM and other providers o/ s*nkft?. States would no; :/•. *.'.Y»V: to eliminate any of tr.« ; :.>.:..'. Medicaid services — in-;.a'.i':r: t . and out-patient hospital'-.. laboratory and X-ray service:-., i nursing home care and phy^i services. Congress or other government officials. The "racket," as he described it, arises because the official who makes such a gift is allowed to deduct from his income the appraised value of the papers. Williams said it has been reported that former Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey "is giving the Minnesota Historical Society 589 boxes bulging with documents from his career as mayor of Minneapolis and senator from Minnesota," and may have received a deduction for them. It also has been reported, he said, that former President Lyndon B. Johnson may be planning to deduct the value of 20 million items he is donating to his presidential library at the University of Texas. "One of the things that bothers me about getting special tax benefits through the gift of official papers is that the parties doing this are making a profit from 'charitably' giving what are really official papers which, in my opinion, properly belong to the government and not to them as individuals'," Williams said; "I a sure that in many cases many of the papers are just plain junk, but to the extent they do have value, they were developed by government officials on government time with the aid of- government staff personnel, were typed by government secretaries on government paper and were even stored in government files." Williams would limit such deductions to whatever the papers cost the official. Turner to Head Attorneys General Iowa Attorney General Richard Turner has been elected chairman of the Midwest Conference of Attorneys General which met at Custer State Park near Rapid City, S.D. States in the conference are Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, II- linoisV Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota. SUPPORT SHIPS LONDON, ENGLAND (REUTERS) — Britain should send! at least one and possibly three '•• permanent support ships to BURLINGTON, IA. (AP) - i shepherd its fishing boats in North Atlantic waters around at Work, No Agreement Plan Urbandale School Addition The Urbandale Board of Education awarded construction contracts for an addition to the high school to three local firms 1 Guards at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant here showed up for work Wednesday afternoon despite the fact that a meeting between representatives of the management and the plant's 170 guards ended with no agreement. at a special meeting Wednesday. Low bidders were: contract, Vawter and Walter,! union osts picket Unes work Inc., of West Des Moines, 1 r Iceland, a government inquiry committee recommended Wednesday. Donald Fimmen, industrial relations manager at the plant, I j WIN 5er l ! said that " until , and unless " the ! Butter Kernel Bucks $730,933; mechanical contract, Proctor Plumbing and Heating, will continue as usual. No more negotiating sessions have been $5000 "WOES Inc., Des Moines, $30,657; elec-1 scheduled, officials said. j trical contract, Hammer Elec- j The guards, whose three-year j trie, Inc., Des Moines, $147,!j:>0. , contract expired at midnight t necessary! A new drawing"ivefy'weVk. Total cost of the project isi '* r.-..... .1. •..<. i.. ...j : -- IOWA L UPPER MIDWEST ONLY! YOU CAN WIN! ! 504 cash prizes from $1 to $75 each through July 26. No purchase Tuesday, are members of Heal foot is estimated at |16.46, !22 of the International Guards which does not include archi- Union of America. .Fimmen tects' fees or cost for acquisi- confirmed reports that the area tion of the site. of disagreement is the union Construction of the.addition is deman(J {QI . & retroactive cost . to start immediately, with completion scheduled for the summer of 1970. Enter as often a; you wish by sending 3 Butter Kernel labels, or words "Butter , I Kernel" printed on 3 slips of paper, to i address belo/v. Prizes sent by mail. . S*nd 3 hitter K*ni«i I UlMli *r Kith ywr mat tn< tOnu, to "Mtor K«Ml 750, of-living increase covering the '; last contract period. , I 550M. foMM «* bt iiitmarkU kl julf 21, 1W. YOUNKERS Sfi t iyfa c I. ion A Iways for figure control under swim and sports wear... wear comfortable sports briefs 1. JANTZEN "SPORTS BRIEF CONTROLLER" of acetate, cotton and spandex. Designed for all around sports and casual wear with no-bind legs. White. Extra- small, small, medium, large or extra-large. $4 2. VASSARETTE "SPORTIE SHORTIE" of exclusive "stay there" knit with front panel of lastex batiste. Waist and leg bands' ...of self fabric knit are no- bine! and no-show seams, Whilo. Small, medium or large. $i ::. V A S .S A R !•; T T K "SPOKTIK PANT1K" very brief leg pantii 1 of "siay- there" Unit, panel front to trim the figure. No-bind legs, seam-free edges, detachable garters. W li i t e. Small, medium or large. $5 3. (.'ur.seiry; third flour, iJowntown and most stores. Phone I'll-IU^, ext. Ufjd. On mail orders add y, ta.\, 45c postage and handling. CONSULT OUR EXPERIENCED FITTERS You cat your way to, a lovelier figure than ever before.., take inches off your "problem spots" with the simple inches-off diet! No strenuous exercising. You'll want to mad this new book by the authors of ••" "The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet",, r lrwiri M. Stillman, M.D., DIM and Samm S. Baker- new diet breakthrough! "The Doctor's Quick Inches-Off Diet" YOUNKERS 6.95 Books: balcony, first floor, Downtown and Merle Hay Plaza. Phone 244-1112, ext. 263. On mail orders add 21c tax, 25c postage and handling. YOUNKERS "Sat I .if (i c t ion A Iways" walk into fall.., wonderfully Season spanning fashion designed especially for the young sophisticate. Wonderfully wearable for fun and fancy— great for business and travel. Coachman dress of 100% acrylic bonded to 100% acetate by Bourbon Street. Berry or navy with white trim. Sizes 5 to 13. College and Career Shop; second floor, Downtown and all stores. Phone 244-1112, ext. 512. f On mail orders add 51c tax, 65c postage and handling. YOUNKERS ffiutterbye* presents the pant jumper Snappy, sleeveless and ready for action, a pant jumper of 100% Orion® acrylic bonded to 100% acetate. Deep V-neckline above dropped hipline in a dress you can wear from lazy noons to lively nights. Metal enamel back zipper closing. Machine washable. Green or gold. 10 to 20, 12^ to 221/2 $15 Budget Fashion Shop; street level, Parkade, Downtown, Merle Hay Plaza, Eastgate and most stores. Phone 244-1112, ext. 463. On mail orders add 45c tax, C5c postage and handling. (blouse not included)

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