Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 14, 1970 · Page 90
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 90

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1970
Page 90
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II TIM Aritomi Republic ' B PfcWBfir, m, Aug. 14,197« Chapter Z of Frailer vs* Cassius AttWiatM Pf«SS ATLANTA —Promoters confidently proclaimed yesterday that the way is virtually Clear for a Joe Frazier — Cassias Clay heavyweight title fight in Atlanta, but Frazier's manager immediately branded it nonsense. "If* a lie. There is no truth to it at all," said Yank Durham in Stateline, Nev., where Frazier is appearing with his rock music group in the lounge of a casino-hotel on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Durham's wet blanket was tossed over the proposed fight less than three hours after state Sen. Leroy Johnson said only the fighters' signatures on a contract stood in the way of an Oct. 26 bout in 5,000-seat City Auditorium. Clay, the former champion stripped of his title after conviction on charges of refusing to report for military service, attended the Atlanta news conference in which Johnson made his announcement. He said he would be willing to fight Frazier here. "I don't know who they are or what they are trying to do," Durham said when informed of Johnson's plans. "We aren't dickering with Cassius Clay. We aren't interested in dickering with Cassius Clay." Durham said tf Clay had a license Frazier would fight him. "But he doesn't, and that is all there is to that," he said. Johnson said, however, Clay had been issued a license in Atlanta, all that is required in Georgia. "We have done what the law requires us to do," Johnson said. "We feel we are now in the running. There is no state law which would prevent the fight." Robert Kassel, a New York attorney whose Sports Action Inc. sponsored the Frazier-Ellis fight and would underwrite the Atlanta fight, also attended the news conference and said he was confident. "All that is really necessary now is for us to complete the negotiations with the fighters, sign the contract and have the fight," Kassel said. A number of city officials, including several aldermen and vice mayor M a y n a r d Jackson attended the conference. Clay said little. "This is the latest try and wherever we can get it I'm ready," he said, speaking in a barely audible voice. The 28-year-old Clay said he would train in Atlanta and would have to work hard to shed 25 pounds of excess weight. He declined to forecast the outcome of the fight. Governors adopted for NASCAR races Cook out for season Former world heavyweight boxing champion Cassius Clay tells news conference he is willing to fight title-holder Joe Frazier in Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 28. Greyhound result* Black Canyon Greyhound Perk (faults ONE-MO YDS, OR, 1. T-31.44 «•«) $32.20* L D's Dlan (2) 9.40 5.40 4.20 Pilot's Mission (41 6.00 3.60 Toneability (3) 10.60 Also: Mersina Traflc, 0 B's Jay's Pat, Shifty Winds, Gay Pebble, Bishop's p ick. Y0$ ' Linda Shannon (4J Also: Tractor Tray Dew It's Rip, Scratched. .. 0 B's Pvt John, Happy Fink, Bine Dean Hills (3) Value Rated. (2) O B's Red Jack (1) 15.80 14.80 10.20 4.00 3.80 2.60 goly (1) Dennis 18.20 . ,••',,, -v.«^ 5.00 3.00 _~nn s (2) s 00 340 O B's Tlz's Our* (8) 3M Also: Dewitt's Space, Mighty Classy, OK Zady, Layne jialr, Ettenne. P OUR-S50 YDS. OR, 3, («-T) Carla Rots (1) ' s'at Also: Rollln Sam, Red Dewltt, T •?• Iky. W's Belle Havoc, Delicate Del. Marty Murphy (1) 4.80 3.00 Penasco Eapanto (3) 3.40 Aso: 0 B's Andy, L D's Red Ace, Meadow Brook, Miss Sonnet. Short's Whltie Scratched. «m» fflNiifr $ - *-*" Emeraude (6) 5.60 2.60 2.60 Coto Espanto (1) 2.40 2.40 Grand Sweep (2) Also: O B's Lucky Jack, J Peggy. K NINI-SSO YDS, OR, «, T-41.W (44) 0 B's Over (4) 6.00 6.00 3.88 Byg Drifter (8) 8.60 700 Clyde Wells (!) 4*8 Also: Rapid Woman, Mac O'Dell, Deacon Hunter. P R's Petty, W't Pattf Girl. ro$ ' tM •ormafiy (7) AIM: 0. B's Patricia. Deb Well*," V't Hal, Sbnny Gossip, Namanld. •J8 ^SIX-550 YDS, OR, 3, T-31.M (M)' Spin Wheel (4) 34.40 15.80 7.80 Hlsh Damage (2) 6.60 3.00 T V Robin (1) 5.20 Also: Lonesome Flapper, Gay Tab- leaum. Here Come Da Judge. Jack's Image. Part Cross. (i €LiVIHTH-5J» YDS. OR, J, T-4MI L O'fl Bufalo (2) 10.60 5.N SM Also: T V Betty Lou, P R's Panky, Wlsenhelmer, Dixie Phajjgck. City Pace. TWELFTH-*!} YDS, GR, l7 (2-3) 1110.10 CAMBRIDGE JUNCTION, Mich. (AP) - P r a c t i d e opened y e s t e r d a y for the Yankee 400 stock car race and for the first time in recent history the big stackers were equipped with a device to slow them down. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) ordered that the machines be equipped with a special plate under their carburetors to limit the flow of fuel. The plate acts as a sort of governor on the engine's power. The new rule was immediately noticable in lap speeds turned at Michigan Interna- More about PGA golf Continued from Page 55 first PGA and looking for his first professional triumph. "I know what to do on a course like this, or an Open course," said Miller, who stunned the golfing .world when he finished tied for eighth as a 19-year-old amateur in the 1966 U.S. Open on his home course, the Olympic Club. FIRST ROUND SCORES Jack Nlcklaus 35-33-61 John Miller 34-34—61 Larry Hlnson 35-34-6? Charles Coody 34-35—69 pick Hendricksan 34-36—70 Sam Snead 34-36—70 Dave Stockton 37-33—70 . Homero BlancM 34-36—7C Jacky Cyplt a«.34_7f Arnold Palmer Mason Rudolph like Miller owie Johnson obby Nichols IV tional Speedway, a two-mile semi-oval located in the scenic Irish Hills west of Detroit. Average speds were down as much as 10 miles per hour from those posted by the top cars during p r a c t i c e and qualifying for the Motor State 400 here last June. Pete Hamilton had set a new lap record of 162.739 m.p.h. for the June race. The best he could do yesteray was 153.518 m.p.h. in the same car "We may find a way to go a bit faster before the week is but, hut I would say the man who can turn 155 Friday will sit on the pole," the blond 27-year-old Hamilton said. Bills, Detroit collide tonight BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) The Buffalo Bills, kicked around the last three years in the American Football League, make their National Football League home debut tonight. They hope to do some kicking around themselves. The Bills entertain the Detroit Lions in War Memorial Stadium, where each team will try for its first preseason victory. Both suffered crushing defeats last week, New York pounding the Bills 33-10, „... ,„.„ IV8U1U . „ and Kansas City whipping the guard Dan Sullivan will step Lions 30-17. in. CINCINNATI (AP) -Greg Cook, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League, will undergo surgery Monday and is not expected to play this year, Paul Brown, coach and general manager announced yesterday. Cook will undergo exploratory surgery to his right shoulder at the Cleveland, Colts to collide KANSAS CITY (AP) - The Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Colts, both expected to be tough in the National Football League race this season, collide in a nationally televised exhibition game here tonight. The kickoff is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Arizona time. Both teams, undefeated so far, will be bothered by injuries to key players. The Chiefs will be weak at the linebacker posts. Bobby Bell definitely is out of the action and rookies Clyde Werner and Bob Stein aren't expected to play. Bell has a spinal injury, Werner a pulled hamstring muscle and Stein a shdlilder sprain. Baltimore's Johnny Unitas, despite a dislocated finger, is slated to start a quarterback. Offensive tackle Sam Ball and safety Jerry Logan are both Colts question marks. Bail has a sprained knee. If he doesn't play, regular right Ohio Clinic. "After examination there T h u r s d a y," said Brown. "Greg decided he should undergo surgery. "They'll be doing an exploratory operation. They feei that the injury is a sheath of muscle that may have worked loose." Cook was placed on the unable to perform list, which puts him out of action for six weeks "but doctors feel that he will be lost for the season," Brown said. Cook's physician is Dr. Roger Collins, an orthopedic surgeon. Brown said Cook, who has complained of constant pain and has been unable to throw a football, suffered an injury during a pickup basketball game at the University of Cincinnati last February. He said a passing arm injury Cook suffered in 1969 against the Kansas City Chiefs was "c o m p 1 e t ely healed." Cook was named offensive rookie-of-the-year in Ittft for his first year performance in the American Football League. ACQUANETTA JACK ROSS TONieHrS MOVII "STOfMlMFOftt I KILL" Starrlnt Claude Dauthln •nd RonsM Lejwlt CHANNEL 5 10:30 P.M. MMINTIO BY JACK ROSS LINCOLN.MERCURY 665 W. MAIN, MESA f arr V & o Go ------8.00 4.80 3.6 . Handle $107,456. Attendance 1,525. Greyhound entries BLACK CANYON GREYHOUND PARK Entries tor Frl., Am. 14 FIRST—Canyon Cr., Or. 1 6 Tohot Tohandle 12 JO O.B.'s Bl Velv 2-| I Prairie Vixen Bopree Bl«» Bess S-2 Classic Story 11 T.K.'s Bud 7-2 P.H.'s Proxy I L.A. Fonder 6 Jud'n Fit Flor »-2 SEVENTH-Canyoti Cr., Or. 1 _„. ...itchell Hale Irwln B ill Collins Ick Lotz Tom Weiskopf Bob Rosburg V ee Trevino erry Dill Gene Littler Billy Casper Jim Wiechers Al Geiber Bruce Crampton Gibbv Gilbert Kermlt Zarley Jerry Steelsmitti Chuck Scally Don January Dow Pinsterwald Bert Greene Bob Menne Bob Stone Gene Thompson R-odgers Jimmy. Wright. l/ICK 37-35—72 Jack's Brook Adam M. See Vennle Cocopah T.M.'s Charm Jack's Peggy 9-2 Mohea 7-2 Dan's Dancer SECOND—Sunset Cr., Or. 2 6 Bull 'n Bear 7-2 Value Added 10 J.W. Rhonda , 5-2 GG's Red Glory THIRD—Canyon Cr., Gr. 4 M's Lynn _ . Mighty Classy 9-2 Dennis Room fr Doubt 10 Meadowbrook Lone Valentine 12 Pizza Roll FOURTH—Canyon Cr., Gr. 3 Arizona Bred Preferred 39-34-73 36-37—73 38-36—74 37-37-74 39-35—74 37.37—74 39.35— 74 39-iS-r 37-37— It 9-2 8 . 12 O.B.'s It's .Ours 5-2 Madge Adams 7-2 EIGHTH—Canyon Cr, Cr. i S.D.'s Donnieao 8 Oshkosh Winner Cactus Chief 8 7-2 O.B.', Pvt. John Happy Fink 12 , _ 5-2 Cftoctaw Ed 6 L.D.'s Mable 9-2 Linda Shannon 10 NINTH-Canyon Cr, Or. 1 Oshkosh Keno TV. Robin Ms Johnny Jan Speed 6 Signal Light 5-2 P.H.'s Papaya 7-2 10 12 Penguin Espantl 8 La Belleya 9-2 FIFTH—Sunset Cr, Gr. 4 Clyde S. See Ollie Marty Murphy 5-2 Nametta 9-2 Model Jam I'm Hoss Del Mar Results O.B.'s Nola ' '8 Pehasco"Espanlo 6 SIXTH—Canyon Cr., Gr. 3 Track Shuffler 8 Sweet Sorrow 10 Kemosabay 10 Ishop's Pick 8 G.L.'s Lavina 6 O.B.'s Loup 5-2 TENTH-Canyon Cr. Mi Lou To 9-2 Vickers Folly 8 Like It Was 7-2 Penn Press 5-2 ELEVENTH—Sunset T.V. Bitt P.H.'s Pesky Jack's Image l: Brad Short I J.L. Irish Rose 12 Ern'e 9-2 L.D.'s Dot 7-2 Woollahra 8 , Gr. 3 Skip Sims 5-2 kip Sims .G.'«; Cobra T.K.'s Dale Smile Big Cr, Gr. 3 L.A. Ida Dusty Spac Sweet T»!kln Tonl Tempest 3S.49-?4 39-34—74 36-38—74 New 12 Volt Batteries 3 Yr. Guor. H.D. 15.95 Ex. 4 Yr. Guor. H.D. 17.95 Ex. ALL POPULAR H. D. SIZES TERRELL HATTERY CO. 102 S. 19th Av*. 253-3176 We Buy Scrap Batteries $1.25 Each ClMr and Fast FIRST — S3.00 cl. 3YO UP 6 F. Colonel John (Mark) 10.80 6.80 4.60 :0» ,tCONp^S3^0c,3y06 7 f. H1U-H» ""A DAILY OOUBLI (124)PAID S2H.0 Hum Dym (Pineda) Native Ruler (Manorney) Tltn« — 1:11 1-5 3.40 2.80 FOURTH — $4,000, mdns 3&4YO, 6 f Princes* Dymptv (Tore) 5.40 3.20 2,60 Farewell Patrice (Durousseau) 3.60 3.60 Funny Ache (Resales) 6.80 Tlmt — 1:11. FIFTH — S3,700, Cl, 3YO, 6 f. F.anelmln. (Wellington) 30.00 13.00 4,80 ingt ) Honorably Naotlcally (Alvarez) Time — 1:11 2-5. . , 4.80 2.80 2.60 Grid-cage combo is TV offering * KTAR-TV will couple basketball with football tonight, beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Channel 12. Following the Baltimore Kansas City football telecast, the Phoenix SunsM969-70 highlight film will be shown. The basketball segment also will include an interview with Suns general manager Jerry Colangelo. MGB/G SEAT COVER KING 711 E, Indian School Rd. AUTO SEAT COVERS 10 COMPLETE SET FRONT AND BACK , LIMITED COLORS AND SIZES UPHOLSTERY DEPARTMENT SPECIALS lilu ICK-UP TRUCK Seat, Covers; HEADLINERS—Low ai $29.88 Installed AUTO CARPET, full set. $29.88 Installed HS1UCHUS mis ms n Light, tender, golden crisp'd fish. Chips- like French Fries, only better. Snappy Parliament Sauce. More than a meal or snack. An adventure. Try it. Tab home or eat it here! OPEN 7 Days 11 to 11 JOLLY. GOOD. UNION JACK ADDRESSES PAPAGO PLAZA in SCOTTSDALE TRI-CITY MALL in MESA 40th ST. & INDIAN SCHOOL 19th & BETHANY HOME opposite Chris-Town 35th & GLENDALE HAYDEN PLAZA WEST fT" aior rim* — dn. 3/4YO, • , idiiO' 4;60 4 3.40 . ..ore) 8.60 5.40 (Grant) 5.60 .IVKHTH -17,500 ale. 3YO UD 6 f. Tpp..FroiTe (Manorney) 8.20 4.40 4.40 (Campas) 4.40 4.80 (Velasquez) 12.20 fH — • 0 ale. 2YO 6 f. IKda) 15.60 5.80 4.60 (Durouueau) " ' 1>fto ™ NINTH - SUMO, hep, 3YO up, IViml Jumbar,, 14 - 80 7 &^ HfrJte aau^ft FOOTBAUS WILSON $6/5 Reg. - Salt S3.9I 9.9S Reg. Salt M9 18.25 Reg. Salt 11.25 Reg. Junior Salt 7.39 Basketball — Soccer Volley McDowell Hardware 1623 E. McDtwtll 2*1.0431 It'11 put you put in without setting you BACK. You don't need a big, flashy car to get ahead. All it takes is an MGB/GT 70. tike good looks? The MGB/GT's got it. With new features like manly-looking mag-style wheels, a new recessed grille, even a leather-covered steering wheel; Action? You got it. With twin-carb engine, rack-and-pinion steering, racing suspension, and 4-speed all synchromesh gearbox. So come in and ask for a test drive today. An MGB/GT 70 will put you out in front. Without setting you back. At our showroom now. FLINT BRITISH MOTORS Photnix' Exclusive MG—Austin Dealer HGI • Me/MIDGET • AUSTIN AMttlCA 1440 N. 7ffc Strwt • 244.7041 See the cars that lead a double life! NOW AT Peagler's American-Jeep Your New'Jeep' 2-Car Car Dealer. Choose the car.. .then choose your destination! 'Jeep'4-wheel drive is standard for confidence in any terrain... any weather. FRONT END ALIGNMENT • StrToilii • Adjust Caster & Camber • Align Front Wheels Air i Tortloa |«r» Nt Intro Cliarg*. INCLUDES FRONT BEARING PACK SUMMER VACATION SPECIALS Shock Absorbers t Ht«vy Duty— D«ubU Action • ln«rtMt Lift of Front End Parti t Stabillw Sutptniien no IACH • Install Famous Brakoi With Brass on All 4 Whatlf • FaitSarvi«t • All Work evarantaad »47.74II •*«•• 1M47M PHOENIX' FOREMOST BRAKE SPECIALIST Wogone«rl On the the rood...this versatile family wagon gets you there in style. Posh interiors. All the options, More load space than any other wagon in its class. Mm' Off MM t*Ml, if* a tough, go*nywfwo car, On Htf road, if * a red H^ooHMf. lucM wU, Op»k>o«l V4, Gnoift of colofs and *o^f, Gladiaterl A tough work car, a smooth-riding family car. Takes big campers almost anywhere. Plush interiors. 132" wheelbase. GVW's to 8,000 Ibs. This toby was bvl» to »ockl* the rowoh stwff-eomforr- •bry, lycktf ifjtl »tondard. AJI the options. Convertible, RoadWtr modelf ovoilobl*. Jeep' parti, equipment and service available at our factory-equipped Service Department, No one knowi Jeep' vehicles like our foctpry-trained mechonia. 2331 West Camelback Rd. 264-9741

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