The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 14, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 14, 1924
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

/ PAGE TEN. A HE HUTCHINSON NEWS MUDAY, NOVEMBER 14. 1924 SEVENTY ASKED EXAMINATIONS Many New Tubercular Catet At Clinic—Second Timer* Show Improvement. In clioekluj; up on the work done liy tho free tuliereulosls clinic Wo- j noadny at tlie TJril Cross rooms lit Convention linll llio followluc are sonii' of the iuternatltiK result H. Applications wero niailu Ijy TO pen-uus tor examinations. Out of these -in eoiiM lie liumlled; *« were entirely new en ' H, 10 wore re-examinations find r. were for ad- viee. Tu only-one worn turned down unci 2" new- appointments wen- nuule fur the clinic In .Inn- miry. (It Me -S new ruses, Ihe disease wns fonnil to he in a very uetlve form in fen; Ihree wore Hated inactive; one suspect; seven held for olisorvutl m and neveii proved negative for ally active condition. Most of the return ons- os are roporluil hy Miss Maude Holt, free ellnie field assistant, to have slmwn Improvement. Local iihyMclnhK in alleudanee. asslBilriK Dr. K. N, Martin, t-tulo consijlianl for the 'rubereiiloHlH association were Mrs. Evelyn il'o.:-: nnil Dr. I... U. Forney, county physician. Other visitors nnd 'helpers wi-ro Mrs. Kvfilyn llninler, Red t'rosH ofi 'Ieo secretary, .M.r.s. H. II. McCiirioli. clinlrnian of the Bono counly Tulie ro .ulosis nssocla- tlon. Miss Until Hiehurds, Miss l^vneite Mathews, homo service t-ecrelury of the lied Cross, Miss Orlene Merlin. Miss Ida Sluntz, rlty nurse and Miss t'lara Anderson, school nurse. Wichita to hn the Judge nt a chrysanthemum show. Will Sprowl, Fred Dice nnd llol) Burns left on n flat lioal oipectlnK to float down tho Arkansas river lo the. OznrkH on a. hunting trip. Minn Orrll I'offnian nnd Churles K. Foley were married at Emporia. The/brldo waB a teacher In the i city schools. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904 The Uavlfl brothers 'bought the three story building Just north of Hie Slur from W, C. ISdnnrds for ?1 1,000. S. If. Johnson as city clerk was SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON LOOKING BACKWARD (from th« Fllea of Tha Nawa) FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874 Notwithstanding tho grasshopper rnldfl, many new settlers were coming lo Reno county and sot- 1ling mostly in the western part of the county. The tower of the new- Methodist church was completed find "the spire pointed high to heaven" rhapsodized (lie man. A popular sonc of that day ran: "(le'll come tonight; tho wind's at rest. The moon Is full and fair; I'll wear the dress that pleased him best— A illibou In my hair." FORTY YEABS AGO IN 1884 All the sporismen of the rouafcy were gettlni: together to have a monster hunt on Thanksgiving j Day. \ Hen .in'gland U 1 the bible class at the Y. M. ('. A. on Sunday afternoon. .fudge .Shields inttrrieil two cuup- I-rs, K. Men?, and Kaehael Hndley nnd Solomon Ilurlmun and Alice Jordan. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 1894 S. t;. Johnson, the florist went to advertising for a great deal of Im provement work bids. Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Morgan and Miss Mabel Fontron tiavo a mas- ituernile party at the New Century hall for 150 guests, Mr. and Mrs. I,. A. Digger wero gelling back to New York from a ten months trip around the world. Mrs. J. K. Conklln gave a party celebiulliig the Hist, birthday or her mother. Mrfi. John Itudeslll. TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914 .Minnie Chimes the racing mare owned by I he McVny brothers closed her season rtt Phoenix, Ariz. wllh two wins. Miss (jrnee Davis wont to Kan-' sas City to visit an aunt. Mrs, Henry Stewart was buck from I'as Christian, Miss, gelling ready lo go back and make that place Jier home. Careyville Troop Is Rapidly Growing IlecruitH for Hie new Hoy Scout troup 4, ul Careyville, have ;en coining In fast .according to Roy A. Coonfleld, scout executive. The members no., number ]3 and are: .Sherman Cox, Uelbert .lones, Ferry Uiwrey, Karl .MeCandlcss. Rru- erson MoMullen, Donald Mllne, l.yle Moore, Victor Newman, .Kenneth Kiggs, Albert Finley Stevens, Deveni Wright, Lewis Tnrvln nnd Isom Wright. The Scout officers are: Scoutmaster Lowell Clurdenhlre; assistant Scoutmatiter, Marcus Milne; assistant Scoutmaster, Ralph Johnston; chairman of troop committee Rev. .\f. I!. Mlltie, pastor of the Uaptlst Mission church; members of the troop committee are: Guy Wright, Clifford Hlggs, II. R. Howe, C. tezra Coons; council representative, Itm. M. 11. Milne; bead of the institution, Itev. M. II. Milne. The regular meeting night hus lieon set for every Wednesday eve. nlng at 7 o'clock In the Careyville school. Recital at H. S. Assembly Karl iS. Yust piano Instructor gave, u special piano recital In assembly this morning at tho Senior high school. Ills selections were varied and cohsis'ed of those which-hove received most demand at his noon day recitals. To Open Wlndom Bids lUils were received on the new three story high school nt Wlndom. Smith and English of this city are the tirchitecls for the building. Icicles due In a few days—lot's clean your winter clothes. Lewis Cleaners. Phoue 1835. ll-10t Sunday, school lesson for Nov. It;. ' Theme: Peter's Confession. | Losson: Matt. Hi: 13.20. (iolden Text: "Thou art Die Christ, the Son of the Living Cod." Matt. 10: Hi. By Dr. A. B. McCormlck. Jesus asked for a confession of faith only afier men had long fob lowed him. Two and a half years hefore this time 1'eter had met Jesus. Over a year later he had been ordained as an apostle, liur* ing all this period he had had the opportunity of living with Jesus a large Part of tho time, of seeing his w-orks, of hearing his words, and of learning his worth, lie had seen his growing popularity and Its decline, owing to the increasing hostility of tho religious leaders. For the past few months he hud been wandering with Jesus and ills friends through distant regions where the Master had freedom to teach and to train his followers. Peter had been brought Into touch with (he grout outside world, and here at Caesnrea. Phillppl he was face to face with its pride and blasphemy, where a Caesar was worshipped as Cod alone should receive man's adoration. In the light of till these things, what was his opinion of Jesus? Pefer's Answer. The opinions of others about Josus will not do. What mother thinks, or the minister, or the man about town, must give, way before what you think. The Master Insists that you form your own opinion and state your own faith. You are Indeed blessed if you can give as full and as ready an answer as Peter did. Peter added- his confession of In Jesus, that lie is the Son of Ood; no mere man could do nil that he had seen Jesus do; could speak tho wonderful words which he had heard from Jesus' lips; could be as holy nnd bumble ami loving as he had found Jesus to he. Because Peter was willing (o receive new light, Ood had revealed to him the full meaning of the facts of Jesus' mission and nature. Have you ever thought that knowledge and faith depend upon willingness? "My. Church." .Testis-did not mean that upon Peter alone his Church should be built, tor lo the other disciples also he gave the nuthorltj- to receive and dismiss members, and to create the law.s by which the Clitireh should be governed. Peter was always the spokesman for the Twelve, and Jesus meant that his Church should be established upon their confession of fallh in liis Savlourshlp and Sonshlp. v Jesus came into the world to es tabllsh the Kingdom of Cod. Paul described it as "righteousness and peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit." The Church was organized to carry on and to complete_01irist's work of the Kingdom. Its services of •worship, its sacraments, its schools, its social ministries, its missionary operations are. designed to answer the prayer he has taught us to pray: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth." . ... .*. .JI i, • ». \ii <». A. A. .8, PETER'S CONFE38ION. * . .i- -i ;.. •• f Sj ,•'. ,4>. .« iS> .£> Now when Jesus came Into the purls of Caonarea Phlllppt, he asked his disciples, saying, "Who do men jay that the Son of man Is?" And they said, "Some say John the Baptist; some, Elijah: ami others, Jeremiah, < or ' one of tho prophets." He snlth unto them, "But who sny ye that I am?" And Simon Peter nnswerod an said, "Thou art tho Christ, the Son of the living Clod." And Jesus answered nnd said unto him. "Ulessed art thou, Simon Bur-Jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father who is In heaven. "And I also say unto thee, that thou ult. Peter, and upon this rock 1 will build my church; mid the gates of Hades shall not prevail against It. "I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shaft bind • on earth shall be bound in .heaven: and whatsoever thou shall loose on earth shnll bo loosed in heaven." Then charged he the disciples Hint, they should tell no man that he was the Christ, being reflected In tho way the farmers ore paying off their loans. Some, are paying off partial payments and a number o£ others are paying them In full." Many Pay Off Loans "Times are getting better," says W. n. Day of the Day Investment company, "business conditions are The \:olor of the planets are: Mercury, pale ash; Venus, brilliant straw; Mara, reddish ocre; Jupiter, bright Bilver; Saturn, dull yellow; Uranus, pole green; Neptune, the same. ' Program tor Nov, 16. WSB, Atlanta Journal <12!» S-!), l£d and ilrnce McConncll; 10:15. Skylark. w«i;i, Huston <mi3> 6:20-!!, musical. wiiH, UnffBlo (M»> music. M'U.V, Chicago Trlblinn (.1711) 6.-.10-, concert; S-.30, soprano: 10-11, orchestra. WLS, Chicago CUB) 7-1U, Lullaby Time, fllcnn ltowfll and Ford Hush, re.vlew night. KYW. Chicago (5.101 6:35, bedtime; 7. concert; K. mualonl; 9:35, latosbow; n. m., NlBhthRwks. • W1AV, Cincinnati lO.iO, Arab- Inn Nights, orchestra. WTAM, Cleveland (390) s, damse. WFAA. Dallas News Wit) S:30-!):30, lied Hot Ilainblors; 11, orchestra. WOO. Davenport (td4) 7, Sandman; 7:3f\ i-ollglous discussion; 8, educational lecture: 8, orchestra. WW.1. Detroit News t517) It. News orchestra; Ooldkette's orchestra. W1SAP. Port Worth (47(1) 7, Sunday school lesson. WliAF. Kansas City Star (411) B-7, School at the Air; 11:45, Nlgllthawks. KFJ, l/iw Anitelea (461!) S:JS. orches- Irii. vocalist: 10, vocal; It, program; 12, I'nckaril Ilndlo club; 1, orchestra. V.'HAK. Louisville Times (400) 7:30- fl. 1 >iv PUie-grass Serenailers. WHO, iVcmplifa Commercial Appeal t'a»'iv S-.:t0, program. WCCO. Mlnncaliolls-St. -Paul (417) S. humor; s:30, glee clubs; 10:30, orchestra, I 'KAC. Montreal (425) (1, kiddles; fi:3a, orchestra; 7:30, entertainment; 9:30, orchestra. M'HN, New York: (360) «:20, lnovls criilc; 6:30-9:15, orchestra, soloists, talk*; P:4r>, ukuleles; 10, entertainers; ia::n\ orchestra. W.1/., New York (155) C-7, orchestra; 7, talk: 7:15, musical conictly; 10:10, oi-clo-flrn. WKAF. Nrw York (492) <:. boy's perloil; 6;3o, banjo and pianist; 7:15, hiirltolie; 7:30. talk: 10. orchestra. WOll. Newark (405) 6:16. sports: 7, band: ?, lecturer; S:15, pianist; S:3n, cellist; 8:50, soprano: 9:05, biautst; 0:25, cellist; 0:30, jioprnno; 9:45,.'Twinkles of 1924. K'OO. Oakland (312) 6. orchestra: 10, three act drama, trio; 12, orchestra, soloists. WO AW, Omaha (526) 6, program; 6:40. dinner program; 9. vucal, Instrumental: 11;K. Wowl froll. WAAW, Oi ' Br WDAK, Philadelphia (395) 0:30. or- WIP. Philadelphia (509) 6, talk; 7, talks; 9:05, dance; 10:03. recital. WCAE, Pittsburgh (462) 6:30. Unetc Kaybee: 6:45, popular songs; 8:30, m "vHC,' Washington (469) 0:45, plble eatIbSt*S bian flakes 3uiaha (2S6) S, market- talk; 7, musical; s, •* cycle"; 0:30, dnnce. 'Kllland song HOW, Portland Oregonlan (IDS) 12, Unr.rn. orcLi-str dance. 1CPO, Ran Francisco (423) 10-2, orchestra, tango lesson. WOY. Schenectady (3S0) 9:30, ilnncc, poeuhir songs. WBZ, Springfield (3.17) 6:05, kid- dies; 0:30, trio; 1, violinist, soprano, pianist; s, concert, matnludn .xoiolsi (540) ».: KHD, St. Louis Dispatch symphony orchestra. j Harden soil will ho found in much hotter condition if plowed this lull,i111, IIAK.V,Li'.iii All Children Love Its Pleasant Taste Mother! Give Bilious, Constipated Child '"California Fig Syrup" Hurry Mother! A teaspooutul live. It never cramps or overacts, of "California Fig Syrup" now will Contains no narcotics or soothing sweeten the stomach nnd thorough- d-ugs. ly clean the little bowelB and In a . Toll your druggls, you want only tew hours you have a well playful r j genuine "California Fig Syrup" lid again. Even It cross, feve-v -vhich has directions for babies and Ish, bilious, constipated or full of children of all ages printed on bot- cold, children love the pleasant tie. Mother, you must sny "Call- taste of this gentle, harmless laxa- fornla." Refuse any Imitation. * ButtofrKrust [Docs Not CrutnMe/ J Try it ' 1 T HE Rsd Stal HesdMt, d* signed exclusively for the n ceptkmoftiroadcutifig programs, has no troublesome nMural pe (iodt which accentuate one or nor* notes of the musical scale. Reproduction remarkably accurate in rendition. Comfortable to wear. Provided with sanitary head band of soft rubber. • Mail bythematmof the famous Rtd Seal Dry Balttrttt 7j Red Seal p L l HEADSET f CuticuraSoap Best for Baby JOtt MaUl 4feaa> ( fafafHa>sBtBaaM*ts^BSalsMg«i Vowjfai'ii tike bnm * — I •»n»s»n»a»»» , n , S—i—^ # Home Iigbtiog Coated school Boys! schoolGids/ Did You Get Your Copy of The Home Lighting Primer? International Prizes. l-'irst Prize $15,000 Model l-'.lecti leal Home (To bo built on lot provided by u inner./ Two Second Prizes -l boy—1 clrl $1,200 scholarship in American or Canadian College or 1 'iiivw-dly of accepted Htandurd. Two Third Prize*--! hoy--I girl. $600 scholarship in American or Canadian College or L'nivi*i'«iiy of accepted standard. Two Fourth Prizes--1 boy- 1 girl. $600 scholarship In American or Canadian College or rnlvcrslly of accepted standard. —1 boy—1 girl. In American or I'liiversity of Two Kit ill Prizes $300 scholarship College or standard. Two Sixth Prizes—1 |i 0 y-~l girl. $300 scholarship in Amerioup or College or University of si andnrd. Canadian accepted Canadian accepted 3. - 1. B. II. Hutchinson Prizes. lladlolu 111 A-fomplcto with liuad phones', batteries, and loud speaker Slllt shaded floor lamp Silk shaded lirhlgc lamp Hot point waffle Iron Hot Point Headllt heater lloiidolr lamp Decorated student lamp (Grelst) Kastman veat pocket Kodak ... Adjustolamp Nlcltel pint oil flash light It in •!. sicju ;i rt'S'ist rat ion card nnd get one today, free, from the. tV elei-iiic;il dealer--—("aU-s F.k-otric Coninnny. Donovoii Klectric Compiuiv. iff I'l'-ctrii- t'utu|>:iiiy, Raiiisay-Kint; Klectric Company ;i"(l the United cr ,S; l.iyln t."ni '|M .rrilioii. » 'riie I Ionic Lighting ("niitcsi i- ip.u- <m and many of the hoys and girls ;iln-;tdy )\-nrl;ii]^ to win a jii'ize. 'S'ott too, have a chance to win one of Ahilcnc prizes that .nine of your friends are wnrkintj to ?et. In addition, v.m have an opportunity to win one of the International I'ri/os— the $15 (XXI Model Klecln'cal liome or a Scholarship. We waul one of our Abilene boys or cirls to win the Home so pet busy :tl once. We \\ill he ;<l;ul to give you additional information regarding the contest. in Ih The ^eclrical !nilyst r y of Hutchinson Contest Closes November 22 Cpolarine THE PERFECT MOTOR For Fords is Going Over Big 44 ft Rtad what Mr. Clark hat to aay about it. He has placed an order for 60 barrels. ltt*M« tat*- b«na>. for faar that ** nu-» %l$ part of thla la our oav ttrrlot i&fi aa4 ta tka oar* af aw fowtaaa asla —aai Ih* raaalta *ara aatlafaatary In avan raa* V*ot. Wa than offara* It to our Ford cnatcvara. «U af taas ara *ary highlr plaaaat an! ara ka»la» tha txat aoaalbla rwdta. Ha kallara that tt will altBlnata kant trnbla to a V astaat ant It alas slvaa parfaot luliriaatloa la th* awtar. ffa hava not heaitatad to soatraot tot alxty barrala, <tak yoB^eaija anooasa la tha aarkattag of-thla oil. ^ ' Tar? tmlj your a. numrj a. curat eaamj trrtUaa*^ 3483 Polailne "F" for-Fords is a dual purpose oil. It does all that Mr. Clark says. It thoroughly lubricates the Ford engine and eliminates band trouble. Let us drain your crank-case today and refill with fresh Polarine "FT' It costs no more than other oils and your Ford will run quietly and smoothly. There is a grade of Polarine for every car. Free crank-case < ' service at all Standard Oil Service Stations. Consult chart for the grade to lubricate your car correctly and thoroughly. At Any Standard Oil Service Station Or Authorised Filling Station or Garage Standard 03 Company, Hutchinson, Kans, (Indiana)

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