The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 13, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 2
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r/s. // v-l-X nff lie .0! · Bir" M i l 5" - ·*· PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, IMS The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, JIarrisburg, Illinois, by . REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, _ . Editor and Manager.... (Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. " Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, S5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months.- 'Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2100 for-three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as · a news item or a paid advertisement. Takes a Lot*of Gas to Keep This Thing Going BUNION i BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY ^The certainty that we are obeying God gives gigantic strength lo the obedient. God is like a strong fortress to his people.--Ps. 28:8: , "Jehovah -is their strength, and; a stronghold of salvation to his annotated." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan. 13. Man's Hope.--2 Corinthians 5:11-19. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. WATER SOFTENER (EDITOR'S NOTE: Drew Pearson, who has just returned from Europe, today begins a series of columns on the most important problem now facing the world: Will there be war between Uti»sia and the United States?) WASHINGTON Lippmann doesn Stenographers and Typists Still Needed By Federal Agencies Steiiojjrapliers and t' ^J. ; llt .still urgently needed to f i l l \ CH-. w i t h federal ajiennos in van- ous c . t i e - s . t h i u u g l . o u l t h e state*, ol Illinois. Michigan and Salanes start at over \ i k ) f c l l l l * * - » » t»» n i * · · » ^ -- . · are not only small in number Jjul n ( h . m(1 pl . on , 0 uon opporluni- a long way from home. In oilier us . iro ^. 00(1 j,, t i, c Chicago and words. Russia is now enjoying thc Jx , (l . 0 , t :il . ea s. there are many va- f 1 . ,, . . ! . . . f 4 t i / \ if *i 1^1 ft - . · ..i * . . . , « j ( i l * i t * i * f\\ , advantage of playing the game right on her .home f . having lost r i l l I Hi"" Uv ** ui MV i n 4 v * * » » v » ^ » ..... --'f? -^ . ia and the United i ant skirmishes in I 1 ranee ana uai rnv W a l t c r ! needs Vomo " compensating victor- JS?t knTw it but for ics - And t ra iitioiial Sovi0t , poll ? y esn t KIIO\\ u. out loi . ..... «i,..,,,, ,, fur ·· («.« m i/euwii «m.-«-. » i i ^ . v --- - --- · - cancies with a starting salary ol $180 per month. Automatic pay increases for satisfactory_ em- plovees alone amount to Sub per veaV. Employees receive liberal vacation and sick leave benefits. These jobs are permanent and at- _ ** I I I . . ^ . I . 4 * « l 4 l t l\ . loins oi the uorki like Lippmann tloes ' will be diagnosed shortly. Spectacles 1 -Spectacle Repairing (has. S. Bokouil Optometrist 110 N. -Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R So. since Mrs. P. has been a _ ·4ood sport about riding on a lot I _ .,, ut European freight trains, put- gJjflHfJ t i n g up with heatless cars, irregu- Er ««« Ltr food and spasmodic running uater and spent both Christmas I and Now Year's away from the children. I'm going to pull a Walter Lippmann for her and become a pundit on the future of Europe. , If you talk with either thc f o r - , -^ c rising tide of oolio inu i eign ministers or the taxicab d r i y - I t i enCs . m the. pa-t live \ i a i s . is] Jers of western Europe you v o n ' t , p., r _ 0 £ an alarming upward .tread | ·;__)_ i find any of them worried about! tn; ^ nas become a real threat to To la Menace tional Heai these persons continues to be urgent. Further information and application forms may be obtained from the Seventh U. S. Civil Service I Region. New Post Office Build- l i n g . Chicago 77. Illinois or from I the'Secretary. Board of U. S. Civ- ' i l Ser\ice Examiners at any first I or second class postoffice. Inter- je.stcd applicants are invited to file applications at once. find any of them worried about! ln: ^ has become a real threat t o ' , \ \ a r among their immediate neigh-' national health. A. I\l. llethenns-] ff «| jbors. But you do find them very i ton, County Chairman of the IU48i J$$ j m u c h worried about war between j 3j arc h or "Dimes dcclamd toda . , , - . ,, · ' t h e United States and Russia. And j , a pointing out the need for 10 i TIic following is the latest list ol while some of them wouldn't j doubled public support in the'Christmas SeaU as reported |y mind seeing these two colossi of £ lg i u against polio oeing waged Mrs. Opal _ C a t h n . secretary of the . 1 .. 1,1 *",.!,«..· *tn^.l-i rtfl^A** nr\ i . A r. ^ x?~.:.._».l T?.^.,r, ft r,^ tr*r, t i i ! i ·.. *i 11 M 1 fliM-.'r* \\\' t II P S i l l i n g 1-OLllltV ,,,.,..- _ 0 ninsi pouu wc-iui; »v 0 ^v. .1110. w|/«i ^u...*... - « - « - - - - . , - the world chew each other up. by the National Foundation loi | annual drive by the Salme Uunt none of them relish the idea of i infantile Paralysis and its ensp T. B. association: ha\ing Europe become the battle-1 t ers . " j S2: Fred G. Burnett, field. « i n the five vcars since 1943, Vunner. If I know the United States, on ^^^ D. oiio inc idcnce" in the Uniteu , oiio i n c dcnce in t e n i e the other hand, there isnt any , bUtles nas increased 150 : OM.-I n-- e x c e t an m f i - . , - HEKRIN PRAIRIE POST NO. 6-15 PRESENTS 2nd Annual Legion Gloves, Amateur TOURNAMENT January 19, 20 Finals Jan. 2G ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE at DllUC STORE McSpadden IJrotheix Rollerdrome IIERRIN, ILLINOIS Size of European Foot Troubles U, S. Bureau By HAR5IAN W. NICHOLS Mrs. Q." JDV ttrin.Tl/ii^ »» . iiJLV/tmvr^-^ 4-i.k.. »t. _ United Press Staff Correspondent Mrs. Q got Mr. Hobbs stirred up. . r T A M . . . 4 . V h ! ^ Krxc+ ·*-*ip/ior i f»h rviinHc Elks to Award Scholarships to High School Youih igood American--except an infi j r.itely small minority--who wants war with Russia. There are. how-, c\er, a great many people who fear that trouble will break out in Eu-, .lope which would end in a major j 'contlagration between the U. S. A. ! and the U. S. S. R. I 0 m u i - i . *SI: Mary Holmes. Winifred | Morris, Robert Blackman, Bill n . .......... . -,- ----- -.---· ,., ,, fivc-vea- por.oJ. Mr 'Don is, Cius. Shriver. W. I \. saki ' t i n . Lela Baker. Alfred Butter' 0 ' . MjDI . ox . m , te u . . worth. Win. R. Butterworth. Thos. in yardsticks, 'tape measures and charts. It's Europe's fault. To be frank about it the "Bureau has come down with foot trouble. women's stockings wear out quicker at the knee than at the toe, and come up with an answer. European Foot Larger Johnson. Minnie Quinn. J. E. Gud- gol. Gertrude Morse; Frances S. Gonser. Arthur Gar- V r "V p ( l jri-on. Clarence Baker. Cuma ue«o.ui,. , , , Q Hall g rucc L. Mizell. Henry Mad- Loretta Gulletl. Michael Joyncr, .,, as H did in the; lernbie epide.rsic ot Mary iiindmarsh, Gco. Ander- ^.ji\, Lena Shewmaker. John L. Scliork. Rosamond Doolin, Wayne jnd 3. Palestine, along with Turkey and the Near East. Of course.; Between 90 and 100 college Europeans argue that the U n i t e d j scholarship awards, ranging from States has stuck its nose a long ( -. - - ^ 0 .., ,, a minimum of S300 to a maximum way. from.home: into these ^ · cn . ff ims c o u n u ACtUali , Chas. Farmer. \\m. xlaney, \\il- And a lot ot tnem ^ vgar was lhe t i f t h co , 1hecall% ,.|iaid Moi^c. Doolin, Mabel Pankey. Serilda Lyon. C. A. Weaver. C. D. Rankin, EXPERT CABINET MAKERS d I i I U U A J l l i U X t i *y*. «*/wv »·« «· --·--··- ' -- . of 51,000, will be made by B. P. O. tiouble spots. Elks to American boys and girls argue that if anyone is loo during 1948, according to word re- jwar, we are. R "^ ^"^-'" CT ceived this week by I- M. ^-'"- .«·""»««· r«r i let's lets . incidence, and we don't p o l s o know in this case was I exalted r u l e r of Harrisburg how SstJon'tneasure Lodge Xo. 1058 from Lafayette A. spots just u o n t -neasun. ? , An«plps attornev. who ordei are, taking them in reverse ; body else's foot trouble. Europe's. It all started when people who want to send shoes to the shoeless hca ved ri-te o E ! C ' those boys and girls already col- _ France. She wears size tour shoe.! an internationa f £ 00 t rule, so I sent her a pair of same and she k Their researc h e stab ' wrote back that they were too j.^ so ' me vital statislic s. The tight and made her walk like a , Suropean iooi f r o m the .big^-toe noodle-stuffed goose, *' nate ;V_;rj bac k. is a little longer on.the av- that is. Hoping you are the same. ergge than ^ American one-- and°jquite a bit wider. Maybe because they walk while we ride. And as to" size: We measure our feet, from the longest pinky to I the "heel, with a standard ruler, 'inches. The Europeans, doing it their own way. lean on the centimeters. Take the American kid shoes. Size 0. That fits snusly on a four-inch foot. But in Europe (Britain particularly) that would be size 15, or 10 centimeters. 'The Bureau of Standards got up a chart, along with a mimeograph- '«%: GeffAST inose uoys tim gjus m.cciu» v.«* · - ,. , , lege underclass students, and the .yelxet na COU nt-U STc'^le. 1116 ^ ht * se ' ec '"fe»» VS£%£ "A subsidiary of the .( Lodge of Elks, knoivn as the National Foundation, with at 16 Court Street Boston, (u l(J uiv u m i c u ^ a ^ , directs the award of college schol-j we had con m. C ssional and -. u ^.l_:«_ ·!..»*· rtf~ It- rl f*r\r~ f\t n nr* "C" /^11T1_ t__ » . . » Wednesday Nites YEiCE CLUB DEACON WATHEN leaves us wunii and His Band n "(J i thousands more to be cared icr. j ' 'Le slated. "Rising'.caseloads ana; Join 1- the crowds and "dance to " a bta." ' a ° re " using costs have placed vour favorite tunes. STORE FIXTURES t TRUCK BEDS BUHiT-IN KITCHEN CABINETS "ANYTHING MADE OF ' ; ' WOOD" WILSON'S CABINET SHOP 512 West 7 Sloan'' Tel. 564R1 continue to finance research pro-}' TT o 'jects to find a cure or preventive V J - Of i l _ f _ A -- * 1-. 1 «. r l t / ^ n n ^ i ^ T T «_ T1 f« * _ · UAAX.V.VO *.·**-. M-»*-»« v » -. 0 - -_- i\ve naa coiisruaaiuiiai «*nu u arships, just as it does other Foun-. difficultics ovcr sendmg u. S. i"",. 1 ;" r e '^ibie~d"iseasc'"lf"^1^1"- dation activities including aid for ( t r o out of the u. s . A ., the Red |J° r f' 1 ! 1 ^ the vlsfn« ud"?hal srt^iBrrss aijas 1 t d ro,g% t *So £ rS!£fn««vc !o 3o l ,cb il ssftjsss, ru^M,sa s? ssr ^sr ^?.i^H^»Hr! since it was established in 1928., the Red Army would be glad to i ^ Cl0rc to tne OL un.^s. { NOTSCi n All the Elks state associations, most of the 1475 local Elks lodges the Red Army would be glad to obliee by handling the policing o£ all "Palestine. We needn't wor- . and many of the 900.000 members a bout it at all. The Russians MiseraWe willi couplis from coltN or j-inokiiip . - . stuffy ^ C l^r al ^ASaTM l 5S 8 SS£ oFth'e Orde-r have become contnb- ^ n "^"^1*7^nd^ added that ^^^^^r^^^J^^^^^K^^\ln case of mixed American, and friends shoes that don't fit. Or jthat they have requests from folks ·over there who need footwear. ) Measure Both Feet HUM-. I lorcV relief--Jasi... Along with its letter to the up and down! Famou* mcdi- i f r i c nds of the friendless, the Bu- F: WASSON'S ^·Carrier Mills Tel. 56R3 cation goes Joicn to caic tickle, soothe irritated membrane". Menthol vapors KO up lo bring cool comfort. Smith Brothers arc richer in menthol -- JJ/IM ciclitfirc on orange box. STIU ONLY £4 SMITH BROTHERS MENWOLa ' COUGH DROPS fT M E D I C A T E D reau sends a chart on how to measure a foot for shoes, with inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Sizes are in middle. The idea is to send European and lct , measure his own foot, so there'll be no mistake. ! First, to measure a foot, you I take the chart and put it on thc floor and then stand on it. Take a table knife or a butcher knife and hold it straight up and down .against the longest toe--making - Isurc you don't slice off half an Revival Service There will be a week-end re- conducted by a group of %oi:og men from CarLonciale a t j the Saline Valley church Jan 15 through the 18th. Evervone i~\ DOCTORS and NUR Doctors and Nurses send their patients . to Harris' for drugs and sickroom supplies because they know of our complete - stock. Our recent inventory showed 907 drugs in the drug department alone. Furthermore, we have tSie new, modern drugs that Doctors prescribe. We fill prescriptions almost every day for new preparations that have just )cen ap- _. proved by the leading doctors in big city hospitals. Ezra and Carl L. Harris PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS Carrier Mills, Illinois of a 520,000.000 eventual fund. RuS5i3n divisions policing Pales- i^vervo". Up to March 1. 1948, boys andltinc. the American commander .vf.^j " d ur T d " to attend girls may file their applications mu st serve under a Russian. n.^ued and uyc. u) attend for the Elks scholarships. The J of course, what the Russians i - - ..^.-^·^r~^-^~- only form needed is a blank cap-, didn't say was that if they got a j ·· tioncd "Memorandum of Requir-! base in Palestine, they \\ould no i ed Facts.'' which may be obtained (longer need the long-sought Dar- j from the Foundation's Boston 'dandles. For. from Palestine, j headquarters and usually from lo-,they could control all thc eastern cal lodges of Elks and from high j Mediterranean, including Turkey, school principals. Supporting data i the Red Sea. and Arabian oil. a«'d to be attached to the blank include j would even be within two hours recent photograph: 300-word auto-. 0 f the new British military base biography by the applicant: 200_-!jn central Africa--Kenya. ! word letter from the parent indi- u. S. officials listened polileiv ; eating family situation and need and said nothing. In fact, they'll j of financial assistance: record of l probably even deny such a convcr- school courses taken and marks, [salion ever took place. But it did signed by the principal or other i take place and it is indicative o f 1 school authority: letter of rccom- the ever-increasing jockeying f o r , mendation from school authority: I military position in and a i o u n d i .two or three letters of endorse-!Europe.- ! jment from non-rclativev. and let-. Just a few hours flying t i m e xi/- \,ff Torstghf Lonch Will Be Served As Usual I inch or so of tootsie. Make a. t xvo or three letters of endorse-! Europe.- thc chart. fori m e n t from non-rclativev. and let-. Just a n.-.» iniu.- n.^.i^ «i"iv about the same. jter from exalted ruler of the Elks'northwest, in Greece, a far more i nu S*5 V/UTcanfwVy^ of htr inJcrn '- idy barefoot and « n t «a,t fo. .the allocatjons from thc Foundat 5 O n.'tional brigade, composed chiefiy of chart youd b cUcr cab £ TM m - TM Tho _, c with thc highest ratinus will 'former Gcrma prisoners and train- him to s.and xjp on a piece 3t^a ^ adjudacd b - lhc Foundallon c d under SUihnarad\s famous- r?"TM* ?«« the ouUinc of his for national consideration and spc- tlrouah dcfealcl-aUickcr. Field cil and trace the outline 01 ^\ scholarship awards. Theic Marshall Von P-ulus. J fool incrcon. . i That seems lo be about the only foolproof method of long-distance Toot measuring. I Prevent Whooping Couch Whooping cough, Uic bane oT in- Jaocy and early childhood, is preventable, according lo Jhc well- known pediatrician. Dr. Ixuis W. to t,\o . country-wide plums total another Von I'aulus is jr»v. S8.000*tbis ear. con^stins of S4.- be in Kclgradc or , 000 for boys and S4.000 for girls, new Gcrm?n unaU. the Lio-bknccht as follows: first award. S700; 5cc- and Karl Marx divisions AH ri ond S600: third. S500: fourth. $400: all, about 80.000 Gciman prisoners fifth. S300: five of S200 each and arc reported concor.traled at Voj ' - ' . five of S100 each. ' \-odina. bcadquart'_Ti of thc Third U V4 O A\AI VOvlJ. H/UIIIO. iii-i^** 1 !***** i. - » \ *r* * n*~ « i * « i i* I^ast years top Elks scholar-;Yugoslav Army, win-re Ihcy arc ships were won by James D. Hem-! being offerer! templing livin,-, con- brcc. Jr.. of Musicogcc. Okla., and ditions if they w i l l M-ne under known peaiau'ciaij. t/i. *wuij ··. unx-. jr.. oi aiusKo^cc. WKia., ann .ui.iuns M i·«.-.» »»»n Saucr. ol Evanslon, 111.. wTiting in Miss Mary S Firra". of Hcrkimcr, the Yugo.«-lav fi:.« Hygcia. Thc two ways in which this X. Y. Thc mam criteria of Elks' Lieut. Gen Boririr M'-anv.hilc. . . . . nr M..M;,r:ch. can be accomplished, writes Dr. awards arc scholarship, citizen- intelligence chief of THo'j. ^cncr^l Saijer arc by avoiding exposure and ship, personality, leadership, per- slaff and proidcnt of the 1'an- bv protecting all infants injec- severance, resourcefulness. patri-iSIav Conxion, is m .-.clusl orn- lions of three doses of po'.cnt vac- J otasm and Sacral worthiness man3 of .\ioscow s Grrck m.incis\- Cgn V°°« STuISi LhV «»h^ ' Gro«s Fruit Salad ^The Kn«l:,h t r a n O a t i o n of months, »^^" t *« uln ^» * hx ^ | ARAPAHOE. Neb «r.P.-Thrcc dar i.s "ChrivSnv-s f;,fl." !.»( , ng cough « more prevalent ard 0 a ^^ Grjmcs Go](Jcn ^ r M;iN ,- jnc } ( . J , ,.,,,,., v . on -, c-iuscs more deaths m eh^ren I app]c trcc WJJS broken J n {hr xAn , a chntni:is Klii lo lhr . ,; Tlllo1 «r.der two than do the three o^cr j Mirro ,, n ding thc J. P. Patten hfrac. Sla«e=; if the P,alk:,n . . . ' C-«« t \ S t 4 l 4 U l 4 f f ^ U 1 V V, 1 . 4 « 3 i t _ J l ti\ti»4\^. TW*"VTM-» ·· i. · · v · p* preventable contagjou-; childhood j As an cxpcnjncnt . Mrs. Patten ciallv n-fognir* d:scasc5--smallpox, diphthcna and j sra f tcd a b ran ch of the apple lice pupKl Gre^k scarlci In rccen: l onto a ijmb of a ne.irbv war then proceed o l f ;-f.\ernn-ifnl scarlci fever--comj» in rccen: j onto a jj^b of a nc.irhy pear then proceed lo *.upplv il joars. somewhat less 200.0001 ^ rcc This fall tno sraflcd limb arms. rnq»:e.'1iftn;jMy M u h whoooinC couch c.ises .ind 3,000 m-i^H xnA \vhirh hart hr-r-n hnno^d nilion uonld IK- iKc -/-'.orf«.l whooping cough c.ises and 3,000 tieattis have bocn reported ally." Sheep Population I The national sheep population has |, reached thc lowest point since 1867 Iran ! · « , * _ · « l i i ^ · « * * · V I * * · S * m t v . i 4 I i 4H *J * · · · · · · . - . . - 3 -- ~ - - . . - - - - . . . m:ted and which had been handed nition \\ouJrl IK- M.c produced 30 small \cllo\v apples, lenge to thf riiitfd N'.itior.-, On the opposite hmb v.ere 35 Ku«*ian troops mo\ft] irjo perfectly formed pears. in thc spring of 15»4fJ j Kvcn morf- imi^rJnn!. to tbe Thc Minnesota Historical Soci- American poojile, -Awilt] I/- the ' hss a display of JiO.OOO «nf,» scvcreM clMllc-nge to t.V « i Compared w i t h olhcr fwuls. milk i.s low in price, y,]^ d:cs more for Jhc body ( h n n ?iny olhcr food. H provides hiijh (|iin!iJy prok-in. t-aJciuni ^^d \itamins A nnd (; rhcnpiv. Jiairy TJrand comes from one of Ame.-M.i'.s Tmcsi Dairies. CKOiCt OF THE FAMILY YOUR civ nas a display o: .tu.uuu son;^ MJVCH-M I.HIIIMI^I.- M» im- imcfi ·,- dated between 1840 and 1900. ;SUlci, .since U. S troops in Greece 1^

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