The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 19, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 7
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DAILY 1OEWS, FREDERICK, MD.. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 19,1831. 5 ·' g I kv. '·£·£'-"·:· i-v.v£ ;X;-X: S HI :S : : : ": s££ ft-ft^j. ££·£·· ** $·;£-. v.'.v.'-v "·£·"· v n ^ Christmas Treed 32 Eights, With Many Refinements, Announced Today. ANGE OUTWARD DESIGN he Or"'"'"" "Blue Streak" eight. in appearance, construction. ormance. Is announced today by the ! ham-Paige Motors Corporation. a 123-inch wheeSbase and a 90 sepower special Blue Streak engine i aluminum head, this completely model is longer and more powerful a the previous Graham eight, austandlns features in which the Blue Streak diSees are listed follows: Exclusive innovations in outward de- 3, such as the highly original treat- tit of line and contour, the unique iers, radiator, and hood, and the of the chassis and An entirely new deep ·banjo' frame. a the rear axle extending through stead of under) the straight side s. Outboard springs, front and rear. va.-«fg frame being dropped . tow I cradled between the springs instead riding high above them. Increased stability and readability. ·nitting the car to take curves and ns at previously impossible speeds. laianced steering, which holds the to A straight course «"rt auromatl- ly straightens it out after it has a steered from the straight course. mportaat new features include toe BY ISRAEL KLE1X. Science Editor. NTEA Service. No ma' Jx* we:: prepared ail eu- be ior »ir.u?r l that i~e uteiost care r«.\cn cause thf oil in the crarjtcas* to .^irccn score thJUi '-t weald if gasoline v,ertfn't there to dilute ::. Proper chvkir.s of the motor, and -,:ien or-Iy duruis Ux" itarttrsg process. _ ,, ,, shoun on the part o£ the ; is ease«:Jal to k«.vp this gsso^ae cut of or.ver *t this tane of the year. ! she crankcus*. aud ir. fact to C« the The cootng systent msy not be , 'new; out of the Juel. Insure Your Automobile HIGH GRADE FOUCIES CONVENIENT CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH froieri. the erarscase oil acd other j lubricants ns»y be o- Just the right consistency for coid vreaihcr. and everything else may be in ship-shap*- But if the driver starts the car at the | very £*» turn of the m«or. if he I "revs" up the engine too lugh in order I to warm -t up quickiy. he »ill soon | have a crippled car on his hands. * * * The important thing v remember during winter is the necessity of patience, besides the extra care and attention the automobile requires. This patience must be evident especially when the car is being started, and most particularly alter it has been ai a cold garage all night A few £-,.,,3 »-;th all this care, it Ss good to test th* crankcise oil every at this tw-«- oi year. Most cautkKis '^e of the choke may cause caution. Therefore there is n?*d for Hatching the esfiine oil mcoe closely tu winter when the choke is used more o.»:e2. If the oH is diluted and thin, fresh oil should be subsUtutfd. It is v.crih *"C tin;** and extrj coat. * se- * The slight :oresence of water ai gaso- 1 ".:ne also muse trouble with the ; carburetor, unless this important part oi the car is cleaned more regularly. Th*- \vat?r sce.iis to collect in tho PEARRE'S Modern Pharmacy DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE HOW WB HAVE IT-WHAT? KM t US proof- Oil. HP*. W*. »ero If «· ta FLATE BATTERIES «*o «sL ; »».4« TIKKS TO *Cir TOCB rOCKKXBOOK HZ «.! AT THE VALLEY OARAGE WOODOOBO. JO. TELEPHONE 208 regulated shock absorbers, dash Tolled free wheeling in all forward eds, super-hydraulic brakes with new iiruse drums, silenced *frft-«stff and y, cool-gas Juel system, resonator exhaust silencer. · dual ·valve . synchro-silent transmission. cealed windshield, wiser mechanisms . blades, aeroplane type instrument ird.. "bandit-proof" door locks, con- led rear-quarter window Kharf** n addition, the car has the follow- standard. Graham features: Auto- tie oil temperature control, roller extra, minutes tifvoted to ·' bow! o! the carburetor where a freer- up the engine slowly ar.d j L::? spell \\iU f-op the Row of rue!. j methodically V.-11I save many more I .^ frozen carburetor bowl requires !, and many dollars, later on. | pa-.ient thawing, then draining, before , la starting, therefore, ihe motor ,x c rar ciri proceed on its own power. : should be run at a rate that equals ; . = not more than eixut 20 miles an hour | 1 la driving. The choke should be used ; | aa sparingly as possible. Only at the · start should the choke be pulled : ^ a "" BY WM. E~ McKENNET Secretary American Bridge League One of the most interesting of all squeeze plajK Is the triple squeeze, as it is generally very hard to recognize. The following is an interesting example of this play: chibs. East following with the eight. - lor hearts. The jack of clubs Is led out. all too »ay. ana then oruv ifrom dui-jny and *faea West plays brief moment As _ soon as the B !the queen, the declarer plays the act turns O T « wder ^"TL ¥**%.! lr . ! catching East's king, and the last trick choke shou.d be pushed back until it, | ; 's won bv the declarer with the six ! is not more than half way out. t " j in abcu* two minutes, the motor j will be warm 'enough for comfortable i ·f driving, the oil is. the crank-case will | !be loosened up and Old Age Pensions. Cars over five years old in Dar.tzlg a 10 per cent, reduction in plus an additional six per cen*. for each additional year up to a. i of 60 per I of clubs- n and lever steering gear, manually j heat manifold, carburetor in- = .e silencer and air cleaner, adjustable i fccb. and brake pedals, silent chain ' ;e generator and water pomp, adjust- | e seats, front and rear, rubber j anted spring shackles, interior sun i ors. ; Sykesville 46 +A-6-3 48-5 VQ-10 + A-K-Q- 8-4-3 *Q-9-7 " NORTH fe 5 UI 0) 5 -f Dealer SOUTH A3 VJ-8-73-2 410-7-5 *K-1Q- 5-2 , VA-K-9-5-4 · J-9.2 CITED FOR BRAVERY IN ROUTING BANK BANDITS Jacobsen. 24-year-old casbier of a Bristol. Wis- bank, has been cited by - the "Wisconsin Bankers' Association for his Clifford assistant Blue Leads Colors. Blue has again gained the lead as the popular color used on automobile j bodies. It is followed by green, black. ! well distributed j brown, gray and maroon. ' I through the engine, ar.d the car may _ i j be ready to leave. Then the choke . ^^ j 1 should be pushed all the way in. '. .·^···^^···^··········ri · STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterna FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOB FKEDXUCX JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER FOR OVER 60 VF\BS Still Time for Xmas Sittings MADE OK Thursday, Friday or Saturday be completed to Una for Slate T»ur Appointment T«4ayt PHONE 199 Edmonston Studio lesche, William B. SykesviEe, Dec. 19.--Mrs. S. Boone rsey and Mrs. John T. Ridgely, Jr.,' ·nwood, spent Sunday in Waching- as guest oi the former's sister, William. Allen. Thomas E. Weiliag was the' The The Bidding. hand was played at contract iday guesfe of her parents, Mr. and ! th? s. S. B. Dorsey, Glenwood: -Mr. and Mrs. Marion Harris and lily were supper guests of relatives Caioosville, Sunday. -Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lynch and ighter. Ann, WarrensviUe', Ohio, ar- ed Sunday for several week's visit at and South opened the bidding urtth one heart; West bid two diamonds and North jumped the ted to five spades, as It looics to him as though South must hold^he ace-king of hearts «n« of clubs to Justify «a original passed and South carried bid. the contract to six spades. The Play. East has the opening lead and plays the ten of diamonds--the top of his partner's suit. The Jack is played from dummy, West plays the queen , _ : nonie of Mrs. Lyncn's mother, Mrs. | ? . n a declarer follows with the six. The rry Hesse. ifcing of diamonds is returned by West --Mr. and Mrs. W. H. D. Warfield| an( i trumped by North with the nine as guests at Sunday dinner: J O { spades," East following with the five ptaia and Mrs. D. Cassard and son,: O f diamonds, dummy the deuce. The Vries. Mrs. Cora Cassard, and Mrs. | small spade is led to dummy* queen. Gorsuch. land the jack of spades retained from --Captain DeVries Cassard has pur- · dummy, declarer overtaking; with the seed a new sedan. i king. East discarding a diamond --Those who shopped in Baltimore j There will be a long dry spell for saday were Dr. and Mrs. J. P. i the opponents as North, the declarer. and fam- continues trtth his spades. The ace of spades is played. East discards the deuce of clubs, dummy the four of hearts aud West the three of diamonds Three more rounds of spades are led by North, the declarer. East discards j the five of clubs and the deuce and j three of hearts. Dummy discards thn ' Mrs. Harry Wier, Mrs. Wheattey d Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Cauthorn. --Mr. and Mrs. George DeVed. Bal- MTC, are visiting the latter's mother, Fracfe Arrtngton. for several cays. --Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Dssyer. is rsing frora the crag xore apartment the Harris apartments on the Hffi. ] five of hearts and the four and --Captain and Mrs. DeVries 'Cassard, j of clubs. West discards two diamond rsL Cora Cassard. Mrs. Ida C. GOT.- and the seven, of clubs. Overuse of the choke will cauie . j any difficulties in cold weather, even '. j though ordiiary precautions have been j j taken. · j For instance, excess gasoline forced ; j into the combustion chambers Trill '· \ "Stir* op! ing off two bandits -who at - shot one frightened t h e other away instead of follow) ing their ins t r u c t i o n t n He is shown holding the gun he used. courage in fight- | seep ur-bumed doisra fix sides of the j | ' cylinders and into the cr.-.r.ieasc. Tie j j lubricating oil. so essential : .=r efficient : j operatives, will be d:lut«i with this : j gasoline and so lose much of its nec- jessary lubricating qualities. ! Furthermore, gasoline seeping down | the cylinder »ral!s cut the oil already tempted to rob ! there and causes scarring of the walls his bank- He [and even grabbing of the pistons and when there is lack of sufficient lubrication. -S- ·£· * " There's water in gasoline, too. it matter how much eSort is being put into its refinement nowadays to fceep water and other impurities out. This, water, in cold weather, will freeze and ! 1'3 REDUCTION FOR THE BOUND-TRIP OVER CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS This reduction will apply to all stations on the B O R K and nnmerons other destinations throughout the Cnited States and Canada: except New England. For leaving dates, return limits and other details. ASK TICKET- AGENT. Baltimore Ohio We carry onty standard coab. Their quality ·cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son FRUIT CAKE A Luxurious Holiday Taste Treat It wouldn'tTbe Yuletide without FEUIT CAKE! All during the year it brings a party air to any occasion. Om- FRUIT CAKE is especially luscious, rich in fruits and nuts, baked in tvro, three and five pound sizes, priced fifty cents per poiind in an attractive gift box and for sale by your grocer. THE CAREER BAKING COMPANY Tone in WJSV Every Friday 4:45-5:00 P. M., E. S. T. and DeVries Csssard ca2ers the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert The declarer contimies xrtQi his :r. - s^ade-- 4he four spot -- and the srriotsiriEe. squeeze play starts its work. East c^r.- --Miss Arcel Dwyer. EancailsiOTn!. j not aftord to discard Ms seren ." ent last ·weefc as the guess of her I hearts or the three hearts in dumrr.- Mrs. Henry Euple. ! ·"tin be good, therefore he most ?!·;· --Mrs, Harry Kesse, Katherine i the ten of dabs and bear down to hU . - the six of hearts. East p3ays the seven Opening The Country. a~jj dummy wins the trick Trtth the At the beginning of 1931 there were Srn?, West foUcwmg with the queer,. 3^59 relies of surfaced highirays in '; The finishing touches of the tr;p:= B United States. fcueeze are now made by the leas -y ithe ace of hearts from dummy. Floating Garage. \ cannot let go of his ace of diam ;-· s The r:ew giant liner. "T. 6," being jor the nine spot wffl be good in c-jrr:- iSt in England, "will contain a garage j my. He must throw the nine of ctabs. !th room for 100 cars. The declarer then plays the three cf ONE OF OUR Quality USED CARS Will furnish much enjoyment for you and your family Spend a part of your Xmas Check in this way. Frederick Motor Co* USED CAR DEPARTMENT East B. O. Ave. Phone 1093 You Don't Have to Go Shopping for Good Coal-Just telephone us, Kke most folks do who hav« traded Tvith us for years. Youll like our coal, our service and our prices. Useful Gifts That Serve for Years GUIDER CLEANERS DYERS SPECIAL PRICES DECEMBER 19th to 26th All Plain Dresses. Coats and Overcoats, Cleaned and Pressed '. ·' All Men's Suits, 2 or 3 Piece, Cleaned and Pressed.... 75c AH Men's Suits, Pressed 35c Ladies' Fur Trimmed Coats Si.00 to L25 DYEING All Plain Dresses, Coats, Overcoats and Snits $2.75 ALL OTHER PRICES E» PROPORTION This is one of the largest and oldest plants in the state. We guarantee onr work to be far superior to anything yon hare erer had in this line. ALL SMALL REPAIRS FREE. We cafl for and aefiver. C. J. SIMMONS, Agent Phone 709-R 114 West Fifth St. . Frederick, Md. Let Us Make Your Ctotbes Look Kew for Christmas! AMERICAN ORIENTAL RUGS HOOKED RUGS VELVET RUGS AXMINSTER RUGS BRUSSELS RUGS LINOLEUM AND FELT BASE RUGS SMOKER BRIDGE LAMPS SMOKER DAVENPORT LAMPS FLOOR LAMPS TABLE LAMPS RADIO LAMPS NOVELTY LAMPS 8h *;; f*' i s i ' §i s SMOKING SETS AND STANDS HASSOCKS AND PILLOWS A Visit to Oar Store Will Convince You That Oar Prices Are Very Reasonable THE RUG STORE rt K' 8'. A I K n * ( n Give Electrical Xmas Gifts They Are Most Useful Our Store Will Be Open Every Evening Until Christmas SHOWING A COMPUTE UNE Or j» TOASTERS H PERCOLATORS j| WAFFLE IRONS § ELECTRIC CLOCKS £ EASY WASHERS j| UNIVERSAL AND HOTPODTT J| ELECTRIC RANOES § GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS 6 Th( MARKELL FORD PHONE 292 THE POST (Moraine) * * * C//V * · m THE NEWS Frederick County's Home Newspapers MULUNTX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK STREET 216 North Market Street Frederick, Md. To the son or daugirter away at college; to ft friend who tras a former resident of Frederick or to anyone. We aead an aitiactive card to file person who is to *he paper. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Three Months $1.00 One Year $4.00

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